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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: yes there is indeed. stay right here for "outnumbered overtime." it is on the web. he doesn't know it yet, but find us on numbered fnc. we're back on tv tomorrow. thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. froochlt and that is within the margin of error. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> i can't imagine how governor pence can defend the insult driven donald trump. >> senator you and hillary clinton know a lot about a insult driven campaign. it is really remarkable. >> and plus, a kill canner storm
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on collision with the u.s. east coast. we are tracking hurricane matthew as massive evacuations get underway. >> and the price of oil jumps and will millions of americans feel the pain in the pump. it's all "happening now". >> we begin with the latest on the campaign trail. i am jeopaly. >> and i am jon scott. president obama was scheduled to hold a rally for hillary clinton in florida but with hurricane matthew on the way he cancelled. and visiting fema now. governor mike pence went head-to-head with senator tim kaine in the vice-presidential debate. we'll look at the highlights. >> the trump plan is you're
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fired plan. donald trump said wages are too high and donald trump and mike pence think we ought to eliminate the minimal way. >> i appreciate the you're hired and fired thing, senator and your running mate use the lines. donald trump laid out a plan to end illegal immigration once and for all. we have talked it for years. hillary clinton and tim kaine much open border and catch and release and sanctuary cities and all of the things are driving wages down in this country, senator and also with criminal aliens in the country it's bringing heart break. >> senator, governor pence. >> with the police involved in the african-american. why would hillary clinton accuse. >> i can't believe you are
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defending the position. >> did donald trump apologize for taking after someone in the twitter war and making fun of the weight. and african-american are living in hell? did he apologize for says president obama was not even a citizen in the united states? you will look in vain for donald trump to apologize. i can't imagine how you defend your running mate's issue. in all six cases he refused to defend. >> what i can't understand with hillary clinton and now senator kaine at her side is to support a practice like partial birth abortion and senator kaine, you hold pro-life views personally and the very idea that a child almost born in the world could still have their life taken from them is a gnath mato me.
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>> more on the debate with dan springer following the trump campaign in henderson, nevada. >> donald trump is scheduled to take the stage in 90 minute and they are expecting a full capacity crowd of 8000. it is an enthusiastic crowd and spoke to a woman who said it is her 7th trump rally and indicative of how many times he's been here in the campaign and how important the swing states are to the trump. he is trying to hold on to a lead in the polls in arizona. polls in colorado show a toss up state may be trending to it hillary clinton. he has nevada. and average of all of the polls.8 percent. it is a about weather state that picked the presidential winner expect in 1948. trump is hitting the health care
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issue hard primarily he was handing red meat from former president bill clinton trashed obama care. >> clinton added that it doesn't make and sense and that the insurance model doesn't work. i have been saying that a long time. at least he's honest. he's very late. in the meantime she wants to double down on obama care. i bet he went through will hell last night. >> reporter: the democrats have a big campaign operation in nevada. tim kaine will be here. and clinton surrogate elizabeth warren was there attacking donald trump calling him a two bit con man and urged the growing latino population to vote against trump. they typically vote in smaller numbers.
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and trump held a roundtable in denver railing against government regulations. we are told he will be preparing for his debate on sunday. >> thanks, dan. >> one takedown in florida, governor rick scott is taking residents of his state to take preparations ahead of hurricane matthew. >> there are school clots in browvard. closed thursday and friday. and eastern florida state college until monday. martin county. there will be early dismissal today and schools closed thursday and friday. indian river county early dismissal today and schools closed thursday and friday. okeechobee county schools closed thursday and friday.
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palm beach county closed thursday and friday. st. louise county. early dismissal today and schools closed thursday and friday. florida school for the deaf and blind closed thursday and friday. i know they will continue to make continues today. fa u. and fiu classes are cancelled beginning at 5:00 p.m. and remain closed thursday and friday. un f. cancelled classes from 3:00 p.m. and remain closed thursday and friday. i directed staff to every coast canal county to help with respond efforts. the state has water, food and life saving materials in north and central and south florida. they will be affecting the communities immediately. and i activated 500 national guard members already. they are currently stationed in north, central and south florida
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so they will be deployed immediately. and in addition we have 6000 national guard members that can be be deployed quickly. the national guard will focus on search and rescue efforts in our counties as needed. the storm of this magnitude we are concerned about prolonged power outages. odds are, we will lose power. when there is no power, lives are at risk. i am in constant contact with the utilities in the state and glad to hear yesterday they reported that they prepositioned assets to ensure are response quickly. i got off of the phone with florida power and light and they have moved in 7000 more people. once the storm hits, with the reported outage and restore information to the state. our state department of transportation is doing the
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following. halting all road projects on intersection and evacuation state route and remove material to block roads. they are focused on making sure the roads are are safe and clear. and they are ensuring that the florida road rangers are in evacuation routes. for information on road and bridge closers, check florida highway patrol made conduct with supported evacuation in the major corridors. south/north, and east to west. top proprietary to move people to saift. florida fish and wild life with troops to help with response and recovery. they have teams in place to help with search and rescue effort and did the same thing with hurricane irma. they are contacted the field and
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there is no supported fuel shortage. and few gas stations may be out of fuel, but there is plenty of fuel in the area. all airports remain open at this time. cape canaveral hospital is evacuating. and we are gathering information on hospital evacuation. three nursing homes are preparing staff and supplies to care for residents. and there is a state park. it is a partial closure in browvard county. visit florida, they are working with local tourism visitors to make sure visitors are kept informed. if you are a visitor to our state in the east coast, please
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evacuate before the roads get clogged. now is the time to check on your neighbors. you know the elderly and who has disabilities. and you know who might need help. go check on them now and make sure you help them get to a shelter or get whatever they need to withstand this storm. we all have to work together to make sure we make it the catastrophic storm. each individual needs three days of water and food. have a battery powered radio and charge up your cell phone. once you lose power you cannot charge up the cell phone and that may be the only way to contact anybody or information on what is going on around you you. again, if matthew directly
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impacts florida it is catastrophic and we are are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best and not taking any chances. florida knows how to prepare and everyone must take it seriously. we have had a lot of people move to our state since we had a storm like this. follow your local official and watch the weather. do not take any chances and do not wait. be ready now and know your evacuation plan. if you think you need a shelter, know where you are going to go. beat the traffic. we are all focused on protecting every life. every body has a family and we want them all intact. we'll provide updates as it develops and approaches the state. i want you to volunteer to assist local communities.
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visit i will get my next briefing at 5:15 and heading to bravard county now. and i will meeting with emergency management officials there. >> the republican governor of florida, rick scott advising residents to take precautions and evacuate if necessary. it is that uncomfortable time before the hurricane arrives. they know it is coming but don't know where or how powerful it will be. hurricane matthew is incredibly powerful and expected to get stronger. we'll get the latest from rick in the weather center. >> one thing you said, you don't know how strong it is going to be be. but you do know how strong it has been. and wind is up ten miles per hour or down, it doesn't change anything in the storm surge. and the water is close to piling up on the coast line. and this is over the tip of cuba
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here it is wakened to a category 3. and now the islands in the bahamas. don't have much elevation and no land mass to break it apart. the water is warm and there will not be land mass to break it apart and the upper level winds that kind of shear a storm apart don't look problematic. we have hurricane warnings from daytona beach to north of miami. that is likely hurricane force winds tomorrow night and friday morning n. the short term. going over the bahamas. that is winds over 90 miles per hour. and by friday morning close to the coast and we'll see it earlier and when you look at the future radar. this is what it is going to look
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like. thursday evening and right around west palm to friday morning and melbourne and the space coast. and we could have a category 4 storm on the outer wall. we don't know if it will track 20 miles on or offshore. it might not be be looking at a landfall of the storm but just the eye wall raking the entire florida coast line thursday and friday. and this is a official category 4 expected off of the space coast sometime thursday night and friday morning and hugs the coast of georgia and north and south carolina. we thought thered be a weak withness in the atmosphere. and that makes the storm not impact the northeast. but we'll be be watching it
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possibly go back and loop around florida in a week or so. but the northeast likely to be spared of this. that is good news for them. >> just because the eye doesn't show hitting and making landfall in florida, it is going to be a nasty mess. >> that's really important. it is not a single point. you have the center of the form. the center is where the pressure is lowest moving across the land. and the category 4 storm right off of the shore of melborn. that is category 4 winds and a lot of flooding and obviously the rain ten inches and storm surge to the north of this and incredibly winds of 130 or 140 miles per hour right there on the coast and caused incredible
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damage like they have not seen in a long time. >> everybody needs to get ready, thank you. >> and bring in our scan. we follow the news and the path of the storm is having an impact on the political season. obama was campaign nothing norred today. and hillary clinton not going to miami. and i think of super storm sandy and how there was an impact on on the election. and you see the model and forecast and do the same thing for politics. do you think it will impact the election. >> what we are thinking about here is voter turn out and whether or not this impacts people's ability to get to the poll and we are a month before we have time. but we heard from the governor that electricity might be out for extended periods of time n.
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times of preparation. intense flooding that rick was talking about. what does that do in terms of roads and highways. this election focused on the i- 94 corridor in the middle of the state. and you get to melbourne and the space coast and push in, you are hitting that very corridor that is so important. everybody thinks that the pandhandle is trump country and if you go to south florida, that is more clinton. >> it is not only florida but the carolinas that are key battleground. >> and you have early votering and this will impact people's interest. and you have a problem be in the region but impacts the national conversation and that is what we saw in super storm sandy in the northeast and democratically strong terrain but it impacted the microdynamics of romney and obama race.
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and everyone remembers chris christie embracing president obama. and that benefitted the election. and romney retreated from campaign nothing deverance of the recovery efforts and clearly how the candidates react have larger implications. and it changed our conversation. >> and that was passed. and so far? >> from what i am hearing, mike pence and trump are saying it was a come back. pence showed he could handle a debate and the decorum and the way he stood by republican orthodoxies was good. to me, as a democrat, i didn't think it was a great win.
10:20 am
but i think for a lot of republican and trump people, given what happen in the previous week. >> you think it impacted the undecided. one speak to the base but what about the undecided and you think it is a game changer. >> they look at the top of the ticket and unsure of the preference. and in the second act of the ticket it can reenforce what you want to do if you are undecided and let's not forget mike pence and tim kaine are seasoned politicians and they gave the american voters substance and policy. that was the best part. but mike pence dominated last night's conversation in a way that i do think can give this format a sort of relevance. >> we have a minute left. i want both of your thoughts.
10:21 am
how do you think it sets the debate for sunday night? >> i think there is a lesson for donald trump. what you saw from mike pence. he was restrained and he let tim kaine be be overly aggressive and given the conversation p temperament, jenna, that is a big lesson. for hillary clinton, to the contrast, she has to be be clear. and pence got away with whoppers last night. that's baseball. >> i think mike pence showed how you answer a question and redirect it to what you want to talk about. and that's what they give the candidates an opportunity to do to the point where he frustrated tim kaine's effort and baiting him and circumstances about donald trump and pence dominated the topicses of conversation and
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substance and style. and this was not close. >> i disagree. >> and you know how this works, i have to any. we'll debate more are in commercial. we'll be back with more on "happening now". see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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>> a fox news alert and a break news story. nsa contractor arrested for stealing department information. harold thomas martin is chargeded with theft of government property and unauthorized removal of classified materials. they are investigating whether the maryland resident stole and disclosed highly classified computer codes, codes apparently used to hack in foreign government networks.
10:26 am
the contractor worked with the same consulting firm edward snowden did. it is a story we want and keep you posted as we hear more. >> the russian bear never dice but hibernates and the truth of the matter the feckless and weak foreign policy of hillary clinton and barak obama awake eped russia. they moved in georgia and now crimia and middle east and all we do is fold our arms and say we are not talking anymore. >> hillary clinton went toe to toe with russia and got them to cap iran nuclear weapon's program and stood up to them on syria and invasion of georgia. you have to do that and hillary does. on the other hand, in donald
10:27 am
trump you have someone who praises vladimar putin. >> mike pence and tim kaine talking foreign policy. and the topics discussed in the vice-presidential debate. tensions are rising between the two powers after provocative moves by russia and raising questions of a start of a new cold war. we are talking p the professor in georgetown university. do you see it as cold war, too? >> no, i don't. two reasons. this is a pattern we have seen in the clinton and bush and now obama administration where the administration start with good relationships with the russian federation. clinton would go drinking with yeltovenlt and bush saw in putin's so. and obama start it with a reset.
10:28 am
but in the end, there was a major break down in the relationship. the bush administration faced the russian intervention in georgia and the obama administration is dealing with the ukraine and russian assistance for the assad regime. this is a pattern since the end of the cold war and not a surprising one. but what is different now, the russians have turned up the temperature on not only the ukraine but syria and seizure of aleppo. >> mike pence was critical of the obama administration's approach to russia and saying they should be tougher and brought to mind in 2012 when president obama was caught on a hot mi c assuring the outgoing russian president who was a puppet of vladimar putin, that he would have more flexibility. here is that moment.
10:29 am
>> after my election i have better flexibility. >> so how did that all come out? >> is that a weakness that mike pence is talking about? >> the weakness is bipartisan here. and this is what i mean by. that since the end of the cold war, there are two camps when it comes to u.s./russian relations. the camp that said we need to be tougher with russia and that russia can't be trusted unless its own interest is at stake and then the camp that accommodates russia and we because we are nuclear powers have to find some way of living and working with one another. that accommodation camp is strong in the foreign policy elite in both parties and you
10:30 am
found that desire in the current republican ticket. and the tension in the democratic side. and they have more likely to engage russia and contain russia and you can see that break down in the administration and between the department of state that is trying to engage vladimar putten over syria and as a department of defense that is skeptical of the value of further diplomacy. and as i listen, i can see the truth in all of them. are we seeing that on display really right now in syria. and the conflict between the u.s. approach to russia. >> and you are seeing it and a certain degree of apprehension. keep one thing in mind here, jon. certain u.s. policy don't determine the outcome when
10:31 am
russia gets to make its own choice. what's happened in syria, the puttin relationship decided to intervene in a big way. we decided to intervene in a much less robust way and allies we tried to identify and report are less organized. putin can pushing iraq downhill and syria. and u.s. and alloys are pushing iraq up. that makes it look like russia has more leverage there. they have an easier go of it. and it is apprehensively and tentatively with a different set of partners to work with. >> they don't have the income and suffering under the sanctions. it is a fascinating dynamic and we'll continue to watch it. >> depend to be with you.
10:32 am
>> brand new members for the race of the white house and how the impact of the race. plus, fatal car crashes are on the rise, the number and context ahead.
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but it sparked the temporary suspension of amtrak and northeast region will service. and created a headache for folks traveling between new york and connecticut. >> disturbing new information from the nation's roadways today. traffic deaths rose ten and half percent in the first half of this year. that is more than 17000 fatalities. and the wall street journal raised questions whether that was due to distracted driving. americans drove 50 billion more mileses compared to last year. >> brand new numbers from one of the biggest battleground. hillary clinton holding a slim two point lead over trump in ohio. she was four points ahead in
10:37 am
august and comes as real clear politics poll shows clinton with a less than four are point lead nationally. and joining us now, a form are campaign advisor and mereddies fox mews contributor. thank you for being here. soimon, you nervous. >> feeling better than a couple of weeks ago. the polls have moved in her favor in the last few weeks and the dozen polls taken last week have her outside of the margin of error four point and you showing up in ohio and florida and the state polls where she's in better shape than a few weeks ago. we have a lot more to happen in two more debates, but the democrats are feeling good. >> what about the republicans, mered cess. >> i don't think they should
10:38 am
feel that great after kaine's strategy that back fired. i would have to say obviously at this point, clinton is in the lead. for donald trump, although pence had a solid performance last night, it is really in trump's court. he needs to change the narrative to talk about and talk about the policies and about p his vision of change for america and that worked well in the big rally situations and as we saw last week, it was a tough debate night for trump and when he started to talk alica mur chaddo and distraction off of the critical matches and safe communities it hurts donald trump. it is imperative for him to get back to message. there is a sense in america for wanting change in this election.
10:39 am
>> simon, donald trump has treated dismissively ever since hes was announced by most in the media. it was said he would go down in flame and never get the republican nominations and he defied expectations in every turn. and i just wonder we are a few weeks out from election day could he pull a rabbit out of his hat. >> this is an unusual election and the next two debates are important. we have the town hall meeting on sunday night might favor hillary a bit but we'll see. and final debate with chris wallace. right now hillary has more momentum and we have a long way to go and everything matters now and every state and phone call. and my hope is that the best thing is everyone that votes. that is better for who ever win and a man date to govern.
10:40 am
my own view, we'll see a high turn out on both sides on election day. >> what is your take on that, mercedez. that is good to get people to vote. but looking at the numbers, it is said that there is a lot more excitement on the republican side than on the democratic side. is that the case, first of all. and translate to advantage trump in your view. hillary clinton did herself good in helping to disclose. but months now, the enthusiasm has been with donald trump. and the mere fact that you have his group of supporters that are ready to be be on the foot soldiers for the campaign. and with that being said it is imperative for trump to reach out to college educated women and suburb an and soccer moms
10:41 am
like myself to deliver that message and saying, i am here to improve our waejs and get back to those basic kitchen table issues that are so critical for americans in our nation. and for donald trump, he has the enthusiasm and the question is, can he close the deal in the next two debates? >> we'll be watching fascinating times in american poll teipolli >> department of justice, dropping charges accused of selling arms. we are breaking down the case against him and why the charges were dropped. that is raising's lot of questions ahead of election day. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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10:45 am
american arms dealer accused of selling weapons to libia. this deal would put scrutiny on clinton's time as secretary of state. march 2011. markatury applied for a license from the state department to provide weapons to libia. that application was denied. two months later, there was a key change but his request was approved. then july, his home was raided by department of homeland security. and 2014,atury was accused of violating the arm's export control act and lying on the state department. he was arrested and part of his motion was dismiss was granted but not all of it. and the thought was it was all going to trial. but just two daysing on on
10:46 am
october 3rd, the u.s. dismissed the indictment and cited discovery. and what does it all mean? and why now? so, let's start basic, greg. when i think of an arm's dealer, i don't think of a man living in phoenix, arizona. >> there is a great many arm's keeler in the united states. you have to be generally licensed and want to sell arms to a foreign government you have to seek approval from the united states government. and they say yes or no. the second application approved by the government was for markatury to sell arms to qatar and not libia. libya was
10:47 am
denied but approved qatar. the government came after them was your true attention was to get the weapons to rebels in libia. >> that was your true intention even if you put qatar. >> he said you approved me to sell it to qatar. what they do i have no control and moreover obama administration and hillary clinton were involved in a covert operation to do that and authorized it. >> is that proven that the obama administration was trying to get american arms to rebels in libya? >> intelligence and military and foreign officials have confirmed the obama administration would denotice it. and hillary clinton when asked in congressional testimony said
10:48 am
she at any time know about the covert plan or movement of arms. >> you should hillary clinton and as secretary of state and all licenses have to go through the state department. and how often were applications approved? >> as secretary of state she presided over more licenses granted to arm's dealer than any of her predecessors. it is huge business and she was involved in it. and theatury case is interesting because when the federal judge said you have to turn over state department and hillary clinton, all of these documents by today. today is the deadline and the department of justice said we are not going to do it. we'll dismiss the case. >> some are citing politics. that would expose hillary clinton and her weakness as secretary of state. that is one side. but what about the other side, for dismissing it all of the
10:49 am
sudden. >> there could be three cases. it is a weak case and the department of justice admits, that one of the reasons why we decided to dismiss the case was we didn't want to turn over the discovery request that was granted by the judge. and the third reason might be look, under any case that involves national security and arguably arms sales, you don't want to give up classified information. it is always a problem in a case like this. they might have done it for national security reasons. it is suspicious. associates of markatury said this would have sunk hillary clinton's campaign and shown she was intimately involved in a gun- running covert scheme in which weapons eventually found their way in the hands of islamic terrorist and al-qaeda and isis and there is pretty
10:50 am
good evidence that that is true. >> but the administration denies it to this point? >> they do. >> we'll see if we hear more from mark turry. >> and the price of crude oil and the reasons why and what it means for you when you buy gas. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. [ crowd noisewhoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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hello everyone, i'm sandra smith, southern and eastern states bracing for hurricane matthew right now. which the president is calling, a serious storm. we'll have the latest on the evacuation and it's path. plus, donald trump about to hold his first rally since the big vp debate last night where many say his running mate, mike
10:54 am
pence, won. think he'll do a bit of a victory lap? we'll see. do we have another edward snowden on our hands. contractor from the nsa accused of stealing classified information. the breaking details on "america's election headquarters" in just a few minutes. now this fox business alert, new developments that could affect your bottom line. oil, hitting the highest price since june after an industry report says u.s. crude supply has dropped. what could it mean for american drivers enjoying low prices at the pump? with average gas price across the country $2.23 a gallon, fox business correspondent jeff flock has more. jeff. >> reporter: different ways, john, it helps the stock market lately. we got about a $1.12 if i look at the board right now. that tends to be good for the stock market. the dow is up today, high oil prices tend to not be good for
10:55 am
gas prices. take a look at those numbers as we stand in front of -- this is the interest rate options pit. european interest rate options pit here. you look at those gas price numbers. we're now at $2.23, as you report, a week ago we were at $2.21. and this is typically the time of the year when gas prices come down because we get away from those summer blends that cost a refiners a lot more to produce, typically we get a break right now. but right now we are not getting a break, and if oil prices continue to rise, i suspect we will not. a line if you're in florida, gas up if you can. >> all right, jeff flock. thanks. control, we are a go. for the blue origins new shepherd rocket. what they were testing.
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the final 30 is next.
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time for the final 30. blue origin successfully launching a rocket for the fifth time today. you're looking at the actual take off of the new shepherd in the texas desert. the purpose of in today's flight, to test the rocket's escape system which would allow passengers a flight to safety, if the rocket suffers a major failure during flight. >> apparently the successful landing was even a surprise to blue origin. which expected it could actually break apart on impact. ceo jeff says he's throwing a party for the rocket since it's the first vehicle they've successfully landed after a space launch. but they've been secretive about the projects here in the middle
11:00 am
of the texas. and now -- >> i started launching estes rockets as a kid. still love them. and he gets to play with the ring thing. when you've -- >> that's what happened when you're a billionaire. "america's election headquarters starts right now. we begin with this fox news alert, there is a monster churning toward the u.s. right now. a slow-moving, but powerful category three hurricane named matthew. hello everyone, i'm sandra smith. the question is when and how bad this blow might be after the storm hit haiti and cuba as a category four hurricane, and now it moves through the bahamas. people are battening down the hatches across the shores of four states. in florida, the national hurricane center extending the warning northward along 600 miles of coast. georgia, people in at least 13 counties there are under great threat. south carolina, more than a quarter of the state's


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