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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 29, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levey at the tease deck. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show a former miss universe fat shames. what is with trump having to battle women accused of murder. and elon musk announce had his plan to colonize mars and save humanity. and finally, a man has been digging a hole for 18 years straight. some days i know the feeling, buddy. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests.
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she has been called the millennial master of the universe which makes her a female reboot of heman. he knows more about north korea than the people who live there. columnist michael malace. he can kill the man he has the gunpointed at just by looking at him. officer ben collins. and you would think he would play an instrument given how much time he spent on mtv, but i guess the network has changed. comedian andrew schulz. let's start the show. the presidential election could hinge on this. was donald trump rude to miss universe 20 years ago? alicia says after she gained weight following her pageant win in 1996 trump nicknamed
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her miss piggy, miss housekeeping and miss eating machine. and he forced her to work out in front of reporters. hillary clinton brought up the fat shaming in an ad and they talked about how his word hurt her. the bo the tom line -- the bottom line, she is the perfect advocate for hillary, right? >> you were accused of driving a get away car from a murder scene. you were never charged with this. the judge indicates that you threatened to kill him. >> she was once accused of serving as her boyfriend's murder accomplice and threatened to kill a judge. but machado put it to rest. >> i want you to have a chance to put it to rest. >> he can say whatever he wants to say. i don't care. i have my past, of course. everybody has. everybody has a past.
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i am not a saint girl. >> she is not a saint girl. so does machado have anything to hide? here is what happened when a member of her family threatened to go to police. >> wow. michael, i think it is machado, but i am not too careful with that. is it machado? that's what i have been told. it is all right to miss pronounce names every once in awhile. michael, can you tell us what is up with this lady? will this hurt trump? i thought it was going hurt him, but she was a mess. >> first she gained 80
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pounds. if i am used to fat people keeping over of type 2 diabetes. that's what i was worried about. but if you are going to be a beauty pageant contestant you will be judged on your poise, but being a hatchet woman is not keeping with the standards. >> she is not a saint girl. >> to me it is like i am not a saint girl because i have a cup cake instead of going to the gym and not because i was accused of helping somebody murder someone. >> she didn't want to deny those charges. >> she was accused of calling the judge and threatening him, but i think that's should you they do things down there. >> i thought it was here. it is venezuela? oh it is fine. why are we scrujing you -- judging on american standards. sometimes you have to kill a judge in venezuela.
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that's how it goes. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> even back then, we are talking about the 90s. i thinks these days you have them cutting out the swimsuit edition and it is focused more on talent and answers to questions and things like that. do you like this kind of movement? >> i don't believe in those parts. when they are talking i don't believe it. it makes no sense. if we want to see talking we should watch news shows. do the turn arounds. >> i don't think they are doing the heels anymore. >> can we just acknowledge that she looks great now? clearly trump's words affected her in a positive way. >> you may be right.
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she does look fantastic. >> every time she said hello to her grandkids she should feel grateful. >> to the birther thing he said i did him a favor. >> we were talking about 1996. that was 20 years ago. and just for fun i said let's just see what hillary clintoned is. let's pull something out. what did she say in 1996? that was the year she busted out the super predator comment. >> the one time i liked hillary. >> and that was when she landed under sniper fire. >> yes. i mean, you go back 20 creaser creaser -- 20 years. >> we all said dumb things 20 years ago. this isn't a presidential debate.
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for me we have 10,000 soldiers in afghanistan and 5,000 soldiers in iraq. but let's not worry about that. let's talk about the -- in the debate let's talk about a beauty pageant fat shaming. >> it is true. trump seems to be the unserious candidate, but who is pulling this stuff out? that's hillary. >> he missed the opportunity to throw it back in his face. >> i think he said he was trying to be nice. >> a lot of my friends on the left think trump is out of control and he can't take orders. he said i am biting my tongue. it played well for him. they thought he is a literal lunatic. >> i don't think he can win. people say he is a hothead. then they said hillary got
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away with it. >> i don't think trump can win in the public rhetoric. if he does one thing it is too far to the right. he just has to stick to the basics and he did that during the debate. i am worried because he said he will come out swinging. moving on, it is not just celebrities -- >> far from the threats of the walls and far from keeping people out and the world of differences. differences that expand and enrich us because after they go to the world and they are made better when we open ourselves up to it. celebrity cruises. >> apparently the ad is not just an attack on trump, but the ceo says, quote, it is in response to the rhetoric around the world and she isn't worried about losing
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passengers noting anybody that they are not going to sail over celebrity. there is one cruise i want to take. >> the editors of the weekly standard want you to join them for the post election cruise to the beautiful caribbean. >> that's a real cruise. post election. >> you have to get a law -- labotimy before you get on board. >> wouldn't you love that? >> suits on a cruise. >> it is like snakes on the train. >> what are you supposed to do on a cruise? >> exactly. the people who read the magazine want to hang out with their favorite conservative celebrities. it is interesting it is after the election. what do you think of the celebrity cruise? it is obviously an anti-trump ad. >> i think it is brilliant marketing. the marketer in me is like high five celebrity.
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in time it is just an ad. no one pays that much attention to it they do it it now and playoff the trump rhetoric. look how much play they are getting. if i am the cfo, i am giving myself a raise. >> what about the idea that trump fans are sensitive. we know that. they will boycott celebrity. >> it may last a couple months. >> that is interesting. >> people didn't like to talk about celebrities and this changes everything. >> having a passport is highly correlated. what it isn't is classy. it sunk to the bottom of the atlantic. i mean, they are trying to reach a new audience. they reach a certain crowd and it is a weak attempt to do
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so. >> you tension the passport. i think a lot of these cruises you don't need a passport. >> you have to have a passport if you are going to other countries. there is no way. >> we have something called half time. >> this is what i think. if you leave it from miami you can go out and go to the islands of central america. if you come back you don't need a passport. you just need a utility bill or something. >> just to make a point, in my personal opinion i don't think you need a passport to travel to a country that is [bleep] than yours. any country worse than your country you just go. >> they say the election cycle in this country is so bad that we want to send you to greece. >> egypt is in the worst economic depression and we will send you to paris who had the worst terror attack.
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in a year they killed 137 and london has been told by isis that it is the next target, but we will send you on the celebrity cruise because our election cycle is so bad. >> i didn't recognize any of them. >> most people are like that. they didn't recognize any of those cities. >> is that australia? >> they are also a publicly traded company. i understand the marketing perspective, but they are a publicly traded company. to me i was surprised. i don't care where you are going left and right, just stay out of politics. >> these cruises, to me they don't strike me as the world traveler. it is like see the world. these things are floating buffets. i am feeling middle americans are the ones taking these cruises. jay we know trump doesn't like fat people. they know they like fat people.
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>> it is simple. fat people come to me. >> is reaching mars closer than we think. he unveiled his plan to colonize the red planet and save humanity. musk says we have two opings, stay on earth and be wiped out by a doomsday event or head out to space and become a, quote, space faring multi planet species. his company space x is developing it and each space ship would take passengers on the journey with trips planned every couple years when earth and mass pass close to each other. for anyone interested musk describes the selection process for the first potential colonists. >> it is basically are you prepared to die? and then if that's okay you are a candidate foregoing.
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for going. >> that's good marketing. if you want to die we'll take you. >> they will have a shuttle full of suicidal people. it will be like "full metal jacket." >> at least he is getting the word out there. this is like the celebrity cruise of outerspace. >> they need al-qaeda on board. >> it will solve the isis problem. get on the ship, bye. >> forget canada. we are just going to mars. >> i he wants to do this. the thing is there are people who want to do everything, right? i don't think he will have trouble finding a hundred people who don't mind risking their life. why do they want to go to mars? >> that's the easy part. this is such a bold pr move. the chances of this happening in our lifetime is so nill. he is trying to raise money. anybody who is raising money from a tech perspective knows
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you need bold promises. this is a bold promise. if people want to do research on mars and find out what minerals to mine. >> he had a bold idea called paypal and a bold idea called tesla. >> look, to be honest after watching the debate i would have signed up. >> i think it is fantastic. to be honest it is fantastic. this country used to dream big and deliver. i mean the space program was exciting and shockingly it was government lead. the government is now just one giant dmv. if there is any progress in technology it will come from guys that can dream like elon -- elon musk. i say way to go. >> you don't even want to go
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to another country. >> i used to live abroad. i traveled. i just font feel like i need a passport. what do you think i am moving here? >> we will do a daycation. when it comes to mars, i am against it because we know it sucks. >> yeah, the worst place on earth -- mars is new mexico, right? they are pretty much the same only you get to jump higher in mars. they look exactly the same. why would we go to new mexico and jump higher? why not wait for another planet that has things that are cool to do there. >> we can make mars great again. >> fair enough. >> you have been to places. albuquerque, there are nice towns in new mexico. >> okay. if you have never been out of
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new mexico, i can see that. >> they will come after you, the new mexicans. >> no because they never leave new mexico. >> the martians. you have to worry about them. >> that's what i think. if people want to explore you can't live there. there is no atmosphere. >> one. people i went to north korea with was one of the first people. >> he wasn't bad enough. what about the oxygen? he said oh, damn it. >> they will live in a bubble, but that's not cool either. the scientists lived there for 10 years and it is the big brother house. >> i saw the paully shore movie. >> is it a crime to miss pronounce someone's name? no. it should be.
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the story next.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. congress averting a government shutdown two days before the deadline. the house is passing a spending bill hours after it was approved by the senate. the measure provides $1.1 billion to battle the zika virus. and it includes an additional $500 million to help the louisiana flood victims. the bill will keep the government running until december 9th. congress giving president obama a stunning defeat. they rejected the veto to sue saudi arabia. 15 of 19 hijackers were saudi.
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the obama administration and top pentagon officials say they could put the interests at risk. protests last night following tuesday's deadly police shooting of a black man in suburban san diego. some of the demonstrators had you telling bottles -- hurtlin bottles at police. they say he was shot while his hands were raised in the air. el cajon police released a photo showing him pointing an object at officers. and we are learning more about what unfolded after a teenager opened fire in a south carolina elementary school. the suspect who is in custody killed his father at home first and then he went to the school where he shot and injured two children and a teacher. the teacher and one of the kids was released from the hospital, but according to local media a 6-year-old is in critical condition this morning. >> president obama will head to israel to attend the funeral of shimone-peres.
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he won the nobel peace prize and died after suffering a massive stroke. peres was 93 years old. now back to "red eye." you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news iy. inviting someone to play golf. asking someone can i touch your hair? telling a woman in leadership i like your shoes. now we can add it to a list of microaggressions. according to a campaign launched in 2015 by the school district in santa clara, california, miss pronouncing the name can produce anxiety. they changed the name and they are in a sense are talking
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about the students themselves as well. miss pronouncing a student's name negates his or her identity that can hinder cabbing testimony mick progress -- hinder ago testimony america progress. others agree. on a blog called cult of [ ineligible] claims mutilating someone's name is a tiny act of bigotry. your name is different, foreign, weird. if you want to learn more about the campaign go to their website. i don't know what that means, but they are doing great york. great work. >> i almost didn't do the
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story because of your name. >> it is weird and foreign and different. all of the above. >> it is different, but i like it. i like the process of learning it like i would have called you shamah. >> i have heard it both ways. >> it is shama. >> i like. it i like figuring out your name and you correcting me. >> throughout school i had it miss pronounced more than mississippi is miss -- misspelled. my name is one of those things. but i never felt it was an act of bigotry. as long as you get it right in bed, i don't really care. >> we are talking about teachers, you know. educators. >> i am glad you caught that. >> an apple a day.
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>> shamah. >> the list of michaels. >> you can stop there. >> it was close. >> what about your name? it might have been controversial because your name means intention to do evil, right? >> these people should be shot. i am an immigrant and i had a russian name and got an american name when i got here. my high school was half asian and all of them had american names including elvis ow in home room. when you are an immigrant and come to a new country you should want to assimilate as much as possible. it is the extreme leftism where they do everything they can to accommodate immigrants and expect them to do nothing. it is a disservice to
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americans and immigrants and they should be put up against the wall. >> north korea style. >> it is more stalin style. >> they did that. you get up against the wall and stand against the wall. >> oh, not shot? >> no. i am giving you an out. >> the out is shooting them. i ain't kidding. >> people had fun with my name. you can imagine the things they did to. it did it make me intense tiff? >> a super predator. i would try to get somebody's name right. if i mess it up, excuse me. just don't take offense. when you name your name john but there is a q and an r and an f in there somewhere i will
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have a problem with it. but to call it mutilating? that's a microaggression. when i hear mutilating i think of an isis video and not aaron. >> when i think of mutilating -- >> which is often uh pawrntly. >> it brings up bad imagery for me. andrew? >> yes, shilooser. >> you can bet i heard that a lot. >> what's up, guys? met you after school. okay. ♪ go grease lightning >> i don't even know what that last part was. >> i am kinicky. >> what was that? >> in the old days there were five or six names. >> wasn't it easier?
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>> in groomer school it was jimmy and john and debbie's and paw are -- and patricias. pick one of those. >> i am so with you on this. i think it sets a bad precedent. you say if an american pronounces an immigrant's name wrong -- how about the immigrant who pronounces literally every word out of his face wrong. is he or she microagressing? should we put them against our culture? >> my mom is an immigrant and i lived in spain and nobody could pronounce my name in spain and i was okay with it. >> celebrate diversity. can a halloween decoration be too creepy? home depot thought so. first, half time with tv's andy levey is back. subscribe on itunes.
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welcome back. it is time to taped out what we got -- it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. >> excellent. trump versus miss universe. you talked about how they are not doing the swimsuit part of beauty pageants. in miss universe they still do. i hope it makes you happy, andrew. >> it does make me happy. i would like to see you in
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one. >> that's never going to happen. you talked about the things that happened in 1996 and we have all said something stupid in the past 20 years. the weirdest part is she dismisses what may or may not have happened by saying we all have a past. but the whole thing is something trump did 20 years ago. >> we are not going to 230e cuss on the drive -- we are not going to focus on the drive by. >> we all have. and it is insane that this is what people are talking about coming out of the debate. >> both candidates made it clear they don't care about due process. they believe americans' rights can be taken away. >> with a secret group. >> this is what journalists want to talk about. i will say though you can't bemis universe and then put on weight. it is like winning a nobel peace prize and then drone
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killing a wedding party. it makes no sense. celebrity cruises, this is trump . shama, you said this is brilliant marketing because people are paying attention to it. i agree with that part. i am not sure if it is off fending half of americans that is a good idea.. >> especially now. >> i think i am going to forget about celebrity cruises. that's just me. michael you said it wasn't classy. why not? >> the fact that they are being arrogant and dismissive. >> so you prefer they are more pc? >> yes, probably. >> that's a first. >> i am a man of many mysteries. >> yes, you are. >> somebody should have a
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basket of deplorables. >> you were correct about the passports. as long as it starts and end at the same port you don't need a passport. >> i didn't know that. >> we're learning. >> my philosophy is right. >> they didn't tell me this was an educational show. >> only this segment. >> elon musk lays out his vision to getting to mars. i don't know why all of you thought it was weird there is a decent chance the first travelers will die. that's what happens with pioneers. the people who came over here on the may flower knew there was a good chance they were going to die and the people who settled in the west first knew there was a good chance they would die. shame on you. if not this show would be
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taking place in london. >> ben didn't want to go. >> i am with you ben. we need more people like musk and visionaries and the advancement of human kind of. >> spend a weekend in albuquerque. >> are you paying? >> am i paying? >> sure i will give you $25. >> you said the chance of this happening in our lifetime are nill and that musk is trying to raise money. the purpose is to get nasa and other governments to invest in this. >> this is billions and billions of dollars. >> tom, you said you can't live on mars. there is no atmosphere. it does have a thin atmosphere. >> it does? >> it is 95% carbon dioxide, but it is an atmosphere. >> it is no atmosphere of mine.
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>> miss toe nounsing -- miss pronouncing students' names. referring to machado as machado. >> when you pronounce rita kole ye. shamah you said you don't care as long as he pronounces it correctly in bed you said you can cut this. we can. >> but you won't. >> we could. >> for the record i am already cut. >> you have to cut ity. this can't be trending on twitter.
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>> all of you watching this right now, get this trending on twitter. >> get sir come -- sir come session trending. >> don't you do a pod cast with sharlamain? >> back in the day it was a popular name. >> you were going back further than tom. >> exactly. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, why did home depot pull a halloween decoration? they had to after all of the complaints.
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gorge and live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez. washington dodged a financial bullet at least the time being. congress is sending president obama a bill to keep our country running until december 9th. it is for flood ravaged areas of louisiana and provides a billion dollars to fund the battle against the zika virus. the bill does not include money to help the city of flint, michigan clean up the lead contaminated water system. republicans have promised fund
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are coming later. and you could be paying more at the gas pumps. they agreed to curb oil production for the first time in eight years. the proposed deal will cut output one million barrels a day. that's good news for stockholders. the dow shot up 111 points yesterday on the news. wells fargo's ceo returns to the hotseat on capitol hill today. for the second time in as many weeks he is expected to get another tongue lashing and this time from the house financial service committee. lawmakers are investigating a scheme that lead to the creation of millions of bank accounts without the permission of wells fargo customers. the scandal has caused -- cost them $41 million in compensation. a historic event at the white house. relatives of jesse owens and several other african-americans who competed in the 1930 sick olympics will meet with president obama. it is an honor owens didn't get to enjoy after winning four gold medals at the berlin
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games despite an extraordinary performance. adolf hitler refused to shake his hand. he was shun here as well. president roosevelt never september a single word of congratulations. now back to "red eye." for your headlines go to and you are watching the most powerful name in news, fog newschannel. >> home depot's website is selling a halloween decoration called the scary creeper peeper. you hang it outside the window and it looks like a man is peering into your house. some people don't think it is very funny. specifically peeping toms. actually it is a woman in canada who complained. she said it makes light of a serious crime. voyeurism is a crime in canada. the people that commit this crime are not harmless people. home depot listened and they
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pulled the item from the stores. halloween was never meant to make light of crimes like murder o treason or perjury. you didn't laugh at that? bill committed perjury. >> you guys are so technical. you are so technical. you can't even laugh at a hillary clinton joke. obviously a little over sensitive. halloween is about scaring is it not? >> doesn't that look like andrew? kind of. >> it is true. i thought that -- i thought it was good home depot -- you have to give them credit for not calling it a peeping tom. jay what did they call it? >> a peeper creeper. >> i agree peeping tom and
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they look at you -- >> it is not a hobby of mine at all. >> a vocation? >> i take this seriously. >> if you are doing it, do it right. >> in the era it is a complement to everybody someone shows you. >> you can see nude celebrities everywhere.. >> the you will tau met -- the ultimate complement is they wear your skin as their clothes. >> every sunday in minnesota they put on a viking hat. what are they known for? raping and pill -- pillaging. you can't put up a peeping
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tom? you can't masturbate in somebody's yard? canada, nonsense. >> oh it is right there. >> i don't like that. >> it is creepy. >> it is silly. we glorify murder. >> first of all it is home depot. so along those -- what did they use to crucify people? they used wood. this is home depot. i am not happy home depot is selling wood because they used to use wood to crucify people. i should call home tea poe and say it is time to remove the wood from the home depot. >> that's next. >> halloween is the one day for us children of darkness to have our fun. it is not supposed to be safe be scary and
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creepy and you are supposed to be dressed like a vampire or a sexy nurse. if you don't like it go home and shut the hell up. that 19 one night we get. it has to be dignified for your kids. tonight i will put on the razor blades and have my fun. >> i don't like -- i like the old-fashioned ghosts. >> i was going with candy. >> half of the town we had four names and half dressed as hobos. >> they weren't dressed up. they were homeless. >> it was like riding the rails. >> coming up, why has one man spent every day digging a hole? i'm sure he has his reasons.
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spy coming -- coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" kristen case and rich lowry. >> a man in el salvador said god told him to start digging a hole 18 years ago and he hasn't stopped since. sanchez spends every waking hour digging. he excavates 90 pounds of rocks a day. the 69-year-old sees it as the lord's work. although he is a little selfish. only i i am allowed to go to the end. i am god's tunnel digger. nobody else is allowed to go there. here is footage of sanchez digging. that was a computerized simulation. my theory is that the guy is
12:55 am
trying to get away from his wife. what do you think? >> everyone who is married knows about digging a hole. this is the devil playing a joke on him because this is how you get to hell. dig a hole and you are closer to god. he is now halfway to hell. >> he is digging quite deep and doing it for eight years. i am a little suspicious. the way he says i am only the -- i am the only one i feel like it is a cover for something. >> he is not the only one. if anybody has served time in the army we spent weeks and weeks and weeks digging holes to no where. we -- they promised us there was a point to it. there are people in basic training right now digging holes right now and they still don't know where they are going. tess part of the way. it is part of the way. he is not the only one who dug a hole to no where besides the democrats. >> do they make you fill them in again or do you walk away? >> depends on the pod of the
12:56 am
-- depend on the mood of the day. sometimes we dig them out and then move it to another pile. there is no point. the lord knows. the army knows. >> be all you can be. i didn't know that's what they did in the army. >> the man is digging a hole. what is his reason? >> i don't think there is a hole. >> what? >> i don't believe him. i was thinking about it. not required. >> i got to thinking and what happens when it rains. >> it -- >> it fills with water. what does it do, dry up some. >> is sinks into the dirt. >> it doesn't sink into the dirt. it would sit there like a well. was this super absorbent dirt? a sham-wow. >> is it super absorb -- super ab sor bent dirt. >> i think it is. we should introduce him to elon musk.
12:57 am
that would be a great combination. >> how he has not found a dinosaur? >> these are questions nobody has asked. >> thank you very much to my whole panel. good night. is next.
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congress says no to president obama over the 911 bill handing him first veto override of his presidency. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. congress is emphatic tonight. members of both parties in both chambers overwhelmingly rejected president's bill of allowing alleged involvement over the terrorist attacks. first time since took office congress has overridden the


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