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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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for-profit colleges that are scamming students. i don't read that fine print. you get defrauded or mistreated and they say you can't sue us. we also see a problem in international trade agreements like the transpacific partnership. it sets up a dispute resolution system. i warned about this for years, i have written about it, and i oppose tpp now. i will oppose it after the election, i will oppose it as president. it is one sided and unfair to american workers. and what about all of those pharmaceutical companies that jack up prices for no reason? we're going to have to protect ourselves about that too.
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and we should slap companies on companies trying to cheat people who need life saving drugs. and let's finally import safe alternatives from other countries like canada and speed up approvals to get more generic drugs on the market. and allowing medicare to negotiate and get the cost down for medicare recipients. and i think we should cap the amount people pay out of month for medicine. no one should have to choose between paying the rent and filling their prescription.
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>> let's stand up for consumers, and let's stand up for small businesses that create most of the jobs in america. i take this personally. because of my dad's very small business. we need fair rules of the road. when it comes to bullying small businesses, donald trump is the poster boy. i have heard so many stories of contractors and i met some, too. they worked for him, produced goods and services and never got paid for what they owed. architects, glass installers, he st stiffed them all.
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he could pay them and he would not pay them. he said if you want the money, sue me, i'm so glad my dad didn't get a contract with donald trump. more than 60% of small businesses face payment delays. as president i will explore new ways to arm small businesses with the tools to fight back and level the playing field. part of the problem is large corporations taking so much of the economy. it threatens businesses of all sizes and consumers. it could mean cutting wages for workers, crowding out start ups
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and small businesses. look at what is happening right now in most of the country. the three largest health insurance companies in each state control 80% of the market. no wonder premiums are going up. at president i will appoint tough, independent authorities to strengthen antitrust enforcement so the big don't keep getting bill ee eer -- big and bigger. i want every business to compete and thrive, and then i want to also do something else. let's protect and empower workers. who drive our economy. everyone who works hard should be able to share in the rewards, not just senior executives, so we're proposing new tax creates for more companies to share profits on top of, not instead of, higher wages.
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and i will defend your right to organize. and we need -- we need to support new organizing strategies for employees that have never had the benefit of collective bargaining and we have to resist the assault on workers rights. right to work is right for workers and -- let's also raise the minimum wage and support the five for 15 so you don't live in poverty. let's defend overtime and go after wage theft. let's provide family leave that is paid and access to affordable
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high quality child care. and of course you know what i'm going to say, let's finally guarantee equal pay for women. well -- my opponent and his chief surrogates like to say i'm playing the woman card, but if fighting for working families is playing the women's card, you know what, then deal me in! and then finally. i have a lot on my mind, but
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finally, we need to make it easier for companies to invest in good jobs here at home. as president i will ramp up enforcement of trade rules by appointing a new chief trade prosecutor and tripling the number of enforcement officers. we will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment new good paying jobs since world war ii. i want to direct $10 billion to create a make it in america partnership to support american manufacturing. and i want to take some of the ideas that worked when my husband was president, and we had more than 23 million new jobs and incomes went up for everybody, that includes incentives like the new market tax credit for creating good jobs in poor or remote areas.
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inner cities to rural communities ravages by hollowed out factories, ravaged by mine that's have been shut down. ravaged by opiate addiction. when i say our economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top, i mean it. and we're going to do everything we can to make sure workers are treated like assets, not costs. and we're going to bring back infrastructure jobs, advanced manufacturing jobs, clean renewable energy jobs, innovation, technology, small business. now you don't have to look any further than right here in northwest, ohio. just a few years ago in 2009, you were in the eye of the storm. jobs, homes, savings, wiped out.
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the auto industry on the verge of collapse. a lot of people ready to give up on it. well, that would have meant giving up an 850,000 people across this state whose jobs were tied to the industry. donald trump for one said rescuing the auto industry didn't matter very much. either way would have been acceptable, he said. we could have just let it go. that is a direct quote from him. everybody in ohio thinking about voting for trump needs to hear that. at the time of the worst financial crisis in ohio, in 2009, he would have let you twist and fall. and for his running mate, he picked mike pence, an opponent of the saw toe rescue.
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thank goodness the people of northwest ohio were not ready to give up, you never lost faith. after hard work and sacrifice, the auto industry just had it's best year ever. but that is not all there is to the story. america came to the rescue. taxpayers like all of us, not him, but us. provided the funds for the rescue. union workers stepped up. communities like toledo came together to make it work. and now that the industry is back on it's feet, the auto companies have a responsibility to give back so i was delighted to hear that chrysler is
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doubling down on toledo. investing to start building the next generation of jeep wrangler. that would bring about 700,000 new jobs. and workers at the crystler plants should see a big increase in profit sharing above and beyond wages and benefits. that's the way it is supposed to work when we all help each other out. when we stand together, we are stronger together. so what i want you to know is that if you join me in this campaign, i will always stand up and fight for you and fight for your jobs, and fight for your families. and i guess, you know, we have about 36 days left.
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the election will be close. >> that is hillary returning to ohio for the first time in a month. hello, i'm melissa francis, clinton visiting the mid western battleground state for a speech on the economy one week before ohio's voter registration deadline. we have our digital politics editor with us. she had a lot of energy, a lot of cheering, she talked about honest work deserving honest pay, good schools, while she is not a fan of charter schools, creating more jobs, and really took a hammer to wall street and wells fargo. all i could think is where did that $44 million come from? she gets money from the banks for speeches. that is money that the bank is giving to her and she is railing against wall street, where am i going wrong? >> the funny moment now is that hillary clinton, who she and her
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husband in the years after the presidency made about a quarter of a billion dollars -- >> a quarter of a billion dollars. >> one billion dollars. >> by giving speeches, writing books, selling influence, access to themselves and their celebrity. and she is in the senate, he have be president, this is happening, and their return to the white house is driving a lot of the cash flow. and that is in addition to what their foundation took in. wall street is in the center of all of that. this is not a speech about the economy, it's a speech about donald trump taking advantage of you and the little guy, and she is trying to adopt barack obama's -- she is trying to invoke barack obama and say she will be like him, even though her record says maybe not.
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>> her agenda will begin to level the playing field, that's not so nice to barack obama. there you go, we have to go. breaking moments ago, the new york attorney general ordering the trump foundation to stop fundraising. we'll have more on this after the break. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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donald trump addressing veterans with a speech in virginia. he spoke about the problems facing men and women who served our country. he did not offer any comment on a report that shows he lost nearly a billion dollars in 1995. don roberts is live in colorado. trump is campaigning there later
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today. breaking news just a few moments ago, tell us about that. >> yeah, he has two events here in the centennial state a little later on today. so far today he has not comments on the tax return issue. hillary clinton commented on it quite a bit. the trump foundation, new york attorney general eric schneiderman who is a supporter of hillary has been investigating the trump foundation, and he said the trump foundation needs to stop raiding money because they lack the appropriate certification to be collecting moneys from the general public in the state of new york in excess of $25,000 per year. we have not heard from donald trump on this just yet, but we got a statement moments ago saying while we remain very concerned about the political motives, the trump foundation
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never the less intends to cooperate fully with the investigation. donald trump as you can imagine, eager to turn around the narrative from what for all intents and purposes was a pretty horrible week for the campaign last week. and running up against roadblocks that the clinton campaign keeps throwing in his way. >> yeah, and poles showing that trump is facing pretty big problems in colorado. yeah, he is, a new poll came out just a short time ago and shows that trump is trailing hillary clinton by 11 points, gary johnson is at 7 points. if you look back in july, the margins were narrower, but when you compare to recent polls,
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where it shows it has oechbed uu -- evened up, it appears that hillary clinton has established a lead. essentially saying they were selling access and return for big speaking fees. millions of dollars from which came from big wall street banks. and in virginia where donald trump was talking about cyb cybersecurity saying hillary clinton has no credibility on that issue. >> her only experience in cyber security involves covering up her own criminal act. putting a nation in harm's way. >> at the same time, trump taking some heat in the last hour about comments he made at that event about post-traumatic
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stress disorder. he said those that were strong were able to deal with it and others are not able to deal with them. that was taken as trump saying that only weak people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. so that is something to watch this afternoon as well. >> boy, that is a lot of back and forth, i'm glad you're out there staying on top of it for us. >> the wikileaks founder julian assange may be backing down. he is now maybe dialing back the claims that he would potentially shake up the presidential race. why he did it, what evidence he may have, we'll check in on that. you can run an errand.
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so he has been hinting at an october surprise for a long time, now wikileaks julian assange has canceled it. katherine harris has more on this and more on immunity deals. >> thank you, this letter from the republican chairman of the house judiciary committee says the immunity deal is for two top clinton aids and included the destruction of their laptop computers after the fbi review
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was complete. and there was questions about why no grand jury was called to collect the evidence on those laptops. >> it would have been simpler and you would have had more authority to make them testify. >> in my experience you can do things faster with informal agreements. especially when you're interacting with lawyers. in this particular investigation, we really wanted access to the laptops used to short these e-mails. >> the immunity deals for clinton attorneys were granted by the justice department. in june, one month before the fbi closed the investigation, the two lawyers who decided which e-mails should be destroyed were shielded from prosecution for obstructing justice. they question where the fbi agreed to destroy their laptop computers because of the impact
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on outstanding congressional investigations and he requests why they agree to "limit their search of the laptops to a date no later than january 31, 2015 and gave up opportunity to find evidence related to the destruction of evidence or obstruction of justice. and the leading national defense torn ju attorney just told fox news that once classified government records are found on a computer, that computer is considered government property and that was the case with mills and also samuelson's laptops, so why the government needed to do an immunity deal to get devices that were, in the end, already government property is just another confusing element of the story. >> thank you for that report, good stuff, tomorrow night all eyes on the vp candidates when tim kaine and mike pence face
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start with carl cameron. carl, how has governor pence been preparing for tonight? >> vigorously. his aids like to say that from the moment he accepting the running mate spot he knew there would be two important days. he doesn't have to face any questions or any lip from an opponent and tomorrow night, a vice presidential debate. a one time off. and his preparation for it has included a sparring partner in scott walker who we're told in one of those sessions they go the full 90 minutes, he has been doing them almost daily. walker through a few spit balls at him, so he has to advance donald trump's agenda. trump long ago in his own political career said he would
11:33 am
never get personal and do personal attacks in politics. that is something that donald trump has not been willing to do. pence will use policy. when talking about what trump has said, he will say he was discussing immigration or trade. and the criticism will be repeated but now with the same degree of name calling. the vice presidential candidate is always number two in succession. both donald trump and hillary clinton are older candidates than the country has seen in a long, long time. and there is an issue of the senate. it is in play and the vice president has the deciding vote when there is a tie in the senate. >> good stuff, all reasons to
11:34 am
watch. campaign carl cameron, thank you so much. our team coverage continues with jennifer griffin live in farmville, virginia. how is senator kaine preparing? >> he is taking a fe ining a pa running mate's book. on the other side is a washington lawyer who has done this for many years. he has taken a few days off of the trail for that prep. kaine has a nice guy image. heboring on more than one occasion. but it is about who can smear the top of the ticket, kaine will come out swinging about trump not paying taxes for 18 years. they will focus on the business failures, six bankruptcies, and the trouble given to small
11:35 am
business owners that said they were not paid by donald trump. pence will not focus as much on tim kaine who was widely respected by fellow republicans, but it will hit him hard on the handling of classification and e-mail servers. i would be surprise first degree he brought up bill clinton's sexual past, it was mike pence that said jennifer flowers would not be attending the debate as the campaign's guest at the hofstra debate. >> the vp nominees will get much needed face time. recent polling shows that 16% of likely voters have never heard of tim kaine and 14% for mike pence.
11:36 am
the g.o.p. strategist and former spokes person for george w. bush. this could actually have substance. it's less about type, am i right to hope for this? >> i think it's important for americans to know that it is happening tomorrow night. a lot of people say let's just talk about the issues and now you'll get your chance. we'll hear about policies, records, and causes these men have fought for in their careers. >> you know mike pence is a very funny guy. do we have that soundbyte. he is funny in spite of himself. >> a long way from indiana to new york city.
11:37 am
really, i mean i like to tell people he is charismatic, bigger than life, interesting. and then there is me. kind of balance the ticket. >> 90 minutes on stage, a great opportunity for the american public to see if this guy can tell the truth. i mean -- maybe if he recognizes the truth. >> setting aaside that a lot of people don't know who they are, mike pence is self effacing. he is likable, another thing that the headliners really mess. it could be interesting to get to know him more. >> in conservative circles, mike pence is reagan-esque. he is a strong communicator. he talks about economic issues and national security. in indiana he reduced the
11:38 am
unemployment rate by more than a half. i think that pence has an opportunity to talk to the ordinary american out there to talk about trump's economic and national security vision for america. and i think it gives pence an opportunity to reset the campaign after we saw a bad week last week for donald trump. when they had their vice presidential debate, it was biden able to help president obama who had a very poor first debate against mitt romney. >> tim kaine is the guy they like to say has never lost an election. >> he is a very skilled po politician and a skilled guy. i remember the day it came out that he was going to be vp. trying to think of something mean to say about this guy and i can't. i think he may speak in spanish
11:39 am
a little. talk about his son's service. conservatives do like mike pence, but i think tim kaine will be hitting him on a lot of those issues. talking about how anti-choice he has been about antiplanned parenthood, doesn't want to raise the minimum wage -- >> hang on, let me ask you when one of them gets out there to express an opinion or stance, is it right to assume that's the position for the whole ticket? is that fair? there's a lot of distance between mike pence and donald trump on a normal day. >> i think for mike pence his job is to support donald trump's vision. i think they're very much in line about the fact of cutting tax reform and regulations and straining businesses. it gives an opportunity to talk about how will we create
11:40 am
economic growth in america. also talking about trade, so i think the question for tim kaine, he increased taxes while he was a virginia governor, he will have to defend himself on this extreme type of policy. >> you both answered quite, it was fair and balanced. the supreme court dealing with high profile cases. will an empty seat on the bench have an impact?
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... ...
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shepherd smith on "the fox news desk." clinton, a recording where she talks about bernie standers
11:44 am
supporters. we'll look at how their teaming are dealing with the fallout, and we'll talk to an analyst that says the polls are getting it all wrong. the details are coming up at the top of the hour, see you then. the supreme court is back in session, still down one justice after the death of antonin scalia. arguments are scheduled to start tomorrow with everything big questions coming up. david is a criminal defense attorney, let me start with you. it dates with trinity a lutheran church, and they're talking about whether or not state funds to refurbish their playground. separation of church and state. >> it's an equal protection
11:45 am
issue. just the start -- this is a 4-4 court. without the nomination and the appoi appointment, we'll see deadlock in these indications. in this specific case, it is interesting. generally speaking states can prohibit the use of funds for religious institutions. it is a school year and the church wants to put rubber floors down. and my kids go to a parochial school and they have been through it, too. what's the argument? >> what is interesting to me is that you have the first amendment clashing, right? the establishment clause that says exactly that, you can't have the government getting involved and you have free speech. you have two parts. it says wait a second, you're having an impact on our free
11:46 am
speech to say that we can't express our free speech. so the first amendment to me, the clashing, because by not giving them the funds, the church can say you're tampering down on our first amendment right. if this comes down to the 4-4 split, the lower court ruling will stand which means they can't get their funding. >> the second case, this was about congressional districts. this is always a hot button issue, very political. >> and the court decided a very similar case last year out of alabama and that decision was 5-4. justice kennedy was a republican. we talk about the 4-4 split, but justice kennedy sides with the liberals on occasion. last year, justice kennedy did in fact, so since we lost scalia, it looks like there are
11:47 am
no changes here, they will side with the liberal core and this will be affirmed. >> and remember the lower court held in this case that what they did was unconstitutional. if the lower court ruling holds in this case, it will not have an impact on this election and i think that is key to note, but they will look to see what will happen going forward. so it will not have an impact on this election, but because we don't have a ninth supreme court justice in there, it will be constitutional. a jury trial awarded apple a billion dollars. samsung wants damages limited to the value of components at issue. apple wants damages for the full value of the samsung product. >> a jury has to decide that the
11:48 am
patent has been enfringed. and whether or not the damages will stay at that level or -- >> i'm surprised. i'm surprised as well. it is really dealing with the interpretation of the 1886 paten law. that says the they are entitled to the full profit, samsung says we should not have to pay for all of the profit, just portions. >> just in time. the ahead of wiki leaks now making a change in what is being billed as an october surprise in the october election siting "specific information julian assange is moved a plan announcement from the announcement to berlin. he claims that secretary hillary
11:49 am
clinton joked about using a drone to silence his organization at the height of the wikileaks scandal. the suspense is building, we'll know soon, i guess. a kanye west concert ends abruptly when he gets a emergency phone call from his wife, kim kardashian. gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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frightening moments for kim kardashian would was robbed at gunpoint in paris. a spokesperson says the ralph star is shaken up but wasn't hurt. after the rocheed recordedly disguised at cops got away with
11:53 am
$10 million worth of jewelry. her husband, kanye west, making a quick exit from this concert in new york city. >> i'm sorry, i have a family emergency, i have to stop the show. >> what? >> [bleep] >> we're live in los angeles with the latest. adam. do day have any suspects? >> reporter: well, already maybe in disagreement. french police say there were five assailants and now there are reports saying there were two. they interviewed kim kardashian and other people around the hotel to and not suspect about whether they have any suspects. if you talk to anybody with any law enforcement background this is very likely an inside job. although keep in mine as we know, kim kardashian posts all over social media she was for fashion week and hat a lot of
11:54 am
jewelry on. so, at this hour, there's a little disagreement where through five or two assailant. s seattle would tied up and they took $11.5 million all told including the ring and has french authorities with the nature of this very concerned about what happened. >> i would bet. and she reportedly is back in new york now, right? >> right. so, kanye west was in new york. her kids were in new york. sisters were there with her but not in the hotel. in fact she had dinner at a familiar muss designer's home anded a returned back back to te hotel. not marked. her sauers reportedly were still out with a club with security, which would explain why she was back at the hotel. other actors speaking out, very concerned about what happened. many of them go to paris, including selma hayak. she doesn't bring jewelry just for that motion. take a listen.
11:55 am
>> i know it's terrible but thank god she is okay. thank god she is okay. the only thing i can say, could have been worse. so thank god her little girl was not here. so -- i note -- at least there were some good points in it that the little girl was not here and she is fine. >> of course details still yet to emerge. we are getting good information. is doing great investigation on this but she back in new york safe and sound are flying on a private jet. we republic keel you updated on the investigation into an $11.5 million heist. crazy. >> details changing around it. interesting. we'll stay on top of this. thank you. a rough landing caught on camera at birmingham international airport in england, the pie trot trying to put the airbus a321 on the ground in the mid of strong cross-winds. watch this.
11:56 am
the first attempt, aborted. the plain -- plane circled the airport and comes back in to try again. the second time -- woo. it's a bumpy landing. look at that. everyone made it safely to at the terminal. no one was hurt. no word how soon people will be getting back on planes after this rough road. scary stuff. watch it one more time. we'll be right back.
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here's what america i clicking on today. the world famous balloon festival in new mexico canceling today's launches due to wind. this after two balloons hit power lines yesterday. yikes. we're told no one was hurt, luckily. meet the pet that fits in
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palm of your hand. it's a robot and is capable of having casual conversations. reacting could user emotions. that's scary. here's shep. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, today all about the leaks. first for team trump, a blast from the past tax return, shows near lay billion dollars lost. but he campaign inosites its proves he is a savvy'sman. in clinton are cam a recording where she talk about bernie sanders supportersers and young people living in their basements. and we're looking at a hurricane that forecaster i say could hit our east coast. let's get to it. >> good afternoon from the deck. forward from the deck this afternoon, donald trump's charity getting a cease and desist order to stop


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