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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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for the first time ever by fox news anchor, that's chris wallace. wednesday, the 19th in las vegas. watch it right here on fox. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 p.m. in lakeland, florida, where donald trump is set to speak at any moment. after taking new swipes at everyone from the top republican on capitol hill to the commission on presidential debates. because why not? he's also reprimanding the voters. reprimanding the voters in florida for his new low poll numbers there. we'll have trump's comments live. but first, just in and brand new on fox newschannel, the fox news decision debt has made a move. they've moved a solid republican state to toss-up. this is the third state our number crunchers switched since last debate. we'll give you the details and the first swing state polls conducted after the debate.
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the swing states will decide the presidency and we have brand new numbers. we'll tell you who has the lead where. also, wikileaks putting out a new round of hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign. while hillary clinton bashes donald trump for praising russia's president. clinton is calling va'a lad putin engaging and interesting. let's get to it. first from the fox news desk, donald trump set to take the stage in a crucial battleground state of florida. a live look at the rally in lakeland, 35 miles east of tampa. along with that critical aye 4 corridor. we'll listen in when he speaks. if he picks up where he left off with his war of words this morning, this will be something else. trump is on the war path as the republican civil war escalates. he's on the twitter tirade against house speaker, paul ryan, plus the senator john
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mccain and dozens of gop lawmakers who have withdrawn support from him. trump tweeted, the shackles have been taken off. last night, he said he doesn't want support from speaker ryan anyway. he suggested ryan might not be speaker if he wins the white house. >> if you're elected president, you're going to need mccain and ryan. you're going to need these guys. >> they'll be there. they'll be there. i would think that ryan maybe wouldn't be there. maybe he'll be in a different position. there. will be there. >> trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway this morning telling abc news it's it up to congress to decide will ryan remains speaker and it is. she had an interesting choice of words about some of the fellow republicans. >> we want the support of anyone who will owe ienough of the pus i footing around. do you support us or do you not support us? the fact is, some of these leaders have been wishy-washy. >> conway saying the trump
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campaign has a great relationship with the rnc chairman, reince priebus, the man whose job it is to get donald trump elected. she and priebus talk several times a day and he's often in new york to help campaign. of course, the war of words between trump and the republican leaders is just the latest fallout from that leaked video from "access hollywood" in which gop front-runner brags he can grope anyone whenever he wants and sexual -- >> he and hillary clinton are set to face off again next week in the third and final presidential debate of this cycle. it will be in las vegas and moderated by the "fox news sunday" anchor, chris wallace. we have team fox coverage now in pueblo, colorado. first cameron in lakeland, florida, where it's going to happen again. hello, carl. >> hi there, shep. there's been plenty of turmoil and we're not even through it. donald trump is in flight from his earlier event in ocala. we expect him to touchdown at
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any moment from the 737. dubbed by the staff trump force one. he's made no effort to sort of quell the animosity between him search and paul ryan. in fact, he's been sort of picking at the scab. last night and again today, he's challenging paul ryan, really going after him and criticizing him. in time after time, he's making the case that paul ryan, effectively by not supporting donald trump, is not just disloyal to donald trump, but disloyal to republicans and disloyal to the country. watch this. >> you think that they'd say great going, don, let's go, let's beat this crook. she's a crook. let's beat her. we got to stop it. no, he doesn't do that. there's a whole deal going on there. i mean, you know, there's a whole deal going on. we're going to figure it out. i always figure things out. but there's a whole sinister deal going on. >> a whole sinister deal.
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once he -- he said that he doesn't have any respect for it at all. he's called for the resignation of the republican commissioner frank barren cough who refused to bring trump bring the four clinton accusers on to the debate stage or put them in his family box the other night. today trump said he found out that mike mccurrie, the former white house spokesperson, the democrat, is the co-dmi co-commissioner. he didn't know he was a democrat. he said he has no respect for it. but he's looking forward to the debate a week from today hosted by our colleague chris wallace in vegas. >> what's the final pitch? i heard that he was reprimanding voters down there because his poll numbers are down. >> >> reporter: he is trailing hillary clinton in florida. when you look at the electoral college map, a republican who can't win florida or ohio has very little path, particularly in this given year. what trump has done now for the last -- couple of the last
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debates, is he has essentially scolded floridians and said if i lose, in effect, it's their fault. watch. >> i'm sorry. my bad. my fault, shep. i thought we had that too. he said it last night and again. if he doesn't win, i'll be angry at you. talking to floridians. which is really pretty amazing. normally what you have when candidates are soliciting support is an ingratiating polite request and policy to take -- if i win and you've not supported me or if i've lost florida, i'll come back. of course, he's got lots of property here. he calls florida a second home. he's kind of tried to moderate it a little bit by saying maybe i'm only kidding. but it's a fairly unconventional way to get people's votes, essentially bullying them a little bit. but that's how trump has campaigned. most of the folks in the crowd seem to get it. when you see it on tv or on the
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radio, it seems a little off color. >> yes, it does. a look over your left shoulder, it may come a gully washer. >> i meant the rain. >> there he is. >> no, no. forget the belly washer. >> good grief. >> trump force one. trump force one under the shades. there it is. >> we're going long. >> they look fired up and ready to go, carl. >> there you go, shep. the plane is here. he'll be on the stage in a matter of minutes. we got a couple thousand people here on the tarmac on a blistering hot day. >> blistering hot. >> no doubt, trump will heat it up. >> it may rain, carl. >> you used to work down here in florida. you know that doesn't stop tv from going and it won't stop the trump fans. >> rains every day at 3:30 before the live shot so you can sweat it out on the tv there, carl. it's great. i miss florida.
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>> i'll see you later. we're going to go back to you in a minute. donald trump will be up there and it will be magical. the typically red state of utah. here's a strange one. utah could be anyone's game on election day. would you take a gander. just minutes ago, the fox news decision team have decided to move utah from a solid republican state since fluff was a kitten and she's a full grown cat. and it's a toss-up. yesterday we reported that the swing state of florida and nevada, predicted outcome of the electoral colleges on the right-hand side of the screen. see that. it shows hillary clinton beating donald trump 307-181. if those numbers hold, that makes hillary clinton your next president. let's look at three new state polls. here's the new one from utah. a poll from salt lake city based analytics firm shows donald trump and hillary clinton are in statistical dead heat with a
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person you've never heard of. a third-party candidate named evan mcmull in. trump and clinton are tied with evan mcmullin at 22% in utah. utah is a statistical three-way tie. mcmullin is a native of utah. a former cia agent. he served as policy director for the house republicans. you can see gary johnson with 14%. utah is a toss-up. never said that before. a new one out of ohio, has clinton up by nine points. remember, no republican candidate has ever won -- has not won the presidency without carrying the buckeye state since abe lincoln in 1860. another sur vaf from monmouth university shows trump leading clinton in missouri by five points following sunday's debate. meantime, hillary clinton on the campaign trail? the swing state of colorado today. set to hold a campaign event later this hour, pueblo.
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we'll go to that once it's under way. >> we're live in pueblo. south of colorado springs. alicia, over to you. >> reporter: secretary clinton is expected to arrive here within the hour to speak to the crowd in pueblo, colorado. she's coming here to encourage people to vote. that's because, in this state, every active voter will receive a ballot by mail. those go out in five days. colorado is the ultimate swing state the last several presidential elections. here's a look at the real clear politics average in colorado. hillary clinton leads donald trump by just over seven points and a third-party candidate is included. this is despite the fact that her poen ebt visited the last few months. just last week he was in pueblo where secretary clinton will be speaking. i did ask a campaign staffer if she was coming here today as an answer to trump's visit last week. i was told no, they're just here to expand their base.
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shep? >> i was watching trump's rally earlier today and he was -- the president is in an ad for hillary clinton now. >> absolutely. yes. hillary for america released a new video. it's more than two minutes long. it features president obama and prominently mrs. obama with the president speaking underneath. it's nostalgic in feel as obama lifts off what he says are his accomplishments. he's seen hugging mrs. clinton and also taking direct aim at her competitor. take a listen. >> one candidate who will advance those things. there's another candidate who whose defining principles, the central theme of his candidacy is opposition to all that we've done. >> reporter: clinton did receive an endorsement today from the salt lake city tribune. however, it was couched a bit. the paper called her out on the e-mail scandal and the secrecy. in part, it reads, if she's
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elected, she would be well-advised to be much more transparent and to wall herself and the administration off from the influence of lobbyists. the paper also tore into donald trump saying in part, trump's outsider candidacy did at least start out with some good intentions but as it played out, his entire campaign was based on insulting and divisive rhetoric and lying about how bad things are. and to fix things by being a dictator. shep, if there's any doubt about how the clinton campaign is doing today, fox news confirmed that super pac priorities usa is spending money on down ballot races, senate races here in colorado and nevada. shep? >> wow. alicia acuna with a lot of the clinton camp. this is lakeland, florida where we've been watching the dishonest media deplane. the dishonest media have been coming out one by one to prepare for further dishonesty and trump will speak shortly. and we'll take you there.
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how should republicans handle the new unshackled donald trump. ? >> i'll talk to a journalist who says the gop is split on that question, like everything else with lots of house and senate races hanging in the balance. so what do you do? that's next on the fox news deck here on this wednesday afternoon.
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election day after trump's twitter rant against house speaker paul ryan and the gop establishment at large. the source went on to say, we have been a total collapse in the general ballot. that's when pollsters ask people whether they prefer a republican or a democrat without naming names and that's a bad sign for republicans. let's bring in josh letterman a white house reporter with the associated press. what are you seeing? >> this is playing out in house and senate races across the country. in arizona, georgia, north carolina, all kinds of places. you know, even just a few days ago, it seems like republicans were really sure they were going to be able to hold the house without any problem. >> yeah. >> right, absolutely. even that is being called into question. the challenge here for republicans is they're trying to figure out-do i stick with trump or disavow him? either way, they're bound to lose votes. they're stuck between donald trump and a hard place. let's take john mccain for example in arizona. this is someone -- this is a state where trump won by 22
12:17 pm
points over at the time cruz in the primary. there are a lot of republicans in arizona who really, really like donald trump and are going to be upset with mccain and possibly won't vote for him because of his change of heart. on the other hand, were he to have stuck with trump, you would have seen more moderate republicans, people turned off by donald trump refusing to vote for mccain. it's a calculation by every campaign across the country. am i more likely to lose more votes by sticking with the party's nominee or getting rid of him? >> based on that reporting you just gave, that means they'll all lose. there aren't enough voters to go around. you need voters to vote down the ticket. if they don't do that, everybody loses. do they have a strategy to rectify this? >> that's the big unanswered question. will the trump effect continue down the ballot. there's no way to answer that until the election day. if you're someone trying to distance yourself from trump and the republicans.
12:18 pm
you're counting on voters going to the polls and say i'm not going to vote for that guy but i am going to check the name next to the other republicans on the ballot. that kind of ticket splitting is not something that we historically have seen often at all in american politics. it's something that republicans in the house an the senate campaigns are counting on happening this year. >> we haven't seen anything like this before. but it doesn't make sense that you're a republican and you want conservative ideals, you want -- you want a conservative way of government that you would realize donald trump is it for you and not vote for other republicans. it doesn't make sense. is the point that those people would just stay home so there wouldn't be votes for anyone? >> that's the big concern. that's also the concern for a lot of democrats and for the clinton campaign, frankly. that people will be so turned off by this, people will assume this is already in the bag for hillary. even some of her voters may not show up to vote because they don't think it's necessary. i think that a lot of people are bracing for a dampened turnout
12:19 pm
this election. voters turned out by both candidates and how that plays out, we have yet to see. >> josh letterman, thanks for coming in. >>. small plane crashed in connecticut. we reported on it yesterday. it was a fireball on main street in east hartford, it was. well, today we've gotten word there is a survivor. and that survivor claims this plane crash was not an accident. the fbi is now on the case. an intentional crashing of a plane on main street? who does that and why? a live update from the scene. that's next.
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you are looking live. there's the trump plane. that's trump plane number two. the first plane was the media
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plane, making america great where all the dishonest come off there. this is the one that holds the trump himself. familiar sight at laguardia on the tarmac. see it there all the time. 757 alpha frank. that's trump's ride there. he'll be stepping up to the microphone in a minute. brand new, just in. hillary clinton's plane, stronger together, has just landed there in the pueblo, colorado. so she's going to come off there and do her thing. if they talk at the same time, i don't know what we'll do. they will put them both up there and let them speak at the same time on top of each other. it would be equally as informative as separate. hurricane matthew may have caused $10 billion throughout the southeastern united states. incredible. that's according to goldman sachs estimate after the storm destroyed more than a million buildings. that storm destroyed a million buildings and forced businesses to shut down. let's take a live look at lumberton, north carolina. this isn't live. this is from this morning.
12:24 pm
this is a drone shot. it's amazing. this is 120 miles south and east of charlotte. forecasters say some rivers will continue to rise until friday. man, they've been through a lot. officials telling thousands of people in parts of north carolina that they need to get out now. that more flooding and worse flooding is coming. and the drone pictures are really remarkable. this goes on forever and ever. 35 people have died in the united states as a result of matthew. more images in our slide show this afternoon. here's a church in lumberton. that's it. water up halfway to the windows. these people taking akah noo through town to get to get to this elderly woman's home. in lumberton, they have blessed sausage. something i've not heard before. this is city workers trying to get to a water treatment plant. that's no good. this is south carolina here. they had problems upstate. national guard rolled into
12:25 pm
nichols, about 50 miles northwest of myrtle beach. it sent 9,000 troops to help throughout the southeastern united states. one last picture here. this same town, this pickup truck underwater as you can see, that's it. officials say crews have rescued at least 150 people by boatright there. man. the pilot of that small plane that crashed in connecticut killing a passenger says it was no accident. that's according to the mayor of east hartford, connecticut, about 100 miles north and east of new york city. now officials say they're not ruling out anything at this point, including terrorism. but they haven't said it is. don't get freaked out over it. we don't know yet. but somebody apparently intentionally crashed this plane and the fbi is investigating. the police chief says the plane crashed near an office for a defense contractor that is described as critical infrastructure, pratt whitney. the pilot is in the hospital talking to investigators. "the new york times" reports that the passenger was a flight
12:26 pm
school student from jordan in the united states on a visa. and the feds say the pilot and student were set to land the plane at a nearby airport when it suddenly crashed into utility poles and burst into flames. rob schmitt. live there now. >> reporter: the ntsb just came out and said this was an intentional crash making it all the more interesting. now the fib is here to figure out why. they want to know the motive. was this a terror plot like you said, against pratt and whitney, which is next to where this plane went down. that's why the fbi came here to look at this. like you said, they're a defense contractor, making jet engines for the u.s. military. it does appear there would be a motive to attack a place like this. it's considered critical infrastructure like you said. or it could simply be a suicide attempt. it could be either one. it could be a number of things at the end of the day.
12:27 pm
but the plane was intentionally brought down according to the fbi. it came down in east hartford on main street. it missed the pratt whitney headquarters by -- it made a huge fire on main street in the middle afternoon. two people on board, the instructor had serious burns, critical burns. taken to the hospital but still alive. the student pilot was killed. nobody else was hurt. instructor is telling the investigators that the plane was crashed intentionally. but no word whether this could be ti be terrorism. >> two sets of controls i've read. what do we know about the student pilot who died? >> reporter: that's another thing. two sets of controls. very interesting how this went down. the full name of that student, fray tech, 28 years old from jordan in the middle east. a nation that borders a lot of places right now that we're
12:28 pm
involved with, syria, iraq, borders, saudi arabia, right in the heart of the middle east. nothing else popping up on him. he lived in illinois for some period of time. not sure if he lived here now. the one interesting thing i read, shep, is the local paper putting out that he told the instructor he no longer wanted to fly the plane while they were in the plane. if you're thinking that maybe this is some kind of terrorism, the person in question telling instructor i no longer want to fly the plane doesn't add up at all. there's a couple different ways this could go here. it's all one big question mark. for their part, nothing really is coming out officially at these press conferences. they're not telling you anything. >> nothing official but they're leaking a lot and it's curious. rob, thanks very much. appreciate it. donald trump apparently not the only presidential nominee praising vlad putin. hillary clinton has had nice innings to say about him too. according to wikileaks.
12:29 pm
we'll show you the new quotes from that. and also that the hacked e-mails showed collusion. we put judge napolitano on this. he has a striking observation. clinton supporters say staffers were sharing information available to anybody. but the judge will weigh in. it will be memorable. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news at the fox news desk.
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i'm lea gabrielle with the fox reports and more heed lines. an explosion destroyed two buildings in illinois. romeoville near chicago. firefighters say workers were fixing a gas leak when the building exploded. two workers got hurt. it was lights out for parts of tokyo after a massive power outage. the power company reports it's looking into whether a fire in this substation caused the blackout. as many as 600,000 homes in the dark. the outage also cut power to some high-speed trains. the lights are back on now. and a fan as plan to help the san francisco giants beat the chicago cubs didn't work out so well. the cubs haven't gotten to the world sears is since 1945. the curse of the billy goat. a giants fan brought a goat to the ballpark last night. it backfired. the cubs won 6-5. >> more with shepard smith right after this.
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hillary clinton has repeatedly gone after donald trump for having a bromance with the russian president vlad putin. apparently excerpts from her paid speeches show, she also praised putin in the past. according to a new o wikileaks release today, during one speech back in may of 2013, secretary clinton said, i sat next to putin. he's an engaging and, you know, very interesting conversationalist. we talked about a lot of issues that were not the hot button issues between us. is that condemning. according to wikileaks in a speech later, clinton talks about visiting putin outside moscow where he talked about the problem that he claims the u.s. causes. clinton responded and i quote, we actually have some things in common. we both want to protect wildlife and i know how committed you are to protecting the tiger. she went on, i mean, all of a sudden he sat up straight and his eyes got big and he goes, you care about the tiger?
12:36 pm
well, if that's not disqualifying, i mean, golly, fox business network peter barnes live in washington. we all love tigers except for the lsu ones, we hate those. >> no comment, shep. let me get to the comments and the latest dump of 1200 of them. we have additional insights about how the clinton campaign was trying to fight bernie sanders early in their campaign, particularly on the issue of clinton and her ties to wall street. in e-mails from january, clinton's policy adviser, jake sullivan, purportedly wrote to mandy grun wald, he was concerned that sanders gets to whack her around about wall street and she's purely positive to him in replay. grun walled responded, we don't need to prove he's bad on wall street. that's not really credible. we need to prove we're okay. we don't want this fight to
12:37 pm
which sullivan responded, why is it not credible that he has really dumb plans for wall street. shepard? >> clinton's staff talked about how to get out their message. >> yeah. they were wrestling with whether or not to have press conferences. one exchange from may of last year, clinton's close aide, uma abedin asks whether they asked john podesta whether the campaign could survive not taking questions -- podesta responding if she thinks she can get to labor day without taking press questions, i think that's suicidal. in a statement today, the clinton campaign, once again said it is not confirming the authenticity of any of these e-mails, but it's not denying they're authentic either. donald trump did address them today saying that the documents for him make it more clear than ever how much is at stake in november and how unattractive and as he said, dishonest our
12:38 pm
country has become. the election of hillary clinton would lead to total -- a total destruction of the country as we know it. shep? >> and the tiger. >> wikileaks reports these e-mails are from hillary clinton's campaign manager, john podesta. he says the fbi is investigating russia over the reported hack. the e-mails have shown clinton aides may have been in touch with -- inside the justice department. donald trump coming off his plane now. we're expecting to hear from him in a moment. he's sporting the make america great cap again this afternoon. as he came down the gangplank or whatever you call that thing. security guards at the left and the right and soon he will grace us with his presence. we'll have it live moments from now. let's point out on the clinton stuff, the new information in at least one message would have been public knowledge, but donald trump says it shows the clinton campaign in cahoots with the feds. let's bring in the judge. judice andrew napolitano.
12:39 pm
this is a trump truism or untruth? >> this is something that's been blown greatly out of proportion. it started out with a simple phone call from a colleague in the justice department to a former colleague in the clinton campaign saying, by the way, there's a status conference tomorrow in one of the freedom of information act cases. that is the type of call lawyers make all the time as a courtesy to the people involved in the case. the justice department was defending the state department and the freedom of information act cases. what's a status conference? it's where lawyers get together and look at their iphones and blackberries and figure out how much time do we need for this and whether we're ready for that. nothing substantive is done. correct, correct. >> from that, people have said aha -- >> aha. >> the justice department tipping off the clinton campaign on the fbi e-mail investigation. not so. >> this ordinary professional courtesy. don't forget there's a status conference meeting at the end of the week. it was not the fbi.
12:40 pm
it was not the e-mail investigation. it was one of the 40 freedom of information act requests lawsuits filed against the state department looking for mrs. clinton's e-mails. >> i don't have any problems with most tigers. i didn't understand -- like that e-mail, that's the best thing today? >> that's an endangered species in russia. >> he takes pictures with them. >> by raising that issue, she would get him to pay attention. >> sometimes he takes his shirt off while riding a horse to go see a tiger. >> does he take a shifrt off when riding a tiger? >> i've never seen him ride a tiger. trump is up there now. well, it's a rare opportunity to hear donald trump speak. so bring the kids around and let's see what happens. >> we're outside. you don't need a fire marshal. we're outside. so fire marshal, will you let the people in, please? i assume the fire marshal is a
12:41 pm
democrat. i assume. unbelievable. it never stops. but i tell you, we have had an amazing time. we just left, as you know, another section of florida, which is a great, great section especially if you like horses. we had a crowd that you would not have believed. over 15,000 people. they couldn't get them all in either. they never can because there's a movement going on that's amazing. in 27 days, we're going to win florida and we are going to win back the white house. win it back. we're going to bring back our jobs, we're going to renegotiate our disastrous trade deals. we're going to reduce surging crime which is going down at bad, bad numbers. we're going to cut taxes. big league and she's going to raise your taxes big league. we're going to get rid of many
12:42 pm
of our unnecessary regulations. lift the restrictions on american energy. and we're going to end common co core. we're going to reduce the cost of college, which is going up at record setting pace. make child cara fordable so important. and we're going to repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. we're going to put america first and we're going to be united in our love for our country. we are a divided country right now. divided almost like never before. we are going to be a united country again. this election is a simple choice. it's a choice between putting our faith in a corrupt establishment or putting our
12:43 pm
faith in you. the american people. you know, i just said in front of this big, big crowd. we just literally left. i can't believe we're going to end up doing -- the last two weeks i said we're going to do four or five of these a day. can you believe that? first of all, hillary has very small crowds. nobody cares. but how many of these do you think hillary could do a day? maybe a half. i was in this massive -- it was like a really hot building. it was a steam tub. it was over 100 degrees, we went
12:44 pm
for an hour and ten minutes. the people were unbelievable. and i said, jokingly, i said if the people of florida don't vote for me, i'm going to be very angry and one of the news commentators says that donald trump admonished the people of florida. you know who i'm talking about. these guys are so crooked, they're worse than hillary clinton. i think they might be more crooked than hillary and that's saying a lot. isn't that amazing? i couldn't believe it. i'm watching it. i said, i'm going to be so angry at the people of florida, joking. everybody is joking and laughing. he said, he admonished the people of florida. they make it sound like such jerks. it's unbelievable. i tell you what, these are the most dishonest people you'll ever see. these are horrible, horrible people. not in all cases. but most of them. you know who i'm talking about back there. you should be ashamed of
12:45 pm
yourself. it's a choice between the pessimism of hillary clinton and the optimism of a movement powered by millions of people all over the country. she's been there for 30 years and hasn't done anything but fail. take a look at what she's done. during the last debate, which i -- look, i want to be partial and all. which i won big league. that was not even a contest. how about this? i'm standing at the podium, my podium. i'm standing by my chair, right. i'm standing and she walks across. i said, hi hillary, how are you doing? she walks across and she stands in front of me and then the next day i wake up saying, we got all good reviews. of all of the online polls we won ten out of ten by big margins. forget that.
12:46 pm
forget it. so i'm standing at my podium by my chair. she walks across the room. she's standing in front of me, right next to me. the next day i said what did the paper say? he said he invaded her space. believe me. the last space that i want to invade is her space. >> i don't want to invade her space. we're still trying to let mees poor people come in. come on, fire marshal, do your job. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. she shouldn't be allowed. i'm telling you. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president based on her
12:47 pm
crimes. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. it's time for a new direction. our movement is about rebuilding our country. reuniting our citizens and revitalizing the spirit of our nation. i'm asking you to believe in america once again. i'm asking you to believe in the american dream once again. going to happen. the deadline for voter registration has just been extended. make sure to register. folks, who here has not registered? you have permission. front row. the guy stands here for hour and not registered. you have permission to leave here right now and register. not a lot of people. anybody not register here, anybody? that's great. i think we're going to have a little brexit coming up in
12:48 pm
november. i think. because hillary's dying with her crowds. you don't have to fill in the seats. you see the crowds. you saw the crowds that we're getting all over. every place. not just in florida. no matter where we go. ohio, pennsylvania. and it's a movement like they've never seen before. so we've had an interesting time. but the press has been reporting it. you know what they're talking about. wikileaks. >> we reported that. we just reported that a few minutes ago while you were watching us on the plane. i did not say admonished. i said reprimanded. because that's exactly what he did. voters have already been casting their ballots and key states ahead of election day. now two more states joined the list including one critical battlegrounder. lots of important battleground states sto get to. should he say anything that's really -- you know, put it up here. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
12:49 pm
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election day is november 8th it says here but voters in more than a dozen states are already casting ballots either at the polls or by mail and here they are. all the yellow states. it's how they roll. today arizona and the swing state of ohio join the list. political experts note early voting matters a whole lot, particularly in the battleground state of ohio. that's because a third of all voters voted early in 2012, one-third of them according to the associated press. shannon bream is live. for republicans it's always all about ohio, isn't it? >> it really is. shep, you mentioned that one-third early vote last time. it's trending the same way, maybe even more. they started today, that early in-person, no excuses needed absentee voting. officials say president obama
12:53 pm
was so far ahead in 2012 that mitt romney could not catch up even though they say he won ohio in the vote that was cast on the actual election day. both parties realize how critical the early turnout is. democrats say spend your day election day getting other people to the polls. democrats are outpacing the gop in absentee ballots in ohio. in many sections of the state, absentee ballot requests with people registered with no major party are outpacing both the democrats and republicans, shep. >> you have been getting interactive with the voters. what are they telling you? >> year saying if you go out to vote, vote early. use the hash tag fox news 2016. this one came into us from dave morrison. he sent us a picture of his mom with her voter registration. he says my 82-year-old mother
12:54 pm
registered for the first time in tennessee to make america great again. we've got another one here, a couple folks with their i voted stickers showing us they are doing the deal and getting it done early. a lot of folks it's becoming more and more popular. we're going to use your tweets and your pictures all throughout our coverage and through our election night wall-to-wall coverage to use the hash tag fox news 2016 if you want to be a part of the fun. and i'm with you on the lsu tigers. >> that's because you're a florida state seminole. >> you know it. >> it's not been as good for you lately. i'm sorry. >> we're hanging in there. >> me too. some people are calling it the facebook bump. a 17-world voter registration reminder facebook posted last month. election officials in nine states tell "the new york times" it helped boost signups by a whole lot in some places. take california where more than 120,000 people reportedly registered or updated registrations the day that facebook made the post. we'll be back with a look at when a notorious bank robber, john dillinger, made one of his
12:55 pm
legendary jail breaks. that happened on this day in history. then top of the headlines. hang tight. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save
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with dand bold styling to to stay ahead of the curve... the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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kennedy is here. she's the host of kennedy at 8:00 eastern time on the fox business network. she doesn't know this yet but her segment has been killed. >> it's true. >> yesterday hillary clinton killed it. today donald trump killed it. police is harshing your vibe. >> it's hard being a libertarian. >> you can sing the my -- ♪ for the best night's sleep in the whole wide world, visit my ♪ >> why didn't you laugh? do you have any thoughts on catheters? no? we don't get to hear the commercials in here and the sales department is on the way
12:59 pm
in. >> bouquets and two thumbs up. >> bayonets and flame throwers. we have eight seconds. any thoughts? >> i admire your veracity and tenacity and i bask in your greatness always. >> let's just let her go. anything else? >> your mouth is a tool of -- >> careful. no, no. next. animation. i don't know if we can have her back. on this day in 1933 the bank robber john dillinger escaped from jail. members of his gang stormed a jail in ohio and gunned down the sheriff freeing dillinger. he and his gang robbed banks as part of a crime spree in several states. stories about dillinger made him a national celebrity. he once escaped from jail with a wooden gun and he got plastic surgery to disguise that mug of his. he eventually died in a shootout with fbi agents outside a movie theater in chicago after the man who would become public enemy number one went free 83 years
1:00 pm
ago today. want to tell them about -- >> i remember it well. >> we're up 19 on the session so, you know, that's that. >> buy gold. >> buy gold. it's solid. we are learning a little bit more about that small plane crash in connecticut yesterday that killed one, seriously wounded the other. now the ntsb is saying, you know what? it was intentional, and you know what? it's the fbi's investigation now. bob schmidt in east hartford with the very latest. >> reporter: neil, this is getting a bit dicey here at this point. we're expecting an update here any minute from investigators. the ntsb i should say saying this is intentional, but the fbi will now look into the motive, but it could just have been a suicide. we've known that all along. we weren't sure but really the two


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