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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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may merge with hurricane matthew. >> without a doubt they will. good to see you. harris: we'll stay here for "outnumbered overtime," ot, baby. he loves when i do that. overtime tab or facebook live. "happening now" now.
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in haiti and the caribbean and the u.s. mainland is next. lyland is live with the latest from there. >> reporter: jena, good afternoon to you. things are starting to roar here and the big concern in a place like this is not, of course, the wind and they can build buildings to deal with the wind and it is the storm surge and that's that 8 feet of water that will come rushing up here plus five feet of waves and there are almost no dunes on these beaches to protect all of the businesses that are here. not only are the businesses along the boardwalk boarded up,
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but four or five blocks in they're boarded up and you can see the storm surge has already begun. when we started the day, the water was out sort of right where the restaurants started there and now it's already started to move all of the way here and in the past, it has rushed all of the way up through these beach entrances, and we talked to police earlier who said that once this storm really hits, about 8:00 tonight here in daytona beach, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to move on the streets. police saying that if you need help after 8:00, essentially, you are on your own. that's how dangerous this storm is. a lot of people have been preparing, of course, stocking up on fuel, gasoline, those kinds of things, but frankly, most if not all of the gas stations in this area are sold out of gas right now. food lines, as well, grocery store shelves bare as people prepare to hunker down. even if you go to a shelter, you need to take your own food and your own water and they're saying to people, even 40, 50
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miles inland that it means millions of people throughout florida that if you decide to go through this storm in your house, you need to have three or four days' worth of food and water and be able to stay there without electricity. the big concern right now considering there has not been a major hurricane like this through central florida over a decade is people have not only become complacent and they're in fear of the people that have moved down here to central florida to live who have never been through a hurricane and have no idea of the power of these storms. already the national guard is being called up. it is on standby and they have begun staging at some point depending on how much flooding there is, their humvees and big trucks and those kinds of things are the only things that can get through the flooded streets and high water that will exist after this storm. we're talking about feet of rain being dumped here over the next 24 or so hours. right now, we are at about 1:15
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or so be that eastern time. they expect the beginnings of the really bad stuff here to hit at 8:00 p.m. that's when the bridges close and that's when police say you're on your own. police begin 20-hour shifts and seminole county has imposed a 26-hour curfew because of this storm and how seriously they're taking it, jenna. >> you mentioned such an interesting point. i want to underscore it for our viewers. florida's population has grown by 2.4 million in the time between the last major storm and now. so that would be like the entire city of houston up and moving to florida having never experienced a storm. of course, it's not just people moving to florida, but families growing there and so that's a really important point and one that the governor talked to us about. i think our viewers might be curious,lyland, what your plan is. as you mentioned the conditions have gotten much worse since
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they started seeing you this morning. play out the day for us. how will you continue your reporting? >> reporter: well, it's that great question and it's the balance between trying to show everyone what's going on and also staying safe ourselves and not putting anyone including our crew in danger. i'll give you a sense of what the beach looks like. we have the people coming out and pre-storm selfies and not something the governor would be too happy about. if you look up and down the boardwalk on daytona beach, all of the hotels have evacuated and they said simply no one is allowed to stay in them. we are going to evacuate ourselves and get out of the barrier islands before sundown because we don't want to get caught up here if the storm surge gets too bad and that's something we're not prepared for and don't want to put anybody at risk. energy bars, gatorade, snicker bars and chicken jerky to survive through the night and then you sort of play this by ear. if you have to, you hunker down in hotel rooms and when it's safe you venture out and go out by the fire department and
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police department, a building that's safe. >> it's good to know you have snickers bars and anything to sub si and the governor didn't give us an hour. he wasn't willing to go there quite yet because he wants everyone to continue to evacuate and we'll be watching leland's reporting throughout the day. thank you very much, john? >> for more on the conditions in florida now, let's talk to a resident, pam deangelo works in palm beach, lives in west palm beach just across the intercoastal waterway. she joins us now on the phone. what's it like right now where you are, pam? >> well, it wasn't too bad a little bit ago, and i took a lot of pictures on my cell phone. i took a video to show you what's going on. it's starting to rain now. the bands are coming in and my phone went off with an alert
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five minutes ago and it was more toward the intercoastal. i was going west. so it's -- in other words, the bands are starting to come in now with the heavier rain off and on, off and on. >> what's your plan? >> well, i'm at my daughter's because i just didn't want to be by myself, and so we've gone through this before. i've been in florida almost all my life. i've lived through it before. you just have to pay attention and be careful is what you have to do. >> i hope your daughter lives on fairly high ground. >> well, it's west. we were out west and i went and saw -- i took two pictures and i took videos to show you of the ocean and what's going on. the winds are really, really hitting strong and the intercoastal, the water is way, way, way up. it's very, very high.
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>> right, and -- palm beach is not a place you want to be in conditions like this. i mean, it's a relatively low-lying barrier island. they're talking about an aieigh to ten-foot storm surge. palm beach could very well be inundated by this storm. >> yes, it could. we've gone through this before, and everyone is prepared for it, you know what i'm saying? the best thing to do is pay attention and, you know, and hope for the best, basically. but what i was seeing in palm beach was, you know, a lot of boarding up. there are a lot of people out there. a lot of the media that's filming the ocean and everything, you know, and what it does is it comes in surges. it will fool you. it will be here and you think this isn't too bad and it will clear and all of a sudden it starts bombarding with rain sideways. >> our viewers might be interested to know that the shot of jacksonville up there on the top right of our screen, you can see from the radar map that the
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rain is already hitting jacksonville, as well. this will be a statewide event for florida. north bay village, closer to miami, just a little bit north of miami on the top left of your screen. pam, you know, power is always the big concern, aside from the flooding and wind damage, but you might not have power there a whole lot longer. are you prepared for that? >> well, what it does, it comes and goes sometimes, you know what i'm saying? sometimes that's where it stayed off. over the past couple of years like in '02 and '04 i had a generator. i didn't have a generator this year and we have flashlights and candles and -- >> plenty of food, i hope. >> oh, yes. absolutely. yes. what i was concerned with -- because i heard on the news, of course, last night that the barrier islands had a mandatory
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evacuation at 11:00 and i'm concerned for my clients that have lived here all year long in the ocean and i drove by. there's nothing that's locked down and there are people out on the roads and everything i was kind of confused why they would say that and then not follow suit. all of the bridges are closed down and they're fine. when they do a mandatory evacuation they put the bridges so you can't get on or off the island. >> i've been through a number of hurricanes before and they're not to be trifled with. let's hope the people have a safe place to go. palm beach on the upper right of the screen right now. pam deangelo lives in west palm, lives in palm beach, stay safe through all of this. thanks. >> thank you so much. in the meantime, we're getting a clearer picture of the devastation in haiti where the death toll has now risen to 108 people, and we should mention recovery efforts are still under way right now. many fatalities are caused by falling trees. the government reports at least
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assistance. the u.s. military is expected to arrive there shortly to help deliver food and water. again, we'll be watching the situation in haiti and cuba because of the aftereffects of hurricane matthew. hurricane matthew as we've been mentioning throughout the day on fox news is, unfortunately, gaining strength as it closes in on the southeastern part of the united states. stay with us for our fox team coverage on this developing story, plus, does the united states have another edward snowden on its hands. the secret arrest sending shock waves through the intelligence community. >> there was a lot of federal -- you know, fbi jackets all over the place. state troopers, you know, i mean, when they shut it down, they shut it down there, down there and down that way and there was nobody coming through here at all. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes
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you can see the projected path of the hurricane on the lower right there, that sort of candy cane-shaped projection is where they think this storm is going to go, hugging the florida coast all of the way up to jacksonville and then hooking east and then perhaps back. that's all in the future, but right now it is a category 4 monster. it is going to be very dangerous for the people who live along florida's east coast and on into georgia and the carolinas. category 4 means winds of 140 miles an hour. there will be torrential rainfall along with the storm surge, a wall of water 8 to 10 feet high. florida's governor has urged people to evacuate if they are in low-lying areas. there will come a point at which rescue will not be able to get to them and that is what the governor is trying to avoid. he's telling floridians to get out now. we'll keep an eye on it. ♪ ♪ the pentagon is now
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confirming that 44 afghan military trainees are now missing in the united states. the soldiers were training at different american bases when they apparently left without authorization. officials suspect that they went awol in an attempt to live and work here illegally. more than 2,000 afghan troops have been trained in our country since 2007. a pentagon official expresses concern over the disappearance calling them out of the ordinary. now the u.s. justice department is charging a government contractor for stealing classified information from the national security agency. we are learning the fbi secretly arrested the suspect back in august after raiding his home where agents found a trove of sensitive data. here's white house press secretary josh earnest. >> i think any time that the information like this is released in the context of a
10:17 am
criminal complaint the federal government is reminded of how important it is to be vigilant about protecting the national security of the country and information that is relevant to our national security. so this is certainly a situation that the department of justice takes seriously. >> joining us now, one of the journalists who helped break this story, a pulitzer prize-winning correspondent for "the new york times." matt, good of you to spend in time with us today. >> good to be here. >> he was arrested in august and what was the government's motivation of keeping it secret? >> they kept it secret and they went along with keeping it secret. he was arraigned in secret and he showed up in court and that was kept hush-hush. the government is trying to
10:18 am
understand the scope of this. they're trying to understand was this a guy that just collected a bunch of stuff over a long period of time, a document collector or a document hoarder, or was he passing this information? what's remarkable about this case -- they've had him in custody for over a month and they still don't know the answer to that question. >> he is the navy veteran. not the type of guy who would normally pop up on your radar as a potential spy, right? >> he doesn't fit the profile of your typical insider threat and the folks we've been talking to who know him say he's definitely not a -- he doesn't have political grievances with the united states that would make him more of an edward snowden type where he's bringing stuff forward that he opposes. it doesn't appear based on the reporting so far that there is an ideological opposition to the word of the nsa, that you know, so the government is really trying to figure out what made this guy tick and why did he
10:19 am
have this stuff in his house and his car and he was keeping classified documents in his car. >> and they don't know according to your reporting, whether or not they shared it with anybody, but they don't know whether he may have turned it over to some foreign organization? >> right. >> and as we know, you know, he has acknowledged. i shouldn't have had this stuff in my house, but he wasn't able to make that link and from an intelligence standpoint that's frustrating because you want to know what's been compromised, right? at this point, they have a sense that a large amount of information could have been compromised, but they don't know for sure that it was, and that's what this investigation is all about right now is what did he do when he brought this stuff home? did he get hacked? he was keeping stuff in his own house, did he get hacked and did he unwittingly end up being a source for this stuff and is it a coincidence and they uncovered
10:20 am
a document hoarder. >> that's his name and his address of record. he does share one similarity with edward snowden. they did work for booz allen hamilton, that government contractor. >> a lot of pressure on booz allen right now. they say they're cooperating with this. it's really a test for government contractors like booz and for the obama administration and whoever is the president next because we're supposed to be living in a post-snowden world. there were intelligence reforms that were supposed to make it harder for people to just walk out the front door with flash drives or paper documents and they found a ton of that stuff at this house. >> matt apuzzo, one of the reporters for "the new york times" who broke the story. we appreciate the information. >> always good to be here. >> it's quite a story. >> yeah. >> absolutely. in the meantime, we'll turn back to hurricane matthew getting closer by the minute to
10:21 am
the united states as it sets its sights first on florida. we have live team coverage up and down the southeast close. plus, with the shifting electoral map where donald trump and hillary clinton are staking their hopes on winning in november. picking up for kyle.
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a fox news alert and officials are urging more than 2 million americans to pack up and get out as hurricane matthew gains strength on its collision coarse with the southeastern u.s. forecasters predict it will make landfall in florida tonight before heading up the florida coastline, ultimately hitting georgia and south carolina. it's a category 4 storm currently churning northwest of the bahamas. wind speeds, 140 miles an hour. officials blame matthew for the
10:25 am
deaths of 108 people in haiti. we will talk politics now and keeping an eye on the weather, of course. in the meantime we have new polling after the first debate. the electoral map is shifting. donald trump is looking reyond the rust belt and looking ahead to michigan and pennsylvania may now be out of his reach. the republican nominee wrapping up a three-day campaign swing through colorado, arizona and nevada. both trump and hillary clinton trying to reach that magic number of 270, that's 270 electoral votes. that would mean victory in november. right now our fox analysis based on fox projections has clinton very close to that with 104 electoral votes still a toss-up. center for politics and author of the book "bellwether, why ohio picks the president." he's done a lot of work in ohio and there are interesting scenarios. kyle, great to have you back on the program. >> thanks for having me. >> talk about the focus back to
10:26 am
donald trump and why would he look there and could it work for him? >> so if you go back to george w. bush's successful election maps in 2000 and 2004. he won arizona it was a republican state and also colorado and nevada which are basically swing states right now. in some ways those states are demographically friendly to hillary clinton and they have higher than average trump populations and trump will probably not do well with hispanics and nevada is more of of a working-class state and the polling there has been better there for trump. trump, of course, did really, really well in the caucus in nevada back in february. so nevada is one of the few true toss-ups on the electoral map right now and what democrats say is that polls in nevada sometimes don't quite reach the right hispanic sub group and therefore, the democratic polls -- democratic performance in polls there sometimes doesn't
10:27 am
look as good in the polls as it does on election day and so democrats say i think that they're favored in california and colorado. i think clinton is pretty clearly the favorite in colorado, but nevada is a toss-up. >> an interesting question for both candidates about what work needs to be done yet in the next several weeks and where the focus should be. if you're looking at the maps for both candidates, kyle, where do you see them spending the most of their time? >> so it seems like the clinton campaign has made the determination that if they can win either florida or north carolina, that might prevent trump from winning. i think ohio, too, is a state that's a must-win for trump. trump's got a little bit of a lead in ohio, but i think it's very close. for trump, i do think that the wider midwest may be his best path to scoring an upset in this race and not winning in ohio and iowa where he may be leading right now and making inroads to michigan and wisconsin.
10:28 am
recent polls in those states have not been particularly good for trump, but demographically, those states need to make the most sense if he's going to try to score an upset in this election. >> interesting, mike emanuel passed along news for us that it looks like trump will be campaigning to paul ryan this weekend which goes to what you were telling us, kyle. you mentioned hillary clinton in florida and what our viewers are seeing is we're talking about the bottom of the scene is we're tracking hurricane matthew, and i'm curious about what the hurricane could mean for both candidates because it is a tragedy that looks like it's coming to the states not only florida, but potentially georgia and the carolinas. what are some of the risks involved for the candidates and how they handle a situation that is so much bigger than simply a political race. >> you know, it's hard not to be reminded of hurricane sandy which happened a little bit closer to election day back in 2012 and you know, i think that some people thought at the time that maybe that paused some
10:29 am
momentum that mitt romney had late in that race. i don't necessarily know if that argument holds up to scrutiny, but certainly, this is going to be the big story for the next few days in advance of the debate o i do think it's also dangerous for the candidates to be seen as maybe politicizing whatever -- whatever happens in the hurricane and, you know, there's also the concern that the candidates may want to visit florida, but a presidential candidate visiting a state right after some sort of disaster, it does pose some logistical problems. i'm reminded that there was the flooding in louisiana a couple of months ago and there were questions as to whether trump or clinton should visit there, and so i think that both candidates need to sort of handle it carefully. >> and of course, we're all waiting to see what exactly the situation is with this storm. right now we're all just sort of
10:30 am
deal web hypothetics. the storm and public safety is paramount, but because politics would be our lead story on any other day i feel it's worth a mention. kyle, good to have your perspective as always. thank you so much. >> that storm is matthew bearing down right now on the coast of florida. those radar signatures are ugly and the video on the top getting uglier by the minute. we'll keep an eye on it. back with more in a moment. >> now it's time to hunker down for the storm. please get into a shelter. please get off the roads and please go into your home and that is the best way to protect yourself, your family, our first responders and other residents and folks that are here visiting. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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♪ ♪ all eyes are on hurricane matthew. florida is preparing especially right now. you're looking at a shot from palm beach, and it could be the epicenter of that storm when the eye gets a little closer to shore. that monster storm is churning over the bahamas right now expected to basically mow right up the east coast of florida starting near daytona beach. so far the storm is blamed for the deaths of at least 108 people in haiti. more than 2 million americans under evacuation orders in florida, south carolina and georgia, as well. already thousands of flights
10:35 am
canceled in anticipation of the storm. senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center. janice, what's the latest? >> well, the latest is the category 4 storm, jenna and scott, and it is moving closer and closer to the florida east coast and i'm looking here. it looks like we're seeing a bit of a restructuring here of the eye wall. i'll have to monitor that because sometimes theria a bit of a weakening stage as it starts to restructure. that could be a good thing and maybe a little bit of a weakening trend before ultimately it's supposed to strengthen and we don't have a lot of time before it hits land and maybe it's weakening a little bit because that's a category 4. you need 157 mile per hour winds or upwards of that to get to a category 5 which was andrew the last time a category 5 struck the u.s. was andrew. a lot of people, of course, remember that storm along the florida coastline. it's been ten years since they've had a major hurricane and this could be it.
10:36 am
this is matthew. hurricane warnings up and down the east coast up to portions of georgia as well as south carolina. so there is the storm on radar. you can see the counter clockwise motion. as well, we could potentially see tornados with this and the tornado watch could be issued within the next couple of hours and here is the best estimate with the future radar. coming very close to port st. lou louisy overnight tonight, and a major hurricane up to hundreds of miles up to south carolina. here is the nhc forecast windfield and it's extending 60 miles from the center of the storm. look at this, we're talking about hurricane-force winds all along the east coast for a matter of 60 hours. that's why this storm could be so devastating for the east coast and that's why we have so many evacuations and perhaps the biggest evacuations in that state and again, maintaining category 4 with this track until friday as it moves into the
10:37 am
coast of georgia and hopefully weakening and then we'll have to watch it as it could potentially recurve. the storm surge really quick and the flooding and inland flooding and we could see upward of ten feet on top of high tide. that's why it's crucial for all of these areas that are susceptible to storm surge. you need to be evacuating and moving inland away from this and then, of course, we'll deal with the potential for 8 to 10 inches and a foot of rainfall and john scott, the fact that we'll have a major hurricane going up the coast hundreds of miles for 60 hours of major hurricane-force winds and this could be a historic storm for not only florida, but for the u.s. >> i was one of those that was there when andrew hit in '02. >> it could criss-cross the state and if you're north of it -- but this one will be mowing right up the state and kind of hard to get away from it
10:38 am
unless you go to the west coast. >> that's what people are doing. they're going to the west coast and we have advisories that stretch into the gulf -- along the gulf of mexico and the west coast of florida. that's what people are doing they're moving westward, but they're not going to escape and they'll still feel tropical storm-force winds and i'm concerned about inland flooding. typically with a hurricane you see a landfall, right and it goes out the other side and it will skirt the coastline and that's why this is so rare and that's why in some cases the national weather service is saying devastating impacts along the coast potentially. >> there are wet hurricanes and dry ones. some don't brink all that much rain and it's fairly rare. what are they talking about rainfall amounts here? >> you can see most of the rainfall here is offshore. and really it depends on how close the center comes, right? we're worried about the storm surge. this is going to be a prolonged
10:39 am
wind event. so that's why we're concerned, as well as the fact -- millions of people live along -- 10 million people are in a hurricane warning right now, and then i also want to point out that georgia, we're still worried about you and south carolina because we still could have a major hurricane heading into the weekend along the coast. >> millions of people have to pay attention. we'll let you get back to the meteorology office. >> we spoke to the governor of florida during the first hour of "happening now." he was waiting on whether or not the white house would sign an emergency declaration because he had requested that. with the emergency declaration comes federal aid and some extra resources that could be particularly useful in this emergency situation and we just heard from the white house moments ago that the president has declared an emergency in the state of florida, and he did sign an emergency declaration. so that did happen. governor scott said he was hoping to get it this morning. it just happened from the white house and that is some breaking news. in the meantime as we were
10:40 am
discussing, hundreds of thousands of people in the southeast are searching for higher ground. more than a million people in eastern florida alone have been asked to evacuate before matthew makes landfall. this hurricane could take a dangerous turn near melbourne and daytona beach. ed kelly is the mayor of ormond beach and that is where our leland vitter has been reporting to us for most of the day. i want to talk about your plan for your particular area and i'd like to ask you about your plan, as well. as i understand, you were going to ride out the storm, but your plans have changed. tell us a little bit about that. >> our daughter and our son and he said, dad, get out of there. you know what it's like. we went through the ones in 2004 and they came in the back door. they came from the west side, charlie did, and we know that wasn't fun and he goes, you know you're going to lose power so
10:41 am
we're going to be stuck without power so why don't you get out of there and we actually have a studio place in gainesville, florida, that's not that far away, but at least we won't be in our house and we're four miles from the coast and we're in a real danger area and wooe asking people, it started two days ago for the people on the barrier islands which we're not, and a lot of theme have heeded that warning. it was like a ghost town other than those like me trying to get a little bit of plywood to get the last-minute things boarded up. so we are going to do like we're asking people to do and we're going to leave, and i think that's good advice. our neighbors are leaving. they're going to tampa which i understand there's still going to be some winds, but as close as we are and knowing what we know it will be and then when it looked like it was going to cat 5 we said we've got to get out of here. we'll follow our own advice.
10:42 am
>> we're from the outside looking in, but it does sound like a good call all things considered right now. you must feel torn, though, because this is the area where you're the mayor, and i know you probably really care about the town that you work with and for, and i can't imagine. that's been a difficult decision. >> absolutely. our city manager is at the eoc and heshe's monitoring. i'm in constant contact with her and we've arranged for an emergency meeting to do the things after the all-clear was given for repairs which you have to do. it was good news hearing the state of emergency has been accepted or given by the federal government. that's good, and i know governor scott had asked for that. i know that that's out there because it will help speed any recovery, forts and our city has done a great job of being prepared and we pumped down the retention areas and the lakes and the storage areas and tried to encourage people to do what
10:43 am
they need to do to evacuate and be safe. you're closing the bridge, when they reach 45 miles an hour and there will be no access to the coast. >> how will that be? i'm curious about how the winds are like where you are and how close you are to the 45-mile-per-hour threshold. >> we're not expecting that until about 6:00. as you know, it's 10, 12 and now it's 15 miles an hour moving north-northwest and it's moving a couple of hours probably faster than the expected time. we originally thought it would be 6:00 tonight and i'm guessing now the winds are at 45. they'll get here around between 4:00 and 6:00 is what they're saying. >> i know that hour is fast approaching. it's great to have you on the program and we a preesh your perspective very much. thank you. >> thank you very much. there is a new endorsement in the race for the white house with a magazine taking a side in more than half a century.
10:44 am
so who do they support? the governor of florida counting 1.5 million folks in the e vanningization zone as monstrous hurricane matthew makes landfall hours from now. we're tracking matthew on fox.
10:45 am
test test. test test. test test. test test test.
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matthew once again, a category 4 storm as it barrels towards florida. more than 1.5 million people are living in an evacuation zone in that state with the govertellin out now and get out quickly. thousands also ordered to evacuate along coastal georgia and also south carolina. we don't want to forget about those states. right now matthew is packing winds of 140 miles per hour and it's expected to hit florida just a few hours from now. ♪ ♪ a historic move by the atlantic magazine making only its third endorsement in a presidential election this time around. the first in more than half a century. they're coming out against
10:48 am
donald trump and in support of hillary clinton. its editors write, quote, we are impressed by many of the qualities by the party's nominee for president even as we're exasperated by others and we are mainly concerned with the republican party's nominee donald j. trump who might be the most ostentatiously unqualified candidate in the 227-year history of the american presidency. joining us to talk about the impact of this is leslie marshall, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor and gop strategist at g.w. graduate school of political management. "the atlantic" has just taken a swipe at your candidate. does -- well, do you care? do americans care? >> well, let me say this. although american trust and media rate somewhat that of pond scum, meter maids and irs, i do think this could potentially the endorsements of the media have an effect on this race at the
10:49 am
margins. that might not sound like a lot to a lot of viewers and you have to understand the difference between winning and losing between obama and mitt romney was 100,000. the people that consume this information are college-educated white votesers and that's where donald trump is having problems and i don't like the fact that the media is backing hillary clinton. >> you think that is absolutely the case? >> i don't know that it's absolutely the case. i think it's likely the case. look, you know, i think in the history of the -- never has a presidential nominee been treated as poorly by the media as donald trump. they've made the collective decision that he's dangerous and they're going to tell everyone about it, but that's not even the worst part. the worst part is what they ignore which is hillary clinton's scandals and that's what voters need to be informed on. >> lessly, the media used to love donald trump, what happened? >> think the media still does. speaking as one of the pond scum. >> we both are.
10:50 am
>> every time he opens his mouth there is a microphone there helping him along. up until recently he didn't spend money on advertising and he didn't need to. didn't need to. he didn't need to, he had freetizing from media across the board. so i think what the media is doing is reporting what he is saying. he says something disparaging. >> they don't like donald trump, and they will let everyone know about it. the reason they know is they're not reporting on her scandals. outside of fox news, no one knows about this and it could be greater than watergate. >> we'll give leslie a chance to
10:51 am
respond on that and more. the love/hate relationship with the press, just ahead. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends. here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers,
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lot happening at this hour, hello, everyone. we are tracking hurricane matthew as the governor warns "this storm will kill you." plus, the owner of a piggly wiggly about how much food is left on the shelves. and a replacement samsung phone catches fire on a plane. as if you didn't already have enough to worry about.
10:55 am
we have more in just a moment. >> let's talk more about atlantic magazine backing hillary clinton and slamming trump. leslie, contributor, sometimes donald trump seems to feed off of his disdain for the media, and i wander if the strange piece, usa today, saying trump is unfit for the presidency but he is still neck and neck with hecht. i wonder if the endorsement the might backfire. >> i do not feel the endorsements of a snuenator, a governor db we have been divided. we're looking at tight races and
10:56 am
i think we will for a few election cycles going into the future. the people that read "the atlantic" i think are more educated white segment of the population, and they're more liberal. so i think they are probably already voting for hillary. >> but it's not just editorial boards. i have been a reporter and a presidential campaign operative. and they have told me they are slanting stories against donald trump. they would rather forsake a pulitzer to make sure he doesn't get there. >> thank you, both. >> thank you, john. we're back in just a moment.
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a big and scary night ahead for the folks in florida, stay safe out there. >> "america's election head quarters" starts now. ! hurricane matthew a category four storm and maybe the most dangerous in decades. >> the storms wind has topped 140 miles per hour. they say the storm could devastate hundreds of miles of coast lean. millions are being urged to evacuate the danger zones. we have live team coverage from


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