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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 4, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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sorority. >> brian and steve are telling me to -- >> oh, my god, my '85 girls! hey! yea! oh, my sisters! >> there you go. surprise. bill: nice! the stage is set. only hours from now, the running mates get their moments in the spotlight. tim kaine looking to make a big impression on american voters with only five weeks from today. we are at longwood university, farmville, virginia, an hour 20 minutes southwest of richmond. martha: i'm here in new york, so this will be the one and only vice presidential debate we'll see tonight, expected to be far
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different from what we saw from donald trump and hillary clinton. bill: we have a picture-perfect ocean blue sky here in virginia. it's a battleground state. barack obama won it in 1964. it's a battleground, it's a tossup, and it will be the center and focus for this debate tonight. we'll see how we do. you have arguably two conventional politicians in a year where donald trump has been anything but. prime time, 9:00 eastern time. there will be tens of millions ready to watch this later in prime time, martha. martha: tonight, governor pence, senator cane, they take a moment to reintroduce themselves to vote horse don't know who they are. a third of voters say they don't
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have an opinion on these guys. mike pence says he's ready to hit the ground and he's running hard. watch this. >> i'm looking forward to it, i can't wait. hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs alone could take up the whole 90 minutes, and it wouldn't be a pretty picture. martha: we'll speak to donald trump's son eric. let's go live to peter doocy who is reporting live from farmville. how did the two get prepared for this? >> there will be 9 topics but nobody told pence or kaine what any of the nine are. we know senator kaine went down last thursday and stayed the weekend to prepare for tonight. since he's so passionate about
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policy he used binders of information the campaign put together for him to study. >> i'm calm. things will work out as they are supposed to. i'm calm. reporter: mike pence had governor scott walker stand in for kaine and he's talking about where he wants to steer the conversation. >> we are going to be talking about the vision the american people face at the top of the tickets. i hope we get to talk about our records as well. they are a little bit different. when tim kaine was governor he tried to raise taxes by 4 billion dollars in four years. in indiana i signed $4 billion in tax relief. reporter: both men prepared, but both men admit it's not about them.
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martha: donald trump talked about the issue of his tax returns and how he hand them over the years. reporter: donald trump is trying to put those reports about a possible 18-year-long tax break into context. >> when the bottom fell out of the real estate market i had all the debt, it stayed the same. but i knew how to use the tax code to rebuild my company. reporter: he said he will work to reform the tax code if he's president. bill: with me now is eric trump. the trump organization and the son of donald trump. good morning to you. i wanted you to hear how hoik
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rrp characterized the whole tax issue yesterday. >> he claims he brilliantly used the laws to avoid paying taxes. that shows he's the poster boy for the same rigged system that he would make even worse. he paid zero for at least 20 years we believe now based on what we know. and he's advocating for huge tax cuts that would help him and his family even more. bill: how will your father defend against the leveling of that charge. >> hillary hasn't created a single job in her entire career. she has been a politician longer than i have been alive. she has lived off the united states government.
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she lived off your tax dollars and every hard-working american's tax dollars her entire life. my father built a business that's credible. we have amazing assets and properties. he's lived the american dream. and he put $60 million, $80 million of his own dollars into his campaign. that's different than hillary who has every wall street bank fund her campaign. it's ironic to hear her talking like that. she takes legal tax deductions. if you have a legal tax deduction, you should take it. my father was the first person to say the tax system in the united states is insane. the only people who get rich are the tax accountant who work tirelessly at huge expense. my father has been the biggest
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proponent of being able toll create a tax system where you can fill it out in one or two pages max and simplify it. if you are in private industry, you use the laws to your advantage. bill: it seemed the end of august the poll was moving your way towards your father. but cnn has clinton up 5 points. , our poll from friday clinton up 3 points. do you get the sense the race is shifting back in her direction? >> no, polls ebb and poll. the "l.a. times" we are ahead 5 points. rasmussen we are ahead. bust reality is these things ebb and flow and they will through election day.
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when i'm walking the streets i see such tremendous love and enthusiasm, and i'm not seeing that on her end. people want our country back. we have a government that has been run so terribly, whether it be libya and iraq and the $6 trillion we spent overseas. whether it be a debt of $20 trillion. our military has been run into the ground. our education system is ranked 20th in the world, if you can believe it. what makes anybody think they are going -- bill: what can mike pence do for your campaign tonight. >> mike is solid as a rock. i have gotten to know him and his wife. they are an amazing family and he's an amazing guy. his track record in his home state is why we picked him. he dropped taxes every single
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year. he reduced unemployment every single year. he took care of vets. he funded the largest bill that infused cash into the educational system. he took care of the infrastructure system throughout the state. he did an amazing job and that's why my taught for picked him. bill: i'm assuming you meant indiana. >> i did mean indiana. sorry for the slip of the tongue. bill: do you wish your father would not tweet at 3:00 in the morning. >> at least my father is up at 3:00 in the morning. maybe that energy is somewhat after downfall of his. but he will be there to answer the call when things go bad. my father works harder than any human being alive. he's a worker. he worked tirelessly on the campaign, he worked tirelessly
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his entire career and he will work tirelessly as president. bill: stay with fox news throughout the morning and night as our coverage continues. leading up to the one and only presidential debate. we'll have the pregame for you, the post-game for you, we'll have all of it for you including our fallout tomorrow morning on america's newsroom. >> it will be an interesting night. you look at these two individuals. because of the unfavorables at the top of the ticket, their job is going to say why are they there? it will be quite interesting this evening. bill: i agree with you. martha: a huge storm is battering the poor people of haiti. they are in the middle of
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getting hit once again. we'll get you the latest reports on what's going on. hurricane matthew making landfall over haiti. the powerful category four storm. what is the impact as it moves up and heads up to our country and along the east coast, bill? bill: the vp pick set to go toe to toe. what will the tim kaine strategy be? we'll talk to the clinton team in a moment. new developments in the investigation of hillary clinton's private server. did the f.b.i. destroy laptops from her aids who were granted immunity from investigation. >> clinton is the ringleader of a criminal end prize that corrupted our government at the highest level.
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the american people have one chance to stop it and that's with their vote.
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whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house? we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? no, i'm more like a metaphor. okay, a spokes-metaphor. no, i'm... you're a spokes-metaphor. yeah. ok. see how voya can help you get organized at martha: the united states suspends talks with russia on the civil war in syria. a complete breakdown in this process. they accused moscow of barbarism after new attacks on the city of aleppo. images we have seen for four or
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five years. secretary of state john kerry slamming russia's actions. >> russia turned a blind eye to assad's deplorable use of these weapons of war that he has chosen. chlorine gas, barrel bombs against his people. and together the syrian regime and russia seem to have rejected diplomacy in pursuance of a military victory. martha: ambassador john bolton, you have to wonder what people in aleppo think when they hear this. when they have been living under the threat of these chlorine bombs that have been dropping on their heads for five years, ambassador. >> that's one of the consequences of this kind of
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civil war. the news is it took the obama administration five years to figure out what's going on. i don't need to ignore the seriousness of the humanitarian tragedy. but that's been going on for five years, too. the fundamental element of the administration's policy, don't do anything that offend iran, which is the assad regime's strongest backer. and number two, act like russia would be content to have a negotiated solution that eases the assad regime out of power. that was never going to happen. but those two elements have been the basis of american policy ever since the arab spring began. it's also due to a catastrophic failure of the american world
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view as exemplified by the administration. >> it now becomes even more clear than it already was, that when the president talked about the red line and chemical weapons and chlorine bombs being dropped on people. then it became very obvious to assad and russia that once that red line was stepped over and the united states did nothing, there was nothing to worry about. nobody was going to come to their aid, at least not in the united states. >> exactly. it under lines another truth. barack obama lives in a word of word. vladimir putin, the ayatollahs in tehran, the assad regime in syria live in a world of power. who's winning. martha: great point. when you think about the libya argument for going into libya. which was there was imminent genocide, it was going to be so
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horrific that we needed to go in to stop it. and then a blind eye was turned to an actual situation in syria for five years and we pretend it isn't happening. >> we could call it hypocrisy. but that would be too charitable. the house of commons issued a report on libya that demonstrates that the fear qaddafi was going to carry out cash and in benghazi was not true. it was the same hollow threat his regime used repeatedly. so the so-called justification was flawed from the outset. but to leave that aside. the administration policy is so schizophrenic and contradictory it's no wonder nobody pays much attention to what america says. martha: imminent genocide was
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used as justification to carry it out. but in syria there was no action bigger than word. bill: this could come up tonight. big debate. 90 minutes divide in nine 10-minute segments. but they have record of their own. we'll talk to the clinton team here live at farmville, virginia. (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones)
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>> at the fundamental level this election is what it has always been about. the past versus the future. the status quo. hillary clinton has been on the government payroll getting healthcare and pensions to boot. bill: trump firing off an attack ad against virginia senator tim
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kaine during his time at governor here. kaine will not only be defending himself, he will be asked about hillary clinton's controversies as well. nice to see you karen. welcome to farmville, virginia. i don't know if we could have gotten a more perfect day. >> a gorgeous day, a great place to be. bill: what is kaine's objective? to go after donald trump or promote hillary clinton. >> to talk about two very different visions of this country. i listened to kellyanne say that and i agree with that. i think it's about change and what kind of change. we believe donald trump is suggesting a lot of policies that would take us back from his economic policies from big tax cuts mostly benefiting the wealthy expecting that to
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trickle down to everybody else. what was it like, trumped up, trickle down. there are so many other stories in the past week. you think about this f.b.i. story where they reached an agreement to smash the computers of some of hillary clinton's aides? >> i think -- that would be my phone, that's my mother probably calling. what i would say is two things. one is i think it's mike pence who will be on defense. donald trump had a horrible debate performance, then got into a week-long twitter war with a former miss universe contestant showing that he's unfit and unhinged so easily. i think pence will be on defense. i think what you will see from senator kaine is the opportunity to talk about our vision for the country. what he and hillary clinton want
6:27 am
to do. this question you raise about these laptops. i would just remind you those individuals spoke to the f.b.i., they were -- went in as witnesses and voluntarily the f.b.i. did a thorough investigation after they had their conversation with the f.b.i., they asked for those laptops. the f.b.i. has them. jim comey who is a republican said there was no case. bill: will he respond to the issue of the server which republicans don't think was prosecuted. >> he's a policy wonk in many ways like hillary. he has studied his materials. we have done mock debates. i think he's absolutely ready.
6:28 am
bill: what about the comment the other day that was released from february. you talked about basement dwellers, bernie sanders supporters. that could come up. if you read her comments it's an indictment of many of the policies that have come out of the white house. >> i disagree with you on that. if you read all of what she is saying in the context of what matters. she was saying to a room full of her supporters saying these are young people who are frustrated. they are feeling like they are not able to find jobs. they have real issues and real frustrations. bernie sanders himself sunday said she was absolutely right. bill: mike pence could say where have you been for 8 years. >> she was traveling the world for the first four years of this
6:29 am
administration restoring our alliances and relationships that were tattered when president obama came into office. then she has been working on issues empowering girls and women. bill: mike pence said we could do 90 minutes on foreign policy alone. bill: is her record as secretary of state one she is proud of in terms of accomplishments she can point to. >> sure. restoring our alliances, getting putin to the table. setting the stage for the paris accord. climate change. she went to israel to get a ceasefire in gassa. she has done incredible things as secretary of state. pushing her agenda around women and girls and making that front and center.
6:30 am
lgbt rights at secretary of state. bill: what are your expectations. a win for one side? is it a draw? >> of course we are going to win. bill: karen finney with the clinton team. martha: illinois has become the latest state to suspend business with wells fargo after the bank admitted to opening unauthorized customer accounts. the illinois treasurer says the state is stopping its annual investment for one year. california also suspended its business with the bank over that scandal. bill: we are awaiting a news conference from the governor of florida on hurricane matthew. it's slamming into haiti as we speak. there are a couple of models.
6:31 am
we'll get you updated on matthew and how they are getting ready in florida and up the east coast. >> donald trump and hillary clinton go head-to-head over his taxes. will the new revelations impact this race? fair and balances debate coming up next. >> crooked hillary clinton whose only method making money is by selling government favors and granting access to special interests know nothing about how businesses succeed and grow.
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♪ ♪ ♪ bill: florida governor rick scott will be out in a moment to update the media on thousand his state is getting ready for hurricane matthew.
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in haiti you can see 20 inches of rain and catastrophic flooding. in miami beach, florida folks are keeping an eye on this. >> people in miami are beginning to make hotel reservations for the western part of the state. but for the past two hours it's been haiti that's been taking the pounding. 145 anywhere winds. category 4 storm over the southwestern tip of that island. many of the most vulnerable over the coast. this could be a heavy death toll in haiti from this storm that could unleash three feet of rain. from haiti the storm will continue to move north in cuba where 180,000 people have been evacuated. among the evacuees, 700 americans from the u.s. naval base in guantanamo bay.
6:36 am
the big question is where will the storm go from cuba. it moved further to the west. it puts cuba and florida in play. ' governor scott has issued a state of emergency across the entire state of florida. bill: stands by, the governor will speak. >> the unfairness of the tax laws is unbelievable. it's something i have been talking about for a long time. you heard me talking about it despite being a big beneficiary, i must admit. but you are more important than my being a beneficiary. but we'll straighten it out and make it fair for everybody. i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone. which is why i am the one who can fix them. that's what i commit to you.
6:37 am
i will do it. martha: as we wait for tonight's vice presidential debate in virginia, donald trump digging in over the issue of his taxes. he says the system is unfair and he's the one who can fix it. brad goodhouse and charlie hurt. great to have both of you with us. this issue fascinates me. it gets to the core on many levels. brad, let me let you have the first shot. he was not accused of breaking any laws. how do you tackle this issue against donald trump? >> that's right it's not a question of whether he broke any laws. one, is the system fair? donald trump says the system isn't fair. but previously he never told us the system was unfair to his own
6:38 am
benefit. he didn't tell us he declared a $916 million loss. martha: back at the august cleveland debate he talked about using the laws on the books to his benefit. he has referenced that for quite some time. >> he hasn't been transparent about his own opinions. he hasn't released his tax returns. after this news broke his surrogates went on the circuit and said he's a genius. he should do what every presidential candidate has done for 40 years, he should release his tax returns. it brings into question whether he's a good businessman. he lost money in the casino business which is a business made to print money. it draws that claim.
6:39 am
martha: charlie, what do you make of it all. >> i don't know why donald trump or anybody else would come out and say these tax laws are unfair to me, i'm going pay more taxes. i don't think it's an issue that sticks with people from the beginning. when the "new york times" story came out, i was mystified. it's a dog bite man story of. the fact that he had these business failures, we have known that. he's been a big risk taker. he has had successes and glaring mistakes. but the idea that this issue points that up to brad's point doesn't make sense. the casino industry is designed to print money. hillary clinton has been part of an administration and government that's been losing not millions,
6:40 am
but trillions of dollars. we are trillions of dollars into debt during times when she has been in power. the idea he lost on a casino. nobody could care less. we are all $20 trillion in debt. martha: he lost. >> billion at a time when real estate was tricky. he said he had a slogan, stay alive until '95. but what about the stewardship of the u.s. economy and government spending which has been just, you know, over the top it seems like way too tame a term for it. >> i think if you look at this economy and not say it's better than it was. martha: we are talking about money management. she is saying he's a terrible money manager. can't you look at the
6:41 am
administration and say bad money management? >> i don't ascribe to that view. even if you have did, she was secretary of state, she wasn't in charge of the budget or appropriations. martha: as a senator she voted on many of them. >> donald trump has made it on the taxpayers, made it on loans to his dad, it's always somebody else's money that he's putting at risk. it's never his own. this tax scheme is an example of that. martha: does this issue hurt him in the election? >> i don't think it hurts him at all. obviously it's embarrassing the guy lost $900 million in a year or in a couple of years. but i think if anything they relate to the fact that he
6:42 am
doesn't pay taxes. the only thing i do think it shows, it shows the "new york times" has given up any claim of trying to treat the republican nominee fairly. >> i think it's devastating. the details, most taxpayers won't see this as fair. they support national security and roads and bridges. martha: it's a good argument for a flat tax. if you want rich people to pay the same percentage of their income as anybody else. thanks, great to see you. bill: we are live in farmville, the site of the one and only v.p. debate. the main event less than 12 hours from now. we'll talk mike pence''s strategy. and we'll talk about a new attack ad on tim kaine.
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don't miss this. >> tim kaine has a passion for defending the wrong people. america deserves better. can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. it just kind of like, wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they look great. they are so white. crest hd 6x cleaning. 6x whitening. and at two weeks, superior sensitivity relief
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bill: back in farmdale, the rnc putting out a new attack ad against tim kaine. the rnc going after his record as governor annals a lawyer on the death penalty. here is a clip of that now. >> long before tim kaine was in office, he consistently protected the worst kinds of people. one man raped and sodomized a
6:47 am
man after being paroled for raping a 17-year-old girl. bill: it's a powerful ad. >> tim kaine likes to talk about his record, but he doesn't like to talk about certain pieces. he made sure people who committed the most heinous acts served the least amount of time. tim kaine in the early part of his career made sure those people spend the least amount of time in jail. bill: he will likely point to his catholic faith and sees everybody as redeemable. >> that's fine and i understand that and the lord teaches us to forgive. there is no question that's a tenet of catholicism and
6:48 am
christianity as a whole. it wasn't that he believed in redemption. redemption. what he did was he went out and made sure that people who committed the most heinous crimes got the least amount of time. you sent out a tweet under your account that was later deleted. >> roll call put up a story about the ad. they chose to call it a willy horton ad. when i saw that was not an accurate depiction of our ad. anyone who comes to that conclusion hasn't understood history or hasn't seen the ad. the ad has nothing to do -- bill: was it a mistake to infer willy horton in that tweet. >> i think the "huffington post" called them out on it.
6:49 am
this is ridiculous to equate this to willy horton. the folks in that ad are white. there are no racial overtones, there was no furlough program or weekend pass. this is an example of. what is his job tonight. >> to draw a contrast. he lowered taxes, created jobs in indiana. he needs to draw the contrast both in terms of the record of the two and the if i lossly him and donald trump have. they are the agents of change. hillary clinton and tim kaine are the epitome of the establishment and status question. if you are happy with washington, that's your ticket. bill: what's the state of the
6:50 am
race of people in virginia. >> it's very tight. bill: it shows she is up by several points. >> it shows she is up by a point or two. but we have an amazing ground game. this state closes quick and the people of the commonwealth of virginia are ready for change. they are ready for change and i think virginia will come into our column. bill: thank you for your time. from farmville, back to manhattan, martha? martha: breaking news overseas this morning. wikileaks julian assange promising a steady stream of new leaks through election day. will he deliver on that? is an october surprise in the works?
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martha: we were talking about the october surprise, something that could change the course of the election in the weeks leading up to it. wikileaks founder julian assange promised he would release documents pretty much every week before the election. what did he have to say today? >> no promises -- no bombshells but promises of something in the future from wikileaks boss julian assange. at a press conference in berlin they heard from assange from his self-imposed exile at the ecuadorian embassy. he promises the release of a million documents starting as early as this week.
6:55 am
>> material that will be published before the end of the year [inaudible] previously referred to -- reporter: he said he had been misquoted on the anti-hillary clinton nature of the material. but wikileaks posted hillary clinton emails. assange is hold up and has been for five years at the ecuadorian embassy in the center part of london. he's trying to avoid extradition to sweden.
6:56 am
he was supposed to deliver today's mess and from the balcony of the embassy. it was canceled due to unspecified reason. there was no confirmation that claimed that hillary clinton during her time as secretary of state considered a possible drone strike against assange. apparently that suggestion was met by laughter at the meeting she was in. bill: brand-new battleground polls. we are counting down at the showdown in farmville. how much is riding on tonight. pence and kaine are in the center ring. our live coverage from the campus at longwood university in farmville, virginia. he network.
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martha: today is the big night in virginia. the running mates will be facing off on the stage. you have got mike pence and tim kaine as they take the stage 11 hours from now. they will meet face-to-face first time ever in their one and only debate. they only get one shot for the vp, folks. welcome, everybody, brand new hour kicking off of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: hey, martha. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, live in farmville, virginia. the pressure is on. you will have tens of millions watching later tonight. that glaring hot spotlight will be on governor pence and senator kaine but the focus will be on the top of the ticket ultimately. they both need to boost the ticket. trump's son eric telling me last hour that pence is just the guy to do that. >> he is amazing. he dropped taxes every single year. he reduced unemployment every sing get year. he took care of vets. he did an amazing job. he funded the largest bill that
7:01 am
infused cash into the educational system. he did an amazing job there. he take care of the infrastructure system all throughout the state. he did an amazing job. that is exactly why my father picked him. he will be amazing tonight. he will do a great job. martha: let's see. chris stirewalt joins us now, fox news digital politics editor. good morning to you, chris. good to see you. >> good morning, miss martha. martha: break this down for us. if you're mike pence or tim kaine you have a job to do tonight and you get one shot at it. look at mike pence first. what does he need to accomplish tonight? >> first thing for mike pence he has to ably defend donald trump because as you pointed out earlier the heat will be at the top of the ticket. he will be talking about that. he will have to defend donald trump on taxes. remember donald trump doesn't do press conference. so there are unanswered questions for the main candidates so his deputy, as it were will have to field some of this stuff. martha: got to defend donald trump. you say there are a couple of
7:02 am
other mike pence issues which may come up for him specifically that deal with his tenure of his record in indiana, including religious freedom and differences they have on trade, right? >> sure. after he defends donald trump he also has to defend himself. had very controversial religious freedom law in indiana he didn't really please either side with because he supported backed away from. it is, was highly-charged issue that actually ended his potential bid to be president. he has to deal with questions about that and his own record. 100% you're right, he has to explain the differences between them and donald trump. pens is very conservative or was. he was in favor of free trade. he was in favor of entitlement reform. he was in favor of all those things that donald trump moved away from the traditional republican orthodoxy on for more populist campaign. pence shifted along with him. he will have to explain those differences. >> i would think one way to go with that, chris, to say we're
7:03 am
two different guys. we believe pretty much in the same principles in terms of how to move the country forward but we don't agree on everything. >> up to a point. trade is a big one. for pence. foreign policy potentially is a big one and again that entitlement reform issue. pence used to be a debt hawk, pence used to be in favor of cutting the debt and restricted spending. he has to explain why he think's donald trump's idea is necessary right now. martha: move over to tim kaine, to see what obviously, sort of the first thing for him is going to be hillary's issues, right? email server, benghazi, how does he support her on those issues? >> same deal. he has got the same problem his counterpart does. he has to explain what hillary clinton is doing. why it is okay. why the secret server is all right, foundation, same basic baggage through this campaign he has to be able defender on. martha: if they both do a really
7:04 am
good job, chris, some folks will say, gee, don't we kind of wish these two were running pour president? they're much more traditional conventional candidates in some ways? >> isn't that the daggone truth? so the funny thing normally in vice-presidential debate what you expect to see attack dogs attacking, number two, playing to their political bases. you expect to hear them say, don't worry about the guy moving towards the center at top of the ticket, i still gotcha, i'm here to hold them accountable. in this case they're doing something different especially in the case of pence, why trump should be acceptable to mainstream republicans and to swing voters and pence will be reassuring hand to a candidate prone to sudden moves. martha: some people say 50 million tonight, could be higher in the 70 million area. this has become fascination with everybody across the country. it's a big, big deal. we'll be watching tonight.
7:05 am
we'll look for your analysis as well as always, chris. thank you so much. goodhe to see you? >> you bet. bill: i can practically touch the reverend. martha: we don't want to hear about that. >> he is a handsome man. look at him. pence and kaine. trump going to arizona, once a solid state, this year considered a toss-up. will it be in the end? we'll find out election day. hillary clinton in pennsylvania. they're getting all kind of attention. rich edson live near the clinton home in chappaqua, new york. we start with alicia acuna watching trump team in arizona. alicia trump is fighting to keep it in the red column. how does that state shape up now? port for the this is going to be tough for him, bill. there is significant demographic shift underway in the grand canyon state. take the hispanic population, it
7:06 am
increased since 2012 since mitt romney won here. then you have the student population. arizona is home to arizona state university, the largest campus with undergrad population. look at voter ridge station from arizona secretary of state's office, between 2012 and august of this year, number of registered republicans grew by 72,000. the democrats grew by almost 84,000. look at other, which is not the green or libertarian parties. that is undecideds or independents. nearly 139 more registered than last presidential cycle. which brings us to "real clear politics" of polls, in a four-way race, trump leads by a very slim margin. 11 very valuable electoral votes up for grab and clinton campaign sensing a real opportunity here. bill. bill: tax issue from 1995. what are people say about that so far? reporter: right now, trump as you know is not backing off this issue.
7:07 am
just the opposite. almost using it like a bragging right. some of his supporters are definitely taking to it. at events in colorado, trump continued on his theme of contrasting how he made his money and how he says the clintons made theirs. >> while i made my money as a successful private business person, following the law, hillary clinton made her money as a corrupt public official breaking the law and putting her government offices for sale. reporter: mr. trump is expected to arrive lear in prescott valley later on this afternoon. we came to the event center to check things out, bill, around 7:30 p.m. those folks are still in line. they were already in line, i should say. bill? bill: wow. pattern follows. thanks, alicia acuna there in arizona. to the clinton side with martha back in new york. martha: meanwhile hillary clinton attacking trump as she makes a big push to firm up
7:08 am
support in the key battleground states. rich edson live in chap waa, new york. home of hillary and bill clinton. what is her plan, rich? reporter: good morning, martha, another contested state another event on the economy. hillary clinton is heading late they are afternoon to pennsylvania where we have two new polls showing a tight race in some cases in that state. first, just released franklin and marshall poll shows decent lead for hillary clinton leading donald trump in a four-way race, 47-38. "quinnepiac poll" yesterday released yesterday, shows tighter race. four percentage point lead for clinton in that poll. as hillary clinton continues badgering donald trump on his 1995 tax returns as reported in "the new york times," showing $900 million plus loss which you can use and apply to other tax years to offset future taxes. >> here is my question, what kind of genius lose as bill dollars in a sipping get year? how anybody can lose a dollar,
7:09 am
let alone a billion dollars in the casino industry is kind of beyond me, right? [laughter] [applause] it is just hard to figure. but as a result, doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for almost two decades. reporter: clinton went on to paint trump as child of privilege bailed out by his father. it wasn't all that long ago in the democratic primary critics were knocking hillary clinton for six figure speeches to wall street firms. now she is talking about cracking down on wall street. martha? martha: anybody seen atlan city over the years knows a lot of shuttered casinos up and down that area look like. so it is interesting. tim kaine, obviously the man of the evening. what are we learning about how he is getting ready for tonight? reporter: we heard from jennifer griffin, according to campaign aide he is studying on lots of policy.
7:10 am
been in raleigh preparing for the debate and sunday he took off to go to church in richmond, virginia. talking about defending the top of the ticket. this is very much according to the aide defending hillary clinton as they expect mike pence, governor of indiana, will defend his running mate, donald trump. martha. martha: rich, thank you very much. obviously, bill, virginia a very important state. tim kaine former governor there. one of the reasons they picked him because they think he can help them there. that is a must-win state for hillary clinton. right now looks like she is doing pretty well there. bill: some people calling it home game for tim kaine. i would remind our viewers that this site was chosen well over a year ago, long before up tim kaine was on the ticket. what is intriguing tonight, martha, look at history among vice-presidential candidates. 2008 was highest viewership, 70 million americans watched sarah palin and joe biden on
7:11 am
stage. i don't know that we get close to that number tonight, you i will say both of them can help the ticket. what you don't want to do is hurt the ticket. you don't want an a help -- aleppo moment here in formville virginia. i think both do a very good job defending top. ticket, whether hillary clinton or donald trump. mike pence, who has broadcasting background, he used to be a radio talk show host before he went to congress and served 10 years in the house before he went back to indiana as a governor. he has experience at something like this. i actually think it will be a very good faceoff, martha, tonight between these two. martha: i think so too. thank you very much. we'll be back to farmville in just a moment. new polls show how the race is tightening in some of these key swing states. donald trump leading in one state that is usually a lynchpin to the presidential race but will it mat? is the map shifting?
7:12 am
we'll explain. bill: is the key to a trump victory staying true to himself? a former candidate saying trump has to keep on being donald trump. we'll get to that. first mike pence as we count down 11 hours now to the debate tonight. >> while i expect we're going to be talking, we're going to be talking about the visions and the choice the american people face at the top of the ticket i kind of get, i kind of hope we get to talk about our records as well because they're just a little bit different.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:16 am
♪ martha: all eyes on virginia right now. it's a beautiful day at the college there where we're going to see the vice-presidential debate, longwood university. that is going to happen tonight. meantime we have swing state polls show how some really important places in this state or in this race rather are shaping up. quinnepiac university poll finding clinton is leading in florida and in north carolina, and in pennsylvania. that is looking at ohio where trump is winning 49-46. a state traditionally votes for winner in the election although some people are questioning whether that will hold this time around. meanwhile a new national poll clinton up by five in the four-way race, 47-42.
7:17 am
and that is a plus or minus three margin poll. so she is outside of that in that take. bring in kyle condit, managing editor of sabato's crystal ball at virginia center for politics, author of the new book, the bellwether, why ohio picks the president. good to have you this morning. >> thanks for having me. martha: first of all i want to get your take on the latest swing state polls and what you think of them. last round donald trump was looking stronger. in this round he is looking weaker exempt in ohio. what do you attribute that to? >> so, basically almost all the state level polls since the first debate have moved in clinton's direction. one of really only good polls trump gotten since the debate is "quinnepiac poll" in ohio. it is only postdebate poll. trump was leading going into the debate and according to poll. trump will do better in ohio, than nationally. the state polls close to the national average.
7:18 am
how much better does he do in ohio rather than nationally and potentially ohio votes for loser and clinton wins the legislation which it hasn't done since 1960. martha: what do you think? >> the thing about ohio, it is whiter than the nation and not as diverse which is better for republicans. ohio's white electorate is better educated than the national white electorate. trump is pulling a lot of noncollege white vote that republicans do although that is typically a republican voting bloc. i think trump is leading in ohio, maybe not by three to five points but by at least a little bit. if the election is close, i definitely think you could see a scenario where trump wins ohio but loses the election. if trump wins the election, he will carry ohio for sure. martha: he would have to carry ohio. he would really have to carry north carolina and florida as well, right? and he is behind in both of those? >> that's right. we had a new poll from elon in
7:19 am
north carolina that clinton was up five. they did a poll right before the debate, it was tied or trump was up one. martha: yeah. >> we're seeing this interesting trend in this election. ron brown steen wrote about it a in "the atlantic this morning some mid-atlantic southern states might be trending more towards democrats like north carolina, florida, virginia already has done that where as white err midwestern states where democrats traditionally did a little better might be trending towards the republicans. that may be something that lasts after this election in that, the electoral map might be shifting a little bit. more more after republican midwest, a little more democratic in places like florida and north carolina. that is a good tradeoff for democrats. florida is bigger than the midwestern states. martha: it sure is. he is in arizona and nevada over the next couple of days. why? >> so arizona is a state that should be pretty reliably republican. there has been some sort of soft polling for trump in that state but i think he should probably end up winning it.
7:20 am
nevada is another state like ohio that typically ends up voting for the winner, typically votes close to the national average, based on polls it is very, very close. nevada is a state getting a lot of attention down the stretch here. i'm curious to see is how hard clinton actually pushes in a state like arizona which again typically votes significantly more republican than the national average. martha: when you look at why he had a rough sort of second half of the first debate, and the period after that debate was rocky for him as well with a number of incidents that may have impacted this. is that what you're seeing in sort of the underlying attitudes in these polls? >> well, so trump's biggest problem i think is that just majority of the americans going into the debate didn't think he was qualified to be president and i don't think he addressed that question in the first debate. maybe he can do that in the next
7:21 am
two but, i think what we also saw sometimes enthusiasm can change and change the numbers. i think republicans were a little bit more enthusiastic going into the first debate. now the enthusiasm is about even or maybe democrats are a little more enthusiastic. again, there are two more debates for trump to sort of change the, change the dynamic here but clinton very clearly got a pretty significant bounce out of the first debate. martha: fascinating. kyle, thank you. great to have you with us. >> thank you. martha: bill? bill: so the vps are on stage tonight, martha. they are in prime time, ready to make their case for the candidates at top of the ticket. they will defend their own political public records. in a moment we'll talk to the trump team about mike pence's strategy tonight. plus, the folks here at longwood have is been getting ready for this debate for more than a year. what does it take to pull this off, huh? guess who they beat to host this tonight? we've got that, farmville, virginia.
7:23 am
♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model.
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♪ bill: indiana governor mike pence, senator tim kaine, they're getting ready to face off with one another. less than 11 hours to go tonight, sparking end of more than a greer of preparations on can't pus of longwood university. it was selected for this debate over 75 other schools that were competing. wow! the president is taylor taylor f verily joins me. w stands for walter. fourth generation from the state
7:26 am
of virginia. this is proud moment. >> great wonderful moment. bill: five million dollars in the campus to get ready for this. on what? >> to get all the infrastructure in place. get a the security in place. and make sure we did some great programing around all of this too, to make the most of the opportunity. bill: wright state university in dayton, ohio, they accepted bid and had to cancel the bid and why it went to hofstra. the folks at hofstra were proud because they had 68 days to prepare. you had more than a year. >> yeah. bill: the security is the issue. how much money does the campus have to pay making this secure and pulling it off? >> on the security front that actually has been honestly an inspiring thing to watch, to see the secret service, state police, our really highly-decorated police, local law enforcement work together like a seamless symphony and almost all of that has been provided in kind. part of their own public work.
7:27 am
bill: if you beat out 75 schools, how was the competition? >> it was tough, it was tough. we have got a lot of great things going for us. bill: the reason i say, i don't think a lot of people have heard of longwood before. >> yeah. bill: this is really a moment for this school and yourself to shine. >> it is and, you know, the thing that we're proudest of as longwood has the long great history, we're one of the 100 oldest colleges in the whole country and to really get to have the chance to have the nation's eyes on us, it is a great thing. bill: 1839 it opened as a all-women's college. >> yeah. bill: that is not the case today. 5000 students? >> yep. bill: in a town of 30 now? >> yeah. bill: what did think when you wept and said, hey, folks we'll? >> there is such pride in this community. this is great crossroads of american history.
7:28 am
farmville is crossroads of the american story. bill: how so. >> civil war grew to a close along high street, half a mile north. the civil rights movement began a half mile to the south at the moulton museum with a student-led strike in 1951 that produced brown v. board of education. that is poetic profound conjunction of things. bill: wow. i imagine once it is over you will breathe a sigh of relief? >> a stiff bourbon around 11:00 tonight will be nice. bill: good choice. >> i will go with straight up makers mark. bill: well-deserved. i went to school at miami university in oxford, ohio. we're very proud of our campus back there, and this is a beautiful place. >> thank you. bill: you have a lot to be proud of. good luck tonight. >> thank you so much. bill: you bet. congratulations. >> thank you. bill: here we go, martha. martha: good stuff. bill: longwood in the spot line with kaine and pence. martha: it is such an historic area. so interesting to learn more about that.
7:29 am
thanks, guys, bill o'reilly, last night offered up advice for donald trump. >> any disparagement by any woman by trump will drive down vote for women's voters. he needs more of them if he wants to win the white house. martha: that makes sense. will comments like that end up costing trump in the long run? we'll hear from the trump campaign as our very special coverage of the vice-presidential debate rolls on, continuing live from farmville, virginia. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:33 am
senator kaine is again the opportunity to talk about our vision for the country. bill: so that is karen finney, communication director for hillary clinton's team that team gearing up for the attack later tonight in the vice-presidential debate. mike pence spending a lot of time prepping to face tim kaine one-on-one. both men look lick i to turn running mates records against them. sara huckabee. sara, good to see you. he is is drilling with governor scott walker. how is that going? >> it is going very well. mike pence is extremely qualified executive and he is prepared for this his whole life. bill: wow, if that is the case what would you consider a success tonight after the 90 minutes are up, sarah? >> anytime our campaign gets to talk about the economy, gets to talk about national security, gets to talk about real issues we win.
7:34 am
so i think if we have the moment of contrast with mike pence against tim kaine, that will come out a win. i think we expect to see some of that. bill: what about the servers? what about the fbi computer destruction purportedly? >> i hope we get to talk about things as well. that we talk about many issues frankly ignored in the last debate and not brought up, kind of some of the big negative attacks against hillary clinton. bill: they may not have been brought up by lester holt although he did reference cybersecurity out of russia but frankly a lot of people felt donald trump did not go there when he should have. was that a missed opportunity that needs to be made up tonight? >> i think his goal was to try to stay focused again on the big issues. frankly most americans are staying up late at night wondering about the economy, wondering about national security. our goal is to try to focus on that. i think there is certainly room for us to talk about the credibility and frankly the disqualification of hillary clinton to be president. those are many so of the issues that highlight her failures.
7:35 am
i think we should certainly talk about those. bill: over the past several days there has been focus on miss universe pageant conducted some 20 years ago. o'reilly was talking about this last night. he talked about the whole gender issue, what men and women and what you can and should and should not do when he said this just watch. >> american voters specially women, do not like the personal stuff. they don't like it when rudy giuliani is attacked. they don't like when presidential candidates descend into the mud. if hillary clinton attacks donald trump on women issue he has a right to defend himself but he should keep it pithy. >> look, i think that the real truth here is donald trump and hillary clinton neither one of them have said most offensive things about one another but hillary clinton has said the most offensive thing in this campaign about the american people when she called millions of trump supporters deplorable and irredeemable and only followed that up to call bernie sanders supporters losers that
7:36 am
live in their parents's basement. that shows utter contempt that hillary clinton has for any american that doesn't support her whether they're a man or woman. i think that is the most offensive thing anyone has said. bill: i think pence and kaine both have an opportunity here. they have an opportunity to paint a picture of hillary clinton or donald trump as, as a person that you know, that middle four to 6% can believe in. how does pence close that argument the most effective way tonight? >> look i think he talks about one of the most important things in this race, 70% of the americans say they want change. and no one can argue that donald trump doesn't represent change more than any candidate we've ever seen in political history. and i think by you doctoring that out, talking about that contrast, look if people like the way things are, hillary clinton is their candidate. she represents the status quo, the washington elite, the washington to wall street access of power. she embodies that. if they want somebody to come
7:37 am
in, shake things up and change washington, donald trump embodies that. that is the biggest contrast in the race. one we'll see very clearly. bill: thank you for your time? what do you hear from the pence team? how is feeling, level of anticipation? >> he is excited. he is relaxed. i think it will be a great night. bill: it is remarkable these two guys never met each other in person. i think they have had one conversation in their lives. >> it should be interesting. good to see you. bill: thank you, sarah. back to new york with martha. martha: thanks. the u.s. is putting a stop to talks with russia about a possible cease-fire in syria in a fast-deteriorating situation. the state department accusing russia of rejecting diplomacy and supporting the syrian government's fight against rebel groups and many, many civilians who have been caught in the crossfire as well there. conor powell joins us live. he is in jerusalem with latest. what is the impact of this ending of these direct talks between russia and united states?
7:38 am
reporter: with the suspension of these direct talks means now, martha, there is no serious international effort to find a political solution to the war in syria. also keep in mind, as muddled as the obama administration and syria policy has been the last few years, with the suspension of these talks, it is not clear what the actual white house policy on syria is going forward. for its part, russia has also withdrawn from a bilateral, u.s./russian negotiated nuclear arms agreement as a result of suspension in talks. in syria a much more drastic picture. we're seeing some of the heaviest fighting we've seen in the last few years with intense bombing by pro-assad forces of rebel-held positions in aleppo. on the ground you're seeing pro-assad farther, further deeper into aleppo with very heavy fighting. observers say 1400 people have been killed or wounded since the u.s.-russia brokered cease-fire collapsed several weeks ago.
7:39 am
this is serious situation on the ground with heavy, heavy fighting. what happens next isn't exactly clear. one thing could happen. the u.s. might nudge it is gulf arab allies to provide for support for rebels on the ground. whether or not that will change the situation at all, martha, it isn't really clear. the pro-assad forces backed by russia are making significant gains on the ground in syria right now. martha: yeah. doesn't seem like any sort of half-measures in that regard made any difference so far. so we'll see what the decisions are. thank you very much, conor. bill: back here in virginia now, 21 minutes before the hour now. former candidate offering tips for donald trump in the final weeks of the race. >> here's what they believe. they think donald trump is a guy that is willing to march into hell with a water pistole on their behalf and that hillary clinton is the one who is keeping the flames going down there. bill: so why mike huckabee is telling trump to stay true to himself. and will that work?
7:40 am
we'll dive into that in a moment. martha: how about this question? was it sabotage? why spacex is now looking at a rival company after a failed rocket launch. ♪
7:41 am
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7:44 am
stand by for more on that. >> we have five weeks to go until election day now. former presidential candidate mike huckabee is urging donald trump to stay true to himself in the homestretch of this campaign. >> trump's got to be trump. the fact is donald trump has gotten where he is being most disruptive candidate we've ever seen. some things he says are cringe-worthy to those of us who lived in the mainstream and been in the flow. then you step back and realize, when he says certain things, it gets under the skin of the media, of the liberals, of the donor class. martha: quite interesting. rich lowery, editor of "national review" and fox news contributor. marjorie clifton, former consultant to obama presidential campaign and principle of clifton consulting. good to have you both here. i don't know if donald trump has any choice but let trump be trump because it seems to be
7:45 am
what happens regardless sometimes it is advantage and sometimes it is not, rich. >> i agree with huckabee. of trump will not show up tomorrow to be courtly gentleman, he will not change his message nor should he but he has to be on script and more disciplined. collapsed a 8-point hillary lead over course of month, staying on script. that was amazing thing. prior to last week's debate the race was almost tied. you saw in real time during that debate the wheels come off. they continued to come off the rest of the week. now hillary is a step or two ahead again. trump can't change who he is, that is not realistic. he needs to go back to the pivoted trump, reads from teleprompter and doesn't court unnecessary controversy. martha: you can't do that in the debate. that is part of the problem for him perhaps of this format. but, marjorie, in many ways we'll know at end of this cycle, maybe losing the first one could turn out to be best thing that
7:46 am
happened to him? >> well, it is the cringe-worthy comment that is exactly the concern, i think, because the cringe-worthy borders on offensive, doesn't just border but it is offensive a lot of the time. agreeed he needs to stay on message to appear presidential. we have 8 to 12% of undecided voters, depending which poll you read. i think question for them. they split evenly democratic and republican. so the question is, at the end of the day, it is trustworthiness i think that is a concern. unfortunately trump being trump right now has not proved trustworthy wish shoes of his tax returns, with the lack of real policy issues we've heard about, which will make tonight's debate interesting, to find out what the parties really stand for now, instead of it being this one-liner, back and forth debates. martha: a little while ago, you look at it in terms of stewardship. he was steward of his company. she is criticizing him for that, but mike pence can raise
7:47 am
stewardship of the nation question, when it comes to hillary clinton, rich. >> yeah. i don't think the tax thing will be a big deal at the end of the day. this is problem for trump. at the moment he is testing the proposition of whether someone can be elected president who about 60% of the country thinks is unsuited to be president. that is a really tough proposition. and these debates offer the opportunity to show people a different side of himself to kind of allay the concerns about his temperment. he didn't do it in the first one. he has two big opportunities again to try to do it. this is why preparation is so important. it is why discipline is so important. almost all of the questions he must haved in that debate and way he handled hillary clinton interrupted her constantly, all of that, just, someone, student in politics 101 course in college could have given him better answers to avoid those things. i'm sure all of his advisors are telling him how to do that. just a question whether he will execute or not. martha: i would expect tim kaine
7:48 am
will get tough questions about hillary clinton's record tonight, marjorie. >> well, you know, look, i think one of the issues on the policy front is whether he actually has some substance behind it. most of the trump supporters right now, it is an emotional connection to him. it is that disruptiveness, it is anti-government, anti-media. so in a sense there is nothing that comes out of his mouth that seems to pull his supporters in another direction. the question, again with the undecideds will they care about substance, policy, trustworthiness? truly when he says what he really thinks and offends many large groups of women, minorities, pretty much a large swath of the voting base, is he going to pull off an election continuing that way? >> i expect pens to be really good tonight. i was a little skeptical of his pick. he has had tough things to defend over and over again with trump and done it almost without a hiccup. he is really prepared carefully. he will be very good and will be
7:49 am
start perhaps of turning corner on media narrative from the last week. but trump has to follow through on sunday night. martha: interesting analysis. good to see you both. >> thanks, martha. bill: all right. standing by now, "happening now" rolls your way in a moment here. want to get to jenna lee back in new york. what's happening, jenna? >> hey there, bill. breaking news for the race for the white house. new national polling from two major news organizations. there is new battleground polling to tell you about. we'll be watching that. we're tracking monster hurricane hitting haiti right now, taking direct aim at the east coast of the united states. also first of its kind earthquake warning out west. we have both coasts covered. that is all top of the hour on "happening now." bill: good deal. jenna thanks. see you in ten minutes, okay, top of the hour. as you mention ad powerful hurricane pounding the caribbean. it isn't finished. there were millions of americans
7:50 am
watching the track of this storm the rest of this week. we'll show you path of andrew, check that, hurricane matthew. the possibilities that may or may not happen throughout the week. that is next. stay tuned. (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. (announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing...
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bill: big story later tonight.
7:54 am
check it out in prime time. here's another big story right now. fox news alert, to the caribbean. hurricane matthew making landfall in haiti and just grazing port-au-prince, haiti, the capitol city. this morning it is packing winds of 145 miles per hour. category 4 storm, heading toward the eastern edge of cuba where it will make landfall again. janice dean is watching all of this hurricane now, what it is doing at the moment and what the possible track is for the u.s. later. jd, good morning, what do you see? >> bill, different scenario than what we were dealing with 24 hours ago in the u.s. could be impacted later this week, into the weekend. as you mentioned this storm making its first landfall across haiti. the southwestern peninsula here, worst-case scenario for them. category 4, very strong category storm landfall making landfall across a very poor nation. this will be truly catastrophic. the images are disturbing coming out of this area.
7:55 am
this is the worst case worst case scenario. the worst winds and rainfall across the northeast quadrant of the storm. then it moves into more warm water. we could see more strengthening as it continues its northwestern track. we're actually waiting for a brand new track within moments. we think with this new track we will see hurricane watches and or tropical storm watches up the florida coastline because this storm has now shifted to the west. that is the guidance that is trending really over the last 24 hours, is that this storm could potentially make landfall or very close brush with florida. that is on friday. and then up towards georgia and carolinas and mid-atlantic this is going to be a big deal. the u.s. hasn't had a major hurricane make landfall in 10 years. so we're worried about complacency. people need to pay attention and
7:56 am
know where the hurricane escape route is, if you live along the coast, especially florida and carolinas we could have impact of a major hurricane. bill, we'll be watching it. we'll give you latest advisory as it comes down in moments. bill: you have a very busy week, janice. >> i will be here. this is big. this is an important storm to cover. bill: you're right. jd, 11:00 a.m. the advisory comes out east coast time. back to martha, new york side. martha: we watch that and this. running mates get ready for the time in the spotlight. mike pence and tim kaine face off, one and only shot for the vp, guys. tonight the big debate. who has the tougher job? our special coverage from farmville, virginia, rolls on. your insurance company
7:57 am
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bill: so we will have indepth coverage throughout the day. prime time coverage 9:00 when it
8:00 am
begins, and in the postshow as well, martha. you will be in st. louis come sunday debate number two for the big ticket. martha: exciting time. it gets decided in the next few weeks. these candidates give us a lot to talk about, bill. great to see the beautiful view in farmville. "happening now" starts right now. see you tomorrow. jenna: donald trump and hillary clinton are out on the campaign trail today. tonight they take a back seat to their running mates. the vice-presidential debate is hours away. what impact will it have on voters just weeks before election day? hope you're off to good one so far. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the stage is set. longwood university, in farmville, virginia, which will face host with two candidates with solid political resume's. indiana governor mike pence, and virginia senator tim kaine will reintroduce themselves to voters who might not be familiar with either one. they will attack each other's


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