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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 28, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the other fans frantically searching the stands. they found it in the cuff of the bride-to-be's pant leg allowing him to propose. worst nightmare. >> different kind of diamond at that baseball game. thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning to you and your family. it was wednesday, september 28, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump taking the campaign trail by storm fresh off this week's debate. >> and we're going to get rid of that crooked woman. she's a crooked woman. she's a very, very dishonest woman. >> and news this morning of a major endorsement that nobody saw coming. >> he's calling her crooked again. meanwhile, capitol hill revealing the identity of yet another clinton confidential assista
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assistant whose sole job apparently was to find used blackberries on e-bay and put them into hillary clinton's hands. we'll tell you the name of that confidential assistant coming up. all right. you went to bed a virgo and woke up a leo. did that happen to you? nasa changes the astro logical signs. therefore, i don't know who i am anymore. can they each do that? do they have that type of mystical power? >> they do. >> we'll examine those questions because your mornings are better because you chose friends. this is such a big story. as it turns out, there are not 12 as logical signs. there are 13. i went to bed a libra and now i'm a virgo. >> you're in my category. virgos are awesome. >> are you still a virgo? >> i'm still a virgo. a lot of changed. >> i'm still -- technically, i'm blurred and i am an aries.
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>> everything is blurred. >> last night you were -- you were a feisty personality. >> you woke up calm. >> is that what it means? >> i have no idea. >> that means your personality changed. >> the debate is over. we're all sorts of different topics, at least for now. >> let's go to john roberts, he's following donald trump after the most watched debate in history. john, what's your birthday? >> my birthday is november 15th, i'm a scorpio. >> nope. >> apropos. >> now you are a libra. you're a libra. you're no longer a scorpio, sorry. >> i'm not -- i'm not a libra. i do not weigh both sides. >> you know what i was -- people said she's going to be born a scorpio. you know they're fiery personalities. now she's not a scorpio anymore. >> i mean that would be wholly
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disappointing to me if i was a scorpio personality and suddenly i'm not. >> you mentioned a second ago, steve, trump is back to calling her crooked hillary. he never stopped. you don't get the crooked hillary question of the day from the campaign. >> but apparently you do. >> never stops. >> all right. update us on trump. >> this is something a lot of people didn't see coming. big endorsement for donald trump. 50 bush area alums came out late yesterday and were throwing their support behind donald trump. who are some of them? former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, ari fleischer, john ash craft, transportation and labor in the bush administration. tommy thompson and many, many more. donald trump back on the cam pam trail after lashing out in all directions yesterday morning post debate. back on message in an event in
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melbourne, florida. thousands of people inside and thousands outside who could not get in the event. hitting hillary clinton on her record, particularly as secretary of state saying she was virtually incompetent. listen to this. >> she brags about how she traveled all over the world and that's true. she traveled all over the world and you know what it got us, nothing. nothing. it got us debt and it's got us death. we have death and debt and unemployment. we have all bad things. >> democrats are confident that hillary clinton is going to get a boost after the debate which saw donald trump in -- trump yesterday in melbourne, florida, boldly predicting that he will roll to victory on november 8 pt. listen to this. we're going to do something that's never been done before.
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never. we're going to get rid of that crooked woman. she's a crooked woman. she is a very, very dishonest woman. >> donald trump and the campaign trying to change the narrative away from the debate yesterday announcing that in the 24-hour period following the debate, they raised a whopping $18 million off of online and direct mail donations. they don't seem to have any problem bringing in the cash, no question about that. >> ainsley, steve, brian? >> you don't know why they started so late. they're setting records in small donations which shows there's so much passion. can you imagine if they started earlier. >> there is word he might put up millions of dollars for the final 40-plus days. is that true? >> he's not far away from that. he's already in for i think 70-plus. doubling that, probably wouldn't be too difficult between now and november. the problem with the
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fundraising, brian, he was self-funding all the way along through until june. ever since then with the joint fundraising agreement with the republican national convention, they've been raising tons of money. >> john, thank you very much. they're raising tons of money and had huge ratings for the debate. over 80 million people watching. monday night football opposite the low west rated monday night football game in history. >> i would not doubt that some of the sitting during the national anthem, just quick thing. on the two rallies that we saw, what a difference in crowds. 1400. they were loud for hillary clinton which is not bad. donald trump had 15,000. he said 12,000 were outside. >> turned away by the fire warden. >> he had a national call day where the biggest donors, like woody johnson who owns the met -- joel -- >> he got 100 of top donors to
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call. ivanka and eric and don call. they raised a lot that way. >> they did. that's how they all do it. meanwhile, this is how mainstream media does it. generally they're in the tank for the person on the political left and after the debate on monday night. on tuesday turns out everybody was clear on the liberal press, hillary was the big winner. >> trump upset about his mike. upset about some of the questions. will he do the next two debates? and hillary clinton today clearly relieved. >> today in north carolina, a victory lap for hillary clinton. >> like a player going back to watch game films, clinton was eager to relive the debate. democrats did a victory lap even as trump warned he'll be tougher in round 2. >> trump gave hillary clinton's a big gift by acting like a misogynistic bully last night.
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>> that's the waisome people are reporting it. she had a good night. hasn't had a one-on-one debate before 86 million people watching. maybe the moderator was tougher on him. >> maybe. >> he saw so many opportunities right down main street where he did not swing at the pitch. i think the only thing that should worry trump supporters, his message is he's going to get tougher. i don't think getting tougher is the answer. i think getting more specific about his weaknesses. >> maybe that's what he means. tougher when she talks about releasing his tax returns. all right, talk about pay to play. let's talk about what you did with the clinton foundation. that kind of thing. that's getting tougher. those are still facts. >> just saying i'm going to get tougher talking about all the problems bill clinton had in the white house is not the answer. >> here's a perfect example of how he could take the gloves off. that is the number one issue that resonates with trump people
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is hillary clinton's e-mail. that situation she had down in her basement in chappaqua. he had a sound bite about the e-mail, but it wasn't as -- it wasn't as definitive as a lot of people would like to see. later on today, the house is going to hold fornler state department specialist -- her i.t. guy, brian pagliano because he did not show up. that's his picture right there. they're steamed at him. you can't do that. you're supposed to sit behind that microphone. here is clinton and trump on monday night talking about the e-mail. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that was more than a mistake. that was done purposely. when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment can, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted. when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the
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fifth, i think it's disgraceful. believe me, this country thinks it's -- really thinks it's disgraceful also. >> you have to wonder if we've actually found out everything. the answer is no. james scalia will be in front of the oversight committee to answer for questions in the wake of the news coming. everyone focused on the debate on sunday. more revelations on clinton staffers and what they did to destroy and buy blackberries. >> can you hold somebody in contempt of congress, though? >> they're not law enforcers. the fbi gave him immunity. the law enforcement gave him immunity. meaning he's not in trouble. so if congress says you have to come in front of us and talk, can they enforce that? >> absolutely. he can take the fifth. that's why they do that. brian was mentioning the person who went out and bought the blackberries and stuff like
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that. we now know from the document -- the identity, there she is in the circle right there. 35-year-old monica hanley. she managed hillary's mobile devices. she was interviewed by the fbi a couple of times. as it turns out, because hillary didn't cotton to the new technology, liked the old stuff. monica hanley would go on to e-bay or ikea and buy used blackberries. her biggest secrets were on -- >> she was an intern named monica working for senator hillary clinton. are you kidding me? >> i thought there was only one. >> how many clinton interns named monica are there? just curious. can't make it up, folks. >> what would abby be doing here at this hour? >> she's doing the news. >> i don't know how many interns are named monica.
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apparently it's a requirement. let's start with a fox news alert. one of israel's greatest leaders has died. shimon peres passed away after suffering a stroke two weeks ago. he won a nobel peace prize for peace agreement between israelis and palestinians. a deep and abiding concern for his people and a commitment to freedom and peace. the bush family will miss him. president obama, the clintons and pope francis will attend his funeral on friday. shimon peres was 93 years old. also breaking overnight, a deadly officer involved shooting sparking protests near san diego. a witness capturing the moment that a 30-year-old got into a shoot will stance and aimed at officers. police say it was not a weapon. you can hear the tense moments in this newly released police
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sound. >> get his hand out of his pocket. get your hand out of your pocket. shots fired. send me an ambulance. >> the man's sister calling 911 for help describing her brother as mentally ill. the officers are now on leave. growing concerns this morning about hackers hitting the election. the department of homeland security says 18 states accepted its offer to help improve their cyber security systems and this after russia is suspected of hacking into databases in both illinois and arizona over the summer. back shortly. >> thank you so much. if you want to win the white house, you pretty much have to win the state of ohio. hillary clinton hasn't been there in weeks. has she given up on it? is that part of of her strategy? dennis kucinich gives us his take. getting naked for hillary. and she's not alone.
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hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. 41 days to the election. meanwhile, our nation's top bellwether state, we're talking about ohio. correctly backing each white house winner aside from two since 1900. tell that to hillary clinton who
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has not visited since labor day. is the democratic nominee abandoning ohio. here to weigh in former ohio congressman and 2008 presidential candidate, dennis kucinich. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good to be with you. >> you look at the latest real clear politics average poll of ohio and donald trump is up by a couple. why does it look like she's getting out of the state? >> well, i don't think she's abandoning the state. but ohio poses a difficulty for the clinton campaign. principally because of bill clinton's trade policies. ohio lost over 300,000 manufacturing jobs, and that loss from 1994 to 2015. those jobs are not coming back. they represent not only a shift of manufacturing jobs, but all the jobs that supported them. that's a huge issue in ohio and trump has exploited it. >> sure. we heard at the debate the other night where she was talking about trade and now she sounds a lot like donald trump.
3:19 am
even though she was for something, now she's against it. not her finest hour. something else going on in ohio. you look across the country, all you got to do is count the number of people in the room when one of the candidates show up. hillary was at an event yesterday a little north of 1,000 people and in florida, over 10,000 people waiting to see donald trump. there's an enthusiasm gap for hillary in ohio, isn't there? >> there is. i think at this point the clinton campaign is hoping to drive the negatives of donald trump high enough so that people will be so disgusted with the trump campaign that they won't vote for trump and maybe, that's maybe they'll vote for hillary clinton. i don't think that a negative campaign is a good thing for the country or the clinton campaign. in order to win, she has to inspire people to vote for her. there is difficulty doing that in ohio which is one of the reasons why trump has the edge
3:20 am
in the polls. >> the problem with the negative is, if people are not excited about you and all you're doing is talking about how bad the other guy is going to be, you're not presenting your vision for america. >> and that's a pity. what happens is you have in hillary clinton, you have someone who has tremendous government experience, we can debate whether that's good or bad. but she does have that. she needs to put that forward in the best way possible, in a positive way and failing to do that, she'll have great difficulty in ohio. >> she's down by two right now. let's see if she returns any time soon. congressman, thanks for getting up early for us on this wednesday. >> lovely day. good to be with you. dennis kucinich. donald trump tackling crime in monday's debate. remember this? >> secretary clinton doesn't want to use a couple of words and that's law and order. we need law and order. >> new numbers released by the fbi prove he's right. david webb here with reaction,
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all...
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we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] time now for quick headlines. would you want a ride to mars in this? >> okay. i have no desire to go to mars anyway. but definitely not in that. spacex is unveiling plans to bring people to mars despite the fiery failure from weeks ago. the trip would take 80 days. they hope to start shuttling people within the next ten years. >> take your time. let them work the bugs out first. a major medical breakthrough. that baby there born in mexico
3:25 am
five months ago to not two but three parents. in addition to the parents' dna the baby boy was injected with a third donor's dna to take care of a gene that could be inherited by its biological mother. during monday night's debate, remember this. >> secretary clinton doesn't want to use a couple of words. that's law and order. we need law and order. we don't have it, we're not going to have a country. >> and he went on to talk more about crime. the data seems to back him up. fbi numbers show an uptick in violent crime across the u.s. this is where they were sparring on the issue. he said it was up. this includes an 11% increase in murders last year alone. >> here with his reaction is contributor and radio talk show host david webb. >> good morning, david.
3:26 am
>> good morning. >> was trump right about this? >> not only that, he needs to expand the tertiary fact of crime on the community. the numbers and the trend lines are there and the way crime is changing in this country. there are other issues in new york, issues with reclassification, of crimes that lead to -- make it look better. the second and tertiary facts, we talk about the big crimes and the criminal are the victims. whether it's the financial cost or a medical cost, which can include financial or even the cost of the community that affects the safety and security of the community and also affects the jobs. companies stay, businesses stay where they can operate. so there are many effects of crime. but the numbers alone are there. new york alone, well over, 20 or 22 murders over 2015 reports right now. that's not as tragic as it is in chicago. but we see the trend lines.
3:27 am
small crimes are indicate towers of a larger growth from misdemeanors to minor and major felonies. >> i'm glad you mentioned the jobs. it's important for a variety of reasons. i think the whole thing about crime and lawlessness that started the conversation was about stop and frisk. he was making the case that in new york when rudy giuliani was doing it, crime went down. which is true. >> the numbers are there. went from 2200 murders down to 500. the other part that of is stop question and frisk benefits the poorer communities. the communities benefit because the police in those communities -- >> criminal profiling, we've talked about this before, is different for racial row profiling. criminal profiling, terry versus cook, upheld in 1986. stop and frisk is the constitutional, the law of the
3:28 am
land. lester holt was completely wrong in how he classified that. that was sheindlin who declared the practice unconstitutional. >> she's a cop resenting judge and everyone knows it. >> they're up 10.8% to 15,696. the other thing that came out is that she also is saying that weave an implicit bias as americans and we're going to retrain law enforcement. really? >> okay. let's take this farce called implicit bias and white privilege. that's exactly what it is. it's saying i go to sleep and suddenly i wake up and i have an implicit bias. i didn't know i had this before. >> in the womb that way. >> you can acquire it at any time. this thing is like allergies, apparently it can happen at any time. difference is allergies, you
3:29 am
know you have an issue. implicit bias is a wedge that they use. it's this whole we need to pad the walls. >> get out the vote -- >> the answer is yes. >> there's another shooting. we woke up, another shooting in california. what do the candidates need to do now? >> law enforcement where the guy an african-american guy held up his hand like this and he got shot. didn't know what was in his hand but that's usually trouble for law enforcement. >> like i say again, if you don't know all the facts, i have look at some of the images of this and it looks like that. you don't know what's in the officer's mind at that time. earlier reports say he had mental issues. it's not going to be dealt with by attacking every case and turning it on the police. in the end, if you break down the relationship between the community and law enforcement, you break down the society. the left does not want to admit that it's important to have an law and order society. hillary clinton is making a base
3:30 am
play. she's going after the black vote which is a problem for her. they're not coming out in droves. the enthusiasm is down. i say this so many times to people. who do you call? who do you dial 911 and get? it's like the black lives matter student. when he got robbed, he called 9-1 9-1-1. now he's calling for police officers. he's a hypocrite, isn't he? >> thanks, david. >> great points. coming up, donald trump and hillary clinton clash over terror and national security. which candidate made you feel the safest? we're going to have a panel of mothers, ladies. stay tuned. your comments are next. >> talking about kid. you went to bed a virgo, you woke up a leo. uproar after nasa changes the astro logical signs. can they even do that?
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everybody wants a piece of ready. 41 more days and guess who is coming to dinner. bernie sanders is hitting the trail with hillary clinton today as the democratic nominee fights tooth and nail for the sanders faithful. she wants his fans voting for her. >> mikey manual is live in westchester new york. sorry i'm yelling but the mom panel is very loud today. sure, absolutely. >> a spirited bunch. good morning, steve and brian. hillary clinton returning to the campaign trail today. she will team up with her former rival. it's about trying to energize the youth vote. they will do a rally at the university of new hampshire. they will talk about college
3:35 am
affordability, which was a central issue of his presidential campaign. sanders has massive youth support but the young voter has been cool to clinton so far. clinton is also picking up surprising endorsements from former virginia republican senator john warner. warner is a former chairman of the senate armed services committee. clinton is proud to have his support to know someone with decades of experience would trust her to be commander in chief. then there's the arizona republic newspaper which is endorsing clinton as the only choice to move america ahead writing, "this is hillary clinton's opportunity. she can reach out to those who feel left behind. she can make it clear that america sees them and will address their concerns." that newspaper has been publishing since 1890. this is the first time they're endorsing a democrat. meanwhile, clinton is sounding fired up after monday night's first debate. >> did anybody see that debate last night?
3:36 am
[ applause ] >> oh, yes. one down, two to go. >> the associated press is reporting hillary clinton and her husband will travel to israel for the funeral of former president shimon peres. we expect an update from the clinton campaign later this morning. steve, brian. >> mike emanuel in a quiet neighborhood in westchester. thank you very much. now let's go over to five moms on a couch. >> stay over there. you're not welcome here. one down, two more matchups to go. it was a fiery first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. the two rivals clashing over topics like national security and isis. listen. >> i have a plan to fight isis. >> no, no. you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> no, we're not. >> you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life.
3:37 am
>> so who came out on top? let get reaction from our mom panel. we have beth, she's an attorney and a mother of three. we have lisa, an attorney and a mom. we have courtney, she's a communication's manager and a mother. lauren is an author and also a mama. we have quiche a, an attorney and a mom. a panel of smart women mamas. love all of you guys. boys, stay over there. all women on this couch. this is so cool. we have on purpose the liberals to the left, we have the republicans to the right. all of you like donald trump. you guys like -- you ladies like hillary clinton. what do you think? what resonated in the debate? why do you like her? >> i feel she was prepared and not rude. i feel trumped talked over her, he did not answer questions. i feel like she had her responses thought out and policy and facts included. not just out to bash trump. >> lauren, what was the biggest -- what is the biggest issue for you and your family?
3:38 am
>> i think the economy. i do think i'm someone who cares a lot about how, especially women at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale are doing and the 70% in poverty are women and children. that's largely because women are in minimum wage jobs. i do care about lifting the minimum wage and women out of poverty and i care about a role model in the white house for my daughters. you know, somebody who bashes women constantly to me does a disservice to my kid and i don't want that for a role model for her. frankly, for boys either. >> what do you like about donald trump the most? >> he came out on top for sure in national security. he talks about strengthening borders, i know he's talked about the wall several times, obviously. he cares about immigration, policy, et cetera. i would like to hear more on policy from both of the candidates. i felt that trump came out on top. >> lisa, being a woman, many
3:39 am
think that trump is not doing well with females. you're still voting for him. why? >> one of the things pointed out here, we're talking about women bashing. we're not talking about that, right? we're talking about two people who are running for president. maybe 20 years ago if you went into politics, there had to be a gender specific way of addressing a woman. but today, i really think that we are equal and i think that these discussions that go back and forth and the way they address each other. these are two candidates and both should be able to take it. they do have different opinions and i do believe that trump is much stronger on national security and the economy. i think he wants to go after corporations. hillary has the age-old democratic notion that we'll tax people, increase taxes on people. maybe wealthy people but still people. all that does is make people close their pockets so that their money stays inside. that won't help the economy. we have to go back to reaganomics. we have to look at the parties as two people, not a man or woman. >> beth, what did you think about the debate?
3:40 am
>> i thought actually that both candidates presented strong. i thought they were both strong candidates. the difference for me was hillary seemed so scripted. she was very rehearsed. to me, she didn't talk to us. i don't think she resonated in the american people. we want change. donald trump is a candidate for change. hillary clinton is the candidate of the establishment. she's been in government her whole life. donald trump even talks about things like wasteful spending in the federal government. he ran businesses. that's what he's done his whole life. he's a businessman. he knows how to save money. hillary clinton, she spends money as a taxpayer's dime, doesn't think twice about it. >> courtney, a lot of people said that he was not prepared enough. he wasn't as prepared as she was. do you agree with that and what does he need to do for the second debate? >> totally agree with that. i think it resonates with americans that he spoke from the heart. he didn't seem scripted. she was a talking head. it just seemed like she was so
3:41 am
rehearsed and so coached. i think him speaking from the heart resonates with most persons. >> we don't live in a bubble. the united states is not a bubble. we have to resonate with our allies around the world and when you are incapable of keeping a clear and coherent message, when you bash our allies around the world, when you threaten to dismantle nato, it actually makes us less safe. >> the american people, is that their biggest concern, though? >> there's a reason why we talk about what it means to be presidential. that's not just about being rehearsed. it's actually knowing what you are talking about and having an ability to show up on the global stage to represent our nation with dignity, respect for other nations and our al lis with a mastery of the subject matter and the understanding of the subtleties. that's what's required of a president. it may not be what we want to hear on the campaign trail. we want someone to have a beer with. on the global scale, these are
3:42 am
incredibly important issues. >> you've all brought up so many important issues, in fact, we're going to bring you back and have more discussions about national security and the debate and what we hope to see in the next debate. thank you, ladies. we'll hand it over to another powerful amazing woman, abby. we start with it dashcam video capturing the dramatic moments that a woman is brought back o to life. houston officers are flagged down after a woman crashes her car. she was passed out inside the car with the doors locked. officers had to break a window to get her out. a nearby flight attendant and the officers took turns performing cpr. >> still there. and i kept going guys, come, on, come on. >> the deputy relieved me. we kept going until fire and em got there. >> the woman started breathing again. she had a heart attack and is still in the hospital. hoping for the best for her. she is getting naked for hillary and she's not the only
3:43 am
one. >> i briefly scanned the constitution and nowhere does it say you can't roll out of bed and head to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. >> if you're like me. i sleep naked. >> madonna is now joining katy perry's click campaign to get people out to vote. the superstar posted this nude picture. vote for hillary. they're the latest outspoken a-lister to back the democratic nominee. ainsley, over to you. >> how do you know she's naked in that picture? she could be wearing a strap less bra. thank you, abby. james comey says he's proud of the work of the fbi and investigating hillary's e-mails. judge napolitano joins on that one. the hit sitcom will and grace is back. but is it really a campaign ad for hillary clinton? the not so subtle message for hollywood.
3:44 am
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switch now and get our best deal. 20 gigs and four lines for only 160. all on america's best network. my goal was to treat people as it is in my entire career, fairly without regard to their rank in life. this case was done in that way and the decision was made in that way. i think to do otherwise would have been two tiered. i'm proud of the work we did. i know it generated a lot of controversy. but i'm very proud of the work we did. >> should james comey be proud of the work he did on the investigation into hillary clinton's private server and the e-mails and everything else coming out even today. including the document dump on friday. and five people got a degree of immunity to prrt. they wouldn't be prosecuted for anything they said in the investigation of hillary clinton. judge, should he be proud? >> new york city he should not be proud.
3:48 am
that's not me. that's many of the fbi agents in this case that felt their hands were tied and firmly believe that the political forces from the west wing of white house from the justice department to jim comey stifled an ordinary investigation. how can he be proud of an investigation that didn't use any of the tools available to the fbi, didn't present any evidence to a grand jury, didn't get any subpoenas, didn't get any search warrants. this so-called limited immunity that they granted wasn't immunity. you can only get immunity from a federal judge in order to get somebody to testify. >> testify where? there was no grand jury and no trial to testify. >> hillary clinton's lawyer got the immunity. he says he did it because he wanted to speed the investigation along. she would have lawyered autopautops up and it would have taken forever to get the laptop. >> that's because they didn't present anything to the grand jury. if the subpoena didn't work,
3:49 am
they got a -- they're saying to mrs. clinton's lawyer, we need your laptop. the lawyer becomes a witness. when the lawyer is a witness, the lawyer has to leave the case because then she has divided loyalty between protecting her client, hillary clinton, and protecting herself. >> judge at the oversight committee is going to ask james comey to come back and ask questions. if judge napolitano is on that committee, what would you be asking? >> the evidence of guilt is overwhelming. why didn't you present any of it to a grand jury? why did you just request information from her and her underlings rather than use the power of the government to demand it? why did you overlook destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice? >> lying to congress, misleading congress. theft of government property. the litany of her potential crimes is so long, it's almost laughable. they overlooked it. >> let the record show the judge doesn't have any questions. only kidding.
3:50 am
judge just getting started. it's one stop shopping on this investigation. >> guess who is back? >> who are you voting for? >> i don't know, grace. maybe i'll stay home on december 1st. >> but is the "will and grace" reunion just a campaign ad for hillary clinton? the not-so-subtle message hollywood will bring you next.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
ten years after the finale of "will and grace," the cast is coming back for the first time ever to elect hillary clinton. >> who are you voting for? >> i don't know, grace. maybe i'll stay home on december
3:54 am
1st. >> december 1st. reuniting, "will and grace" make no secret of their preference for hillary clinton, spending the entire time convincing jack and karen, who's pro-trump, that voting for trump is just plain wrong. >> good morning, everyone. >> well, i watched this last night. it was very clear that will and grace love hillary, and the people who like trump are depicted as just anyone come poops. >> right. they say the point of this reunion of "will and grace" is to encourage their fans to get out and vote this november. after seeing it, you can tell it's a walking, talking campaign ad for hillary clinton. you know, they spend the entire ten minutes mocking donald trump and trying to discredit him and encourage people who are undecided to vote for hillary clinton. it's a political message with a punch line. >> you know, i'm okay with this. we expect this from hollywood. i'm excited to see the cast
3:55 am
reunited again. i can't wait to watch it. >> i didn't watch it in the first place. >> oh, you didn't? it's a great show. it's funny. karen's got the great personality. you know, we expect this from hollywood. isn't it just them having some fun with this and bringing back the cast? >> well, they're trying to do that, but they're also trying to discredit donald trump. you know, it's very thinly veiled attempt to sway people to vote for hillary clinton. and it really shows you what hollywood thinks of conservatives who support donald trump. they're these uneducated, racist people who need to be taught to vote for the right person. and i don't think that's the right message you should be sending to people. >> do you really think it's going to change anyone's vote? >> i don't think so. i don't think it swayed any voters. the people who watch "will and grace" and have voting for hillary clinton aren't going to change their minds hopefully by a tv show. >> sure, although, another tv show, "the west wing" is trying to do the same thing for hillary in ohio. >> yeah, "the west wing" reunited and campaigned for hillary in ohio. it's hollywood using their
3:56 am
celebrity status to take on a political issue. >> how did they look? i can't wait. i mean, it's been ten years. they look the same? >> they look the same. >> all right. >> interesting stuff. all right. so if "will and grace" are your political gurus, then vote for hillary. >> they have a lot of money. they can afford good doctors. good moisturizer, brian says. >> i think during the passage, will said, you know, i used to be able to read this without reading glasses. all right. >> from racist to liar, hillary clinton called donald trump every name in the book during that first debate. so how can he fight back? former presidential candidate herman cain has a few ideas. he's live next.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you. it is wednesday. it's september 28th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump is fresh off the debate and firing up the huge crowds like this. >> and we're going to get rid of crooked -- i mean, we're going to get rid of that crooked woman. she's a crooked woman. she's a very, very dishonest woman. >> and breaking this morning, a few major endorsements that nobody saw coming. and another clinton confidential aide revealed. the go-to girl whose job it was to buy blackberries off of ebay, used blackberries are for hillary clinton. we're going to tell you who she is coming up. >> who circled her? john madden? hey, look who got caught in the carpool lane. his ticket is going to be huge. look at that. i don't know if that's real or not. meanwhile, you're watching fox
4:01 am
news channel, home of the 2016 election. >> brian is doing this new inflection thing. >> it's an old inflection. >> oh, yeah. it's from before i got on the show. >> right. i just want to keep people awake. i know if you give people the same tone constantly -- >> they get bored. >> so you're going to be elongating vowels. >> exactly. >> for instance, toba has one from a long time ago. listen. >> he does? >> doo-doo-doo. >> good call. >> what was that? >> the other day he said -- my favorite one was nancy pelosi. >> because we have not introduced her in a while. so let's get serious. what's in the news? >> yeah, let's do. we are now 41 days until the presidential election. now we're just learning that the first debate on monday night was
4:02 am
the most watched in tv history with 84 million people tuning in. i don't think we know yet the number of people who watched it on the computer and smartphones. >> no, they haven't told us that number. will they be able to tell us that number? >> they will. >> now the trump campaign is cashing in, in a huge way. >> yep, but money isn't the only thing they are gaining. that according to fox news national correspondent john roberts, who had to submit his script to us before he goes on the air. john, that's how we're able to tease what you're going to say. >> reporter: you mean it's just not obvious, brian? good morning to you. yeah, the trump campaign touting some new endorsements today. you know how george bush 41 and bush 43 and jeb bush say they're not going to vote for donald trump, well guess who is going to vote for donald trump, 50 of the alumni from the bush administration, starting with former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, ari fleisher, who was the press secretary, elaine chao, who did
4:03 am
transportation and labor in the bush administration, as well as tommy thompson, former governor of wisconsin. they all say they're on the trump train and will be voting for him on november 8th. on the campaign trail after relitigating monday's debate throughout much of yesterday, complaining about everything from the microphone to the moderator to miss venezuela, other things under the category that begins with the letter "m," he was in melbourne, florida, last night. a big rally, thousands of people inside, thousands of people who couldn't get in who had to listen outside, taking square aim at hillary clinton, saying as secretary of state, she was virtually incompetent. here's trump from yesterday. >> she bragged about how she traveled all over the world, and that's true. she traveled all over the world, and you know what it got us? nothing. nothing. it got us debt and it's got us death.
4:04 am
we have death and debt and unemployment. we have all bad things. >> reporter: donald trump also yesterday doubled down on his support for the stop and frisk policy that was pursued by the city of new york, saying in a place like chicago, where he will spend part of today, really could have a dramatic effect on the violence that's gripped this city. here's what trump said about stop and frisk. >> stop and frisk in chicago especially, where it's going crazy, could save thousands of lives just like it saved thousands of lives in new york city under mayor giuliani. overwhelmingly, this will save african-american and hispanic lives. >> reporter: now, ainsley mentioned this at the top about fundraising. here's the payoff. the trump campaign announcing that in the 24 hours since the debate, they have raised, mostly from small donations, $18 million. steve, i know how you love talking about the weather.
4:05 am
it's getting cold again here in chicago, and you know that a presidential campaign is altogether too long when you go through all four seasons twice. >> great point. all right. john roberts reporting live from the windy city of chicago. >> very good. >> makes it really tough on john. he goes through four seasons twice, but he can't stay in four seasons because he doesn't have that type of budget. >> meanwhile, let's bring in herman cain, a fox news contributor and former presidential candidate, former ce ceo of godfather's pizza. >> good morning. >> the democrats are throwing everything they can at trump. they've labeled him a racist, a sexist, a liar. you got howard dean saying he's a coke head. what's left for him? >> nothing. and my advice to donald trump would be ignore her with the name calling because name calling is a desperate tactic. and i believe that they're continuing to do the name
4:06 am
calling of donald trump, it's not going to convince people to not vote for donald trump. they're trying to generate enthusiasm on the democrat's side. that's what they believe all of the name calling is going to do, but i don't think it's working. >> so no name calling, but what should he do? >> he should couldnntinue to ta about his agenda, continue to talk about his proposals, which he has done much more than hillary has done because he's been out on the campaign trail more. and so if he sticks to his agenda, talking about what he's going to do about the economy, what he's going to do about law enforcement, i support stop and frisk. and rudy giuliani did an excellent job on your show yesterday laying out the fact that it is constitutional, but that's the lie that they want to plant, and that is that it's not constitutional, to create confusion. if donald trump sticks to his agenda and his proposals for the economy, for rebuilding the military, energy independence,
4:07 am
on down the line, i think that's what he needs to do in order to get it home in november. >> herman, so many parallels between your candidacy and the trump candidacy, his going all the way through, but you laid the groundwork with your business success. when they start going after him on his taxes and how much he paid, what's the truth when you get to this level of income and this level of success? people are saying, well, he doesn't pay any taxes, it's not going to resonate with people. but the truth is, at that level, the goal for every american is to pay as little taxes as possible but do it legally. >> do it legally. and the other thing is people don't believe that the tax code is fair. so i don't believe he's breaking any rules regardless of how much tax he's paying. and here's my advice to donald trump. i know he threw out a challenge to hillary that if you release those 33,000 deleted e-mails, i release my tax returns. well, i would not release my tax returns if i were donald trump.
4:08 am
here's why. it will just give some nitpickers more opportunities to nitpick something to try to turn it into a big story in order to distract from the success that donald trump is having. >> but it's already been a distraction, herman. >> yes, because they keep bringing it up. >> right. >> that's all they have. >> and sure, look at the last presidential race in 2012. you had mitt romney, you know, his accountants went through his income and said, okay, given the fact you're an investor, you're going to pay 15%. that's the law. and yet, they were able to, on the political left, effectively say, look, he's not paying nearly as much taxes as you are. >> that's what they are looking for. anything in donald trump's tax returns to turn it into an anti-trump message. this is why i wouldn't release my tax returns. he filled out a financial disclosure like all the candidates have to do. i did it. i believe that gives them enough information. they are looking for something to turn into a story.
4:09 am
that's why i wouldn't give it to them. let them continue to plain about it. >> talk about looking for something to turn into a story. how about what howard dean did. let me play what donald trump did at the debate, then we're going to talk about the latest twist with howard dean. >> perhaps we'll be talking about that later. hundreds of companies are doing this. they're the best, the best ever at it. >> so donald trump was sniffling, especially at the beginning of the debate. this is what howard dean wrote on twitter. notice trump sniffling all the time. coke user? >> it's crazy. trump was on our show yesterday. he said he didn't have the sniffles, didn't have allergies, didn't have a cold. yet, howard dean calling him a coke head right there. here's something howard dean said where he refused to saying outrageous thing. >> north carolina and oklahoma and arizona and north dakota and
4:10 am
new mexico. we're going to california and texas and new york! and we're going to south dakota and oregon and washington and michigan! and then we're going to washington, d.c., to take back the white house! ahhh! >> not exactly the sound bite i was thinking of. he said, do i think at 70 years old he has a cocaine habit, probably not. it would be something interesting to ask him and see if he's ever had a problem with it. i don't think this is a ridiculous idea. something funny was going on with trump last night. this is the former head of the dnc calling somebody on the opposite side of the political spectrum somebody who's got a drug problem. that's outrageous. >> how can mr. i have a scream criticize somebody with a sniffle. and here's the other thing that's going on. they are so desperate that they throw stuff up on the wall to see what sticks. that's just another thing that -- they do it all the time. he threw it out there. he didn't make a declarative statement. he just wants to plant some doubt in people's minds.
4:11 am
here's the thing. it's not going to work. the basket of deplorables that hillary talked about, they're getting stronger and stronger and stronger every time hillary name calls or every time some hillary supporters try to call names. that tactic is not working. >> and we'll find out, herman, if that is the case because in a couple days or maybe as early as tomorrow, we're going to see what the debate did to the numbers. donald trump was surging. remember that john kerry erased a seven-point deficit to george bush. mitt romney erased a four-point deficit to barack obama after they won their debates. we'll see what happens now. >> yes. >> what do you think needs to happen in the second debate? >> the second debate, i believe that donald trump needs to, number one, pivot more to his policies and his proposals. in this first debate, some people may not have noticed that the questions to trump were worded in order to put him on the defensive.
4:12 am
so when you're trying to respond to a question when you're on the defensive, it's more difficult to take advantage of some of those other opportunities. knowing this, i believe he's going to handle it even much better. her questions were all softballs. his questions were all to put him on the defensive, and that's a distraction that i believe was an intention on the part of nbc. >> all right. >> thank you, herman, for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> all right. abby huntsman has got headline duty for us today. she joins with us the fox news alert. >> a treat to be with you guys in the morning. we have quick headlines to get to this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. one of israel's greatest leaders have died. former president and president shimon peres passed away overnight. he won the nobel peace prize in 1994 for his role negotiating peace accords with the palestinians a year earlier. well, president george w. bush releasing this statement, reading in part, quote, for the rest of his life, he led it with a deep and abiding concern for his people and commitment to
4:13 am
freedom and peace. the bush family will miss shimon peres and his grace, dignity, and optimism. president bush, the clintons, and president obama will attend the funeral on friday. also breaking overnight, a deadly officer-involved shooting sparking protests near san diego. a witness capturing the moment 30-year-old alfred alonho got into a shooting stance aimed at officers after pulling something from his pocket. police now say it was not a weapon. you can hear the tense moments in this newly released police sound. listen. >> still noncompliant. still won't get his hand out of his pocket. get your hand out of your pocket. shots fired. send me an ambulance. >> the man's sister called 911 for help, describing her brother as mentally ill. the officers are now on leave. those are some of your headlines. see you guys soon. >> thank you very much, abby. coming up on this wednesday, yet another clinton confidential
4:14 am
aide revealed. the go-to girl who found deals on used blackberries for hillary clinton. >> it's amazing. and satan after school. where a satanic temple just started a club for elementary school kids. i'm not kidding. don't blink at me, devil. for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or e.g.f.r. gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, this is big. a chance to live longer
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4:18 am
when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the fifth, i think it's disgraceful. >> there you have donald trump calling out hillary clinton about her staff, dodging the law during the fbi's investigation into her private e-mail server in her basement up at her house in westchester. >> now we're learning what the fbi gave up to grant at least five of her aides immunity. >> fox news chief national correspondent ed henry has more from washington, d.c. good morning, ed. >> good morning, guys. significant is that contempt of congress charges will be considered today against hillary clinton's former i.t. specialist. that's going to happen this afternoon before the house rules committee. that's important because that means those charges are now just one step away from reaching the house floor just weeks before the election. that's going to come for brian
4:19 am
pagliano. he worked at the state department and set up clinton's private server. he's defied two congressional subpoenas to testify. pagliano and sheryl mills are two of five people in clinton's orbit who were given immunity deals by the fbi. they've become controversial because immunity usually suggests there was some sort of criminal liability, and yet there were no criminal charges actually brought by the fbi. fbi director james comey yesterday defended the decision to grant mills legal immunity by saying it gave him access to a laptop the fbi wanted, but as you heard judge napolitano astutely point out last hour, mills was representing clinton as a lawyer, then turned over the laptop and became a witness, so she should have left the case. an entanglement comey was pressed on before senate committee. >> grand jury subpoena for a lawyer's laptop would likely entangle us in litigation over privilege for a very long time. so by june of this year, i wanted that laptop.
4:20 am
our investigators wanted that laptop. the best way to get it was through negotiation. >> do you think any laws were broken by sheryl mills? >> we have no evidence to establish that she committed a crime. >> do you think that secretary clinton broke any laws related to classified data? >> we have no evidence that's sufficient to justify a conclusion that she violated any of the statutes with respect to classified information. >> and james comey will be facing more heat later today as well, testifying before the house judiciary committee, guys. >> and ed henry, thank you very much. a lot of people at the fbi are horrified by comey's performance and in fact, some of them think he should quit. >> i don't understand why they had to offer sheryl mills immunity. why wouldn't they go in and take the computer if it's an investigation? >> they need a search warrant and all sorts of things. all right. coming up straight ahead, a major recall out this morning more a kid food favorite that's probably in your freezer right now. please don't make it jell-o.
4:21 am
>> and most women are conservative, they just don't know it yet. our next guest has a message that could turn this election upside down. stay with us. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed.
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4:24 am
glad you're up. some quick consumer headlines starting with a massive recall of one of your favorite kids foods. yep, tyson pulling more than 130,000 pounds of chicken nuggets off shelves because they may contain plastic. the recall affects 5 and 20-pound bags of the fully cooked chicken nuggets. kids don't like plastic. if you own a front-loading washing machine, you may be owed money. water was getting trapped inside the door's rubber gasket, creating mold and ruining clothing. several class-action lawsuits
4:25 am
now being settled over the machine. it's called a front-leading whirlpool, kenmore, and maytag. all right. check it out. >> see all that bacteria in there? thank you, brian. is the democratic party really a girl's best friend? historically, the female vote has leaned left. and that's how it's shaping up this week or today, this election, as well. the recent quinnipiac poll giving clinton the edge of donald trump 47 to 42 among women voters. but our next guest says most women live like conservatives, and it is the gop that really delivers for them. kathy lynn taylor is the author of this book. it's called "red is the new black: how women can fashion a more powerful america." congratulations, my friend. >> thank you so much. >> that's awesome. >> thank you. great to be here. >> why the title "red is the new black"? obviously orange is the new black, it's a play on that. >> well, that's a title to be in
4:26 am
jail. this is a title to hopefully get people out of jail. but i wanted a title when i wrote this book that women would look at and say, that's a book for me, because too often in the policy conversation, we forget about women's interests when we're speaking about policy, and we forget to speak with women. >> you say that all women are really conservatives, that we live a conservative life, yet the majority of women are voting for hillary. what do you mean -- why do you say we're all really conservative at heart? >> it's really very true. i was so blessed to have these amazie ining experiences, to sen the white house under president george bush, to be on wall street, to be on main street. what i saw was i was surrounded by these amazing women, friends who were ceos of companies, leaders of nonprofits, stay-at-home moms. we were very similar until we went to vote. i thought, why is this? when you look at the values that define today's women, and really today's successful, smart, savvy americans, it's financial independence, it's diplomacy, it's personal strength, it's personal accountability, and yet
4:27 am
when you look at the policies over time that have best empowered those values, they're really conservative policies. for too long democrats have hijacked the message. >> there was a moment in the debate donald trump said he and hillary are a lot more alike when it comes to women's issues than the public might thing. i think we have a sound bite, and we'll get your reaction. >> as far as childcare is concerns concerned and so many other things, hillary and i agree on that. we probably disagree as to numbers and amounts and what we're going to do, but perhaps we'll be talking about that later. >> what was your reaction to that? >> i think he's probably right. again, when you look over time at the policies that have best empowered women, they're much more in the middle and they're much more about values. it's not a right or left thing. kudos to donald trump for changing the conversation with conservatives a little bit when you put out the childcare tax credit. might not be exactly the way a conservative would put it out, amounts and process may need to be tweaked, but he got that
4:28 am
conversation going for women, and i think he really does believe, if you look at the women he in the work force, look at his daughter ivanka, that this is something he wants to do a better job for women in america. >> maybe that's why she sort of rolled out the childcare plan. >> that's right. she's a great role model. >> pick up her book, cathy lynn taylor. >> thanks for having me. hillary clinton going after donald trump on the economy. >> i call it trumped-up trickle-down because that's exactly what it would be. that is not how we grow the economy. >> is she right? stewart varney is here to react and to fact check hillary. and you went to bed a virgo, but guess what, you are now a leo. uproar this morning after nasa changes the astrological signs. are they even allowed to do that? i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
did you know this though? before every debate, the candidates go on the stage and do a sound check. we have audio have the sound check last night. kind of set the tone for the evening. first up was hillary clinton. listen to this. >> testing, testing. trumped-up trickle-down. trumped-up trickle-down. applause, and nothing. >> that was hillary. >> let's bring in stuart varney. you heard hillary clinton -- actually, let's start with this. here she is talking about -- she figured a new buzz word phrase to try to ding trump with this one. here she was monday night. >> i call it trumped-up trickle-down because that's exactly what it would be.
4:33 am
that's not how we grow the economy. >> okay. she didn't really explain it. what would trumped-up trickle-down be? >> oh, yes. that is how we grow the economy. growing the economy is a way to return to prosperity. i think that's absolutely vital for america at the moment. trump grows the economy with his plan. hillary's plan does not. let me explain. donald trump would lower the top rate of corporate taxation, right, from 35% down to 15%. that could bring back some of the $2 trillion that's now lodged overseas. can you imagine if it was just, what, say 30% of that? $700 billion. how is that for a stimulus program? and how about cutting individual tax rates so you and i can keep more of the money which we actually earn and put it into private enterprise. >> trickle-down. >> that's a pejorative -- it's a nasty word. >> it worked for reagan. >> it worked perfectly for
4:34 am
ronald reagan. he lowered tax rates and set off a boom. >> barack obama ran against trickle-down, says it never gets down. >> ronald reagan cut taxes, grew the economy, but because congress would not cut spending, we had a deficit. that's what happened back then. don't try to rewrite history. >> why didn't he come back and say trickle-down works? >> well, i don't think he wanted to use a pejorative expression like trickle-down that doesn't have very good associations. i don't think he gave a good defense of his economic plan. he should be out there saying, we need prosperity, we need growth, here's how you do it. look at hillary's plan. more government spending, higher taxes. that's what we've had for eight years. >> investment. >> they never say spending. they always say investment. that's what we've had for eight years, and it does not work. all we've got is 1% growth now and 2% for the last seven years. not good enough. >> remember in the debate when she's talking about him releasing his tax returns and says in the years past, you haven't paid taxes.
4:35 am
he says i'm smart. you agree with that? >> well, every single person in america tries to minimize the taxes that they pay. is that not correct? >> you try the pay the most you can? >> yeah, show me the lunatic who says i have to work out how to pay much more in taxes. i'm not paying enough. show me that person. >> sure, you have to pay what you owe, but you want the number to be as small as possible. >> you stick within the law, but you want the number as small as possible. >> when you make money at that rate and invest at that rate and take the risk at that rate, of course there are tax write-offs. every time you build a stadium in a city, there are tax incentives to build that stadium. if you want to build a building in an emerging market, there's incentives to get a trump to do that. that's part of the thing that he should explain to people. >> stuart, when was the last time ge paid taxes? >> well, they do pay corporate taxes, but not a whole lot in corporate taxes. i think -- i don't know for a fact -- but i think they've got a lot of money parked overseas where they pay a much lower tax rate. look at apple.
4:36 am
apple's got more than $200 billion, almost all of it in cash, overseas. they don't bring it back because if they did, they'd pay 35% tax rate. they leave it over there. >> that's part of what people do at that level. you want to talk about it, but he's got to define it. he can't leave it out there. >> capitalism is not popular. you've got to find a way of expressing capitalism to produce growth and prosperity that's attractive to voters. he hasn't got there yet. >> brian has a good point. he needs to do a better job of explaining some things for the public. >> brian is right. >> brian has a good point. brian is right. i just want this moment to last forever. >> all right. stuart, thank you very much. >> abby huntsman has headlines for us. >> good morning. starting with this, tense moments for charlotte police after a bomb scare shuts down their headquarters. officers not taking any chances, calling in the bomb squad about a suspicious box. inside they found a lightbulb, a cell phone, and a flashlight.
4:37 am
no word yet on who it belonged to. charlotte police have been under attack for days now following the shooting death of keith lamont scott. protesters are now demanding that the mayor and the police chief resign. an arrest in the explosion of a drug den that killed a new york city fire chief. the blast leveling this house in the bronx, you can see there. the battalion chief was evacuating nearby homes when he was hit in the head by flying debris. 20 others were also hurt. a ceremony will be hurt in his honor this morning. police say the house was used as a marijuana drug lab. an alternative source of gas is also believed to be blamed on that explosion. and the devil is apparently invading public schools. a satanic temple getting the green light to bring a, quote, afterschool satan club, to elementary age kids in portland, oregon. organizers say they'll teach science, rational thinking, and won't worship any gods. and this is in direct response to a good news bible club, which
4:38 am
also holds afterschool meetings. and if you went to bed a capricorn, you may now be a sagittarius. that's according to nasa. you may have always had a different sign and just never knew it. that's becauses a reason to mists recently added a 13th sign. the snake bearer to the astrological calendar. apparently that sign has existed for 3,000 years, and the babylonians left it out of everything to keep things a little more simple. now everything is changed. those are some of your headlines this morning. back to you. >> thank you very much, abby. with more on this whole thing where a lot of people -- look, i went to bed last night as a libra and woke up a virgo. right over here we've got anthony, the light guy, putting on a microphone. >> he's our tattoo correspondent. >> right now there's been somewhat of a tragedy with this news that came about that you might no longer -- you might no longer be an aquarius. >> no, a scorpio. >> what's your birthday?
4:39 am
>> november 9th. >> so you're not a scorpio anymore. >> i switched. >> to what? >> i'm a libra now, i guess. >> i used to be a libra. join the club. here's the problem. >> why does it matter to you? >> i have something on my arm. >> you have a scorpio tattoo. >> oh, my gosh. >> unbelievable. >> are you going to get that taken off? >> what's that one? >> that's a lion. >> so are you going to get it taken off and a libra you? >> i guess i'll just get a libra on this arm. >> fair and balanced. >> ian over here told us he named his child scorpio. >> there you go. >> ian was kidding. >> this is the aftermath of changing zodiacs. >> i'm the only one that stayed. >> thanks, nasa. now anthony has to get it blurred. >> they should send me a check so i can get a new one. >> thank you. anthony, thank you. >> thanks. >> go turn down the lights. all right. meanwhile, have you heard the mainstream media have declared a
4:40 am
winner of the first presidential debate this time. >> today in north carolina a victory lap for hillary clinton. >> like a player going back to watch game film, clinton was eager to relive the debate. >> that's not what a number of online polls say. the producer of both bill clinton's inaugurals joins us live for reaction next. and look who got caught in a carpool lane. yep, his ticket is going to be huge. no neck. my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum.
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we have some quick headlines for you. if you think political debates in the united states get heated, here's what happens in the country of georgia. [ speaking foreign language ]
4:44 am
wow. two candidates for parliament throwing glasses of water, slapping and kicking each other on live tv after one of them called the other one a scum. everyone is laughing in here. and this guy's hov lane passenger trumps them all. the washington state man was caught trying to sneak into the carpool lane using a donald trump cut-out but instead got a yuge ticket. the officer did give the driver credit for trying, saying, quote, this is just awesome. brian? >> all right. the mainstream media pretty much declaring hillary clinton the winner of monday night's debate. did you see? >> trump upset about his mike, upset about some of the questions. will he do the next two debates?
4:45 am
and hillary clinton today clearly relieved. >> today in north carolina a victory lap for hillary clinton. >> like a player going back to watch game film, clinton was eager to relive the debate. >> top democrats did a victory, lap, even as trump warned he'll be tougher in round two. >> trump gave hillary clinton's campaign a huge gift by acting like a misogynistic bully last night. >> so that's what the majority of online polls show. it's not that at all, in fact. majority of online polls, which are not scientific, show donald trump won the debate. let's get reaction from a former producer of bill clinton's inaugurations. tom, do you think many of these media outlets have it wrong? >> yes, they have it wrong. they're completely unscientific, obviously, as you said. in this case, they didn't even make an attempt to do the algorithms and figure out who is
4:46 am
a likely voter. so they could also be really manipulated because you can call in 20 times or 30 times or have a button. >> like "american idol." >> right. so the fact of the matter is, it makes no difference. also, the poll as to who, quote, won or lost, i can tell you is something that really doesn't make a lot of difference. >> you want me to go inside the numbers. what are the objectives of each camp, and did they accomplish that. >> exactly. the objective of the clinton camp was not to, quote, win, because that's not the way they think. the objective was to convince her voters and people who are likely to be her voters to vote for her. and if that two or three points is achieved, she wins the election. >> she thinks she's baited him into overreacting, to defending his record, and there's going to be more of that in debate number two, this is going to be in the forum format. now i want you to hear something
4:47 am
else that came out of this debate. donald trump calling out janet yellen, who runs the fed, saying she's keeping a lie going. >> we are in a big, fat, ugly bubble, and we better be awfully careful. and we have a fed that's doing political things. this janet yellen of the fed. the fed is doing political by keeping the interest rates at this level. when they raise interest rates, you're going to see some very bad things happen because the fed is not doing their job. the fed is being more political than secretary clinton. >> wow. so janet yellen keeping things at virtual zero and not raising last week is helping the current party. >> well, the allegation is absolutely absurd, as so many that he makes are. in fact, the statement that janet yellen is more political than hillary clinton is equally absurd. last time i looked, hillary clinton was running for office. janet yellen wasn't. >> also appointed by a
4:48 am
democratic president. and if you keep the economy going strong, it's more likely a democrat is going to end up in the white house. >> listen, i think politics can play no role in the fed because of its international importance. monetary policy is not just a domestic thing, it's an international thing. and if the perception is that the fed is republican or democrat, that would be destructive. accordingly, i think the reason that they have not raised rates is because they're determined it was not suitable for the economy. >> because the economy's not strong enough. >> the point may well be that, but the fact of the matter is they look for inflationary elements in the economy. they do not want to cause a deflation. so they do not raise rates when they think it is inappropriate to do so. but his remarks were really off the reservation, as so many were. that was one of the real -- >> that you did not buy? okay. >> i didn't buy it. >> if the rates go up and the
4:49 am
economy tanks, barack obama and hillary clinton look terrible. that's what he's saying. >> you know, rates that go up, and there's some effect on the market, the market goes up, goes down, goes up, goes down. the direct relationship between rates and the economy is a complicated issue. >> true. thanks so much. appreciate it, tom. >> thank you very much. >> 11 minutes before the top of the hour. the fbi personally interviewing the orlando club shooter twice, and then he attacked. but did they ever check his social media? >> public posts? >> public space. did the fbi do anything? >> i don't know the answer. i don't think so. >> yeah, same thing with san bernardino. how did they miss that? the investigator who helped track down the unabomber joins us next with the tactics they do use. but first on this day in 1979, the knack was top in the charts with "my sharona." [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again
4:50 am
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4:53 am
the fbi, as it turns out, personally interviewed the orlando club shooter twice before the attack, but did they ever check his social media account? >> in public -- like public posts, social media. >> public space. did the fbi do anything? >> i don't know the answer. i don't think so. >> doesn't think so, how does that happen? don't they have google? joining us now is former assistant director of the counterterrorism division of the fbi. good morning, terry. >> steve, good morning. how are you? >> doing okay. so in the case of the guy at the pulse, also the case of the new jersey/new york bomber, both these guys were on the fbi's
4:54 am
radar. yet, nothing ever happened. >> well, steve, they were interviewed. we've now seen several cases like this. i think what we're discovering is that the fbi shows up, the jttf shows up a year, two years before, even these people have decided in their own mind they're going to do something. you can take these cases so far. whether they've checked the social media or not, and i hope they did, if they just found talk and if they just found discussions about things, there's not going to be much they can do. what they have to find is action. that's why you see a lot of these cases with criminal informants. that's how you find out what's going to happen inside their head. >> terry, in the case of the new jersey/new york bomber, apparently his dad went to the fbi and said, i'm a little worried about junior. i think he's a terrorist. the fbi never even talked to the man who wound up making the pressure cooker bombs. >> well, again, i don't know
4:55 am
what kind of investigation went on. i only know what i see in the media. i hope that's wrong. i hope they did talk to him. but again, you're looking at a set of facts, you have case agents making decisions. they take these things as far as they can. look, you and i can talk about this until hell freezes over, but all of these people, every time they sign one of these things off and they make an assessment and close it, are going to be worrying about it. they simply are not going to be able to catch that somebody's going to do something if that person hasn't made up their mind they're going to commit a terrorist act. i think we'd be in a worse position right now if these people had never come across the fbi's radar. at least we're getting cause. but here's the weakness. we don't have the ability to keep these cases out there for maybe a more prolonged period of time so we can keep going back to these people and checking on what's going on. >> real quickly though, 30 seconds or less, one of the problems is the fbi handcuffed by political correctness in many cases regarding omar mateen and
4:56 am
this rahami guy. >> the fbi is constantly fighting a political philosophy that's really foreign to me in the whole time i've ever been in the fbi all these decades. i think that the best example is this. we preach the message that you need to call the police, call the fbi if you're suspicious about something. you need to trust them and confide in them. yet, we've got the department of justice in city after city essentially kind of questioning whether the police are competent and capable and whether we can trust them. i really think that's a mixed message. i think in an age of terrorism, that's destructive. >> it is destructive. just have to stay safe. i know the fbi is doing the best, but these guys fell off the radar. terry, thank you very much for joining us today from san francisco. >> thank you. all right. 56 minutes now after the top of the hour. from liar to racist, hillary clinton and her team have called donald trump every name in the book during the first presidential debate. in the spin room, how does the
4:57 am
trump camp respond? how do they plan to? deputy campaign manager is going to join us live with the strategy coming up in two minutes. and he thought he had the perfect proposal planned. pop the question and then this happens. he dropped the ring! safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support.
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5:00 am
good morning to you and your family. it's wednesday, september 28th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump is back on the campaign trail, fresh off this week's debate, and he's firing up the huge crowds like this. >> and we're going to get rid of crooked -- i mean, we're going to get rid of that crooked woman. she's a crooked woman. she's a very, very dishonest woman. >> and breaking this morning, a few major endorsements that nobody saw coming. trump's deputy campaign manager is going to be here to react to that next. and does hillary clinton have the stamina to be president of the united states? donald trump, not so sure. >> she doesn't have the look.
5:01 am
she doesn't have the stamina. i said she doesn't have the stamina. >> he was talking about stamina, apparently. do voters agree? what people really think about hillary clinton's health coming up. and it was supposed to be the perfect proposal. >> took out the ring, and the ring dropped and they could not find it. they're looking now under the chairs. well, they've got a story. >> the question is, did he strike out or just take two strikes? did he actually go down for the count? you curious? >> if there's no ring, do you automatically say no? >> ainsley just added that the last second. mornings are better with friends. cue the animation. >> the great thing about the story is he asked her to get
5:02 am
married, dropped the ring, but it was on the "yes" network. that story in a minute. now 41 days until the presidential election. now we're learning the first debate was the most watched in television history with 84 million people tuning into the tv, don't know about how many online. that's going to be a big number too. >> now the trump campaign is cashing in a huge way. >> but money isn't the only thing they're gaining. good news for the trump camp, as we go to john roberts. he wants me to tell everybody he's the national senior correspondent. hi, john. >> reporter: no, no, no. that would be senior national. i'm not yet a senior. >> senior moment. >> reporter: some time down the road, i just may be. big news for the donald trump campaign. they announced 50 alumni from the bush administration have gotten behind him to support him and say they'll vote for him. they include donald rumsfeld, ari fleisher, john ashcroft, elaine chao, tommy thompson, then a list of 45 others.
5:03 am
donald trump back on the campaign trail yesterday after the debate. in florida, where he stuck to the script, as opposed to what he did earlier in the day, lashing out at hillary clinton, calling her borderline incompetent. listen to what he said. >> she bragged about how she traveled all over the world. and that's true. she traveled all over the world, and you know what it got us, nothing, knock. it got us debt and it's got us death. we have death and debt and unemployment. we have all bad things. >> reporter: donald trump campaign also announcing that in the 24 hours after that debate, they raised a whopping $18 million from online and e-mail donations. they say that sets a new record. certainly that's a tremendous amount of money and probably the reason why david will tell you in a couple minutes he's so dang tired because he never gets any
5:04 am
sleep anymore. brian, ainsley, steve? >> all right. john roberts telling us what our next guest is going to be saying. >> how dare he. >> apparently working with the psychic friends network. david is the deputy campaign manager for trump/pence. congratulations on these endorsements. you got ted cruz like a week or so ago. where's john kasich? >> john kasich is working through his own situation -- >> what is his situation? >> you know, i'm trying to figure out what that is every day. working with all of them. we're really excited about bringing the party together. you can see the momentum coming. with ted cruz really leading the way. that's been a very big opportunity for us in the last week. >> ted cruz has offered his services to help with the debate prep too. we know he's one of the finest debaters in the country, that by his former professors and everything. will you take him up on that? >> you know what, we're going to take all things under consideration. ted cruz is one of the great debaters of all time.
5:05 am
mr. trump and i spoke about that just the other day when we saw that ted offered that. we're going to be in touch. >> he's been on our show. i think i heard him say he's the toughest guy he's ever gone up against. >> absolutely. >> as inappropriate as it might be, the media out there, the mainstream media, is declaring a winner in this. they're saying hillary clinton was the winner in the debate. look at the coverage. >> trump upset about his mike, upset about some of the questions. will he do the next two debates? and hillary clinton today clearly relieved. >> today in north carolina, a victory lap for hillary clinton. >> like app player going back t watch game film, clinton was eager to relive the debate. top democrats did a victory lap, even as trump warned he'll be tougher in round two. >> trump gave hillary clinton's campaign a huge gift by acting like a misogynistic bully last night. >> wow. >> okay. you know, i think a lot of people thought it was pretty much a draw because there was no
5:06 am
knockout punch. the mainstream media said she was the bin wg winner. >> i don't know what they're watching. the polls are showing mr. trump is winning. the polls after the debate, they're online, nonscientific, we won almost every one of them. the best case for them, they had a draw. mr. trump showed he was presidential. he showed the american people that he had the gravitas, that he had the knowledge base, the temperament to be president. you know, he went in -- the mainstream media worked up to this debate saying the clintons are saying he doesn't know anything, he's going to be fact checked throughout. none of that happened. he has really dismissed that entire idea. donald trump is deeply involved in these issues, and he knows them very well. >> the ppp poll said hillary won 51-40. the online polls show you guys winning in overwhelming margins. but the big picture, as a guy -- you have to have your guy win at the end, he can't be happy with
5:07 am
the way he handled the iraq situation, the birther comments. those weren't -- they didn't seem to be -- play that well. >> well, look, hillary clinton didn't handle a lot of questions well either. i think that we are looking forward to the next debate, to be able to really talk about those national security issues. >> will he review the tapes? >> i think that's part of the post-debate process that we're going to go through, absolutely. we'll watch them. >> definitely. how do you address this. hillary clinton talked about him being a sexist and a racist. she talked about some of the comments he's made about women. how do you address that? because she's going to continue to do that. >> you know, it's troubling because clearly mr. trump held his tongue -- >> but next time he's going to have to have a response. what should it be? >> i think that if you look at hillary clinton's background and if you look at her being an enabler, really, in the '90s and attacking these women, it goes against everything that she now tries to spout as a candidate for president. she'll say and do anything.
5:08 am
those are barack obama's words, not mine. she'll say and do anything to become president of the united states. and i think we're seeing that now. >> david, the one thing she had to do on monday night was she could not cough, and she did not cough. the cover of "the drudge" report this morning, there was an associated press poll, voter more confident in trump's hea h health, healthy enough for the president. hillary, nearly half of women, just four in ten men, think hillary's health is getting too much attention. there it is right there. is her health an issue? >> i think, you know -- i say absolutely her health is an issue. her stamina is an issue, whether or not she's going to be able to fulfill her office. that's something that every four years, whether it's john mccain, mitt romney, barack obama, going back to president reagan, everybody recalls 1984, his re-elect. people want to know their president that they're electing is going to be able to serve those four years.
5:09 am
ping there's lots of questions. >> everybody was worried about does trump have the sniffles, does he have a cold, allergies. he was on our program yesterday and said no, suggested maybe it was the microphone was so turned up you could hear him breathing. >> that's really what it was. >> what did you think about howard dean what he did on twitter? if you don't know, howard dean wrote on twitter, he's sniffling a lot -- >> suggested he was a coke user. >> howard dean is out of i had mind. he's outside of his mind, maybe, i don't know. he's really despondent, clearly, for having written that. that's a terrible thing to say about someone. >> barack obama, joe biden, michelle obama are all going to be out along with hillary clinton in the next month. so far you and mike pence, you're a two-man army. how do you counter that? >> look, we have a tremendous campaign. we're going to be campaign -- look, donald trump was in florida all day yesterday. he's in chicago today, iowa, and wisconsin today. he's all over the country. mike pence is traveling around the country.
5:10 am
every day we're out there talking to people. donald trump had over 30,000 people show up last night in melbourne, florida. >> on a tuesday night. >> 30,000. she has 300. we are winning this campaign. they are nervous. the polls are going in our direction, whether they're the national polls or the state polls, the battleground polls that are the most important are in our favor. the clinton campaign is getting more desperate, and their attacks are going to get more desperate. >> i guess the best way to counter michelle obama and hillary clinton is to send donald trump out. >> thank you very much. >> let's head over to abby huntsman. >> good morning to all of you. we begin with a fox news alert. one of israel's greatest leaders has died. former president and prime minister shimon peres passed away overnight. he suffered a major stroke two weeks ago. if you remember, he won the nobel peace prize back in 1994 for his role negotiating peace accords with the palestinians a year earlier.
5:11 am
president george w. bush releasing this statement, reading in part, quote, for the rest of his life, he led it with a deep and abiding concern for his people and a commitment to freedom and peace. the bush family will miss shimon peres and his grace, dignity, and optimism. president obama, the clintons, and pope francis will attend his funeral on friday. shimon peres was 93 years old. also breaking overnight, a deadly officer involved shooting sparking protests near san diego. a witness capturing the moments 30-year-old alfred alonho got into a shooting stance, aimed at officers, after pulling something from his pocket. police now say it was not a weapon. you can hear the intense moments in this newly released police sound. >> still noncompliant. still won't get his hand out of his pocket. get your hand out of your pocket. he's pointing at me. shots fired. send me an ambulance. >> the man's sister calling 911 for help, describing her brother as mentally ill. the officers are now on leave. and growing concerns this
5:12 am
morning about hackers hitting the election. the department of homeland security says 18 states have accepted its offer to help improve their cybersecurity systems, and this after russia is suspected of hacking into election databases in both illinois and arizona over the summer. well, she is getting naked for hillary, and guess what, she's not the only one. >> i've briefly scanned the constitution, and nowhere does it say you can't just roll out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. >> so madonna now joining katy perry's click bait campaign to get people out to vote. the superstar posted this nude picture on instagram, writing, vote for hillary. the two are the latest outspoken a-listers spo back the democratic nominee. sounds tempting, you guys, but i really don't want to end up behind bars, which would probably happen if that's what you do. >> that does not sound tempting to me at all. >> no, not at all.
5:13 am
>> all right. thank you. hillary clinton says this is a secret to defeating isis. >> that means we've got to work more closely with our allies. and that's something that donald has been very dismissive of. >> working with the allies? oh, really? wonder what the state department workers who blew the whistle on benghazi think about that. one of them, the main whistle blower, joins brian next live. plus, what do you do when someone keeps stealing the campaign signs from your lawn? you make the whole lawn a campaign sign. how about that? get your chopper and check it out. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies...
5:14 am
try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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5:17 am
we've got to do everything we can to vacuum up intelligence from europe, from the middle east. that means we've got to work more closely with our allies. and that's something that donald has been very dismisive of. >> well, so that's hillary clinton. do actions speak louder than words? what kind of communication does she have with allies or after an
5:18 am
operation or with her officials in the field? let's bring in now greg hicks, a whistle blower in this whole benghazi investigation. he's worked along with libya, as well as syria, yemen, and afghanistan. greg, first off, when you heard hillary clinton talk about a willingness to work and coordinate, what are your thoughts? >> well, you know, i wrote a lot of talking points when i was a diplomat at the state department. my favorite was always actions speak louder than words. and when it comes to mrs. clinton's record on benghazi, on libya, on syria, on iraq, on the russia reset, i have not a lot of confidence there. there's very little that she can say that would change my views, to be honest. >> and you have over 600 requests for additional security under hillary clinton's state department. went pretty much unanswered. you had an ambassador that couldn't get in touch, who's a good friend with hillary clinton, at a time of need,
5:19 am
correct? >> he was in dire straits in ben -- benghazi. he was relying on us to do that. we called back, and sadly the response didn't get there in time. it's been a tragedy. >> when you say actions speak louder than words, you have to be willing to coordinate and travel, all we heard about hillary clinton was the miles she travel and the places she's been to. does that matter how many miles you travel? >> i don't think so. the mileage is not the -- is the input, not the output. what mrs. clinton needs to be graded on are the outputs. again, look at libya today, look at syria today, look at iraq today. look at, you know, over half a million people, poor innocent people who have died. so, you know, those are the results. >> so greg, what i'm getting from you with all your years of experience at state department is we are desperate for a change
5:20 am
of perception and reality on the world stage, and what you saw on that stage was more of the same policies, and it concerns you. >> very much so. i saw exactly the mrs. clinton that i've seen for most of my life. and mr. trump, on the other hand, i think raised the most important national security issue that we face today. and that's the issue of north korea. he's spot on in saying china has to be pushed to disarm north korea. >> greg hicks, we have always appreciated your input because you have real world experience with somebody that could be the next president of the united states. we have to know what we're getting into, if indeed that happens. gregory hicks, thanks so much. >> thank you very much, brian. appreciate it. >> you got it. coming up straight ahead, we're going to talk more about the debates and which candidate made the most sense and the most progress and what will benefit your wallet the most. our panel weighs in next. and that's the panel. that's what they look like earlier.
5:21 am
they look better now.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
this morning everyone is still talking about the fiery first presidential debate, especially the candidates clashing over the economy and over jobs. listen. >> we have to renegotiate our trade deals, and we have to stop these countries from stealing our companies and our jobs. >> we have to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. >> so how did they do? let's get reaction from our mom panel. beth is an attorney and a mother of three. lisa is an attorney and a mom. courtney is a communications manager and a mom. lauren is an author and a mother. and keyshia is an attorney and a mom as well. thanks, ladies, for being with us this morning.
5:25 am
from a mother's perspective, what is most important to you? >> for me as a mom, one of the things that trump said that was offensive is that he said hillary did not have the stamina. as a mother, a professional, a business owner, and someone who knows how to juggle being a mom and running a law practice and being professional, i took offense to that because i think for us, we have to have stamina to be able to produce and to be professional and do what we have to do, especially for hillary. she's a mother and a grandmother. to be a president of the united states, she's probably proven that she has the stamina to be in politics. >> so if you look up stamina in the dictionary, next to it is going to be mom. >> absolutely. >> the two of you in the front, y'all are voting for hillary, right? the three in the back, donald trump supporters? >> yes. >> tell me as a mom what's most important to you, beth? >> most important to me is national security. i believe without a doubt that trump is the better candidate on
5:26 am
national security. his plans are better. hillary is following in obama's footsteps. we're going to have eight more years. isis has grown since the obama administration. isis is now in 30 countries. i don't believe hillary is going to have a plan to defeat isis at all. i also believe secondarily the economy. trump is a lot stronger on the economy just by being a businessman, and he wants to eliminate regulations and wants to make sure he negotiates and renegotiates good trade deals for the united states so they're going to help us help our companies, our small businesses, and create jobs. >> lauren, how many kids do you have? >> i have two. i have two girls. i got to tell you, to me values are important. i appreciate national security is important, but so are our constitution and civil liberties. advocating stop and frisk is offensive to me. i have two african-american children. >> why is that offensive? >> it's offensive -- first of all, it's unconstitutional.
5:27 am
fundamentally, it's unconstitutional and a violation of people's civil liberties. >> that's debatable. >> it's not. it's also a question of values. to me, having a commander in chief who misses no opportunity to personally insult women, to insult minorities, to insult african-americans and hispanics, he's deeply offensive to me. >> he employs more women than men. >> i don't care who we employs. when you attack someone and call them a pig and insult her for having gained weight, an it's insult to all women. it's about values and the values of this nation. >> at night hillary basically was a verbal assault of insults. as far as their campaign status and what they're promoting, you have two people who have children. however, you do have trump, who's looking at home. one of the great things he did say, he might have inferred stop and frisk, which is up for grabs and is not unconstitutional, but -- >> it's racial profiling.
5:28 am
it's offensive to minorities. >> what about law and order? >> one at a time. our viewers at home can't hear anything you're saying if you don't do this one at a time. >> the law and order obama presidency, after obama we have more diversity in america between black and white than we've ever had before. we need to pull together. under this president, we should have come together. we've never been further apart. >> courtney, the economy seems to be the number one issue. according to the polls, that's why people are going to vote trump. >> i mean, he's a successful businessman. he runs a $9.5 billion empire. he employs more women than men. and in many case pays them better than their male counterparts. so to say that he's not pro-woman or to think that women are not going to vote trump is just -- it's not true. that's a narrative. >> what about his childcare plan? did you like that? >> i don't think it's a good idea. one thing -- >> why not?
5:29 am
what didn't you like about it? >> he's focused more on profit and business. yes, he's a great businessman, but when you're talking about government, you have to look at more than just profit. you got to look at people and what we need as a society. >> we've all had babies. can you imagine having your child and not getting paid? did anyone not get paid maternity leave? the majority of women don't get the paid maternity leave. in his plan, women would get, i think it's five weeks of paid maternity leave. is that not attractive? >> that's not correct. what his plan does, and you can look on his website because i've read it and worked on childcare. the total benefit to working mothers, and it ignores the fact we have men in this country who are caregivers, the total benefit is about $1,000 per year. the cost of childcare today is $10,000 a year. it ignores the fact that actually in the trump plan only pays a tiny portion of women's salaries when they're on leave. >> isn't that better than nothing? >> no, it's not. it's not enough. >> he's also expanded on --
5:30 am
>> we're covered under disability laws as well. >> it's a tiny amount of money. >> disability kicks in when people go on leave. it might be a tiny amount of money, but you have to look across the board. it's not just big corporations. it's smaller businesses. people can't afford to pay full salaries. >> thank you, ladies. >> when you're $18 trillion in debt, it's a concern. >> ladies, thank you so much. we all support one another because we're all working hard at home. we are the commanders in chief of our families. >> that's right. >> thank you. coming up, more trouble for someone in hillary clinton's inner circle as the head of the fbi is forced to explain why he let hillary off the hook for her e-mail scandal. we're live in washington next. and it was supposed to be the perfect proposal. >> took out the ring and the ring dropped and they could not find it. they're looking now under the chairs. well, they've got a story. >> all the ladies are saying hopefully he has insurance. but it actually ends well. he strikes out there, but you
5:31 am
have to see how it all ends. we're going to talk about it coming up. the pursuit of healthier.
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5:34 am
i have a message. i have an important message for those of you who have been posting your opinions about who won the debate last night on facebook. here's the thing. anyone who already agreed with you will continue to agree with you, and anyone who didn't won't. so next time instead of writing out a long, passionate thing, take a little nap. you'll be glad you did. >> you know what, ultimately how
5:35 am
many minds really were changed by the debate on monday? >> that's a big question because the undecided, the independents, that's what everything was focused on. we'll see. >> we will. >> donald trump calling out hillary clinton during the debates over her aides dodging the law during the fbi's investigation into her private e-mail server. >> when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted, i think it's disgraceful. and believe me, this country thinks it's disgrace -- really thinks it's disgraceful also. >> fox news chief national correspondent ed henry as more on the consequences of the fbi granting five of her aides immunity. ed, i was surprised by this. >> no doubt about it, brian. good morning to you and everyone. contempt of congress charges will be brought today against hillary clinton's former i.t. specialist this afternoon in the house rules committee. the significance is that means those charges are now just one step away from reaching the house floor right before the
5:36 am
election. these are coming, these charges for brian pagliano. he worked at the state department, set up clinton's private server. he's defied two congressional subpoenas to testify. he and cheryl mills are two of five people in clinton' orbit given immunity deals by the fbi. immunity usually suggests there was criminal liability in the case, and yet there were no criminal charges actually brought by the fbi. fbi director james comey in the hot seat yesterday in the senate. he defended the decision to grant mills legal immunity by saying it gave them access to a laptop the fbi wanted. but as you heard judge napolitano point out earlier, this creates a conflict of interest. mills was representing clinton as a lawyer, then turned over that laptop and became a witness. she should have left the case. an entanglement that comey was pressed over. >> a grand jury subpoena for a lawyer's laptop would likely entangle us in litigation over privilege for a very long time.
5:37 am
by june of this year, i wanted that laptop. our investigators wanted that laptop. and the best way to get it was through negotiation. >> did you think any laws were broken by cheryl mills? >> we have no evidence to establish that she committed a crime. >> comey will face more heat today when he testifies before the house ju didiciary committe. guys? >> all right. ed henry, we thank you very much. why do you need an immunity deal from the department of justice if you didn't do anything wrong? >> and why do you need an immunity deal to hand over your laptop? if the doj wants your laptop, they should be able to get it, if it's involved in an investigation. >> how you get it does matter when the investigation unfolds. speed matters, according to comey, as it will how quick i pass over to abby. >> that's right. before we go to abby, in about two minutes, we have trey gowdy
5:38 am
with us. >> maybe he can answer some of those questions you guys have. we have some headlines to get to this morning. some tense moments for charlotte police after a bomb scare shuts down their headquarters. officers not taking any chances, calling in the bomb squad about a suspicious box. inside they found a lightbulb, cell phone, and a flashlight. no word yet on who it belonged to. charlotte police have been under attack for days now following the shooting death of keith lamont scott. protesters are now demanding that the mayor and the police chief resign. well, marlins fans will have a chance to say a final good-bye to pitcher jose fernandez today. a public memorial is being held tonight in miami. a private funeral for family and the team is tomorrow. the 24-year-old rising star and two friends were killed in a boat crash over the weekend. police now saying high speed and alcohol are not factors in the crash at this time. they're still trying to figure out what happened. so sad. well, a yankees fan's
5:39 am
marriage proposal turns into a nightmare on live tv. watch this. >> the guy asked the young lady to marry him, took out the ring, and the ring dropped. and they could not find it and they're looking now under the chairs. look at this poor guy. >> luckily a fan finds the ring, allowing him to get down on one knee and complete the proposal. the groom-to-be later admitting he was terrified. >> i was starting to think, oh, no, like if we don't find it, this will be the biggest fail in history. >> well, the ring was found inside the cup of his now-kn now-fiance's pant leg. and this story will melt your heart. a 6-year-old boy who spotted smoke from his house, responding in the cutest way possible. his mom driving him to the scene in colorado so he could help firefighters. first, he put on his firefighter
5:40 am
costume he wore for halloween three years ago. he was awarded an honorary police badge for his help. those are some of your headlines, guys. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. so are you curious why members of hillary clinton's inner circle got immunity deals from the department of justice? so is congressman trey gowdy. he's going to be grilling the head of the fbi later today about that, and he'll join us live next. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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5:44 am
>> i'm going to ask director comey, imhmunity from what? when you get five get out of jail free cards, most of us start looking for a jail. nobody went to jail. you're giving out immunity for what? for the destruction of evidence, for the possession of classified material? what was the immunity for? >> well, in the case of cheryl mills, he said yesterday, and i'm sure you watched all of it, he said, i wanted speed. i needed -- she's going to take forever to get that laptop, i need that laptop quick to move the investigation along. we have any suspicion she did anything criminally negligent? >> well, there is no bureau of prisons for laptops. laptops don't go to prison. people go. so did you give the immunity to the laptop, or did you give it to her in i think you gay ve ito her, and if so, for what? when you talk about cheryl mills, one day she's a target, one day she's a witness, then she's sitting in secretary
5:45 am
clinton's interview as a lawyer. as somebody that did this for a living, that's unprecedented. >> yeah, you know, congressman, on the other side, people are going to sit across from you in the room, the democrats, say look, this is just a witch hunt. we're 40-some days before the election. you're just trying to make hillary clinton look bad. >> well, it's not just secretary clinton. it is everyone in this case who was not prosecuted. not a single person was not prosecuted. my focus is not just on her. my focus is on the justice system. we can survive a president that's not all that good. we've done it in the past. what we can't survive is a justice system that people do not have confidence in. no one who sent classified information was prosecuted. no one who received it, no one who was part of the destruction of federal records. so this, to me, and maybe i'm just a universe of one s not about her. it's about a blindfolded woman holding a set of scales and whether or not you have confidence in the process. >> congressman, here's my
5:46 am
question though. okay. so they want her laptop. they want cheryl mills' laptop. why don't you get a quick search warrant? why don't they go into her house, get a laptop if they need it for the investigation? why do they have to give her immunity? that's like saying, guess what, i'm going to give you immunitim but you have to hand over that laptop. in any other situation, this would never be the case. >> no, you would use a grand jury or a subpoena. because she's a lawyer, you have attorney/compliant privilege issues. there's some merit to that, but that gets back to my original point. cheryl mills -- here's the moral of the story. hire a lawyer to be your chief of staff because then what you want to be made public can be made public, and what you don't want to be made public, you can claim attorney/client privilege. >> sweet deal. >> it is great. so moral of the story, hire a lawyer to be your chief of staff. >> so this thing, weeks after the final verdict was handed out there will be no indictment, but of course james comey's words
5:47 am
were critical of hillary clinton, you have even more questions. what was dumped on you on friday that raised even more questions? was it just this five people who have immunity, including bryan pagliano, who is told by cheryl mills to start deleting the e-mails? >> the date of the immunity agreements, which are pretty late in the investigation, that was something some of us prosecutors took note of. quite frankly, the fact that the fbi and the "f" stands for if fidelity, bravery, then integrity. no one is going to release documents in a case important to a lot of people. i expect that of the state department. i do not expect that of the fbi. if he wants to say we're doing this straight by the book, it's your typical friday afternoon dump before you're coming next week. i expect much better of the fbi. >> and that's the same cheryl mills that stormed out of the fbi interview, correct? and was never asked those questions that got her angry enough to leave. >> right. she stormed out because her
5:48 am
lawyer, who used to work for the department of justice, by the way, and the doj lawyers had an agreement about what she would and would not be asked. the fbi was apparently not part of that deal. so they, god forbid, ask a question that went into an area she didn't want it to go. that's why she left. this whole thing would not happen to cheryl smith or cheryl jones, but it happened to cheryl mills. that's my focus. why are you treating this case differently than you would anyone else's. >> what's the ae answer to that congressman? >> politics, i guess. and a department of justice that's been politicized. keep in mind the head of the department of justice met on the tarmac for 30 minutes, she claims to talk about golfing and grandkids. there's not a guy in the world that's going to talk 30 minutes about their grand kids. maybe golf, but not their grandkids. >> really? that's disappointing. we also learned on friday that she had a secret aide or an
5:49 am
intern, a confidential assistant that worked for her. >> monica hanley. >> there's her picture. she's the one circled there. she was the one that was told to go on ebay several times and buy these blackberries for hillary clinton because you can't really get a blackberry anymore. even though, congressman, remember hillary only was supposed to have one device. that's at least what she told you guys. >> well, she told the whole world she had one device, but she also told the whole world she didn't send and receive classified information, that she returned all of her work products, and she was kind of iffy on who sidney blumenthal was. most of what she said initially was demonstrably false. that's the next issue the fbi has to decide. you may get away with lying to the public. that's not a crime. but you can't lie to congress. maybe that ought to be reserved. right now you can lie to the public, but you can't lie to congress. some of what she said she said to congress, and that matter has been referred to the fbi also. >> this is going to be a fantastic hearing.
5:50 am
we're all going to tune in. trey gowdy, thank you very much. >> yes, sir. thank, y'all. >> go gamecocks. >> yes, ma'am. >> you are partisan in that way. >> absolutely. by the way, no one asks better, more crisper questions than trey gowdy. meanwhile, hillary clinton taking her donald trump's a racist message on the road. is that the number one issue americans are worried about? a fair and balanced betwixt those two. >> talk about clear and crisp questions, that's how i describe bill hemmer's approach. >> depends on the morning. you just mentioned that hearing we'll be watching when it starts top of the hour here. also, the spin on debatd number one continues. what each camp is doing today. and we'll see donald trump live this morning in chicago. newt gingrich makes a case against the idiot class. what's that about? we'll debate it today. will congress veto the president's first measure in almost eight years as president? we'll see you in ten minutes. top of the hour here in
5:51 am
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so he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. this is a man who's called women pigs, slobs, and dogs. >> there you got hillary clinton taking her anti-trump message to the road, trying to convince voters that trump is a sexist woman hater, racist, bigot, all those things. but with just 41 days to the election, is this really what people are worried about? here for a debate, lisa booth and danielle mclaughlin. good morning to both of you. is this the number one thing people care about? >> i don't think it is. i think they care about it
5:55 am
because character is becoming an issue in this election for both candidates. they care about jobs. they care about the economy. but part of donald trump's record is what he's said in the past. and he's said a lot of these things that a lot of people are worried about. >> character, judgment, truthfulness. aren't those all connected? >> right, and character is also how you handle yourself in a position of power, like hillary clinton when secretary of state. the fact she deleted tens of thousands of e-mails using software called bleach bit so forensic evidence couldn't recover and then proceeded to lie to the american people. same thing with the clinton foundation, taking tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries that have egregious human rights records and failing to disclose those foreign donors in the first place. speaking of foreign policy, that's an issue americans care about. look at isis right now. they have a foothold in at least 18 different countries. that rise has happened under president obama and hillary clinton as secretary of state. >> danielle, the political left has been calling trump a racist, bigot, sexist, and now with howard dean saying he's a coke
5:56 am
head. there's nothing left. it looks like they're just throwing the kitchen sink at him. nothing seems to be taking him down because in the latest polls, they're tied. >> they are tied. we're such a polarized country. i think these polls will continue to be close. i think both of these candidates need to be judged on their records. there are many rebuttals that can be made about the clinton foundation. without getting into that -- >> i don't think any bushes are running for president today. >> that's true. 10 million from the saudis -- >> she did it while secretary of state. >> actually, she took it when her husband's foundation was being built up. >> she took money from foreign countries while secretary of state. >> you know, character, donald trump has done a brilliant job. he's a master marketer. >> she doesn't have a message. when you don't have a message, you go to demagoguery. >> all right. ladies, great debate. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. aking hie for the first time...
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> well joining us tomorrow president bush will be joining us live. >> he has a brand new book out. it will be fantastic. we'll have dr. marc siegel. he will spend some quality time with president bush doing some mountain biking. bill: guys, thank you. watch the screen. only moments away from fbi director james comey back on the hot seat today on capitol hill. he will face lingering questions about the hillary clinton server investigation and the immunity agreement that have been handed out as one lawmaker put it like candy. very busy day on the hill. live events on the morning. i'm bill hemmer. big welcome to money. melissa: i love it when you say that i'm melissa francis in for martha maccallum. fbi director james comey expected to face a slew of questions focusing on his agency's decision to grant immunity to so many of hillary clinton staffers including her former chief of staff, cheryl mills and as well as the tech


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