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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 29, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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hit the deer and it starts climbing in your seat? >> either he was hit really hard so he was confused or he was really mad that he almost got hit. >> you have to watch that over and over again. and you're still shocked that it happened. crazy. >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. well, good morning to you and your family. it is thursday, the end of the week, september 29, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump is getting back to the basics and hitting hillary where it hurts. >> how many clinton scandals can this country take? one after another after another. >> we are live from trump tower with donald trump's new debate strategy. and it turns out the very aides who received immunity deals in the clinton e-mail investigation with the department of justice and the fbi may have actually ordered the wiping of hillary's server.
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how is that legal? >> i'm not sure. that was a crazy day yesterday when the fbi said that. and you thought this was bad. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> well, it happened again. how gary johnson had another aleppo moment. let me just remind you in case you're quizzed later in the streets. your mornings are better because you're with friends. >> he should just stop now. >> it's fascinating. as he blows himself up, he's a wonderful person, a very nice guy, but you wonder who he's going to shed to because in arizona he's doing well and so in new hampshire. people now can't pretend he's legitimate. >> gary johnson is getting the support of joupg peopyoung peop
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don't want to support donald trump or hillary clinton. >> he was in support of legal marijuana. all right. we begin with the race for the white house. donald trump hitting the campaign trail pretty hard riding a wave of momentum after the first presidential debate this week. >> now his advisors want him to shift his strategies to something new. how do you get to carnegie hall? practice, practice, practice. how do you get to st. louis? practice, practice, practice. >> go to john scott. >> john roberts. >> he's looking for him. >> great scott. i apologize. >> i don't see a john scott over here. >> i cannot believe that. the brain is looking for a john. hi, john. >> reporter: you know, brian, you were mentioning that you really like gary johnson, i can see why. you have something in common. >> that hurts my feelings.
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>> reporter: i'm sorry, brian. remember, with gary johnson, he polls really high in colorado. and that's a hugely important state this year. all right. so on to the next presidential debate. a week from sunday at washington university in st. louis, we hear that donald trump is going to adjust his strategy, maybe adopt a little bit of a new one, and that would include to get to carnegie hall, practice, practice, practice. with donald trump, everything is a wild card. nobody knows if he's going to do it or not. but there are a lot of people in the republican campaign that believe he left a lot of opportunities sitting on the table. he missed chances to go after hillary clinton. and he couldn't pivot from the question he was asked to the question he really wanted to answer and really should have answered. he couldn't find a way to benghazi because he was asked about something else. that's the skill of a good debater. kelly anne conway was good on "the kelly file" and was asked
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what they were going to do at the next debate. here's what she said. >> he did prepare for the next debates. but looking at the town hall format, we'll take into account the different logistics and fiscalties involved with that particular setting. if mr. trump looks back at the first 30 minutes or so of the debate, we'll see real highlights. his ability to sort of joust and jab with hillary clinton. >> reporter: a couple potential lines of attack that donald trump could pursue a week from sunday. he's got a new one he's using on the campaign trail, "follow the money," suggesting hillary clinton only cares about people giving her money. those are the people she wants to represent. and then what hillary clinton said on monday about most people in this country having a problem with implicit racism. here's what trump said last night, listen. >> how can hillary clinton try to lead this country when she has such a low opinion of its citizens.
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how can she lead this country when she thinks america is full of replaceables and irredeemables. >> reporter: you mentioned at the top of this that it's a town hall forum for the next debate. that carries with it a lot of unknowns as well. it's more difficult to attack your opponent head-on when we simply can win a debate by simply forgetting your correspondent's name. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: good to see you. >> as ed was just talking about in the report how trump offered a new line of attack, which is fellow the money, he's able to connect two things. follow the money and the clintons many, many scandals. here he is last night. >> reporter: the clintons have perfected the politics of profit. but more importantly, when you
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look at what's happening, i think it has more to do with other things. large corporations who support terrible trade deals, offshore jobs and they are donating to the clintons. how many more clinton scandals can this country take? one after another after another. never in american history have so many serious things from the campaign like with hillary clinton. >> i think he'll be much more comfortable surrounded by the voters versus a moderator giving him the question. >> he'll have martha radditz who is unbelievably knowledged there. she'll press him. and anderson cooper with mixed results. >> and people will be asking questions as well, pre-screened. he just perfected the political
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realm, no doubt about i. how is he going to do? and newt gingrich, interestingly enough, newt is begging to differ with donald trump. he thinks donald trump got something kind of wrong. he explains in this sound bite. >> i don't often disagree with mr. trump, but he said something that is an exaggeration. i don't think hillary would sell the oval office. i think she would rent it on a nightly basis. but i don't think she would sell it. and that's a little bit much. >> newt has been battling hard for, obviously, running as a best surrogate. you'll find out how that helps
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out the debates. if you look at the size of the crowd, donald trump feels good like he's surging. >> people are exciting. >> they are starting to point out things like, remember with bernie sanders coming out over and over again release the speeches to wall street. that you got $675,000. we don't know what you said to wall street. that is important. and the clinton camp is worried they are losing millennials and marched out bernie sanders. and the other thing is they are getting worried about virginia. that's why they are underlying republican sart john warner to say, i'm not going with donald trump, i'm going with hillary. >> he didn't call her crooked hillary monday night. he's doing it on the campaign trail, e-mail scandals, that's what a lot of republicans are wanting to hear.
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>> under the leadership of the house oversight committee chairman, jason chaffitz, they said, the more they see about the decision not to proceed with anything criminally to hillary clinton, the more they are scratching their head. here's the republican you heard from, jason chaffetz. >> how did the report conclude that she didn't know about it until after when back in 2010 she was sending an e-mail to mr. cooper. mr. cooper works for the clinton foundation, not the state department, so when there's a problem with her e-mail, what does he do? she sends an e ma ill to this person asking if the server is
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okay. and this person, mr. cooper writes back. come on, there's direct evidence she actually did know. >> and there was ani.d. company that lied to the fbi after he got the immunity deal. first of all he said, i didn't know they were under subpoena. a couple weeks ago he said, yeah, i knew, but i'm not talking about the phone calls i had with hillary's aide and -- >> one of the guys who got the immunity is asking how to hide vip e-mail addresses. >> we do know this, james comey says call me whatever you want, but don't call me a weasel. >> all right, won't call him that. time now for some news this
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morning. >> good to see you guys, good morning. a video just coming into the newsroom showing protestors throwing bottles at police officers. cops forced to shut down streets outside in san diego. others yelling for them to stop throwing glass bottles. the protestors are outraged over the killing of alfred alongo. the 38-year-old was in a shooting stance. later it was revealed he was not holding a gun but a vape smoking device. officers shot him after his sister called 911 to report him acting erratically. the officers are both 21-year veterans of the force and are on leave. and new information about the team who shot up at an elementary school right after he
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murdered his own father, jeffrey osborne, inside his home there in north carolina. then he shot two 6-year-old boys and a teacher on the playground before being tackled. one person is in critical. investigators are working to find the motive. for the first time in his presidency, congress is rejecting president obama's veto to allow families to sue saudi arabia for planning the terror attacks. the president is trying to guilt lawmakers over their decision. >> this is a dangerous precedent. and it is an example of why you have to do what's heard. and frankly i wish congress had done what's harder. >> president obama now blaming
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the vote on the election year. and real-life heroes on capitol hill. two congressmen jump into action to save a map's life. when they find him pauszed out in the elevator and not breathing. they had to use a cpr device. he was rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition. the lawmakers will join us live in the 7:00 hour of "fox & friends." those are friends i would love to have. i look forward to that interview. >> yeah, they knew how to work the defibrillator to save a guy's life. >> you can buy them for your house, too. >> they are about $3,000. >> oh, they are. but it could save your life. >> we have them all over this building right now. meanwhile straight ahead, thank you, abby. we're being fair and balanced.
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pass stotors and faith lead
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are getting more involved in this presidential race than ever before. and there's no doubt why as 62% say the country is heading in the wrong direction. the book is out, oftentimes we see people turn to the wrong direction, and that leads to you. guys like you and gals like you. >> everybody knows i support donald trump. i think he's the only choice in this next election, steve. for conservative christians, look at trump. he's the only candidate who is pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-conservative justices for the supreme court. he's the only candidate who treats the views of conservative
3:19 am
christians with respect rather than contempt like hillary clinton does. and so although i'm not going to endorse from the pulpit, when i think pastors preach about issues, the sanctity of life, religious liberty, fairness for all people, i think people can connect the dots. >> i heard a statistic a while back during the mitt romney/barack obama campaign season, 25 million u.s. evangelicals did not vote. so obviously that -- there are a lot of numbers there if trump or hillary clinton could possibly get them to come vote. you put together this pamphlet. we'll tell you how you can get it. but it asks five questions. one is how does a candidate's faith impact his policy? >> article 6 of the constitution says there's no government religious test, you can be christian or hindu, but i would suggest any candidate who says i'm a person of faith but it has
3:20 am
no impact on my policies, either that person is a shallow follower of their faith or a liar. i think it's a right thing to ask how the candidate's faith would impact policies. >> the last question here, real quick, you want to make sure whoever is the next president of the united states picks somebody to go on the supreme court that alines with your religious views. >> well, i think whether it is my views or not, the fact is we need justices who will interpret the law using the constitution and not political correctness as the standard. trump that is -- the supreme court alone, steve, is reason for conservatives to turn out and vote in this election. >> for folks who would like your pam the pamphlet of how kris chchristia
3:21 am
should vote -- >> you can get it for free at my website. >> thank you. coming up, many say hillary clinton won the first debate. but what do the undecides think? and how did tim tebow do in his baseball debut? we'll tell you in a second.
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time now for your headlines. 615 more u.s. troops are going to iraq. president obama ordering the move to fight isis. the total number of u.s. troops will now exceed 5,000. this is the 11th time since 2014 that more troops have been sent to iraq. maybe we shouldn't have pulled them out so quickly. well, who knows. then, these two men seen taking a bag from the side of new york city at the bombing right before the bombs went off have been identified as egyptians.
3:25 am
and the police say they have already left the united states. i wonder why? authorities want to question them after they took the bag used by the suspect, theme bombg suspect, ahmad a rahami. they are still considered suspects. thanks, brian. there's the count down, it was a fiery debate this week. some say trump had the upper hand while others say clinton dominated. but in the middle of the swing state of pennsylvania, one bar full of undecided voters were watching and were won over by donald trump. so how did he do it? here to explain how he got her vote is katie letowski. thank you for joining us, katie. >> thank you. >> i understand you're a paralegal by day and a bartender and waitress at a bar in louisiana, right? >> yep. >> so what happened, you got together to watch the debate? >> i was working that evening and decided to stay to watch the
3:26 am
debate and some friends came to join me. >> what was your reaction and the reaction of the folks in the bar? >> there was a small group of us all watching and paying attention. overall, i thought that trump came out on top. it seemed like hillary was focused on making personal jabs at him instead of focusing on the issues at hand. >> and you have never been really political before. in fact, you just registered to vote, i understand, after you watched the debate, is that right? >> yeah, i did. i registered right after the debate. >> why? >> i just, i guess, before in the past i really didn't have any faith in the candidate that is were there and found someone that i actually believe in more or less this time to change things and move forward as a country. >> what did he say during the debate that really stuck out to you? >> just his -- i mean, you can't really pinpoint one thing, it is just all his background ideas on what he wants to do to make america great, to keep the jobs in our country instead of having
3:27 am
them outsourced to other countries, closing the borders and giving people here more opportunities to be employed. >> the stakes are pretty high in pennsylvania. both candidates need to win the state. but westmoreland county, is that where the bar is? >> yeah, it's a primarily trump dominated area, i would say. >> why is that? >> there's a lot of small business openers who have establish established their up businesses in the area. and i think they have his support because of what he's going to do in the long run. it's an area of people with morals and ethics. >> the experts say he needs 2,000 more votes than mitt romney got in that county. do you think he's going to win the state of pennsylvania? >> as far as my area of pennsylvania, i think he has it
3:28 am
in the bag. i can't speak for the other side of the state because i'm not over there. but he has support from this way, for sure. >> thank you for coming on to talk to us. we wish you best in all your endeavors. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, you thought this was bad? what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? we well, it's the way he said it. and so much for being fair and balanced. sheila jackson lee wearing a clinton campaign pin at the hillary clinton hearing, at the e-mail hearing. should that be allowed? but first, happy birthday to jerry lee louis who is 81 today.
3:29 am
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♪ that. >> tim tebow making us all proud hitting his first home run in his first at-bat. >> first at-bat. >> first pitch, first at-bat. first instructional game for the new york mets, brian. >> i believe that's the first time the dugout emptied in the first inning, unless you're derek jeter in the last game of your career. i cannot believe that.
3:33 am
the former hiz meisman winner d not strikeout during his debut. fantastic. i believe he belongs in the cfl, proving to the nfl he belongs in the nfl, because he's and nfl quarterback. he just needs an opportunity. >> right, that's the problem. there weren't any. >> are you encouraging -- >> would you go to canada? >> no, i would stay in america. are you telling him to leave the country? >> right. for all you nay sayers, i told you so. brian! >> he's going to cooperstown. >> he's going to get better and better. that's what he's starting out looking like. imagine a few years. >> if this keeps up, he'll have 500 home runs by the end of the month. >> i bet he will. i'm going to pray for that. >> things are looking up for him. let's talk -- yesterday we were talking a little bit about how opposite the debate monday night football had the lowest
3:34 am
ratings in history. and brian appropriately added that over the last couple of weeks he's gone to the fact that a lot of people are not happy with the number of nfl players who are taking a knee. >> i would say this. i have never seen more football fans come up to me, who say i'm not watching, if my team sits there and takes a knee during the national anthem, regardless of what you're standing for, if you can't agree to stand and salute the flag, i will not watch you play football. >> you have really heard that from a lot of people. >> i have heard that. and the ratings are showing that. and donald trump was asked about this last night from bill o' reilly. >> he went downhill very fast. i would not be a happy camper. >> he said he wouldn't be a
3:35 am
happy camper if he owned the team, he's saying. >> the president was asked about it on cnn, and he said i want mr. kaepernick and others on the knee to listen to the pain they may cause somebody who, for example, had a child who was killed in combat and why it hurts them to see somebody not standing. >> that's a great response. >> but he went on to say, i also want people to think about the pain that he may be expressing about somebody who has lost a loved one who they think was up fairly shot. one of two african-americans in the senate, the only republican, i asked him about colin kaepernick and said, have you commented on this before? he said no. on july 13th he talked very vividly about being stopped seven times in capitol hill, he goes, he believes because he's black, even though he had the senate pin on, a couple times i was speeding and other times i
3:36 am
was pulled over because i had a pretty nice car. >> he was speeding? >> a couple times he was speeding. the other times he believes it was because he was in a nice car. and he talked about this after one of the incidents happened over the summer. having said that, i had no idea what he was going to say about colin kaepernick. listen to this. >> our american flag is the greatest representation of what it means -- it is the symbol of hope and opportunity for all of us. the fact that we have problems never gives you permission to disrespect our flag. never should we ever find ourselves in a situation where we find the flag of the united states of america be antithetical to freedom. the fact that some of us have to work to make sure we all experience freedom is progress. because this country is the beacon of life for all of mankind. and anyone that stands up or
3:37 am
refuses to stand, i think you're making a drastic mistake. and you're bringing the focus to you and not to the underlying issue. >> wow. >> so you do have a choice. but just think it all through. >> from the great state of south carolina, i thought that was beautifully said. >> yeah. obviously, it's how he feels. he does believe there's a problem with law enforcement in the black community. he believes this is just the wrong way to do it. and he thinks it's detracting from it. the biggest thing he's ever done is put a picture up of a person kneeling before the flag, and he said he understands the struggle. >> we had somebody on who said it's the approach. if you feel this way, we understand that. but give money to one of the charities that can help. shaq said to give money to the charities instead of taking a
3:38 am
knee. >> he is giving a million dollars to a charity. >> colin kaepernick. >> yeah. >> last week we had bobby knight who said if he was his coach, he would have fired him. >> all the jerseys, he makes money every time a kaepernick jersey is bought, he's giving it to charity. >> it's the number one selling jersey. >> so what do you think? let us know. contact us via twitter, facebook us or e-mail us on this thursday morning. >> we look forward to seeing that story tomorrow. in the meantime, we'll hand it over to abby with headlines. >> good morning. good to see you. we start with this, president obama sparking fresh controversy with the mother of a soldier asking president obama why he refuses to acknowledge the root of terrorism. the president called it, quote, a manufactured issue by his political opponents.
3:39 am
tina's son was killed in baghdad back in 2007 by radical islamic terrorists. and remember this gaffe of libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson? >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> oh, boy, we all remember that. well, he just had another one. johnson unable to name a foreign leader he respects. watch. >> mexico, europe, over there, asia, south america, africa, name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president of mexico. >> but i'm giving you the whole world. anybody in the whole world you like, anybody, pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- i'm having a brain freeze. the ox. >> you feel bad for him in this moment. and so much for being
3:40 am
impartial, sheila jackson is seen wearing a hillary clinton campaign pip during the hearing on hillary clinton's e-mail server. you can see her wearing her support on sleeve as congress grills fbi director james comey. the house has no rules against members wearing candidates' p s pins. he may not like donald trump but he may like this less. see what happens when a guy tries to steal a trump sign from his neighbor's lawn. watch this. all right. there's no sound, but you can see the guy running on the lawn trying to steal the sign. the homeowner booby-trapped this sign with electricity zapping anyone who touches it. i guess that serves him right. look at that. he'll never touch that sign again. >> got a little buzz. >> attempted theft he should also be charmed with. >> i hate thieves. i hate that. >> i'm definitely against crime as well. >> i'm glad.
3:41 am
>> vandalism. all right. >> i am coming out against thieves. next, if you're going to touch that, it might be like the invisible fence. you will get a little shock like a dog. and if you're going to steal some today, aps linsley is stil the fence. >> how do you buy something to put on a fence? >> we don't know what he did. but if you have and electrle el fence out in cast, when i was president of the faa -- >> you were president? >> i was president of the ffa, future farmers of america. you hook it up to a car battery. it's that simple. straight ahead, you have to wait in line to vote on election day. but some convicted felons will get to cast a ballot without even leaving their jail cells. how is that going to work for the felons? we'll explain. it will cut down on the
3:42 am
lines. and another political race happening and it's a lot cuter that the real one. which party will win? the demo cats or the repuplicans? >> no electric fences in our green room. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪
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turn the trips you have to take, into one you'll never forget. expedia plus rewards. earn points on over one million hotels, flights, and packages. some quick headlines this morning. more votes coming from behind bars. the governor of california jerry brown signing a bill to allow thousands vote from their jail cells. he thinks it will help their transition into society, but the california sheriff's society is strongly against that saying there have got to be cops consequences for actions. and another unpatriotic act. eight new york city council
3:46 am
members refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance. they are joining a wave against national police started by nfl quarterback come inn kaepernick. those seated are calling their actions patriotic. what do you think? >> they're idiots. all right. here we go, director tim burton is taking a new york times best-selling novel to the big scream. >> he's invisible. >> of course. we have what's known is common pollens as peculiar. >> "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" hits the theaters this weekend. >> and that looks like something from tim barton. michael tammero is here with more. >> it's all about bringing this mysterious story to life. for people not familiar with the book, how would you describe this story? >> it was sort of a weird folk
3:47 am
tale, weird children's spooky bedtime story. that's what i really loved about it. >> it's the story of a teenager who has trouble fitting in. he embarks on this epic journey and he kind of discovers this mysterious place where you have, like, kind of peculiar children. there he will learn how to embrace his own peculiarities and find himself. >> it's a very visual adventure. what tim is so good doing is weaving in these creepy and mysterious elements. >> miss peregrine is such an unusual character. i know tim barton calls her scary poppins who has rules, quite tough, but it is all for the love of her children. >> eat one thing. look after them, jake. >> i promise. >> what would you think people would be surprised to learn is peculiar about you two? >> what is peculiar about me? >> everything. >> yeah, we could say that.
3:48 am
i mean, i guess we both -- it's easy to say upbringing being kind of peculiar in itself. >> sometimes people put me, like, in the dark box or something. and when the they meet me, they realize i'm quite shy. that's the real me. >> if you could have a peculiar power -- >> invisibility is always a good one. but i guess the character i most identify with is the enoch character making weird inanimate characters come to life. that is something that intrigues me. >> reporter: "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" opens this weekend in theaters. >> i liked his description of scary poppins. >> is it scary to take kids? >> it's a little dark. 10 and up, i would say. follow me on twitter and
3:49 am
instagram. >> there he is right there. >> i was asking that really for the moms at home that have 5 and 6-year-olds. >> in nine years i'll remind you to take your child to that. >> michael, thank you. straight ahead, brand new details the on the mall shooter up in washington state. the suspect not an american citizen. so why was he allowed to vote three different times, including in a presidential primary? >> wow. >> well, prisoners can vote now, too. and there's another political race happening and it's a lot cuter that the real one. which party, in this case, is going to win? the democats? >> or the -- >> repuplicans. >> how your dog can vote, next. relook.
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the polls are now open for the bark my vote campaign, that is and dogs across america will finally have a chance to cast their upcoming ballot. >> the franchise is making sure your dog's bark is being heard with their all natural democats and repuplicans. >> you've come up with two different kinds of cookies. why would dogs be interested in politics? >> dogs are part of our life.
3:54 am
they are like family members. >> you have a yorkie. >> when we watch the news in the morning, her ears perk up when she watches politicians on tv. whose idea would it be if they were allowed to vote with us. >> this pug is not listening to me. >> you are selling these on line. these folks at home can buy whichever cookie they like. >> they can do a challenge at home. you can buy both and do the challenge at home yourself, and you can upload the video to our facebook page. >> elvis, you have two cookies. you want the repuplicans or the democats. >> which one will he pick up? >> are they made of the same stuff? >> yes. >> yes.
3:55 am
we had to be fair. >> let me see if this dog wants -- >> there we go. which one do you like. >> do you want a cookie? >> not even if the dogs want to come over and vote this year. >> i know we had a hard time getting the millennials interested. >> the most reluctant dog is gus the pug. >> oh. look. he's going with the repuplicans. >> he didn't check out all the candidates. >> he knew. he knew. >> you should know what you are doing before you get in the booth. >> do the cookies taste differently? did the democats taste like high taxes and the repuplicans taste like a wall? >> that would be great. no, they are made of the same thing, just different shapes.
3:56 am
we wanted to be fair. >> so who is winning? have you sold more repuplicans or democats? >> repuplicans at the moment. when we launched it was neck and neck, and after the conventions were over, donald trump started taking a lead. it's almost as if the dogs had the insight that republicans were going to turn it around. >> obviously, you did not have your sound on your television. that was not a good month for us. >> how do they get the cookies? >> they can good to >> he's voting twice! >> he's attracted to your extremely shiny shoe. >> gus has the strength of a mastiff. i don't know what they are feeding him. >> thank you very much. coming up, the head of the fbi grilled on capitol hill.
3:57 am
>> what concerns me, director, is when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution. >> because this was done by the fbi you know and love, this was done by pros in the right way. >> judge napolitano joins us next. from any angle. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ♪usic: suspenseful because safety is never being satisfied. if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr. just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active... acid pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? ♪ banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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4:00 am
good thursday morning. it's the ebbed end of the week. you almost made it. september 29th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. happening right now, two lions escape from the zoo. panic is breaking out at this very hour. we have tell you where that is. donald trump getting back to basics, which includes attacking hillary rodham clinton. >> how can they lead this country when she thinks america is full of racists, deplorables and irredeemables. his strategy for the next debate just revealed.
4:01 am
the fbi grilled over the clinton email investigation. we learn that the aides who got immunity may have actually ordered the wiping of her server. when this going to end? >> let me remind you, mornings are better with friends. ♪ yep, that's the freedom tower here in new york city, and you are looking right now at liberty landing in new jersey where today the folds of honor foundation will launch their dream ship which is a hot air balloon covered in the drawings of children whose parents gave the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom. >> isn't that beautiful? there's the balloon right there on the ground. it's a little windy right now to blow it up this morning.
4:02 am
that's a picture of what it looks like. that was yesterday as they were taking off. isn't that beautiful? folds of honor is a fantastic organization. >> stick around for the next hour of "fox & friends." president obama was even fawg about the military yesterday and how he can't forget about them. donald trump hitting the campaign trail very hard, riding a wave of momentum after the first presidential debate but now his advisers want him to shift his strategy. >> that's right. they are going to do something very simple. they want him to practice, don't they, john roberts, outside trump tower? >> good morning, steve, ainsley, clayton -- i mean brian. they want donald trump prepare to a little more for this debate than he did for the last one. i think they discovered that this idea of winging it probably is not the best one. there are a lot of republicans who believe that there were a
4:03 am
bunch of missed opportunities in the monday debate that he should have found a way to pivot from some of the questions that he was asked by the moderator lester holt into things he really wanted to talk about. one of the big missed opportunities when he was asked about cyber security, he didn't even mention hillary clinton's emails. though he wasn'ted asked about benghazi, there were plenty of opportunities. people think he could have gone after her on ben gaines and he probably could have had a better comeback to her when she was talking about comments he made about women. the next debate is in st. louis in a town hall format. we were given an idea what they plan to do next debate. >> we will be taking into account, the different logistics and physicalities involved in that particular setting. >> one of the things you have to do is make sure you don't look
4:04 am
at your watch and engage with the audience. a new populist is outreach to voters, remember cuba gooding, jr, saying show me the money. follow the money. >> the only people hillary clinton ever fights for are the special interests who write checks for her. for her, it's about follow the money. follow the money. believe me that's what's happened. in her campaign for president, hillary clinton has received $100 million in contributions from wall street and the hedge funds. >> donald trump suggesting to you folks yesterday that maybe he should have gone a little harder on hillary clinton than he did. monday's debate, it's difficult to do that on this town hall format it's not the sort of combative environment.
4:05 am
you are being asked questions from the audience. they want to see you engage with them instead of your opponents. the preparation strategy we won't see. there's also the wild card. john was talking about how donald trump may go harder after hillary clinton. yesterday, on capitol hill, judge napolitano, there were a number of republicans who said to james comey said all these revelations we've had make it looked like the fbi dropped the ball. >> and hide the ball by dumping it out on friday. >> this is very sad for us to watch, particularly james comey who as recently as a year ago had a reputation as the most upstanding, the straightest shooter in a major law enforcement position in the
4:06 am
united states today. that reputation he no longer enjoys. there are fbi agents who worked on this case who are so furious at the politically orchestrated outcome. obviously, he's not going to tell that to the house committee. he's going to give the impression that we're united and we did this professionally. there are fbi agents who believe their hands were tied. they believe the orders came down from the beginning exonerate her. reasons for that. no grand jury called. no subpoenas issued. no search warrants served. no serious department of justice supervision because not since bill clinton and -- because of that nonsense between bill clinton and the attorney general in the phoenix airport. trey gowdy, why give immunity to five people?
4:07 am
>> watch this. we'll get reaction. >> what concerns me, director is when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution, when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers, who happen to be targets, to sit in on an interview. that is not the fbi that i used towork with. >> i hope some day when this political craziness is over, you'll look back again on this, because this is the fbi you know and love. this was done by pros in the right way. that's the part i have no patience for. >> when this -- he's saying -- he's saying trey goudy is political. >> he's a former federal prosecutor who worked hand-in-in glove with the fbi in south carolina and director comey knows that. it's difficult to watch. they know the mountain of evidence against her is overwhelming. as donald trump began to rise in
4:08 am
the republican primaries, barack obama decided i don't want to be succeeded by him, i'm going to do everything i can to save hillary. >> so the word came from the white house to the a.g., to comey, boom, that's what we got. >> these people did not receive immunity. they received agreements not to prosecute them on the basis of what they told the fbi, but the fbi usually does that. >> that's not immunity? >> no, because they could still be prosecuted for other reasons. they just can't have used against them what they told the fbi. that evidence is off the table, but they usually don't do that. congressman gowdy is right. unless there's going to be a prosecution and their testimony is so vital that we have to agree not to go after them for their involvement and that did hadn't happen here. >> cheryl mills representing hillary clinton and getting immunity. >> i've never seen that in my career where a lawyer is a
4:09 am
witness getting immunity, a partial agreement not to prosecute and stays on the case because you have divided loyalty between protecting your client, hillary clinton, and protecting yourself. >> you know what he says yesterday, he said yeah, cheryl mills did have some classified information on a laptop. >> guess what's that called? a felony. >> because she's an attorney, she doesn't have to disclose it. was it trey gowdy that said -- >> he said if they had subpoenaed it, there would have been litigation over it. big deal. that's what the courts are there for. >> a professor of law at george washington university law school and known to be more of a liberal said this. >> i think the real problem with all of this is it shakes credibility of the fbi. they said they wanted to build a criminal case. you don't build a criminal case by not only handing out the guy on the phone call with clinton's attorneys who by the way invoked
4:10 am
the privilege against self-incrimination, then you give immunity to the other party to the conversation. >> this is damaging, tarnishing the reputation of the best law enforcement entity on the planet because they didn't even follow their own basic rules in this case. >> yeah, no kidding. judge. thank you very much for dropping by. all the best. >> another thousand pages are coming over the weekend. >> which means i'll be reading over the weekend. we begin with a fox news alert. a story we're following all morning. panic breaking out at a zoo after two lions escaped. this all unfolding in germany. two male lions somehow slipped out of their cages overnight and are somewhere on the zoo grounds. an emergency plan is now in place. the zoo will be closed to the public until the one-year-old
4:11 am
lions are found. this video revealed, protesters throwing bottles at police officers on the streets outside of san diego. others yelling for them to stop throwing glass bottles. the protesters are outraged over the killing of alfred alongo. the 38-year-old is in a shooting stance. it was later revealed he was not holding a gun but a vape-smoking device. his sister had called 911 to report him acting erratically. the images are so upsetting. children terrified and crying after a teenager opened fire while they are on the playground at school. officers say the 14-year-old suspect shot and killed his dad, jeffrey osborn inside his own home in south carolina. then he drove two miles to
4:12 am
townville elementary school, where he shot two six-year-old boys and a teacher before being tackled by a firefighter. one child is in critical condition this morning. the teenager was home schooled and this morning he is in custody. school is closed for the rest of the week. and talk about head over heels. ♪ this proposal in mexico going horribly off script. a woman who was so shocked that she fainted. when she woke up, she said yes. the question is how long did this poor guy have to wait before she said yes. >> isn't that what they do in acting? if you trust the person, you fall. >> true love, you guys. >> she fell on her bottom, first. she didn't hit her head. >> the moral of the story is don't get engaged. that's what i'm getting. you write us, tell us what you
4:13 am
think. >> are you having some regrets? >> sometimes it can hurt. meanwhile, the white house promises the vetting process for refugees is top notch. they must screen them for their radical views, right? wrong! and congress overriding a veto for the first time of president obama's presidency. we'll explain next. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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4:17 am
congress says no to president obama overriding a veto for the first time in his presidency of a bill allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. now the president reacting to what happened yesterday and he was not pleased. >> i think it was a mistake. our men and women in uniform are around the world could potentially start seeing ourselves subject to reciprokol.
4:18 am
it's a dangerous precedent and an example of sometimes you have to do what's hard. frankly, i wish congress here had done what's hard. >> why would he want this vetoed in the first place? gillian, you do not like the fact that this override took place. why? >> i don't. i agree with the president. the reason he talked about why this was a really hard bill because as americans, as patriots, we all want to see the families of 9/11 victims compensated financially. we want them to be able to seek justice. >> we want to find out what happened. >> here and abroad and to find out what happened. the problem with this particular piece of legislation is not that. it's the longer term complications, the reciprocity built into it. which allows other countries to sue the united states. >> they say it's not true. it only applies to acts of
4:19 am
terrorism that occur on u.s. soil. >> how does you define terrorism? other countries define terrorism different than we do. that's where the difficulty comes in. that's what makes it complicated. >> you have a bunch of 9/11 families who believe these terrorists couldn't have acted without some type of organization and they believe the money trail does go back to some element of the saudi government. they protested and have mysteriously gone silent since. >> now this bill is going to be a law, i think there will be real damaging consequences to the u.s.-saudi bilateral relationship. public approval among americans right now is now as high as for the saudi royal family.
4:20 am
on some issues, we share the same interests and values. >> john mccain said i'm not listen for this override and others were starting to step out, what do you think happened on capitol hill? >> well, there's one answer and that's -- it's an election year. >> it was 9197 -- 97-1 in the senate. >> it's a huge election here. no one wants the optic of not being on the side of 9/11 families. >> they say it's a narrow. judge napolitano says the same thing. it gives the victims of a terrorist attack on our soil the opportunity for justice they all deserve. you probably have it in your own medicine cabinet right now. the popular bill that could have deadly consequences. our government can't figure out how to help our veterans.
4:21 am
we did. lea gabriel joins us live next to talk about this program you want to hear about. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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4:24 am
we have some medical headlines for you right now. a man may have gotten zika from his dad's tears? >> what? >> this happening in utah. this man taking care of his sick father, the dad was carrying 100,000 times the normal level of zika. >> how is that possible? it's probably in your medicine cabinet right now. guess what. it can kill you. a new study shows that over the
4:25 am
counterpainkillers like ibubprofen can raise your temperature over -- blood pressure 120%. and the foundation is taking to new heights. >> lea joins you now live. along with major dan rooney. good morning. >> this is a different kind of afterburner than i'm used to but this is the basket for the folds of honor dream ship which is a huge hot air balloon and is truly is full of dreams, the dreams of children who have made huge sacrifices because their parents served in the military like journey allen here. tell us about your dad. >> my dad was in the army and he was really tough and special to
4:26 am
me and i love him. >> and he is a very special man who unfortunately was shot when he served in afghanistan and now receives 24-7 care, but journey has some huge dreams. tell us about your dreams. >> i want to be a singer and when we found out about the contest, i really wanted to do it, and my picture of it's me singing and it's on the balloon. >> the picture she's talking about is one of 130 pictures of kids like journey who have drawn their dreams and their pictures on this balloon. this all is possible because of folds of honor and with me is the founder of folds of honor, major dan rooney. tell us about this issue. >> journey said it so well. it's about fueling the dreams of children. this year at folds of honor we've aordered -- awarded over 3,000 scholarships. 13,000 total since inception. it's a huge blessing. when you look at us at fellow
4:27 am
aft yater -- aviators, we're so blessed to help kids like journey. >> we're standing here with ken martindale who is the president of the rite aid foundation and you all have supported this mission with $6 million. right? >> we have. we've gotten to snow dan and the folds of honor a couple years ago and we're excited to be part of his mission to take care of these kids. we've raised a lot of money but this is beyond raising money. we're changing lives here. kids like journey thatms and weo be part of this and be able to support them. it's a very exciting day. this is this guy is going to fly all over the country and it's going to be really neat. >> when the weather calms down a bit, it's going to fly. where is the balloon is going? >> it's going from sea to shining sea. it will fly for three years
4:28 am
across this country, and the rite aid foundation awarded over 400 dreams, many that are represented on this beautiful dream ship. >> and thanks to this wonderful organization for kids like journey, their dreams will soar high along with this balloon as it makes its tour around the country. back to you guys in the studio. lea is live over at liberty landing. that organization is awesome. going through the worst time in your life, you could lose a parent who is fighting for our country, but then dan rooney shows up with a check to help you get through college. >> yeah. >> awesome. >> and the money goes to the right place. >> journey is really special. >> meanwhile, it's what we all knew was happening but the white house denied it. the scary revelation about the refugees coming to this country.
4:29 am
something you have not heard yet. donald trump and hillary clinton squaring off on jobs during the first debate. >> i don't think topdown works in america. >> our country is suffering because people like secretary clinton have made such bad decisions in terms of our jobs and in terms of what's going on. >> so who won that round? ed rollins is in the ring next. >> rocky rollins! i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again,
4:30 am
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4:32 am
guys, there are now about six more weeks left in the election, and we know that because this morning trump's hair popped out and saw its shadow. >> it's amazing. the big news from nbc is that snl has chosen a donald trump stand-in and it's going to be -- >> alec baldwin. >> i think it's going to be
4:33 am
devastating to the trump persona. >> they show them preparing for the debate and it's him getting his make-up on and at the end of it, it doesn't look like alec bald in -- baldwin. >> every time i see alec baldwin, i see tony bennett. >> i remember that voicemail message he left his daughter. >> she's now grown. >> or getting in the face of the reporter in the street, screaming at her. >> we all have our favorite alec baldwin moment. 27 minutes before the top of the hour and abby huntsman join us. >> and kate mckenna for hillary clinton. she's fabulous. the two men who found the pressure cooker bomb in new york city justoided. they are -- just identified. they took the bag used by suspected bomber by ahmed rahami. they work for an egyptian
4:34 am
airline. they are not suspects. they did fail to make themselves known after they issued an alert. the obama administration admitting they don't screen refugees for radical views. >> you don't ask them if they would comply with that law? >> i don't -- i can't answer that question. i don't know. >> one question if they ask a refugee whether they support honor killings, principal deputy secretary-general says they pointed to an orientation program. 27 refugees have been involved in terrorist attacks right here in the u.s. new york city wants you to pay for heroin addicts to get high? 100,000 tax dollars will now fund a study into supervised injection facilities. they will give addicts a clean medically supervised place to shoot-up. it will stop people from overdosing. incredible video of a
4:35 am
dolphin landing on a surfer as he was riding a wave in australia. take a look at that. 13-year-old junior surfing champion jed radisson said he saw the dolphins and tried to get out of their way. >> i think it really shocked -- almost as shocked as i was really. its nose struck the board. >> luckily, the only thing that was hurt was jed's surf board. it's like swimming with dolphins but for free. can you believe that? those are your headlines. flipper. thank you very much, abby. ladies and gentlemen, the race for the white house is a knockdown drag-out fight with the candidates going toe-to-toe on the trail. we're back in the ring with political analyst ed rollins once upon a time known as rocky
4:36 am
rollins. >> now just known as the old man. >> you have wisdom. >> thank you. >> as we look at the past week and we talk about the state of the race once a week at this time, what did you make of the debate? >> it's still a dead-even race. trump is a brawler. he's tough on the street and he likes to brawl. he ges -- goes out and he basically brawl. she was a boxer. she came in very prepared. she knew what she was doing all the way through and he got frustrated by the end and he basically -- you know, she sort of won the edge of the at the end of the day and i think to a certain extent he will be better next time or if he's not, he's not going to do any better. >> last time around, mitt romney won the first debate and he wound up losing. >> i got to muhammad ali and joe frazier. in this particular case, he has to be more prepared and disciplined. >> let's look at the at sound bites from the past week.
4:37 am
you will then grade them. first up, donald trump versus hillary clinton on corporate taxes. >> these people are going to put billions and billions of dollars into country and they are going to bring back trillions of dollars back from overseas, policies like secretary clinton won't allow them to come back because the taxes are so onerous. with a little leadership, you would get it in here very quickly. we have no leadership, and honestly that starts with secretary clinton. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> why not, yeah. why not? just joined the debate by saying more crazy things. >> saying more crazy things. who do you give that round to? >> he clearly won on the substance but she basically won on the style. she had a little levity to it
4:38 am
and she made fun of it. i will give her that round. >> next up, donald trump versus hillary clinton on jobs and the economy. >> i don't think topdown works in america. i think building the middle class, investing in the middle class, making college debt-free so more young people can get their education, helping people refinance their tax -- their debt from college at a lower rate those are the kind of things that will boost the economy. >> typical politician, all talk, no action, sounds good. doesn't work. never going to happen. our country is suffering because people like secretary clinton have made such bad decisions in terms of our jobs and in terms of what's going on. now, look, we have the worst revival of an economy since the great depression, and believe me we're in a bubble right now, and the only thing that looks good is the stock market but if you raise interest rates even a
4:39 am
little bit that's going to come crashing down. >> all right. ed. >> i'll give that his round. he clearly had the substantive part of that down right and i think trickle down does work proven by reagan. he's stronger on that issue. >> tied at 1 at issue. here's the tiebreaker sound bites. donald trump versus hillary clinton on i won, no, i won. >> i was also holding back. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. for 90 minutes on issue after issue, hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo. >> he made it very clear that he didn't prepare for that debate. at one point he was kind of digging me for spending time off the campaign trail to get prepared, but just trying to keep track of everything he says took a lot of time and effort. and i said, yeah, you know what,
4:40 am
i did prepare and i'll tell you something else i prepared for, i prepared to be president of the united states and i think that's good. >> so there she is repeating her practice line. >> she clearly did it well, though, and to a certain extent they won that round. this is the first time she won a match since doing this, at least the first half of the week she won the week. he came back with a very strong day yesterday. we got a knockdown dragout fight to the finish here. >> your prediction. >> my prediction is he's got to have two good debates and he has to practice, practice, practice. >> that's how you get to carnegie hall. first it was smart phones exploding and now they have problems with their washing machines. this time, it might be more dangerous than what happened with the phone. then they found a man unconscious and not breathing in an elevator in the u.s. capitol.
4:41 am
those two saved his life. you'll hear their story coming up next on "fox & friends." live from the capitol. music: suspenseful ♪ if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr. just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active... acid pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? ♪ banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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4:44 am
first there were exploding phones now samsung washing machines are blowing up. take a look at this washer. it's left in pieces. self-destructing now. samsung and the u.s. consumer products safety commission issuing a warning for certain type-loading models. >> here's some great news as you head to work this morning. coffee shops all around the country giving out freebies in celebration of coffee day.
4:45 am
krispykreme, starbucks. two republican lawmakers rush to save a live after finding an unconscious man not breathing in a u.s. capitol elevator. tim murphy used a defibrillator and while the other who is a doctor was with him. >> have you ever had occasion to jump into action before? >> no. i'm in the navy too and part of your training you got to know how to do this, you got to get cpr trained, have that. you rehearse it a lot for these emergency situations. when i saw him and recognized you right away find out if there's no pulse, respiration,
4:46 am
you have to go into action. >> explain how you found him. the elevator doors opened up and there was this guy passed out on the floor. >> there he was, facedown, arms aside, looked like there was a little bit attempts of movement and tried to revive him. checked a pulse. no pulse, then you had to move him out of elevator. very cramped and he was heavy. shouting to staff to get a defibrillator, called 911. my staff is magnificent. they ran into action as if they rehearsed that. pulled him out and started doing chest compressions. i don't know if you are trained in this, but you better be because 70% americans feel they are helpless in a moment like this. some people were helpless and some were part of the action. another staff member, darsie had
4:47 am
cpr training and she helped with the breathing. we hope he's okay now. >> i'm glad you talked about the defibrillator training. a lot of us here at fox have had it as well. i mentioned earlier some of the defib bril laters cost $3,000. dr. burgess let's talk about your role in this. there you come up, you see your colleague, congressman murphy doing cpr and the defibrillator. what did you? >> it causes a significant amount of commotion as you can imagine. my office is not too far down the hall. when i heard all the activity, obviously you got to go investigate. my main role was just to monitor his airway. the man did have a fairly significant laceration on his scalp which had bled a lot, but the bleeding seemed to be under control by the time all this was
4:48 am
going on. >> and, doctor, this is not the first time you have helped revive somebody on capitol hill, right? >> right. on on a plane, in an airport and tim is exactly right. when you are in the airport, you see these stations all the time. you need to know where they are and how to get one and run one. for an arrest, you can bring somebody back in pretty short order. >> do we know how the guy you revived is today? >> we know that when he left, he had a heartbeat. a shock was delivered by the ad. he had a heartbeat. he was breathing. still struggling. now he's in the hands of doctors and we hope and pray for him. >> prayers for the family. >> indeed. thank you very much, doctor. you are not just congressmen dedicating your life to serve being the public but yesterday you were a couple of life savers. guys, thank you very much, and thank you for being in the right place at the right time.
4:49 am
>> thank you, steve. >> you bet. that's great. it's 11 minutes before the top of hour. the economy is anything but strong, so could the-outsing -- housing market come crashing back down? the property man, bob massi, mr. vegas is answering your biggest fore closure concerns now. congress votes to start a u.s. army on this date in 1789. and the number one song on earth by ma rriah carey had the numbe one song. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these let you choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients.
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the housing market is constantly changing and your real estate questions are pouring in here at fox. here to answer is bob massi. good morning. >> good morning. >> well, we have some questions. viewers have sent in. i'm going to read some of these questions. you as the expert would answer them, we would appreciate it. the first one says rehabbing and flipping homes is a business not a hobby, so what are some common mistakes? >> everybody wants to get into the business of flipping homes but they don't understand that first of all you have to have the right capital, you have to understand real estate. it's always in the buy. you have to have the right realtor and you have to understand what the cost is going to be to rehab these homes to make money. all too often, people want to get into the business but that's the key. it's a business. nos a hobby. you have to have at right people
4:54 am
together in order to make money in flipping homes. no question. >> are you concerned about the risk about more fore closures in the future? >> i'm very concerned about it because the loan modifications were five-year plans. in other words, it would start out if you got a loan mod, 3%, 2%, 4%. now it converts to principal and interest. what we're going to be faced with is a lot of these loan modifications are maturing and when they mature that payment that was maybe 11 or $1,200 a month is now going to be 2,500 and 3,000 dollars a month, i'm concerned that we'll have another sort of sweeping here of potential fore closures, short sales and bankrupts, watch out for it. >> why aren't presidential candidates talking about issues from the recession such as the real estate crisis?
4:55 am
>> you know, there's no question of the candidates out there. there's nobody out there that would know real estate better than mr. trump. although they take in these gen ral its about the recession, the average american lost everything and we learned how real estate and owning a home is connected to who we are at americans. i just don't get -- talk about how many people in this country today still are faced with not having the home they want, not being able to buy again, or living in a home that hasn't been foreclosed on and it's been six, seven, eight years, and they want lenders to let them move on with their life. nobody is getting into the essence of that. one thing, talk about what are you going to do now about those people that are still stuck in loans that the lenders won't foreclose on so they can move on with their life, repair that credit. nobody talks about how they can help people repair their credit that have been wronged by
4:56 am
lenders. they don't address those issues and let me tell you something, talk about everything else they are talking about, that is the bread and butter of this country. owning a home and helping people own a home again and i hope they get involved in these discussions and debates and otherwise on the road. >> thanks for waking us with us in vegas. the property man is going to be back on saturdays and sundays after the presidential election. if you have more questions, email us, there you go, there's bob's email address. fox and no doubt things got nasty during the presidential debate. how can you talk politics with friends and family and keep it simple? the arch by shop -- bishop of new york is going to talk to us how we can do
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good thursday morning to you and your family. one more alarm clock. it's so exciting. it's the end of the week. september 29th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump is getting back to the basics. he's hitting hillary clinton where it hurts. >> how many more clinton scandals can this country take? one after another after another. >> they are screaming lock her up. >> he had to stop. >> for a minute they screamed it. big news from donald trump about his own strategy. hillary clinton still being haunted by her pay-for-play scandal and newt gingrich has an
5:01 am
idea of what her next business move could actually be. >> i don't think hillary would sell the oval office. i think she would rent it on a nightly basis. more from the trail coming up. the ultimate b & b. and you thought this was bad. >> what you would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> what is aleppo? >> that's in your rearview mirror. it won't happen again. wrong. we'll roll back the videotape because that's what we tape. we use mostly vcrs. >> i use beta. >> mornings are better with friends. love will keep it together
5:02 am
♪ >> this is captain or tenille. >> i think they are together. >> actually, that's timothy cardinal dolan. he joins us next hour. when you get together with your family, they say don't talk about politics. >> religion or politics. >> he knows exactly how you feel. take a look at this very polarized presidential election. >> he is going to speak about what people tell him in confessions and he's going to name names. >> he's not! >> we're only 40 days away from this presidential election. can you believe that? >> can't wait. donald trump is hitting the campaign trail hard. this as we learn about a new debate strategy after monday's performance. >> here with details, the one and only, john roberts, and he's live outside trump tower in new york city. >> correct. brian, i can see you practice,
5:03 am
practice, and practice. you got it right this time. >> for people just waking up, brian called him the wrong name. >> i called you jon scott. another prestigious man. >> practice, practice, practice is something a lot of republicans and members of donald trump's campaign staff would like him to do before the next debate. they feel he could have done a much better job on monday night than he did, even though donald trump seems to be pretty happy with the job he did. there's a lot of talk about missed opportunities, that he failed to pivot from questions that he asked and questions that he wanted to answer and he needs to really put in some hard work between now and a week sunday in order to do better, particularly in that town hall setting which a little more difficult because you've got to answer the question, you've got to attack your opponents and relate to the audience.
5:04 am
donald trump was in both iowa, council bluffs where he leads hillary clinton by five moints in where he trails by five points. talking about following the money that hillary clinton only cares about people who give her money and also suggesting she is disrespecting police across the country with a statement she made monday saying that police departments across the united states are rife with implied racism. >> we're in a national crisis, yet my opponent hillary clinton continues to attack the police. first she calls our supporters, many of them cops, soldiers, firefighters, deplorable and irredeemable. then in our debate this week, she accuses the entire country, including all of law enforcement, of implicit bias. essentially suggesting that everyone, including our police,
5:05 am
are basically racist and prejudiced. >> so that's a line of attack that he's going to pursue at least on the campaign trail. whether or not he actually brings it up in the town hall remains to be seen but as ed rollins was telling you earlier, he's got to turn in a better performance than he did on monday. thank you very much. apparently his previous debate prep was, there were a dozen of people talking to him giving him ideas and they also came up with a dozen key phrases that hillary clinton has used out on the trail when she gets into trouble. they gave him things to say and he never said those things and according to the "new york times," that's why some in the campaign feel there were missed opportunities. >> they went on to say that donald trump doesn't want to hear that he lost the debate. when you look at the crowds and money that flowed in afterwards, that proves he did not lose the debate. he doesn't feel he did.
5:06 am
>> he raised more money in the 24 hours after that debate than he did in the entire month of august. >> and i know woody johnson went with the little donors and the big donors. >> we heard john set it up perfectly. he's going to return to target-rich environments. what am i talking about? pay-for-play and the many scandals from clinton to choose from. >> the clintons have perfected the politics of profit, but more importantly when you look at what's happening, it has more to do with other things. large corporations who support treshl trade deals and off shore jobs and they are donating to the clintons. how many more clinton scandals can this country take? one after another after another. never in american history have so many serious challenges been met with so unserious a campaign
5:07 am
as the campaign of hillary clint clinton. he's going after the scandals and reasonabling people -- reminding people with the email. >> he used the line, perfected the politics of profit. that's a big one. >> he pointed out that hillary clinton is not out there. he's doing three times as many as appearances. he's getting three times of the size of the crowds and he brought up her stamina again. newt gingrich has had a quirky thing to say about what the clintons would do if they got back to the white house. >> i don't often, as you know, disagree with trump, and i have great admiration, but i think he said something just now that's an exaggeration. i don't think hillary clinton would sell the oval office. i think she would rent it on a nightly basis, but i don't think she will sell it and i think it's a little bit much. first of all, she has greater value over eight years renting one night at a time than if she
5:08 am
sold it because any one guy couldn't pay enough. >> just lease it. >> he also walked back, did donald trump yesterday, on with bill o'reilly on paying taxes. i never said i didn't pay taxes. i said i pay as little as possible. forbes said he's worth 3$3.8 billion. >> how do they know the number? >> that's a good point. i'm just telling you what forbes says. he's got a lot of ads, including watches and the best place to get my cologne. >> take a whiff. he kind of smells like tacos. >> it's men's cologne. >> i was wondering what that smell was this morning.
5:09 am
>> here's the headlines. we have some headlines to get to this morning. transition here. these images are so disturbing. children terrified and crying as you can see there after a teenager opened fire while they were on the playground at school. officers say the 14-year-old suspect shot and killed his dad jeffrey osborn you can see there inside his home in south carolina. he then drove two miles to townville elementary school where he shot two six-year-old boys and a teacher before being tackled by a firefighter. one child is in critical can't condition this morning. the teenager was home schooled. he's in custody as the investigation continues. school is closed for the rest of the week. heart breaking. this video is in showing protesters throwing bottles at police officers. cops forced to shut down streets outside san diego. the protesters are outraged over
5:10 am
the killing of a man. this photo released by the he will cajon police department shows the 38-year-old in a shooting stance. later it was revealed he was not holding a begun -- a gun but a vape smoking device. the officers involved both 21-year veterans of the force are now on leave. disturbing new details about a man rescued after more than a week at sea. police say he was a suspect in his grandfather's unsolved murder. nathan carman who has as perger's disease was the last person to see his grandfather alive back in 2013. he was never charged. now his mother is presumed dead after their boat cap-sized. >> i want to thank the public for their prayers and continuing prayers for my mother. >> police are questioning whether the boat was seaworthy. investigators are combing
5:11 am
through the home looking for evidence related to that fishing trip. now another fox news alert. those two escaped lions we told you about last hour, they have been caught and this all unfolding in germany. zoo officials say they lured one back in the cage and sedated the other after they slipped out of their enclosure overnight. can you imagine trying to lure lions back into the cage? >> every day. we have a tough job. that's what we do. keep these guys on a tight leash. >> can't -- didn't they do that in a "hang over"? >> that was at mike tyson's house. you thought this was bad. straight ahead. >> what you would you do if you were elected about alegal poe -- aleppo? >> and what is aleppo? >> gary johnson had another aleppo moment. >> i feel sorry for him.
5:12 am
and meanwhile, america is angry over politics as usual. quite polarized, friends and family are divided over donald trump and hillary clinton. gary johnson not so much. turn to this man, timothy cardinal dolan is joining us next. come on in. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook.
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we have some quick headlines for you. russia strikes again by hacking into at least four state elect databases after attempting to get into at least 20. the fbi is now acknowledging the severity of the threat even after 18 states asked dhs to help with securing their servers. that's scary. go ahead. snap a picture of your ballot. a state law banning voters from posting pictures of them on line just ruled unconstitutional. a federal appeals court says it
5:17 am
suppresses political speech. it was meant to prevent what lawmakers called voter bullying. meanwhile, debate night between donald trump and hillary clinton got testy at times. >> really? >> donald trump just criticized me for preparing for this debate, and yes, i did. you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president and i think that's a good thing. >> i agree. she's got experience, but it's bad experience, and this country can't afford to have another four years of that kind of experience. >> wow. so a recent poll shows 70% of you think this election has brought out the worst in people. that's 7 of 10. >> so how can you talk to family and friends about politics without getting into a bitter debate and keep it civil around the dinner table. let's bring out timothy cardinal
5:18 am
doll land. >> i love being with you all. >> thank you for letting me sit next to ainsley. >> she gave you a big hug when you walked in. >> i love this man and we need you. america needs you. >> thank you. we do need some healing and we need some unity and reconciliation. whether i'm the man to bring it, i don't know. >> the question you asked, i hear it everywhere. look, i don't know if you know this or not, i'm a student of american history. i was able to get my degree on that. i know the bitter, fractious, contentious elections have been part of the american spirit. this one seems to raise the mercury quite a bit. what bothers a lot of people is the personal attacks. i didn't watch the debate. i watched the mets game. what i hear people say they
5:19 am
didn't talk about issues and attacked one another. did we hear them talk about substantial revival of the economy? did we hear about substance and foreign policy? did we hear about some of the burning issues like the culture of life, like immigrants? i don't think we heard that much and people are yearning for that. what do parents tell their kids? i would like to think to tell their kids, you can disagree on the issues but never attack a person. >> there's so much at stake and so they are pulling out all the stops. let's fast-forward a month or two and it would be after the election, if we're talking about thanksgiving, but when you are around the kitchen table with your family, invariably that uncle over there voted for somebody i didn't vote for. how do you handle that? after a couple of ciders or
5:20 am
whatever -- >> are you a member of my family or what? we do that too. >> people lose their inhibition and let it all out. >> why should we be embarrassed that there's political disagreement? that's a tribute to the vitality of american democracy. i don't mind good, hearty discussion. >> 70% of americans say they have lost a friendship because of this political process. >> we should lose friendships over important things, like baseball teams. >> like red sox and yankees. >> nothing is lose worth a friendship over. >> the bottom line is we can disagree but we still need to love each other. >> there you got it.
5:21 am
>> cardinal, here's the other thing is we're talking about race relations nonstop maybe for the first time in my lifetime. we didn't talk much in the 80s and 90s. now race is everywhere. from law enforcement to society. people sitting down can't decide whether america is the right country or not. we had our new york city council have of them sit down and not take the pledge of allegiance. where do you go with that? >> once again, i'm with you, those who lived through the 60s thought maybe that's when it came to a peak and maybe that's behind us, especially with the election of an african-american president. now it's front and center again. what are we going to do? are we going to get depressed and discouraged? are we going to say thank god we have a robust civic society where we can talk about painful issues where things need to be discussed and debated kurtiously in the public square.
5:22 am
when that gets mean and violent and when that begins to take on what would you say attacks on things we cherish, like the national anthem or like our patriotic. >> does it bother you? >> it does. >> when you take a knee, it bothers you. >> i'm a sacred enterprise where rituals are important. they remind us of the divine. i worry if we begin to question and chip away at them, then the common ground that we got that allows for civility and compassionate public discourse, that's going to erode even further and we don't need that. >> if cold -- lynn -- colin kaepernick were here, what would you say? >> i would talk to you about it. we need your witness more than ever to unite us and bring us together. not to further divide us. >> one of the october rituals here in new york city is the
5:23 am
annual al smith dinner. >> i'm practicing sitting between -- >> coming up on october the 20th, you will have on one side hillary clinton and the other side donald trump. i remember four years ago mitt romney and barack obama were both hilarious. >> they were. they were. >> and that, of course, is the purpose of the evening. you know the purpose of the al smith dinner. he was the first catholic to run for president in 1928. trounced by herbert hoover. tremendously successful governor of new york state and they called him the happy lawyer. even in defeat he gave us a great example of what we were talking about. a sense of humor, a joy, trying to bring people together. trying to find the common ground. so my -- one of my predecessors, francis cardinal spellman said why don't we start an annual dinner where we bring politicians together in a real
5:24 am
climate of amity and every four years that is hyped up when the two candidates come together. except for the debates, it's the only time in the political season that the two candidates come together. the al smith dinner sponsored by the archdiocese in new york. >> it's sponsored by the board. it's a great -- you know, the traditional title for a priest and they especially give it to the high priest in rome is a pot -- pontifacts. a bridge. we're a bridge builder. on that evening we pray there's a sense of joy, self-deprecating
5:25 am
humor and bringing ous what's best in america. >> let me ask you, will they sometimes pull you aside, listen, i'm having a little problem here or pray for me. do they ask you for advice? >> i've only been through one of these. the last one in 2012 when it was governor romney and president president obama. i'm moved by the political candidates who admit they need prayers, who will ask for prayers. yeah. >> are you expecting that this year? >> i don't know. i'm ready for it. i'll have a couple martini's beforehand. >> absolutely. how do you feel about preachers pushing a candidate from the pulpit? >> they are not allowed to do that, are they? >> some ministers are. >> we catholics aren't. we have always taken seriously the fact that we can preach issues. we can talk about principles. >> like abortions.
5:26 am
>> you got it. we can talk about issues and the principles and ethics and morality that guide us. we should stay away from supporting candidates, all right? >> would you like to see everybody have that? >> i don't know why we catholics take that what seems to be a principle that america reverencse. other religions seem to get away with it. i don't know why. my priests, myself, when we talk about virtue and morality, when we talk about issues, we shy from -- we shy from getting partisan. you know the difference -- political is a noble thing. you talk about the guiding vision and virtues of our country. partisanship means you get particularly supportive of a given candidate or party, that we shy away from. who is the great one in this? john paul ii. you talk about the widest, most
5:27 am
noble way a political pope who spoke about virtues, who spoke about the guiding principles of faith and freedom and the dignity of the human person. >> famously work with politicians. >> but would work with anybody, whether they be to the left or right. >> i was under the impression that i thought that preachers were not -- they are not allowed to talk about the issues, but not endorse a candidate at the pulpit because they would lose their tax exemption. >> i've heard that too. >> why don't you try it and see if there's any blowback. >> don't get my friend in trouble. do not listen to brian. >> cardinal, i mentioned abortion because as a faithful catholic i hear that a lot on sunday. i hear a lot about immigrants and those who are in the country undocumented and how we should be helpful to them because they are people too. >> sure. here we got it, steve. thanks for asking. what's the guiding overarching principle here? the dignity of the human person
5:28 am
and sacredness of human life. wherever that's attack, you know the church is going to say be careful. we're less than the creature that god intended us to be. for us as catholics we feel it's under attack is when the very life of the most innocent fragile creature, a baby in the womb is under attack. we feel strong about that. that doesn't mean that's the only issue. i brought one up as far as the immigrant. the immigrant is in made in the image and likeness of god. he or she demands dignity and respect. does that mean we can't have very, very, very careful, strong protection of borders? no, that's a right too we need to protect. the balance is coming in doing that without getting spiteful or destructive of the dignity of the human person. >> you would say i'm so proud of
5:29 am
my american tradition which is con san nant with the jewish tradition of welcoming the refugee. i'm so confident it's being compromised by an excessively fluid policy that's not scrupulous enough. we have to protect our country, which is also the protection of the dignity of the human person and the sacredness. what do you got? you got sometimes complicating -- conflicting values. you know what the great saints and scholars say is the greatest virtue we need at this time of the year is prudence. which is asking god for right judgment. >> greatest saint ever, drew bre brees? >> drew brees? >> i hear a lot from people in the community coming up to me and saying they are concern for the direction of the country. >> i am too.
5:30 am
>> why? you are not going to be surprised. you have people on this couch that are going to give you different answers. my answer should surprise no one. i think we're in trouble because we have forgotten god. god is no longer part of the equation. belief in god is ridiculed. religion is being reduced to superstition and religion is to accent everything that's good and noble and sacred in the human person and the human enterprise is now being in the minds of some is being reduced to an act of hate and violence. that's terrible when we eliminate god from the public square, and that's part of our -- when you've got the father of our country saying that democracy cannot flourish without a strong religious base as george washington said, that's under attack now. >> talk about the pril grim imagine of mercy. >> pope francis is shrewd, he's a good teacher, he's a good
5:31 am
jesuit. he says every once in a while we need good reminders because we're tempted to forget it like mercy. he's declared a year of mercy. one of things you do is make a pilgrimage. you go somewhere on a journey to remind us of the journey of life, the journey back to heaven. a lot of people come to saint patrick's cathedral. we're going down to the shrine, the national shrine in washington, d.c. we love to go to the home of our mother. those for us at catholics, those are the popular shrines of the world. here in the united states we've got the shrine in washington. we're going october 15th. we're going to take bus loads of people down for prayer, cam radry, mass, the sacrament of
5:32 am
penance. we're going to find out who is the favorite, me, ainsley, or steve. take a card and make a choice. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too.
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it is niem fou -- time now for your shot of the morning. the next time you fly, you might want to have david clarke to ride along with you. watch. >> he took the cabin over like it'ses his private jet. he was intoxicated, cursing and swearing. it was very intimidating for a lot of the passengers and flight crew. i told him to shut down. he wouldn't. i put one arm behind his back and told him to stay there and
5:36 am
not resist arrest. when i told the flight attendant to radio for police at the gate to have the police meet me there. they did. when they boarded, i asked the officer who came up to me. i said give me your handcuffs. i didn't worry about jurisdiction and all the other nonsense. i had to worry about protecting people. >> i never seen stuart varney so intimidated. sheriff clarke taking down this drunk, out of control passenger on a flight. >> that passenger now facing several charges because of what he did on the plane. >> waking up sober regretting that flight, right? >> no kidding. donald trump pointing out hillary clinton's strongest weapon. >> the single weapon that hillary clinton has, i mean, she couldn't even pass her bar exam in washington, d.c. she failed it. the single weapon that she's got is the media.
5:37 am
without the mainstream media, she wouldn't even be here, folks. >> so is she right? here to weigh in is howie carr. thanks for being with us. do you agree with him? is the mainstream media her weapon? >> absolutely, he's correct. it was so obvious on monday night in the first debate, that "the new york times" of all places weighed in and admitted that lester holt helped hillary clinton. it's obvious, and it's going to be worse in the next debate, i fear, because instead of being two on one, lester holt and hillary, it's going to be three on one. anderson cooper and martha radis. she's particularly suspect here. she had barack obama as a guest at her second wedding. >> she has not been kind to some of the policies of hillary clinton when it comes to international relations, so i think she will at least hold her
5:38 am
feet to the fire on that. >> i hope so. i hope so, brian. you know what, it was amazing on monday night, you know, lester holt had been urged by all of his colleagues to quote, unquote fact check both candidates. you know how that worked out. he fact checked on donald trump on stop and frisk and got everything wrong and when hillary clinton claims she never came out for the tpp as the standard, he let it slide totally. >> you are right, howie. it sounded like donald trump had the sniffles but he told us it wasn't, might have been the mike turned way up. howard dean goes over and suggests that trump is a coke head. now, had rudy giuliani -- >> he didn't back off. >> had rudy giuliani, a republican said that about hillary clinton, the mainstream media would have absolutely been aflame, howie.
5:39 am
>> right. exactly. i mean, look, the mainstream media was defending hillary clinton when she was having these fainting spells all through the campaign trail in the late summer, and they said oh, she has no health problems and then when you guys -- the fox news channel was reporting that she had had a medical emergency -- >> collapse, on 9/11. they denied it happened until the video appears and suddenly they switch and they say it doesn't matter if she has a few problems. fdr was in a wheelchair. jfk had addison disease. it's so transparent. do you think donald trump has a better chance than mitt romney of winning? >> winning the national election. absolutely. i think he does. i think his supporters are much more electric fieed.
5:40 am
everybody is a lot more excited. look at these crowds. i think he's got an even chance. even nate silver thinks so. >> he's the host of the howie carr show. because his name is howie carr. thank you for joining us from boston. >> great to see you. >> he's one of best radio talk show hosts in the country. >> he's talented. you have a good radio show too. thanks, guys. we have headlines to get this morning. starting with this, remember this gaffe libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson? >> what you would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> oh, boy, well he just had another one. johnson unable to name a foreign leader that he respects. listen. >> mexico, europe, over there. asia, south america, name a foreign leader that you respect.
5:41 am
>> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. >> pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- i'm having a brain -- >> anybody? >> fox. >> that is rough. also happening this morning, president obama sparking fresh controversy over the term radical islam. a mother of a fallen soldier asking him why he refused to address the cause. her son was killed in baghdad back in 2007 by radical islamic terrorists. so much for being impartial. sheila jackson seen here wearing a hillary clinton campaign pen during the hearing on clinton's email server. you can her wearing her support
5:42 am
on her sleeve as she grills him. thank you very much, abby. coming up, she kept her nsa secret for 15 years, afraid it would end her career. but jamie lynn sigler is not only talking about living with ms. she has big news with us this morning. she's in our green room. can you bike ride for 100 kilometers up hill? president george w. bush can and so can dr. marc siegel. next, live.
5:43 am
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we are honoring our heroes. today kicks off president george w. bush's annual warrior mountain bike ride for wounded veterans. president bush will be leading the pack again. the ride is set to start in the next hour. dr. marc sigel is live at president bush's crawford ranch. i see you are all suited up and ready to go. >> all right, give us the cold shoulder. >> we're on prairie ranch here in crawford texas. this is the sixth annual warrior 100 k mountain bike ride where wounded veterans are brought together to get back on the bike, go mountain biking with the former president, who kicks their butt by the way out on trails out on his ranch. it's an inspiring event. we've been doing it for six years. it helps the veterans to cope, to get back to society.
5:47 am
they exercise teamwork here. there's a hand cyclist, a team handling them up the hills. there's a focus again on the invisible wounds of war, ten times more than the visible wounds. i'm honored to be joined by colonel mark hoff dais meister. you were wounded in iraq by an iud, you almost lost use of your left arm, and a traumatic brain injury. yet you went back into combat. tell me about that. >> i was wounded in 2007 and the military is a close-knit family and it was a family i didn't want to leave and i found that through the -- through staying in service, staying with my brothers and sisters in arms and purg suing a lot of physical activities i was able to stay in the fight. >> what does it mean to ride mountain bike with the former commander in chief, 70 years
5:48 am
old, but way out in the front? i'm back in the rear by the way. he's way out in the front and he helps people up hills and he's in such incredible shape. what does it mean for the spirit of the troops? >> incredible privilege and honor to ride with our 43rd commander in chief. an impressive man. if you take away the title of president, he's still amazing and impressive. the man can handle a bike like few people can and he's an inspiration, truly an inspiration. >> how does that translate into camarader camaraderie? how do you learn to refocus, to retool, to get back to society? you've maintained an active duty, that is such an inspiration to me. you were just in afghanistan last year. >> i was. well, it's really about shared goals. some describe it as shared hardship where you have the opportunity to experience and share together. time on the trail, allows our wounded warriors to bond, to come to a level where we work together to work through issues. >> last point, what would you
5:49 am
tell people coming out here for the first time? what would you say? one last tip. >> i would say be prepared for some incredible trails and don't hit the president. >> don't hit the president. exactly. leave him in the front. this is an inspiring day. day one of a three-day ride. back to you in new york. >> good luck to you. >> he's done it for the last six years. >> i know it. >> wearing the same jersey. >> meanwhile, next, she kept her ms a secret for 15 years afraid it could end her show business career but jamie lynn sigler is talking about that and other big news she's sharing cht. good for him being with president bush. how will trump and clinton react in debate number two? we have clues this morning. the fbi director says he's not a
5:50 am
weasel. is the clinton probe dead in the water? trey gowdy is here this morning with that. families from 9/11 may now seek revenge. we'll have both sides and president obama facing a woman whose son was a victim of terror. how did he answer her question on radical islam? we'll play that for you in ten minutes. top of the hour here in americas newsroom.
5:51 am
you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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5:53 am
she shot to stardom playing a mobster's daughter on the hit hbo series, "sopranos." >> meadow of course. she was diagnosed 15 years ago. >> what an honor to have you
5:54 am
here. >> 20 years old you were diagnosed? >> uh-huh. >> what was that like? >> it's a hard pill to swallow when you are 20 and you feel like your life is just starting and i had an amazing job and, you know, i was able to sort of compartmentalize and live in denial for quite some time, i went symptom-free for a while and i wasn't good about my treatment and in hindsight i wish i was in the beginning. that's something that i feel is a really important part of dealing with multiple sclerosis, but keeping it a secret was something that i just felt was protecting me. i was in fear of people's judgments of me, what i could and couldn't do and i wanted to be the person that decided that. >> sure, because you are working in hollywood, even though at that point you were starring out in new jersey, people would think, i don't know if she could handle this big role, so you got to be terrified. >> of course. and you just don't want -- you
5:55 am
have so many judgments. i feel like i was judging others of what they would feel about it, so since coming out i feel like not only have i released myself of this secret but everybody else too, and the reception has been overwhelming. you know, i've been working consistency since and one of the most important things happened, i feel this overwhelming sense of responsibility as a representative of the ms community, and i've been able to team up with biogene to start this campaign called reimagine myself. it's about reimagining your life dealing with this disease. >> there's a link on our website. i want to ask you about your son. many three years old. whas his name. >> his name is bowe. >> how is that? >> it's difficult. it has its challenges but it's a lot of things that i address on the site is everything from parenting and sort of how i have
5:56 am
to handle and just sort of change things around a little bit. you know. he's an active three-year-old and i want to be present and with him at all times, but i also have to manage my disease and there's a lot of things that you know, have to do with that and so having a support team, one of those including your doctor and having an open conversation, you know, he's helped me a lot through the struggles i've had with being a mother and a wife and all those things. it's an important thing to communicate. >> you've got something important to talk about. she's going to talk about her brand-new movie that opens tomorrow in two minutes right here on "fox & friends." escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. this is jamie lynn sigler's new movie. it's called "loserville" and it opens tomorrow. >> thank you. >> it's about bullying? >> there's a very anti bullying message about this. it's a coming of age, high
6:00 am
school story of this guy navigating through his life. i play coach russo, a debate coach. very colorful lady. >> check it out. it opens tomorrow. you have to see it. >> great to see you again. >> god bless you. thank you for sharing. bill: . risky strategy after the debate monday night? melissa: donald trump saying he should be getting more credit for keeping quiet on bill clinton's infidelity. his surrogates not holding their tongues. >> at the end of the debate after she tried to rough him up over comments he made over 25 years


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