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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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a live shot from outside the studios in new york city for you. you are watching "ff of on this thursday. >> are you up? >> i am up. >> we are ready to go. i am abby huntsman. thank you for starting your day with us. donald trump and hillary clinton 40 days away now from the election. >> 40 days and counting. garrett tenney has the latest from the campaign trail. >> garrett, you are up as well. >> i am up. >> donald trump was criticized for not being aggressive enough. in true trump fashion it comes complete with a hashtag, follow the money. trump laid out this new attack at a series of rallies at iowa and wisconsin yesterday casting clinton as a corrupt politician bought by wall street and big
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tone donors. >> i don't think they tried too hard. the clintons perfected the politics of prophet but more importantly when you look at what's happened it has more to do with other things, large corporations who support terrible trade deals and offshore jobs and they are donating to the clintons. >> trump is also looking ahead to the next debate. his campaign is reaching out to supporters with a 30 second survey which issues they should attack clinton on. clinton is busy trying to reach out to a group of voters she continues to struggle with, millennials. yesterday in new hampshire she did that by bringing out a favorite of millennia her former rifle to talk about her plan for debt free college. >> there is no group of
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americans who have more at stake than young americans. so much of what will happen will effect yushgs lives, your jobs, the kind of country we are, the kind of future we want to build together. >> today clinton is campaigning in iowa where dt holds a five point lead. trump will hold a roundtable this morning at trump tower where hillary clinton has the upper hand. >> standing up to president obama to help bring justice to the 9-11 victims. doug mcelway has more on the veto over ride. >> when looking at the marlin imperative we have to do more for the 9-11 victims. i urge my colleagues to over ride.
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>> it was the rarest of circumstances liberal democratic senator chuck schumer i am pouring them to over ride giving the victims the right to sue foreign governments if they find the government to be complicit in the terror attack in the u.s. some senators were torn between empathy and how jasta could damage a cornerstone sovereign immunity. >> i am going to support passage of this legislation today i do so understanding there could be unintended consequences that work against our national interests. >> the white house unleashed the heavy hitters to warn against jasta. it could lead to an intrusive discovery process. his warning didn't work. >> all of the president's rejections were addressed, changes were made. >> president obama reacted to the over ride.
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>> it's a dangerous precedent and it is an example of why sometimes you have to do what is hard. frankly, i wish congress here had done what is hard. >> silent is saudi arabia the one likely to be singled out. 15 of the 9-11 hijackers were saudis and former unreleased pages of 9-11 report suggest a connection of 9-11 should be in a court of law. now to a fox news alert. bottles hurleded at police in a san diego suburb. >> these protestors outraged over the killing of alfred
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ologo. it shows the 38-year-old holding a vap smoking device in a shooting stance. he was shot by police after his sister called 911 after his sister called about him actinger radically. both 21 year veterans of the force are on leave. >> panic at an elementary school when a teenage openers fire minutes after police say he murdered his father. jeffery os fwoirnd dead. the teen's grandparents making the discovery. he said he shot two 6-year-old boys and a teacher on a playground before being tackled. one of the students remains in critical condition. he went on a rampage at a mall wasn't a u.s. citizen but he voted three times. he registered to vote and
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participatedd in three election cycles. he was a permanent resident but never applied for citizenship. he never had to show proof of citizenship. he is charged with killing five people in 60 seconds at the makeup counter in macys. >> two men seen taking a bag from the site of the new york city bombing have been identified as egyptian tourists. police asking for help finding the pair who already left the united states. they are wanted in questioning in the attack. the bag had been used by suspected terrorists ahmed rahami. he is charged with making a pipe bomb at a new jersey 5k race. look at a live picture from jerusalem right now where thousands are coming from all over the world to pay their final respects to former israeli president shimon peres.
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connor joins us with who is expected to attend. >> the international community along with the israeli community paying their final respects to shimon peres who died yesterday at the age of 93. he was a statesman. he was prime minister and president. he just arrived here to pay their respects after years and decades of a relationship. peres was the architect of the oslo which ushered in nearly a decade of progress. he was a source of optimism here in this part of the world he was the first of the american officials to arrive in israel for the service we expect president obama. bill clinton arrived without his wife.
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hillary clinton opting to stay with donald trump as well. he will lay in state about 12-hours today and the funeral will be tomorrow. we are expecting international officials from germany and justin trudeau from canada. this is a very, very big event in israel. probably the largest event since rabin's funeral when he was assassinated in the late 90's. connor, thank you. >> how is this for a start from tim tebow. >> tebow hitting a home run during his first at bat in his first instructional game with the new york mets.
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>> the former nfl quarterback signing a contract with the mets and did not strike out. >> good for him. >> the time is now about 9 minutes after the hour. president obama grilled by a gold star mom. watch. >> why do you still refuse to use the term islamic terrorist? >> you won't believe how he responds. >> even more explosive trouble for sam sunsungs phones and tab. another device that could blow up. >> what happened to a driver after they hit a deer. this video you need to see again and again and again. >> it's amazing. but first a look at the weather across the country today. ♪
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>> the top man grilled on capitol hill. he was grilled for giving immunity for clinton aids. they were admitting classified information was found on cheryl mills lap top which she turned over to the fbi in exchange for protection. >> i think there was some information on the computer. >> is it a crime? >> without knowing more you would have to know what were the circumstances or intentions around that. >> jason chaffetz saying americans deserve the truth. >> why is it everybody is pleading the 5th and having immunity deals. i want hillary clinton to tell people there's immunity, they are not going to prosecute. tell congress and tell the american people the truth. right now we can't get to the truth. >> the f bishg refusing the call to reopen the clinton criminal
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investigation. >> sheila jackson hardly remaining impartial during the hearing. you can see her hearing a gold hillary clinton campaign pin. she raised a lot of eyebrows. they have no rules against waring pins. >> he says no to president obama over riding a veto for the first time in his presidency of a bill allowing families of 9-11 victims to sue saudi arabia for alleged terror ties. the president now reacting. he's not pleased. >> i think it was a mistake. our men and women in uniform around the world could potentially start seeing ourselves subject to reciprocal walks. it is a dangerous precedent and it is an example of why sometimes you have to do what is hard. frankly i wish congress had done
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what's hard. >> why would he want this bill vetoed in the first place. julianne turner served in the white house national security council under president bush and obama. she joins us to react. thank you for joining us this morning. >> we heard president obama say it was a mistake and they should have done something that's hard to do. this is an emotional issue. >> that's right. what he means by that is -- he's right. congress should have actually taken the step that was harder politically here. this is a complicated issue but it boils down to of course everybody wants the families to be able to seek justice in the international system. further down the road it is going to make americans more vulnerable. now we have a concept called
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sovereign immunity saying sovereign nations cannot sue other nations for breaching the law. this legislation flips that on its head. 9-11 families are able to sue the saudi government today but tomorrow the saudis and other countries are going to be able to sue the united states. that's very dangerous. >> why not specify the wording such that it is much narrower? >> it is a great question. i think they are going to try to do that after the bill is passed. what's happening is it was very rushed. congress was not prepared for this. they thought they were going to pass it by a congressional resolution. it happened very quickly and a lot of members voted for it don't understand what they are voting for. >> people hear that and they are saying it has been 15 years. >> that's where the emotion comes in. we want the families to have compensation and justice.
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this was not the best vehicle. >> what happens next? >> now that this is going to be a law they are going to be able to file a class action lawsuit against the kingdom of saudi arabia. the other thing that is damaging from a national security perspective is really going to weaken our bilateral relationship with the saudis which is feel what you may about the regime they are still an important defense partner in the region. >> in the middle east. >> so far they have not had a response yet. >> they are working all of the washington channels really hard this woke. >> gillian thank you for speaking with us. you will be on "fox & friends first" a little baiter. >> yes. 7:15. >> it is 17 minutes after 5 on the east coast. a major health alert this morning. what is inside your medicine cabinet that can cause serious heart problems. >> mr. trump is the real life inspiration for "iron man."
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>> what a beautiful song. skyscrapers will be coming into view when the sunrises. pain-killers like ibuprofen can raise your risk of heart problems by nearly 20 percent. scientists are warning patients to take the lowest effective doses and limit the length of time you are using that medication. >> they are bringing out the worst in voters finding 70 percent of people say the
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presidential election has brought out the worst in themselves and others. if you are a clinton supporter you are more likely to lose friend than a trump supporter. >> that is interesting. >> first exploding cell phones now washing machines bravenltd new trouble for samsung. >> cheryl, you are just not safe today. >> i have another recall to tell you about. this is samsung washing machines the front loading version. turns out some customers are reporting these machines are basically exploding in their homes. one texas woman saying it blew out a wall in her garage. any samsung front loading washer from march 2011 to 2016 could be a hazard. there are lawsuits. in particular in texas, georgia and indiana. this comes on the heels of those samsung galaxy notes that was
2:24 am
2.5 million devices they are having to recall. it has been a bad month for samsung. >> you are a runner. i know you as well. any one of you have an apple watch? >> if it is free i will take it. heather you probably know this. i have my little gar minute here. these things are great. they track your heart rate. they track calories burned where you are going. apple watch does the same thing the gar minute i am waring does. but does your health insurance company need to have all of that data. if aetna is your insurance provider they will subsidize the cost of an apple watch either through the company the company can cover the costs or individual insurance policyholders can get a sub size apple watch. aetna wants to connect its program to your watch. just remember, consider how much of your personal data like the 3,000 calorie dinner you had, do you want them to know. i am kidding.
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but it is a question mark out there. >> i have to look into that. free coffee. >> start with dunkin' doughnuts. you can get a medium coffee for $0.66. krispy kreme a good offer. you can get a coffee for free and one glazed doughnut for free. starbucks is doing something a little bit different. here's their statement. to celebrate national coffee daystar bucks will donate a coffee tree for every brewed cup of mexico coffee you buy. if you buy a cup of their mexico chiapas coffee they will donate a coffee tree. nothing tree at starbucks. >> i think i like krispy kreme. >> you can never underestimate the power of a doughnut. >> you were talking about the
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apple watch. apple logs i message contacts but it may be sharing that with police which goes against the philosophy philosophy. >> it is 25 minutes in the top of the hour. a brand new twist to tell you about with a mystery at sea. a man rescued after eight days accused of murder? >> we all remember this gaff by libertarian candidate gary johnson. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo. >> what is aleppo? >> he just committed another political faux pas.
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overnight. some even hit by bottles, glass, shattering. the demonstrators demands after the shooting death of an unarmed man. >> president obama grilled gby gold star mom who lost her son to islamic terrorists. >> why do you still use the term islamist terrorist. >> you won't believe how he responds. >> oh, dear. the animal who just won't quit after a driver accidentally hits it. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. overnight bottles a hurled at police officers shut down by
2:31 am
protestors outside of san diego. others yelling for them to stop as you can see glass bottles flying through the air in the top of the left corner of your screen. see that? >> the protestors are outraged over the killing of alfred olongo. it shows the 38-year-old holding a vap smoking device. officers shot him after his sister called 911 to report him actinger radically. the officers involved both 21 year veterans of the force are now on leave. >> police say the main suspect in a pair of dallas murders is an illegal who had already been deported back in mexico three times. juan rios was arrested yesterday in a standoff with officers who say he was using a fake name. he's wanted for killing a driver on a dallas interstate and a man at a gas station.
2:32 am
his motive is still unclear. disturbing details about a vermont man who survived a week at sea. he was a suspect in his grandfather's murder. he was the last one to see his grandpa alive before he was found fatally shot in his home back in 2013. carmen was never charged and his mother is presumed dead after their boat capsized during a fishing trip off of the coast. >> i want to thank everyone for their continued prayers for my mother. >> carmen claims the boat was sea worthy. they are combing through his vermont home looking for evidence looking into the ill faded fishing trip. >> hundreds of troops are being sent to iraq. president obama ordering a move to help combat isis. troops in iraq the number will exceed 5,000.
2:33 am
u.s. forces won't take part in combat but only advising worlds. it marks the 11th troop increase in iraq since june 2014. >> president obama sparking fresh controversy over the term radical islam. the president telling the gold star mom that the phrase can make radicals feel under attack. jackie ibanez with the new outrage. >> what is the problem making them feel under attack? >> it was billed as president obama's farewell to the troops. instead the president coming face to face of how he describes the enemy at home. the war of words at the military style home town at fort lee. she bluntly asked why he refuses to acknowledge the root cause of terrorism. >> why do you use the term islamic terrorists.
2:34 am
>> this is a nation that has been sort of manufactured. there is no doubt and i have said repeatedly that where we see terrorist organizations like al qaeda or isil they have perverted and distorted and tried to claim the man tell of i say islam for an excuse for basically barbarism and death. >> her son was killed by radical islamic terrorists. >> they are taking a step further the term was endangering the country referring specifically to quote people as spurring to become president. several political opponents including donald trump has
2:35 am
criticized president obama being soft on terrorism for refusing to use the term. >> we will get more comments on that. want to know what people at home wi think. what message is he sending? log on to fox & friends first facebook page after tfor a live debate #keep talking. the candidates are hot on the trail with just 40 days now until the election. donald trump and hillary clinton are riding the debate momentum as they hit the battle ground states. garrett tenney is live in washington. brand new line of attack. it is finally the home stretch. wow. >> it absolutely is, abby. as we know nothing is official until it is on twitter. the new line of attack in true trump fashion has a hashtag, follow the money. yesterday trump renewed his
2:36 am
criticism of wall street and big time donors to the clinton foundation. >> how many more clinton can sdals can this country take? one after another after another. you know the story, folks. you have seen it for years and years. we can't take another four years of barack obama and we can't take another four years of crooked hillary clinton. you can't do it. >> hillary clinton is riding the wave after the debate performance. she is hoping for support from young voters a key boarding block that hasn't shown much enthusiasm for the democratic nominee. the strategy to do that includes surrogates like bernie sanders millennials overwhelmingly by them. though touted clinton's plan for debt free college. >> it is great being here on the stage at unh with my friend
2:37 am
bernie sanders. one of the most passionate champions for equality and justice that i have ever seen and someone who i am looking forward to working with to get the kind of agenda through our congress that will begin to make sure country stronger. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump are continuing to hit the campaign trail hard. donald trump will be in new hampshire where clinton is ahead. >> it all comes down to the important date. >> it is not true until it is on twitter. >> that's a good point. >> everything. >> garrett, good to see you. >> take care. >> do you remember this gaff from libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo.
2:38 am
>> and what is aleppo? >> well, yeah, he just had another one. johnson unable to name a foreign leader that he respects. >> canada mexico, europe, asia, south africa name a foreign leader you spect. >> i am having an aleppo moment. >> anybody in the world you like. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i am having a brain freeze. >> chris ticks saying these instances show johnson's lack of foreign policy experience. >> cringe worthy, isn't it? >> donald trump getting a huge make-over on "saturday night live".
2:39 am
actor alec baldwin is taking over the trump impression role. baldwin and kate mckennan who plays hillary clinton will go head to head at a season premiere. they are hoping to capitalize on a record shattering debate earlier this week. she is so good. >> can't wait for that. >> the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. ballots behind bars. the brand new billeting felons vote from their angel cells. >> all eyes on your eye messages. what we learned about amon toring your contacts and what you can do to protect yourself. >> first a look at the weather across the country today. (climbing sounds)
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>> apple is tracking all of your text messages. >> is this true? >> abby. it is. apple may be watching your messages, logging it and sharing that information with authorities. >> they promised the i messages are safe and only between you and your friends. it can be a trail turned over to police if need be things like who you were likely to contact the date and the ip address of your phone. they claim they don't store data related to customer location and other things. apple is compelled to turn over
2:44 am
locations if government lawyers ask for it in specific ways. that has privacy experts concerned. when they have a court order we give the information if it is in our possession. apple says on the web site we build safeguards into our apps and things yourself. the things you rely on every day should keep your personal information safe. how do you ensure your messages stay private. if you don't want your apple id use a burner id that you only use with i message. you can use alternate texting app one called signal that is very popular. there are ways to get around it: back to you. >> election fraud before voting begins. they have attacked voter data bases in ten states not just in
2:45 am
illinois and arizona which we already knew about. russia is believed to be behind the hack attack. 18 states accepted an offer from the department of homeland security to help improve their cyber security systems. >> more votes coming from behind bars. jerry brown signing a bill to let thousands of felons vote from their jail cells. he says allowing convicts to cast the ballot will help speed up their transition back into society. they are strongly against it saying there has to be consequences for actions. another unpatriotic act. eight new york city council members refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance during a wave of national demonstrations against police. calling their actions patriotic. it happened after one of the council members started getting death threats after coming out in support of envelope
2:46 am
quarterback colin caber nick. >> let's go to brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends. >> i know you are about done. we have three hours coming your way. one of the segments you lwill look forward to is pastor jeffers. he will be going to the trump tower. he is the latest religious leaders to find his way into the trump camp. will he talk about religion and politics on our show if you watch with the audio up. >> a lot of religious leaders getting involved in the election cycle. >> trump needs him and so does hillary clinton. let's see who gets them. >> one thing you never talk about at the dinner table is religion and politics. it's breakfast time. >> it is even hard to get dinner together with everyone at one time. get the people there. >> we will be there. see you soon. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first." this is appalachiian state university in to "fox & friends first." students claim that the drawings unfairly targeted minorities and illegal immigrants and now only recognized student organizations may create chalk drawings to promote upcoming events. and go ahead and snap a picture of your ballot. a state law banning voters from posting pictures of them online just ruled unconstitutional. a federal appeals court said it suppresses political speech.
2:51 am
and the new hampshire law was meant to provide lawmakers, what they called, voter bullying. director tim barton is taking a new york times best selling novel to the big screen. >> he's invisible. >> these are known as peculiar. >> "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" is hitting theaters this weekend. michael tammero is here. tell us about this. >> the humorous story is brought to life. for people not familiar with the book, how would you describe the story? >> it's sort of a weird folk tale, weird spooky children's bedtime story. that's what i really loved about it. >> it's the story of a teenager who has struggled fitting in.
2:52 am
he embarks on this epic journey and he discovers this mysterious place where you have, like, peculiar children. there he will learn how to embrace his own peculiarities and find himself. >> it's a very visual adventure. tim is good to weaving in the creepy and mysterious elements. >> miss peregrine is such an unusual character. he calls her scary poppins that has rules but it is all for the children. >> look after them, jake. >> you promise? >> invisibility is always a good one. but the character that i identified with was the character that made inanimate objects come to life. that intrigues me.
2:53 am
>> looks so good. >> probably one of tim burton's best movies in a while. >> one of the producers said she didn't realize it was a children's book until after. >> it's a mary poppins with edge. check out for more of my interviews. >> good the see you, michael. thank you so much. the time the almost five minutes to the top of the hour. when animals attack, what happens to a driver after they hit a deer. the video you need to see again. and the moment was perfect until this proposal literally swept a woman off of her feet. is that a yes? stick around to find out. ♪
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you can tell that fall is on the way. the sun has not come up yet here in new york city. you're watching "fox & friends first" and we always appreciate it. three minutes before the top of the hour, and before you leave the house here's what's happening today. and accused serial killer is set to face a judge. shawn gates is set to see a judge in ohio, but police fear he is responsible for more murders. and thousands paying their respects to former israeli prime minister shimon peres as his body lies in state in jerusalem. president obama, president clinton and secretary of state john kerry all plan to visit the state today. and coffee shops are giving out freebies in celebration of national coffee day.
2:59 am
to find out how to cash in, go to >> and krispy kreme is giving away free donuts, too. look at this mother kuala who rescues her baby. and talk about head over heels. this proposal going horribly off-script. now it's going viral. this woman faints after her boyfriend pops the question. not because she turns him down, but because she was so happy. when she woke up, she did say yes and is doing just fine. and this deer attacks a driver moments after the driver hit it. you can see the deer lunging into the woman's suv in new jersey. the driver struggling with the buck before kicking it out of the car. good for her. can you even imagine? you open the door and think you
3:00 am
hit the deer and it starts climbing in your seat? >> either he was hit really hard so he was confused or he was really mad that he almost got hit. >> you have to watch that over and over again. and you're still shocked that it happened. crazy. >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. well, good morning to you and your family. it is thursday, the end of the week, september 29, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump is getting back to the basics and hitting hillary where it hurts. >> how many clinton scandals can this country take? one after another after another. >> we are live from trump tower with donald trump's new debate strategy. and it turns out the very aides who received immunity deals in the clinton e-mail investigation with the department of justice and the fbi may have actually ordered


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