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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we'll see you back here, 40 days to go, tomorrow night.
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the man shot deadly police in charlotte, keith scott served six years for shooting a man in texas. did you know that? caution. you're about to enter the no-spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. no talking points memo this evening so we can gets to donald trump, his first extensive post debate interview in prime time. there are two daily tracking polls. the times has trump up by 6%. and more after debate scientific polling is due shortly. internet polling, not scientific. 80 million people watched in the usa alone and joining us now
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from wisconsin is donald trump. is there anything hillary clinton said in the debate that your campaign will usener the weeks ahead? >> well, i think possibly so, bill. but i do think that you mow, i loved the experience of it. it was amazing. i saw the audience was record setting and i just had a great time and i know you say the polls weren't scientific but every poll that was takin, i won, and by some, a lot. google came out with the first real poll, and it was a big one and i'm up by 2 or 3 points. >> they'll stream in the scientific vote. something that hillary clinton said during 90 minutes that stuck in your mind, it's something that you know what? we're going to use that and come after her on that. anything like that? >> i think there is. i'll tell you what happened during the debate that was very interesting to me. i saw she's talking and talking about what she's going to do and
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how she's going to do it and this, i realize she's been doing this 26-30 years and nothing ever gets done. when she went to the united states senate, representing new york she said she's going to bring jobs back to new york and it was a disaster, up state new york is a total disaster. as she's talking about the various things and started to say wait a minute, hillary. you've been there 26 years and haven't done it. why all of a sudden are you going to do it? you're not going to do it. you're going to get votes and it's going to be see you later, in four years, or whatever. but that hit me during the debate i think more than any other time. whether it's health care or child care, or any of the things that she talks about, bill, it's not going to happen, okay? it's just not going to happen. her in particular, she talks and nothing gets done. >> i got it. >> unless it's for her or her donors. >> when senator of new york you were friendly with her, though. she and her husband went to your
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wedding. you weren't real critical of hillary clinton at the time. did you think she was doing a good job back then? >> bill i was a businessman, i was all over the world, i was doing great and frankly, i got along with all politicians. waits my job to get along with politicians. i didn't go criticizing them, almost none of them. when you're a businessman, you have to get along with everybody. >> did you go oh, she's crewing up? . >> i didn't focus on this built a great company. the kids are running it with executives. now, i think about it. i always got along with politicians. >> okay. and those of us who know manhattan know that is true. they're going to come after you
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on the statement that you made you were smart for paying as few taxes as you can pay. you know that is going to be in the next debate, on campaign ads. do you have any defense for that? >> no. i didn't say that. she said maybe you paid no taxes. i said that would make me very smart. and i have to tell you something. taxes is a big expense. and i would mind paying taxes a lot less if our politicians knew how to spend the money. they don't know what they're doing with the money. but they're basically don't know what they're doing, bill wshg the money. whether it goes into middle east, i see the other day, a report with $6 trillion spent on the middle east. we could have rebuilt our country, twice, and $6 trillion was spent in the middle east. and where are we? go back 15 years. if we did nothing we'd be in better shape.
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>> i'm hillary clinton in your next debate. and i say to you what she said yesterday in north carolina. hey, if he's not going to pay taxes and he thinks that is smart what does that make us? we pay taxes. are we stupid? how are you going to answer that? >> well, first of all, i never said i didn't pay taxes. is he said maybe you didn't pay and i said well, that would make me smart. a lot of people say that is the kind of thinking that you want running this nation. you look at the way this country is running. we lose $800 billion a year in trade deals with the world. who makes these deals? two groups, some people loved that statement. other people didn't. but the fact is that i think people are looking at it like maybe that is the kind of person we need. >> a shrewd businessman. >> i have a tremendous record. and to be honest with you, and i think that is the kind of
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thinking we need in our country. >> okay. the other avenue they're going to come after you is the women card. all right? they're going to say you're a mean guy and don't respect women. do you have anything further to say on this miss universe thing? >> no. not much. i mean, look. i hardly know this person. this is a person 20 years ago, she wasn't any successful, you know, i sold the miss universe contest for a tremendous price, about six months ago. worked out great. so i don't have anything to do with it anymore but i enjoyed it when i had it. but this is a person, bill, that was the first one under my ownership, she did not do well. she had a lot of difficulties. and you know, they wanted to fire her. the company itself wanted to fire her. i saved her job. i bet you if you put up an added up all of the time i spoke to her, probably less than five minutes. i had nothing to do with this person, but they wanted to fire
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her. i saved her job because i said that is going to be ruinus. so a lot of thing s are coming out about her. i am not going to say anything, i couldn't care less, it's somebody i don't know very well. i saved her job because they wanted to fire her for putting on so much weight. and it is a beauty contest. you know? i mean, they know what they're getting into it. it's a beauty contest and i said don't do that. let her try and lose the weight. can you imagine i end up in a position like this? that is the way it is. i really just don't know her. >> do you think that was a cheap shot by secretary clinton to bring that up? >> well, i think it was and now, things are coming out i wasn't aware of like they say she threatened the life of a judge and she got involved in all sorts of problems and reports came out 20 minutes ago about
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her. if that turns out true, a lot of the things turning out to be perhaps true, i think it's going to make hillary look extremely bad. but again, i helped somebody and this is what you get for helping somebody. but i just don't know her. >> okay. do you believe that you have to do better among women? american women, to win the election? or do you believe you have enough support now? >> well, i think i'm doing well. and i have been doing well with married women. you saw the numbers. i mean they went way up. the google just came out and, you know, it has me the first big post debate poll and we're doing very well. and i think we're doing very well with married women. now, hillary has spent over $200 million on ads against me. many are false. they're vicious and false. with all of that, i guess i'm
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leading. i don't know. >> i'll know better on friday if you're ahead or not. so we're just, you know, we're data people here. i'm going to hold you over -- >> $200 million and more has been spent on me. we're going to spend some good money. by the way. those ads are largely false. there are so many inaccuracies it's really terrible. >> sit tight. in wisconsin. this is a live situation. we're going to have more with mr. trump in just a moment and we're going to ask him about lester holt. how can you not watch that? later, the man shot dead by police in charlotte served six years for shooting a man in texas. did you know that? why wasn't it being reported? also, looks bads for the fbi in the hillary e-mail. factor is coming right back. i love my shop,
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>> well, you know, when i first did it, i thought he was fine. i wasn't thinking about it when i reviewed it and i saw all of the commentary because a lot of people thought he was terrible. i looked at all of the commentary. i realized he was much, much tougher on me than he was on hillary. it was like a day and night. i thought he was okay. i said good things right after the show. but after reviewing it and after seeing the way he badgered and even the questions i got. first half of the show was great and then he started. he hits me with the birther question, of course. and he likes to correct things where i happen to be right. he asked me about stop and frisk he was wrong. i it to prove a point.
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turned out i was right. i think to be honest with you, i think that he was fine. i would also say in reviewing it, i was disappointed. >> a, b, c, d. >> hillary clinton with the gold standard -- hillary clinton on the gold standard. he didn't go after her even though she was wrong. >> give him a grade. >> a c. >> he interrupted you 41 times and interrupted hillary clinton seven times. >> i think he did. >> that's more than i interrupt you by the way. that's more than i do. >> he was worse than you, i agree. >> that's bad. i'm going to flip around. if you get elected, one of the things that you are have toe america great again is restore respect for the country overseas and here in america. you would agree with that correct? >> i agree. 100 percent. >> last night collin kaepernick said another bad thing about his country. play it later on. he said bad stuff about you. did you own a professional football team. what would you do with
8:16 pm
collin kaepernick? >> well, i don't know what he said about me. well, i think what is he doing is disgraceful. is he starting yet or is he still a second string quarterback? what do you to him. >> making a tremendous amount of money. is he making a tremendous amount of money. is he leading the american dream. is he trying to make a point. but i don't think he is making it the correct way. personally, if it was me, i would not be happy if i were the team owner, and i don't think i'm going to tell you what i would do. >> would you fire him? >> i wouldn't be happy, they are paying him all of this money. and i think what he is doing is very bad for the spirit of the country. at the same time, he has the right to protest and that's one of the beautiful things about the country. >> does he have the right to protest on your dime? see, you are the owner. it's your stadium it's paying customers. it's your dime. this is your bailiwick. protesting on your time. something that offends you. would you take action again
8:17 pm
him? >> i would tell you it offends me, it does. especially since is he doing so well in terms of economically and so many other ways. i guess he probably lost a starting position because something happened to him. he went down hill fast. and, frankly, that's okay. i would not be a happy camper. >> you are not going to tell us? that's not like you bill. >> if i were in their position. >> it is not like me to tell you what you would do. >> let's keep the headlines down to a minimum. >> all right. charlotte, north carolina, we're going to report right after you leave that the guy was shot dead served six years in a texas penitentiary for shooting another guy. that was not reported. i have saided that the protests are fine if you don't believe they are fair to african-americans you should protest. in individual cases we should all way until all the data comes in.
8:18 pm
all the fact are. in you agree with that correct? >> yeah. i do. i always agree on waiting and trying to get the information before you make a judgment. >> then why did you not say to hillary clinton, hey, you jumped the gun, deplorable, terrible, we have to solve this police problem. why didn't you go after her on that? >> i think when she said deplorable about tremendous portion of our country and she said irredeemable, also. >> stay on the cops. stay on charlotte. >> why didn't you go after her on charlotte? why not? >> well, because i had many other things that did i go after her. and a lot of people, you know,the whole evening was an interesting evening. a lot of people liked what i said about her. and, frankly, it was pretty tough what i said. you can't hit every single point. you have limited period of time it's called answer in 30 seconds. but i thought her answer, having to do with the police, was very, very disrespectful to the police. she was petrified to talk about them in a positive
8:19 pm
way. i thought frankly that was a dispras. >> i thought it was a very disrespectful answer to the police. there is no question about it. but i -- you know. you can only say so much in 22 seconds. >> i got it. because i was surprised because the law and order got into the stop and frisk and i thought the cops were going to come um. the other thing that i thought you were going to bring up with the law and order deal were the sanctuary cities. you could have put her on the spot and said hey, are you for sanctuary cities? >> sure, we have to get rid of sanctuary cities. the sanctuary is for the criminals and it's horrible what's going on with sanctuary cities. if i'm elected. we will not be funding sanctuary cities. that i can tell you right now. you are right. she is totally in favor of sanctuary cities. she is in favor of having thousands and thousands of people come in from the middle east that we have no idea for the most part who they're. and you know you can't really vet them properly what she is doing is and what she is saying. 550% more than obama. >> yeah. we got that stat. anyway, you got two more
8:20 pm
shows and she has two more shots at you. and we always appreciate you coming on. we know you are busy going out to your rally right now and to make time for us is very nice of you to do it thank you very much. >> thank you, vawnk very much. fbi director comey again grilled by congressional committee. his investigation into hillary clinton's emails getting darker by the moment. the man shot dead as i just mentioned pied charlotte miss was himself convicted of shooting a man in texas. that was not reported even as riots broke out. two compelling updates for you up ahead.
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factor follow-up segment tent. more heat over the hillary clinton email situation. today director james comey
8:24 pm
again grilled by the house judiciary committee. >> when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution, when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers, who happen to be targets, to sit in on an interview, that is not the fbi that i used to work with. >> i hope some day when this political craziness is over you will lock back again on this, because this is the fbi you know and love. >> joining us now from washington jonathan turley who teaches law at george washington law school. so, to me, and i'm looking at this from a very i will informed viewpoint. i have to admit from the audience that i'm i'm not expert on anything like immunity or anything like that. to me, it's looking more and more like the fbi booted this email investigation. do you agree with that general statement? >> well, none of this makes sense to me. not long ago i said that comey was within what we would consider prosecutorial discretion in not proceeding towards criminal indictments
8:25 pm
or charges. but these five immunity deals are very baffling. it's like playing a game of tag and nobody is it. makes for a rather boring game when you give out immunity to people like cheryl mills. and her immunity deal just -- i find it perplexing. i have no idea. >> ms. mills, to tell everybody, is one of hillary clinton's top advisors. her attorney a lot of the private emails went through her she certainly knew there was controversy. yet, she gets immunity. next to hillary clinton cheryl mills would be the number two target. unless she is going to turn on hillary clinton, which she absolutely isn't because she is hillary clinton's attorney. attorney/client privilege, why would you give somebody like mills immunity? for what reason? she is not going to give you anything. why immunity? why do that? >> frankly, i was floored. when i found out that they had given immunity to mills.
8:26 pm
she is, in fact, the most obvious target short of clinton. she appears in all of these critical decisions. >> yeah. at critical moments. >> so you don't know as an esteemed professor, you don't know why the fbi would give her immunity and certainly comey didn't explain it today, correct? >> comey said that she had -- that she said she would need immunity to turn over her laptop, which is particularly baffling that laptop include expbld subpoenaed the laptop, right? >> he said it would take too long. that's odd. hillary clinton was saying that her people were cooperating fully. fbi was asking for a laptop that contained public information and it turns out classified information. >> let's roll that hillary clinton sound bite right now. >> i'm delighted that he has agreed to cooperate, as everyone else has. and i think that we'll be moving toward a resolution. >> not only did ms. mills i questions she has cooperated. she did turn over the laptop
8:27 pm
after immunity. brian pagliano set up the private serve are in the home. he got immunity, too. he went to congress. congress subpoenaed him and wouldn't show up. this guy is going to be in contempt of congress. is that cooperating? >> it's not. and most of these agreements have an obligation to work with all branches of the government. and last time i checked. united states congress was not the government. >> mrs. clinton in march said all of her people were cooperating, that's not true. that's flat out false, we just proved it tonight. what about this guy paul combetta he is the guy who elaced emails even after he was told that the on congress wanted to see them. he deleted them anyway. he still gets immunity. >> right. combetta is particularly curious. you had a guy who reportedly indicated that he now congress had subpoenaed this information. he said he had a conversation with clinton attorneys and after that conversation he destroyed
8:28 pm
the evidence congress was looking for. >> wait. he destroys it. everybody knew he did it they were log for it and they gave him immunity. >> that's what is so curious about all of this. >> curious? >> director comey said, lock, we were just giving out immunity to essentially low lying fruit. cheryl mills is not low lying fruit. >> neither is combetta if he destroyed evidence that congress asked for that's not a minor thing. >> i think the real problem with all of this is that it shakes credibility of the fbi. they said they wanted to build a criminal case. you don't build a criminal case by not only handing out the guy who was on the phone call with clinton attorney. by the way invoked the privilege against self-incrimination but give immunity to the person on the other end of that conversation. >> i have got to tell you. i don't know whether you follow the program or not, professor, but i in the beginning told my audience that i trusted james comby the fbi chief. i no longer do. i don't believe that this is
8:29 pm
an honest investigation. i believe that this is political, i believe they never wanted to find out what happened and that is what this country is facing. >> what concerns me most,bill, people view our country two systems of justice. >> if it is, if it is corruption, it is corruption at the highest level. professor, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. shocking new information about the man shot dead by charlotte police keith scott. he was convicted of shooting a man in san antonio. served six years in prison why wasn't that widely reported. former miss universe going former miss universe going after feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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40-year-old terrence crutcher in tulsa. in san diego another black man alford olango shot and killed by police. charlotte, north carolina, cops killed 4-year-old keith scott. police say he had a gun and would not comply with their direct orders. that led to two nights of ng in charlotte where one man was killed. the nation saw this display and so did the world.
8:34 pm
sad beyond belief. but now we learn that mr. scott was convicted of aggravated assault in texas for shooting a man with a pistol. scott served six years in prison for that crime. in addition, his wife filed a restraining order against scott saying he had stabbed her. that was back in 2004. none of that information was communicated until after the riots broke out. so the question becomes, did protesters once again jump to false conclusions joining us now from washington radio talk show host and from miami andell brown a defense attorney. mr. brown, we begin with you. we don't want to try anything on television. we are not, we are not, i am not, miss bay is not privy to information. we all know what has been put out there but we just do not know the totality of the case. what we do know is that riots ensued and information about mr. scott, the victim, was not put out there. and i said, mr. brown, and you heard me. stop, wait until the facts come forth before you do
8:35 pm
anything. and i think this proves it. does it not? >> we saw the video. we have all seen the video that was released by the charlotte police department from september 20th, 2016. we did not see keith lamont scott enemy that video. >> that video was released after the riots. >> absolutely. this information from more than 10 years in another unsubstantiated account from 2015 doesn't tell us. >> no. no. he served six years for aggravated assault not unsubstantiated he used a gun on the guy. >> what mattered on the 20th. that's what people were reacting to. what happened there? that's the question. this sheds no light on that question. >> the totality of the situation was not known. what do you say. >> the totality of the situation was about the two ours of unreleased footage that we can't see right now. the police department still has? either you believe that
8:36 pm
every american citizen is guaranteed equal protection under the law or you believe that police officers should be judge, jury, exexecutioner for some individuals as opposed to others. let's be real, north carolina is an open carry state. so, possession of a weapon when one is not acting violently toward police is absolutely no reason that a person should wind up dead. >> no, but is he a convicted felon so he didn't have a license to carry. that's not the point. the point is, ms. bay. >> no that is the point. >> ran into the streets and i don't believe legitimate greforts this. thugs that joined them. looted and burned and murdered a man. >> these are criminal activities. >> and based upon not sufficient evidence in the totality of the case. >> no, my friend, no, no. absolutely not. >> now we know more about
8:37 pm
mr. scott. what weigh no is not flattering. >> you are bringing up a red herring. it has nothing to do with what happened on september 20th, 200016. in a court of law this would not be admissible. it would be inadmissible. it's a red herring. >> if the man has a violent history it will be in the record. >> did you see him acting violent in the video. >> if the man had a i have a lent history. let's talk about violent history. he did his time, whatever. if we look at violent history well, these people deserve to unfortunately be killed at the hands of police. we lose all. >> nobody deserves that. >> we lose a lot of our entertainers. we lose some of our legislatures. people can behave badly. they can serve their time. >> ms. bay, nobody deserves to be killed unless it's a self-defense play which the police maintain, and all i'm saying. >> that is in dispute. we don't know what's going
8:38 pm
to come out at the end of that. >> of course it's in dispowt. the whole case is in dispute. >> right. >> wait, wait until the totality of the evidence is presented like in ferguson. we learned many, many things after the riots and now we're the same thing is unfolding in charlotte. >> no. riots are. >> it's not the same. >> it's very, very similar. >> no. >> miss bay, counselor, thank you. when we come back, former miss universe trying to hurt donald trump. the clinton campaign using that to the hilt. factor tip of the day. another outrageous statement by collin with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight. former miss universe alicia machado actively trying to hurt donald trump in the campaign. the name came up in the debate when hillary clinton calling her miss piggy and miss housekeeping. >> we can accept more insults for my latin community. no more. no more insults for the women. >> you said that he called
8:43 pm
you. >> and i can see the same person that i met 20 years ago. >> with us now here in new york city eboni williams and monica crowley. to be fair she is a hillary clinton supporter. fairly zealot one. actively campaigning against mr. trump. does anyone care. >> if you think donald trump is a sexist. if that's already your view. >> this reinforces that. >> that reinforces that if you don't, you don't care. voters already have a good handle on both of these candidates. and they are more interested in the big. >> the trump campaign is trying to make inroads with suburban mothers and things like that. that's why i think hillary clinton brought this up. so, would that blunt the inroads? >> it might in certain suburban areas. maybe. but, again, i think the voters her have a good sense of both of these candidates. their characters, their pasts and so on. so this is just a very minor episode of the kind that comes up in late stage campaigns no matter what.
8:44 pm
>> what say you eboni. >> i do think i agree with monica. this will thwart mr. trump's attempt to make some very needed inroads with women voters in this country, particularly republican women. >> so you feel that most women will respond to miss machado. >> there are women triggered guy fat shaming recollect the talking about carly fiorina's face. while it doesn't seem relevant. could be a trigger. >> in case you don't know, this woman won the miss universe contest. trump owns it then she put on a bunch of weight. you were a beauty contestant in north carolina and did very well in the miss u.s.a. contest i understand. >> thank you. >> was there a clause that said you had to. >> i was going to say. it's the shame the way donald trump chose to go about this. the critique is valid. you are contractually bound. you will remain looking consistent to when you were crowned throughout your reign. you are essentially a brand
8:45 pm
ambassador for miss universe and product. that's part of your job. >> you sign a paper that says that. >> you will remain in physicality. she did not do that by other her own volition. the name calling and eating machine was bit much. >> here is how he should have handled that i see you have to go back 20 years to find an attack trump. >> i think he was surprised. i don't think he remembered that. >> by the way he should be prepared in the next two debates. i'm sure she has other examples she will spring onen on him. >> you have to go back 2 oyears. and i can understand that because you can't run on your record. this country has very big problems. most of which were created by you and the current president and your party. i'm interested in addressing the issues that concern the american people. >> stronger, mondayca. unfortunately you have to own your dirt. whether you have done as much dirt as did he with the women comments and stuff. you have got to be ready by that he was behind sighted. >> he was blindsided you
8:46 pm
could see him what are you talking about now. >> oh, her? >> the guy is in an awful lot of businesses. and a lot of contention in business as you know. not making an excuse. >> can i tell you what he should have done, bill? >> real quick. >> put her on probation. a period of time, six weeks, eight weeks to lose the weight. >> then he wouldn't have gotten the publicity. that's what he wanted. took her to the gym. >> dethroned. >> now is he running for president. he has to make every question about the american people. >> ladies, thank you, very good. coming up next, both clinton and trump await new polling because that will tell the tally of the doe tale of the debate. collin kaepernick saying another bad thing about his country. that c x. coming up next.
8:47 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. both hillary clinton and donald trump awaiting the new post polling which should begin tomorrow. that will tell the tale of who won and who lost. darren shaw, republican polster here in new york city. patrick pully from man mouth university. so first of all, a top program where we interviewed donald trump, we gave the reuters tracking poll daily and "l.a. times" daily, you don't think much of the "l.a. times" poll, right? >> quite frankly, this is a political scientist experiment. they are weighting their data to how people are telling us they did in 2012. >> i don't understand that. they have a certain amount of people they call everyday? >> they are doing it on-line. they say, how did you vote in 2012 and trying to weight it to how the vote was in 2012. i've done this before. >> why would they --
8:51 pm
>> again, political signs tists. they think of all the great experiments to do. it didn't work. people can't remember what they ate for dinner yesterday. >> so daily tracking poll isn't calling people up to find out who they will vote for that day. it is a hoddle of -- >> they keep doing this model aep on-line and back to them. a nice experiment, interesting. but it doesn't reflect reality. >> we site that poll so now i will take it with more skepticism. >> mr. shaw, when you saw the debate, all the polling after the debate is different. everything before it doesn't really matter any more. it is okay. now we've seen them. 84 million people and here is how we feel now. did you pick up anything, mr. shaw? >> well, i think from what we know from political science research is both the debate and more particularly media coverage of the debate do have a small effect on voter's pref rens. not huge, you know, largest effects we see historically about 2 to 3 points.
8:52 pm
candid's favoritebility rise, and my sense from post debate, anal back and forth is the emerging sense of hillary did much better than trump. so you might expect a balance of a couple of point in her favor. at very least she might blunt what was a good month for him at this point. >> yeah, he was rolling. brett said, if it didn't turn for hillary clinton now, it is trouble. >> fox news poll comes out friday. that will reflect after the debate. when is your guy? >> yeah, we will have swing state polls next week. that will capture what happened here. i agree with professor shaw here that mostly we don't see very big movements of that first debate. four point. mitt romney. >> because personalities are so big. >> that's why. we don't know exactly. >> yeah, 84 million people and
8:53 pm
personalities are so intense that be a and plus, nobody agrees who won the debate. nobody agrees. and trump people saying he won and that hillary says he won. >> people who watch this debate -- >> yeah. already knew who they were going to vote for. vast majority locked in. that's why they say my guy won, my girl won. >> some people now, say he didn't win. and i know hillary -- >> there aren't any hillary supporters that say a few -- >> they whisper it. >> i think on any metric hillary did win this and i don't expect a more than one or two-point bump. if she does more than that then something else happens. >> i think that's a big win tore trump. mr. shaw, last word? >> yeah. i think the one thing we want to pay attention to is the fact that trump supporters really don't like media. they don't like elites telling them what to think. the one thing that might be different this time around, is several things you mentioned and the one theng i'm looking for is the extent of which trump supporters and those that like trump big their heels in and
8:54 pm
say -- >> don't care that you won or we lost. >> exactly. >> we should have some numbers tomorrow. and we will give them to you. >> tip of the day, colin >> tip of the day, colin kaepernick bashing his can ♪ like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same. because your needs are unique, pacific life has been delivering flexible retirement and life insurance solutions for more than 145 years. ask a financial advisor how you can tailor solutions from pacific life to help you reach your financial goals. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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tip of the day, more anti-american stuff from colin kaepernick in a moment. but first, the antic dote to mr. kaepernick is my new book "killing the rising sun." it shows the men in the pacific adds they defeated the cruel japanese empire. i wrote the book so anti-american people could be confronted with the nobility of the usa. since this country freed
8:57 pm
hundreds of millions of people all over the world. fortunately, "killing the rising sun", the number one book in america by far. we hope you check it out. >> now the mail. mr. o'reilly, your analysis of the debate left me dumb struck. trump won. that's all i'm gonna say. maria, chehalis, washington. hillary was prepareed. trump was not. if he can't prepare better for the business of state, he would make a poor president. matt, austin, texas. bill, last night's analysis of the preshl debate was truly outstanding. your talking points adeptly captured the runs, hits and errors in a meaningful and understanding way. thank you. we have the pod cast starring robert sam uming with brandon star, big political component today, the pod cast.
8:58 pm
you can read my tweet tweets @o'reillyfactor. bill, you were wrong about lester holt. you said he is a good guy and would be fair. he may be a good guy, but fair? not so much. in this case, i was wrong. but i've known lester holt for a long time. and he is essentially fair man. sandy, herndson, nevada. mr. o, thank you for one of the most informative, detailed reads to ever cross this history teacher's eyees. killing the rising sun should be a required reading in every history class. thanks, sandy. bill, love all the killing books. are you working on another one? >> about a quarter into the next one, allen. of that we are signed for two more. three all together. can't tell you the subjects because other people will steal the ideas if i do. unfortunately, that's the world
8:59 pm
we live in. tip of the day, i've been giving san francisco 49er colin kaepernick a very hard time because i do not believe he knows what he is talking about on politics. i could be wrong. we invited colin kaepernick and a spokesperson from the team. we don't expect them to show up. why? because they will be confronted with facts, not just allowed to spout off. which is what kaepernick did yesterday regarding donald trump. >> no. he said make america great again. america's never been great for people of color. >> mr. kaerp nick is entitled to his opinion but if you don't know what you're talking about it might be wise to say nothing. that's it for tonight. laez check out the fox news factor website, different from bill o' we would like to you spout off from anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be miasmic.
9:00 pm
we should have new polling tomorrow. i'll bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops tetetetetetetetetetetetetely lor you. breaking tonight with less than two weeks to go until the next presidential debate. donald trump's team is reportedly ready to try a new debate strategy. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. a lot of republican and democratic pundits have spent the last two days suggesting that hillary clinton came out ahead in monday night's debate with suggestions that a key contributing factor was her time away from the campaign trail. spent by all accounts including her own practicing her performance and her points over and over again. now, the "new york times" sourcing trump campaign advisors is out about a story shrugged new debate


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