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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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don't forget "the o'reilly factor" straight ahead. good night. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, libertarian candidate fails to name his favorite foreign leader. they will be offended when they find out who gary johnson is. and sub tweets that go on a bulletin board. if i did that you would be so screwed. and the first ride along suitcase lets you zoom through the airport at five miles an hour. i guess it will come in handy after you are exhausted from the tsa questioning you on why
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your luggage is making such a loud noise. >> can you be beautiful and deplorable? the answer is yes. kristen tate. and he is doing a lot better than his brothers, poor and penniless lowry. it is rich lowry. she interviewed more celebrities than the lapd. entertainment correspondent, jill dobson. and he looks like adrian brody reading mean tweets about his nose. next to me is comedian dave smith. let's start the show. >> mary jblige interviewed hillary clinton. the multi-platinum artist sat down with the politician for her radio show on apple music. the interview airs on friday,
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but apple has released a preview. >> ♪ always be polite. and never, ever run away. ♪ is it a gun is it a knife ♪ >> eventually she got down to asking clinton questions. >> ♪ it ain't no secret. ♪ it aipt no secret ♪ no secret my friend what you are living in ♪ >> the clip is mary j-blige sipping to hillary. some thought it was uncomfortable, but i didn't think so.
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it remindy me of an interview i did recently. >> smoat come with me ♪ ♪ and you'll be ♪ in a world of pure imagination ♪ ♪ take a look and you'll see ♪ ♪ into your imagination >> i thought he was president looking into his imagination i am excited to see the interview. >> i guess me too. i can't believe that is not a saturday night live spoof of i don't know what is going on in this election. i don't believe any of this. >> you can't have too much mary j-blige singing, can you? >> i didn't recognize the song at first. it sounded like she was singing about police brutality. it is hillary's intense
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nodding. it is this i feel your pain. >> do you think mary j.blige will want to sit down with donald trump? >> she should. is this fair journalism or not? i have sympathy for hillary. how do you not feel awkward when somebody is that close to you and singing? how do you act natural? hillary is not good at looking natural even in a natural circumstance. >> exactly. >> what do you think? we have to give her a chance. it looks silly from this angle of. >> i always thought if i could meet a presidential candidate weeks before an election i would sing a creepy and awkward sopg about police brutality to her face. i think hillary knew it was awkward and she wasn't listening to the song. she was thinking how should i
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respond to this in such a way i can boost my voter appeal. should i act like i am enjoying the song? it was embarrassing for everyone involved. especially those who are hillary clinton supporters. >> i feel like it is exciting to watch this. the song was a bruce springsteen song. he is famous for not letting people use his songs. >> this was in conjunction with itunes so i'm sure there was a deal worked out. mary j.blige sings the song for "the view" and now she has her own talk show of sorts. i wonder if her theme song can be sung by joy behar. and it is new. she recently recorded the song for "the view" and now seems to have a competing talk show. >> the "the view" theme song
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should be all of them talking over one another which is what it is. >> jedediah is over there. >> i have done the panel with jedediah. >> she is fantastic. from the entertainment standpoint, i think she wants to go into this oprah thing and she wants to be a television mogul, doesn't she? do you think it will be big? >> she has a lot of fans and she is a super talented singer. we are all going we have never seen an interview conducted in song form. i want to know if hillary will sing her response. >> that's what we are waiting for. >> did it move the needle at all closer to hillary? >> i think hillary did this to appear cool. she has been told time and time again she is a stiff, unhip old lady. she said i will do this interview with mary j.blige and it doesn't work. >> moving on, who is gary
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johnson's favorite foreign leader? nobody told him it would be on the test. >> who is your favorite foreign leader? anymore anyone from any country. name a foreign leader you respect and look up to. >> mine was shimone-peres. >> you have to do it. canada, mexico, europe, eye shaw, south south -- asia, south america, a foreign leader you respect. >> i am having an aleppo moment in the former -- >> i know. anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i am having a brain -- >> name anybody. >> fox. >> that was from wednesday night's gubernatorial. >> that was a really uncomfortable clip. can you play the mary j.blige.
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>> he moves past it by tweeting that it has been almost 24 hours and i still can't come up with a foreign leader i look up to. that's consistency. it is not the first time the former new mexico governor had trouble finding the right words. >> [inaudible]. >> now i thought that was a little more articulate. what did you think of the interview in the park? >> the park was horrific. the foreign leader it is a key political talent to babble on. you don't look like the deer in the headlights and then blurt out the own name of your gaffe. i am having an aleppo moment. we had this conversation, why couldn't we have got a better libertarian candidate and then our reporter said, believe me, gary johnson was head and shoulders above any other
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libertarian possibility. >> why didn't we pick the fat, naked guy. >> or john mcafee. does he have any baggage? jay if you can get past the one murder accusation and the fact that his wife is a hooker. >> you are a libertarian. i think it is great you sit around and talk in the office. what do you think? johnson, it is refreshing that when he doesn't know the answer to just open his eyes and stare like a 5-year-old. >> it is definitely different. >> it is not so much the blun del, but how he handled it. and he can't just give a sentence or two to show he -- to be honest though that's a trick question. we don't like any heads of government. if you ask me the head of a
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foreign country i like and that is tough. i can name those that i hate. >> you don't want a debbie downer. >> he could have said who he doesn't leak and the uk is good at brexit. >> jill, i thought it was great. he said that guy from mexico whose name i can't remember. >> it is a painful moment. he needs to take a note from girls in pagents. it happens to you one time and you learn not to stand there. you talk until an idea pops in your head will say something. >> he doesn't have the pageant training. should he get a little pageant tree. >> poor gary vaughn son. gary, you are drunk, go home.
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>> he is soauthentic though and so lovable. sadly though i think he has had three strikes. the first was aleppo and the second was the tongue thing in the park and this is the third strike. >> with the tongue he was making -- he was making her laugh. >> it was actually a pretty good interview when you take into account how high he was. >> he said he hasn't been doing any marijuana since he started running. >> good for him. >> to me both of these guys, wells and gary johnson, are they being true libertarians? they seem like moderate republicans. >> gary johnson, if you have a libertarian candidate, make him a down the line libertarian. he is a very nice man. his willingness is endearing. he is at 6% and 7%.
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i think his schedule is freeing up soon. hopeful leahy will be back. >> "snl" returns with a new trump. >> yes, steven baldwin's brother, alec will be playing the part of the humble, lovable billionaire. "snl" insiders say it was between baldwin and this dog. that's cute. i think they made the wrong call. with the first debate dominating the news, the pressure is on for alec to deliver a strong performance. i would hate to see him go back to his old job, screaming gay slurs at reporters. kristen, what do you think. alec baldwin, have you seen any alec baldwin movies?
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>> no, and i thought it was a terrible choice. i do know a bit about alec baldwin. i know he is self-obsessed and obnoxious and can't get along with anyone. we know trump is the opposite of all of those things. i have to say i found myself attractive to the alec baldwin dressed up trump. i hate alec bold win -- alec baldwin, but i thought he looked good. >> trump is 70 -- he is in his 70s and baldwin is getting up there. he looks better than either of them. he looks young. >> he is out trumping trump. >> i would vote for that guy without hesitation. >> why not? he is the golden boy. we have a great -- he does the trump on our show. is there a better trump than that guy? >> that guy is hands down the best trump i have heard. alec baldwin who i don't like his politics much, but he is a
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really funny guy and a great actor, and i think he will be good at this. and she is fantastic at playing hillary clinton so it will be funny. >> did you say mara wilson, the actress from "mrs. doubt fire"? she gave him a little shade on-line. did you see that? >> i am going to pivot and talk about alex baldwin. he has great impersonations. have you seen him do bill cosby? it is amazing. >> that impression is not a -- >> it gets awkward quickly. >> you want to say how great was that sitcom? >> you can't take away from the show. >> it is one of the best sitcoms ever. >> rich, did we talk to you about this subject? >> not yet. i am waiting for my turn patiently. a problem with this is these
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skits are best when there is something odd in the debate and make it exaggerated and ridiculous. how are you going to do that with this debate and two characters? how can you make it more ridiculous? >> do you remember sarah palin? what was she doing besides acting like sarah palin. >> the more the people hate the candidate the better they do of skewering. tina faye sarah palin. i think he will do a good job and it will be funny. >> when it comes down it is like when the villain says you and i are very much alike, i feel like that's the way baldwin would be with trump. they are kind of alpha dogs, aren't they? >> and alex baldwin has some pretty bad things against
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women. didn't his msnbc show get canceled because he got in that woman's face. >> he has a lot of problems, but when you are liberal you never have to say you're sorry. >> this is one of the worst things about political correctness is it is a hammer the left can hit you with and they are selective who they hit with the hammer. ron paul hit newsletters from 30 years ago that he published. what did harry reid say? this is not a problem for them. >> i was happy they made hillary look crazy. did you see the crazy eyes? it made her look crazy. >> they go pardon on trump -- they can't go that save the -- >> hillary has been good.
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>> there is something lovable about the hillary. they are to the left on "saturday night live" and they are hard on obama and hard on" hillary world trade. >> of all of the shows "snl" and jimmy fallon have funny stuff on both sides. do you agree? and of course "red eye." >> obama has been the most mocked president ever. they don't think he is funny because he is so right and just. hillary and trump, people are much more comfortable going after them. >> the first when we return.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. dignitaries from around the world are attending the funeral of shimone-peres. president obama is leading the delegation that includes members of congress from both political parties as well as former president bill clinton. mr. obama is expected to deliver a eulogy shortly. we will carry it live once it happens. 903-year-old peres died two weeks after suffering a massive stroke. and an investigation is underway into the deadly commuter train crash in hoboken, new jersey. he was released from the hospital and said to be cooperating with investigators. they say the train was going too fast when it crashed into the station, but unclear why. it killed one woman on the platform and injured more than 100 other people. a dire situation in more
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than california where a wildfire destroyed eight homes. the intense flames in the santa cruz mountains sent firefighters to the hospital. there is no details on the severity of his injuries. the fare is threatening another 300 homes this morning. angry protests again in the san diego suburb of el cajon, the site of the police shooting of a black man. police arrested two men as the protesters turned destructive and violent. the protesters claim the man was shot while his hands were raised in the air. el cajon police have released a photo showing him pointing an object toward the police officer. there is that photo. >> hurricane matthew is strengthening to a storm as it moves to the caribbean. it is packing winds of 100 miles per hour. it is expected to head toward jamaica, cuba and haiti on saturday. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines log on to you're watching the most powerful name in news.
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fox newschannel. this may be a first. two college roommates don't get along. shea found out her roommate was tweeting mean things about her and here is how she responded. jesse explains, today i found the sub tweets my roommate made about me so i printed them out and hung them up in our dorm, hard em oji. here are some of the sub tweets she tweeted out. two weeks down and i hate my roommate. my roommate situation is a horror story, and if you don't believe me, ask brit. update, my roommate has whooping cough. brit is talking about rooming together next year and i am crying at the thought of having a good roommate, heart emoji. the tweet went viral and it was favorited 300 times. she said her roommate got pay back by calling campus police
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on her for having weed in their room. we reached to brit for comment, but haven't heard back. jill, what do you think? >> i love this so much. my college roommate hated me. >> she said borrow my clothes anytime. >> i said okay this is new. let me take the tag off and wear it. i was styling the first term freshman year, but deeply hated. the next roommate i figured it out better. and i learned what sub tweets are. it is a tweet where you don't directly mention the person by their twitter handle and she is less likely to see it. she didn't want her roommate to see them and she still put them on twitter. >> i don't think you are less likely to see it. it is easy to write shillue in twitter and see what people are saying about shillue.
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kristen, why don't you girls just get along? >> i don't know, tom. the moral of the story is that when you say anything today you have to expect the world will hear about it it. you have a binary decision. you keep your mouth shut or say something and assume everybody will find out. i learned it the hard way. i texted a friend and told her how i would take the cat poop out of the litter box of my roommate's cat and put it next to my roommate's bed. i did it many times because i hated the cat. my friend thought it was funny and she texted it to more friends and then my secret was out including the roommate. >> how close to the bed? on the bed. >> just close to it. everyone found out including my roommate and that's when i learned there is no such thing as an internet secret. >> there isn't and now on national tv. what is worse putting poop very close to the bed or spreading the tale of putting poop next to the bed?
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>> i have to think about this. i am having an aleppo moment on this question. clearly putting the poop near the bed. and cat poop -- you shouldn't have done that. sorry will. >> the cat was miserable. i had no choice. >> you can have a pet in the dorm? >> it was an apartment on campus. i don't even think she was allowed to have the cat. >> i think sub tweeting is a bar berry rick practice and people shouldn't do it. oh i don't want to engage with this person. i don't know why she felt compelled to tweet. you look at them and there are three likes. and then the juxtapositoion and then you put it on the bulletin board and then you tweet it and you get 20,000 followers. as of now she has 22,000 followers. she got rid of the roommate who hates her.
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>> there is something about putting tweets up on a bulletin board. why not just carve it into a rock? it is weird. >> it is old school. >> smoke signals. >> when i first saw the tweets i thought her roommate is probably not that bad. then when you told me the story about her ratting her out about having pot i said yeah her roommate kind of sucks. that's a bad college roommate. i hope she goes and lives with brit. >> what is worse? was it the original tweets which were not that public. she was just in general terms. or was it this thing that went super -- how can she complain about sub tweets when she is causing that project. >> i may have missed that, but why not tagging brit? >> is that the roommate or the friend. >> brit is her friend. follow the story. >> are you a journalist?
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>> we may have to have brit on next week. >> you know who you should feel sorry for is the ra. then she tweets the image of the text. >> just trying to get cheap living. all right, coming up, a motorized suitcase? apple reveals. reveals it.
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oh hey, welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. it is andy levey at the "qut red eye" news deck. >> how is that? >> i was surprised. >> even after our allison counted down five, four, three, two, one. >> and then i realized after one comes zero. a little peek behind the scenes for the people at home. mary j.blige video. you can't believe this was real. if. lifetime i will never see anything as awkward as that. >> i was watching it when it aired during the debate and i said out loud, this can't be real. this can't be real. when she grabbed her hand at the end when she was still
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singing? and then hillary's nods like, yes, i hear the powerful lyrics. >> the difference between her and bill clinton -- bill clinton would have had a tear rolling down his face. he absolutely would have. >> he would have been playing the sax. >> you thought if you interviewed a presidential candidate weeks before you would sing a song about police brutality. do you have anything in mind? jay the one that lady sung. >> jill, i thought you might appreciate this. i just saw an interview with blige and she said she will never ever again sing in an interview. >> did she apologize for tucking her bangs into her glasses.
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>> she did not. >> i think i may be the first person to say that. >> he can't name a foreign leader he likes. we were talking about why we couldn't get a better libertarian candidate. >> there was a conspiracy to flip the ticket. the person behind this conspiracy had a lot of people lined up. my understanding is he had to talk to gary johnson about it and it didn't work out. >> you said it is not so much the blunder, but how it is handled. we don't like any heads of state and i would have been okay if his answer was none. he would have had to have said that. >> i agree with you. he didn't handle that great. >> i don't think saying the party would have been a good
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idea. >> that was my aleppo moment. >> you said johnson has three strikes between his aleppo moment and the tongue and now this. the good thing is is they oppose three strikes lawsful. >> tell me if you think i am crazy, i was saying i don't think johnson is going to be president. this is another indication you need to get into the punditry game. you said he is self-obsessed and he can't get away with anyone. i did some research and opposite is diametrically different. >> you are a good looking guy and i like you, but you are so wrong. >> honestly heard nothing after that.
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>> jill, tom threw some shade at alec baldwin and you said she did. and then you admitted you had no idea. >> i had no idea what he is talking about. >> so you lied p you came on our show and lied. >> i nodded at the host and then i changed the subject. >> that's okay. i didn't know who brit was. >> i didn't know what a sub tweet was. >> i didn't know who the singing lady was. >> you have a very uninformed panel. a lot of aleppo moments. >> tom, you said if they go really hard on trump then they will have to go really hard on hillary too. >> yeah. >> no they're mott. they don't have to. >> they might. you asked how can they make it more ridiculous than the debate was. the thing is they don't have to make it more ridiculous to be funny.
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they just need it to be funny. >> i stand corrected. >> a college student puts up her own sub tweets. you said it is easy to search shillue in twetter and find out what people are saying about you. >> yes. >> oh. did not realize you did the name search thing. you can sub tweet me all you want. i don't even want to read the things people tweet at me. you said now she has 20,000 followers. i checked out the time line and it is 100% her defending weed. >> i noticed that. >> probably a gary johnson supporter. she is shooting people down with facts and i enjoy that. she said people i hated in
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high school and now claim i am friends because i am internet famous. >> enjoy your five minutes, honey. >> she says that too. she's well aware. >> she said her roommate sucks for ratting her out for pot. >> no kind of about it. >> that's one of the things we young people say for no reason. i am not saying you have to smoke pot, but if you are 19 and calling campus security on your neighbor for having pot is pretty lame. >> jessica thought she cleared real thing. >> glaucoma is affecting a lot of young people. >> a lot of freshmen get that. >> a lot of 18s are gone. >> and back pain. >> tom you asked how can she complain about sub tweeting when she is doing this and going viral?
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she didn't plan on that. she put up a tweet and everyone picked it up. >> i think -- did you see the art work? she was bucking for virality. >> not to be confused with saw saw -- varility. >> it is kind of perfect you are concerned about the ra. i don't know. it just seems kind of per -- perfect. are you voting for trump yet? >> how come national review never took a strong position on that? >> i heard charles cook is folding. i heard he was voting for trump. i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, one of the most under rated foods. what some story on the internet is saying.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. world leaders are gathering in jerusalem to pay their final respects to shimone-pers. president obama is leading the delegation including bill clinton and members of congress from pot parties. yesterday thousands of israelis flocked to view the casket of the man considered an icon in israeli politics.
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he died two weeks after suffering a stroke. during a seven-decade career he served as prime minister and president. he earned the nobel peace prize for trying to unite israelis and palestinians. abbas is expected to attend and fox news will carry live the eulogy to peres later this morning. investigators face the task piecing together clues what caused the deadly train wreck in hoboken, new jersey. passengers didn't hear or feel brakes before it slammed into a concrete barrier. donald trump is dough. ing -- is denying a business opportunity in the 90ss. the work was reportedly done by a consulting firm on behalf of the trump hotels and casino resort firm. it is further evidence that trump put his own interest
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ahead of the nation's. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. is on the verge of ending talks with russia to breng peace to syria. such discussions are, quote, irrational at a time when you are russian and syrian warplanes #r bombing aleppo. the talks crashed after several days of relative calm. >> now for all of your headlines you can go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. have a great morning. it is about time somebody took guacamole down a peg. it is called the definitive take down of several overrated foods. the writer made it clear that not all of the woods on the list were bad. they were put on an unduly
12:46 am
high pedastool. at number 11, sriracha and then deep dish pizza, bacon, tacos, accaia. chocolate covered strawberries and potato chips and ice cream and the number one over rated food is guacamole. isn't that something? jill, women love guacamole. >> that's true. why do women love guacamole? >> because we tell ourselves it is a healthy green. and then we have virginia kaw dough toast in the morning. avocado on the salad. oyeah we are keeping the uh avocado farmers in business. >> the browning effect is really bad. unless you get the whole container in a sitting. >> that's not a problem for me. >> do you do the thing where you make them make the
12:47 am
guacamole in front of your face? >> there is something powerful about it. what should have been on this list that wasn't? >> a slim jim. everybody loves them and the sight makes me want to barf. what are those fish uncooked called? anchovies. you can peel back the can and you can see the beady eyes and the smell permeates the room. but the oreos we tried them and they were gross. >> i think slim jims are gross p it is like a guy food. >> i don't know why you are assigning the gender specific. everybody likes guacamole. >> what bothers me the most 1
12:48 am
ice cream. if you don't like ice cream you are a terrorist. >> it wasn't an attack on ice cream, but it is best when you have lots of toppings or when it is a complement to something else. >> do you have a secret pen name you sometimes log under? does anybody dispute quinoia. does anybody know what it is? >> nobody really likes t are no. >> right. so you are not ju taking them down a notch, but it is over rated. it is rated where it should be rated. i reject the idea they can't stand alone. scribe is like, can we make cookies? i am a vanilla. if i have ice cream i have a single scoop of vanilla.
12:49 am
>> me too, tom. >> i think this whole block is stupid -- >> not as awkward as gary johnson on the bench. >> it is all based on what this one chick thinks. any of us can come up with a list of 10 foods. >> this is what you do. she wrote a book. then they say what do you care? >> they love the book and i encourage them to buy it. >> coming up, a new way to get around the airport or the saddest motorcycle gang? find out next.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" anthony cumia and ben kiss -- kissel and jessica tarlof. >> luggage used to just sit there and not take you to your gate. not anymore.
12:54 am
an american on fraw -- entrepreneur has a suitcase that will carry you. it is for on the go uh dulls. look at the video. >> it is three times faster than walking. psa and f.a.a. compliant. >> the moto bag that costs a grand comes with a motor and steering pole and brakes. it needs brakes, right? >> how about that guy sweating his way through the airport? >> we need to bring back bullying in this country. it is in a really, really bad way it may cost us our great nation. did you see how ridiculous those two people looked on this thing? at the beginning it is only three places.
12:55 am
it was like you went to one beach and had three angles of. >> are you saying when i e-mailed my pictures i picked three in a row of me at the beach. >> kristen i don't know if this looks like a comfortable suitcase. >> that's what americans walk. they want to glide around. i think the next wave they will have a leopard print one. there is one for extra padding. we are trying to get to the matrix level. we can sit in the warm fluid and be one step closer. >> it is like that movie wall-e. everyone was riding around and gliding. >> i didn't know any this spacious and clean. it was so fast p i love how
12:56 am
they -- i love how it is the most uncomfortable and awkward experience, but being crouched down is the greatest. >> they don't even look at the person of. >> you can ride regular luggage in the airport. you just have to kick. >> it's true. we all complain about losing the last five pounds and yet we will do anything to avoid a calorie. we won't kick it, but we sit on it. >> when you are fe -- do youy keep moving? >> no. i understand people want to take a break. >> i go behind them. >> you sniff? >> i breathe behind them to show they shouldn't be
12:57 am
standing on the escalator. >> that wouldn't have worked if you didn't describe it. >> special thanks, rich tate, lowry, and that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. >> that's it.
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so what really happened? this is special report. good evening. one of the most heavily traveled transit stations is a disaster scene tonight. a train failed to stop as it crashed into a new jersey rail station at the height of rush hour. we have been at the new jersey station all day. he joins us live right now. >> good evening. there


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