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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 28, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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welcome to "red eye." hello. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, donald trump and hillary clinton go head to head in the first presidential debate. watch earth two's own tom shillue explain why trump came out on top. and katy perry strips down naked to encourage people to vote. turns out she is a lot more pixel lated than i would have thought for her age. and a woman orders domino's chicken wings and receives a box of $5,000 instead. a drug dealer is upset when his chicken wing box contains chicken wings. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guest. she has worked under more presidents than marilyn monroe. fox news financial security analyst kt mcfarland. his skull is they canner than carbonite. former aid to chuck schumer, christopher han. we picked him from a basket of deplorables, trump surrogate, john jleval le e. and before uber there was fala. jimmy fala. let's start the show. two rivals are facing off on national tv. monday night's debate had plenty of fireworks.
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>> don't get between them. mistake number one. those were two politicians fighting during a live tv debate ahead of parlimentary elections in october. they argued which is better rice or potato vodka? that's a big debate issue. there was another debate on monday night and it is the subject of tonight's -- people in the media got their kind of debate last night. nicholas christof said lester holt has done a fine job as moderator, not too intrusive and moving things along and fact checking when necessary. politico said lester holt stays out of the way which he did, out of hillary's way. he directed 15 questions to trump and just two to clinton. he asked follow-up questions and fact checked trump six times.
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for hillary, surprise, none. that's to be expected. trump is the challenger in this election so the debates, all three, will be about him. 75% of americans think the country is on the wrong track, and they want a change. hillary's message is let's keep everything the way it is. trump's is i will change the way we do everything, big league. that was still the message last night. that's why this debate will help him more than her. i am not alone on this. just look at our exclusive "red eye" focus group reaction to a few of trump's best moments. keep your eye on the green line. >> hillary has experience, but it is bad experience. we have made so many bad deals during the last -- she has experience that i agree, but it is bad, bad experience. and this country can't afford to have another four years of that kind of experience. >> very telling. look at the reaction to this clip. >> i would just ask you this.
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you've been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? for 30 years you have been doing it and now you are just starting to think of solutions. >> funny how quickly their moods change. it is up and down. to kick off our discussion we have a trump supporter, john j j.levalle and a hillary supporter, chris hahn. let's get their take on my take and give them each equal time. >> go first to john and put 30 seconds on the clock. agree with me yes or no. >> clearly trump victory, great night, speaking to the people of pennsylvania and speaking to the people of michigan, ohio. he had a targeted audience and he was speaking to them in virtually all of the polls that came out after this. the people are with trump and this was the first time he was on that kind of stage. i can't wait for the second and third debate.
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he is the exact type of person and he will grow each time. he did great last night. what debates are about -- >> okay. chris, 30 seconds on the clock. >> i don't agree with you. you are completely wrong, but thank you foretelling me it is big league. i thought he was saying big leak. >> you both made good points. >> can i get a rebuttal? >> i wanted to do this because a lot of the media professionals were saying, wow, hillary really -- she won on points and she was poised and controlled and everything like that. i think trump was speaking past the media as he always does. right or wrong? >> right. that's packly what i was trying to say. you watch tv and you talk
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about points and she got this. it is about representing people and donald trump was speaking to the people. their reaction was talking to people in the swing states that we need to win and win the election. that's exactly what he was supposed to do last night and what he achieved last night. 2k3wr night for donald trump: >> let's have a rebuttal. >> somebody was in a blue collar bar in pennsylvania and they went around and there was a lot of old time democrats. that's who trump was talking to. >> if they had written out the slurs in their voice it would have been a longer article. i think it was okay. he had a low bar last night. all he had to do is not lose his cool. that's the narrative. >> are you saying he lost his cool. >> he went right into
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hillary's narrative. it has nothing to do with anything else. he lost his cool. she jabbed him and he lost it and it was over personal stuff. it was not over the country or plans for isis. it was over his own wealth and tacks. >> that's all they ask him about. maybe we should have han moderate one of these debates. >> i think he would be less left wing than lester holt. >> speak to this. >> about him moderating a debate? i mean you are a nice guy, but please. >> kt, people talk about it and they say there is a reality thing going on here and it is trump's fault. trump didn't start talking about beauty pagents. that was hillary. >> and if i was hillary clinton i don't know if i would want to talk about beauty pageants. >> that's horrible.
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>> kt, i want to read you trump quotes. they are using our country as a piggy bank to pay china. i will cut taxes big league and you will raise taxes big league. another quote, it is about time somebody ran this country that knew something about money. these are something americans listen to, but they go right by the pundits. >> the thing about the mainstream media and republican and democrat establishment is they were dinosaurs. they never knew they were dead until they were dead. the country moved away from the people running the country. the people running the country don't understand it. it is like the stages of denial. they deny it exists and they are making fun of the fact it is there. ultimately they may be out of a job. speaking of dye gnaw sors, is the testimony -- speaking of
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dinosaurs did they used to employ you as a cabdriver? >> if you watch it objectively i thought it was a landslide win for gary johnson. >> i think it is worth mentioning and it speaks to your point of the democratic establishment. lester holt's response was a criticism to matt lauer. this is a classic working of the referees like pat riley. how anybody is not outraged at the idea that lester holt can press donald on a comment he made on the howard stern show, but not address an fbi investigation into one of his candidates, amazing. >> if he wanted to hit him with the hyped -- hind, i am
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all for it. >> we don't talk about benghazi and the foundation. we are not diving into the e-mails. we are talking about issues that are are irrelevant. >> trump could have had an opportunity to go after the media. there is nobody more unpopular is the people in the media. i think trump lost a moment to go back at him. you have now interrupted me how many times and you are not playing fair and square. the american people get that. >> let me ask john. trump has been taking it from people saying he has got to remain calm at these debates. last night i watched and thought he was fiesty and i don't think he lost his cool at all. we have spin meister over here. >> i am the spin doctor, please. >> that's another reason why donald trump i believe won the event. he was successful because he was able to make his point.
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he was fiesty as normal and as expected and yet he showed good restraint on several occasions. that's important. the debate is not about speaking to your base. it is about speaking to the undecided. people on the fence that haven't initially appreciated donald trump saw something in donald trump last night that they liked. they saw restraint. >> i gave you equal time. >> it was about speaking to suburban women and when he talks about her stamina, then after the debate he make the ridiculous statement saying i didn't talk about clinton's affairs. how is that helping him with suburban women? you know what it takes more than anybody on this panel. that's not a good strategy. >> how is it you have hell reclinton talking about beauty -- hillary clinton talking about beauty pageants and somebody that was employed in a beauty pageant of his and
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then off limits to bill clinton who has a terrible record of -- with women and she is attached. >> he is not running. there is no suburban woman who would say her husband had an affair and she should have got involved and protected the woman sleeping with her president? >> 14 women. >> that's not going to save him with suburban women. john knows it. kt knows it. it is not a good strategy. if he goes down that road in the next debate it is over. >> talking about what a suburban woman would think and not a moment does the suburban woman get to talk. >> he feels like a woman right now. >> that's why we know. they are telling us they never stop. >> i live with a suburban
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woman. >> this lesson is so important that it brought back will and grace. it brought them back together. 10 years after the show went off the air they filmed a mini episode with the purpose of getting americans to vote on november 8th. specifically for donald trump. >> it was 10 minutes of trump propaganda. that's how i saw it. >> the closest person in your life, rosario, is a mexican-american and the things donald trump has said about the mexican people is so offensive. >> she is not mexican. she is from el salvador. >> what's the difference? >> you know donny is one of my oldest friends. i helped him pick out melania.
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>> i speak for everyone when i say when will dharma and greg tell us who they are voting for. >> i briefly scanned the excuse and no where does it say you can go to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. in the name of democracy, any out of bed look is a-okay. a child's onesie. that free xl t-shirt you got from your bank. or if you are like me, i sleep naked. >> yep, let those babies loose. >> ma'am, that's enough of that. >> tomorrow i used my body as click bait to change the world. jimmy, first of all, megan looks fantastic. she has held -- >> she does look good. >> forget katy perry. >> she showed up.
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>> the "will and grace" thing was a waste of everybody's time. there is no "will and grace" fan that wasn't already voting democrat. >> -- >> there is nobody watching "criminal wil and grace" that are not voting. that's it. i felt you are pandering to your own base. you are communicating in a vacuum. i love that katy perry's best reason she can give you for voting for hillary is you are allowed to wear sweatpants. there was no other motivational factor. >> she thinks people are not gonna want to vote because it takes too much time to put their clothes on. can you give me an answer and don't go after larry craig. >> the population of canada just increased by four has been american actors. make that sikh counting rose -- six counting rosie o'donnell. >> megan looks better than ever, right or wrong, john?
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>> she looked good. >> she looks good. >> notice greg is wearing the same tie? will is wearing the same tie i am wearing right now. i was shocked. >> he shops at old navy? >> for your people i think all of the celebrities coming out is doing you no favors and it makes it it seem like the elites against regular americans. >> i don't see how millennials hillary late to a 90s sitcom off the air for 10 or 15 years. it is a bit of a strchy. that demographic is already voting for hillary clinton if they were fans of that show. i like the katy perry thing. i think getting people out to vote is pretty good. that doesn't seem partisan. we love katy perry. it is the get out the vote and they do it every year with the rock the vote. it is a way to bring out the democrats, right? >> as much as i found them all
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offensive that it was a good thing. why? hollywood is driving themselves nuts that more people are paying attention to politics right now than hollywood. what will they do? they will write themselves into the story even if they have to take off their clothes to do it. it shows american people are paying attention to politics. >> where is the unedited version? >> i didn't shoot the video i was available. >> on election day we go to the polls to vote. we don't go to swing on the polls. >> trying to make america great again right there. >> they know about stripper poles on long island. coming up, snap chat is coming out with a new product. doesn't look that revolutionary to me.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters, i'm jack we ibanez. the showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump was the most watched debate in history. it drew 84 million viewers over 13 networks. the previous record was set in 1980 when incumbent president jimmy carter battled ronald reagan and that debate drew over 80 million viewers. homegrown attacks are the biggest threat facing america right now. that's from the homeland secretary who testified on capitol hill yesterday. the hearing comes a little more than a week after the bombings in new york and new jersey and after a man stabbed nine people in a mall in minnesota. the suspects in the attacks were radicalized here in the u.s.
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police say a black man shot by officers in a san diego suburb has died. the el cajon police chief said the man was not armed, but pulled an object from his pocket and pointed it toward the officerses. the shooting spurred protests tuesday night that lasted for several hours. the charlotte-mecklenburg police department is on high alert after a suspicious package was found its headquarters. the building was evacuated after a dog alerted to the package. it has been removed by a robot and it is now being checked by the bomb squad at a remote location. the scare comes a week after the police shooting of a black man sparked violent protests in the city. and israeli president simone perez has died. he served as israel's president from 2007 to 2014 and served twice as prime minister during a political career that spanned i can 66 years and -- spanned 66
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years. peres was 93 years old. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." monday night's debate drew over 80 million viewers. here is what millennials were doing during the broadcast. yes, they were putting snap chat filters on hillary and strum p. trump. their solution for everything. as one noted this is so much more fun than listening to the debate. how dare they make candidates look ridiculous. they even face swapped them. call your agent, david spade. doesn't hillary look like david spade? >> they both look like david spade. >> enough of that of snap chat is more than silly filters. this week the company announced plans to release spectacles. the $130 frames will record 30 seconds of video and up load
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it to the app at the touch of a button. some people are concerned. a former vp of my space tweeted snap chat has gone full circle from a private space for teens to a full blown surveillance state. wow. what do you think of this? how is this different from what people are doing with their phones every day? they are sticking them up and filming everything, right? >> it is the dumbest thing in the world. it is a further corruption of what it started as. it was a sexting app. you september something i will lis -- you sent something illicit. it is like e-mailing hillary. it is there and then it is not there. i think it is the stupidest thing in the world. i am amazed they tracked down the former vice president of my space in his uber cab.
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>> the people who had google glass, remember they called them glass holes? would there be a name for these people? >> losers. i go all in on loser. >> so the glasses take pictures and sends it? >> it take the phone out of it. you see something and press the button and film it and up it goes to snap chat. >> now anthony wiener can use both hands and then send it. >> i didn't see where you were going with that. >> live your whole life as if you are on tv all the time. somebody is recording something from now on. we have to get used to it. >> you don't have the privacy concerns thatathis my space dude does. >> we are going to have cameras and drones flying over us to record everything we do in case. >> god willing. were you snap chatting during the debate last night? >> no. >> you and i were both --
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speaking of 80 million people we were live tweeting people. you know how many views it got? 2.7 million. >> which is why i think the number of 80 million watching is low. it wasn't counting the people watching on-line. >> you weren't snap chatting last night? >> i was not. i was having a hard enough time live tweeting. i don't under why this thing is legal. you can't record a conversation without their permission. >> well you see the glasses and you can see them coming. >> you probably see it. people are walking about the streets and filming everything. so when i walk through time square on the way to this building people are filming me all the time. >> enjoy it. >> experts have shown that actually young people do
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better on snap chat. they don't care much how they look and they are using it how to share things. it makes them less narcissistic. what do you think? >> that's part of the problem. i feel that's how they corrupted it. it is the same thing. tinder was a hookup app and then it became a look at my dinner app. where are you going with that? >> i don't think it is the same. i think what they are doing now is they have moved on beyond sharing images of their body to sharing everything about their day. the advertisement for that glass camera is guys at a skate park. who wants to watch a skateboard? >> people put about everything they do on these things. it is amazing. i really don't care. i don't care. >> but somebody does, john. >> i am brushing my teeth of the .. >> or five people sitting on a
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television stage talking about people who are recording themselves and how vain they are. >> this is a trap. >> we are not filming ourselves. >> no, but 25 other people are. >> you want to keep the illicit sex in tinder. >> i am a purist. move over lester holt. we have a real fact checker. half time with andy next. and the "red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on itunes and
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hello and welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey in the "red eye" news deck. hi, how are you? >> good. oh the debate. that was something. >> at the top of the show i watch earth two. >> i i want to apologize for the cheap shot and apologizing to earth too. >> of course it was a comic book. >> john, you said it was a great night for trump and you can't wait for the second and third debates. you don't agree with rudy squall yawn knee that trump should skip the second and third debate? >> no, all out. all in. >> seems like there is tension in the trump team.
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>> not at all. >> i will tweet them and let you know. >> chris, you said of the new york post where they went to the bar in pennsylvania and the people all thought trump won that they talked to them after they had a few drinks. are you suggesting anyone votes sober? >> no, i think you should drink before you vote. it is helpful. and in colorado there are other things you can do. >> i thought it was illegal to drink on voting day, election day. >> modern times. >> going old school. >> that's a lot of long island. >> tom, you said chris isn't as left wing as lester holt. >> well, i think he would be
12:34 am
more fair of a debater, of a debate moderator. >> i was just talking about his performance. kt you compared both political parties to the dinosaurs. please apologize to the noble creatures. i agree that holt's performance was in response to the matt lauer thing. a lot of the media are calling on him to be a fact checker which of course what they meant was fact check trump. >> that's exactly what it is. the trump man missed a lot of those opportunities too. the cyber security thing he has to have something primed up and ready to go. >> have to have good cyber. it was like a metamucil ad. >> at the 30-minute mark he
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was thinking about the frontier. >> you said big league. >> i originally thought he said bigly and others saying big league. he is saying big league. >> he does not uh annunciate. >> but sometimes he does it and you can hear the g. at what time did trump show restraint? >> on several occasions. especially at the end. he was ready to take a shot. it was a beach ball and not a softball. >> i remember abe lincoln debated rosie o'donnell. >> that's a cheap shot at rosie o'donnell. she is not that old. chris, what were you implying when you said john knows what it takes to win suburban women better than anyone on the panel? >> i believe it was a double
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on on -- entendre. >> i can appreciate that. >> they are fact checking. >> cut to the chase. john has been around the mall a few times. >> i said he was going to be the ladies man and now he will be creeping around. >> i was saying a bunch of things and you cut me off and i had to sum it up. >> i regret. >> the hollywood stuff. you said the "will and grace" thing was a waste because there are no" will and grace" fans not already voting for hillary. they had some of the best of 90s sitcom. >> but that was like 20 years ago. how long ago was it? let's be square on this thing. >> they went off the air like
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a legit 14, 15 years ago. >> the high point was definitely the 90s. >> you said we all love katy perry. do we? >> maybe you are not a fire work . >> he is a sparkler. >> kt, you said you found all of these videos offensive. why offensive? >> it wasn't a lot of thought that went into them. it was a lot of posturing that went into them. all of you, excellent suggestion of strip clubs. i do believe the tender trap is gone. >> i am not positive. >> how do i get him to just -- >> it is streaming.
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>> you have three guys who grew up within 15 miles of each other on this show. how does that happen? >> i assume you meant four middle aged guys and me. >> sorry. >> four middle aged guy and the older guy. >> you said in trump's america we will have camerases and drones watching us all the time as opposed to hillary's america. seriously? really? >> we won't know where the video went. >> she is worse on issues like this than he is. >> you don't under why this is legal. you can't record someone's phone conversation. which is true in some states, but in general filming is not considered the same thing. you have the right to film people in public spaces. >> what about the gawkers lawsuit. >> that was not public space. that was a bedroom. >> well from what was going on in the bedroom it seemed like a public space. >> if only he would have did
12:39 am
her at the mall like john. >> we have done stories on the show where courts upheld -- you have the right to shoot video up people's skirts in public places. >> you really did? >> yeah. >> you noted google glasses were called glass holes. guess what these should be called? how about glass holes? let's keep rolling with that. >> i guess so. but i theng these are cooler -- but i think these are cooler. >> of course you with your constant tipping people wherever you -- constant filming people wherever you go. >> you are wearing these in the green room. >> you are a sick, twisted little man. >> coming up, do baby dolls belong on planes? how he got over his fear of flying. first, kennedy.
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>> hey there, "red eye" vampires. i have a stake for you. what adjustments did the presidential candidates need to make for the second debate? we will hear all about it plus wwe superstar joining the party panel.
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live from america's news
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headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. president obama is remembering shimone-peres as a man who represented the israel essence himself. he was 93. he served as president from 2007 to 2014 and he served twice as prime minister during a political career that spanned 66 years and earned him the nobel peace prize. a state funeral is planned for friday. tensions are boiling in a san diego suburb of el cajon. protesters have converged on the local cop station there. investigators say a man was acting irrationally and refused to comply with police orders when he was shot. they have blocked a spending bill past friday. the democratic lawmakers say it doesn't provide money to help flint michigan fix the drinking water crisis. republican leaders vow they will address the issue in
12:45 am
another bill after the november elections and the democrats are skeptical about that. former virginia senator john warner is said to be endorsing hillary clinton. he has strong security credentials. >> the assistant secretary of state said the deployment plan will happen as soon as possible. this following two nuclear tests in north korea, but may escalate tensions between u.s. and china and could violate chinese territory. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines. log on to last week sara novick, a
12:46 am
writer, had the experience of taking a long flight next to this creepy baby doll. even worse the dog -- the doll hogged the elbow rest. good news, no person in the middle seat next to me. bad news, terrifying baby doll that belongs to the man in the window seat next to me. he bought it a ticket. duh. how else can you bring a baby doll on board? the flight attendant is trying to explain to him why he shouldn't put the doll's name on the ticket next time he buys her one. the tsa was trying to match the name and birth date he provided until they realize it is not a real person. i think she meant birth date. she thought the horror was over when she switched planes, but holy [bleep] i had a
12:47 am
two-hour layover and got on the next plane and across from him again. ps, the doll's name is barbara. on the bright side barbara was what well behaved baby. i think that doll looked sweet as can be. i don't know what this woman's problem was. >> you can't buy an extra seat for yourself on a lot of eight lines. say you want to fly from los angeles to new york and you don't want to be scrunched in that little seat so you buy two seats, but you can't buy two seats. it is cheaper to buy two seats because say it is $300 each way for each seat and it is $2,000 to fly first class. >> he bought it -- >> he bought it for himself. that's why he brought the doll. he can't say i want my second seat. there are some circumstances in which you can buy two seats. >> you you know you don't have t.o. do research for this show, right?
12:48 am
i want to make sure you know this is not that kind of show. you are not on o'reilly. i just think the guy is a freak, but maybe now you convinced me he is the smartest guy out there. >> he saved a couple bucks and he out smarted the tsa. >> and maybe he doesn't want to sit next to these pushy, los angeles -- i don't know if she is from los angeles. >> he had a shirt on that said i'm with her pointing at the baby. >> he is a comedian. >> why was it creepy? >> i didn't get that either. >> that wasn't it. why does she feel compelled to share this? a picture would have been fine. the idea that people think we need a minute by minute documentation of your flying experience. >> if only she had the snap chat eye wear jievment she could up load it immediately. >> the whole thing was so stupid.
12:49 am
she is lucky she is not on spirit airlines. >> it is not a chucky doll either. it is not like -- >> it looks like an american girl. >> everybody was in agreement. the responses were they thought it was a nightmare of a doll. >> it is a nightmare of a doll. would you want to be on a plane with a freak and his doll? he should be on a no fly list. >> rather than that or a 400-pound guy sitting in his basement naked with his laptop. >> he's a hacker. >> this is happening more often. you have people shooting -- you have to watch out when you are on a plane these days. >> i am a full blown air marshall on a plane. nobody wants to hear this, but everybody does some degree of profiling. when you are on the plane you will tell me with a straight face, he's all right. i play a lot of defense on the plane. defense wins championships. the doll wouldn't throw me.
12:50 am
i am not worried about the doll hijacking the plane. >> coming up, what would you do if you found 5 grand in a domino's box? wow, this story is next.
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dominoes messed up her order. a san jose woman recently ordered domino's chicken wings for lunch and instead she got $5,000 in cash. mistakes happen. salina avalos said she was shocked to see that much money. >> i said i can't keep it. it is a crazy amount of money. it is not like $20 you find. it is almost $5,000, you know? >> i do know. she eventually got in touch with the franchise owner and returned the definitely not drug money. for her honesty she is getting one full year of free pizza and her employer gave her a week paid vacation. wow. that's exciting. probably because they were afraid. >> free crack from the drug dealer for a year.
12:55 am
>> she is getting in good with somebody over there. when i first read it i thought she got a free pizza and that's nice. a free year of pizza? that's worth it. >> she is a good person. what a good person to return that money. that's extraordinary. that's one in one million people. >> why punish her? why punish her with a year's worth of pizza. >> is domino's that bad? >> you are talking to four people from long island. >> it depends on what hour you are watching it. >> they sell a lot of pizza. >> that must be one of the most successful domino's in the country if they will do $5,000 in business before lunch. >> we are making jokes about drugs, but to tell you the truth there may be shaw fan gnaw begans go -- shannanigans going on. >> i think they are making a lot of pizzas.
12:56 am
so i did my research and think about how many pizzas she will have to have to come out even. she will have hundreds of pizzas next year jay she should have a super bowl partied. >> a pizza party. >> she is young and attractive and will have a great life with the pizza pie. >> domino's is decent pizza. >> i think it is. >> to the pizza snob it is not. i am 93% body fat and i am the authority. my vote should counted more than anyone. i wore a t-shirt in the pool when i was six. it should count and it is solid pizza. it is not meant to be eaten at normal pizza eating times. it is 2:00 a.m. pizza. >> i mean people make fun of the chains, but they sell a lot of pizzas. >> society is so far gone that it is an extraordinary event.
12:57 am
she was wrongfully given $5,000 and then she returned it. >> special thanks to kt mcfarland and jimmy falah. that does it for me, tom shillue and see you next time. right from
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there. set your dvrs to never miss "the five." "special report" coming up next. will the first presidential debate, the most watched in u.s. history, significantly change the dynamics in this race? this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. coming to you tonight live from america's election headquarters in new york. the final numbers are not in yet, but last night's presidential debate will have been watched and streamed by more than 90 million americans. the most ever. we'll have complete coverage of the reaction to the debate in just a moment, but first, some of the other stories we're covering tonight. how did the fbi miss the terror threat from the orlando nightclub shooter


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