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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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support. >> that's right. >> and they both had their yankee t-shirts on today. >> thank you for joining us today. america's election headquarters starts right now. and we begin with a fox news alert. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail trying to attract more younger voters and she's not doing it alone. hello everyone, i'm shannon bream. clinton look will be at the new hampshire university right now and joined by bernie sanders. the vermont senator, of course, was wildly popular with younger voters in the primaries as well as in new england. jennifer griffin begins our live coverage from durham, new hampshire. it's not just bernie sanders, sounds like hillary clinton has some other powerful surrogates out with her today as well. >> reporter: well, absolutely. in fact, president obama called into the steve harvey radio show today. in which he made the case for hillary clinton, expressing concern that she is not getting the support that he says she
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deserves. here's what he said. >> people just do not give her credit, and part of it may be because she's a woman, and, you know, we have not elected a woman president before. >> reporter: he and his wife michelle, who was campaigning in philadelphia today, both said those who decide to sit out and not vote or to vote for a third candidate are giving their vote to donald trump. michelle obama described how hurtful trump's birther remarks were to her husband. >> there are those who question and continue to question, for the past eight years, whether my husband was even born in this country. [ booing ] and let me say, hurtful, deceitful questions, deliberately designed to undermine his presidency -- >> reporter: hillary clinton also picked up some key support from a prominent republican senator, retired senator john warner of virginia.
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he was on the senate arm's services committee with her, and he endorsed her today at an event in virginia. and then of course there was the arizona republic, the newspaper, which has always been conservative for the last 120 years, they have backed the republican candidate. today they came out for hillary clinton. shannon. >> all right, jen, we understand that hillary clinton is about to address millennials where you are now, what is the message, how does she win them over at this point? >> reporter: well, she is really having trouble with millennials. in fact, the polls show that she's down from being 24 points ahead with them now down to five points ahead of donald trump. so there is great concern in the clinton campaign, that's why she's coming to college campuses like the one behind me here at unh, university of new hampshire, you can see she's promising debt-free college. you can see on the stage that that is something she's taking from bernie sanders playbook. it's also a good reason that she went on the show with zach gaal
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fa naxs i, that was a clear effort to reach out to millennials that became one of the most shared and watched versions of the comics famous interview segment, but she is going to be trying to appeal to students and millennials. it's interesting looking out at the audience though. there are a lot of people in the audience who are not students and not millennials. so it's not clear whether her message is resinating that the point, shannon. >> all right, we'll find out at the ballot box. thank you so much, jen. okay, so more about why she's in new hampshire particularly with sanders today. remember, he beat clinton by 22 points in the primary there. and recent numbers show that some bernie backers are still reluctant to get behind clinton. joining us now, katherine temp, and les si marshall, syndicated radio talk show host, both are fox news contributors, thank you for being here today.
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>> thank you. >> let's talk about the numbers, there's a gallop poll, 12% for trump. does not sound like, cat, they are sold on either one of these options. >> i'm shocked after her pokemon polls to the poll joke. i can't believe that didn't bring more millennials in. i think a lot of them outreach has seemed a little superficial. obama did a really good job of appearing on these shows and getting kind of the lingo. she's trying to do the same thing, she's not really that good at it. and that's okay. you don't have to act like a millennial, like she's trying to be a millennial and all these things. say what you're going to do for us -- it's almost feels patronizing and acting like she's just one of us. you're not. you've been in politics forever, and you have no idea what it's like for us at all. >> but the dancing on the ellen show, leslie, i mean that really was a tide turner there.
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no, it'd be like me doing it, super awkward. okay, so one of the things she has talked about, and that bernie sanders talked about and tried to kind of work out a deal, essentially on was this idea of tuition-free or debt-free college. there's differences basically on the phraseology you're using there. the estimates put it at 350 to $500 million. and we don't know how she's going to pay for it. obviously sounds good to some people who are either in college or out with a lot of student loan debt. >> we have to look at the numbers. right now the millennials are beating gen x, are they going to vote? not just bernie supporters who three out of four are going to support her, what about the strongholds, three issues most important. one is they're very pro-gun control, two, they want the wealthy taxed, and three, they want tuition-free college, they want to have some kind of a break regarding loans or not have to pay back their loans. this is essential she and bernie stand side by side on this issue
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because those voters that will not let go and may not come out or may vote for johnson other stein, that's one of the top three things. >> it's easy to say everybody wants the wealthy to be taxed. when you look at the top 1% pay with respect to everybody else when it comes to taxes in the country, it's not like they're not paying taxes. i mean, by some estimates, they pay 30, 40, 50% of taxes, it's a line that seems to work with this group. >> absolutely, but people aren't necessarily think that because bernie said it that hillary's saying, she's connected to goldman sachs. she has the speeches. it's not necessarily like he's going to be able to helm her. i think that for some reason, people just say oh free things, free things, but with her, they don't really trust her as much. which is funny because she can't be progressive enough. she seems almost too conservative for a lot of these voters. these bernie voters. and they're mad about the dnc leaks thing too. they're taking that personally. have you seen the bernie
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supporters? they are like bernie, even if they day, the system's rigged, he could still win this thing. >> and i met and interviewed as you guys did many of them at the dnc convention when this leak was coming out. they were furious. let's talk about the primary results and how he did with her. wisconsin, for example, 56% of her 43 in maine against 64 to 35%. minnesota, 61 to 38%. along with being totally ticked off at the dnc leak, leslie, going into the convention, many of them felt like he and his ideas and their ideas weren't fully integrated into the platform they way they thought it was. they were furious over tim kaine, they wanted someone way more progressive and so mad they were going to vote for trump. >> i don't think they're going to. simply because they are so liberal and she's too conservative and trump is more conservative more than her, one. >> depending on the issue. >> she's more hawkish. >> she did strongly in the first debate. one in the state of florida on a state level and ppp on the
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national level that showed 63% of millennials thought that she won and 47% said they are more willing and open minded to voting for her. now that doesn't say they will, but i think after debates two and three, go she is as strong as debate one, you're going to see that. and historically, when people vote and there's an independent, even ralph nader, with johnson and stein, even though some people will vote for those individuals, there are some people that know go wait a minute, my vote isn't going to count and those historically go to a democrat. >> they're thinking she's better than trump and getting up off the couch, go vote. especially when you're broke over bernie. >> rushing off the cheesy puff crumbs. we find ourselves there sometimes. but turnout is going to be everything for these two. great to see you both. thanks for coming on today. all right. on to the fbi director james comey. he's been facing fire on capitol hill today with republicans taking aim at immunity granted during the clinton e-mail investigation saying, hey,
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deals probably got in the way of possible criminal prosecutions, for multiple people. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been there, following it all, she is on capitol hill live, i have to say, catherine, it seems like the fbi director appeared to be on the defensive. >> reporter: well, that's right, shannon. this hearing was really focussed on the five immunity deals granted by the justice department in the course of the fbi investigation. but for some context in a case such as this with such a high profile, that simply doesn't happen with a direct consultation with senior fbi leadership. and today, during the hear, fbi director comey talked about the integrity of the investigation and the more he seemed to do that, the less he seemed to convince republicans and his critics. >> when i was at the department of justice, your word for lying to federal agents was a charge or potential obstruction of justice charge, it wasn't immunity. >> depends on where you're going
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with the investigation. it's a low level i go and you're trying to move up in the chain, you might think about it differently. >> if you lied to an fbi agent, you don't think that's important? >> reporter: across the board with democrats, we saw them give the fbi director an opportunity to really say that this is only about politics. >> i think that the mud that is being thrown from the other side of the table, only because of the ongoing presidential election, in a case in which the fbi decided there was nothing to prosecute, it's over, and we all know, nobody would be talking about it if hillary clinton weren't the presidential candidate. this is pure political maneuvering. >> reporter: we also learned today that these five immunity deals were granted, and they were done so without any consultation with congress. and we were told that that will have a negative impact on these ongoing investigations on capitol hill and it may even derail some of them, shannon. >> okay, very interesting
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developments. what did you hear -- or what in the hearings caught your attention? what did it reveal about these immunity deals? because we learned new things, granted there were, i think for five different people in these deals. >> reporter: that's right. i'm just going to talk about two of them specifically, where we got the most news. the first one dealt with sheryl mills. sheryl mills was hillary clinton's chief of staff at the state department. she also serves as hillary clinton's personal attorney. and what we learned today is that her immunity deal was much broader than just giving access to her computer to the fbi. what he learned is that she would not be prosecuted for the classified information that was found on that computer, and she would also not be prosecuted if there was evidence for obstruction of justice and the destruction of records. on a second immunity deal, that involved a denver i.t. specialist who worked for the company platte river networks, he was up here last week on the hill and took the fifth in his
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testimony. he is the one who used this technology called bleachbit to scramble and destroy the clirnz records. and one of the lawmakers said today that this clearly will undermine their cases in the future, and questioned why these deals were allowed to stay in place, given that mills and combetta misled the fbi, shannon. >> yeah, i've got to say, as much as we have followed this, catherine, i felt like there was a lot of new information. thank you for keeping an eye on it. >> reporter: there was, you're welcome. several states trying to make it a requirement that you have to show proof of u.s. citizenship when you register to vote. update on that and what one of those states is now being forced for those without proof. what they're being forced to do now. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby
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a fox news alert now on an update on the bombings that were tried to carry out here in new york city and new jersey. fox news learned the fbi has identified the two individuals caught on surveillance video removing a pressure cooker from a piece of luggage before walking away. this was a new photo of them that they have to show you. a source tells fox news they aren currently not in the u.s., likely in the middle east, however, we're told the two men are still not considered suspects and that they're being in the middle east right now is quote, not suspicious. okay. we'll bring you more on that as soon as we get more facts. all right. setback for supporters of some so-called voter id laws. judge in kansas ruling that nearly 20,000 people who could not provide proof of u.s. citizenship when they register to vote, they're going to have their votes counted. but the ruling only applies to residents who registered using a federal form like the ones found
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at motor vehicle offices. kansas, alabama, georgia, they'd all wanted to add a proof of citizenship requirement to the voter registration forms. federal judge ruled that only federal officials can change the forms, not the states. donna spillboar is a former prosecutor and listen, it's great to have you here to talk about this. but it sounds like for now, this issue is settled. at least for the election we're about to have, but it sounds like it's far from over. these states are say, listen, in our states, because states run the elections, we want to know who is voting here and kansas said look here are the cases that we have of people who are not citizens, who wanted to register to vote. >> this is so far from over, but i think part of the reason why this ruling is what it is now is because this federal judge wanted to make sure that these 20,000 people weren't quote, disenfranchised. states, as you mentioned, states are the ones who rule the roost when it comes to what you have to prove when you're going to go to the ballot box. so, the other thing that has me
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scratches my head here, shannon, you have to be a u.s. stots vote. there is a the law of the land. why is it a problem to require proof of that u.s. citizenship when you're registering to vote. >> well, a lot of advocates will say not everybody has the right information, documents, this is going to disenfranchise people who are, you know, maybe in a tougher situation, the lowest income, least educated wo don't have easy access to these documents. seen we're going to give them the benefit of the doubt and go ahead. by the way we know how simple it is where you check a boex that says i'm a u.s. citizen. there is no paperwork. if you register to vote in a federal election. checking a box is it. >> it's on the honor system. now of course it would be a crime if you're lying on your voter registration form, but apparently according to to the voter registration at the whole notion was to make voting easier, not harder. but, we don't want to open the door for math voter fraud, which, i think, this will potentially do. my guess is this will not be the law of the land for a long, it's
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just going to get these people through the 2016 presidential election. >> yeah, because this is an apell latd court level. i wouldn't be surprised if it goes to the supreme court. >> absolutely. >> it's a very important measure. but it seemed like in the latest ruling the judges were saying, we don't see any widespread of use, we don't see this is a huge gigantic problem. should we care if there's a vote cast by an illegal person that shouldn't be voting? >> i think we should care. this is only going to potentially have a few people who are not legally eligible to vote, voting. but one matters to us, if it's going to dilute our votes, doesn't that one illegal vote matter? i'd say, yes. which is why this argument is so far from over. and i expect it will be overturned at some point in the future. maybe before the 2020 election, but certainly not now. >> all right. big fan of the constitution, how about you? >> i am. >> i love it very much. >> we're going to proceed a pace with that in mind. good to see you.
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>> same here. hundreds forced out of their homes, more are in harm's way as a massive wild fire burns out of control in southern california. we're going to bring you an update. plus the ceo of one of america's biggest banks is getting hit right where it hurts. in a gigantic wallet that he has over the scandal involving millions of phony accounts. details ahead. and did you know, the $190 million penalty against wells fargo represents less than 1% of the $21.5 billion profit in 2015? ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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enjoy the relief.
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officials say at least 300 homes in california are in danger. as a growing wild fire races
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through dry brush in the mountains near san jose. right now the lola sfier only about 10% contained. it scorched more than three and a half square miles since it broke out on monday. evacuation orders are in place and at least one home has been destroyed. heat wave with 90 degree temperatures and low humidity is making this job even harder for those brave fire crews. all right. wells fargo ceo john stump is forking over tens of millions of dollars in pay as the bank tries to moves past a scandal involving millions of fake accounts made by bank employees. the news comes ahead of stump's planned testimony storm before a house panel. fox business network joins us now. all right, what do we need to know? >> it's very interesting. this is your money. this is phony bologna accounts. over 2 million of them that used investors money to make some of these and used fake names, fake e-mail addresses, you have lawmakers looking into john stump and the practices. they have put unrealistic sales goals on some of their
11:25 am
employees. and what in the bigger picture is that's why they were cheating, right. that's what they were looking at. as we spin it forward mere, john stump, the ceo has to take responsibility because he is not obviously without blame. he will now have to forfeit about $41 million. this is part of the fallout here. and that's just the beginning. we'll see whatever else he or anybody else may have to forfeit as far as money and claw back some emu la there. now also, he will not be paid a cent during this investigation and he or any other executives could risk losing their jobs. spoke to representative carolyn maloney a short time ago this morning, she told us exclusively and she'll be there tomorrow addressing him and saying exactly this, the activity was a systemic problem, they should be held accountable, and we need to know what they knew, when, why, and why didn't they act sooner in order to protect their customers? that's an exclusive to fox today. and last but not least, is this a wells fargo problem?
11:26 am
because originally it was thought to be just too difficult for the employees to reach those sales goalings, but now when you look at the consumer financial protection bureau and the complaints coming in, nothing illegal, but we are seeing a lot of similar complaints for citigroup, bank of america, and sloesz, but also jrks prks morgan. and 5300 employees were fired for this for illegal practices. >> and very quickly. what about those honest employees who didn't take part. this? >> that's a great question. there may be a class action lawsuit. those who were fired because they were not able to meet the sales goals and it was unre unrealistic for them and saying that was unrealistic. we'll see whether or not there's another legal part of this case. so this story continues and wells fargo is not without blame on this one. >> i have a feeling you'll be on this for a while. good to see you. >> great to see you. funeral procession getting under way for miami marlins ace pitcher jose fernandez. he was killed in a boating
11:27 am
accident. what one top lawmaker is doing make sure tragedies like that one never happen again. plus fbi director james comey getting defensive as he gets grilled about the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. >> you can call us wrong, but don't call us weasels, we are not weasels, we are honest people. and we did this in that way whether you disagree or agree, this is done the way you want want it to be done. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children,
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donald trump stepping up his campaigning in a big way. hitting three states today. including a meeting with polish-american supporters in chicago. then the gop nominee heads to iowa and on to wisconsin. that is where carl cameron joins us live outside milwaukee with more, hey campaign carl. >> reporter: hi there, shannon. donald trump today is hitting three states, stepping up the pace of his campaign. three battleground midwestern states. and today, he was in chicago where he had a meeting with the polish-american alliance. not a lot of pols in the united states who vote that way, but he used the opportunity and the appearance to go after bill clinton. what he did was, he talked about some statements that clinton made back in may when he was campaigning for his wife. and criticized both poland and hungary for their reluctance and opposition to taking syrian refugees. watch this. >> campaigning for his wife,
11:32 am
bill clinton attacked poland saying democracy is too much trouble. which was an interesting statement, wasn't it? democracy is too much trouble. and for poland, apparently because he, he disagreed with poland's opposition to bring in refugees. >> reporter: so now in the case of donald trump, he obviously agrees with poland's opposition to taking in refugees, says the united states shouldn't take in anymore, clinton was making a different point. obviously campaigning on behalf of his wife and what bill clinton said was, it's as though they, meaning the polish people, are reddy to not participate and not be part of democracy and they want a putin-like dictator to keep foreigners out. sound familiar? those were bill clinton's words, a reference to donald trump. so trump tried to turn an attack on him back on may in an attack
11:33 am
on bill clinton who's not on the ballot, but of course his wife is. >> and a lot of people see them as a package deal. thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. right now in new hampshire, hillary clinton appearing with her former primary rival, bernie sanders in a new push to shore up support among millennial voters. the recent poll shows 43% of sanders supporters think clinton is honest. let's bring in ari, former press secretary for president george w. bush. good to see you today. >> thank you. >> it's interesting, we're looking at the crowd today and what we're hearing from people around shint that some of her crowds have been less than excited and full recently, but today, there's a gigantic line, bernie stirs people up. will it work for her? >> no. >> you don't think he's going to bring his votes along? >> excitement is not transferable. because donald trump endorses somebody, that person's going to win or sarah palin who had a lot of excitement means she'll win. new hampshire is a unique state. this is where bernie had one of
11:34 am
the biggest, if not the biggest blowout wins over hillary, white people, young people, you name across every demographic loved bernie and hillary did not do well. it's natural you bring him in, but it's hard to transfer. >> and what's interesting is that she's talked about his ideas. we talked earlier about this tuition-free, debt-free college. in an effort to bring along his people, but they don't seem convinced. especially with the wall street connections, multi millions of dollars made. will he be able to say, as he did at the dnc convention, listen, this is as good as it's going to get, come along with me. >> it reinforces her problems. she'll attack wherever she needs to be for the iraq war, against the surge, now she'll run to bernie sanders economic lift if that's what's necessary. she said corporations don't create jobs. so, this running to bernie sanders left to beat bernie
11:35 am
sanders isn't genuine. it's hillary. >> you seem so skeptical, ari, i can't believe it for a man who spends so much time around washington. by the way, i love this poll today. the poll, it says the 2016 campaign has brought out the worst in people. across the board, 70% said yes, democrats think 78% do. gop 65, independents 66, mast majorities think this election is bringing out the worst in all of us. you were surprised that number was that low. >> i was surprised and with those 30% who it's not the worst, they must have gone through something bad recently if this is better. >> and what do you make of it? when you're in the middle of an election. we always think this is the worst one. the rhetoric is the worst this time around. there have been worse campaigns. >> well maybe going back to 1800 when there is rancor. >> almost killed each other. >> that's what i mean. but, this election phase, shannon, we have an extremely unpopular candidate against an unpopular candidate. nobody feels good about this
11:36 am
election. >> can you stick around? we need to pop in with shepard smith to get breaking news. >> hey, there's breaking news now. reports at a shooting at an elementary school. townville, south carolina. and this is the school. townville is about 30 -- actually about 40 minutes south and west of greenville, south carolina. more specifically, it's about 135 miles northwest of columbia. it's very near the georgia border. you can see the school. few hundred students there. initial reports were this, a shooting at the school, a number of victims. we don't know their condition or anything like that. but we can tell you that life flight helicopters are on scene. we've counted at least two of them. we now see police officers or some sort of officers, we believe, police officers have been on the roof of this school. the local reports are, in fact, continue with that, and i'm going to check that. local reports, the most recent one we have are, that there's a suspect in custody. now this comes to us, suspected shooter in custody after this
11:37 am
incident at townville, elementary. injuries reported. that is the word from fox carolina news. that is the owned and operated station out of -- okay, that is not our owned and operated station, that is our local station out of greenville, south carolina. that's their reporting. highway 24 has been closed around townville. parents are -- i'm now told, this is breaking in from locals there, verified account, the anchor at fox carolina is reporting that the shooter is in custody after shooting a townville elementary at anderson county. unknown number of victims. parents can pick up their kids at oakville church. kids are being transported there by bus right now. the interesting part of all of this is, remember, now this is a small town, in a fairly small county. and it's a somewhat small school. and the police are not able to confirm frankly anything. but you can see the life flight
11:38 am
helicopters at the very top of the screen up there. there's one that's parked there. we have not been able to see any tree i can't imagine centers set up, but the number of police officers, fire officials, and others who have arrived has been growing over the last 30 minutes or so. and we've held this off for the past 15 minutes or so because we were trying to get a handle on exactly what had happened. and now we have enough of our own local stations whom we trust and know, and their reporting that there has been a shooting. there are injuries. of course, the truth of the matter is, those could be separate things. think of what would happen if someone's firing off weapons inside a school, especially an elementary school, it's possible that kids would go running. people might be injured in that way. so we can't confirm that people have been shot. we can confirm that people have been injured. the locals report that there is a shooter in custody already, though the public information officer won't confirm that. long and short, there's been a major incident at townville, south carolina's elementary school, townville elementary.
11:39 am
we believe there are multiple injuries. we believe a shoot senior in custody and when we have more with clarity and police spokesman, we'll come back to you, jenna. >> you're always the best of the best on the breaking news -- >> i'm sorry, you're not jenna. you're shannon. great to see you here in new york. >> you too. and thank you for the great detail. we will go back to shep as soon as we learn more about that. meanwhile, something we've been watching, very contentious hearing on capitol hill. fbi director james comey rejecting calls by lawmakers to reopen the hillary clinton e-mail case. and refusing to say that she's truthful. here's with congressman trey gowdy slamming comey, watch. >> what concerns me, director, is when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution. when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers, who happen to be targets, to sit in on an interview, that is not the fbi that i used to work with. >> i hope some day when this political craziness is over you will look back again on this. because this is the fbi you know and love. this was done by pros in the
11:40 am
right way. >> we've got ari with us to talk about this. there were so many things that came up today that comey was just on the defense again and again and again as these folks tried to make their case why they didn't understand the immunity, all the things that happened that seemed so unusual and yet in the end, no charges. now listen, hillary clinton as you know, she has been exonerated here. at least to the extent that there's nothing we could prosecute. so, does this matter at all to her campaign as this hearing continues. >> well it matters a lot to republicans. maybe to some middle minded people as well, but, i only got to see a portion of it, but i've always had tremendous respect for the fbi. and i think you have to be reluctant to put yourself in a position where you have more information than a criminal matter than the investigators have. >> uh-huh. >> what i do know is that if hillary clinton was still secretary of state, she would have had to resign. barack obama would have had to have her resign after this came
11:41 am
out, no sitting cabinet officer could be accused of that malfeasance, recklessness and still keep her post. now instead, she's running for promotion. this is what troubles me the most about this. >> and that's the thing, director comey repeatedly said, listen, even if there is a criminal case here, this was an fbi employer or someone else, there would be trouble, there would be adverse criminal activity and how it happened for them. as you said, she's not in a position where that can happen. and she is going if the biggest promotion that you could get in this country. commander in chief. >> no negative consequences. maybe a possibility of promotion, that's not right. >> we're going to keep an eye on it. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. protecting the sfroet hackers. what government officials and cyber security experts are discussing in a hearing on the hill to ensure the integrity of the ballot box. coming up.
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hello, shepard smith again. more ahead on the first time congress has overridden a veto from president obama. it has never happened.
11:45 am
it appears it'll happen today. the house is now voting on a bill to let 9/11 families sue saudi arabia. the senate has already passed a veto override. there is a lot more to this than you may know. some may have read a lot of it. may know all about it it. there is a lot here. it's about politics and so much more. we'll get into all the details, both legal and political and both are important. the latest on that, plus a new po most voters say the presidential election brought out the worst in people. some even say it's cost them friendships. plus we're monitoring the school shooting we reported on just minutes ago in south carolina. again, this is townville, south carolina, we just gotten an update and here it is. the local ambulance service reports that three people were treated and transported from the scene. we now have reason to believe multiple people were shot, injuries on scene may have been minor, but there is another part of this, and reports that there may be more and we'll update them as they come in. that's top of the hour on
11:46 am
shepard smith reporting, stay with us. protests today in southern california over a deadly police-involved shooting of an african american man. it happened yesterday in the san diego suburb of el cajon. police were responding to the call of the man acting erratically at a local strip mall. the chief says the man was not armed but pulled something out of his pocket and pointed it towards the two officers and what they described as a shooting stance. a cell phone photo from the incident appears to back up the officer's story. we'll keep a close eye on that as it develops. the u.s. issuing is a strong warning to moscow over civilians in syria. stop it or the u.s. cuts off all talks with russia about syria. lucas tomlinson is live with the details. hi lucas. >> hi shannon, that's right, the situation dramatically escalated last week when u.s. officials
11:47 am
say two russian jets bombed a u.n. aid convoy en route to aleppo. syria's largest city, killing dozens. since that time, aid workers say over 200 people have been killed in the violence since. all at the hands of syria's and rush's air force. hundreds of thousands of people are currently trapped in aleppo, thousands of syrian and iranian-backed forces are also on the ground. secretary of state john kerry called his russian counterpart today, threatening to end the talks with russia unless the bombing in aleppo stops. in a read out in his phone call with him, the state department spokesman says quote, the secretary made clear and holds russia responsible for this situation. including the use of an insend area and bunker buster bombs in urban environment. a drastic escalation that puts citizens at risk. many of these ultimatums have gone unresolved and unfulfilled in the past shannon.
11:48 am
kerry wants to see more aid trucks get access and help other syrian civilians and wants to see the bombing stopped. the state department brief sungdsway. will provide an update shortly. syrian russian jets just today have been accused of bombing two hospitals and a bread distribution center in aleppo. according to local reports. that leaves syria's largest city with only six functioning hospitals. and shannon, aye been asking officials will the u.s. military fly over aleppo to protect some of these aid convoys? i've been told that answer is no. the original plan with secretary kerry was to have a ceasefire with the russians and to share potentially information about al qaeda-linked groups. those plans appear to be scrapped. one official i spoke to said the united states military working with the russians would be the equivalent of the united states working with al qaeda to go after boko haram, shannon. >> yeah, that relationship grows more and more tense. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon,
11:49 am
thank you. voting is under way right now in house override president obama's veto of a bill allowing terror victims to sue foreign countries. that's after the vote. that happened in the senate overriding the president's veto with only one voting no, and that was former leader harry reid. ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones) when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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this is a fox news alert. election hacking threats. sparking efforts to ensure the integrity of the nation's ballot boxes against cyber attacks. a hearing under way today on capitol hill, garrett tenney is live in washington to tell us more. hi, garrett. >> reporter: hey, shannon. there are growing concerns that hackers, particularly those associated with foreign governments, are now trying to influence u.s. elections particularly the 2016 election coming up, in just a few weeks.
11:53 am
earlier this month, we learned in june hackers did target the election systems in illinois and arizona and today we learned additional states have been targeted as well. during a hearing before the house judiciary committee, fbi director james comey said there is no doubt that some bad actors have been poking around registration database across the country. he added, though, cyber attacks are a major concern, it would be extremely difficult for actual votes to be tampered with. >> and, again, these are the voter registration systems. this is very different than the vote system in the united states which is very, very hard for someone to hack into because it's so clunky and dispersed. mary and fred putting a machine under the basketball hoop at the gym. those things are not connected to the internet. the voter registration systems are. >> already, 18 states have reached tout department of homeland security for help in securing their own computer voting systems ahead of this year's election.
11:54 am
again, less than six weeks away. shannon? >> all right, garrett tenny live for us in washington. you might notice there's a little bit of a break it looks like there in the action at that hearing because they are now voting, the house is, on whether or not to override the president's veto of that 9/11 bill that would allow terror victims and families here in the u.s. to sue foreign governments. by the way, here's what america is clicking on today. here's some political turf. a michigan man mowing this 58,000 square foot trump sign into his lawn. the retiree says it took him about four to five hours to create what you see there. it's called the most luxurious commercial jet ever, swanky restaurant, leather sweets and crystalware. a 14 day hop on, hop off ride on that ultra fancy jet. a 9/11 mystery solved. new details about an iconic flag raised over ground zero which then disappeared. how it was ultimately found. straight ahead.
11:55 am
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florida senator marco rubio is calling for an investigation into the safety of that rock jetty off south beach. a weekend boat crash killed miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez and two friends. rubio wants an army corps of engineer to closely examine the jetty which he says has long been a hazard to boater. members of the new york city fire department honoring michael fahey killed yesterday in an explosion inside a suspected drug lab. a typhoon triggers serious flooding in eastern china forcing people from their homes in low-lying areas. five people were killed. more than 600 injured as it roared across taiwan. this is fox news alert, as we're watching, it appears the house now has jenough votes to
11:59 am
override president obama's veto of a bill that would allow terror victims to stew foreign countries, that follows an overwhelming vote from the senate this morning, the 97-1, harry reid the lone holdout. the only time there's been an override during president obama's time in office. voting is still under way. the man who turned an american flag raised at ground zero on 9/11 is stepping forward. it disappeared hours after it was raised by firemen searching rubble for survivorsurvivors. brian brown says he got the flag in 2006 from a friend. that flag is now in the national september 11th memorial museum. christian teens worldwide taking part in a nearly 30-year-old tradition today gathering at their school's flag poles to say a prayer and read the bible. part of the annual see you at the pole event, it began as a grassroots movement with just
12:00 pm
ten students praying at their school in texas around 199 0. now it is a student-led event and that is in a lot of ways to avoid constitutional challenges. the tradition candidaontinues. it's time for shepard smith. shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> the news is breaking on capitol hill, very big news indeed. we have history today as the first time that an obama veto has been overridden in congress. the house now does have enough votes to override president obama's veto of a bill that would allow 9/11 families and survivors to sue saudi arabia. the vote is still open, but once it's final, this will be the first time congress has overriden one of president obama's vetoes and the bill will, indeed, become law. in fact, it will become law immediately as the house finishes the vote. shep, if they haven't finished the vote, why are you telling us it's passed? the reason is they needed 300


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