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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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now this program note. tune to fox news all day tomorrow for special coverage of the first presidential debate, the battle at hofstra. that's it for today. have a great week, see you next fox news sunday. now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> welcome to sundays with shep. we are looking ahead to what could be the biggest event of the presidential campaign, most watched television event in the history of politics. the first faceoff between hillary clinton and donald trump. the billionaire's campaign manager is not playing down expectations for his performance tomorrow night. today she compared his skills on the debate stage to one of the best baseball players of all time. >> i can understand why the clinton camp is nervous because donald trump has great stach you shall, great debater.
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newt gingrich said it best. donald trump is the best debater, he is like the babe ruth of debating, he shows up and swings and does a great job. >> babe route of debating. clinton's campaign manager is concerned that he will lie so much that hillary clinton won't have time to keep calling him out. instead he says the moderator do that. >> all we are asking if donald trump lies that it is pointed out. it is unfair to ask for hillary to play traffic cop with trump, make sure his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision. >> as we have reported, the word is both candidates are taking very different approaches to get ready for tomorrow. hillary clinton staying near her home in chappaqua, new york, as she holds practice sessions with her team. but donald trump is still campaigning as of last night, made a stop in battleground state of virginia for a rally in roanoke. aids say he hasn't practiced a full length debate as of yesterday, but has reversed
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answers to questions he faced. analysts predict more than 100 million people could watch the debate tomorrow night. close to super bowl numbers. tomorrow we will be live at the site of the showdown, havana in long island. a new poll shows how much is on the line for the candidates. according to "the wall street journal," nbc news survey out, about a third voters say tv debates are very important to them when making a decision come election day, though historically polls show it hasn't changed a lot of minds over the years. some images to show you in the slide show this afternoon as we get ready for the big night. bunch of technical stuff. you can see the construction team hanging part of the set. here's one of the podiums with the words of the declaration of independence behind it. here a cameraman set up against backdrop of the american flag, a technician setting up lights. two students filling in for the
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two candidates, and i don't know, there's a moderator there, i suppose, getting ready in rehearsals today. carl cameron is live at trump tower, where else! hello, carl. >> reporter: hi, shep, this is like a couple of prize fighters doing prefight trash talking. started last week when the clinton campaign let it be known they invited mark cuban, billionaire owner of dallas mavericks and reality star in his own right to be in the front row of the debate in order to mess with donald trump and try to distract him. his response on twitter was to say well, i'll invite gennifer flowers. the woman who back in 1991 said she had a sexual relationship with then candidate bill clinton, governor of arkansas during the early primaries of that race. he denied it a couple years, then ultimately admitted at least one sexual episode with her under oath in the ken starr investigation. that was never actually said he
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was going to do it, but almost immediately gennifer flowers said well, i'll come, through an assistant was confirmed, through family members it was confirmed she was willing to be there. this morning, turns out none of that will happen. what trash talk it was for a moment. here is how mike pence put it. >> gennifer flowers will not be attending the debate tomorrow night. donald trump was using the tweet yesterday really to mock the effort by hillary clinton and her campaign to distract attention from what the american people are focused tomorrow night. >> reporter: certainly going to draw people's attention until the actual debate starts. shep? >> is the police killing of a black man in charlotte going to be one of the issues that's all over this debate tomorrow? do we have a sense? >> reporter: sure, almost certainly. hillary clinton planned to go there today but officials in the city said it would be best if she postponed it, they have so much to handle. donald trump has been talking about this on the campaign trail
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quite some time, called hillary clinton's policies, liberal policies, hand up but not a handout, and suggested she's a bigot, called her as much, saying essentially a lot of the problems of the inner-city areas are consequences of her policies. mike pence weighed in on that as well as the notion of black lives versus blue lives matter, suggesting democrats and clinton are too inclined to blame cops. watch. >> we need to step away from efforts by hillary clinton and others to paint law enforcement in this country with the broad brush of racial bias. donald trump and i don't believe law enforcement in this country is a force for racism or division. >> reporter: the clinton campaign obviously rejects that, but that's a gauntlet thrown, she will have to deal with it tomorrow night in the debate. there's likely to be a lot of that going back and forth. >> as for trump, i hear he is interrupting debate prep today? >> this morning took a short
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break, hosted the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. an hour, hour and 20 minutes, got a statement describing what happened, in effect discussed a wide range of ideas and areas there might be shared values, et cetera. and netanyahu is supposed to meet with hillary clinton later as well. he has trump over what little clothes he is wearing. apparently a republican this time around. >> the circus has come to town when carl cameron and the naked cowboy are on the screen. it fills me with warmth. >> where are we? >> this is a jump ball, not where the race was a month ago. when you look at a debate, can't look at it in a vacuum what else is happening. donald trump gained significantly in the swing
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states, north carolina, florida, ohio, ahead in iowa, maine and new hampshire are very much in play. she needs a game changer at this debate more than he does. his mandate is he can be presidential, be commander in chief, has policy positions to sell. that's his mandate. how is he prepped for the debate? he has done it in plain sight. for the last month in arizona talking immigration, detroit and cleveland talking race relations, detroit and new york talking economic policy, pittsburgh talking energy, philadelphia talking military readiness and child care and elder care programs that he is introducing. he is preparing for the debate, taking his ideas out to the american people. by contrast, hillary clinton is preparing the way we traditionally have known candidates to do, they sequester with aides, pepper her with a lot of information, practice a lot. i hear she practiced maybe 16 times, full length debate style. this is going to be a big battle of style as well as substance.
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>> north carolina has been described by her people as a place if she wins it, he can't get it. the math isn't quite there, north carolina is a huge state for this cycle. now we have all of these very divisive issues out of north carolina. is there any sense where the polls have taken the two candidates in the wake of those developments? >> it is hard to make those judgments. state polls especially lag behind national events about a week or so, so i think that will be much more relevant and accurate probably in about a week. no doubt that north carolina as was virginia, trending toward hillary clinton, largely because of african-american populations in those states that help democratic candidates, gravitational pull when they're motivated is strong. >> i wonder if angry white people might be coming in it in larger numbers. >> that might be another part of that equation. the reality is donald trump has gotten a lot of people who were
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at one point reluctant to support him on his side. if you look at a state like pennsylvania, very much in play. he made significant gains in that state. if he is taking the race out of ohio where he is now in a good enough lead in florida and taking it to pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, it changes the math. let's stop talking math as if it only favors one side. >> the math almost always favors the democrat. that's how it is. >> that's correct. this is that one time where the more you see the fluidity of the map because of trump's unique candidacy, i mentioned maine, that's something democrats weren't banking on having to defend. you can now see that yes, does hillary still have potentially a slight electoral advantage, every democrat does, but he is gaining in opportunity to have different roads to 270. >> her people think he will lie through the whole thing, and nobody can stop him. that's their line today. >> projection. 100% projection. clinton campaign talking honesty, like talking sell about
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a see, it is preposterous. >> we do a lot of fact checking, his list is long and complicated. >> as is hers. commander in chief forum where matt lauer was criticized for being harsh on her, but she lied, lied to a veteran, said if i was in the military and compromised secrets as you do, i would basically be in legal trouble and you're not and gave an answer that contradicted every aspect of truth. look, they're both going to have to be careful how far they take some of this, lester holt will have his hands full throughout the evening. clinton campaign talking honesty makes me chuckle. >> good to see you. hillary clinton has been prepping the debate for days, like 16 times or something. now we know she's working on multiple strategies for tomorrow. have to have more than one strategery. sunday with shep. why aren't you watching football?
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curve, just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not meanest prepared to be president of the united states. >> clinton has been off the campaign trail prepping at her home near chappaqua, we are told. tomorrow night will be the first time a woman will take a debate stage as the nominee of a major party. jennifer griffin is outside new york city near the hotel where secretary clinton is said to be preparing. hello, jen. >> reporter: hi, shep. we finally tracked her down. for the last four days, debate prep has been happening here at the hotel in new york on the border with connecticut. it is a tony hotel with a conference room and golf course attached to it. we are told she has now left the property. we saw her campaign chairman john podesta in running clothes, he said she had left the area. clinton left her home about noon today. fourth day in a row the convoy
12:15 pm
sped away, blocking any press trying to follow. we did manage to track her here, however. they're conducting mom debate prep. she was here until midnight last night. long time aid phillippe rains is playing donald trump, known for combativeness, knowing her weaknesses. a "the new york times" cbs poll shows among registered voters, about 83% say they're going to be watching the debate tomorrow night. there are according to the same polls, shep, 8% of the electorate that are undecided among registered voters. >> new poll from "the washington post" and abc news shows the race is closer. what can you tell us about those numbers? >> reporter: this is a poll conducted by "the washington post" and abc, it is among likely voters, and shows that hillary clinton is up by just two points in a four person race. among registered voters, the poll shows clinton and trump tied at 41%. a higher percentage of trump
12:16 pm
supporters say they're paying close attention to the race according to the poll. more clinton backers say they're not registered to vote. terrorism focused voters support trump by a 20 point margin over clinton, up from 13 points earlier this month. among economy voters, clinton leads by a 35 point margin, much larger than previous polls according to "the washington post." >> she will also meet with the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu today. what do we know about that meeting? >> reporter: we just learned where they will be meeting, at 6:30 p.m. tonight at the w hotel in union square in manhattan. as you know and carl mentioned, benjamin netanyahu met with donald trump at trump tower earlier today. we expect a similar readout to the one released from the trump meeting this morning. what we know about clinton's position on israel and the palestinians, she supports a two state solution. her husband as president pushed
12:17 pm
hard for one and failed. she did not pursue a peace settlement as secretary of state but weighed in, helped broker a gaza cease-fire, she supported a 38 billion aid package to israel in the next ten years. shepard? >> thank you. the debate is to football as today's program to the show. the event comes at a critical moment for clinton. her lead has slipped in recent weeks. we have key numbers in battleground states next.
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now more about hillary clinton's long time aide playing the role of donald trump during mock debates. a source says he is very good at verbal combat. new article from politico headlined how hillary chose her donald, reports he is a bachelor in d.c. whose cats are named after saddam hussein's sons, because why not. politico uses the words colorful, combative to describe him. clinton has told people she likes reines because he makes me laugh. democratic strategist on serious xm joins me. from all of the republicans, sounds like she's losing everything everywhere. they're saying all of the toss up states are going the other
12:22 pm
way, she's sinking, he's rising. what say you? >> i think that everybody is trying to set expectations going in. the reality, she's closest to the number she needs to hit, 270. she may not be winning by large margins in some states, might be down by 4% in ohio or florida where it is a margin of error, but the reality is the campaign is just beginning. we are going into the debate, people are looking for issues, looking for answers to problems. they had enough of the circus, enough of all of the games played back and forth. this is time when donald trump needs to come up and show that he has the chops to be president, not just chops to make fun of other candidates, to swipe them on stage back and forth like he is a boxer, this is like a serious job here. so he has to be prepared. i think if you look at the other debates, he was dividing and conquering, he didn't win the
12:23 pm
majority of republicans, and he was competing against 17 other candidates. when you're dividing andnquerin overwhelming majority of support from your own party. i don't know how he can take on hillary clinton one on one. >> couple polls to show you. one full screen, one. do you plan to watch the first debate between clinton and trump. 74% of registered voters plan to watch this thing. if that happens, that breaks all television records. >> yep. >> but does it sway anyone? the history books don't show massive moves or slight ones in some cases on the heels of debates, though this one i'm sure will be a little different. >> it always comes down to independent swing voters, women, and battleground states. what divides people in ohio now. if hillary wants to win over 4% of voters, talk about environmental politics because 7% of democratic voters turn out just on environmental politics. she needs to get those people
12:24 pm
out. if she wants to reach out to millenials, that's why she cares about them now, stakes are so high, numbers are so tight, and it is not just traditional swing voters. each battleground state has their own set of issues they care about. hillary needs to speak to those. forget donald trump's games, ignore them. don't go into that rabbit hole. that's what's important for her in her preparation. >> two more. full screen three. pennsylvania head to head. this is interesting i think. september 12th through 16th, 46% for clinton, 37% for trump. now 44% for clinton and 41 for trump. you might be asking how did this happen. full screen four might answer that. of trump support, republicans alone, only 71% supported him then, 85% now. how did he do that? how did that happen? >> he hired a real time, started listening to them. realized the stakes are high. >> suburbs of philly.
12:25 pm
>> that's where it will be decided. for democrats, it is about turnout. she has 90% support with african americans in pennsylvania right now. that's more than barack obama. if she can get those people to the polls, she will win undoubtedly. if she gets young people to the polls, she will win. it is about turnout more than ever this election cycle. the difference between donald trump and say previous candidates, john mccain is that he had the whole republican party. donald trump doesn't have his party. if any of them go to hillary, that hurts him, any of them. >> especially in swing states. ohio, is ohio his? >> i think it is within the margin of error. >> what about iowa? >> iowa is a changing state. there's a large minority population growing in iowa, a lot of young people, quite a few college campuses. i think there's real opportunity for hillary to go out and bring her surrogates, barack obama or the president or joe biden into ohio. that's how you speak to those
12:26 pm
voters who may not traditionally have voted for secretary in the past, whether it was against barack obama or in the primary. i think she needs to be using the surrogates strategically, sending specific messages about how she will carry on president obama's legacy. >> the one i like to watch the most is florida because of all of the history and fun we've had there. there's this very large noncuban hispanic population that moved to florida on the i-4 corridor and orlando area. there's a solid hardcore trump crowd in the panhandle and beyond. if you can get that hispanic group out, you can win florida but if you energize this white, rural vote in northwestern florida, you can win, too. i just don't know who is coming to the polls. >> i don't know either. i think it is very hard for everyone to measure and it is really about ground operation. >> she wins ground operation on paper. >> i hope so. i mean, if donald trump, that's the problem with him not having republican party support. if there are reluctant
12:27 pm
republicans in certain districts that don't want to attach their image as an elected politician to donald trump, that hurts donald trump at the polls in the localities. hillary clinton has every single democratic elected official in america going out there and campaigning for her and they listen. that's how it worked in new york. she had all of the new york leaders go to their districts, say turn out for hillary, that's how we win the senate and get the supreme court, a democratic leaning supreme court, this is how we preserve our rights. but you have to rely on surrogates. he doesn't have all of the surrogates now. >> all right. thank you. more ahead on the debate. first other news. we go live to charlotte, north carolina where protesters have been gathering outside the football stadium. stay with us. that'll cause a lot of problems. hmm. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. we'll be totally behind schedule, right? (laughschedules. schedules. great, okay.
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fox report now.
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hundreds gathered in oklahoma for the funeral of terence crutcher, white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man a week ago. it prompted peaceful protests. she opened fire because she thought crutcher was reaching for a gun, police say he didn't have a gun. cops arrested a man in london over hacking of pippa middleton's i cloud account. somebody stole 3,000 of her pictures. her older sister is princess kate, prince william's wife. an f-16 took to the skies in north korea, sort of. a guy on the ground was operating it with a remote control. it is one sixth the size of a fighter jet. it was part of an air show with military sky divers: with propane, people can live where they want,
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stadium where the carolina panthers are playing the minnesota vikings. protesters have been demonstrating there since the game got under way a couple of hours ago. this is day six of demonstrations after the shooting death of a black man at the hands of police. city officials categorize that football game as an extraordinary event. that allows them to ban backpacks and items people can use like weapons, chains or box cutters. yesterday police released videos of the shooting. we are about to show you some dash cam recording the police released. you see keith scott getting out of the car on the left. police then open fire. i should warn you, many of you will find this disturbing. >> drop the gun!
12:34 pm
drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. [ gunshots ] >> more on what the video does and doesn't show in a moment. first, protesters are showing up at the stadium. rick leventhal is there. what's it like? >> reporter: dramatic increase insecurity outside bank of america stadium after the city manager declared this an extraordinary event. small group of protesters but a lot of cops, many with bicycle, others in riot gear.
12:35 pm
they were out here earlier this morning and have been here all day, keeping demonstrators at bay. there are a few dozen, perhaps 100 demonstrators beyond that row of police officers. they came here, they protested, marched around the city, came back again. the police would not let them get closer to the stadium, which by the way, shepard, not packed today. it appears there are a lot of empty seats, possibly because people didn't want to deal with extra security and knowledge there were various groups promising massive protests, we haven't seen massive ones, just a small number of people showing up. >> police release any other evidence in this case yet? >> reporter: they have released evidence as you have shown, they released a couple of videos, the dash cam video and one body camera video. we don't know how many police officers are wearing body cams, at least one of them. we'll show it to you now. some may find this video disturbing. the police chief admits it does not definitively show scott with
12:36 pm
a gun in his hand, others say it supports the officer's version of events. the gun is cocked, the safety is off. it is ready to fire. police say it was loaded and scott's dna and fingerprints were on the weapon. they released a photo of an ankle holster he was wearing, marijuana, he was rolling into a blunt, they saw the pot, which is why they approached him. he refused to drop the weapon. we heard his wife released them saying drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun. now we have seen pictures of the gun. the family says they're still not convinced this shooting was justified. >> there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. we are going to continue to look into the facts of this case moving forward. >> reporter: per federal statute as a convicted felon, scott would not be legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon.
12:37 pm
>> rick will he have and that will in charlotte. the suspect at a deadly shooting rampage looked like a zombie, according to the officer that caught him. five people died in the shooting friday night. "seattle times" reports one victim was a 16-year-old girl that survived cancer. the suspect immigrated to the united states from turkey, a legal, permanent resident. dan springer is live at the mall in burlington north of seattle. what else do we know about the suspect, dan? >> reporter: shep, well, he immigrated, 20-year-old arcan cetin immigrated to the united states as a boy. he does have legal permanent residency status, which means he has a green card, he's allowed to be here. he also seems to have a troubled recent past. we found out he was arrested for domestic assault on his stepfather, in fact several times, and ordered to have mental health counseling. a judge told him at that time to
12:38 pm
stay away from drugs, alcohol and guns. apparently he didn't listen. police put out several pictures of the subject walking into macy's, holding a hunting rifle. got the tip yesterday afternoon from a man who says he allowed cetin to live with him in oak harbor. recently kicked him out of the house for selling drugs. following up on that, police spotted that empty vehicle, saw him walking down the street, wearing the same clothes. >> i did an abrupt u-turn, hit the lights, and myself and the deputy took him into custody. >> reporter: police saying nothing about possible motive. terrorism is not suspected but also not completely ruled out. there's an unconfirmed report on social media that cetin's ex-girlfriend worked at some macy's, not sure this one or another one. >> this suspect, no connection of any kind to any of the victims? >> reporter: nothing that police found so far.
12:39 pm
again, five people killed. four women, one man. one of the women was a 52-year-old who worked in macy's, the only employee who was shot. youngest victim was 16 years old cancer survive at the mall with her father. oldest victim 95 years old. the lone man killed, a 61-year-old that worked at boeing, about to retire. the mayor of burlington is relieved by the arrest and mourns for the victims. >> dan springer live at the mall, thank you. a baseball superstar who escaped cuba becoming one of the most dominant pitchers of the game is dead. jose fernandez died in a boat crash off miami beach. he was 24 years old. his team, the miami marlins, cancelled the game this afternoon against atlanta. as for the crash, the boat was
12:40 pm
traveling at full speed when it slammed into a jetty. two others with him at the time died as well. brian anderson, what are we hearing from investigators? >> reporter: they found that boat about 3:15 this morning crashed into rocks and flipped over. fernandez was traveling with two friends at full speed when it hit that unlit jetty off miami beach. none were wearing life vests, florida wildlife says fernandez was killed on impact. no evidence drugs or alcohol was a factor. he boated frequently with friends. fernandez was originally supposed to pitch today, they bumped his start to tomorrow's game. one of his teammates says his last game he said was the best he ever pitched, he won that game 1-0, shep. >> he really had a big impact on and off the field, especially for a young guy. >> he was an all-star pitcher, one of the best in the game,
12:41 pm
known for a contagious smile and passion for the game. this was just his fourth season, he had the promise of a hall of fame career, born in cuba, he tried to defect three times before arriving in the united states by boat in 2007. a harrowing journey in which he jumped into the water to save his mother from. the miami marlins draft fernandez in 2011. today the entire marlins team held a press conference, the team's manager don mattingly describing how he will miss him playing. >> as mad as he would make you, the stuff he would do, you see that little kid, when you watch kids play little league or something like that, that's the joy that jose played with and the passion he felt about playing. >> fernandez was just 24 years old, about to be a father to a baby girl.
12:42 pm
shep? >> brian, thank you. more ahead on the political impact of the presidential debates as we learn of a shift in strategy for camp trump. word of an enormous ad buy, something trump hasn't had to do yet. why the campaign thinks it needs to spend a bunch of money now, that's coming up sunday with shep. hey marc, how you feelin'? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles. a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye. i don't know how you do it. don't wait until you or someone you care about develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
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to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, vomiting, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. made up your mind for president? who are these people that haven't made up their minds. who are they. i don't know them. more on "the wall street journal nbc news poll that finds a third of voters will watch the debates in deciding whom to support for president. specifically found 37% of republicans feel this way compared to 31% of democrats. this comes out as donald trump's campaign reports plan to spend $140 million on advertising from now until election day.
12:46 pm
that's a big chunk. it is a new approach for the billionaire business man, he often pointed out how much less he has been spending than his rival, hillary clinton. that story like many others, has changed. john bus is here, associate editor of "the wall street journal." more interesting to me as we talked on commercial break than how many people are persuadable, it is who people are who are most persuadable. >> that's right. roughly a third of people say watching the debate, very important or quite important to them how the two do in the debate in their decision making on who they're going to vote for, but sort of notably 49% of respondents who were hispanic said it is extremely important or quite important. 44% of gary johnson voters, this is the third party candidate. 42% of african americans. so hispanics and african americans who hillary clinton supposedly has sewn as a group say we're going to be watching
12:47 pm
this debate, it is going to be influential in how we decide who we're going to vote for. and the gary johnson vote, almost half the people who say they're inclined to vote for gary johnson say look, we're going to be watching the debates in which gary johnson doesn't play a role to help us makeup our mind, says that's a group both candidates can go after. >> historically, that third party candidate support fades after debates and with some voters peeling off to primary candidates. >> historically, though this campaign has been anything but. we don't know what's going to happen. historically interestingly that number, roughly one-third of people watching, of registered voters watching, saying this will be very important to me, that held true for the last several presidential elections. roughly a third saying i am watching this. you mentioned earlier, 74% of registered voters are going to be tuned in? this is incredible showing. people are very interested in how the two candidates comport
12:48 pm
themselves. of that third, only about 11% of really persuadable. that's the group that says i haven't made up my mind yet, i am leaning toward hillary or donald or leaning toward gary johnson, haven't made up my mind, only 11%, that's who the candidates want to focus in on. >> i figure a lot of people are watching it much like you do a car wreck, jt sort of a morbid curiosity about what these people are going to be doing up there to each other. those persuadables, how does one or the other hone on that audience of persuadables. there is not a formula for that. >> there isn't. david axelrod had an interesting article, janet hook has an excellent story on inclination of people to make up their mind as a result of the debates. axelrod says look, clinton is going to face one of two donald trumps. either the guy that says i am
12:49 pm
going to strat jiegize like i d in the primaries, lots of bluster to get under her skin, come straight at her, or a different donald trump seeking to get that 11%. saying we know he is good on stage as a reality tv star, can he handle the presidency. here in this case, is he talking policy, is he talking about who he's just met, leaders of the world who he's just met to look presidential. my suspicion is we're going to see both. why would we not, right? he is going to seek to gain an advantage on hillary clinton by coming on strong but also showing that he's presidential. hillary clinton, axelrod points out, is a tremendously good debater, obama had his hands full debating her in 2008, but she's got to be careful about not seeming the smartest kid in the class, right, and drowning the viewer in statistics or policy. she has to also moderate sort of
12:50 pm
her normal approach to the debates. >> and the real -- the banks have stress tests, these candidates are having that tomorrow because you have to figure at some point this thing is going to go the way we all figure it does, especially those of us who watch it like a car chase. >> well, we don't know, to some extent donald trump may want that to happen because that has appealed to a big chunk of the audience. we have another story that says no fortune 500, fortune 100 ceos backed donald trump. >> not one. >> not one. a third of them did mitt romney. that can cut both ways just like being blustery can cut both ways. donald trump may not want a big showing of fortune 100 ceos backing him because he is supposedly the outside candidate, the guy coming in to stir the pot and to not rely on traditional corporate giving. so, too, we may see that outside
12:51 pm
bluster tomorrow. >> i am excited, it will be interesting. >> thank you. another showdown in d.c. could lead to another government shutdown. congress racing to get a budget deal. we heard this before. mmmm. incr. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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well, the u.s. congress is avoiding another government shutdown. lawmakers have to agree by this coming friday about what to include in an emergency spending bill. if they don't, the government can temporarily shut down again. the last time that happened, 2013. lasted 16 days. worked out great. more than 800,000 federal workers temporarily lost their jobs. kristin fisher has the latest. hello. >> reporter: hey. the chance of this happening is slim. it could happen. crazier things have happened on
12:55 pm
capitol hill. one reason is hearing a lot of lawmakers don't want to be seen as not doing their jobs before voters head to the polls. two, the only thing standing in the way is very short term spending bill that only keeps the government open through december 9th. since this is likely the only legislation president obama will sign before election day almost every lawmaker is making sure their cause is included in this bill. three main things, money for zika virus and louisiana hit by the floods and flint, michigan for the water system. republicans produced a bill that would fund two of three things, $1.1 billion for zeika and $500 million for flooding for louisiana. but that includes flint michigan. democrats are saying it's very disappointed the funding for flint was not included, even if the bill does pass, president obama might not sign it and all of this has to be resolved by
12:56 pm
friday or else funding will run out. >> we'll be back with a look at a landmark moment for the united states government. will it move to grant america the freedoms we exercise every day? has it happened? rls' night out. my eyelove is the september issue. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love. there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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on this day in 1789 the very first u.s. congress passed the bill of rights. the 12 amendments to the constitution guaranteed freedom ofreligion. the states ratified only ten. lawmakers base the amend mtds on england's bill of rights which parliament passed a century earlier. protecting the right of americans 227 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. it's good to have you with us as we look forward to the debate
1:00 pm
tomorrow night. on long island. i'll be hosting that event that's moderated by lester holt of nbc news on the fox broadcast network tomorrow night. hope to see you then. your world with neil coe vut toe starts now. >> the stage is being set. the anticipation setting in. now live from hopster university in new york where the first presidential debate is about to go down. here's neil. >> welcome everybody. you didn't hear from me but -- you know, i get that everywhere i go. something must be going on here. welcome everybody because some history could be made. you know, the debate the that holds the record of all time was carter/reagan back in 1980 and back then, it commanded 80 million viewers. you know at a minimum they're expecting 20 million more for this one. nothing like a


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