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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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october 19th, 9:00 p.m. eastern. mark your calendars. the best place to watch the first fox moderated debate is on the fox news channel. we want to thank today's one lucky guy, judge alex ferrer. >> thank you for having me. sandra: good to have you. keep it here or "outnumbered overtime." "happening now" starts right now. of hillary clinton. back in august, they were in a dead heat. we are cover canning all of the news "happening now". the death toll rise nothing north carolina in the massive flooding cause canned by hurricane matthew and thousands of residents are still in the danger zone. the obama administration said russia is interfering in the the u.s. election. >> and a new turn in the legal
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case in the terror attack in paris. it is all "happening now". and we start with a fox news alert. donald trump about to take the stage in a rally in florida. it is it is a critical battleground stage for are him. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. we'll bring you there when donald trump steps to the podium. we saw rudy guiliani on outnumbered, warming up the crowd. and when donald trump steps up we'll bring you there. and clinton heads to the swing state of colorado. we have a new e-mail leak that is breaking at this moment, as the rift widens between the donald trump and the republican party that is a conversation piece today. we'll hear what he says about
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that if anything. and going to colorado. a listia has more with the clinton camp. >> reporter: hi, jenna, you mentioned the e-mails. we get a broader sense of the hostility in the clinton orbit. this is the fourth round of wiki leaks e-mail from campaign chair john podesta. and he writes to the president of the center of american progress. writes about sidney bloomingthal. people like sid lack aware or self respect. promise to shooty me if i end up like that. this comes on the notalgic look back on obama and the accomplishments. >> you want a candidate to advance those thing and defining
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principle and the central theme of had his candidacy, is opposition to all we have done. >> and the salt lake triboun endorsed clinton saying she is disturbing secretive and few errors and most significant is the use of private e-mail service is. but the fbi says it has cleared her of any wrongdoing and she repeatedly said she was wrong to leave that information in a vulnerable be spot. secretary clinton heads to colorado and other western states after appear nothing florida. and going after the millennial voters on the topic of climate change. she had a victory in florida. the judge in tallahassee sided with the democrats to extend the voter registration deadline to next week. more than a million people were evacuated due to hurricane
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matthew. >> it is important to note that the democrats were fighting for that in florida. new polls to tell you about. we'll start with the mamouth university poll where trump leads by five. national numbers showing hillary clinton with a bit of a post debate bounce. she is ahead nationally ten points. 50 to 40 percent and real clear politics has clinton ahead by more than six points. we'll talk about it with aaron blake. and michael warren. on line editor for the weekly standard. the trends are always important in these situations. michael, what are the trends showing about the two candidates. >> the trend show that donald trump is struggling to break out of where he's been since the
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general election started. 40 or 42 percent nationally. it is not good. he was already behind in the first presidential debate. he was behind after that first presidential debate. and then this video from 2005 came out and compounded his problem. he has to win over a shrinking number of swing voters that are undecided. he has to win 50 percent of them. you have a smaller poll of people and two big events that hurt him with those swing voters. suburban women, and missouri, a red state we expect that to deputy to trump. it is a bigger out liar for the bigger problem that trump is facing. >> we told you that donald trump is about to address the crowd in
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ocala, florida. he's taking to the microphone and let's his list in to what he has to say. ♪ i am proud to be a an american. >> all right. it appears he's going to revel in this song for a bit. and until he speaks, aaron, let me ask you this. he's basically declared war on leaders of his own party. and how's that bring independence in to the tent. >> it is not chlor right now. there is a lot of the unhappiness with washington and maybe it helps a little bit in that regard. and every moment he's spending on the internal war with paul ryan and john mccain is a moment he being spend in other ways. we'll listen to donald trump when he starts speak nothing
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ocala, florida. >> this is a big, big crowd. [cheering]. >> i tell you the sad thing, however, the only people that will be shown on television, will not be the 15000 people, it will be this group right over here. so the good news, you have better seats or standing rom only. but they are going to be more famous, right. and we want to have the cameras circle around and show the crowd. would you do that? cameras. go ahead. cameras. [applause] they never do it. they never do it so we will not waste our time. it is the dishonest media. we
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love being here and i love this state. as you know, i am here all of the time. in 27 days, we're going to win florida. and we are going to win back the white house. [cheering] >> and that's what is happening, folks, that's what is happening. we'll bring back our jobs and end illegal immigration and renegotiate our totally the trade deals, are the worst. we'll renegotiating those trade deals. reduce surging crime. you saw what happened the other day. murders in the united states, the highest level in 45 years. you don't hear that from the press. we are going to cut taxes, big-league. crooked hillary is going to raise taxeses. we are going to cut tax and regulationses and reduce the cost of education.
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by the way end common core and bringing our education local. [applause] we are going to lift the restrictions on american energy and deliver real change for are our great american people. it's time. [applause] [cheering] and when it comes to massive trade deal and america's borders, we'll defend the freedom and sovereigntyof the united states of america like never before. and we are going to once again, put america first. [applause]
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>> the today line for voter registration. who is not registered is there anybody in here not registered. if you are not registered get the hell out of here okay. this is a nice looking young goichlt leave right now and go and register. they just extend today for a little while. raise your right. do you promise to register after this if you like what i say? seriously i am curious. who is not registered in the young. all young people, and believe me, the young people like me better than bernie, i am telling you. [applause] >> because with me, when you graduate from college you will have a vast array of jobs, okay, right. so go out and register, and we
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are going to have an awfully, big, i tell you what, we'll have a big four years and eight years, big great future for our country. also, you can request an absentee ballot and you can vote by mail if necessary. and so register and request a ballot. thank you, i love you, too. the hillary clinton documents, have you been seeing what is going on? released by wiki leaks, make more chlor than ever just how much is at stake in november and how unattractive and dishonest our country has become. the election of hillary clinton would lead in my opinion to the almost total destruction of our
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country as we know it? she would be the most dishonest and can the most corrupt person ever elected to high office and i don't think it would be close. the wiki leak's e-mails show the department of justice fed information. did you see this? to the clinton campaign. so think of this. the department of justice. you remember that whole deal with wild bill getting in the airplane plague golf at 110? he went to the plane to talk to the attorney general to talk about his golf game and grandkids. he was there 39 minutes. i think we know what happened. the department of justice fed information. think of this to the clinton
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campaign about the e-mail investigation. so that the campaign could be prepa prepareed to cover up her crimes. now did you ever hear anything like this? and bite way, these dishonest people, mainstream media don't talk about this. now, if i sneeze, if donald trump sneezes today, it is it a major story. here you have department of justice coming to see them to brief them proir to their interview. folks, this is out of control. and the fbi, unbelievable people, you have incredible people in the fbi, i would be willing to bet that they are so ashamed of what has happened in the upper level. i would be be willing to bet they don't sleep at night.
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they are great people and americans. they can't knowledge what is going on. corruption and colougz is one more reason i will ask my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor. [cheering] our country has never been so low. in addition to a special prosecutor, to look into what happened and all of the corruption, and all of the crime, but someone deletes 33000 e-mail after getting a subpeona,
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and we have to also remember this, remember this, this may be in a sense more important. we have to investigate the investigation. [applause] we have to investigate the investigation. we never had a case like this. and even congress, you know, they never had this before because no event like this ever took place. you know, she lied to congress and she lied to the fbi. and remember he said she was negligent and all of the things she needed to be. and she lied in the debate about the dpold standard. remember she said never i had. she said i was not secretary of state when i said line in the sand. even the press said she was
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secretary of state, think about this. think of this. there's never been a time like this in our count cannery. and congress in all fairness and i am disappointed in them. i am so disappointed in congress. and i mean both sides. i am not talking republican or democrat. but everybody. to allow this to go on. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. [cheering] you know that. [cheering] other people's lives have been ruined, destroyed for doing a tiny fractions. the man with a book had to give back the right and went through held. and the man with a picture of a submarine and his mother is devastated. took pictures of a submalign and
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then we have to investigate the investigation and i speak to congressman, they tonight know what to do. normally they vote and hand it over the fbi and justice department. and the fbi and justice department won't do anything. so they don't know what to do. they do make up laws for cases like this? they take criminal acts in my opinion. criminal act and hand them over to the fbi. the fbi acknowledged and frankly that speech could have been ten times longer. yes, she did this and that. and we are not doing anything, right? what do you do when you hand them over to the fbi be and justice department and that's the end of it? we have never beena n if a position like this. i am embarrassed about what took place. and i am disappointed in
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congress because our people and politicians. do they make a deal with where everyone protects each other in washington. i really believe it. listen, we'll leave you alone, and when it is our turn, love them alone, do they make deals like this? this is most heinous and serious thing involving justice in the history of the united states. we have a person that has committed crimes that is now running for the presidency and she has the justice department where she told the ag that she would appoint her ag, again. and this person is supposed to it be ruling? whether i win lose or draw. i am ashamed of what has happened to our country and so are you.
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[applause] hillary clinton, bleached and deleted. 33000 e-mails. and did you see two days ago, boxes of e-mails and other things were missing? they were missing. [crowd chanting lock her up. ] >> so she deleted 33000 e-mails and bleached them. by the way no body bleaches and i have people who are sophisticated in the world never heard of it. it is called acwash. i have a feeling the nsa wants
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them. and she did this after. not before. before it being would be bad. and she did this after getting a subpeona. if your friend is suing you, and you do that you deputy to jail. the united states congress subpoenas her e-mails and others thing and she deletes e-mail saying that 33000. for are weddingioga class says 33 percent. and then, and then after all of that they are missing tw boxes ever group. she's using a phenomal they said we made a ruling in they are
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work related. >> if you show him the lu firm is very powerful. that law firm should be implicate canned in this crime and they got rid of all of this stuff. and they should be implicated because they have committed the crime. they are not supposed to say we got rid of most of it. that law firm, that i know very well, as i said, total professionals and insiders, they got rid of 33000 and much more than that. it is one of the great miscarriages of justice and then she destroyed her phones. some with a hammer to cover up her crimes. now many of you people ghot rid of cell phone and whack them with a hammer.
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one? what business are you in? i see two hands out of 15000. two hands and anybody else. it is so disgraceful and embaring. the press hardly report the wiki leaks. she did a big number be on catholics. she did a horrible number on evangelicals and they hardly report. it while she was secretary of state, she lost or disappeared almost $6 billion? how do you lose $6 billion? even chelsea clinton and the wiki leaks e-mail expressed serious concerns of conflicts of interest in the clinton foundation and state department. americans have had it with the
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years and decades of clinton corruption. it's corruption. whitewater, cattle. never ends with these people. most of you are too young to remember. remember the cattle? she had the greatest return in the history of cattle deals and some of those professional cattlemen and women, said boy, she's got at this stiff. they had done all of their lives. it is corruption. this will finally be the year american people say enough is enough. during a recent trip to florida, i had a chance to spend some time with the incredible
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residents of little haiti and you can see what is going on in haiti, it is a horrible thing and what is going on with clinton, it is a horrible thing. they despice the clintons what they did to the haitian people. new e-mails released yesterday. showed that during the deadly earthquake in haiti that killed over 150,000 people, the clintons stop cash're cashing in. as people were toying in haiti. chinton was separating out friend's request. from friends of clinton or bill am so this interest and contact, and others will be a.
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continuee, you you tony. >> he's put on the board of a big gold mine company having to do with with haiti. locks it is so bad. it issee rigged system. i tell you is unbelievable. >> i have it deputy and they can't put it out. without the media and the press, hillel would be number? >> she will be chore cheer >> and way the weigh [applause]
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yes, sir. and so they had nine on line polls and some of them had 90- 10. 80- 20. time magazine had a on on they are not a friend of mine but they put me to the roefrj see, they had total te instruction. and he saiding did see. did we beat or what? as haiti's death toll is on the rise, we should never forget how bill and hillary clinton handled haiti. to our friends in little haiti. i spent a long time. they have the warmest feeling
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and heart. to our friends in little haiti, your day of justice is coming. it arrives on november 8th. the new e-mails also show members of the clinton team attacking catholic and evangelicals. they attack catholic and evangelicals. viciously. that will not be be tolerated by the voters. and i tell you what, anybody of religion, you really have to vote for donald trump. i do believe that. and in all of the primaries, you saw that. i wasn't expected to win with with the evangelicals. and once they heard my message, we really, we won big with with evangelicals.
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they are incredible people. and remember the johnson amendment, we'll get rid of that. >> this is hatred from hillary clinton. she gave secret notes on when she needs to smile. smile hillary, smile. hey folks, we have to get back to work. our country is in trouble. smile. you believe it? smile. and how about where it said to the public you say this and to the others that give you the money, you say that? that is so revealing, someone will do a great bock on that. the press with little tiny story and big, big things and getting answers for the debate takes
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place. how about that? i tell you what, can you imagine me if any of this pertained to me. front page headlines. donald trump, oh, well, we seem to be doing well. hillary clinton, commonly referred to as crooked hillary. thinks that you, you all of you are deplorable and totally irredeemable. i actually think that irredeemable is worse. i don't know. i am the only one. deplorable and irredeemable. that you can never ever come back. i call you hard- working american patriots and together we are going to save this country. and make america great again.
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[crowd chanting usa] it is hot as hell in here, but i don't care. florida, right, florida. e-mails also show, that the dnc vice chair was feeding information, so much information to the candidate. oh, man, why can't the republicans do that? why can't reince feed me information proir to a debate. i am so angry at the republicans, i want to be fed information like hillary gets. and we still bet her badly,
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right, so what is the big deal. i want information. and the republicans are not doing their job. they should be able to get me all of the questions prior to the debate. this all comes after a secret tape that shows hillary clinton calling bernie. voters. i feel sorry with bernie, he made a deal with the devil and blew his reputation. she called bernie voters basement voters. to all of the bernie voters, join our movement and we'll fix our trade deal and get special interest out of government. and by the time it ends, i will have 100 million of my money in this thing. and that means hundred million dollars of people who don't have to say donald will you do that.
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it is a lot of money. and i asked her the other night. i will go hundred million and can if i lose, i will be so angry in florida. i will still love you i think. maybe not. you know, one of the pundits said they said mr. trump, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, you have done the single greatest job. no one did a thing like this. no matter where we go it is like this. they said, it is the single bill o'rielly. it is the single greatest flk phenom nam. if i don't win on november 8th. i will consider this the single waste of time of energy and money. we'll not beably to reduce your taxes or save your second amendment and appoint supreme
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court justices and take care of your vets and fix up your very depleted. the greatest people on earth. our military is demroeted. and we'll take care of a lot of things and including getting the drugs out. a vote for hillary is a vote for reckless foreign invasions. did she go down as all- time worst. more wall street cheating. and more terrible trade deals and as wiki hocs, she wants to cut your medicare and social security pen fits and i am not going to. the press doesn't want are that she wants to cut social security and she wants to cut your medicare. and one of the big advantages of me having a rather large microphone. and meaning a lot of people are listening. i can talk about wiki leaks and
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we are live television. naise manage. bump, bump, bump. think they are just turning them off. why did it endo see's vote to from is a vote for medicare and social security and lower your taxes. big, big tax break. wikiy leaks shows something that i have been warning about for a long time. the media is simply an extension of the clinton campaign. it is one of the biggest ways that our system is rigged. i was the first one to use that term when i ran in the primary and when i won lous lose and got fewer delegates.
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and the people say it is the way it is. i said the system is wrong and you will gets it is was i got more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party in the primary system. by far. it wasn't even close. reporter ares you work for the outlets like the washington post or new york times, may think of themselves as journalist. they are actually the new york times and boston glob i sue unvirgz andy was helm approximate what that do. s the light weight and he asked me the
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could you answer this question. they should have fired help for what he did. john harwoody cnbc doing favors for the clinton and the reporters smothering the clintons a praise. the new york times gave clinton a call to give her veto power over the quotes in a story. no one called me, had hi, mr. trump, we wrote a story and please give us feed back. this system is so rigged and this is all down in e-mails. she had veto power over what she said. i tell you what, i want to have that, too. i want to have veto power. i used to get such good publicity and now, i mean, it's like, it is incredible.
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i used to get, my life was so simple. and my life was so simple. and i had a beautiful simple life and i built an unbelievable company and i decide to do this and my life is slightly more complex. we have people in this audience that 18 years ago had one great job and making mormony 18 years ago than they are making now. and now they 2 or 3 jobs. they are older and working harder and making less. not a good assem blaj of facts. i am also older and working harder than i ever worked before. that i can tell you. including being in this wonderful arena in 114 degrees
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temperature. which is great and you go home and lose weight. you go home and say i feel great. let hillary clinton stand up here and talk the way i talk and see how long she lasts, folks. [applause] what a joke, what a total joke. our country 's in such trouble. it is so ridiculous. and the corporate media can't report on the establishment because the corporate media is the establishment. such a big part of it. we are going to break up the special interest monopoly and win the country back for the american people. we'll do it, too. the e-mails also reveal that
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hillary clinton believes in global government and unlimited immigration. inlimited from the middle east, come on in. 550 percent from president obama who doesn't know what the hell he's doing. and why is he campaigning? we just had a horrible job's report. and we have no growth and you saw the gd. and one percent. we have no growth. we have a horrible job's report. china's ripping us off. japan ripping us off with the car and mexico has an unbelievable deal with us both on the border and look at our trade deficit with mexico and china and vietnam, and everybody. last year, our country had
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a trade deficit of almost $800 billion. $800 billionment who the hell negotiates these deals? can you believe it? i say why the hell is obama allowed to campaign for hillary clinton. he's always campaigning and he's doing his little thing and having a good time. he outto be there in the white house working and fixing some of the horrible trade deals and bringing jobs back to our country and not campaigning for a crooked person. for a totally dishonest and crooked person. speaking in secret to a foreign bank, hillary clinton said my dream is a hemisphere for common market. that's not good with jobs. and totally open trade and open border ares, 600 million people
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could pour in to the united states, you will have nothing left. i tell you if that happens, i know the real estate here. sell fast. behind closed doors when she thought no one was listening, she pledged to dissolve the borders of the united states of america. she wants to dissolve the border and i am saying we want strong board and don't want drugs and crime coming in. i don't know. maybe i am wasting my time? am i wasting my time? i don't think so. she doesn't want borders, total amnesty. i tell you what, folks, this is the last time you will have a chance to save our country. the numbers will be too great. already the republican nominee has a massive disadvantage and
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especially when you have the leaders not putting their weight behind the people. they are not putting their weight behind the people. and instead of calling me and saying congratulations, you did a great job and you destroyed her in the debate like everybody said. pat buchan an wrote an article. i am not bragging, maybe a little bit, but here. he said it was the single greatest debate performance in the history of presidential politics. [applause] so, wouldn't you think that paul ryan would say good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country.
10:43 am
you would think they great going, don. and let's boat this crook. let's beat her. we have to stop her. no, he doesn't do it. there is a whole deal. there is a whole deal going on and i always figure things out. and there is a whole center city going o. crooked hillary wants to it end the american independence that our great founder ares grave us. our founders are spinning in their graves. like douglas mcarthur and george pa10. and general glip and all of the generals, over 200 admeral and generals endorsed donald trump. over 200. [applause] 21 congressional medal honor
10:44 am
recipients endorsed donald trump. i tell you, you know what i like, they are very smart tough people like me. i like that. smart tough people. they like tough. american soldiers have born and died to win and keep america's freedom and hillary clinton wants to surrender that to open border and world government. and i do believe in free-trade. i believe more in smart trade. and make smart deal and bring jobs back. i am not running to be president of the world. i am running to be the president of the united states of america. [applause] [cheering] oh, i wish those cameras would turn so sometime our friends in new york and pennsylvania and
10:45 am
ohio, with all of these different states, they could see the crowd. but they hear. it when you hear the noise. they never show the crowd but they hear the crowd. you can't imitate the noise. [applause] [cheering] [applause] we will never surrender the freedom and sovereignty of the united states. it's going to be america first. america first.
10:46 am
[crowd chanting usa] and yesterday, hillary had gore for climate change. you know that i have won numerous environmental awards. i believe in the environment. i am a believer and within reason. i want clone water and clean air. that's what i want. that is climate change and environmental protection. but hillary had this deal, very lightly attended and i watched on television. this is the largest crowd that she's had. she has a tiny fractions. and they are not going to say look at the crowd.
10:47 am
with crocked hillary yesterday. she had al gore get up. and this more giechlt i don't know what will hell happened to him? she had had al gore get up because don't forget. obama thinks that climate change is the single biggest and most dangerous problem for the world today. [crowd boos] >> not nuclear weapons in the handed of maniacs or countries that hate us. no, no, no problem. climate change is our problem. i tell you you how should this is going, folks. if we don't win the election, i don't know what i am going to do. i don't know. no, no, can you imagine here is a guy, where we have isis that
10:48 am
he essentially founded, if you look. remember i said founded and get the medal and i kiddingly. really not that kiddingly. and they put let me tell you something. they pulled out of iraq and i was against it. and they know it. and we should have never been in iraq. but when we were the way he pulled out. announced when he's leaving and instead of leaving groups behind and they created a vacouple and isis was formed. and the biggest thing that came out of the debate. and first debate if i didn't have a fixed or microphone. no one told me. i couldn't talk good because my mike didn't work. it is interesting. hillary said she will do this and this. and she's been there 30 year and never did it.
10:49 am
and i said to her, let me ask you a question, and by the way, the so- called commission on presidential debates, the head guy used to work for bill clinton? i just found that out. the head guy worked for bill clinton. what a rigged deal this system is. but here's the story. i have no respect for that story. presidential commission. give me a break. that's why i wast we did to a nil eight the enemy the other day. so happy. because we are dealing against a dishonest system. but hillary. so important. wants to have a radical, and this is very radical. immigration. she wants to radicalize
10:50 am
immigration where you have people pouring in. border patrol. 16, 500 gave me endorsement. last week ice, you don't hear great things because they are not allowed to do their job. these are are people that frankly would work a lot i mean their job is easier if hillary wins because all they have to do is stand there and watch people walk in front of them. these are tough people, smart people. first time in history they endorse me they got to work harder and they endorse me. and one of the things they told me that i thought was terrible is that she refused when she was secretary of state to make foreign countries take back their criminal aliens. in other words, we have somebody in from a foreign country illegally, the person kills
10:51 am
somebody, hurts somebody, robs a store, a bank, all sorts of drugs all over the place and we want to send them back to the country from which they came and we bring them back because the country says we're not taking them. so they bring them back into the united states and we put them into our society. i guarantee you and you can mark my words and there's a lot of tape running, that won't happen once when donald trump is president. not once. guarantee you that. one convicted criminal alien she allowed to go totally free. killed a young girl named casey chadwick. beautiful young girl. the corrupt establishment in washington wants to surrender america's borders even as they send our troops overseas to protect the borders of other
10:52 am
countries. she's protect those borders but not our borders. casey chadwick was a great example and he was let free and she should be alive today. jameel shaw has a son, had a son, a great young man killed violently and i don't know if you know but killed violently by an illegal immigrant. shot three times in the face for no reason. somebody that wasn't supposed to be here. and you have case after case after case. we're not going to have it anymore. we or not going to be the stupid people anymore. we're not going to be the stupid weak people anymore. a trump administration will secure, control, defend and protect the borders of the united states as sure as you are standing here today.
10:53 am
[ chanting build that wall ] >> we will 100% build the wall. 100%. are you ready? are you ready? and who is going to pay for the wall? >> all: mexico. >> 100%. they just don't know it yet. they don't know it yet but 100%. they'll pay for the wall.
10:54 am
we're going to have a great relationship with mexico and china and all of the countries that are ripping us off and now have no respect. they're going to make less and they're going to like us more. funny how that works but it's true. mexico is making a fortune with trade. they're taking our jobs. so many things. they are going to respect us finally. we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country. florida has seen a 470% increase in heroin deaths. think if you have a child. 470% increase in heroin deaths since 2007. think of that. think of your kids and your grandkids. we're going to stop it and most is coming across the southern border. when we allow ice and the border patrol agents and when we give them that big beautiful wall with a door in it so people can come in but they have to come in legally, we want them to come
10:55 am
in, but they have to come in legal legally. we will stop the drugs from poisoning our youth and others. but i have a message for the drug dealers, for the gang members and the criminal cartels, your days are numbered, believe me. your days are numbered. hillary also wants a 55% increase in syrian refugees. we don't know anything about them. this even though she admitted in private according to wikileaks just out that she knows terrorists are trying to infiltrate and she knows it, they're trying to infiltrate our refugee program. so she said it just yesterday, that she knows they're trying to come in through that method and yet she wants 550% more than
10:56 am
even obama's staggeringly high numbers, thousands and thousands. we can't let it happen. and you know, we all have a heart. and we'll build safe havens and have the gulf states pay because they're not doing their share. they have plenty of money. we can't pay. we owe $23 trillion. doubled during obama years. he doubled the debt during his years. in fact the terrorists have already infiltrated our country. there are now 1,000 open isis investigations in our 50 states. a record. attack after attack including the recent terror strikes in new jersey, new york, minnesota as well as the mall shooting in washington. were made possible by our extremely open immigration system that's meant only to protect fools and we're not fools. so let me state this clearly as
10:57 am
i can. i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. she won't even use the word. she won't even use the term. our incompetent president, i call him our campaign president, our incompetent president won't use the term. radical islamic terrorism. he won't use it. he tries to explain it. he spends hours trying to explain why. if you don't identify your problem folks, you're never going to get rid of it. it's only getting worse. i said it before, we started off
10:58 am
when he became president with no isis, nobody heard the term isis which he calls isil. right? you know why he does that? because he likes disturbing all of you. he calls isil. but we started off, we had no isis. and now 7 1/2 years later there they're in they think 32 countries and she's going to get rid of them. i can tell you this. they are hoping and they are praying, they are hoping and praying that hillary clinton becomes president of the united states. because they'll take over not only that part of the world, they'll take over this country, they'll take over this part of the world believe me. they are hoping. they are hoping. and by the way, she likes to say they want me. i will be their worst nightmare. i'm going to be their worst
10:59 am
nightmare. oh. and she lied during the debate. remember when i said the red line in the sand. she said i wasn't secretary of state all flustered. i said she sword of said she wasn't. she was there. it turned out to be a lie and even the media said they hated she lied about that and many things. you know this horrible iran deal where they gave $400 million in cash but it turned out to be $1.7 billion in cash. you couldn't fit that in the back of this arena. that's how much money it is. she gave -- they gave that much money to the terrorists, to our enemies. by the way, our enemies aren't even nice to us. you see the little boats going
11:00 am
around our beautiful ships doing all sorts of little things to drive our people crazy. folks, they're not going to do that stuff when i'm president i guarantee you. guarantee. you see the way they captured our ten sailors because they were a little bit in the wrong waters and instead of saying nicely, they humiliated the sailors, their families and our country, right? and the only reason they let them go is that our payments of $150 billion started the next day. so stupid they're not. and when they fly, they flew right alongside of our planes the other day. you saw that. their jet fighters. right? you saw that? when putin is buzzing, you know, hillary is tough with russia. ever notice anything that goes wrong they blame russia. russia did it.


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