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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 11, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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"special report" is up next. the top republican in congress says he can no longer defend donald trump. the rnc just said it is standing by the gop nominee. reaction to an incredible political weekend. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. paul ryan appears to be throwing in the towel. ryan told lawmakers this morning he will no longer campaign with or defend republican nominee donald trump following one of the most extraordinary three-day periods in recent political history. last night trump tried to pull his campaign out of what many called a self-induced death
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spiral against a wounded hillary clinton who today is dealing with the leaking of even more secret e-mails. we have fox team coverage tonight. jennifer griffin is with the nominee campaign. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron with the trump team in pennsylvania. good evening. >> reporter: hi. we're a day after his combative debate performance which was specifically designed to reassure republicans that he could still beat hillary clinton. donald trump is claiming victory. >> and i will never stop fighting for you against the washington establishment that has betrayed each and every one of you. >> reporter: despite a stronger than anticipated debate f performance, trump has not put skeptics to rest. paul ryan held a conference men today and said he will no longer defend trump and he will focus on protecting the majority. trump lashed out. paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs
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and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting republican nominee. before last night's debate, trump held a news conference with three women who accused bill clinton of miscondu misconduct. the fourth woman was raped when she was 12 years old. her attacker was defended in court by hillary clinton and he got off on a technicality. according to the associated press, she was paid $2,500 in may by a pro-trump super pac run by roger stone. >> hillary clinton systematically attacked and discredited the victims of bill clinton's sexual harassment and assault. and instead of trying to stop it, she made it possible for him to take advantage of even more women. she put even more women in harm's way. >> reporter: the first question was about trump's boasting on tape 11 years ago that as a star, he often kissed and groped women without consent. >> it's locker room talk. it's one of those things. i will knock the hell out of
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isis. if you look at bill clinton, far worse. mine are words. his was action. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman admitted publically that by writing off huge business losses, he has avoided paying federal income taxes. >> did you use that $916 million loss to avoid paying personal federal income taxes? >> of course i do. railro >> reporter: he admitted his call for a muslim ban is no longer. >> the muslim ban is something that in some form has morphed into extreme vetting from certain areas of the world. >> reporter: mike pence who denounced the vulgar talk about women was back on the trump train today hailing trump's performan performan performance. officials before last night's officials said depending on trump's performance and the polls they could distance themselves from trump. just a few moments ago, priebus
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put out a statement saying that he and the rnc are standing with donald trump notwithstanding some misgivings from fellow republicans and within the rnc itself. >> carl cameron with the trump campaign. thank you. let's turn to the day after with hillary clinton and her campaign. jennifer griffin has that story tonight from columbus, ohio. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the crowd here at ohio is growing. hillary clinton expected to be here shortly. in colorado, just moments ago, he had running mate tim kaine made a joke on stage saying that donald trump is so obsessed with locking hillary up that it reminded him of anti-democratic forces in honduras and how they would deal with their political opponents. that's where he served as a missionary. >> did anybody see that debate last night?
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well, you never saw anything like that before. >> reporter: hillary clinton hit the campaign trail addressing college students in detroit. >> donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing. >> reporter: when the two candidates took the stage, neither shook the other's hand. from that moment on, the tone was that of all-all war. some say mutually assured destruction. trump loomed large standing behind her as she stepped forward to address audience members' questions. >> i would go back and lean up against my stool. he was very present. >> reporter: she responded for the first time to the audiotape released friday about which trump said he felt ashamed but dismissed as mere locker room talk. >> and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> reporter: clinton was asked about what affect it any bill
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clinton's accusers being present had on her. >> nothing surprises me about him, really, dan. i was surprised by the absolute avalanche of falsehoods. >> reporter: clinton addressed the wikileak release in which she said during a speech it was important to have a public and private position when it comes to legislating, a reference she attributed to abraham lincoln and his efforts to push the 13th amen amendment through congress. >> she's blaming the lie on abraham lincoln. that's one i haven't heard. honest abe never lied. that's the good thing. that's the difference between abraham lincoln and you. >> reporter: his most memorable line came when he turned the debate to her 33,000 deleted e-mails. she said his accusations were false. >> it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> reporter: to which clinton's campaign manager responded. >> it's disappointing.
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and i would say it's chilling that donald trump thinks that the presidency is like some banana republic dictatorship where you can lock up your political opponent. >> reporter: clinton's message was overshadowed at times by donald trump's unrelenting zingers, appealing to his base who believe clinton has skirted the law. they will face off again on october 19th in las vegas. at the third and final debate which will be moderated by fox's own chris wallace. >> kwjennifer, thank you. we have you covered for las vegas. it will be something. now to breaking news today. wikileaks this morning posted more than 2,000 more e-mails from clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. e-mails the campaign won't officially authenticate. he did confirm his e-mail was hack and didn't deny they are real. inside, there were some interesting exchanges.
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here are some of the highlights. >> reporter: we watched at bill clinton sat quietly by what donald trump rattled off his past indiscretions. new e maim-mailed reveal he has advice about how to handle the former president. one columnist wrote, i had a multi-e-mail exchange with someone in the media this morning. a name you would know. who is telling me there are people close to the clintons who say wjc's sex life could be damaging to her. other messages show clinton was very mad a few months ago about how hillary's new hampshire campaign was being run. his chief of staff wrote to clinton's campaign chairman, he is losing it bad today. if you are in new hampshire, see if you can talk to him. the latest e-mails show some ripples caused by chill see clinton when she called our her dad's former body man over a disagreement about his consulting firm.
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he found out about it and wrote, i don't deserve this from her. and deserve a tad more respect or a direct dialogue for me to explain. she's acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she's doing. another note reveals how very carefully choreographed the democratic nominee's interviews with with a deputy director, e-mails, we need to tell hrc she can be natural -- her natural fun self when dealing with media and stop being defensive per hour earlier direction. then there's this insult aimed at tray gowdy. what about i used to be obsessed with donald trump's hair until i spent 11 hairs staring at the top of gowdy's head. >> i think we should take a step back and say how we got here, which is that the russians at the u.s. senior members of the government confirmed have been hacking into democratic accounts
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and now they have hacked into my account. they put out a document that is purported to be from my account. >> the documents appear to show problems doesn't mean there aren't any. >> we are likely to see more as we continue on. we saw the dnc hack and all that the dnc may have been doing to help bernie sanders behind the scenes, more of that in here as well. nothing that's incredibly explosive, that's a major shoe. >> reporter: there's a little bit of lots of different things. you are right, if somebody is trying to influence the election this could be one way they would want do it, spread it all. >> we will follow it up. let's get a look at where we are after last night's debate. carl rogue, he joins us from chicago tonight and joe trippy, worked on several presidential campaigns. he is here in washington. gentlemen, let's look at the
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latest poll out. this is nbc/wall street journal poll, four-way poll. this was taken after the tape was released, the access hollywood tape, but before the debate. that is when this polling stopped. it's clinton 46, trump 35. that's a major shift in this poll. carl, where do you think the race stands right now? >> i think this is probably pretty rich for clinton in this poll if you look at the real clear politics average. but it's -- it has moved to clinton's advantage. trump has moved up basically in the real clear politics average a point or two over the last three or four weeks. but she's moved up considerably more than that and has opened up a clear lead. she was at two points after the first -- going into the first debate and is now about six points according to the latest average. >> joe, your take?
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>> six points is really big. i mean, for gget about the 11 points nbc is reporting. six points at s at this point i large. people have to remember, obama won that election in 2012 with 3.9% of the vote lead over romney. i'm not saying it hasn't closed after the debate. i don't really think the debate last night changed much, only because i think trump really did well in terms of stemming the tide and i think exciting his base supporters who i think responded, i believe, probably responded very well to his attack on the clintons. but i'm not sure he reached out and started to grow his support. i wouldn't be surprised if it's -- if it stays the same and doesn't change much. >> now it's about addition, not really the base. let me go to one more poll item in the poll.
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gop candidates for congress, among gop voters, what do you think republican candidates for congress should do on the issue of supporting the nominee? continue to support, 67%. again, these are gop voters. you saw the back and forth today with paul ryan, what he said and donald trump tweeting about that. carl, is there a concern down ballot now about how this plays? >> sure. absolutely. if trump really does want to be president with a republican house and republican senate to back him, he ought to lose the twitter feed on those kind of issues and instead say, wasn't a republican house and republican senate to help me achieve my goal on behalf of america. otherwise, he will materially hurt their efforts and hurt his own as a result. republicans don't need a civil war. even if it's a minor one between now and election day. >> are democrats thinking as you look at the balance of power in the senate, it's closer. they look like they are poised
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to pick up majority in the senate and there you see 54/46, 44 democrats and two independent with the democrats. and then in the house, it's a wider spread. but isn't there hope on the democratic side of possibly even swinging an election in the house of representatives? >> i think that's wishful thinking. i think there's a lot of hope that that could happen. certainly, some pieces are falling into place that might make it a vague possibility. >> hillary clinton campaigned in -- for a race today. they didn't think she was going to campaign with. that's a close race, a house race. >> i think two things. one, i think the senate is definitely in play. i think the margin that hillary has right now is likely to pull in a senate majority. thi i think the house is a different case. there's so many seats that the republicans have. certainly, democrats certainly believe that they're going to do better than we could have expected.
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but i don't think there's -- i think thinking about a majority that still isn't there. on the other hand, what ryan did today really is going to cause problems out there. because if you withdraw your support or don't campaign with trump and your republican turnout depresses because of that, as the establishment pulls away from him, then -- and trump supporters get angry at ryan and the establishment republicans, you have a civil war, the one that carl referred to that you want to avoid right now. you can't have one of those. if that starts to break out, people stay home or get mad, then you've got a situation where, yes, democrats could get the majority in both. >> let me go quickly to the electioral map. the picture that is painting right now. it's still an uphill battle for donald trump to get to 270. both of you, quickly, pick a state that you think is very
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important and why. first you, carl. what's your state? >> pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania. let me put the poll up here. clinton, 47, trump 39. >> look, if this was a state where he was within a point after the republican convention, he closed it again in late september. it's now widened out since the first debate. this is a state he needs. even if he takes all of the romney states and ohio and florida and iowa and nevada where he has been polling well, that still only gets him to 265. needs something the democrats have consistently won. this looked like his best opportunity. he probably thinks that's why so as well. that's why he went there today. >> what's your state, joe? >> north carolina. >> the rp 44 for clinton, 42.2 trump. >> this is the place i said before where trump has -- he has to carry north carolina.
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i think when you look at obama won it by a half a point in 2012. she's running far better than that. some polls have her up six. i know the average doesn't have her that much. i actually think that this could be the state that decides her and the senate seat could go with her. >> richard burr is trying to hold on to his seat. joe and carl, thank you as always. what's one word you would use to describe or characterize where the presidential race is right now? let me know on twitter. use the #specialreport. we will use some of the responses at the end of tonight's program. the stakes seem to be getting higher as the u.s. army patrols off the coast of yemen. someone is shooting at ships. >> reporter: twice within an hour sunday, the iranian backed
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rebels in yemen fired missiles at uss mason, a destroyer conducting what the pentagon called routine operations in international waters in the red sea. officials told fox news it was targeted and that the missiles, which fell harmlessly in the sea, as a result of defensive measures, were almost of iranian origin. the attack follows a carnage at a funeral where air strikes by the saudi-led coalition that has been battling the rebels with american support killed at least 140 mourners and injured 500 others. houthi supports chanted death to america and israel in the wake of the bombings which drew rebuke from leadership and the u.n. >> translator: these are ordered from the center of washington before they are ordered from riyadh. >> excuses are hollow given the pattern of violence throughout the country. parties cannot hide behind the
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fog of this war. >> reporter: the saudis promised to investigate the incident. the national security council issued a bliss tetering stateme saying -- >> in the absence of a political solution, we remain concerned. al qaeda will take advantage of the instability and innocent people will continue to suffer. >> reporter: the civil war erupted two years ago when the houthis forced the leader into exile in saudi arabia. the conflict has since claimed nearly 10,000 lives. >> our pursuit of isis has lawed al qaeda to recapture large portions of the eastern part of yemen. that really is a direct representation of the failure of the counter terrorism policy. >> reporter: meantime, the treasury department on friday
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quietly issued guidelines to foreign bac banks that if they dollar transactions with iran if they are not routed through financial institutions here. >> thank you. up next, the long, hard task of cleaning up after hurricane matthew. here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. full rush hour long island rail road service resumed this afternoon after a derailment saturday night. 29 people were hurt when a commuter train his a work train east of new york city. none of the injuries appear to be light threfe-threatening. mourners visit a memorial for two killed police officers. they were killed saturday. a third officer who was wounded has been released from the hospital. a suspect is in custody. this is the live look at chicago from our affiliate. one of the big stories there tonight, negotiations continuing with public school teachers who
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are threatening to go on strike as early as tomorrow. union leaders have outlined aid $200 million wish list to offset cuts to pay and benefits. the district says it's working within the framework of an offer it made in january. a strike would affect the district's 400,000 students. that's tonight's live look outsiou outside the beltway. we'll be right back.
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the u.n. is making an emergency appeal for nearly $120 million in aid for haiti. following last week's devastation from hurricane matthew. it's believed more than 370 people died there. here in the u.s., the death toll has risen to at least 23.
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the devastation while significant did not fulfill catastrophic predictions. steve harrigan is in north carolina. president obama declared a state of emergency for the state. >> reporter: despite the sunny skies, for people here in central north carolina, it's worse today than it was yesterday. here is what one neighborhood looks like. what happened in the early morning hours here is because of the intense rain level, 16 inches in some places, a levee broke in the early morning hours. people who thought they were safe are not safe anymore. we have seen a number of relatives, neighbors, church people coming here with their boats to try and get these people out. this couple is canoeing back to their house to get medication and search for their dog. others are trying to save neighbors who are trapped.
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>> who are you going to get now? >> we just noticed some people that need to be rescued, people from the church. they need help. go fitch them and get them. >> doing it on your own? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: in north carolina, this storm has killed ten people. most of them in their cars. they have been driving in water, opening doors and the car sub merges. there have been more than 1,000 rescues, urban rescue teams from across the country coming here to central north carolina to save who they can. yesterday, it was people trapped in their vehicles. today, it's been rescues from the roofs of houses. part of the reason so many are fending for themselves is because of the roads. they are either completely washed out or part shal partial water. >> steve, thank you. more bad news for samsung
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tonight. breaking right now, that combpay announced it's halting sales of its galaxy note 7 smartphone. this follows reports that newly released versions of the fire-plagued originals are overheating or catching fire. samsung will ask all global partners to stop sales and exchanges of the phones. investigators are looking into a report that smoke from the phone forced a southwest airlines flight in kentucky to evacuate passengers last week. stocks were up. the dow gained 89. the s&p finished ahead ten. the nasdaq jumped 36. there are concerns about whether the newest museum here in washington may be playing politics instead of playing it straight. we look at why the national museum of african-american history seems to be ignoring one particular historic african-american. >> he should be celebrated. his life should be celebrated at this museum. >> reporter: the brand-new national museum of
1:28 am
african-american history and culture makes virtually no reference to supreme court justice clarence thomas. the second african-american to sit on the nation's highest bench. that standing in contrast to displays for justice thurgood marshall, which include pictures, history about his life and quotes from some of his opinions. a former white house attorney who helped to shepherd thomas through the process says it's fitting to honor marshal but not doing same for thomas is, in his words, a deliberate snub. >> clarence thomas has his own views. that's his sin. he believes in individual rights, not group rights. that led him to oppose racial presence. for that he is banished. in clear thought police, he disappeared. >> reporter: anita hill, who accused thomas of sexual ha harassment is featured.
1:29 am
museum officials have not responded to questions about why thomas is virtually absent from this new museum. days ago, in an interview, rex ellis, the man responsible for planning and overseeing the collection said this about the museum's mission.s smithsonian reputation of bringing disspirited groups and opinions and ideas together to talk about and to grapple with in ways that are beneficial. >> reporter: a chicago tribune columnist who says thomas has spent the last 25 years on the court protecting barriers and putting up new ones designed ee stifle blabcks, like it or not, he is an icon. he deserves a spot in the museum.
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back to presidential politics. the fallout from last night's debate. ed henry is here to see if some of the statements presented as fact really hold up today. >> reporter: after donald trump declared he would put hillary clinton in jail for wiping out over 30,000 e-mails, he put a finer point on the deletion time line. >> you should be ashamed of yourself, what you did -- this is after getting a subpoena from the united states. >> we have to move on. >> it's just not true. >> reporter: it was clinton not telling the truth. "the new york times" revealed she had a private server. the following day, gowdy issued a subpoena for clinton to preserve all documents related to her various e-mail accounts. within weeks, bleach bit was used to delete thousands of e-mails. according to an fbi summary. there's no proof clinton knew the e-mails were deleted after the subpoena was issued.
1:31 am
trump did not tell the truth when pressed on his temperament. in the dispute over miss universe confetestant alicia muchado. >> there wasn't a check out a sex tape. >> reporter: in fact his tweet said, did crooked hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and past alicia m. become a u.s. citizen? both candidates stumbled on syria. >> as secretary of state, with the so-called line in the sand. >> i wasn't. i was gone. >> reporter: clinton wrong. she was secretary of state on august 20, 2012, when president obama infamously said -- >> a red line for us is we start saying a whole bench of chemical weapons moving around. >> reporter: trump appeared to throw mike pence under the bus by saying the governor was not on the same page when he declared the u.s. should take
1:32 am
military action against assad. >> he and i haven't spoken. i disagree. >> you disagree with your running mate? >> right now, syria is fighting isis. >> reporter: that last point partially true. while assad has sometimes fought isis, he is mostly focused on taking out syrian opposition groups. pence argued he was taken out of context. in both debates the question was framed around a humanitarian crisis in aleppo. this may just be crossed wires within the ticket. >> thank you. there's a big focus today on the moderators of last night's debate. howard kurtz is here to tell us how they did. good evening. donald trump kept on criticizing the moderators. martha, anderson. saying the debate felt one sided like one against three. did he have a point? >> he had a point. overall, cooper and raditz did a
1:33 am
good job. they were tougher on trump. they asked him five questions about that access hollywood tape on groping women. three questions about whether he paid federal income taxes. hillary clinton got only a single question on issues as her e-mail scandal. on that wiki didnleak dumps abor speeches to wall street firms, rad raditz asked about whether clinton had been two-face d but nothing about the content. clinton saying she favored open borders. >> there were pointed questions to secretary clinton, perhaps more than before. but trump also argued that the moderators interrupted him far more than they did hillary clinton. then there was this exchange. >> why do they have to say we're going to be attacking mosul within the next four to six weeks? how stupid is our country. >> there are reasons the military does that. psychological warfare. >> i can't think of any.
1:34 am
>> it might be to help get civilians out. >> what do you make of that? >> it was striking how martha at that moment stepped out of her moderator role and was debating middle east policy with donald trump, herself not debating clinton. in part, they were trying to enforce the rules because trump interviewed clinton -- interrupted clinton during her time to speak. >> what else? >> that bizarre dimly lit news conference trump head before with the bill clinton accusers. some republicans didn't want him to go there. we have never seen anything remotely like it. >> it was surreal, actually. thank you. >> good word. was it the great escape, failed hail mary, restart? great moment? we will talk about donald trump's efforts to save his campaign and whether they are working across the country. the panel joins me after a
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the last 72 hours has framed what this election is all about. it's about the american people fighting back against corruption politicians who don't care about anything except staying in power and keeping their donors happy. i will never stop fighting for you against the washington establishment that has betrayed each and every one of you, betrayed the country. how many have watched the debate last night? how many? >> good. >> what's exciting to me is that we're getting more and more support, not just from democrats but from independents and republicans. >> exciting. debate fallout, the post-aftermath, both sides,
1:39 am
donald trump and hillary clinton on the campaign trail. this as house speaker paul ryan came out and told his house colleagues he would not defend or campaign with the party's presidential nominee while mr. ryan, "the wall street journal" reports, didn't rescind his endorsement, he drew immediate outrage from the nominee and his supporters. mr. ryan told house republicans monday in a conference call they should make their own decision about whether to maintain their support for mr. trump and what ryan is referencing there is a tweet from donald trump midday after all this came out. paul ryan should spent more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting the republican nominee. just moments ago, the rnc came out over the last 24 to 48 hours there have been a lot of false rumors that we, the rnc, didn't want to engage in. priebus told 168 members of the
1:40 am
rnc, nothing has changed. trump issued an apology and that i think the issue, quote, was taken care of at the debate. let's bring in our panel. charles hurt for the you washington times, ann garrin, and charles krouthammer. >> i think the republicans hope that that issue is taken care of in the debate. who knows? the last poll that we saw from nbc shows hillary clinton taking a sizable lead. but that was completed before this vile tape was released. >> no, no. it was after the tape but before the debate. so there was some polling that was after -- >> tail end of it. but i think that -- we have not seen a poll conducted completely after the release of the tape. so we don't know whether that was as big a bombshell among voters as it clearly is among
1:41 am
the media and the republican establishment. but the donald trump that showed up at the debate last night i think was a donald trump that could have won the election. it remains to be seen just how much damage was done by this tape. if he had bottomed -- if he bottomed out, that candidate that we saw last night is -- has best shot at digging himself out of that hole and winning. >> what about this back and forth with paul ryan today and what that means potentially? >> it's getting hard to follow all the factions and subfactions here. basically, there's a civil war in the making. paul ryan is giving amnesty to republicans -- elected republicans up and down the ballot to do what they see fit. that's a no harm, no foul amnesty he is offering which many republicans are going to
1:42 am
take. you've got three dozen and counting republicans saying that they have either -- they are rescinding support or denouncing trump, not all of -- certainly not all of those are endorsing hillary clinton. but she will take any she can get. that leaves trump fighting not only with ryan but sometimes also with priebus and priebus may be fighting with ryan. >> but it is this environment -- we talked about it many times of this anti-establishment, anti-ee least le elitist, try something different. can he cobble together enough of that reaction with only one more debate to go to change the dynamic in this race? >> that's not clear. what is clear is that he prevented the crash last night. he was headed -- to mix metaphors, over the edge. because the party was deserting him. remember, when nixon resigned,
1:43 am
it was not right after the supreme court had ordered him to release the tapes. it was when barry goldwater and the de the delegation said you are to resign. next day he announced his resignation. the loss -- this was a flight to the exit. and it's clear that the debate sense, that that appears to have been stemmed. it look eed as if he stopped th bleeding. he lost a lot of time. he is behind. if you lose -- he had to use this -- it's like using a time-out in the nfl. he used a debate that co-hahe c have used to close the gap to hold the campaign together, which he did. what's surprising is having staunched the bleeding. >> you are on a roll. >> ryan ripped off the bandage by giving -- i'm on a roll here. you are right. he gives permission for others
1:44 am
to resume the flight, the exit. that creates i think you are right, this is the civil war. this is the split that we're going to see between now and election day. and i think it makes it almost impossible to win if you are a republican because running for president, because either people are going to be angry on the so-called establishment side or on the trump side. either way, if you are a senator or congressman, you are caught in the middle. you could lose a substantial amount of republican support. >> think of the delicate balance that people like pat toomey in pennsylvania have been trying to work, tapping into the trump support but yet also kind of making sure the establishment republicans come out. if you somehow dampen one side of that equation, charlie, and you are in a two-point race it could have control of the senate easily. >> sure. there's definitely a lot at
1:45 am
stake here. but i do think something like pat toomey had done a good job of keeping that balance or -- >> richard burr in north carolina. >> that's tougher. but i think that having these sort of -- of course, as a reporter, i like having the disputes among the party. i think it keeps everybody more honest. i like there's real open disagreements between paul ryan and donald trump. i'm not all that certain that paul ryan was doing all that much to help him anyway. in terms of the debates, when you look at how bad -- i didn't think did he thhe did that badl first debate. lu the media has been over him. which is why we saw poll numbers drop. look at how badly he did in the first to debate and how he did last night. we still have another debate. it's going to be a great debate. if gets that much better again,
1:46 am
it could be -- we could be -- >> speaking of that disconnect -- there's a moment where he goes after the e-mails and exchanges with hillary clinton on the stage that got a lot of reaction today. it was about essentially going after hillary clinton if he is president. >> for you to say that there was nothing wrong with you deleting 39,000 e-mails, again, you should be ashamed of yourself. >> you want to give the audience a chance here. >> let alone after getting a subpoena from the united states. >> secretary clinton, you can -- >> it's chilling donald trump thinks the presidency is like some banana republic dictatorship where you can lock up your political opponent. >> i saw all kinds of clinton people out saying this banana republic, a dictator. they jumped on this. >> sure. donald trump wasn't talking to them or anyone like them last night. that was pure red meat for his core supporters who have been --
1:47 am
who get excited every time he goes right at the heart of what they see as hillary clinton -- >> even frank luntz and his independents who hadn't decided said that was the moment they dialed up the highest. >> i'm sure it appeals. i'm one of those who thinks there was a miscarriage in justice in not indicting her. the problem is the pattern from trump. he has spoken about using the powers of the government to go after other opponents like the publisher of the washington post. he talked about that. he warned the family who supported one of his opponents that they might have a business that would be investigated. do we want to invest in him the powers of the government if he acts where he seems to want to carry out vendettas? that i think only reinforced that in her case there was a miscarriage of justice. perhaps in a different category. it makes you wonder about his
1:48 am
authoritarian impulses. that's what i think is the issue. >> next up, wikileaks latest, the leaked hillary clinton e-mails keep coming. what is inside?
1:49 am
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1:51 am
hillary had no defense for her secret speeches to wall street, an international bank she hid from the public and were exposed by wikileaks. >> we have never in the history of our country been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power, is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election and, believe me, they're not doing it to get me elected. they're doing it to try to influence the election for
1:52 am
donald trump. >> but i notice anytime anything wrong happens, they like to say the russians -- she doesn't know if it's the russians doing the hacking. maybe there is no hacking. but they always blame russia. they think they're trying to tarnish me with russia. >> well, talk about the wikileaks situation there and the fallout from these e-mails that keep coming out. we've received 2,000 more this morning of them. here is about releasing the wall street transcripts. i hope there's no debate about full and immediate release. whatever nice words she said, not releasing or delay and then my opinion for what it's worth release later as is inevitable is worse. they didn't release the transcripts and now they're on line. john poe ddesta also in a communication online talking back and forth about how essentially dishonest hillary clinton is because she says
1:53 am
things that are untrue which candidly she does often. we're back with the panel. charles, what's the fallout of all of this? >> that's pretty damaging. in any other environment it would be the front page story. her own campaign manager says she has a way of telling untruths. of course he's 20 years late. william sapphire called her on that. he got another column out of it on the use of the word congenital. but that's neither here nor there. i think this stuff is very damaging, but in the context of the firestorm after the release of the tape involving trump, it has gotten smothered. whether -- it's up to the candidates to raise it again. you could say it's a media conspiracy to smother it but, nonethele
1:54 am
nonetheless, i think it was karl rove who said sex beats money or whatever is the subject. >> and are they worried about this in the clinton campaign? this is stuff about her being untruthful, this is about chelsea being a spoiled brat. bill clinton's sex life is a problem, a campaign memo to the dnc saying that they should build up donald trump and ted cruz before the primary. >> right. this is a lot of dirty laundry being aired at a very inconvenient time for her. of course they're concerned about it. they're concerned about a number of other things and they don't know what wikileaks has, what more that organization has. they don't know for sure exactly how that material was collected, when it will be released. you start to get into a state actor problem here. she was alluding to in the debate last night. and should she win, she's going to start her presidency with a giant fight with russia as a
1:55 am
very early problem. they're concerned about that. >> it's a legitimate pushback and that's what donna brazile did with me yesterday. but you could be having some substance here where she's saying something to wall street banks that object have youly she's not saying publicly, charlie, and there could be other shoes to drop. >> oh, yeah. and i think both campaigns are very concerned about what shoes are out there. talk about a wild election where there's no way to predict what is going to be the front page headline in three days. i think both campaigns are worried about what could come out next. but, you know, while there's no great, huge smoking gun here, the whole -- in all of this business about chelsea being a brat and just the psychodrama that goes on, it's a reminder that -- of the '90s, quite frankly. if hillary gets elected, then you can't say we weren't reminded of the '90s before the election. >> how you describe to us the
1:56 am
presidential campaign, your tweets and posts when we come back.
1:57 am
finally tonight, earlier on the program we asked you for a one-word description, a one-word description where we are right now in the presidential campaign following this incredible weekend of scandal and controversy. here is what you said on twitter. vile. lee marks, disgusting. nauseating. steve ashman, hopeless. susan ferguson, comeback.
1:58 am
miller, deplorable. shameful. amy, embarrassing. roy, degrading. shocking. flojo, pathetic. from our friends at facebook, susan carrier, earthquake. informative. jerry johnson, gratifying. how is everything going? gail high, horrible. trumptastic. boom, brutal. unprofessional. and jackie harris connor >> it is tuesday, october 11th. donald trump hits the campaign trail hard after the second presidential debate and has this
1:59 am
dare for hillary clinton and the media. >> if they want to release more tapes saying i be appropriate things we will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> this has house speaker paul ryan turns his back on the party's nominee. >> more e-mail troubles for hillary clinton. wikileaks dropping a band new batch of documents as they roll out a secret weapon to woe millenials. >> talks about how he would like to bunch people in the face? well, i would like to punch him in the face. >> a hollywood heavy weight firing back. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
♪ >> good morning to you. hope you are feeling on top of the world as you wake up on this tuesday morning. you are watching "fox & friends first." appreciate it. >> feels like the first day of fall. we begin with a race for the white house. 28 days until the election. donald trump is hitting the campaign trail arred after the second presidential debate. >> 28 days. hard to believe. the gop nominee daring hillary clinton to release more audio tapes from his past and warning it could be a rigged election. >> kristin fisher has the latest on that. >> good morning, heather and


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