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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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16,000,900 tweets? [laughter] bill: it is an enjoyable experience to watch one of these events. martha: it is. bill: with your own town hall with folks on line. any way, we have to roll. martha: we have to roll. we will see you back tomorrow. have a great day, everybody. [music] jenna: donald trump and hillary clinton are pressing ahead. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. john: i'm john scott. it's clear that the russians hacked into the video system. jenna: it could work for us. john: vladimir putin, cut it out . it started with no handshake, that got a lot of attention. the candidates answering questions both from the moderators and from a preselected groups of uncommitted voters. the match came as trump fought
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to refocus campaign after a 2005 video surfaced on friday in which he was heard bragging of making unwanted sexual advances on women, an issue that came up in the debate pretty quickly. >> this was locker-room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologized to my family. i apologized to the american people, certainly i'm not proud of it, but this is locker-room talk. >> with prior republican nominees for president, i disagreed with them on politics, policies, principles, but i never questioned their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. it's just awfully good that someone with the everyoner of donald trump is not in charge of the law of our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> between bernie sanders and debbie wasserman schultz, he never had a chance and i'm surprised to see him sign on
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with the devil. he needs to apologize. >> i think the thing this you should be apologizing for is the 33,000 emails that you deleted and that you acid-washed. >> as i recall, that was something i said about abraham lincoln and i was making the point that it is hard sometimes to get the congress to do what you want to do and you have to keep working at it. >> now she's blaming the lie on the late great abraham lincoln. that's one that i haven't -- okay. honest, abe, never lied. that's the difference between abraham lincoln and you. john: we have fox team coverage blake berman, senior national
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correspondent john roberts live in st. louis, john. >> donald trump is going to be in pennsylvania, northwest of pittsburgh and later on in the day back in campaign trail after campaign and republicans believe was a strong performance. we will see in the coming day ifs he managed to move the needle but at the least he appears to have gotten the gaping wound that was caused by the release of that hot mic tape from 2005 and kellyanne conway saying she believes it's unfair to use seasmual abuse to describe the incident involving donald trump. listen to her this morning. >> i will tell you somebody who has worked with and certainly has in my life as i'm sure victims of sexual assault, it demeans them to equate that with political purposes. >> it looks like stability has returned to the trump campaign
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for the time being. mike pence was on fox and friends this morning. he was upset about the release of the tape and what was said on it and that he had some words of advice on friday for donald trump and what he should do. >> i encouraged him to express what i believe is his sincere personal remorse and he did that friday night, but i wanted to give him time to show his heart on sunday night and i thought he did that. expressing the fact that he was embarrassed, not proud of it. >> now, the house gop conference will be on a conference call probably maybe happening right now to decide what they are going to do about donald trump, will they stick with him or will we see more defections, we had initially believed that mike pence will be addressing conference over the telephone. looks like he won't be doing that. the leadership of the republican committee also holding a
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conference call at some point today to figure out the way forward. they are looking, john, at what happened last night. they are more comfortable with trump on monday morning than they were on sunday morning. we will see where this goes. john: thank you, john. jenna: hillary clinton gears up to michigan before heading to battleground state of ohio. new reaction of members of her own party of her performance. blake berman with the fox business network is live with more. blake. blake: good morning to you from st. louis. she spoke briefly with reporters on her plane as she headed back to new york. she said she felt great about how things wept last night and said it wasn't tougher than she he shall wanted. -- she expected. earlier this morning the clinton campaign in the form of its campaign manager said that they
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were disappointed at that stubt. that's the way he described prior to the debate. they said that trump throughout the night tried to throw mud and knock clinton out of her game and that clinton with stood it and trump failed. trump said that should he become president, that his administration would prosecute clinton while earlier this morning trump owes clinton an apology. >> i would say it's chilling that donald trump think that is the presidency is like some banana republic leadership where you can lock up political opponents. i think he should apologize. blake: as for clinton, she heads to the midwest. she will be on two different colleges for voter registration drive. tim kaine has a unique strategy today, he will be joined by dave matthews who will put on a concert there. john pedesta, campaign chairman,
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wikileaks has released a new batch of padesta emails. 2,000 plus in total and we are going through them. jenna, thank you. jenna: thank you very much. john: for more now on the debate and how both candidates did let's bring john mccormack. i think you have to agree that donald trump had the bigger hill to climb last night. did he succeed? >> at tend of the day, i don't think so. some argue that he stopped the bleeding. the instant polling, the real polling, not fan polls, trump narrowly lost and another poll by cnn bigger loss. here is the problem, donald trump didn't need to simply fight hillary clinton to withdraw last night. he needed to win, reset this race. he went into this debate down
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nearly double digits in pennsylvania, colorado, virginia, he needed to turn that thing around and i don't think he accomplished that. this was a do or die debate and i think she died. john: all the house republican members are calling in to a conference call, they're going to be discussing what to do about donald trump, do they distance themselves from him, do they, you know, continue with endorsing him? there's a lot of turmoil on capitol hill over remarks that came on tape on friday night. jeffrey was citing in the wall street journal that he sees trump now been eliberated from senior leaders of the party, what do you think about that? >> i do think trump did well enough last night.
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i wasn't a complete meltdown that you're not going to see mike pence drop off the ticket. it was possible that paul ryan would have tried to pull the plug for trump. that's thrown up in the air. i don't know exactly what they're doing to do. jerry is right, trump was definitely to throw everything out there. he went nuclear last night bringing out people accused bill clinton and the debate commission stopped that from happening, so very rough from both candidates. trump for the next month unpredictable. no one know what he's going the say next or what video is going to drop next. even though he gets passed the vulgar video, you don't know what's going to happen there. there are women who have accused trump just women who have accused bill clint open. the problem is that bill clinton isn't on the ticket but hillary is. john: there are people that like the way trump went after hillary
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last night, pick your issue, but he was in her face about the emails, about the reset with russia, about embassador in benghazi and awful lot of americans overwilling to -- i'm sorry willing to overlook what came out on friday because they think bigger picture, he took it to hillary clinton on some of the issues that they see as her biggest faults. >> well, that's exactly right. at the end of the day, i don't think trump can do worse than 40%, maybe the very high 30's if things go south because we are in a divided country. very polarized country where people are going to vote the issues at the end of the day or they find hillary clinton is even more unaccessable than donald trump. you take a look back where things were 72 hours, after trump lost first debate. everyone acknowledged wasted an entire week, he needed to win,
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make gains with college-educated women and educated men and i don't think he did that. he might have fought to a draw but not enough to win the race. john: john, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: we are going to talk more about donald trump and republicans whether or not they're abandoning their presidential candidate. after dozens of gop lawmakers condemned trump's comments about women, what comes next for the party? the final question that got both candidates complementing each other. we want to hear from you? what do you think of last night's debate? who won? go to foxnews/happening now to join the conversation. smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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>> captain khan is an american hero. the muslim ban is something that
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in some form has morphed into extreme vetting from certain areas of the world. >> what he said was extremely unwise and even dangerous and, indeed, you can look at the propaganda on a lot of the terrorist sites and what donald trump says about muslims is used to recruit fighters. very she has tremendous hate in her heart and when she said deplorables, she meant it. >> okay, donald, i know that you're into big diversion tonight, anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it's exploding. >> if you look at bill clinton, far worse. there's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abuse i have to women. jenna: from last night's debate, the weekly journal summing it up that the biggest loser was gop.
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trump does well enough to doom republicans on november 8th. that's their take. karl, what do you think? >> if trump wins the republican wins, if trump wins -- loses by a narrow margin it's better than losing by a narrow margin. better that he had a good night last night than a bad night. jenna: has been no fan of donald trump as we look at their work, they go onto write that the cake is baked and hillary clinton will win the election. let me read this line. that is if the party does not cut party lose, then democrats get senate and carry the house. paul ryan has said according to politico that he will not defend
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donald trump any further and spend the next 29 days keeping the house majority. what do you think of those breaking comments from paul ryan and what do you think is at stake for the house and the senate? >> well, first and most important responsibility as the leader of the republicans in the house is to help reelect the republican majority in the house. similarly the principle responsibility is to help reelect the republican majority in the senate. neither of top responsibilities is to elect the republican president. that's always been so, it was so in 2000 and 2004 when george w. bush was running. even though when donald trump has said on numerous occasions primarily talking about endorsement from competitors that party unity is overrated after you may remember he didn't want to endorsement of ted cruz. he's not a party guy. he is not been a party guy. his largest political contribution was to help elect hillary clinton -- excuse me, to help elect nancy pelosi and
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geniusly contributed to democrats. he ought to stay focused on his business and my sense is he does himself no good by sending out tweets saying look at the republicans who are distancing themselves from me, they are going to have a price to pay. that's the way it is in american politics. not everybody supports the republican nominee with the same amount of enthusiasm as -- as others. jenna: that's why some trump supporters would say they really like donald trump because he isn't just part of the club in washington, d.c. that some describe the establishment as it is. the question then becomes, karl, can trump win without lawmakers' support? >> he can't win without having 90% plus of republicans behind him and the way to do that is to focus on himself, to spend more time, to spend all of his time
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making a case for himself and against hillary clinton and knock stuff of going after republicans. people are going to say what they're going to say running for offices. there was republicans who distanced themselves from george w. bush and same thick in 2004. he stayed focus on his mission. trump will be well advised to do the same. jenna: we talked about your political action committee and where you're looking to spend money and a lot of that was down ballot. where are your resources -- >> virtually all of it, $155 million to senate races. jenna: talk to us about that? are some of those republicans in the race of their life because of donald trump or is it because of other issues? >> well, we are spending our money in races all across the country. we've spent a lot previously in
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ohio and florida. those races are looking increasingly good. we were ready to move into arizona but john mccain is doing a good job. most of the races in nevada, missouri, indiana, north carolina, pennsylvania and new hampshire. and we will continue to spend in florida. we don't have any further expend schuirs planned in ohio. and our object is to -- there are 11 race that is will determine the control of the senate, 44 republicans seats are either not up or not being seriously contested, 45 democrats in a similar place, we have to win seven of the 11 if the republicans lose the white house and six of the 11 if they do win the white house and our object is to give the republicans as -- a majority in either instance and a comfortable majority if possible. jenna: quick final question, a central question to the republican party not just now but moving forward, what do you think the election cycle has meant as far as recruiting new members to support republican lawmakers, either donald trump or member of the senate?
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>> we don't know yet because remember, you just said recruit new members. do we lose people who are latino republicans, african-american republicans and most important of all college-educated suburbanized. we won't know in days. bernie sanders a nondescriptive back bencher who had never run for office as democrat, got 47% of the vote and in our side a man who has not been a republican over the course of his political career, or over his adult life, he has gotten 44%. so both parties are facing disruption in how they deal with it, win or lose after the election, it's going to be interesting to watch. jenna: to see about those --
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that shift, the party shift in what we way or may not see. karl, good to have you in the program. >> thank you, jenna. jenna: we will be back with happening now.
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jenna: still very much a big story, eight workers are rush to go bring food, water to south western haiti nearly a week matthew devastated the impoverish country. the dead toll has now surpassed a thousand people. that number could still rise. tens of thousands have lost homes and many are cut off because roads and bridges have collapsed. officials say there's jump of cholera cases after major flooding. john: carolinas are still
8:26 am
feeling the after effect. young child was rescued from a sinking car. [crying] >> come on, sweety. >> it's okay. john: forecasters warned the flooding in north carolina could still get worse as rivers continue to rise. at least 21 people have died in the u.s. because of the storm, many of them swept away in flood waters. rob live, clean-up is underway? >> yeah, finally letting people back into savannah so people can go home and survey the damage. what they're going to find is situations like this all around specially on the eastern side of savannah, massive trees, water oaks, a lot have fallen on power lines. one million people in north carolina and south carolina without power right now and the power company told a guy in this
8:27 am
neighborhood it could be a couple of weeks before it gets back on. fortunately the weather at this time is beautiful. risen this morning with one person death. a family man stayed to watch the house, sleeping in bed, crushed by a massive pine trees that was pushed over by category 2 force winds. this man went outside to his house to fixed an unlatched door and hit by a piece of debris. such a sad story. new numbers say there have been ten killed in north carolina, flooding did by far the most damage there. 1500 people still stranded by flood waters and one badly hit area of north carolina. 1500 people, those rescues continue today. this is video of a coast guard rescue of a man in north
8:28 am
carolina. at least ten others killed in georgia, florida combined. we tried yesterday to head to south carolina, the area that took the eye of the storm, nobody allowed onto hilton head. people lined up on the highway waiting, one man actually road the storm out at home and saturday it cleared up, he made a crucial mistake of trying to run up the street. >> actually left to get some -- went to the store to get water and gas about maybe two or three o'clock yesterday and we came back up to get back in and told us they couldn't go back in. we went all the way to 462, got there. it was blocked out there too. >> well, we talk today him on sunday, john, and that was the day after he had been waiting 24 hours. he might still be there. still closed. john: the frustrations are going to keep building from here. rob, thank you.
8:29 am
jenna: u.s. navy destroyer coming under fire near yemen, we are live at the white house for very important story. donald trump not only taking on hillary clinton but also went after moderators. >> mr. trump, i want to get to audience questions and online questions. >> so she's allowed to do that but i'm not allowed to respond? >> you're going to get to respond right now. >> sounds fair. sounds fair kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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jenna: conference call taking place while on air. the most important person on the conference call is speaker paul ryan speak to go members of the house. here is what we heard from the meeting so far, the conference call. the speaker told members that all you need to do, all you need to do is do what's best for you and your district. chad, who covers the house is giving us a tid-bit of information. you all need to do what's best for you and your district and goes onto say he will not defend donald trump or campaign with him for the next 30 days. you might remember there was supposed to be a campaign event in wisconsin this weekend that was canceled after the video came out and i say the video because you all probably know what i'm referring to, paul ryan will spend entire energy over 29 days making sure that hillary clinton does not get a blank check with the democrat- democrat-controlled congress.
8:34 am
paul ryan says he will no longer defend or campaign with donald trump. more on that as we get it. john: well, donald trump not only criticizing his opponent but also moderators last night. gop nominee arguing that anderson cooper and martha weren't being fair to him and implied that they were going easy on hillary clinton. >> mr. trump, i want to get to audience questions and online questions. >> so she's allowed to do that? sounds fair. >> answer the question, do you still believe -- >> why don't you interrupt her? >> why aren't you bringing up the emails? i would like to know. >> you brought up the emails. >> it hasn't and it hasn't been finished at all. one on three. john: leslie marshall, radio host and fox news contributor and alan combs also a radio host
8:35 am
and fox news contributor. kelly, you say you agree with donald trump. moderators were not fair to him, why? >> there's no doubt that he walked into the lion's den last night and came out alive. the first six questions off of the top of the debate we are dealing with the leaked audio tape, that should have been dealt was but that's consumed 30 minutes of a 90-minute debate. we saw moderators interrupted donald trump 14 times compared to hillary clinton only three times. they hit him on tax returns and all the hot-button issues but the only thing brought up was online question regarding wikileaks. i think that this was a biased debate and the moderators we wanted to take center stage.
8:36 am
john: leslie, what do you think about that? >> i honestly think, i thought he was being juvenile and petty, when you look at the exact time by the clock he had almost 90 seconds more than secretary clinton. in addition to that, one of the reasons he was interrupted more is because -- he kept going over his time, he kept making the comments, he would not answer the questions posed. if you're asked a question about the humanitarian condition of syria, why are you talking about troops in mosul which is in iraq. ic the moderators did their job and i'm not saying because hillary is winning in the polls today as to who won the debate, i just find it interesting that somebody running for president says the comments that he does. i don't find it professional and presidential, if you're in a debate, answer the questions and stick to your time. john: whether you like his comments or not he made points of how the country is being run.
8:37 am
>> this is a guy that everything is rigged against him, he can't get a fair shake. he got more air time than hillary clinton did and it's the job of the moderators to make the train run on time. when he's asked about the audio tapes which was the story of the day. he answered about tax reform and he didn't respond to a number of questions directly and it's their job to make sure that he answers the question. the moderators did a great job. >> bottom line is the american people do not care about donald trump's sex life or bill clinton's life. >> they obviously do, obviously. >> they care about the policies and -- [inaudible] >> this is the guy -- john: hold on, alan. >> pivoted to the policy issues. he apologized and he said that was locker-room banter. the moderators brought it right back.
8:38 am
>> you can't play that game that nobody cares about the sex stuff because he held a nice conference right before the debate bringing in and paying for to fly them in catherine, paula jones and juanita, come on. john: all right, some would say you have to fight fire with fire . >> lowest of the low. we go low and you go high. >> you don't go high, you go high in your talk but low with your punches. >> okay, great. john: what about leslie, the fairness of the moderators, interruptions, et cetera? were they piling on donald trump? >> no, as i said, i think that donald trump needed to be rained in, if you will, part of the job of a moderator is a traffic cop, you're keeping the flow of the traffic and the time and to the comments that were just made, the questions came from either the audience on the set or those who were online.
8:39 am
>> no, this was town hall -- john: hold on. >> excuse me, we don't need to talk over each other. if you look at what dominated the news cycles not just on networks but online, the people are very concerned about what was said by donald trump in those tapes. bill clinton is not running for president, donald trump is and as a woman, i think it is sexist to look to his wife for the actions of her husband or alleged allegations against her husband and i agree with alan, if it's not an issue, then why did you have the conference before and put these three women there in the front row on your dime and hold the conference basically you're not just opening the door, you're saying bring it on, game on, soic that's why the american people weigh on such questions. >> if hillary clinton is enabler does that make melania enabler and exwifes? >> ithat issue was covered.
8:40 am
that is shown through last night where she actually entered the debate and started wanting to jostle back and forth and policies in syria. i'm sorry, that is not martha's call. she interrupted him six times back and forth with her own opinion. john: all right, we will let the american people decide whether the med aware being fair or not. but it's a very good discussion. leslie marshall, alan coombs, kelly. jenna: a lot going on in the world despite politics and the navy says two missiles fired from yemen landed near american destroyer. missiles from territory held by iran-backed rebels. they landed in the water near uss mason. it's unclear whether the ship was targeted. more on this now. kristin fisher in the white house. >> this navy warship wasn't hit
8:41 am
but definitely tarted. make no mistake, a major escalation between the u.s. and the rebels operating in yemen who are backed by iran. this happened in the red sea right off the coast of yemen on sunday. the uss mason was doing routine operations in interpretation waters when it detected inbound missiles. both impacted the water before reaching the ship. no injuries to sailors. now, the uss mason is a guided missile destroyer, the ship did employ on board defensive measures after the first one was detected. that's how serious this incident was and the whole reason the uss mason was because last week those same rebels did hit and almost sank a shipped that belong to the united arab
8:42 am
emirates, which is a u.s. ally. that coalition has been fighting the rebels in cefl war since 2015. it was around that time that the u.s. closed its embassy in yemen, so tensions have been simmering for some time but now that these rebels have actually allegedly fired at a navy warship, that is a big, big deal, jenna. jenna: thank you. john: potential terror attack stopped in its track. you won't believe who helps nab the suspect, the details on his capture and how it all went down . we are live with an update trial. stage four cancer. and i was shocked. the plan at that point was to start chemo. every three weeks i would get my chemo infusion.
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jenna: new information on the bomb plot awarded in germany as we learn that three syrians help capture the suspect.
8:46 am
after the suspect escaped over the weekend when authorities raided his apartment, police say the suspect had been granted asylum in germany and now say they have links to isis. right now they are trying to learn more about bomb plots including intended target. we will keep you posted as we hear more. john: u.s. is flexing military muscle sending ronald reagan carrier to the waters of south korea for naval drills, this comes 71 years after founding of the ruling party there. just days after reports that the nation could be gearing up for a sixth nuclear test or a long-rake rocket launch. greg. >> john, you are right. more us led defensive activity heading any offense activity from an increasingly dangerous global player.
8:47 am
the uss reagan is tip of the sphere taking places with the south korean navy in the waters off of south korea and it's being launched on a day that north korea is marking the founding of its national party. it's stakes like this where they launch offensive launches. but it was reported over the weekend, john, that there was more activity at a satellite, rocket launch facility, there's also been preparations at a nuclear test site. in seoul today samantha powers met with officials and a round of sanctions aimed at hemming north korea in but so far it hasn't been doing too good. according to new report from the corporation, as of now, there is enough nuclear material in the hands of pyoyang to make 20
8:48 am
nuclear bombs in 2020 and the rockets, missiles to launch them to their targets that could include the united states. it's definitely very high on the agenda of whoever is the next president. back to you, john. john: close eye on north korea. thank you. jenna: more serious problems for samsung, why the tech giant has halted production of galaxy note 7 phones. plus a surprising final question at last night's debate. did you stick around for this? >> my question to both of you is regardless of the current rhetoric would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another? [applause] jenna: candidates answered a few uplifting moments from last night. that still ahead (music playing)
8:49 am
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john: big day on outnumbered. let's check out what's coming up at the top of the hour. harris: bombshell from speaker ryan. sandra: wikileaks releases thousands of more emails from chair after trump slammed her. would this hurt trust worthiness ? harris: was it three on one as he claimed? sandra: more on that. no spin zone, bill o'reilly, #one lucky guy on outnumbered.
8:53 am
john: see you in seven minutes. sandra: thank you. jenna: big news now from samsung stopping production of galaxy note 7 after more issues with that phone. company recalling devices from last month after reporting they could explode. the replacement devices may also be fire hazard. rick. >> some might argue deadly defect. imagine if your phone caught fire while you were driving at 70 miles per hour. analysts suggest that it's causing samsung hundreds of millions of dollars in part because the device itself is it's so pricey, $800 without service provider plan. yesterday at&t will stop selling or replacing the phones and, the mobile also said it was halting sales and exchanges because the devices were smoking and catching fire despite recall that was supposed to fix the issue. it actually happened on a plane
8:54 am
last night, push back from the gate when the pilot called the control tower po report smoke in the cab in. 81 passengers quickly left the plane. the owner says it have samsung replacement phone that was supposedly safe. >> i noticed smoke pouring out of pocket. pulled the phone out of my pocket and through it on the ground where it continued to smoke. >> now, after this latest string of incidents samsung's stock is tanking with numbers in the red on the korean exchange. it's temporarily adjusting, the galaxy note 7 production schedule in order to tape
8:55 am
further steps to ensure quality and safety matters in hopes to provide an update within the month. the big update is whether samsung can restore confidence in the best smartphone we have ever had. jenna: thank you. john: two police officers killed one returning from maternity leave. the latest on the investigation. plus, new 2016 analysis, the produce e of the apprentice saying he will sue anyone on the staff who los angeles damaging footage, so would he have a case? our legal panel weighs in on that. we want to hear from you, who do you think won last night's debate. go to now to join the conversation from , from rochester to the hudson valley,
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my memory of event neither one wanted to go first with that answer to that particular question. >> should have got the coined they flipped to see who was going to start to answer that question first.
9:00 am
>> but they did same some nice things. nice way to end the event. a rollicking 90 minutes. >> it was that. get on the website. let us know. see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" started right now. harris: house speaker paul ryan telling republicans he will not defend or campaign with donald trump during the remainder of the election season. happened on conference call with house republicans. we're following story as it is developing. this is "outnumbered." here today, sandra submit. host of "kennedy," kennedy herself. eboni williams, today's #oneluckyguy, oh, yeah, he is back the host of the "o'reilly factor." bill o'reilly. multiimmediately yaw bill. >> is it really? come on. all rig


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