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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and o'reilly factor is up next. and we'll be back here at 7:00 tomorrow night and hope you will be too and the analysis continues now with my colleague bill o'reilly. bill? hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this sunday night edition. and a lot going on. is the presidential race crushing the spirit of you, the american public. that is the subject of this evening's talking points. no matter who wins the white house, tens of millions of voters will be angry. the trump audio tape example is another toddry display in a campaign full of them. and bitterness will rule. both trump and clinton have polarized the country and the division is vast. it seems every day there is more depressing political news. it is almost high noon daily.
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for example, unless trump could marginalize a vulgar tape exposure in tonight's debate, he will likely lose the election. mr. trump must somehow redeem himself in 90 minutes, a tough challenge to say the lead because he is essentially alone. if any public person defends trump, they will be branded as female haters by the media. that is why you are seeing so many republicans bailing on mr. trump. as for the candidate himself, pointing out past dubious behavior on the part of the clintons will not be enough. he must persuade the voters that he is worthy of the top job. not that his opponent is not worthy. the presidential campaign has been horrendous. both political parties have enormous problems and those are reflected by the candidates. think back to jfk, reagan and truman and bush the older, these are men who engenders respect. it is true that the ideological
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press and the presence of social media make it almost impossible for candidates these days to maintain positive images or to survive big mistakes. the constant pounding they receive has diminished both of them in front of the folks. every misstep and character flaw becomes a times square billboard. in my lifetime i've never seen political hatred like this. the result, few americans feel good about the presidential election. talking points now believes that many americans will sit the vote out. the experience crushed by the nastiness of it all. as for tonight, it is trump's last chance to stop the bleeding if he does not secretary clinton will win and that is the memo. now joining us from st. louis, the site of tonight's day, from the boston globe and from washington, bob cusick, editor of the hill magazine. and right this moment, mr. trump is holding a press conference with some of the women who alleged that bill clinton abused them, rape them, whatever it may
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be. it is clear, as carl cameron just reported, that there trump is not going out quietly. he will turn accusations against him into accusations that hillary clinton aided and abetted horrendous conduct. in your opinion, is that going to be effective this evening? >> no, bill, i don't think so. i agree with your talking point. i think people are tired of the negativity. they want to be uplifted. trump has a lot of areas to talk about. policy, talk about the fbi, e-mail scandal, he could talk about isis, i think bringing up these women, especially in this format, that is not going to get him more votes, bill. >> but mr. cusick, let's be fair, he is going to get pounded by the moderators and by hillary clinton so how would he defend himself other than throwing himself on the mercy of the court, which i assume he'll do and issue another apology. but if he continues, doesn't he have to have this as a defense
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to fall back on? >> i don't think so. i think his actions had nothing to do with bill clinton and he needs to say i apologize and be very contrite. we haven't seen that yet. because he apologized but has a but. -- but bill clinton did this and that. have a blanket apology and then let's say let's talk about the issues people care about, x, y and z. >> miss lynnski how dough see it. >> agree with your talking point that this will cause people to want to stay home. particularly the female republicans who trump so desperately needs if he wanted to add to the numbers of people supporting him and voting for him on election day. and like you said, it was a -- watching that video was just abhorrent. and sort of a nonapology added to it early on saturday morning. and to have this press conference -- i mean, let's remember hillary clinton was never more popular than when
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those -- the monica lewinsky allegations were being made. this is the type of thing that humanizes her and makes the country feel sorry for her. so trump's play here is sort of -- it is not making a lot of strategic political sense. and it is not doing what he needs to do to get female voters on his side. >> all right. now do you believe, mr. cusak, that the american public -- we are not talking about the people who will vote for hillary clinton or despite trump, we are not talk about the media, they will hate trump no matter what, but the undecided people, the ones that are aren't really in either camp, they don't like either of them, do you think they would forgive donald trump for this? >> i think it depends on her performance tonight, bill. i think it is late in the game. he has to hit a home run. if he doesn't hit a home run tonight, there is more republicans who abandon him band wagon. they are really concerned, the ones i talked to, about the control of the senate and even
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control of the house, though it is likely republicans will control the house. >> sure. you are looking at something that if the republican candidate gets thumped, and loses 40 out of 50 states, it is inevitable that the parties will suffer. >> he needs a grand slam, i would say. more than a home run. >> i would say home run, grand slam and all of that. but it is the people watching that are going to make that decision. not the pinheads -- well not you two, but me. i could say it is a home run or whatever, but that doesn't matter. it is the people at home, are they going to forgive donald trump or not. and the other qstion is -- mostly sunny lynnski, is the loathing for hillary clinton and let's face it, it is there -- >> it is there, oh, yeah. >> a popular democratic candidate, and it wouldn't be a race right now. it wouldn't be a race. >> sure. sure. absolutely right. >> so the loathing for her, is that going to override the tape?
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>> i mean, i don't think so in this particular case, that tape -- for a woman to watch that tape, it hits so viscerally. particularly when you see him talking about that woman and then going out and showing a completely different face to her. and i think that doesn't -- it doesn't engender any love for hillary clinton. and i think what you said in the beginning is right. and it makes women just want to stay home and that is what you have to worry about. >> there is no doubt in my mind this is a low turn-out. particularly west of the mississippi. i think if things don't change radically -- they could call this election within the hour. so 9:00 eastern time, it will be over. but -- but there is that factor, mr. cusick, of the republicans saying, look, i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton, i won't vote for anybody. there is a lot of people walking in there, i won't vote for president, i'll vote for senator
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or congress but i'm not voting for president. >> people will write in votes. now can trump do this? yes, he could still do this. but it really is the biggest night of his political life. he's never faced this. and republican in the republican -- and in the republican primary he led wire to wire and he is down in the big controversy. >> we'll see what the polling says. and you say can he do this. and he's doing this now on the attack. he wouldn't have these women in a press conference if he wasn't going to use this tonight. he is going to use this. last word? >> absolutely. i think what he would need to show though make that grand slam is some sort of contrition that we've never seen before from trump. and that press conference he just held does not send any sort of signal that element of contrition is there. so -- >> well we'll sees than an hour whether he throws himself on the mercy of the court. i appreciate you coming on on
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let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. during this predebate issue of the factor. and joining us charles krauthammer. and you said that you believe that donald trump is going to go scorched earth in the debate and i'm sure you didn't know this, about 45 minutes after you said that, trump has a press conference with four women who allege that bill clinton abused them and hillary clinton enabled the abuse. so you are an oracle. so now will he carry that over to the debate and make that the central part of his presentation? >> of course he will.
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in this press conference he's doing is the setup for it and the reason he's going there is that trump has no option. normal politicians would have two options. one is sincere contrition and avoid the subject, deflect, go on to things where you are strong and exploit hillary's revelations about her two-facedness that comes out of the ref lightnivelations about friday. but trump is not a normal politician. two reasons. number one, he cannot fake contrition well enough for it to be believable. it would have to be an act and he's incapable of it. if you saw his televised apologies since the tape release, they look like a hostage tape until the part where he attacks the clintons and then you could see the fire in his eyes. >> let me stop you there. as a psychiatrist, are you
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saying that trump is incapable of contrition? >> bill, i've told you this 50 times. i am a psychiatrist, but i do not play one on television. as a layman, watching him, you watch the tape where he says i apologize and you know he's reading it. so that is number one. incapable of. and he never has been contrite for a year and a half. he's not going to start now. but the second reason is even stronger. and it has to do with this particular offense. he feels he's being wronged. he feels he's being singled out. he feels that there is a double standard. he feels that this is what guys always do and as he said himself, bill clinton has done worse on the golf course. so why am i being crucified? his attack today was on who? it was on republicans for being
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hypocrites. he is not going to apologize with any sincerity for an offense that he doesn't believe is an offense. >> but you do expect him to at least mouth the words -- >> yes. >> okay. >> and then he lo move on very quickly to attack. >> and as i said in the first segment, it is the american people who will decide whether trump is destroyed or not after watching this evening. but there is something -- and i brought this up on friday when this story first broke. bill clinton and all of the polls, he's a very popular politician to this day. he's in the 60s in some of the polls favorablity, all right. so it looks like the american public has forgiven him for his toddry behavior based on his performance in office. would that be a correct assessment? >> absolutely. he routed the gop in '98 and he
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was right in the middle of it. >> so the american public at this juncture is willing to overlook these bad things, personal bad things that politicians do for a greater political goal? so are we still there? are we still in that category? do you believe the american public is going to forgive trump? >> look, bill clinton is in a class by himself. he's one of the great political charmers of all-time. so he had two things going for him. number one, he had this charming personality, almost like the loveable rogue. that was his image. and he played it very well. the second thing is he had a successful presidency. the country was experiencing -- >> prosperous -- >> but peace, this was after the cold war and prosperity.
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there was a tranquillity in the world and at home unlike any since the end of the second world war and it was on his watch, you could attribute it to him or not. that doesn't matter. but that explains why he was given a pass. these were unique circumstances for any other politicians, a tape like this, that is doomsday. >> okay. so basically what you are saying then is that trump is doomed, because he is going to attack, all right, in your opinion he is not going to be contrite enough to have americans say oh, we really believe him or whatever, so he's not going to be able to come out of this tonight with any momentum. >> unless he's able to lure hillary the way she lured him in the first debate by making her lose her cool. is that possible? very unlikely. she's experienced, she's done dozens of debates. she doesn't lose her cool in public. and that is not her style. but if he can -- if he gets her
5:18 pm
into the mud, that is his only hope, is to do this scourged earth, the nuclear option and he is at deaf com three right now and if they could engage in a mud fight and in a sense he wins because at least he evens the playing field. i don't think that is likely but if there is a strategy behind -- >> that is it. >> and he feels angry right now, that is the strategy. >> 30 seconds, have you ever seen a presidential race this revolting? >> no. and i hope i never see another one. >> and i'm with you right away. charles krauthammer. directly ahead, dr. austin on whether hillary clinton has vulnerabilities tonight. and bob word ward has the inside story on the trump audio tape reporting from the washington post. moments away. you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires.
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2016 segment tonight with the debate about 45 minutes away, let's bring in the doctor, the former member of the obama administration from chicago. okay, so it is all about trump, everybody is locked in on trump. any kind of audio sexting is going to override anything else. i mean that is just the way of the world. however, i want your opinion on vulnerabilities from hillary clinton's side and i'm just going to throw out one. the wiki-leaks leak quoted from her speeches to fat cat wall street people and she says at one point, you know i favor open trade and open borders. now a lot of people suspected that that is what she did, even though she said the opposite. is something like that going to hurt her. >> i don't think so.
5:23 pm
certainly not in this debate. because she just needs to -- she doesn't even need to get a hit. she just needs to not be beaned by the pitch and everything is fine for her because i think trump is going to be throwing -- i would say the kitchen sink. he will try to flush everything he can down the toilet and then throw the toilet at her and then in a context like that, i think, a., the fact that the government is safing this is coming from the russians so it is cherry picked and you don't know what the context was, and b., it is going to be hillary clinton helps rapist, hillary clinton is a criminal, i wouldn't be surprised if he brings up vince foster. if he is yelling and unhunged, i don't think anything will stick because he will try to throw it all. >> now, if you were advising secretary clinton tonight, and you tell her, look, expect trump to bring up your husband's infidelities and the press conference where four women accused him of whatever, expect
5:24 pm
that. do you say to hillary clinton, what? how does she answer that? >> look, i don't totally know but what i would say is when these scandals came up in the government, i think there are a lot of people who are very sympathetic to hillary clinton having to go through -- be the suffering spouse as you are going through a kind of a scandal of that nature, and i just do not see how trump -- and that was some years ago. i mean, clearly the social mores have changes since then and i just don't see -- >> well what if -- this could be as bad as me. >> this could absolutely happen. one of the folks -- because questions are going to come from the folks. >> yes. >> one of the folks says, hey, you know, you said some bad things about paula jones and
5:25 pm
juanita broad drick and kathryn woolly and monica lewinsky and you used some terrible phrases to describe them. do you regret that now and how could you attack trump if you did these things to other women? it that question could absolutely be asked and how could she answer that. >> i agree with that. but i think you have not really seen hillary clinton attacking trump. >> no, but i'm talking about the -- >> the republican party attack. >> the question that i just posed from some woman -- you know who is there and so how does she answer that. >> i think she would say some combination of, as you know, the republican party was attacking my husband. in some of the cases -- and i think she probably would express some regret. i have no doubt they will have a distilled line that she says and it would be smart and acceptable. >> if she said, look, i was
5:26 pm
emotionally and i was wrong to do it and i'm sorry i did it and something like that. but that question -- >> but just remember, bill, a lot -- several of the women when they made the accusations, they were being sponsored, their legal cases were being paid for by the president's family. >> that is why we don't do that. i mean, we don't do it. we don't get into the swap. we don't get into any of this, on either side. on friday, when that tape broke, i was on the air a few minutes after it broke live. and i had to make a decision. about how much i use of the tape, because i didn't know whether it was edited, i didn't know who put it out there. i mean it was all kinds of stuff flying. and i used a sampling of the tape to get my viewers on the factor would know this is big. but i didn't -- like "the new york times" did, and that was shocking and i'll talk to woodward about it in a moment
5:27 pm
and they put the f-word and other words on the front page. that was outrageous. >> the problem is, i understand what -- you are good at thinking on your feet, it happens in the middle of your show and you could react to it and make a judgment. i think we have established and we have talked about before and i think trump is a guy with major impulse control problems and i don't think that he's going to be able to contain himself and if it looks like she says to him something to the effect of there you go again, don -- >> well we'll see tonight. >> this is a., b. and c. >> this is the best test ever, the most stringent test ever of trump's self-control tonight. >> i agree with that. >> it is good to debate with you. plenty as the factor moves along. there is tension in st. louis as the debate comes closer. we'll take you out there for a special report. but next, reporting on the explosive audio tape. we talk with bob woodward about
5:28 pm
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with another new flavor you never saw coming... grilled, glazed korean bbq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. just come in before it ends. the impact segment tonight, the press reporting on the audio tape that has severely damaged trump. "the new york times" a bunch of four-letter words on the front page. reporting on the tape. that is extremely rare. "the washington post" which broke the story did not do that. however there was one falsehood in the initial report that trump had attacked the clinton marriage. we pointed that out on friday,
5:32 pm
it was in response to being called a misogynist. now the post reporter was given the audio, apparently by somebody associated with access hollywood. joining us now from washington, the associate editor of the washington post, bob woodward. were you involved with any of this? >> no. not at all. >> so i want to ask you journalism questions. because this parallels what you did, somewhat, in the watergate investigation. in the article he did not explain how he got the tape. now we don't expect him to say who gave it to him. because that is a confidential source. but it didn't really tell the reader how it got to him. should he have? >> well, he has said now publicly that he's not sure of the motive of the person who gave it to him. i think key here is motive and you always want to explore it but in this case, trump has
5:33 pm
acknowledged the authenticity of it and i think at least so far it has turned out to be the most explosive story of the campaign. so there is no doubt it is a story, it is authentic. i think once it is established or once david is willing to say this is where it came from, or this is the type of person who gave it to me, and that is a relevant foot note. >> but i want to point out again, he did not do that in the initial report. it was only in a follow-up report by a different reporter that that came out. and i raised the question with you because you and bernstein in your reporting were meticulous in saying, we got this information from this kind of a person. you nicknamed the person -- deep throat, okay. so you told the reader where this was coming from and how it was evolving, along with
5:34 pm
reporting what you learned. which i think is important because you raised it. what is the motive -- the motive is is not as important as the tape. obviously the tape is the story. that a presidential candidate would use this kind of vile language in speaking about women. that is the story. but there is another important story on whether this tape was held back for two days before a debate, whether nbc had anything to do with it. those are all important things, are they not. >> yes. but they are not central. but back in the watergate era, carl bernstein and i could work two or three weeks on a story. there was no internet, there was none of that impatience and speed driving things. and in this case, and david has said this publicly, that he got the tape, they authenticated it, they were under a lot of pressure -- somebody else was -- i guess nbc itself or --
5:35 pm
>> they were supposed to run it on monday. but again, i thought the article was incomplete. i think that they could have -- certainly the reporter knows who gave it to him, how it got to him and had to ask on a follow-up questions, why now and were you instructed to give it to me and did a major news organization -- and i'm not implying that nbc did. >> i wouldn't dwell -- i wouldn't dwell on that at all. look, every story is incomplete, particularly in this era where we will do five versions of a story over a 24-hour period. >> even less. it is every hour being revised on the internet. okay. i get your point. >> and so i think what to point out here is there has been much criticism, the mainstream media is not really doing a very good job and it is all -- it is
5:36 pm
political -- politico and buzzfeed and so forth and if you look at the big stories in the campaign, this is probably number one. number two is "the new york times" and the part of trump's tax returns, which they got. >> and that was leaked too. that was a leak, too. so it is interesting. but i have to ask you this question because it is important. >> sure. >> so when you are seeing the overall repertoire from your advantage point as an associate of the washington post, there is no doubt that the editorial parts of the post and the new york times hate donald trump. they despise him. they couldn't be worse toward him. then you see "the new york times" in reporting on the tape story on the front page -- the front page use the f-word and the p-word when they never did that with bill clinton, ever in a million years did they do that when they were covering the
5:37 pm
lewinsky thing. but here it is, right in your face. so a person like me goes, that is intentional. they hate him so much, they violate their own standards so that everybody hates him along with the editorial board, am i wrong? >> i think you kind of are. look, people -- this tape has run on television almost endlessly. so anyone who wants to fill until the blanks on some -- >> but why put it into the paper then? just with the f and blank blank. why not do that. >> i don't know with "the new york times." but one of the things a couple of months ago, i asked is and it is your ultimate question here, have we been fair? are we covering hillary clinton with the same aggressiveness that we've been covering trump? and so i went back and got a bunch of stories. in fact, i'm going to send you 20 stories that the post did
5:38 pm
about the clintons' speeches, the clinton foundation. foreign donations. >> and i believe you because you are a nice man. why then, would they endorse her? why. >> i don't know. >> uh-huh. >> but look, there really is a chinese wall. >> don't endorse anybody. don't endorse anybody. but don't tell me she is a worse person on earth and then endorse her. that is what -- >> look, that is for them and this is -- >> but you are them. you are part of them. >> no, no. don't have anything to do with the editorial side. believe me. there are divisions on this. but this -- look, what is going on here, you had earlier on your show the issue of who is president, and a president needs to have moral authority. >> i got it. look, i got it. look i --
5:39 pm
>> we are on the road to erosion -- >> mr. woodward -- i have to go, but we have been absolutely fair on this broadcast, we stay out of the swap and give the facts and analysis based on the facts and so do you. and we really appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. we come right back and go out to st. louis where there is high tension in the air. that is after these messages. want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours.
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thanks for staying with us. and in the back of the book segment tonight, the second presidential debate will be upon us shortly, as you know. joining us now from the debate site in st. louis, lisa booth and ron williams. lisa i want to begin with you, you had favored trump, is that still the case? >> i'm on the fence, bill. i am. i'm on the fence. look, ultimately, we have -- we have 29 days to make a decision here. but this comment that he made is not in isolation. there are comments that he made that are similar and i think there are more comments forthcoming but that being said i think the media is full of it and i think the left is full of it because you see the left and they've embraced someone in bill
5:44 pm
clinton that has been accused of rape and sexual assault for 20 years and media sitting on the information and the audio recording and decides to release it now. they are all full of it. >> the trump campaign is bringing in four women who believe that bill clinton abused them sexually. do you object to that, lisa? >> yeah, i don't think it is a good idea for trump. because if you look at the polling and you look at the time where he has done well in this general election it is when he is talking about the issues. when he is talking about the middle class and talking about the fact that hillary clinton is out of touch with the middle class which is something that she's admitted herself which we found out through the wikileaks e-mail release. >> okay. >> and that is what he has done best and when he does the personal attacks the numbers drop. >> so the four women in the audience and the debate, and i'm sure you don't think this is a great idea, correct? >> no. i was listening to you and lisa and at the top of the show, bill, you talked about the idea
5:45 pm
that trump has got to stop the bleeding or he's losing this election. tonight. and i thought, you know what, that is exactly right. but where is the bleeding. and the bleeding is in people like lisa. smart, educated white women who lean to the right or are republican. right now the latest fox poll had hillary clinton up plus 1 with women, quinnipiac has her up plus 20. but white women, they are running even. >> but why? why would having -- >> and lost the election. >> and why would having four women in the audience alienate the women that trump needs. why would that alienate them? >> because i think that because remember what lisa said, when bill clinton was in the midst of this controversy, hillary clinton's numbers went up. it is bill clinton. but you can't say to the spouse, oh, you -- >> but he is a top surrogate, you can't say that. >> you can't fight to save your family. >> well, all right.
5:46 pm
that is the defense. but okay, again, it is interesting to see -- the folks will have to decide obviously. lisa, i'll give you the last word here. if you are advising trump tonight, tell us what you tell him. >> well, first of all, that was the first time juan has ever complemented me on the show. but -- >> that should be often. >> what -- thank you. what donald trump needs to do tonight, he needs to talk about the future of the country. you have 55% of americans who want big changes in terms of politics, in terms of the economy and hillary clinton is the status quo. we know what we are getting. >> i got to go. >> he needs to talk about being a change agent. >> you need so stay on policy. thank you both. and that is it for this pre-debate edition. and tomorrow we are live, obviously huge reaction all over the place. krauthammer will be here and goldberg will be here. we have a very, very good program for you. so we hope you to go bill
5:47 pm
o'reilly for special analyst and thank you for watching and i'm bill o'reilly. ght fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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>> welcome to our special coverage of the second presidential debate. >> a live look in st. louis where we are just minutes st. l are minutes away from the second debate between donald trump and hillary clinton, a town hall
5:51 pm
debate. the trump campaign has been deal wg fallout and comments made to access hollywood's billy bush who moments ago was suspended indefinitely by nbc. >> trump appearing with paula jones, juanita brodrick and kathleen willie, women who have accused bill clinton of rape and unwanted sexual advances. also there is kathie shelton. she was raped when she was 12 years old and hillary clinton was the appointed public defender for the suspect. here is what trump had to say. >> thank you very much for comi coming. these four courageous women have asked to be here. i think they will each make individual short statement and we will see you at the debate. >> after that each woman made a
5:52 pm
short statement. this all comes on the heels of a controversy that has enveloped the trump campaign. it started friday afternoon when audio leaked of donald trump from 2005 making lewd comments to billy bush of access hollywood. >> automatically attracted to beautiful women. like a magnet. you can do whatever. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> those comments hitting this race like a nuclear blast forcing donald trump to make a rare video taped apology. >> i never said i'm a perfect person. i have said and done things i regret and the words released on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it. i was wrong and i apologize.
5:53 pm
>> hillary clinton with some troubles of her own. wiki leaks posting what it claims thousands leaked e-mails including what hillary clinton describes softest making of politics and having a different position in private than in public. >> there we are. the table is set. with that, let's bring in our panel here in st. louis, laura ingram and juan williams. in new york, dana perino. this has been bizarre. the stakes here in this debate, set the table. >> they are everything. trump has decided to go all the way. we have been debating over the last 24 hours should he apologize. it is an interesting and tough question. he clearly by the facebook live event decided not to attack hillary clinton but to attack
5:54 pm
basically the entire american establishment, the press and basically keepers of american standards. his idea here, i think, is that there is an audience for this. a lot of people who feel lectured by or judged by people who have succeeded in this country over the past ten years and they don't like it. by trying out this stuff trump is saying you don't like these people i'm your man. we can assess whether it works. it's not just about hillary. it's against the american establishment. >> laura, you have been a staunch defender of donald trump's all along. here he is on tape. it's not like he was 20. it was 11 years ago saying he is advocating sexual assault of women by himself, bragging about trying to seduce a married woman. >> it's appalling. i said yesterday before an audience of 7,000 people in bakersfield, california.
5:55 pm
i'm a man of three kids. it's appalling. i have to say at the same time it's appalling that a media culture, that an entertainment culture and political culture that the base isn't felt all the time. using objective classification of women whether to get ratings or bigger box office or have a better billboard. the industry is selling sex morning, noon and night. now i'm so offended by the justification of women. i don't think anyone buys this. trump's bolder comments our country is in decline. american voters have to be clear on what the decision is about. it's not about juanita brodrick. are we going to be a nation with borders and independence or are we going to continue down the same line that we have been on
5:56 pm
for the last eight years of slow decline with china on the rise. >> former president bill clinton and melania trump are meeting here in the hall and shaking hands as they have in the last debate, as well. obviously, what we just saw with the accusers of former president bill clinton. >> melabout what it means for t republican party at large you have a house gop conference call tomorrow. you have indiana governor mike pence, vp nominee saying he is going to wait and see and watch the debate tonight. what does it mean? >> you saw a relatively small stampede of republicans over the weekend saying i'm going to distance myself. i think the leadership will say when it comes to races in the house and senate save yourselves
5:57 pm
because they will be tied back. the democrats will use this past weekend to their advantage. the other thing i wonder is how donald trump will present himself tonight, as the leader of the republican party who worries about races or the person who wants to put it all on red and let it ride. i think that is what he did when he did the press conference. it has been a fantasy to imagine what it would be like for hillary clinton to confront the accusers in person. i think america's school children have just been told to go to bed. >> juan, we will talk to you right after the break. we are looking live at the moderators, cnn's anderson cooper and martha ravitz talking to the crowd. >> they are getting questions from the audience members as recently asthis morning. >> they are going to have a lot of questions to get to. we have 15 to 20 seconds.
5:58 pm
let's squeeze you in, juan. >> i think that what's interesting to me is that donald trump famously said he could shoot a man on 5th avenue and his base will be with him. the question is tonight where do the undecideds go. i think we can agree that white suburban women in places like montgomery county outside of philadelphia or outside of columbus, ohio and that is who this debate is for. trump is on the defensive right now with that group. i think that he thinks that if he doesn't come through this is over. >> so we will take a very quick break. you won't miss a thing. when we come back the candidates will come out. we will see the body language, the greetings and then the debate. the time has come for a wall a tremendous wall the best wall the tecate beer wall a wall that brings us together
5:59 pm
this wall might be small, but it's going to be huge you're welcome america ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:00 pm
i don't think so. good evening from washington university. if you think the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton was must-see tv, buckle up and get ready for round two. welcome to the second presidential debate. i'm megyn kelly. >> and i'm brett ba irier. four presidential debates, one vice presidential debate. the george w. bush al gore town hall where gore walks across the stage.


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