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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> thanks for having me in. sandra: we're back on tv tomorrow noon eastern. thank you for joining us today. "happening now" starts right now.
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>> and more on the towns affect of hurricane matthew. how long will it take to recover from this massive storm? it's all "happening now". but we begin on this monday with speaker of the house paul ryan distancing himself from donald trump. he will not campaign with the party's nominee after a slugfest in st. louis with donald trump and hillary clinton. as you saw trading attacks in round two of the presidential debates. i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. speaker ryan making comments in a conference call. you saw them and heard them on
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"happening now". and giving republicans free to pursue strategies to win their own raceses in their had own district. trump and clinton skipped the traditional handshake and the gloves really came off. and took aim on issues of character, and judgment and honesty. and trump trying to tamp down the controversy on the video. >> yes, i am embarrassed by it and it is locker room talk and i hate. it >> what we all saw and heard on friday was donald talking about women. what he thinks about women, what he does to women and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but, i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it representses exactly who he is. because we have sewn this throughout the campaign.
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>> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. because there's never been so many lies, deception and when i go out and speak, the people of this country are furious. >> everything he just said is false. i am not surprised. it is impossible to fact check mcdonald. i would never get to talk about anything i want to do and make lives better for people p. this is the 10th or 12th time he denied being against the war are in iraq. it was debunked and never stops him. >> it has not been debunked. she's made bad judgments on libya, syria on iraq. her and obama whether you like it or not. the way they got out of iraq,
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the vacum left that's why isis started in the first place. they started in that little area and in 32 different nations, congratulations, great job. >> we have fox news coverage. peter barnes is following the trump campaign and jennifer griffin on the road in columbus, ohio. >> it is columbus day and we are in columbus. hillary clinton as she board perioded her plane, does she think that donald trump will show up for the third debate hosted by fox news. she said yes. she will be in detroit later this afternoon and she will number a voter registration event and come here to columbus to the ohio state campus where we are. this is one of the largest campuses in the country and try to get out the millennial vote. on her plane ride home after the debate, she was asked how it
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felt in the debate to have donald trump stand so close behind her when she answered a question from the audience. >> it was a small space and i tried to give him space when he talked to people and i would go back and lean up against my stool. he was very present. >> reporter: then reaction to the tone of the debate and having three of bill clinton's accuser and cathy shelton whose rapist she defended. >> nothing surprises me about him, really, dan. i was surprised by the absolute avp lafrn of falsehood. you remember polit factses said he was one of the most untruthful candidate. they said he was 70 percent untruthful. he exceeded that tonight.
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>> reporter: democrats are looking at a new poll by nbc and wall street journal before the debate that shows trump trailing hillary clinton by double-digits. the poll conducted that clinton had 46 percent of the support with the likely voters compared to 35 percent for donald trump. we predicted yesterday that the two candidates would not shake hands and they did not. at the end they reluctantly did so. you could cut the tension with the knife last night. >> came through on the television, too thank you very much, jennifer griffin. speaking of tension. ryan said he can't campaign with trump. he will defend the republican
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majority. peter? >> reporter: jenna, this is nothing short of an emergency call with the house republicans who took a break from the campaigning to listen to speaker ryan, you all need to do what is best for you in your district end quote according to sources. he will not campaign or defend trump from now to election day, but the emerging talk from pro trump republicans after this weekend and after the debate, they roundly condemn trump's comments about women, but republicans need to maintain support to help defeat hillary clinton. >> like many others, i was disappointed when the video came forward of something he said 11 years ago, but the binary choice and the future effective for the next four years of obama and the
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future of the supreme court, hillary clinton versus donald trump the change agent. ryan made clear his decisions are driven by what is best for them and electric to endure political pressure to take this position. >> we are getting news that is tramping with mike pence who we are awaiting with mike pence. he will talk about the leaked tape and that is a live look at the event and worth noting it is it a town hall and first time votering will ask questions. there is a lot of reason to see what mike pence will do. what about donald trump back on the campaign trail and where is he going today? >> he's campaigning in pennsylvania. and the polls show hillary clinton holding on to her lead
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in the keystone. 48 to 39 percent in the real clear those polls we should point out are consist issent with a big lead over trump with the women voter and they were taken before the release of the video. they are processing trump's other comments such as the former miss universe that he critized. and we are watching trump and pence. >> and as we continue to watch the mike pence rally, it is going to take place in charlotte, it will be his first since the disclosure of the video on friday showing trump making comments about women. pence saids he never considered dropping out of the race. 57 percent of the voters said
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hillary clinton won. and 34 percent give the advantage to donald trump. let's bring in our panel with real clear politics and did the debate move the needle in one direction or the other, that is the big question of the day? >> i don't know that it did. and i don't think donald trump did going to stem the tide that we're seeing republicans upset with his handling of that video. in fact, he dismiss today as locker room talk and continued to go after clinton over her husband's past. and a lot of republicans, that's not the road a lot of them wanting to go down and they wanted him to know contrite and pivot to issues here. and i do think it had the affect
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of rallying the republican base. it is difficult for republican leaders to sever ties from the top of the ticket. what is important about what paul ryan did, he all but acknowledged the white house race is over, but he didn't rescind his endorsement. he does have members depending on trump supporters in various key districts. >> so a general election, adam is always more about p the base. you have to rally independents to your side and hold on to your base. did donald trump accomplish that? >> i certainly think that donald trump debate probably satisfied his core supporter and base were happy with it. but at this point in the race, less than 30 days out, that was not enough to for donald trump. and look at the nbc wall street journal poll.
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he's facing a double-digit deficit. he needs to expand the reach to moderate and college educated voters and the tapes don't help his cause and he didn't do going to make had his case. >> let's put the poll on the screen. a head-to-head match up and first nationwide poll out since the tape emerged on friday. a headed to head match up. hillary clinton's lead goes to 52 percent. and the electoral college makes it a series of state match ups. katelin, if you are on the trump campaign, you can't be feeling good. >> and to adam's point. trump has not consolidated the republican party and he's losing support and that is significant here.
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and before. >> let me interrupt you. are you talking about people like jason cha ffetz who rescinded his endorsement of donald trump or republicans at large? >> both actually. we saw the trump campaign hemmeraging republican support. and also when you look in the polling, he hasn't consolidated the republican voters at large in the way democrats have for their party. what is significant about the poll, it is not only a huge lead for clinton nationally, but before the tape came out he was trailing and in key battleground states. that is something that republicans is taking in to account and weighing whether to run away from the ticket or not. new hampshire and pennsylvania, trump was behind in those key state and that iscalculation.
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>> katelin burnes. thank you. >> and who do you think won. live chat is up and running and go to to get in on the conversation. >> and hillary clinton and donald trump said about his signature domestic achievement and a community in mourning after the cold blood murder about two police officer and what we are learning about the gunman's motive up ahead.
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>> a fox news alert. we are going to charlotte, north carolina where mike pence is. this is a town hall event since the controversy over the leaked videotape published by the washington post. he will be apparently addressing
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the tape and talking about key issue and said on twitter he was happy to be back on the trail in north carolina. >> before we get started let me to encourage you to remember our neighbor and friends fayetville and lumber ton. i want you to know the nation is remembering north carolina and your good governor pat mccorey and thank you to the way you have all responded to hurricane matthew. it is truly inspiring. as i come before you today, it is an interesting few days. i got to tell you. i joined the campaign in a heart beat. because you have nominated a man for president who never quits. he never backs down. he is a fighter, he is a winner and we will make america great
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again when we make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america. [applause] you know, donald trump, i trully believe he literally embodies the spirit of america. strong, freedom loving, and independent and optimistic and willing to fight every day for what he believes in and what makes this nation great. you saw that on the stage last night. you know, it takes a big man to know when he is wrong and admit it and have the humility to apologize and be transparent and vulnerable with people and donald trump showed he is a big man. [applause] and i was on television this
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morning on msnbc. i think it was that one. i was on a few and somebody asked about my faith and the fact that i say i am a christian and in the wake of the last few day and i welcomed the opportunity. other than that woman standing next to me, my wonderful wife karen, my most important decision i made was my decision in christ. that made all of the difference. and i was happy to explano that television program that i am a kbeliever and my faith inform me to hold up a godly standard and live godly live and also informs me we all fall short of
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the glory of god and no one rightous other than the one. you know, as i said last weekend, i don't condone and i spoke out against it. but the other part of my faith si believe in grace. i've received it. i believe in it. i believe in forgiveness, and we are called to forgive as we are forbegin. my running mate, he showed the american people what was in his heart and he show the humility to the american people, and then he fought back and turned the focus to the choice that we face, and i am proud to stand with donald trump. [applause] pó;çv because i got to tell you, everybody, it's not just -- [no
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audio] it's not just a choice between two people. it's a choice between two futures. and i want to say to all of my friends here in north carolina. i choose a stronger america at home and abroad and a more prosperous america and a america that stands up for the constitutional principles that made this nation great. and i choose to stand with donald trump and every american who believes me can makecñ american great again. [applause] because despite all of the distractions, this election is about security, it is about
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supreme court of the united states and highest standards of integrity and the highest office of the land. and before i get to this, the issues tend to get lost in the din on what the media is talking about. these issues matter the most and  é;neqzvm]i-i apologizing to our enemies.
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[applause] it's so important to understand. seven and half years of the foreign policy of obama and hillary clinton weakened america's place in the world and resulted in the middle east spinning apart. the number one priority that hillary clinton expressed when she was a secretary of state was a reis the to russia and after she hit that little red button in the press conference, a newly emboldened russia invaded ukraine and took over crimia and have a foot hold and renewed a liiances in syria and iran. it is truly extraordinary to think of the failure of this administration. it is not just an emboldened rush. ia we have china building islands in the south china sea. and north korea testing nuclear weapons. history teaches us weakness
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arouses evil. the weak and feckless foreign policy of hillary clinton and obama of leading from behind and moving redline and feigning a reset with russia and rise and rule and reign of isis are all a testament of this truth of history. [applause] and the truth is, there is a couple of things are on her agenda and sfnlt. it was hillary clinton who initiated the sdrafterous agreement with the mullas in iran. 150 billion to the mullas and her running mate was boasting of the agreement. mr. hays and i were in the congress we worked together to pass sanctions on iran and they would stay in place until iran permanently abandoned their
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ambitions. and this administration with hillary clinton's full ascent transferred 150 billion to the iran and no restrictions will be in place. and we are still, it was this administration the deal that hillary clinton that resulted on delivering on the day that four americans were released from captivity, 400 million in cash was delivered as a ransom payment to the radical mullas in iran. when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, we will not be paying ransom. they will pay a price. if they threaten and harm our people they will, it will pay. it was hillary clinton and obama
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who failed to negotiate a status and forces in iraq and put all will american forces out and createded a vacum in which isis was able to overrun vast areas that was so hard won by the american soldier. there are heroes in our midst. there are heroes who served in operation iraqi freedom, operation enduring freedom. and they are gold star among us. would anyone if you are able to would you stand if you won the uniform. and raise your hand and allow us to thank you for your service to the u.s. of america? [applause] [cheering]
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it breaks my heart to think of the hart fought gain and sacrifices to win security in 2009 and the way it was squandered and the american soldier is called on to win back what was won. and lastly, it was hillary clinton, and her state department who left americans in harm's way in benghazi. and after four americans fell, she actually told the families of the fallen it was a result of a film maker in florida. i have to tell you, i will be with dorothy woods in another stop in north carolina. gold star wife of tyroen woods. when hillary clinton was confronted about what she said to the families and misdirection by the administration, she told the senate committee, what
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difference at this point does it make? as a proud father of a united states marine. anybody who said that or did that should be disqualified from ever serving as commander in chief of the armed fores of the united states of america. i mean it. [applause] >> for the world to be safe, america needs to be strong and in recent years, north carolina, we have the lowest troop levels since 1940 and the smallest number of ships since 1916. and we are down to 23 fighters and the average age of the aircraft in the air forces 27 years, older than the men and women that we charge to fly them. for america to be strong and
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world to be safe, america needs to be strong and donald trump will lead on the american strength and rebuild our military and restore the arsenal of democracy and renew our allies and hunt down and destroy isis and any organization that threatens our people and inspires violence on our shores. that's probably why more than 160 retired u.s. generals and admirals and 20 medal of honor winners endorsed donald trump to be commandener chief of the united states. it is not just security abroad, but it is it security at home. this it is a very challenging time in the life of men and women in our communities and large and small who protect our families.
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it is it a awful lot of those members of the community that are here with us today. would you mind joining me in showing your appreciation for the men and women in north carolina and all over the united states of america. let's show them how much we appreciate them. [applause] >> thank you all. as the chief law enforcement officer of of the united states of america, a president donald trump will stand with the men and women in law enforcement and give them resource and the tools they need to protect our family and go home safe to theirs and we will restore law and order to every citizen and every community in this nation.
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[applause] an awful lot of police know that and maybe that's why the largest police officer union in america. 330 strong endorsed donald trump to be the next president of the united states. [applause] >> and so it is about security and safety and also about with prosperity, men and women. there is a lot of happy talk on the other side and talk about the progress our economy is making. i can tell you what governor mccorey is telling you. whatever progress you are make nothing north carolina it is despite washington d.c. and not because approximate --.
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>> he had a strong defense for the candidate and leaving no daylight saying he is in full support of donald trump. he said it was an interesting few day and addressed the leaked videotape that caused so much controversy. he didn't condone what is was on the video. he believeded in grace and forgiveness and we are all called to forgive as we are are forgiveness. that is one of the things that mike pence brings to the ticket. he also said that donald trump was a big man to own what was said and apologize for it. and then he pivoted and talked about foreign policy and prosperity. he will take questions from the town hall event and we'll monitor those question and news comes of the event we'll bring
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responses noteworthy to it you. i want to turn to our political panel. hog an to mike huckabee's presidential campaign and former director of the south carolina party. and capri democrat. >> we have changed topics 25 time and we appreciate you rolling. and breaking news from mike pence. where he stands on the ticket in relation to donald trump is something that is a lot of attention on the last several days. what do you make of the cam pawn statement. >> a lot of republicans were concerned and they didn't know where mike pence. there is no day light and he came out with full throated support of donald trump and addressed the negative issue and he is a faithful man and man of god and he has that.
10:35 am
and he pointed to a couple of things. this is not necessarily two different people, it is about two different future andical he on the world on fire and rebuilding the military that is under a huge weight with no ships or planes or ammunitions and it is underrepresented with congress and you are talking about a person in charlotte and that state, it is a huge military state, and he played to that base and he is all for donald trump, it was a strng speech and strong open for him. >> if we look at the state of north carolina, i want to see the new polling, clinton is up by two point and it is not a huge amount. what do you think of mike pence having to say. is it turnings page away from the leaked video tape.
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>> mike pence has a difficult job to do and he is a skilled politician and i say that objectively as a democrat. he is defender in chief of donald trump and there were questions about where mike pence would be. he stepped aside with the paul ryan visit in wisconsin and there was notably in the debate p. donald trump acknowledged publicly they have differences on syria in particular. and the republican needed to see mike pence step up and was on time trump and he did that. and he masterfully, frankly tryed toute likewised and honestly tried to use it to frame and pivot away from what we saw in the last 72 hours with that tough and nasty video from access hollywood. >> and i want to stay with you.
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you are able to take in what both parties are doing. one of the things mike pence did talking about foreign policy. that is the subject of the next debate. chris wallace will be moderating and that is the closest one to voting day and one of that greatest weakness for hillary clinton because of her time as secretary of state. and how are you seeing it as a democrat. are you concerned about that. >> you know, this entire election in many ways is lesser of two evil and the american public has been be the losers. and i think hillary clinton has vulnerabilities because of her record of secretary of state and e-mail and benghazi and xyz. and conversely donald trump is not particularly strong with the details of foreign policy. all over the board when it comes from everything to isis and
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deportation and crimia and ukraine and role of russia which i monitor closely as a region of interest. he talks tough and that is appealing, but he lacks the substance there and it is going to be a draw. i think if donald trump prepares well, he can perform against hillary clinton by p drawing the contrast, but she comes in with substance of detail, that she has the upper hand regardless of the challenges she has in her regard. >> hogan, what do you think of that assessment? >> we are talking about a time in our country where isis is on the move and not a jv time as the president suggested. hillary clinton tethered herself to the president's position and she was secretary of state, the world is allowed to burn and we are not safer and like caprimentioned, the american people are are suffering because
10:39 am
we are not protected. hillary clinton want upons unvetted five pist percent increase in syrians. >> is trump enough or does he need to show more mastery on the topic of foreign policy? >> not mastery. but a handle of what is going on out there, but talk about the substance that hillary clinton does have and that knowledge and substance allowed more are terrorist attacks on american soil any time in history. put all of the problems of the world on hillary's shoulders because she was at the helm and allowed it to happen. we are are not safe and they know it is it hillary clinton's fault. >> this is where the debate is going to go next. what will the next week look like. mike pence is giving a strong
10:40 am
defense, donald trump takes to twitter. we have seen it before. where the focus and media follows. and donald trump. paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget and job and illegal immigration and not fighting republican nominee. >> and capri. what about the timing and substance of the tweet. >> obviously paul ryan and house republicans had a conference call and becomely paul ryan said do what you need to do to protect yourself. paul ryan while he is number one elected republican in the country and obviously has some you know, role in depending the top of the ticket and the president of the united states and nominee and president obama. he has a main role to protect the house and what he's trying to do. i understand where donald trump is come canning from. i think he is sensitive to the
10:41 am
fact that paul ryan is shying away from him. and paul ryan has to protect the house and if he thinks that donald trump will be a noose he will cut and run. that's politics. >> hogan what is your thoughts on this? >> paul ryan never has been a fan of donald trump. paul ryan still made donald trump to kiss his ring to get his support. this proves one thing. congress is not well liked. they have a lesser approval rating than the candidates and at every turn, it is rolled by bark bookkeeper obama and still have syrian relocation and obama care. and we put these people in office to fix and we are upset about it. paul ryan will main tain his his. and doesn't affect donald trump at large. >> thank you for rolling with the breaking new and it is good
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to have you back. amid all of this. a california community mourning two police officers killed on the force. a vet an and a young mother responding to a disturbance call. what neighbors say what happened just moments before police arrived. just like the people
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who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help
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as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. with your eyes open, and witness her husband in full river side sheriff uniform kiss her on the forehead for the last time. it's tough. >> heart breaking doesn't describe it. those words from the palm spring police chief as the community mourning two officers killed in the line of duty.
10:46 am
jose velgevan and 26-year-old leslie was shot responding to a call. the father told a neighbor that his son was armed and wanted to shoot police. the young lady that was killed was a new mother. and she leaves behind a four month old baby girl. that is not necessarily the picture of a police officer is a victim to violence. and that is why it is so shocking. >> jenna, you bring up the significant point of humanization of police. a mom who has a baby and goes to do her job and gets killed and same with a police officer about ready to retire in december. they are human beings. and these officers did everything according to the book and trained to do. and you never expect to get shot. >> when you look at the number
10:47 am
of year to date. police killed in the line of duty, right now at 44. last year for the entire year was 33. and our viewer ares feel we are hearing about it more and it is it more we are. >> i tell you what is happening, the courts are lenient on individuals who commit violent crimes. the suspect was a gang member and served four years in prison for attempted murder. those are the things that were reported. attempted murder. four years in prison? this is the nightmare that police face every day. you apprehelped and prosecute and lock them up. and the judge gets ahold and you you have a lenient sentence. >> there is too much militarization of the police? they are too ready to engage.
10:48 am
but the ferguson effect. some police who feel hesitant because they don't want to be national news. how do you balance these two things? what is best for everybody? >> what we had had? the militarization of police i am opposed to that. but you need that tactical equipment in the event of riots or unrest or terrorist attacks. getting back to the point of the police. problems that we are facing are the result of political people and politicians that dhifred so little and the first line of government people meet are the police. a great part of the solution is community policing. and get the community and police engaged and get politics out of. it >> our thoughts and prayers are with the two families. >> prayers are important. >> absolutely. >> columbus a day off for adults
10:49 am
and school kids. but why the man credited with discovered the new world is considered no hero in many quarters of society these days. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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it is a holiday today, many children are off from school, and while it has been a federal holiday for seven decades, it also has controversy. straight talk about christopher columbus was an article written by david tucker and he is joining us. what is the straight talk about christopher columbus? >> there is a lot of controversy about columbus and the european conquest of the western
10:53 am
hemisphere. what i think we should focus on is what the world was like then and how it has changed since rather than solely on the brutality of that conquest. >> and you write that the reason he was going west was escaping a few different things, what were they? >> well, the europeans were very interested in commerce with asia, but the muslim empires were between them. so the por chew deez and others they ultimately decided to head across the atlantic thinking they would reach asia not knowing they would discover an entire continent. >> so one direction was famine
10:54 am
and slavery, and the other way was adventure. >> nobody should deny the violence that occurred in the aftermath of the europeans landing in the western hemisphere, but if you only like at the violence, talking about in terms of the violence committed by human -- it was all characterized by the violence. and in that regard we're not really very different from the europeans. they were battling each other, wars, conquests among themselves. and it is important to think about why is that no longer the case. not to say that there isn't
10:55 am
violence in human affairs. but that is also part of the european expansion around the world. >> let it be a day instead to ponder the human capability for good and even and wonder how we might encourage more of the good. why did you end on that line? >> i think that is the lesson of of the collision between europeans and native americans. many came thinking they could do some good for the natives by bringing them christianity, for example. so the motives of the conquest were mixed. and the real question is how could they face the intolerance
10:56 am
and brutality. that is the lesson we should draw from columbus day. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for inviting me. >> these men were hauling their better halves for a very different reason. the final 30 is next.
10:57 am
it's measured by what we do for our children. it's why as president i'll invest in our schools. in college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that let's them start a family of their own. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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time for our final third, civil war relics found baud of the hurricane. >> very interesting. >> and carrying a briez over the
11:00 am
threshold. they beat out 43 other couples to win 111 cases of beard. >> it's about, okay, it's a little crazy. i'm not trying it. don't even start. >> thank you for joining us. >> america's election headquarters starts now. >> house speaker paul ryan telling his party to focus on getting the house and senate to remain republican. he says he will not spend any time defending or supporting donald trump or campaigning with him. trump's running mate, mike pence reaffirming his


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