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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 3, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the town. it looked like it was an inside job. kanye was doing a concert and he stopped. she begged them to let her live and said she had babies at home and they did. a lot of conspiracy theories about it. you won't hear that here. we are coming to you live from longwood university in virginia, site of tomorrow night's vice-presidential debate. about an hour and a half outside of richmond plays host to tim kaine and indiana governor mike pence. it's their first and last chance to take top billing, toe to toe, defending the top of their party's ticket while trying to make their own mark. good evening. we will talk more about this vp nominee matchup a bit later. there is news tonight on the top of the tickets. we coverage of the latest of the 2016 race. mike emanuel is with the clinton campaign in ohio where the democrat nominee is being hammered for comments released
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over the weekend about the same bernie sanders supporters she's trying to win over. first, john roberts is with the trump team in colorado where the republican nominee is campaigning today and continues to face questions about his taxes. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. donald trump on a swing of three western states trying to recover from what for all intents and purposes was a rough week last week. today in colorado, making absolutely no apology for taking full advantage of the tax code as a businessman. >> it's my job to minimize the overall tax burden to the greatest extent possible, which allows me to reinvest in neighborhoods, in workers, and build amazing properties, which fuel tremendous growth in the community. >> reporter: the trump campaign is working hard to escape the controversy surrounding the unauthorized release of his partial tax returns from 1995. hillary clinton is doing everything she can to keep him
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mired in it. >> he was taking from america with both hands and leaving us with the bill. >> reporter: at issue is a $916 million net operating loss trump claimed in 1995 as a result of business failures. under irs rules, he could apply that loss against the combined 18 years of income, dramatically reducing his tax liability. the clinton campaign insists he is gaming the system. what he did appears perfectly legal. >> the net operating loss provision exists as a part of the tax code to smooth out income over time for companies. you can imagine a startup company for example that for the first five years that they are existing, they lose a lot of money. in the sixth year they earn profits. you want to account for the l losses in the first years. >> reporter: depending on trump's income, che could have used up the credit quickly or without any evidence paid no income tax for nearly two decades.
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trump has tried to turn the tables on clinton today, hitting her on how she and bill made their money after leaving white house. >> her only method of making money is by selling government favors and granting access to special interests, nothing about how businesses succeed and grow. hillary clinton has never created a single job in her entire life. >> reporter: at the same time, he found himself on defense over his trump foundation. new york's democratic attorney general, a clinton supporter, ordered the foundation to stop fund-raising because it lacked the certification to solicit money from the public. in a statement, a spokeswoman said -- earlier in the day, trump tried to take advantage of the 14 point lead he enjoys over hillary clinton among veterans
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in a new poll. speaking to a veterans group in virginia. he ran into a storm of controversy when asked how as president he would address the issue of ptsd. >> when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over and you are strong and you can handle it. a lot of people can't handle it. >> reporter: he was ripped in the media and on twitter for appearing to suggest that strong people don't suffer ptsd. the man who asked him the question responded to the criticism saying, quote, it's sickening to me that anyone would twist mr. trump's words to me, comments to me, rather, in order to satisfy a political agenda. >> john roberts with the trump campaign in colorado. thank u. the clinton campaign is trying to get past comments about supporters of other candidates. she wor works to fight him off.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton is in ohio tonight trying to make the case she has a better vision for our economy and she's hoping the endorsement of a sports legend here will help. >> i know it's for sure. i hope to be elected president. but i know here in ohio, lebron will always be the king. >> reporter: hillary clinton returned to ohio today after receiving the endorsement of lebron james last night. james plays for the cleveland cavaliers and is extremely popular here. he was born and raised in akron. she's dealing with fallout of ya audio of her knocking bernie sanders supporters. >> reporter: win that audio,
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clinton said she didn't want to throw a wet blanket on their idealism. >> reporter: sanders was asked if clinton calling his promises a false promise bothers him. >> of course it does. we're in the middle of a campaign. i trust -- if you go to some of the statements that i made about hillary clinton, you can see real differences. >> reporter: the clear politics average reveals a close race with trump leads by 3.4, 45.4 to 42. clinton hasn't been here since labor day. her campaign insists she's not writing off the buckeye state. despite the fact clinton and her husband have collected millions in paid speeches from wall street, she tried to convince main street if elected she will fight the big banks. >> one of the nation's biggest banks bullying thousands of
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employees into committing fraud against unsuspecting customers. we are not going to let corporations like wells fargo use these fine print gotchas to escape accountability. >> reporter: clinton is trying to convince ohio voters she's opposed to and will continue to oppose the transpacific partnership which has become wildly unpopular with workers here and across the rust belt. >> mike, thank you. new evidence tonight that the fbi and justice department agreed to destroy the computers belonging to senior clinton aides in exchange for their cooperation in the now closed criminal investigation. the latest on that. >> reporter: loretta lynch -- the deals include two side
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agreements with clinton attorney cheryl mills and heather samuelson who oversaw the sorting and destruction of 30,000 e-mails deemed personal. under the justice department deal, the fbi got access to the computers and in return they were shielded from prosecution for obstructing justice and the fbi agreed to destroy the laptops. bob goodlat said -- last week, fbi director comey was pressed on why investigators relied on the agreement to seize evidence rather than the routine method of empaneling a grand jury. >> in my experience, you can often do things faster with informal agreements, especially when you are interacting with lawyers. in this particular investigation, the investigative team wanted to get access to the
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laptops that were used to sort these e-mails. >> reporter: at today's briefing, fox news asked if the state department condoned the destruction of the laptops giving the freedom of information act lawsuits for clinton's e-mails. >> i can't speak to immunity agreements. i certainly can't speak to the fbi's investigation. as we said before, our focus is on processing for public released materials we have received from the fbi. >> reporter: a spokesman says officials are reviewing the letter. the department has seven days to respond. >> we have been hearing about this announcement that they are going to come out with blockbuster that's going to change the race. it has been changed to a video release tomorrow? >> reporter: that's right. they canceled a dramatic announcement from the balcony of the embassy in london where he has been living to avoid extradition to sweden. the presentation was moved to berlin and will now be a live
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video link after developing specific information about his safe safety. the decision may be calculated. >> could it be because he wants more attention tomorrow with the big anniversary? could it be that his primary source of material has told him they would prefer to wait? >> reporter: they are billing the announcement as the past, present and future of the group on its tenth-year anniversary and not an october surprise. >> of course, we will have all the details of that. thank you. columbia's president and its rebels are vowing to push ahead with the peace process shocking defeat of an referendum to end years of fighting. it lost despite polls predicting a 2-1 landslide win. both sides are trying to avoid the resumption of a war that killed 220,000 people and displayed 8 million. isis terrorists are claiming
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responsibility for attacks in baghdad that left 16 people dead today. they happened in the iraqi capital. terrorist strikes have claimed more than 1,000 lives in iraq just in the past month. the u.s. navy has sent three warships to the southern coast of yemen in what officials tell fox news is a show of force. the united arab emirates vessel was hit by four rockets saturday and nearly sunk. the iran-backed hu ee ee eed hu group claimed responsibility. another huge setback for president obama's syria policy. the u.s. has broken off talks with russia after being unable to convince moscow to stop bombing civilians in the key city of aleppo. kevin cork has that story tonight from the white house. >> reporter: collapsed, that's what happened today to u.s. russia talks aimed at ending the
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violence in syria. >> what's clear is there is nothing more for the united states and russia to talk about with regard to trying to reach an agreement that would reduce the violence inside of syria. it's tragic. >> reporter: tragic and a failure for president obama who told new york magazine that he has sought russian cooperation to end the 5 1/2-year-old civil war in syria to no avoil aail a comes as putin announced the suspension of a treaty with washington on cleaning up weapons grade plutonium, a move that makes clear he is willing to use nuclear disarmament. >> it was a thought through thing. he would will have to pursue an alternative approach. >> reporter: russia's alleged use of bunker busting bombs like the ones that levelled a hospital yesterday in aleppo
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offers clarity that the kremlin is unfazed by washington's complaints and sankaints and an. they suggested that it will lead to terrible consequences not only on the territory of this country but in the region on the whole. experts think the russians make such provocative statements because they believe president obama either can't or won't do anything to stop them. >> putin is psychologically in the head of the president and he has convictinced him any escalan other than rhetoric will lead to adverse consequences when the truth is most of the time putin is bluffing. >> reporter: tonight, we learned that the russians have deployed an anti-aircraft anti-missile system in syria. that it's the first time they deployed that outside of their own country. >> kevin, that interview the president game to new york
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magazine, president obama admitting his health care law has real problems, we have covered a lot of them. what else? >> reporter: he said a couple things that i think will strike you as obvious, which is, yes, there's gridlock here in washington. political polarization is one of the main reasons he says there's a problem with obamacare. but he goes on to not really point out the fact that there's some staggering numbers here. let me give you a few. there are four states that have single state insurances, four. i should tell you in minnesota, rates for some folks could rise by 67% next year. that staggering to say the least. all this 28 days ahead of the open enrollment period which begins before the election. >> kevin cork live at the north lawn. let's insight from charles krathammer. i want to start with the serious
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situation now that the diplomacy has crumbled with moscow and now they have very sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons going into syria. it seems like this is an escalation of what was a very bad situation already. >> it's an escalation because the russians are utterly determined to achieve their strategic objectives. obama has no strategic objectives. we heard the state department say we have tried this reasonable approach. yeah, they applied a reasonable approach. with an adversary in putin who is assumptions about this war are totally different. obama believed you don't solve problems like these through force. they can't be. there's no military solution. it has to be done by diplomacy. that would be great if the other side had the same thought. unfortunately, putin assumes and is correct in assuming that some civil wars have a military
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outcome. spanish civil war had a military outcome. the american civil war had a military outcome. and this idea that you solve it by diplomacy and withhold any application of pressure is simply a fantasy. five years ago, when the civil war began, we had the advantage. we were in control of the region. we could have put the syrian air force out of business by destroying the airplanes and hitting the air fields. that's all we had to do. no war. no invasion. the russians weren't there. we did nothing. now we have no assets, the russians have all the assets. that's why we walked away, because the diplomatic approach has been totally shown to be bankrupt. >> you know, it's interesting dichotomy here. as the president is talking about how there really aren't solutions, he says militarily in syria, he is stepping up bombing in libya.
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he is increasing the troop numbers and likely an operation to take down motisul in iraq. >> i think in most of these instances, he is trying to prevent a calamity like the fall of saigon on his watch. he doesn't want to see it happen in libya. he doesn't want to see our side lose in yemen. but these are stopgap measures. there was an escalation in yemen, as you said, the sinking of a ship from anti-ship missiles from the rebels. that's a huge escalation. there's escalation everywhere because they understand obama is so risk adverse, nothing will be done between now and the end of his presidency. if you are the aggressor, as the russian, iranians, hezbollah and the syrian government is in syria, you move, you strike now.
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there is strategy in aleppo to kill everyone. kill everyone in the civilian rebel areas, hit the hospital, hit the water pumping stations, hit everything. they now obama will not lift a finger. they have no idea what the next administration will do. why not? >> we may hear more about that tomorrow night in this debate, likely more policy, possibly. thank you. why donald trump's candidacy has illegal immigrants scrambling to get into the u.s. fox 32 in chicago, as the illinois treasurer says the state will suspend billion of dollars of investment activity with wells fargo. the bank is dealing with a scandal over millions of unauthorized accounts. the san francisco-based firm has been fined nearly $200 million. fox 5 in new york, the ntsb says the black box from the train that crashed into the hoboken
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station was not working at the time of the crash. the engineer tells investigators everything seemed normal as the train entered the facility. witness say the train did not slow down before plowing into the platform killing one woman and injuring more than 100 other people. a live look at orlando from our affiliate fox 35. the big story there tonight, preparations for powerful hurricane matthew. the category 4 storm is carrying sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. that makes it one of the most power powerful in recent history. many at cuba have been relocated to florida. detainees and those guards down in gitmo are buckling down and staying put. we are outside the beltway. as we head to break, a little bit extra about the university hosting tuesday's debate. longwood university was founded
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in 1839 as an all girl school before going fully coed in 1976. 5,000 students ate s s attend t university. this week, about 1,000 volunteers are assisting guests and the media to make sure everything goes smoothly for tuesday's one and only debate between governor mike pence and senator tim kaine. some of them are helping us here on set. so thanks to them. special report continues after a quick break.
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gorgeous southern campus here in virginia. this is the first monday in
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october, the start of the u.s. supreme court term and the day we find out what the court will be doing. justices will not hear an appeal from the nfl's washington redskins over the government's decision to cancel its trademarks at the urging of some native americans. a separate case involving an asian american rock band called the slants is challenging whether trademark law violates the first amendment. that will impact the redskins case. the court denied an obama administration request to break its recent tie over the president's plan to protect millions of immigrants once a ninth justice is confirmed. they split 4-4 in june. the court has been shorthanded since the death of justice scalia in february. the president's nominee for the supreme court has so far been denied a senate hearing. customs and border officials
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report a 97% increase in the apprehension of family units in the first 11 months of this year. one big reason so many people are making a run for the border right now. >> wow. thank u. >> reporter: call it the trump affect. smugglers using donald trump as a marketing tactic. their pitch, get here before the wall goes up. >> we have an election going on and the wall follu world follow. >> reporter: agents diverted from their official duties, raising serious national safety concerns. >> we don't know where the folks are headed. they tell us they are headed to a certain address. there's no way to verify that. >> reporter: two years ago, the total of family units taken into custody stood at more than 66,000. as of last month, it was already well past that at more than 68,000.
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it has volunteers working double time at the sacred heart catholic church in texas. >> we provide them with an opportunity to clean themselves up, take a shower, get clean clothing. get hygiene items. >> reporter: they are helping anywhere from one to 200 immigrants each day. many come to get on their feet once ice releases them and they are allowed to settle in america until their future immigration court hearing. >> they need our help. be able to not turn our back on them. >> reporter: the feds say this has nothing to do with the lack of compassion but argue opening our doors to everyone is a slippery slope. >> we have to give them the big boy rules and hope they tell us the truth. >> reporter: nearly two-thirds of all apprehensions happen here in texas. largely because of how porous and rugged the terrain is.
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>> thanks. a down start to the week on wall street. the dow drops 55 today. the s&p was off seven. the nasdaq lost 11. the commonwealth hosting tomorrow's debate has undergone a political evolution in recent years. what was considered consistently red virginia, first turned purple but may have started to become more blue. where the commonwealth is right now. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates have been able to count on charlottesville. but this time, many residents are hesitant about hillary clinton. >> i haven't picked a can't because they are both out there. >> for me, both have things i don't like about them. it's more of a combination, which is why i'm having a hard
3:28 pm
time deciding what i'm going to do about this year. >> i'm voting for hillary and i'm a democrat. i don't agree with what happened with her e-mails, but i would rather vote for her than donald trump. >> reporter: it's a different story two hours east in williamsburg. >> to have the first woman president ever is the best issue. >> whether i actually believe in a lot of the things that she's for, at this point it's insignificant for me. >> reporter: for democrats in williams berg, it's about personality. for republicans there, it's about policy. >> i would like to restrict immigration until we can properly vet people who are coming into the country. >> the economy is soft. we need to do something about it. >> reporter: there's the biggest city, virginia beach, where there's a big military community and where residents are looking for change and stability. >> this is a big military area here. a lot of people are concerned about the protection of our country, with all the bombings and everything going on.
3:29 pm
big issues. >> my health insurance quadrupled because i have four kids. i can go into how i feel about that. many people feel the same way. that didn't work out like -- as was talked about before somebody was elected. >> reporter: politics has been serious business here in virginia since before there was a united states. many voters tell us, they are taking time to make up their minds before helping to write the next chapter. tomorrow's vice-presidential debate here will feature two contestants with a lot in common. both are middle aged white fathers of three with law degrees. both spent time in congress and as governors. they have conveniently flexible positions on trade. and a willingness to talk about their faith. we look at how social issues may play a part in tomorrow's event. >> reporter: two men who grew up
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catholic, served as governors and find themselves battling. their ideology on social issues couldn't be more different. when it comes to abortion, governor mike pence is unequivocal. >> i'm pro life. i don't apologize for it. i truly do believe that rowe versus wade was wrongly decided and overturned more than a century of pro life laws enacted through the democratic process in all 50 states. >> reporter: the democrat vp pick, senator tim kaine, says he is pro life but supports upholding rowe v wade. >> i have taken a position common among catholics. the right rule is to let women make their decision. >> reporter: they don't agree on same-sex marriage either. >> i will believe in marriage is between one man and one woman. my conviction on this matter is that that's an issue that ought to be left up to the states.
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>> my full, complete, unconditional support tore marria for marriage equality is at odds with the church that i attend. but i think that's going to change. >> reporter: the bishop leading kaine's diocese said -- >> there's a very striking contrast between these two vice-presidential candidates. one who is evangelical but is more consistent with catholic teaching than tim kaine. >> reporter: it comes days after the pope spoke out against schools teaching transgenderism. he says the church should welcome all people with compassion and mercy. when asked about the election here in america, he said he would address only a fictional situation. >> translator: study the proposals way, pray and choose in conscience.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton has vowed to repeal abortion money. kaine said he will support clinton's decision as president, regardless of his personal views. >> thank you. jennifer griffin and carl cameron have been traveling with the candidates. let's get their perspectives. you guys have been nonstop. jennifer, what about the clinton campaign? >> reporter: i spoke to an aide. kaine has spent four days of mock debate prep. he is taking a page out of hillary clinton's book. as one aide put it to me, he is a policy wonk. he is studying. he realizes this is about the top of the ticket. he is going to try to force mike
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pence to take a position on things that donald trump has said about his taxes and about things he said about women. >> governor pence has been good about that. even in the toughest things to explain, he has done cleanup on aisle four well for the donald trump campaign. >> reporter: they expect there will be a good bit of that tomorrow. part of the challenge for pence has a great deal to do with how things went after the first debate for donald trump. the reaction hasn't been all that positive. part of pence's mission is to try to reverse that, change the momentum, get back on offense as opposed to having the top of the ticket on defense. he has had policy differences. for the first couple months of his candidacy, he will not say mexico would pay for the wall. he has begun to say those things. for him, the art of the turn will be getting off of defense and defending donald trump and going back to the attacks on hillary clinton. >> the basic message he will hit is change. we are the change agent.
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>> reporter: and following donald trump's lead over the last couple of weeks, he will identify the problems the country faces and then lay them at the feet of hillary clinton and democratic policies and challenge her to explain why things are so lousy and why she hasn't been able to do anything. that has been working. it was ee cliclipsed by the deb performance. can donald trump keep off twitter during tomorrow night's debate? >> reporter: that's something the clinton campaign is worried about. they will be watching donald trump to see if he tries to eclipse his own vice-president. >> whether senator kaine speaks spanish? >> reporter: you have not heard him speaking spanish that much because they haven't been getting the response from the hispanic community they hoped for. >> how many -- >> reporter: and secure and safe. >> as always, thank you. you are great on the trail. trump talks taxes. clinton does, too, while trying not to talk about bernie sanders supporters.
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we will talk about that with our panel. before we go to break, a little history about the area surrounding tuesday's debate. it was the site of some of the final days of the civil war. one of those spots is now known as high bridge trail state park where in 1865, confederate troops were unable to stop general grant's union forces from crossing and pursuing them into where we are. soon after again lee surrendered to grant. today the bridge is part of a 31-mile rails to trails path where visitors can walk, run or ride or ride a bike. some of the stunning views of this area. special report continues in just a moment.
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bp engineers use underwater robots, so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. hillary clinton's only experience in cyber security involves her criminal scheme to
3:39 pm
violate federal law, engineering a massive coverup and putting the entire nation in harm's way. >> he talks us down. he makes disparaging comments about our country. he calls our military a disaster. well, it's not. but it might have been if everybody else had failed to pay taxes to support our brave men and women in uniform. >> donald trump and hillary clinton on the stump today as we have some new polls. first of all, the fox average of recent polls, this is national average. it's a race that includes the libertarian party and the green party as well. you can see here that hillary clinton has a plus 2.2 up in the average of these recent polls. here in virginia, new poll out has clinton up 42% to trump's 35%. that is from christopher newport university.
3:40 pm
and then florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania, look at how this breaks down. ohio the big driver for donald trump. you see florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, very close. within the margin of those polls, the state polls. let's bring in our panel out here on site. george will, heidi freisbala and charles hurt. george, today on the trail, a lot of talk about taxes. hillary clinton really hitting donald trump. donald trump saying, she hasn't created a job. >> she hasn't created a job. he has done what i think most americans want to do, which is minimize their tax obligation. all of this controversy what no one said is that anything he has done is illegal. it's an old saying that it's shocking in america isn't what's done in and by washington that
3:41 pm
illegal by that what is done in and by washington that's legal. if there's any system in the world that's rigged to use mr. trump's favorite word, it's the american tax code. which is constructed by the well lawyered, the well represented, the well lobbied for. it happens to be he benefitted from this. i'm not sure american people are going to say, gosh, he shouldn't have used the loopholes that the people's representatives wrote. >> the lawyers will say it's not a loophole. it's written in there. carried forward as used by all kinds of people, including companies like ge and "the new york times" and others. she is hitting hard on the loss. >> exactly. >> the 1995 loss of a billion dollars and saying, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year. does that play? >> this is where i think things get complicated for trump. this isn't just one story that's
3:42 pm
going to live and die in the 24-hour news"the new york times a massive loss. we don't know if it was over several years and reported in 1995, where this is coming from. it raises a lot of questions. it cuts right to the question of trump's record as a successful businessman. it could well be that in other years he had gains, which offset that. this is going to start the drum beat for him to release the returns, prove that they were profitable and prove that in fact, he is a successful businessman, which is really the whole reason for his campaign and his sales pitch to a lot of these struggling middle class voters. he told them, i can do for you and do for the country what i did for my businesses. >> who is this affecting? who is this changing? is anybody's vote changing based on this tax story? >> i don't think so at all. as george said, people aren't --
3:43 pm
don't identify with people that want to pay more taxes if they had -- if they ignored certain loopholes. i think heidi is right. the problem is that donald trump -- the reason that he has seen some trouble in the last couple of days has more to do with the incredible media coverage after the first debate, panning him, saying he got -- you know, he didn't have his best performance. her performance was -- she was herself, which is not a very appealing thing either. he missed a lot of opportunities. to hit her on certain things. i don't think it was as bad as the media portrayed it. the buildup of media coverage about that debate has probably -- it's the bigger reason we're seeing some movement in a lot of the polls. >> i want to clear up one thing. here is donald trump today talking about mental health issues and the military. specifically ptsd. >> when you talk about the
3:44 pm
mental health problems when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over and you are strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it. they see horror stories. they see events that you couldn't see in a movie, nobody would believe it. we need a mental health help and medical and it's one of the things that i think is least addressed. >> a lot of people jumped on that. a lot of people said he was making fun of ptsd or something. chad, who was the veteran who asked the question about ptsd put out a statement saying i think it's sickening anyone would twist mr. trump's comments to me to pursue a political agenda. i took his comments to be thought fful and understanding. i believe he is committed to helping them. it seems like every story has sort of a little bit of an
3:45 pm
anti-trump feel to it. in the past few days. >> it really does. mr. trump in a way gives people running room do this, because he is sometimes challenges as he wanders through sentences. it's perverse to say he was insulting these people just as it's perverse to say that hillary clinton was disparaging young people when she said some of bernie sanders people living in their parents basements. she was saying, i think in any fair construction that the economy is -- that we inherited from the great recession caused that to happen. >> quickly, we could see this other shoe drop with wikileaks. that story continues. we learn the immunity deal included destroying a computer. that doesn't help the clinton folks. >> no. i feel like both are correct in terms of the media. it goes both way. a few weeks ago, we were all on the clinton foundation story.
3:46 pm
all it takes is one major blockbuster headline like that for the flow to then go in reverse and for hillary clinton to be kind of back on her heels again. we don't know what's in this wikileaks bombshell being promised tomorrow. we're waiting with baited breath. i don't think we can make that prediction based on what we have seen so far. i feel like the russians -- if they are behind this, they would have tried to get the worst stuff out there a week or two ago. we have to wait and see what it is. >> it could be a jump ball to deal with on debate tomorrow. >> i have been amazed in the last couple of weeks the degree to which this e-mail scandal, given the fact everybody knew basically a lot of the larger contours of the story, how much it has hurt her. i think it has contributed to that and the fact that donald trump had a good run there of making fewer mistakes than usual. i have been surprised.
3:47 pm
no telling what could -- if there is somie i something bloc it we be down the road. >> next up, a vice-president debate between two candidates with a lot in common. stay here. there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition- now with 5 times more vitamin d, 10 times more vitamin e, and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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the truth of the matter is, specifically to hillary clinton it's important that we talk about the record. and i'm looking forward to that debate on tuesday night. because this election is about -- it is about a choice. and people need to think really hard about the record that hillary clinton brings on the foreign stage. >> it's good. just got to be myself. look forward to seeing you
3:51 pm
down there on tuesday. >> it's intense but i'm calm and things work out the way they're supposed to i'm calm. anyway, see you down there. >> it's their big time in the spotlight. senator tim kaine on the democratic side and indiana governor mike pence on the republican side. we did a poll about favorability in our recent poll. and you can see the favorability for pence and cain, 40, 38% unfavorables there. interestingly enough, never heard of. 16% and 15%. so they are trying to adjust those final numbers with this debate tomorrow night. we're back with the panel. george, the challenges for each man. >> first of all, don't make news. most men who run for president would love to run alone because they could control. this the threshold question here is plausible president or not, they are both vastly experienced as executives and legislators so they will pass that. beyond, this on this college campus, this is the equivalent of a pass/fail
3:52 pm
course. do you pass that test or not? beyond that, they want to reinforce problems that their candidates have. mike pence is thoroughly vanilla and proud of it. he is running with this roman candle of a man at the top of the ticket when mr. cain was first being vetted for for this he said they won't pick me because i'm so boring. hillary clinton said yes,. >> that's what they want. >> exactly. someone who will not make news. by being self-deprecating he was advertising himself skillfully from heidi, how much of this debate do you think will be substantive because both of these guys like to get into the weeds. they are kind of wonky. how about about defending the nominees on the top of their ticket and the actions of the words or things that they have done? >> both. i think they have to fulfill the traditional role that the vice presidential candidate plays which is attack, attack, attack when
3:53 pm
you have two such wildly unpopular candidates at the top of the ticket. i think you will see a lot of that. at the same time, i'm personally for anybody who is excited about policy or who wants to actually see what the lehr policy distinctions are between these two candidates. this might be your opportunity. so tune in. >> we're hoping. >> we're hoping. because both of these men are very experienced policymakers who have been practicing for this debate and are ready to draw those distinctions on policy. >> elaine with cbs is the moderator for this debate. i have worked with her. she is very competent correspondent. and i would expect she has been studying up for this moment. a wonderful lady. charlie, your expectations for tomorrow night? >> i suspect that she is going to try to make it about policy. and i think that the two candidates are going to be thrilled to keep it about policy. but, and i'm willing to make a prediction here. i do think that this debate tomorrow will not be as exciting as the top of the
3:54 pm
ticket. but, you know, that said, it is an exciting time for people who are history buffs. it's an exciting time for virginia. have you got the first vice presidential candidate from virginia in decades. you've got a debate here in virginia. so, that's all very exciting and will be interesting to watch. >> yeah. and we should point out when you look at vice presidential debates you don't really think of many things. you can remember anything specifically last time than the snl thing where paul ryan had to drink a lot of water and vice president biden was laughing and smiling a lot. but there are a couple that you remember from vice presidential debates. take a listen. >> id with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. [cheers and applause] >> can i call you joe?
3:55 pm
>> [inaudible] >> you can call me joe, george. they are looking for that moment, aren't they? >> they are. i have never met an american who said i voted for presidential candidate a because of running mate b. the four of us are definitionally weird because and most americans aren't. tomorrow night is a debate and playoff baseball. which are you betting on? >> that's true. >> lloyd benson landed a good one but last i remember he lost. his ticket lost. >> that's exactly right. thank you, panel. up next, it's time to check the twitter feed. stay here. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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hell go, thanks for watching while you have. justin: justin, gi joe had a very good run, justin. sorry, a lot of letters there. from call me deplorable at spotted:
4:00 pm
graphics gave this a shot. this is what it looked like. i like the action figure pert. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with brit hume starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. hello, and welcome back. on the eve of the vice presidential debate. the national poll average at this points to show a tight race. hillary clinton enjoy as 2.9 point lead in the real clear politics naferg a two-way are a race and nearly same in the fourway. that might be larger except for a single poll only one in the rnc which shows a trump lead. speaking of the one that the "l.a. times" has been conducting with the university of southern california. there you see it as of tonight, that poll as you can see shows mr. trump with a 5-point advantage. betting odds meanwhile still favoring hillary clinton to win 7 .2 to 25.2. on her to win. for more on this we turn to


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