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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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dakota. i love it. >> going to leave it there. that's it for us. "special report" coming up right now. this is the fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. hillary clinton has received a boost, a slight boost following the presidential debate with donald trump. that is the takeaway from brand new fox polls releasing right now. clinton is getting 43% support in a four-way race. that's up from 41% as you see earlier this month. trump is steady at 40%. he is now down three percentage points but still statistically tied in this poll of likely voters. but in head-to-head in this poll, clinton has turned a one-point deficit into a five-point lead. when asked you won monday's debate, almost 2/3 of the
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respondents said secretary clinton. donald trump is in michigan tonight talking jobs and trade and fighting the establishment and the elitists seemingingly trying to get back on to policy. this after an early morning of continuing a social media offense against a woman who won the miss universe title 20 years ago. the source of his early morning tweets has both supporters and opponents wondering about trump's tactics. chief political correspondent carl cameron is with the trump campaign tonight in michigan. >> reporter: while donald trump visited the gerald ford presidential library in michigan where a new poll shows him trailing hillary clinton, his video deposition came out. grilled trump about his harsh rhetoric against immigrants. trump in a video calmly defended his immigration rhetoric. >> it is a very big topic in
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this country. and which is a topic that, you know, has led to my nomination in a major party in the country. so it's not a very out there topic. >> reporter: trump's day began at 3:00 a.m. with a tweet storm first blasting the media for reporting on insights and insiders. any time you see something about me saying sources said, do not believe it. they are just made up lies. aides have urged trump to move beyond the first debate. but the debate commission today confirmed his mike was defective. today he escalated the battle clinton started over his treatment of women and the misuniverse winner. at 5:00 a.m. he tweeted, did crooked hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and past
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alicia m become a u.s. citizen? she also starred in a south american reality tv series and in one episode appeared in bed with a man. machado became a u.s. citizen in august. while trump hits clinton for pay to play politics, his own foundation finds itself in hot water. for eight years he's funded it with donations from other people but never applied for the state certification needed to accept more than $25,000 a year. new york's attorney general is investigating trump's foundation and could halt further donations and require those over the last eight years to be returned. also, "usa today" which has never endorsed a presidential candidate today urged voters to not vote for trump calling him unfit. other papers did as well. "usa today" only did this one other time. trump tweeted the people are smart in canceling subscriptions to the dallas and arizona
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papers. the people get it. >> hillary clinton has made a living raking in donations from special interests that have raided our factories and ripped the jobs right out of michigan and every other state. that's how she gets rich. >> trump has a huge crowd for a mostly teleprompter speech that is one of the more blister attacks for at least the last 40 minutes on hillary clinton. and he's thrown down a challenge to president obama. asking him if he will pledge to not give a pardon to hillary clinton or the five staffers who got immunity in the e-mail exchange. definitely a major gauntlet tossed even though there aren't any charges facing those vinls. >> thanks. with the new polls, let's look at the electoral map and see where things stand now. remember, to win the election you need 270 electoral votes.
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right now we have it at 201ary . 164 for donald trump. if you take the average of polls as of tonight, even the razor thin margin with one candidate ahead, here's how the states break down. in arizona goes to donald trump. nevada as of tonight average of polls goes to donald trump as well. even in colorado there is the slimmest of leads for donald trump. that goes red as of tonight. as does iowa. as does ohio. georgia, north carolina, and then you turn to hillary clinton. she picks up wisconsin and michigan, pennsylvania as of tonight goes to hillary clinton. as does new hampshire and virginia. the only state left, florida. take a look at these electoral votes. 264 to 245. there are 29 electoral votes in florida. as of tonight average of recent polls, hillary clinton is leading and that would give her the presidency of the united states. now, here's some interesting numbers. they tell you a lot about where
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the campaigns having campaigning through this time since they've become nominees. here is ohio. there have been 12 visits to ohio from both candidates. eight for donald trump. four for hillary clinton. but hillary clinton hasn't been to ohio in 25 days. since labor day. here's pennsylvania. also, 12 visits in pennsylvania. seven for donald trump. five for hillary clinton. but the biggest state visited? florida. 14 visits. nine for donald trump. five for hillary clinton. these are interesting numbers. they tell you where the campaigns have been focusing. but here is another really interesting number. that's the number of visits in key battleground states. donald trump, 54. hillary clinton, 25. more than double the visits in these key battleground states. you can see the campaigning that's been going on here. hillary clinton is in that key state of florida tonight.
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jennifer griffin is with the clinton campaign. >> reporter: good evening, bret. hillary clinton just finished speaking behind us a little while ago. it was her second stop here in florida. she started the day a little further north where she exhibited a little bit of that cough that we had heard over labor day. she did not have that cough when she arrived here. instead, she was on the offensive. she called alicia machado, that miss universe who trump had taken to attacking overnight in a tirade of tweets, hillary clinton herself responded to trump's tweets by saying what kind of man stays up all night to attack a woman? they are clearly trying to capitalize on what they perceive as a mistaken attack by trump against this miss universe. miss universe herself alicia machado who is a new citizen and plans to vote for the first time, she spoke to hillary clinton by phone and she said
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she's looking forward to voting for the first female president. she also put out a scathing statement against donald trump in which she said that he is just trying to humiliate her like he has tried to humiliate immigrants and others. so that continues. we have noticed that the clinton campaign is also making an outreach and trying to capitalize off of a news story that came out in "news week" when and was the front page of the miami herald today. a story alleging that the embargo was broken in the '90s. 2/3 of u.s. cubans live in florida. and we went to their favorite hangout, a coffee shop where trump had campaigned just last week. and asked the older voters there who typically vote republican -- these are cubans -- whether that news story would affect them. and most of them told us -- most of a certain age or older said
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it would not affect their vote. they still plan to vote for trump. but clearly the clinton campaign trying to capitalize on this new news story that came out in "news week" about donald trump allegedly breaking the embargo and investing some money in cuba as he tries to figure out whether he could do business there at some point in the future. donald trump denies he did that. but that's where we are right now. florida, of course, all important with its 29 electoral votes. >> quickly, you mentioned florida and i pointed out that hillary clinton has traveled there. this is the fifth visit to that key battleground state. certainly sees some upsides there. polls have shifted a little bit in her favor in recent days. are they making florida really the stop in the electoral math? >> it certainly looks that way. bill clinton will be on a bus tour through northern florida. he's coming back from israel with the president after
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attending shimon peres' funeral. the poll is still very close here in florida. and everyone we talked to there of the never clinton voters and the never trump voters. they seem very split here. >> jennifer griffin traveling with the clinton campaign in florida, thank you. donald trump has hinted he may bring up bill clinton's controversial sexual history during the next debate. trump allies are now pointing to what mrs. clinton said during those '90s controversies. we examine a decades' long series of scandals and the clintons' reaction to them. >> reporter: it is a nuclear option donald trump withheld in monday's debate. >> i was going to say something extremely rough to hillary, to her family. and i said to myself i can't do it. i just can't do it. >> reporter: but a campaign memo sent to trump surrogates this week encourages them to remind voters especially millennials
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too young to remember that what goes around -- >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs, and dogs. >> reporter: -- comes around. they have got the mem toe to dredge up her complicity in her husband's past sex scandals. >> she didn't just stand by him. she attacked monica lewinsky. >> reporter: arkansas attorney general is well versed in the scandals. >> hillary clinton has spent years victimizing women who have already been victimized. and she is the one in monday night's debate who unfortunately took the conversation to the ditch. >> reporter: the trump campaign sees a mother load of clinton hypocrisies. >> i would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence. >> reporter: former clinton staffer george stephanopoulos recounted in his memoir that when bombshell reports first came about of the lewinsky
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affair, she first lady had to savage her enemies. diane blair recounted in her diary that mrs. clinton once referred to lewinsky as a nar cystic loony tune. predated the white house years. in 1992 when gennifer flowers claimed she had an affair with then-governor bill clinton, hillary clinton described flowers as a gold digger. >> you get your picture on the front page of every newspaper and you're some failed cabaret singer who doesn't even have much of a resume to fall back on. >> reporter: when other women made allegations of sexual assault by mr. clinton, one of them telling her story in "penthouse" magazine, stephanopoulos quoted her saying, we have to destroy her story. soon after the campaign hired a private detective to look into 24 separate allegations. asked why he held back on the clinton sex scandals, trump said he had a lot of respect for
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chelsea and said he didn't want to say what he was going to say. when the reporter followed up with the question, which is? which is maybe i'll tell you at the next debate. bret, stay tuned. >> we will. thank you. a homeland security official tells the associated press hackers have targeted the voter registration system of 20 states in recent months. warned state officials to upgrade their security. fbi director james comey told lawmakers this week the agency is looking hard at russian hackers who may try to disrupt the november election. one of the major races to watch on election day would be the senate contest in wisconsin. it features a republican incumbent against the democrat he defeated to get the job. mike tobin takes a look. >> reporter: it's a rematch of 2010 in wisconsin. that's when political newcomer and businessman ron johnson ran as a republican and knocked a well known democratic governor
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out of office. feingold is back and has a fighting chance. he's got the advantage. >> i think this is the real race. i think it's a competitive race. i think it's anybody's to win or to lose. johnson has sort of got the motor going. he's up on the air. he's got commercials. he's got presence. >> reporter: johnson won in an off-presidential election in wisconsin low turnout often skews conservative. more importantly he rode the anti-establish furor that has not abated. so each paints the other as the outside guy. calls the senator feingold. calls himself ron. >> i am the outsider. he is the insider. >> i don't have to hide my identity. i am proud i served in the united states senate. >> reporter: outside money is coming in. not a deluge, but almost $7 million from outside groups. more than $4 million of it anti-feingold. >> he's a big spending insider.
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we can't afford more years of russ. >> reporter: the campaign committee has delayed an ad campaign in wisconsin. the spokesman said that's because they're so confident in his campaign, they can expand the map or spend the money elsewhere. the republican national senatorial committee says it will kick in mid-october. johnson's campaign acknowledges the candidate is now -- that's why he's barn storming wisconsin. he's not getting help from the presidential campaign. in the primary, trump did poorly in the population centers of southeast wisconsin. johnson needs voter turnout there. mike tobin, fox news. a federal judge is blocking an arkansas law preventing state funds from going to planned parenthood. the same judge had already issued an injunction in the case of benefits for three women. the latest ruling expands that protection to all patients. the state attorney general says the decision will enable planned
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parenthood to, quote, pad its bottom line at taxpayers' expen expense. up next, did the u.s. make another major concession to iran in order to get those four hostages back? first to what our fox affiliates are covering tonight. in birmingham, alabama, a court removes justice roy moore from the bench. the panel ruled moore violated ethics by encouraging denying marriage licenses to gay couple. it's the second time the group has removed moore from the job. fox 26 in houston has nearly 400 people sworn in as u.s. citizens. it happened thursday in austin. new americans come from 92 different countries. and there's a live look at honolulu from our fox affiliate khon. a rainy honolulu tonight. one of the big story there is tonight, officials are telling
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residents not to be alarmed by a leak of a gas that can trigger nausea, coughing, and burning eyes. hydrogen sulfide escaped from a power plant yesterday afternoon. but authorities say the amount was not enough to be considered dangerous. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. bp drilling teams train in virtual reality simulators in here, so we're better prepared for any situation out there. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. which is good for me 200-degree range of sight because safety is never being satisfied. hey! and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. upgraded to our most d3 ever. ♪ redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's
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there may have been another huge concession from the obama administration to iran in order to get a group of americans released from iranian custody. chief washington correspondent james rosen has that story tonight from the white house. >> reporter: on the same day in january that the u.s. stealthily
3:21 pm
played iran to settle a dispute over assets and the regime set free hostages, still another deal was being finalized. "the wall street journal" reports the state department's brett mcgurgs signed an agreement for sanctions to be lifted eight years ahead of schedule previously described by the treasury department of the linchpin of the ballistic missile tram program. >> they were no longer turning out projects that linked them to the ballistic missile program. we maintained the ability to impose u.s. sanctions on banks or any other entity in iran if we then consider their behavior is -- merits. >> reporter: top administration officials had previously promised congress there would be no weakening of the financial
3:22 pm
restrictions. >> the sanctions on their arms trade, on their ballistic missile technology remain in place for many years to come. >> reporter: more recently the administration as a short congress iran's missile program is well in hand. >> we believe that we have both multilaterally and unilaterally the tools necessary to attack that missile program. >> reporter: but by all accounts since it was announced in july 2015 for this medium range missile. >> we're already seeing the consequences of this impact. we've already seen ten separate testings of intercontinental ballistic missiles. some of them have the words on the side death to israel. >> the strategy is now paying the kind of dividends many of us warned of. that is that the united states is no longer shaping events. whether it's in the middle east or ooimpb or asia or europe with
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russia. >> reporter: they make no excuses for what they call their considered determination even as they acknowledge. marks one yea russia launched its military campaign. the observatory for opposition groups which tallies casualties in that conflict estimates that russia's military campaign over the past year has claimed 9,000 lives. i did contact the russian embassy to see if they challenge those figures. i received no response. the state department said today even though secretary kerry has spent a better part of this week trying to sever all communications with moscow an ary over their military campaign in recent weeks, they're still not ready to, quote, slam the door on the talks with the kremlin. >> james, thank you. as james said, it was one year ago today that russia began its air strikes in support of syria
3:24 pm
president bashar al assad. in that time more than 12,000 refugees from syria have come here to the u.s. tonight we examine what happens to some of them after they arrive. me and another people. >> reporter: the bilal family arrived in the u.s. three months ago after fleeing war torn syria. >> translator: the situation in syria is very bad. here i find peace for me and my family. >> reporter: like others, the journey wasn't easy. now thanks to the state department, u.s. taxpayers, and their worker, life in california is looking up. he is saying it is his job to make sure these imglants and these refugees do not fall
3:25 pm
through the cracks. financially or culturally. he spends a lot of time in the car going to the bank, to the school, apartments to make sure these people get off on the right foot. >> they're so much grateful. they want to help themselves and help their children. >> reporter: to start their new lives, each refugee receives $2100 from washington. they also = for food stamps and medicaid and welfare. >> no training for gas station training. >> the gas station and cashier. >> reporter: krals took in the most refugees this year. followed by michigan and texas. which along with 31 other states is trying to bar their entry. >> maybe 10 million in syria. >> i tell them this is the
3:26 pm
greatest place on earth. >> reporter: a refugee himself from somalia, hussein understands acceptance can take time. but he says refugees like the bilals just want a chance to prove they, too, can be americans. >> translator: i know a lot of people are afraid of me because i'm a muslim and from syria. i hope when they get to know me, that will change. >> reporter: fox news. the u.s. navy says it moved to drop all 89 of its individual job titles for enlisted sailors as a way to modernize. most of those job titles ended in man. for example, a chief yoman will now be called a chief. this opens up more jobs in the military and gives its personnel more possibilities when they leave. george w. bush is once again hosting his annual mountain bike ride for wounded veterans. it features about 20 vet who is sustained their injuries
3:27 pm
fighting the war on terror. the ride highlights the bravery and sacrifice of those warriors and recognizes organizations that support america's veterans. federal investigatorers are going over information from one of the black boxes from the commuter train that slammed into a station in new jersey. rick leventhal has the latest. >> reporter: the ntsb just wrapped up a briefing about 40 minutes ago and confirmed that investigators have spoken to all crew members but have not yet questioned the engineer. one reason given was that he was hurt in the crash. at least 25 investigators with the ntsb are working the crash at train 1614 at the hoboken terminal. but had to wait for debris to be cleared before gaining access to the front car.
3:28 pm
before the ntsb can recover the other event recorder and cameras mounted to the train. the first box was retrieved from the rear locomotive and could reveal how fast it was going when it fails to stop in the station smashing over a bumper and into a concrete wall. >> that's the question of the hour. everyone is speculating on this. we don't do that. we're going to wait until we get the actual information. >> reporter: the agency planned to interview the engineer friday. thomas gallagher has been with new jersey transit nearly 30 years operating trains for 18. he was reportedly found slumped over the controls after the crash and was extricated from the wreck by first responders. initially listed in critical condition, gallagher was treated and released thursday evening after giving blood and urine samples. >> he was injured so we wanted to respect that. we'll be interviewing all three crew members. we'll also be getting information from all the different organizations that might have information.
3:29 pm
>> reporter: of the 114 hurt, only 16 were still hospitalized as of friday afternoon. but brazilian fabiola did not survive. she moved a year ago and had just dropped the couple's daughter off at day care. the other key question is whether positive train control would have stopped these cars in time. >> we have studied hundreds of train crashes in the past. and in many of those cases, positive train control was -- the lack of it was a factor and could have prevented it. >> reporter: today's weather has not helped investigators who are still waiting to gain access to those passenger cars inside the badly damaged terminal building. but they say the evidence is not perishable so there's no rush. they say they'll be here seven to ten days or as long as it takes. they also say they are here to gather evidence and will not speculate as to the cause of the accident. >> rick, thank you. american airlines is making
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a big change this weekend and it is hoping you won't notice a thing. american is condensing three separate flight operating systems into one. executives say hundreds of employees will be staffing command centers around the clock to deal with any potential problems. the markets were up today. the dow gained 165. the s&p 500 finished ahead 17. the nasdaq climbed 43. for the week the dow was up a quarter of a percentage point. the s&p 500 gained 0.15. president obama was joined by many world leaders today at the funeral for icahnic shimon peres. john huddy has the story from jerusalem. >> reporter: it was a story of prior for shimon peres. he was laid to rest today. >> he lived a life of purpose. he soared to incredible heights.
3:31 pm
he help sod many with his vision and hope. >> reporter: and it was that vision and hope for peace and his pursuit of it that shimon peres was remembered for by world leaders including president obama and former president bill clinton. >> his critics often claimed he was a naive, overally optimistic dreamer. they were only wrong about the naive part. >> reporter: during his 70-year career as a statesman, peres helped strengthen defenses and security and served in every political office one can in israel. he won the nobel peace prize in 1994 with his work as a co-architect. though peace in the region remains elusive. >> we won them all, he said of israel's wars. but we did not win the greatest victory we aspired to. release from the need to win victories.
3:32 pm
>> reporter: palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas attended today's funeral. a gesture president obama called a reminder of the unfinished business of peace. he shook hands with benjamin netanyahu. a brief moment that may have given the eternal optimist shimon peres hope for a more peaceful future. >> for shimon, let us choose life as he always did. let us make his work our own. may god bless his memory and may god bless this country. and this world that he loved so dearly. >> reporter: shimon peres' family also talked about his tireless spirit. his son yanni said when asked what he wanted the inscription to be on his grave, his father responded without hesitation, gone too soon. bret? >> john huddy in jerusalem. thank you. the president of the united states waits for no man normally. but president obama found out today while trying to leave
3:33 pm
jerusal jerusalem, not even he is immune to all flight delays. this one caused by former president bill clinton. apparently spending a little too much time talking on that tarmac. in the end president obama gave a friendly shoutout to the former president and eventually air force one was ready to take off. the white house has removed the word "israel" from its official transcript of president obama's comments at the peres funeral. the first version of the remarks included a location of jerusalem israel. that was later changed to just jerusalem. on background it was in accordance with u.s. policy recognizing that the palestinians also claim jerusalem as part of their territory. the rosetta probe has ended its mission tracking a comet by crashing into it. rosetta executed a slow motion descent into the icy surface today ending its 12-year mission. rosetta sent a lander onto the
3:34 pm
surface in 2014. a cosmic first. today controllers crashed it on purpose because its solar panels would not have provided enough energy to continue that operation. the brand new fox polls and an increasingly bitter race for president. we'll talk about it all with the panel after a short break. i just saved thousands on my loan at in less than a minute, i found out how much home i can afford. i like how you shop for loans the same way you shop for flights online. i didn't realize that lendingtree you can save money
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tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. it's me in control now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. zblchblt who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against a former miss universe? his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him. >> i only know him as being a gentleman. he has supported me in my life as a woman, as a mother.
3:38 pm
and i've seen it also with my fellow miss usa contestants. that they were treated with the utmost respect. >> former miss wisconsin there. who knew that this race would be all about beauty queens at some point. but we have focused on that in the race and you have some new polls. out from fox. the four-way race has a bit of a change here and that you see hillary clinton up three, up two from early september and donald trump about the same. in the two-way race there's a bigger move. she gains four points and is now up five. and you see the margin of error plus or minus three. it was referenced there, but the early morning tweets and we're talking early morning from donald trump. this is at 3:20. any time you see a story about me or my campaign saying sources said, do not believe it. there are no sources they are just made up lies. then at 5:14. wow crooked hillary was duped and used by my worst miss universe. hillary didn't check her past
3:39 pm
which is terrible. 5:19, using alicia m in the debate as a paragon of virtue just shows that crooked hillary suffers from bad judgment. hillary was set up by a con. and then 5:30 a.m., did crooked hillary help disgusting -- check out sex tape and past -- alicia machado become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate? with that, let's bring in our news panel. howie, quite something. i mean, we're on day three, four of this. >> i've been thinking about this all day. not since 3:00 a.m. when the tweets started but for a lot of hours. i cannot figure out what donald trump gains especially amongst women by continuing to attack alicia machado. now we're into sex tape territory. it's a scene from a reality tv show where they were under the
3:40 pm
covers. he made this situation a thousand times bigger than it was before. it's part of his familiar pattern of refusing to walk away from fights even when the fight does not benefit him. >> okay. but these polls still pretty tight. clearly if you look at who won the debate from our polls, number nine who won the first debate. clinton 61%. trump 21%. there has been some movement here based on that first debate. >> yeah. i think that people have responded to the poll that way are right. she went to this debate eager to bait him. eager to get under his skin. the miss universe thing was a very clever trap. she got under his skin. >> under the wire. >> like she knew she had to get it in and she got it in. she's clearly getting under his skin during the debate. but to watch it kind of percolate all week long and then he explodes in this twitter fest this morning.
3:41 pm
we've already seen in the fascinating fox polls that she gained seven points with women after the debate. i'm sure that this will also help her with women, what happened today and the continuing coverage about it. the other thing is she always leads him in that question of who has the temperament to be president. 67% said hillary clinton in the poll. only 37% said donald trump. i think that's a question where he'll also be hurt after >> yea. that's fox news poll five. has the temperament to serve effectively as president. 67%-31% for clinton. i want to put up the men and women four-way vote preference here. fox poll three. there you see the breakdown. 32
3:42 pm
32 32%/53%. when you talk one or two points in the electoral map in a state, that could shift some of these states that really are in the margin of error. and that path 270 is more for her. >> those are the two big gaps that show up in this poll. the one that we discussed already, is temperament and the other is this huge gender gap. right? you put those two together and you just don't see a good way for donald trump to change those things in the next couple of weeks. right? those are very firmly embedded now in the electorate. and, you know, honestly, there's a fundamental problem he's going to face after this tweet storm and after the things where he couldn't let go on alicia machado because the temperament issue if you go through the other categories as you have in this poll, you see that on the issues, they're actually kind of close. >> yeah.
3:43 pm
>> the temperament thing is blotting out every other aspect of this campaign at this point. and he just seems to be bent on reinforcing it. >> but late today in michigan focused on as i mentioned jobs and trade and the economy and hitting these issues taking down regulations and seemed to get a lot of applause from the big crowd. howie, there was something that trump said about the debate that turned out to be true. and that was the microphone problems. take a listen to him today. >> working that microphone was a hell of a lot more difficult than working crooked hillary clinton. when you have a situation like that and you know it's bad and you think you have a hundred million people watching, what do you do? stop the show? it was bad. >> and the debate commission put out a statement and said this. regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding donald trump's audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall which was interesting that they added that.
3:44 pm
but there were microphone issues. >> also trump had a point on that. he also now is calling the debate rigged because he didn't like the way lester holt had handled it. i also said that holt was much tougher on donald trump and easy on hillary clinton. but he's also being undercut to some degree by his own staff. and he's furious about this, i am told, because some of them described as trump advisers unnamed leaking that trump didn't pay enough attention in the debate prep. that he was erratic in the debate. that is a sign of a campaign where you've got a lot of people finger pointing covering their butts. this race is still very tight. even though we as journalists and commentators said that didn't go well for him at all, it hasn't opened up a big slide. and i don't expect it to in such a divided country. >> because that feeling of anti-establishment, anti-elitist that this should be a change election is real. >> it is real.
3:45 pm
but one other really interesting factoid in the fox news poll, if we actually now know hillary haters -- so asked who are you not at all comfortable with as president. so hillary haters are about 39%. and trump haters are about 47%. that means 47% say they would not at all be comfortable with donald trump as president. 39% said they would not at all be comfortable with hillary clinton as president. that's just a number to keep in mind going forward about that core -- you know, the holdouts from each candidates. >> last thing quickly about doug's piece and what hillary clinton said during all those scandals in the '90s about all these various women. do we think that this is going to be a subject? >> it's all up to donald trump. that's his opposition research. he's claimed to have been a gentleman and refrained from putting it out there in the last debate. based an how angry he's been the
3:46 pm
last couple of days, i wouldn't be surprised. >> getting media coverage. up next, the friday lightning round. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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that is the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers. it transfers tomorrow. we're back with the panel. this gets complicated but there are people like senator cruz, a list of republicans, actually. it's not just him. who have a real problem with this. and you heard senator cruz there saying it's an effort to internationalize. also it is a private sector non-profit and there shouldn't be this ominous overview of it. what about this? >> i understand the concern and it plays well politically. i'm not wild about the u.s. surrendering control of -- but you look back on it, it's unrealistic to think america could maintain a monopoly on this. >> well, i think there's real concern about it legitimate concern and actually some state attorney generals are test test
3:51 pm
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test there is a lot of countries that have controls of various measures on there. this is controlling domain names. this means like you know,. >> dot nil >> stolen, used, abused. and before this happened, there was commerce, our commerce department had oversight over that we lose that now. >> the supporters say the rest of the world was getting antsy. that we were controlling it. but, you know, the people have a problem with this say this is the camel nose under the tent we will find out soon enough how far under it
3:52 pm
has gotten. the issue in a lot of these countries, particularly china, private sector companies are not truly private sector. they have communist party or government backing behind them. it's going to be on the u.s. private sector and european private sector to act on a check on them. down the row preview of the vp debate. i don't think anybody is looking as a barn veteranner but who knows? >> bland vs. bland. what i expect top see both of them turning it around principles the respective tickets. tim kaine is going to have to go after donald trump. i expect cain to shim mike pence as a conventional republican shaming him for going on a ticket with someone like donald trump. >> could we get policy in there some place. >> i think this is going to be heavy on policy. are we going to get 84, 85 million viewers? i don't think so. i think it's going to be
3:53 pm
cool, calm, collected, not a lot of sparks are going to fly and, yeah, a lot of policy. >> quickly. >> a little focus on this not just because of the crazy race at the top of the ticket but because trump and clinton made good choices. tim kaine and mike pence are widely seen as qualified for v.p. move them up to the top job. the debate we often see could this person be a heart pete away. >> winners and losers. winners first? >> alicia machado. no one ever heard of this miss america. >> miss universe. >> miss universe, excuse me. she is a household name and perhaps she gets a reality show out of it. >> go ahead. >> my loser howard dean out of the former presidential candidate. doctor. exparty chairman made lewd conspiracy against trump. he might be a cocaine user. he finally apologized today. >> trump people insinuate it was the microphone that picked up his heavy breathing but go ahead. >> my winner is u.k. prime
3:54 pm
minister theresa may. a report came out that the british economy was doing better than expected post protect. so i thinprotect -- brex sit. gives her running room as she tries to sticky divorce going forward. >> loser is libertarian candidate gary johnson. we saw last week he didn't know what aleppo was. this week he was asked by chris matthews just to name a foreign leader he admires and any dead, alive, this continent, that continent. and he couldn't. >> so he think this is going to be fodder, just watch. i think these are going to be hillary clinton pac ads used against him to drive down those numbers because she does better on a one op. one match with trump. >> winner and loser? >> with my usual keen grasp with the obvious i went for my winner being hillary clinton and my loser being donald trump for the obvious reason monday's debate where trump really although he came out fairly steady in the first 30 minutes kind of
3:55 pm
melted down thereafter and as our polls show tonight she really capitalized. >> okay. panel, up next your friday feedback. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. it's time for your friday feedback. during our coverage of the presidential race, we asked if donald trump should stop talking about a former miss universe winner and her weight gain. not surprisingly scott at reed and learn tweets yes the sooner he stops talking about how much fat miss universe was and how much fat is in the federal budget the better. jake agreed if he would just focus more on his message rather than tweeting he would be winning. no he shouldn't this is unusual election cycle and by god he needs to keep it unusual. we asked if you think most voters have already made up their minds.
3:59 pm
albert says yes, greater than 5% undecided but likely have a leaning. race pretty locked based on recent polling: no, many on the fence. we asked whether donald trump should bring up the clinton sex scandals. holland says that's a stupid question he should have attacked her with it last debate. stick to issues that matter. economy, jobs, tax, immigration, et cetera. during our story about syrian refugees we asked whether the u.s. should continue to accept syrian refugees. anna cornyn tweets no. we need to take care of the legal americans in our country. let's get our country fixed and prosperin and from buck smith, as long as the war in syria continues, yes. and that is our friday feedback from you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget until the
4:00 pm
election, just after the election, "special report" sunday 8:00 p.m. don't miss that. "on the record" with brit hume starts in four seconds. ♪ ♪ hello, and welcome back. i'm brit hume. and this is "on the record." first, scientific polling done after monday's scientific debate shows hillary clinton winning it by a wide margin. but, the polling average indicates that while she has gained ground, the race remains quite close. the real clear politics average shows her leading 7.5. the betting odds have shifted in her favor and stand right 28.2 and 25.8 on heroin. brand new fox news poll thought she won. a new gallup poll had her winning by a similar margin 61


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