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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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evening. as always, we'll see you back here tomorrow. 28 days to go until election day. america lives or dies. you decide. thanks for being with us. good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." tonight there is talk donald trump's performance at the debate may have saved his candidacy at least for now. trump is hoping the furor over the 2005 video may begin to subside. there are also some new hillary clinton e-mails out tonight and we'll have a report on them. at this hour the national polling average shows hillary clinton with just under a six-point lead in a two-way race and just over a five-point lead. the betting odds continue to show her a favorite by now nearly 5-1. meanwhile there is a new national poll out today and it is the first major poll taken after the release of that 2005 trump video. in that nbc news/"wall street journal" survey clinton has a 14-point lead in a two-way race
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and an 11-point lead in a four-way. this was taken before last night's debate. here is the big question, did donald trump do enough to stop the weekend bleeding and begin to recover lost ground? scott jennings is here. he did political analysis for the george w. bush white house, joins us from kentucky. scott, your thoughts on whether trump did himself enough good to bounce back. >> that's a good question. in this survey he was down to 72% of republicans. so we're back where we were over the summer, brit, with donald trump needing to do base consolidation. it was fine then because he had a lot of time. we're late in the game and right now he's rehearding his own sheep. a poll that comes out later this week if he did enough to explain to republicans and apologize to republicans and bring them back onboard. i'm dubious he would get that low of a number on election day among his own party. my suspicion is once the number
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goes back up into the 80s you'll see retightening in the national surveys. >> i'm thinking about mitt romney back four years ago. he got on election day, what, 93% of the republican vote, so it would appear at least as we look out from this moment, scott, that mr. trump has a lot of ground to make up even among republicans. >> he really does and we should caution this poll was taken as the video was being released. a smaller sample and it could be an outlier and that's why it's wise to wait and see what other data you get after a few days go by. i do think republicans largely accepted his performance last night, and so we should begin to see it bounce back. as you say, we have a long way to go to get back up to the 90%. it's hard to imagine someone winning the presidency without 90% of their own party. he has a lot of ground to make up. my suspicion is it did among some republicans but i'm not sure against other constituents he would need to put him over
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the hump. >> that's right. that's a good question. we've talked a lot about the u suburban moms, educated white women, and the suburbs around philadelphia that have become a sort of symbol of what a republican needs to do better than republicans have done in recent cycles. as you watched the debate last night, scott, what were your thoughts about whether those constituencies and others like them might respond to his performance? >> well, my first thought was that his strategy was to keep the base together. there's about 40% of the country that sees it the way donald trump sees it. they would never vote for hillary clinton under any circumstance, and some people actually do share his world view and his policy view. that makes up about 40%. that's just not enough to win. he's gotten up to almost a tie with hillary clinton at some points in the campaign. right now he's not tied. right now he's losing. so last night was about trying to get that base back together that gets within shouting distance of a tie but, boy, time is running out. we already have early voting going on in some states.
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people are casting their ballots and making up their mind. if he has to spend the next month getting back to where he was, that's no recipe for winning. it's a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. >> viewership was off from the first debate. he was obviously speak iing to smaller audience. hard to know whether he'll have an even smaller audience for the third debate which our chris wallace is moderating. we're all looking forward to that for obvious reasons. what he might try to do then? >> well, at this point if the poll numbers are staying the same, showing him losing the race, he'll literally have nothing to lose at the third debate. he'll probably continue to go for broke on attacking the clintons and their past sexual scandals. they clearly think that's a ticket to win this race. i'm not sure that it is. the polling doesn't necessarily back that up, but they believe that it is. it's a ticket to try to hold a lot of the republican base together. the republicans don't like the clintons, of course. getting over the hump, we've never seen trump get over the
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hump. just focusing on this 40% of the country that loves what he's talking about right now is not going to be enough to win. so at the third debate he would try to probably go for broke on the clintons and then maybe come up with some kind of policy discussion that would attract new people. but that is quite a hail mary scenario to be throwing at the end of a presidential campaign like this one. >> it certainly is, scott. thank you very much. today as many people now know, house speaker paul ryan told republican lawmakers in a morning conference call he will no longer campaign with trump. instead he will use the next 28 days to try to keep his party in control of the house. mr. trump reacted on twitter as follows. paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs, and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting the republican nominee. our nightly political panel here, fred barnes, ebbs he can tiff editor of the weekly standard and melissa hemingway. fred, what about ryan said today? was this a wise move, a signal
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to his charges in the house of representatives as to how they ought to pursue this? what? >> i think it was a mistake, and here is why it was a mistake. there's nothing wrong with paul ryan deciding not to campaign for trump or not to defend trump. that's fine. why announce it to the world? that's going to make trump mad and he'll fire back with a tweet. >> he did. >> of course he did. we have republicans in disarray again. there's chaos and so on. paul ryan didn't need to do that. you know who doesn't do that and i think probably has the same generally low opinion of trump as paul ryan does and that's mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader. he's not -- he's not out there defending trump or campaigning for him. but he doesn't talk about it. >> molly? >> there's no question people are upset about what was revealed in that tape and you saw that flurry of exodus of people saying they could no longer support him. the polls suggest that even if he isn't doing particularly well with republican support he still has over 70% of republicans even at his lowest point saying that
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they want to support him. they don't really want to see the civil war among their elite leaders and it doesn't really benefit either side. it doesn't help donald trump. >> so the idea is to keep the talk to a minimum? >> actually paul ryan hasn't been out there doing much for trump anyway. he didn't need to announce that. >> i want to get to the question was it wise for the republicans who jumped ship to do so and in that context it's worth looking at what we now know about the state of ohio and the polling in that state. the real clear politics average has been consistently showing trump with a lead in ohio. and as of today hillary clinton has moved into a lead in ohio by half a point. now that's on the average. i'm not sure that will hold obviously, but it represents a significant change in the polling in the rust belt in the state where trump was doing the best. so rob portman, running for re-election in the senate out there, he bailed early on trump, said he wasn't going to vote for him. was that smart of him, fred?
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>> something seemed to work for him. he's running against a weak candidate. he's the poster child of candidates running for the senate or house with trump at the top of the ticket. he's doing very well. >> it's on the screen now, in a two-way race it's a full point. a four-way race a half point. molly, your thoughts on the people who deserted him particularly including rob portman of ohio? >> there was nothing in the tape different from everything we've known about donald trump, so the exodus that's happening now is not because people are suddenly surprise d to learn donald trum is who we've always known who he is, they're bailing on him in large part because he's doing so poorly electorally. >> isn't what we're seeing now in the polling available to us, "the wall street journal" poll, that video went down very badly with a lot of people and while you may not have been shocked and maybe i wasn't shocked a lot of people were shocked. >> oh, it absolutely went over poorly with people. i don't think people were aware that they hadn't listened to
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howard stern's audio where donald trump said very similar things. they hadn't read the book where he brags about bedding married women and what not. also there's something of a self-fulfilling prophecy here. the media are absolutely apoplectic about this and that creates a dynamic that is feeding into these polls. >> let's take a look at who some of the main figures were who bailed on donald trump over the week. i think we can put it up on the screen. there's a set of about ten of them. and that doesn't represent -- that doesn't represent anything like the full complement because there's a whole slew of house members who did as well. obviously they're heading for the exits because they're afraid he'll drag them down. would it have been wiser for them to do what paul ryan didn't do and move away from him qui quietly, or can you -- do you
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have to say something in light -- >> i think they have to say something and they're worried about getting elected or re-elected and they assume, of course, that trump is not going to win. if they thought trump was going to win, they wouldn't be out there putting distance between themselves and trump, but they don't want him while he loses they don't want him to drag them down. it's self-preservation and it's not unusual. >> mollie, it's been true from the very beginning what's so terrified officeholders and mainstream republicans about donald trump he would lose in such a landslide that not only would they lose the senate, which would be tough for them to carry anyway with the lineup, but might lose the house as well where they've had a very strong margin of majority over there. >> and that is a very legitimate concern, one of the best arguments about why you wouldn't nominate someone like donald trump. up until recently it seemed people were viewing donald trump differently than their house and senate candidates. it's hard to compare this to previous years in that nobody really thinks donald trump is much of a republican and he
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doesn't seem that interested in presenting himself as much of a republican. it's not common you will see a split ticket. it's a small percentage. in this case it might not be as bad as it would be historically if you saw the bottom falling out of the campaign as we seem to be seeing this past weekend. >> let me get your thoughts very quickly on whether you think he did himself any good last night and if so how much. fred? >> absolutely. i think he under polls a point or two and may have gotten three or four points. this brings him up depending on your paul, "the wall street journal" poll, should bring up up to five or six points behind. that is going to be hard to get, though. >> the last month. mollie? >> it was huge. he had a good night and it was important for him to do that. it just should have happened in the first debate not the second debate. >> thanks to both of you. we'll see you later. for the past few days e-mails have been coming out on a rather regular basis. tonight new e-mails from hillary
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clinton's campaign chair, chief national correspondent ed henry reports. >> reporter: it's not just secrets about hillary clinton's campaign that are spilling out of the e-mails hacked from the account of john podesta. private family deliberations involving bill and chelsea clinton are now leaking in the second batch of podesta correspondence dumped out by wikileaks with aides to bill clinton fretting about a meltdown on the eve of new hampshire's primary where his wife lost by double digits. two days before that loss a top aide to bill clinton confided to podesta his temper was flaring writing, quote, he's losing it bad today. i'm not request him. if you're in nh, please see if you can talk to him. just before that same primary, meanwhile, clinton family friend lanny davis urge d podesta to release the transcripts of hillary clinton's paid speeches to goldman sachs warning, quote, my opinion for what it's worth release later as is inevitable is worse. that advice was never taken and
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clinton took a hit to her credibility. and now some of them came out anyway late last week in the first batch of leaked podesta e-mails. while the campaign chairman has not confirmed the authenticity of the e-mails, he did tell fox unnamed russians broke into his e-mail. >> the russians as the u.s. senior members of the u.s. government confirmed have been hacking into democratic accounts and now they've hacked into my account. >> reporter: one e-mail shows a longtime adviser to the former president let loose on chelsea in 2011 telling poe ddesta, quo she is acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she's doing because she, as she has said, hasn't found her way and has a lack of focus in her life. he was angry about chelsea in her enhanced role at the clinton foundation raising questions about whether his consulting company made money by trading on her father's name. chelsea had written in a 2011
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e-mail to podesta and several others tied to the foundation that band and his associates called members of congress claiming it was, quote, on behalf of president clinton for clients without my father's knowledge. there are also e-mails taking us inside the democrats' musings about clinton's honesty problems during the primaries. clinton supporter writing to podesta in march she should stop attack i attacking bernie sanders, quote, especially when she says things that are untrue which candidly she often does. now that same democrat wrote to podesta that clinton was so weak she was almost totally dependent on republicans nominating trump. that's sticking in the craw, the notion that clinton allies have been musing their candidate is so beatable the democrats believe trump may be the only republican who cannot take advantage of it and that's what's fascinatinging. you're seeing the e-mails talk about selling access to bill clinton, whether he knew about
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it or not, strife and tension on the other side. but can the republicans capitalize? >> you also see people wondering how these leaks, like the one that affected donald trump over the weekend, came about and why now. you see there are people in the democratic party who are close to clinton who clearly thought trump was the best nominee they could face. >> absolutely. saving stuff within the last 30 days. >> and so as not to kill him off too early. >> good to see you, brit. >> other news in the world of politics. mitch mcconnell, as fred barnes observed, has taken a different tack from house speaker ryan to deal with donald trump. mcconnell is simply ignoring trump. during an event today in kentucky mcconnell said he would not answer any questions about trump. last week mcconnell called trump's comments on the 2005 video, quote, unacceptable. and what may seem an unlikely statement from one of the most liberal supreme court justices, ruth bader ginsberg has weighed in on the colin kaepernick
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kneeling during the anthem controversy, dumb and d disrespectful. last night the most tweeted ever, by the end of the night 17 million tweets related to the debate were sent out. trump disagreeing with running mate pence over syria was the top moment. and this may be the most ludicrous fact check of all time. trump said hillary clinton and her e-mail service acid washed it. he called it a very expensive process but the company says it is free. we'll catch up with the candidates on the trail shortly. before we go to break we wanted you to see part of last night's debate you might have missed. watch this. ♪ >> hello. hello.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians.
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ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. trump is talking to billy bush, a co-host of "access hollywood." and just before the debate yesterday nbc suspended bush from his current job co-hosting
11:21 pm
the "today" show. media for the hill paper joins us from new york. what do you think about this decision by nbc to suspend billy bush? >> brit, i think it's a whole bowl of wrong, quite frankly. >> here's the thing, if we had our hot mike moments recorded and released in this industry, i think the media unemployment rate would be 87%. let him sit it out until after the election, the stench goes away. the irony is not lost that a bush may have taken out a trump. >> you can't dispute that, i guess. i must say there was a real contrast between his reaction, billy bush's, and the trump camps. he got out with an apology in which he took full responsibility for what he had done, said he was a younger man then, that he was older and wiser now, he hoped, and he was
11:22 pm
very sorry. trump's original apology seemed a little forced to a lot of people. somebody said it looked like a hostage video and nbc did not react to this right away. they waited a couple days. does that say anything to you about them? >> they did react ib terribly. if you're a reporter and call bi billy bush's voice mail -- it says, i'm out making america great. please leave a message. somebody had access to his voice mail and gave that message for reporters. nbc wasn't standing by him. he's a 33-year-old kid in front of donald trump, the number one show and he was laughing along. i just feel sorry for the guy because he didn't know this was going to get out. suspend him but make sure he comes back in a month and give him his old job back. i don't think he deserves this. >> i wonder what the calculus was. at first they didn't suspend him. they made a statement, it seems
11:23 pm
to me, to the point they were not going to do that. and then a day or so passed. i wonder what they were waiting for. do you think it was advertiser reaction possibly or internally from nbc that he had to go or what? >> i think it was internal. he does the nbc "today" show with tamron hall who is outspoken on domestic violence and winomen's issues. to put him next to tamron hall, they had to do something from an optics level. maybe it wasn't justified permanently. here is hoping he gets a second shot. >> seems like a nice kid and let's hope he does. give me your thoughts about last night's performance by the moderators. >> brit, they were the best moderators of this general election. granted the bar was low. here is why i think they did a good job. at least they explored the
11:24 pm
vulnerabilities of hillary clinton. in the 180 minutes that she was finally asked a direct question about her mishandling of classified information and a good job of getting the "access hollywood" tapes out. here are my criticisms. 270 minutes of debate we have yet to hear two words, clinton foundation broached in any sort of direct question. that is one of hillary clinton's top two vulnerabilities. i think that's a problem. and martha has been it to more war zones. she's a pentagon correspondent. i get she knows military stuff but it wasn't her place to start debating donald trump on military strategy. what she should have done in that situation instead of telling him what goes on in terms of surprise attacks or forecasting or telegraphing a military attack in a war zone she should have said, thank you, mr. trump. secretary clinton, is that your perspective as well, instead of taking trump on herself.
11:25 pm
she opened herself up to the criticism donald trump said, what am i doing, one on three here, in terms of him going against the moderator. anderson cooper i thought did a solid job. martha slipped a couple of times. will somebody like chris wallace bring up the clinton foundation in the final debate? here is hoping so. that would only be fair begin all the vulnerabilities they brought up about donald trump. >> i'll pass that on to chris. >> thank you. >> and for better or worse 2016 candidates put last night behind them and are looking ahead to the next debate. live to the campaign trail next. it all comes down to this, the final chance to win your vote. >> we have a divided nation because of people like her and, believe me, she has tremendous hate in her heart. >> and one of the most trusted, experienced names before america
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decides. watch the final presidential debate with moderator chris wallace october 19th on fox news channel, america's election headquarters.
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how many watched the debate last night? how many of you? good. we did good. it was amazing. had a lot of fun. we had a lot of fun. and i would say that hillary is highly overrated.
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highly. >> did anybody see that debate last night? well, you never saw anything like that before. >> donald trump and hillary clinton as you can see are back out on the campaign trail after last night's contentious debate. they are now looking forward to the next and final presidential debate airing on fox october 19th. in pennsylvania where a trump rally is about to get under way. carl, hi. >> reporter: hi, brit. it's loud in here. the crowd -- the arena is at capacity of about 10,000 and it's pretty much full. so i'll try to talk over the chanting. trump is about 30 minutes late and the crowd is impatient. earlier today the republican nominee at an earlier event in pennsylvania said that if more videos such as the one that came out last week continued to be revealed, he will continue to
11:31 pm
hammer hillary clinton for bill clinton's indiscretions and what he called sexual abuse at the debate last night. he's asserting that the leak was prompted by the democratic campaign and the clinton organization and it's pretty evident that there will be more of it from both sides and trump has said that he expects to see more. today paul ryan, the house speaker, had a big conference call with republicans and said that he will no longer talk about donald trump, won't campaign with him. it's up to each individual house member to do what's right for their district, and it represents a bigger rift than had existed before. ryan did say he would support trump but he never used the words endorse. >> he already had endorsed im, carl, hadn't he already? >> reporter: he said he would support him. he absolute ly said he was goin to support him. >> and he endorsed him in the past, correct? >> reporter: his staff said --
11:32 pm
his staff said we, the press, could consider his express support an endorsement. the word didn't come out of ryan's mouth. semantics only. reince priebus told the rnc in a conference call that the rnc will stand with donald trump. that's despite some misgivings with republicans around the country, some on capitol hill and some at the republican national committee itself. so trump still has him with him. paul ryan will be absent, evidently, say iing that it's me important for him to focus on protecting the house majority. it speaks to the dismay that some republicans have even in the wake of what was a better than expected debate performance last night. trump -- >> carl, the fact that reince priebus is staying with trump suggests to me that means that the republican party, get out the vote apparatus will be intact and present for trump, is that right?
11:33 pm
>> reporter: well, yes, but the republican national committee's apparatus as for the most part dedicated on the down ballot candidates. they have got a joint effort with the trump campaign for the leasing of campaign headquarters on a variety of things but it got started very, very late. within the last month some of the trump kids had a meeting with the rnc to complain that they thought the ground game by the republican party was inadequate and they discovered th that, in fact, there were a whole stack of leases at trump tower that the candidate had failed to sign to get things going. they are behind. so the rnc's ground game is far superior to anything the trump campaign has built. the trump campaign has been depending on it but it's been a very late start, brit. >> okay, carl, thanks very much. hillary clinton also held two events today and right now she is at ohio state university out in columbus, ohio, which is where we find our own jennifer
11:34 pm
griffin. hi, jennifer. >> reporter: hillary clinton is on stage behind me right now here at ohio state. she has been in a great mood all day. in fact, the crowd here at ohio state is larger than i've seen at any of her rallies, about 10,000 people according to the campaign. she's had a little fun at donald trump's expense just moments ago saying that on the day she was sitting in the situation room monitoring the bin laden raid he was hosting "celebrity apprentice." she has taken to quoting michelle obama for most of the day saying, again, when they go low, we go high. here is what she told a crowd in detroit earlier today. >> we now know who donald trump is, but the real question for us is who are we? rig right? i would argue we are not who he is. >> reporter: on the plane last night we got her first reaction to how she thought the debate
11:35 pm
went and whether she was thrown off by trum's guests, the women who have accused bill clinton of sexual assault and rape and how she felt about donald trump standing behind her lurking, really, behind her when she answered the audience's questions. >> i could tell, yes. well, it was a very small space and i tried to give him space when he was talking to people. i would go back and, you know, lean up against my stool, but he was very present. >> reporter: her focus today is on college campuses, millennials, getting out the vote. she had about 3,500 supporters earlier today in detroit, about twice as many as usual. she again hit trump on his taxes quoting warren buffett who trump said last night probably used the same loophole he did to avoid taxes. not so according to a statement from warren buffett today. >> warren buffett talking, i
11:36 pm
have paid federal income tax every year since 1944 when i was 13 years old. he says i have copies of all 72 of my returns. >> reporter: the campaign is, of course, highlighting the division within the republican party and recent groundswell of defections away from trump puttinging out a series of web ads today with republican defectors or who they call republican defectors including one former reagan administration official. >> i cast my first vote for president as a college kid at the university of iowa. i voted republican then and i have ever since. but i cannot vote for donald trump. when i see him bullying people, trying to divide us, that's not the kind of country i want my kids to grow up in. so i'm putting party aside and voting for hillary clinton. >> reporter: now the gop put out a statement saying he is not a real republican, that he donated
11:37 pm
to democrats in recent years. what we have learned tonight, brit, is that down in florida a judge has ruled in favor of the democratic party extending voter registration by one day. it's something that governor rick scott said he would not do in the wake of the hurricane. hillary clinton will be going to florida tomorrow, campaigning in miami with al gore who you'll remember sat out the democratic convention. brit? >> jennifer, thanks very much. and one of the most, if not the most vishl moment from last night's debate was kenneth bone, remember him? he seemed to capture the hearts of americans when he asked a debate question while wearing that bright red sweater. it turns out he was wearing that red sweater for a very good reason. watch this. >> they thought you were quite charming. in fact, you told my booker why you chose to wear the red sweater. can you share with us? >> yeah. i had a really nice olive suit that i love a great deal and my
11:38 pm
mother would have been proud to see me wearing on television but apparently i've gained about 30 pound and when i went to get in the car i split the seat of my pants all the way open so the red sweater is plan "b" and i'm glad it worked out. >> that's why people love you on the internet because you're refreshingly honest. >> and if you happen to be curious and would like to pick up one of those sweaters for yourself gq found it available on amazon. it apparently has sold out so you'll have to wait. and our popular craziness segment is next and this time my alma mater made the cut plus donald trump says he will jail hillary clinton if he is president. was that a serious proposal or an off the cuff
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time now to look at some of
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the craziness on our nation's campuses. students at the university of california irvine held a protest that called for the abolition of the campus police department. pictures obtained by campus reform which covers college news show protesters with a sign that shows blue lives don't matter. the student union launched an official petition to ban the police department. the petition has nearly 500 signatures. a representative of uc irvine told fox news the school respects the right to peacefully protest but doesn't necessarily show the views of the pr protesters. the official, quote, directors of diversity and inclusion at the university of virginia where i went hosted a faculty workshop that aimed to promote inclusi inclusivity in the course offerings. according to the pape earp uva professors were asked to bring to the workshop where they were looked over to identify, quote, subtextural messages signifying bias. it was fpd by federal tax
11:44 pm
dollars. it's vital to enhance the university and reflect a, quote, culture of inclusion at every level. students in california state university at northridge now have the opportunity to take naps in safe spaces. according to the website which first reported the story, cal state northridge purchased six sleep pods for its students outfitted for soft music and subtle vibrations. each sleep pod cost $8,500. the initiative is part of a program to combat the sleep crisis on college campuses. and students in the united kingdom appear to have had enough craziness. students are, quote, setting up free speech societies, boycotting patronizinging lifestyle lectures and vote to go get the hell out of the suffocating grip of the national union for students. that national union for students is a student group that has pushed for the safe spaces and such other things as that in the
11:45 pm
past. if you have a campus craziness story let us know, e-mail and tell us about it. we would appreciate hearing from you. and last night's debate turned nasty but it did it feature a nasty but it did it feature a presidential
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i didn't think i'd say this but i'm going to say it and i hate to say it but if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. there has never been anything like it. >> you know, it is just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is
11:49 pm
not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> some are calling that an unprecedented moment. did a candidate for president really threaten to jail his political opponent during a presidential debate? our political panel is back. fred barnes and mollie hemingway. so, fred, you heard it. he did say you'd be in jail. was he serious? was he saying he would, by himself, throw her in the slammer? >> no, i didn't really think he was saying that. i laughed. i think it was a quip. and my wife laughed. we chuckled for a long time. it was the funniest line in the whole debate. the serious pre posal was that he was going to have a special prosecutor and presumably a special prosecutor would investigate and not necessarily throw somebody in jail but on the other hand i think if hillary clinton were in jail that wouldn't bother donald trump a whole lot. >> one of the most ridiculous things i've seen how people in
11:50 pm
the media freaked out about this line. most people do think hillary clinton broke the law. most people do think she should have been indicted and do think there are two systems of law in this country, one for normal people and one for people who are connected to the clintons and other elite figures. >> what about the criticism made this is the kind of thing that third world dictators do and that is they throw their political opponents in jail or threaten them with prosecution? >> if people really were upset about what was going on they would think about what the obam target opponents from everybody from exposing planned parenthood. irs and then did go after the and then other than at mid we were hit on 9/11. and people skeptical of climate change or even targeted. john doe investigations in wisconsin. i mean, this is -- if people want to be outraged, there's plenty to be outraged about that
11:51 pm
hillary clinton escaped justice is not to be upset that donald trump points it out. >> i was outrajjed at the uva thing on the air. i went there, too. i thought some of those courses were biassed against me. you know? but anyway, look. the one thing we know is the mainstream media has no sense of humor. they're absolutely humorless. quips are not allowed. jokes are not allowed because they want to take it all seriously. remember when they accused trump of threatening, he wanted to threaten hillary clinton by taking her guards away and then somebody would come and shoot her. >> he knows to take the guards' guns away. wasn't it? >> you know? he was obviously making a point that you use guns, too. you know? you depend on -- >> armed guards. >> yeah. on armed guards and it was a point. it wasn't he wanted to expose her to being killed and remember candidates always should
11:52 pm
remember this. that the media has no sense of humor whatsoever. >> molly? >> he was specific about how he would appoint a special prosecutor. that means that would be an independent person he couldn't control or dictate the outcome of the investigation would be. so the idea that we are pretending that he is got some lawless idea is just ridiculous. >> in fact, in an interview back in june television interview i think on "face the nation" asked about this and he said he would leave the mat tore the attorney general and the attorney general would make the decision as to whether to go forward with it or not. i don't know if it's seriously a change in the position and taken seriously as you point out by a lot of media. >> oh yeah. look. if it was something that went out favorably to donald trump, then they would treat it differently if at all but now that they can use it against him, sure. >> last word, molly? >> i would like -- take the media serious if they didn't flip out and put the worst
11:53 pm
construction on literally everything donald trump says and does. i don't know how they main tan this day after day. >> trump gives plenty of legitimate ammunition without, you know, chicken feed stuff like this. i agree with both of you. very much. >> good. >> thank you. coming up, not everyone is happy with my postdebate analyst. we have more mean tweets for you next.
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last night on twitter i offered this assessment of the debate. donald trump won this debate not overwhelmingly but clearly lives to fight another day. lewd tape begins to fade. the disagreements streamed in. cmd tweeted, wrong as usual. he mopped the floor with her. it was overwhelming. lose the bias, bh. chris chicago added, trump won it overwhelmingly. news flash, brit, you're an idiot. some disagreed for the opposite realization. what debate were you watching? trump was a disaster who looked like a stalker. you must be delusional. he was horrible. and finally, i agree with you. i really wanted to dislike you. not going to happen. good job. fox was okay. well, thank you, stephen. we like hearing from you. tweet me or e-mail. and that is about it for us
11:59 pm
tonight. bill will analyze the debate. in the meantime, we leave you as always with our political quote of the day. this one from the university of virginia center for politics director who wrote a book about times like these described as follows. a feeding frenzy is defined as the press coverage attending any political event or circumstance where a critical mass of journalists leap to cover the same embarrassing or scandalous subject and pursue it intensely, obvious excessively and sometimes uncontrollably. some of you asked us to replay this video so as we say good night, we'll do it. stay with us. ♪ now i had the time of my life ♪ ♪ no i never felt like this
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before ♪ ♪ yes i swear it's the truth ♪ and i owe it all to you ♪ because welcome to "red eye" i'm tom shillue. andy levey is standing by on the with the "red eye" tease deck. >> donald trump grabs the headlines following sunday night's debate. when you are a star they let you do it. grab the headline. and a college gives students the list of 35 dumb things well intnded -- well intended people say. top thing they say? i am glad tom shillue is the host. and what is the best breakfast cereal of all time? i am abstaining because it is like asking a child who their favorite parent is. >> let's


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