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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> welcome to a special edition
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of "the five" live from hofstra university. the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. 100 million people are expected to watch it all unfold. we're excited to be here ahead of tonight's big showdown. we thank all these guys because i don't think any other guys has had this kind of treatment. how are the candidates prepping in the final moment ss? we begin with fox team coverage. so first up, campaign carl. take it away. >> reporter: well, donald trump has spent the last several days getting ready for this debate. probably spent more time in trump tower preparing for this than anything else he has done and more time in the tower than during his ferociously busy campaign for this general election. he was scheduled to be here an hour ago, actually. to go through an have a walk through and take a look at the stage at this moment. we're told now that that's been pushed back.
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trump won't arrive here until another hour from now. then he will get his walk through. he will go behind closed doors and then the debate starts at 9:00. he has spent a tremendous amount of time in the last month and a half giving policy speeches with a teleprompter which aides say helped shape his ability to talk more crisply, more concisely about policy tonight. he will be working very hard to try to show that he has the type of temperament and he has the fitness and the command and the ability to stay reserved and not take bait from hillary clinton tonight to show that he can be a full-fledged commander in chief. on the other hand, he also wants very much to give hillary clinton every opportunity to show voters why the trump campaign argues voters don't like her. whether it's because she gets defensive or she begins to tap dance. trump will look for ways to get under her skin as he keeps himself on guard to avoid her trying to get under his.
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dana? >> carl, thank you so much. let's now go to jennifer griffin with the latest on what hillary clinton is doing. jennifer. >> reporter: dana, we have learned that hillary clinton is still in -- at her home in long island. debate prep is over. she did, in fact, miss the walk through here. she decided to skip that walk through. and she will be coming here, driving to hofstra with her husband bill clinton a little while from now. what we have learned in the meantime, speaking to her communication director, is that she did not do a complete mockup, a complete 90-minute debate today. she was prepping up until a little while ago. but what she has done a complete mockup of, a couple we have been told in recent days. the moment that we have reported that her longtime aide philippe reines was the stand-in for donald trump, known for his combativeness. what really threw her or what we
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are told he threw out at her at the beginning of one debate is he came out as nice donald trump. donald trump who praised his opponent and congratulated her on passing that great glass ceiling, becoming the first female presidential candidate of a major american party. so they are preparing for everything at this moment. we know yesterday that when she went to visit her daughter chelsea, that she went, we think, to her granddaughter charlotte's birthday party. she was seen coming out of that kid's club in the flat iron district before meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. for the past four days, hillary clinton has been prepping, do debate prep at the hotel about 17 minutes from her house. back to you. >> jennifer, thank you so much. what can we expect from the candidates on the debate stage tonight? their camps weighed in with
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this. >> i know this is about hillary clinton. when the lights are bright like they are now, she brings the a plus game to the table. trump is a performer and entertainer. i'm not taking that away from him. he can't get away with doing the 15 second thing and then, you know, walking away, not taking questions. >> he will answer the question as they are asked. he's not going to be robotic and scripted which we know hillary clinton is. people want to see a president of the united states who is nimble and resilient and can answer questions that haven't been preprogrammed in their head through all this secretive debate prep. >> raising the stakes higher, the latest national polls show a virtual deadlock ahead of tonight's debate. the race is too close to call with clinton at 44%, trump at 43%. and a bloomberg poll has trump ahead of clinton 43% to 41%. i don't know why they are
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booing. i thought they liked it. a year ago there were 17 republican candidates. we did say on "the five" the one debate we would pay money to see would be donald trump and hillary clinton. are you ready? >> i can't wait. thank you. there is less space between these polls than between -- this is tighter than rene zell wweigs face. cnn isn't covering it. msnbc, they are sticking to regular programming. reruns of "i love lucy." i can't believe only fox news and the spice channel are carrying the debate. >> that's important. >> we're not going to miss it. we're going to be here. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think it's fantastic. i took a walk over to the spin room. it's magnetic over there, it's
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spinning. there was media row. it's amazing. 100 million people plus how many more on digital? these people at hofstra. watch this. >> eric! eric! eric! >> eric trained them. >> it's not just here in hofstra. the country is waiting for tonight. >> how about you, juan? it's a tight race. the first debate. what do you think will happen? >> it's interesting to me is i like the inside game. when i went over there today, i was just curious. now they set up the podiums so as to diminish donald trump's height advantage and stature next to hillary clinton, make sure they appear similar. hillary clinton is won the opportunity to make the opening statement. they get a to-minuwo-minute ope statement.
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he can't ask her a question. she can't ask him a question. it will come from the moderator. once the moderator gets a response, there will be interaction between the two of them. finally, no breaks. >> that sounds like marriage counseling. not that i've been. i haven't. kimberly, you did a facebook live earlier today. you were talking about the atmosphere and the students. >> taking a walk through to the students which are fabulous here at the university. a lot of enthusiasm. >> i don't think this is happening over at the cnn or the msnbc. i don't think it's happening there. >> what gives you that idea? >> especially since they're not televising that debate. >> would you have any advice for the candidates? >> resist the urge. whatever the urge is. you know the insult that sounds great in your head, sometimes it's better in your head.
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i have learned this many times on the vibe. i have to go to the office and asked why, why, why. >> you get the e-mail. >> it wouldn't be a bad thing for her to have a zinger and for him to have a fact. >> i have a couple. i think he is going to be -- they will try -- hillary will try to lure him into the temperament thing. i think he should push back on that. stay calm. don't brawl with her. don't be the bully. stay on message. the message is, she's the insider, i'm the outsider. it worked through the primaries. stay on that message. one more time, hillary, how much is a gallon of gas? here is a quick question. she's not going to be able to answer that. >> i don't understand why you think donald trump would know the answer to that more than hillary clinton. nee neither of them drive themselves. >> the thing you talked about as well on your show is about --
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when you do the polling, actually it sticks and resonates that people have a lot of dissatisfaction, distrust with her about her credibility, ability to be commander in chief because of this e-mail scandal more than anything else. it tends to be resonating more than the health questions. if i were donald trump, i would try to make those points and get a few attack points on her in that regard. >> earlier this weekend, or over the weekend, might have been five hours ago, all the time is running together for me, steward ste stevens who prepped mitt romney, he had a suggestion for hillary clinton which i hadn't heard. just forget about being likeable. just prosecute the case relentlessly. do you think that's something she might consider doing? >> mistake i would think. remember, she's the first woman. one of the suggestions i have been hearing repeatedly is she's got to smile. a lot of people take that as, that's a misogynous tick commencommen comment. nobody says that about a guy.
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it's true. she has to come across as personable, authentic. >> he should smile, too. >> yeah. but i don't think anybody is saying that to him. i think they're saying it to her for a reason they think of her as the prosecutor. >> they have to find the software that makes her smile. >> there you go. >> i don't think that's been developed for hillary 7.0. >> here is the thing. al gore got in trouble for facial expressions. >> and sighing. >> remember he was making the sighing and facial expressions? donald trump does that a lot. every debate, he hears something he doesn't like, he will -- >> people like it with him. >> they do. i wonder if it's going -- >> al gore, it seemed like he was being a jerk. whether trump does it, it's funny, for some people that like him. like his followers. >> could it be like a romantic comedy where they fall in love? they start at the beginning and they hate each other. halfway through they stare into each other's eyes and they kiss. >> there is something different this time around, which is a lot of people when they finally get
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know each other from governing circles. these two actually know each other from social circles. weddin weddings. do you think that will change anything. >> no. i think there's a lot of animous. i don't think people want her to be the one to somehow remind people how much she doesn't like trump or that he doesn't like her. because they don't want to get into a name calling deal. if it starts, i will say this, it'sdisadvantage. that doesn't play well. if she was to somehow start that, it would also i think be an error for her. >> any last thoughts? >> i think this is a really big opportunity for both of them. i think they have a lot to gain in terms of showing they are presidential, they have the ability, the stamina to be xhaend e
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commander in chief. don't take cheap shots. >> you know, if people want to get a taste of more politics, go to espn. they have monday night football. the football players are going to be protesting the no touch policy at the local strip clubs. >> oh, my god. >> you will want to see that. >> they will sit down during the national anthem. the spotlight will be on debate moderator lester holt. should his job include fact checking the candidates? more on that when we return. now more music from the hofstra band. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to a special edition of "the five" live from hofstra university. our big focus will be on lester holt and whether his role should include fact checker during the live showdown. clinton's camp is worried trump will not tell the truth. trump's team claims clinton is gaming the ref. >> we are concerned donald trump may lie, he may throw misinformation out there and hillary will spend her time trying to correct the record rather than talking about the things she wants to. >> what do you expect the moderator to do? >> all we're asking is the record be checked. so if donald trump lies, which he has done in the past, that be checked. >> i think that the clinton campaign has been gaming the ref. have been talking to the media saying it is your job to make sure that donald trump is checked -- fact checked in real time. i'm just surprised a campaign manager would try to lower
2:19 pm
expectations that dramatically for his own candidate. they know that campaign debates are not hillary clinton's sweet spot. >> an official with the debate commission cautions against moderators fact checking. >> i think personally, if you start getting into fact checking, i'm not sure what is a big fact, what's a little fact? if you and i have different sources of information, does your source about the unemployment rate agree with my source? i don't think it's a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the ensew cloe pea ya. >> so a lot of back and forth between the two camps where each side is trying to say -- this is interesting. you see a big push to say we don't feel it's hillary clinton's place to have to fact check and correct donald trump. they were trying to push that message this morning about the article saying, this is somebody who doesn't tell the truth. kind of a little bit of a
2:20 pm
switching around in terms of the attack. >> i can -- if i was in their shoes, i might have done the same thing. i think it's most effective if the candidates is able to do that themselves. you don't have do it -- the moderator doesn't have to do it. they there are rules about how they can interact with each other. lester holt, one of the hard things is making them adhere to the rules, especially the time. >> poor lester holt, we will pray for him tonight. >> it's not a bipartisan debate commission. there's no partisanship whatsoever. they have come up with a rule that the debate moderation not fact check the comments that come from the candidates. it's important to understand, it's called a moderator. you moderate the debate. you moderate the amount of time, the pace of the show, not be the judge, not be the fact checking judge. it's smart. i hope lester holt will lay back on trying to fact check everything. you can't have every fact on every comment made.
2:21 pm
you can't have that at your disposal. i think chris walace, the final debatist, said he will let them fact check each other. >> you remember with mitt romney and candy crowley. that got chatter after the debate saying she shouldn't have fact checked romney. >> we live in area era where nobody cares about facts anymore. right? this has been a pretty fact free 2016. you think about when you come up with stats about law enforcement or climate change, people make up their minds on an emotional level. nobody is listening anymore. i think the moderator is like a three way mirror. it's to show you how everything looks all around. he's not supposed to -- the question is, somebody lies to you, what lie insults you the most? when somebody lie to you and it's -- they expect you to be dumb enough to believe that lie.
2:22 pm
that's the person you don't vote for. >> there you go. what about tonight and the role of lester holt? >> there's a lot of equivalency going on here between clinton and trump. the reason this issue is so large, has to do with the fact that when you look at the major claims made by the candidate, trump is rated as having made 60% false claims versus 13% for hillary clinton. people are saying, it's not fair. you are grading trump by a different system if you don't say -- >> grading him on a curve. >> what's the truth? what's going on? i don't think given the pressure, given about what happened with candy crowley, even if you went back in time, remember the last moderator got a lot of attention was bernie shaw when he asked dukakis when he asked about the death penalty. dana and i ordered about frankel asked ford about russian domination, soviet domination of eastern europe. >> ford gets a bum wrap on that. >> i appreciate that.
2:23 pm
>> dana is representing him well. >> i hear that. i think all of this adds up to a unique position for lester holt, which is he shouldn't be an issue. but he is an issue going in. >> it wasn't necessarily just the hillary clinton campaign that talked about the moderator. last week it was donald trump who said he probably won't get a fair deal because lester holt is a democrat. turns out he is a registered republican apparently. when kellyanne conway said if that was a lie. no, a lie would mean you knew he was a democrat. so there are shades of this. >> don't forget the whopper of all lies -- >> what's the whopper? >> i'm talking about lester holt. >> i didn't send any classified material. i notice dana opened the show saying -- jennifer griffin said hillary clinton was coming from her house in long island. not the estate in d.c. remember about a year and a half ago she said we were broke. these are lies, too.
2:24 pm
>> to me it comes across you are trying to make an equivalence where none exists. i find lester holt's position tricky. it will be easy for the trump campaign to say, there goes the mainstream media. they are always against us. i think that's tough for him. i think that trump people went for one this weekend when they said, we're going to jennifgennifer flowers to get e. >> mark cuban versus gennifer flowers? >> there was a matt lauer moderated. he did a nice job. most people think trump came away the victor. the clinton campaign and left wing media said it was terrible. >> i think he hammered hillary clinton and he never, ever held trump to the fire. >> come on. >> stop.
2:25 pm
>> back to your corner. you got it. megyn kelly joins us to pregame the battle between trump and clinton on this special edition of "the five" live from hofstra university. don't go away. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to a very special edition of "the five" live from hofstra university. thanks to the pep band for joining us this hour. we're just over three hours away from a highly anticipated trump versus clinton showdown. joining us is megyn kelly. she's hosting a special post-debate edition tonight at 11:00. i'm sure a lot of people have asked you if you were the moderator, what would be the first question you would ask. i would like to know given the fact we may have 100 million people watching tonight, what would be the last question you would leave the viewers with? >> first of all, how did you get a band and a pep squad? >> it's "the five."
2:31 pm
they follow us around. >> we are irritated. why don't we have that? i want that. i would say there is nothing off limits. these two want the highest office in the land. i like them so much. >> bring them with you tonight. >> if you use the right decorum, you can ask almost anything. it's how they handle it. no matter how offensive the question is, they have to handle themselves with poise. i think you could go to the bill clinton place with her. the past. she's been so critical of trump on this issue. say this is what they say -- i don't think that's off limits. you have to handle it gently and professionally. then see how the candidates do. >> do you have a question? >> i do. when i left the apartment today, peter said, take a moment and appreciate the historic nature of what you are going to get to do. being a part of the presidential debates is a big deal. four years ago, when you were there with president obama, he was the incumbent president,
2:32 pm
first african-american. we have the first woman nominee for one of our major parties. i wonder if you -- when you are there in the room, because you were there in 2012, how important are those historical moments for you to absorb before you have to commentate? >> these nights are better than when we moderate. i don't have to do any of the work. i can sit there like a spectator and take it all in. you have a front row seat for history. tonight is going to be especially dynamic. these two personalities are so diverse. i was reading something today that said she will bone up on everything there is to know. you name it, syria and so on. he could reference the size of his manhood again. they could not be any more different than they are. that's part of the -- what makes it so dynamic. anything can happen and probably will. >> the likelihood of 100 million
2:33 pm
viewer audience. >> yeah. what would your advice be to lester holt, since you have done the debate before and you had the powerful first question? what's going through his mind in the prep? this is such a big event. >> he is right that he doesn't need to be the mother of all fact checkers. i think that's her job. i think her campaign is borderline sounding weak. he better get up there. you want to be commander in chief. i'm sure you can handle donald trump and a few stretches of the truth. you don't need lester to save you. however, as the moderator, you have a duty to say, all right, you were against the iraq war but you did tell howard stern -- right? if it's ten seconds or less, i think you can get in and out. if it's a clear lie. other than that, i wouldn't touch it. look what happened to candy crowley. i think -- my personal view on her was she made those comments in ernest. she wasn't trying to mislead on benghazi.
2:34 pm
she was trying to move him along. they had gotten bogged down in the conversation too long. in a good faith effort i think to wrap it up, she said something that wasn't right. mitt romney got scared, i think, that she had it right and she had it wrong. it chained t it changed the course of the election. >> he should have been ready. >> he wasn't ready to combat that. >> you are under enough pressure. lester is the one i feel the worst for. it's a privilege. but still, he has to be so nervous out there. it's a lose lose situation. i would ask tough questions, be fair to both sides and get out of there. >> you are really the expert in the first question. what suggestion would you give lester holter holt? >> i do think the first question especially at a debate should be bare knuckles. that's when they are most off kilter. they are nervous. they are only human.
2:35 pm
we're journalists. >> not hillary. that might be a robot. >> so we don't care if we're mean. that's when you want to ask them the tough questions. dana could tell us more about this. i understand when you are in the white house, it's stressful. and they need to know how to function under pressure. why not put a little pressure on them and see how they can do the dance? there's so much fodder for both of these guys. part of the drama with her is how does her health hold up? she said she's suffering from pneumonia. is she over that? will she give us a disclaimer? she must be nervous in that's the case. she knows the country has been told she's dieing. one cough is going to lead to conspiracy theaters. >> no coughs. >> i don't know if i could do that. >> can i go from one former moderator to another one? obviously, when you ask that first question, it was about women. do you think that topic comes up today? the clinton campaign is running ads that show language that donald trump has used in talking about women, defamatory language.
2:36 pm
does that come back tonight? >> that will be interesting. it's almost like let's see if she can put her money where her mouth is. she's -- her mouth where her money is. she's rolling out campaigns to hit him on that issue. does she have the guts to say that to him? does she the guts to say, these are the thing u.s you said. now i'm here to hold you accountable for those little girls i put in my ad. will she let the ad do the talking? it's a strategic move for her. listen, if you took any time to study donald trump back in august of 2015, you would have seen that he made controversial comments about women. >> without a doubt. >> back then i was trying to see what would be an issue for him. sure enough, it has become a big issue for him. what does she have the nerve to do when he is standing right there, the donald trump who is a strong counter puncher? >> is there a line she shouldn't cross? >> especially on gender. >> right? you don't want to be up there, i'm a woman and so my only issue
2:37 pm
is about women. she might be better -- >> one of her guests is the mother of a disabled child. that is supposed by a friendship born after he insulted surge from "the new york times." >> we will talk about that. they are wrapping us. you ready? thank you. be sure to watch a special edition of "the kelly file" live 11:00 p.m. eastern for post-debate analysis. up next, greg shares his debate prep tips. that and more when we come right back with this special edition of "the five" from hofstra university. >> cow bell! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ welcome back. all right. i tried to get through this. i asked them to play some slayer. they don't know slayer. >> lady gaga. >> later on i have my cow bell. >> i'm going to be drunk, really drunk. after all, how can this thing live up to the hype we have given it? the debates are billed at two tasmanian devils being tossed into a blender with a nitroglycerin chaser. anything short of a zombie blood fest will be a bust. what should you look for?
2:43 pm
the person on stage who will do the least amount of damage to the country. that's why i vote, not to get stuff done, no, no, no, but to prevent stuff from getting done. the concept of limited government may be dieing. now it's about slowing the bloat. thanks to endless pandering, bureaucracy must expand to cover all of these promises. who do you trust? the shady bureaucrat or the impulsive auough ot autocrat? home really didn't fall. it jumped. music. discussion. tips for the viewer? >> well, if you are not invited to watch, you can come over to my place. i will do facebook live. look for somebody that you feel
2:44 pm
speaks to you, that you feel confident about to entrust your family, your children, your relatives with, that has the solution in terms of the economy, national security, a good focus on immigration. there's lots of things to look for. someone you feel that that's credible and trustworthy. >> i think it's very important. >> what should the viewers pay attention to? >> i think this whole -- who looks presidential. here is a great tip. turn off the volume. watch for 20 minutes and see who is winning. you will get a good idea who is winning or losing. i got informed, i have a ticket -- i have a seat to get in the debate. i'm over the moon. these things are like getting a 50 yard line at the super bowl. >> can we ask how you got it? what did it involve? >> i'm so happy. i can't wait. >> are there pictures? >> there might be. >> juan, what do you think? how should you watch it? >> you know what? i must go along with eric on this turn down the volume. it's not what she say that's going to determine how people
2:45 pm
vote. most people have made up their minds. what you do get out of these is people talking about things like physical faux pas. when gore starts sighing, as i said before, my mom -- my late mom said, what's that about? of course, famously when george h.w. bush started looking at his watch, that made news. a lot of people in the hall, they didn't know this had been a big moment. it's how they look physically, how they carry themselves, how she's dressed. that's an unfair standard but it's going to count. >> dana, we will ignore the sexist commend. could it be a war of silences? they're afraid of faux pas pas? >> that could happen. it's interesting, while that's all true, the faux pas or the one line zinger or maybe the sigh, that has nothing to do with what it would be like to be in the oval office, to be faced with tough decisions. your advisers can come to you and say, mr. or madam president,
2:46 pm
we have these two decisions to make. here is our best advice. we have contrary decisions on heefr this by the secretary of defense. now it's up to you to decide. that's actually what being president is about. >> i spent a year pretending to be a dog. what a faux pas. up next our final thoughts. a big face-off on this special edition of "the five." live from hofstra, don't you know. don't go away. ♪
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♪ ♪ our final thoughts now before tonight's debate. let me begin with you, greg. it's only, like, eight days until the vice-presidential debate about two weeks until the next presidential debate, three weeks to the one after that. >> i'm glad you brought up the vp debate. that's where the real excitement is. the thriller in vanilla. it's amazing.
2:51 pm
it's important to note, this isn't the end of the world. two more debates to come barring a civil war. it will be fun. it's not the apocalypse. >> dana, you anticipate racial tensions coming up tonight? >> between the go of them? i hope not. hopefully, both leaders will want to lead the united states can find this to be a unifying moment. they might try to needle each other on it. there are two more presidential debates. one thing to keep in mind is, remember mitt romney was believed to have won the first debate against obama. the outcome did not turn out that way for him. take everything with a grain of salt. whether she's on top or he is on top, you have two more to go. it's important to win tonight, but it's not going to predict the election. >> eric on twitter, on facebook? >> i'm going to try to be on facebook. i'm not sure i'm allowed to. enjoy this. 100 million people will watch. it's a tv event. roll with it, have fun with it.
2:52 pm
>> what do you think? how are you going to watch? >> this could be a big game changer. i'm excited to watch and write about it. i will do facebook live. it's one that's historic. i'm having my little boy watch. it's a moment in american history. >> keeping him up late. >> worth it. history lesson. >> one more thing up next. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating.
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or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. welcome back to "the five." moments ago donald trump arriving for tonight's debate.
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we welcome him here. hillary clinton will be here soon. we will have a big debate. it's time for one more thing. >> i got it. thank you very much. what's up, hofstra? tell me where you are from and who you are voting for. >> i'm from philadelphia. i'm voting for trump. >> michael. from new york. >> who are you voting for? >> donald trump. >> nate, from jersey, donald trump. >> donald trump. >> boo. >> i'm from brooklyn. i'm voting for hillary. >> i'm undecided. it's going to depend on the debate. >> on tonight? >> on tonight? >> tonight's debate will make you decide? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> jamie. donald. >> where are you from? >> new york. >> who is from texas? >> donald trump. >> new york. >> pa. >> donald trump. >> here you go. back to you. >> juan, over to you.
2:57 pm
>> i just want to remind everyone, on this day in 1960, the first televised preside eddl debate, john f. kennedy against richard nixon in front of 66 million people. many think tonight's debate could be the highest rated of all time. that would mean it would have to surpass 80 million people who watched ronald reagan take on jimmy carter in 1980. and then a bunch of people may wonder, how much will this debate really change anything? in 1976, guess what? gerald ford saw a 13 point bump after his debate against jimmy carter. >> even with the other thing. >> i'm telling you. >> i did something fun yesterday. if you go to du jour they have a thing you do your day in pictures. 24 hours with dana. there's captions. jas p jasper is featured. i worked all day.
2:58 pm
there's a lot of fun. check that out. very millennial thing to do. >> very cute. >> greg? >> very millennial. >> you are next. >> so ma lel iillennimillennial. president obama was on with antho antho anthony bourdain. >> is ketchup on a hot dog acceptable? >> no. >> i mean that. that's one of -- let me put it this way. it's not acceptable. >> my daughter is 8. she put ketchup on eggs the other day. i didn't know what to do, what good parenting called for. >> an intervention. >> so brave. so strong. not syria. not terrorism. i'm going to come out against a condiment. you know what that is? that's an attack on culture. there were some people born and raised on ketchup on a hot dog. that is offensive. >> isn't franco -- that's tomato
2:59 pm
sauce -- >> waging war on america. i knew he wasn't born here. >> i like ketchup, mustard, no relish or onion. i wouldn't mind chili on there. >> i have a touching one more thing. listen to this story out of indiana. 72 years after being wounded in combat, 91-year-old world war ii veteran and marine, his name is junior howell, withas awarded t purple heart. the award was given to him. he was ateenager back then. he was wounded fighting. due to previously overlooked medical records, he wasn't given the award until now. upon receiving the award, howell remarks that, quote, it's the end of world war ii for me. congratulations to him. thank him for his service. >> great way to end the show. thanks to the hofstra university pep band, dance team and cheer
3:00 pm
team. stay tuned for special report up next. ♪ this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to the campus of hofstra university on long island. we are just three hours away from the first presidential debate. the presidential race is now officially a dead heat. after a series of new polls out today. tonight looks to be a pivotal point in an already contentious battle for the white house. as the two nominees are face to face for the very first time. we start with chief political correspondent carl cameron in the spin room where the trump team says they know he needs to make a positive impression tonight. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi. donald trump just arrived at the debate site a short while ago. he will


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