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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: hackers getting into his twitter account. that tweet was quickly deleted. wow, they're everywhere. bill: watch yo you write, folks. it's always there. martha: see you tomorrow, everybody. john: race for the white house takes another dive to unchartered territory you might say as candidates battle each other and bombshell allegations. >> unchartered territory to say the least. hillary clinton is off the trail fundraising out west instead as wikileaks releases more embarrassing emails from her campaign releasing comments about catholics, latinos and more and multiple women accuse
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donald trump of unwanted sexual advances. the trump team is firing back at "the new york times" demanding a retraction for front page article quote, two women who claim trump kissed and groped them in separate incidents several years ago. in the meantime, the republican nominee is set to hold a rally about an hour from now in florida. john: we have fox team coverage, but we begin with peter who is outside trump tower here in new york city. peter. peter: good morning, john, donald trump is fighting back this morning defending himself from multiple women who say that they disagree based on personal experience with his assertion that looker-room talk like the one he was recorded having with bully bush never escalating into anything physical. one of them a people's magazine who alleges inappropriate behavior in 2005 and trump quieted, why didn't the writer of the 12-year-old article in magazine mentioned the incident in her story?
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because it did not happen. another women tells the palm beach post she was working as a photographer's assistance when she received unwelcomed advances from trump. she got an unwanted kiss from trump in 2005. another says he groped her on a flight more than 30 years ago. >> he was like an octopus. he was all over the place. he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset but when he started his putting hi hand up my skirt -- >> trump's response to that goes like this also on social media, quote, the phoney story and the failing ny times is a total fab ration written by the same people as last discredited story on women. watch. all of the new allegations are more than a decade old and none of the women involved ever filed police reports so trump's lawyer is now demanding a retraction
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sending a letter to the times accusing them of liable and it's apparent from other things that it is nothing more than a politically motivated effort to defeat mr. trump's candidacy. something else that's around today that trump campaign denying reports that they're throwing in the towel virginia conceding it to hillary clinton. officials from the campaign say that is any resource that is have left the common wealth, are just going to nearby north carolina to beef up their effort to draw in some early votes while that's going on down there, john. john: what a campaign. peter, thank you. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. she's raising funds in california today while powerful surrogates campaign for her. among them michelle obama and vice president biden. claudia joins us now from san francisco with more on that, hi, claudia. >> hi, heather, ahead in the polls and fundraising hillary
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clinton returns to san francisco today to grab up her base but mostly to collect money. clinton has raised more than $25 million in san francisco, oakland and san josé combined this election season and more than $63 million statewide. a luncheon at 6,000 seat auditorium is soldout and no doubt she will win the state handily. 47 to 31%. that survey conducted more than a month ago, in fact, there hasn't been much polling on the presidential race because california is such a safe state for democrats. clinton is so far away from responding directly to opponent's attacks on her husband's marital affairs and charges of sexual assault and her alleged role in concealing axizations but the communication
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against nominee is what we know about donald trump treating women. he lied on the debate stage and disgusting behavior he bragged about in the tape are more than clinton trying to avoid any missteps telling a crowd in las vegas last night that as president she will fight all americans whether they supported her or not and today she will also encourage people to vote now, early voting has gun in california and most registered voters cast ballots long before election day. after today's fundraiser luncheon is over, clinton will fly to los angeles for more fundraisers and taped segment with ellen degenerous. >> thank you. john: so as hillary clinton and donald trump try to weather the storms over the latest controversies, analysts on both sides of the aisle are watching down ballot races and what the
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election will mean for the senate and the house where republicans hold their largest majority since 1928. political analyst of the university of virginia center for politics and author of the new book the bell weather, why ohio picks the president. are you as whiplashed as the rest of us are from the constant swirling winds and developments from the presidential campaign, kyle? >> it's just incredible and, of course, a lot of crazy development over the last day and the challenge for trump is that he was getting fairly close in the polls before the first debate and then he started losing -- losing support after the first debate and it's really been -- it's getting worse, i think. if the major story of the day and i think it will be and will continue to be that, you know, whether trump, you know, groping women or something like that, i mean, i don't see how that helps him come back given the hole that he's already in.
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john: the -- there have been a lot of concern specially expressed by republicans that if donald trump does not do well in the presidential race that it could hurt down-ballot races for the house and the senate. historically how strong is that effect and likely to be a problem for republicans this time around? >> so what we have seen in recent years is that there's been a decline in ticket splitting both at the senate and the house level and so i think probably the best bet throughout this election cycle has been that the presidential winner would likely carry the senate although maybe by a small amount or even just a 50/50 so if you think clint over is favored as i think i do, you probably have to think the democrats are small favored in the senate. as for the house, i think the republicans have done a good job sort of holding down potential losses in the house. a lot of the seats that look like would democrats easily
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winning are actually still very competitive, but if the bottom drops out for trump he could drag down a lot of republicans with him potentially even putting the house in play and it looks like the whole psych that will the republicans would pretty comfortably hold the house. who knows how things might break here. john: one of the keys despite the title of your book, one of the keys is florida and president obama was there yesterday having an interview with miami radio station talking about how high the stakes are. we will play that for you. >> the only way that gets in the bag is when florida puts nit the bag. once florida is determined, that can determine the election. >> do you agree with that? >> so hillary clinton does have a path to winning the presidency without florida or without ohio, for that matter. i don't think donald trump does. trump has to win florida, north carolina and ohio, states that george w. bush carried twice and
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obama carried florida and ohio twice. obama carried north carolina once. if clinton wins florida and ohio it's over and she's leading leading in both states. john: she's leading in ohio, until fairly recently trump was up in ohio. >> that's right. trump led a number of polls including one from fox news three to four weeks ago but in recent polls have shown clinton reasserting herself here and clinton is up 3 to 4 points in ohio. smaller than national lead but if that holds up in ohio, i think that effectively changes. john: time magazine put out a famous meltdown cover with image on it. now it's total meltdown, take a look. [laughter] john: this is the total meltdown cover if you compare it to what
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happened or what they put on their cover back in august, you can see -- well, it's like frosty the snowman there. is it really that bad for the trump campaign? >> i think it is pretty bad because historically it's very hard to come back from a polling deficit this big, this late in the campaign and again it doesn't seem like there's any clear momentum for trump specifically what we have been talking about really since the weekend was the billy bush audio tape and some revelations. as long as this is the main story, i don't see how that helps him. the big weakness for trump amongst republicans in this cycle has been he's weaker with suburban republican women. i don't see how any of these stories are helping him with that demographic. john: but as we have noted time and time again hillary clinton has her own weaknesses and the wikileaks revelations are not helping her campaign. we will see how it all shakes out over in less than four weeks
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we have left. kyle, university of virginia, thank you. >> thanks, john. john: first time ever a fox news anchor will be moderating a general election presidential debate. award-winning journalist chris wallace widely regarded as the best questioner in the business will moderate the all important final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. this make or break event less than three weeks before historic election of 2016 to be held october 19th in las vegas. best play to watch the first fox moderated debate, of course, right here on fox news channel. >> place your bets. allegations of unwanted sexual advances against donald trump, we have been talking about that, they couldn't come at a worse time for the campaign. so close to the election, is that just a coincidence or could it have been by design, a fair and balance debate is on that next. new details on change to major airline's frequent flyer program.
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why a travel expert calls it a big negative for passengers and what they can do about it. we want to hear from you. do you think the republicans can keep control of the u.s. senate and house? our live chat is up and running just go to to join the conversation
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our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. john: donald trump finds himself doing damage control on several fronts and less than four weeks
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before election day the timing couldn't be worst for the trump campaign. so why are we hearing about allegations of unwanted advances years ago now? "the new york times" was first to publish the claims and the trump camp is firing back, saying, quote, this entire article is fiction and for "the new york times" to launch a completely false coordinated character assassination against mr. trump. let's talk about it with david ovella, chairman of the republican political action committee gopac. julian epstein, director for house government reform committee. welcome to both of you. >> thanks. >> good morning, john. >> the trump statement says this entire thing is fiction but is the damage already done? >> damage is certainly being done. look, hillary clinton knows the only way she's going to get elect sod to make donald trump more unpopular and more
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unfavorable than she is, and thus make sure the republican base stays divided. if donald trump was ever going to open up his pocketbook with a large paid advertising campaign, now is the time to do it. the only way he is going to get his message about hillary clinton out and get the conversation on her and not him, if he's going to have to pay for it, he's not going to get it through earned media coverage. >> gilian, it wasn't just the times, there are three newspapers that came out separately with accounts of different women who say that, you know, donald trump made unusual or unwanted advances. the fact that those three separate papers all come out at once seems a little coordinated, seems too convenient. >> well, i understand that criticism to some extent. on the political timing. somebody could point out that for years donald trump has made crude comments about his approaches to women and that
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there have been many women who have come forward and spoken about those so why all the attention? to some extent the criticism is fair. on the other hand, what's different on what happened you have a new tape that dropped last friday where he specifically talks about groping and denies he ever did it and he has a number of women come forward. in order to discount the story and the news worthiness of it, you would have to not just discount all of the accusers but discount what donald trump himself kind of said about his own kind of unwanted groping of women. so, you know, look, i think -- i think you can make the story -- the case that this has been out there for many years. it has but he has fed into this thing and the most extraordinary of ways, the most unprecedented of ways. we would all admit we have never seen that kind of implosion the way we are seeing in the presidential campaign right now.
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john: david, i have talked to a guy that has prosecuted sex-crime cases, prosecutor, he said that, you know, adults don't tend to hold back on these stories and -- and suggested that as gulian said that maybe the revelations from the access hollywood tape maybe caused a bunch of people to run forward with -- with accounts, stories, whatever you want to call them that sort of fits the mo that they heard suggesting that they're basically embeleshing the stories. >> that's what we are facing here. it's why donald trump needs to get the message back on hillary clinton. look, just this week we found out what the clinton campaign and her top advisers really think about catholics.
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and what does that tell us? not only do they not like the second amendment but not the first amendment. >> you were making remarks about my earlier comments that we didn't hear. >> i think what would be frequently the case is that the women were coming forward because of his denials of what he had described as behavior in earlier cases in the bully bush tape. i think that might be more likely the case. in terms of the conspiracy, john, it's not a conspiracy that the speaker of the house is now saying that he will not campaign for donald trump. it's not a conspiracy, certainly a left wing or media conspiracy that one-third of all u.s. senators are saying that they will not support donald trump. i mean, these are republicans, life-long republicans, leaders of the republican party, they are saying they cannot support donald trump and, you know, look, i think at this point it doesn't matter anymore. i think this election is essentially over.
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it's almost impossible for trump to come back in florida, in ohio, in pennsylvania and north carolina all of where he's significantly behind and for him to come back with this kind of deficit, he has a negative 34% approval rating right now, much higher than hillary clinton's. it's next to impossible. i think at this point is academic and as i said on the show before, any of the other republican candidates running for president could have run this year. i think the only candidate that hillary clinton was almost assuredly going to win against would have been donald trump, but any of the other because of the weakness that she has, her weaknesses, any of the other candidates, any of the other 17 would have had an excellent chance of winning and it's a shame for the republican that is they put up the single weakest candidate that they could to go against hillary clinton. john: 70% of the american say it's -- we have to say good-bye.
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>> thanks, john. >> u.s. flexing military muscle. why the pebt gone says there could be more on the way? stay with medicare options until you're sixty-five, us .
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john: fox news alert in military action in yemen and the pentagon warning about more to come with american warship firing cruise missiles and destroying three radar sites. strikes come after repeated missile attacks on u.s. navy ships in the area and mark the first time the u.s. has become involved militarily between the hundred -- houthis.
8:26 am
conner following the story. conner. >> last march u.s. began providing military to saudi arabia which began to take iranian houthis rebels in yemen. that is beginning two change after two missiles fired to uss mason last week. they concluded that these missiles came from houthi's control area. today tom-hawk missile destroys sites. the limited strikes were conduct today protect u.s. personnel and to ensure the freedom of navigation through an important passageway but also comes as the u.s. is begin to go rethink its support for the saudi-led war
8:27 am
against houthis rebel. it was weeks ago the uss mason came under attack that saudi arabia killed more than 140 people when it bombed a funeral home. tensions are rising, john n yemen and there's a lot of concern that the u.s. might get drawn into another conflict there, john. john: let's hope now. conner powell, thank you. >> donald trump maybe the republican presidential nominee but our next guest has a little bit of a different take on his candidacy in a wall street journal article entitled donald trump is starting to look like an independent candidate. washington bureau chief writes this, travel around the country speaking about the election and you'll frequently get this question, can an independent candidate make a serious run for president. we now essentially have such an independent candidate and his name is donald trump. and jerry joins us now to explain a little bit more about
8:28 am
his reasoning. first of all, thank you so much for joining us. >> happy to be with you. >> we had donald trump himself saying that he is unshackled from the republican party and now going to run his campaign the way that he's wanted to all along. and you think that's as an independent candidate? >> he's still getting support from the republican national committee and members around the country and want the party apparatus to say after donald trump and that's happening but the official elected republican party hierarchy has broken away from him in many respects and as you suggest, he seems perfectly happy with that. he's running against the republican party, against his own party in many respects in using that tension to fire up his base which as we saw in exit poll after exit poll in the primary season, this trust, the leadership of his own party. you do have him running as you would run a third-party campaign. >> i know the wall street journal did a poll last weekend and they did find that
8:29 am
two-thirds of self-identified republicans think that he -- that the republicans should stand behind. here is a question, though. is this a winning strategy? >> well, that is the question, you know. look the strategy he's pursuing now is designed to do two things. it's design today fire up his base, much more to fire up the base than a couple of months that was let's expand base and reach out to hispanics and african americans and moderates. again, going against the republican strategy fits the strategy and the to drive up negatives and enthusiasm and hope that those two lines somehow cross. it's a long shot strategy. the numbers -- we are looking at numbers of a donald trump deficit at this stage of a campaign that nobody has ever made up before in modern presidential politics. so could it work, who knows. >> even if he does, can a trump
8:30 am
administration at this point run this way be successful? >> well, that's the other question i try to raise in the piece. can you run an election like this in governing in washington right now where it's a very partisan town and everything that happens starts with support with your own party base and if you have kind of run against that base in this town, can you then come in to town and govern effectively? i don't know, nobody has ever tried it. that's for sure. you would think people govern from the middle and support from both sides but that tends not to going with the way things are rolling in washington. >> this is a piece that's in today's wall street journal and it's called should christians vote for trump. it's written by eric and it brings up a very valid question given the latest wikileaks release and some of the emails that questions catholicism, so
8:31 am
several questions in this piece. >> well, look, i think people who vote based on religious beliefs have been tortured, i think, is a fair word to say over the last couple of months. they're notsure to turn. the evangelical community is now
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spotted rahami sleeping rahami sleeping in the bar. he was saved by the bullet proof
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vest and officer was grazed in the head by the bullet that went through the windshield of his police cruisers. the 28-year-old afghan u.s. citizen, this is just the beginning of what could be a long-core process. rahami still needs to make appearances in new york and new jersey facing terrorism charges that include the use of a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a place of public use. rahami built pressure cookers and a third bomber that exploded in sea-side park new jersey along a marines charity race. he had a design today -- designed to become a martyr. he faces maximum of life in prison. no death penalty. >> thank you.
8:38 am
john: united airlines is making new and sudden changes to its frequent flyer programs. further devaluing the program critics say, american airlines and delta also making recent negative changes so are these loyalty programs even worth the effort anymore. joining us now matthew clint, travel consultant and editor in chief of and director of award expert. it's good to be here, matthew. tell us a little bit. what has united done? >> hey, john. what united has done essentially is hand-tied the way that award tickets are booked. what they have done is said our system is going to tell you a price and that's the price that you are going to pay. what we are noticing or even employees are noticing is that the system doesn't work. this is sort of like a syfy his or her or story has taken over
8:39 am
and the machine is going to tell you what you're going to pay and in many cases you're paying a whole lot more than before for the same thing. >> you're talking in terms of miles or points? >> exactly. yes. so let's say you want to fly from chicago to paris and let's say you want to do so in a cost-effective way, maybe that's going to mean that you're going to make a stop somewhere. you're going to have a long-lay over. used to be very easy what they did on phone and tens of thousands of points per ticket. now they say we are not going to let you do that anymore. we are going to tell you the price and the result is that you're paying a lot more for the same thing. >> but united said it designed the whole system to make the whole experience easier for travelers, right? >> that's the thing i just have trouble understanding. i understand airline pr departments like to put positive
8:40 am
spins on things but this isn't even an easy search interface, same interface as before but more limited whether it'd be calling up and booking or booking yourself online. there is no way to put a positive spin on this. john: sometimes you can go fly with airline partners, you know, from another foreign-flagged carrier, for instance, and do a whole lot better, spend less miles, burn fewer miles, is that still possible? >> that is still possible and the issue is that you're not always going to be able to book that now. it used to be, well, if you had a general idea you could tell the agent why don't you check turkish airlines and you can manually, yeah, there's space on here, that will save you points. now you're at the mercy of the system and you put in the origin and end point and maybe the
8:41 am
system will give you that space but maybe not, maybe it doesn't, you can't book it unless you're going to pay more points. john: sit worth it to collect miles and points? >> absolutely. what we see over the years is is we have seen record profitability for airlines, fuel prices remain low. we see planes are full. we can understand why we are seeing the trend not just with united but with many carriers to cut back on benefits. but it's still a tremendous cash cow for airlines, tremendous source of keep putting in your number, keep spending the number on credit card because it's still worth it. it's not quite like it was before. john: fly the confusing skies, that's what it sounds like. we have to say good-bye. thanks for joining us, thanks. heather: we should all fly with
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you. john: 120 miles an hour. heather: coming up archaeologists looking secrets to eventually rewriting what we know about army, more on a new national geographic documentary about these warrior artifacts. really interesting. up next ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto®. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. >> what we are talking about here is an execution-style kill. seeing this arrow head embedded in this tells you how ruthless this moment was and the moment that defines course of history. heather: dramatic.
8:46 am
that was the clip from the new documentary china mega tomb revealed show casing new discoveries about the ruler known today as the first emperor and the legend that made him towering in history. joining us is commissioning executive producer, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. heather: new discoveries are being labeled as the most significant finds in 40 years, why is that? >> that's right, well, 40 years ago chinese archaeologist unearthed the world famous terakata warriors that were built by the first emperor to company him into the afterlife for that sole purpose and ever since archaeologists have been working on the site and merely scratched the surface of the
8:47 am
tomb of the first emperor. heather: they discovered that the tomb itself is a lot larger than originally thought and they made this connection now between china and the west that they were possibly in contact over 1500 years earlier than the time that european explore marco polo arrived in china? >> that's correct. we are not getting any major connection between the ancient greek empire and ancient china and understanding that they probably had a lot more than exchange of knowledge and technology and ideas and potentially even people in the third century bc which is 1500 years before marco polo and also before some other discoveries that are made recently which made the connection between ancient roam and china. these discoveries are the earliest found showing connection between ancient china and the west.
8:48 am
heater: they were meant to entertain the emperor in afterlife. this is the telling connection between the greeks at the time because it's the detail in these statute that is gives it away. >> that's correct. nobody else in the world apart from ancient greeks were making life-size seminaked statutes and the first emperor, no previous knowledge of making these statutes in china or anywhere else in the world, the first emperor started making them. the connection is being made that they were probably inspired by the ancient greeks and they may even have had ancient greek artisans in china at the time. heather: how significant is this story and findings for world history? >> i think findings are complete
8:49 am
game-changer, really, because they show the interconnectivity of ancient civilizations, we often look at civilizations in isolation. we look at ancient roam or ancient agrees or china. we never think about the fact that these civilizations overlapped in time and that if you have a look, there was contact between these civilizations and exchange of ideas and goods and people. heather: we are looking at some of the remains as well. were killed in an effort to get rid of any heirs if they may have been pregnant at the time. how do we tie them into global times that we are experiencing now, is there a lesson here? >> i think we think -- globalization or global connectivity is a modern construct and it clearly isn't. it's something that has far
8:50 am
deeper roots and it's thousands of years old and i think it's worth remembers in a way that we should look at those ancient civilizations and learn the lessons that they have operating in a globalized world and these are phenomenal discoveries but what we do definitely know is there are far more discoveries, more treasures and more gruesome secrets that are still going to be found at this site and more lessons to be learned how civilizations were in contact. heather: thank you so much for joining us. sunday october 23rd on the national geographic channel. thank you for joining us. >> that's correct. thank you. john: we are awaiting donald trump, he is in west palm beach florida. he'll be taking to that microphone very soon to rally his folks behind him. that will be coming up as soon
8:51 am
as donald trump steps up into the microphone. also new developments on a deadly small plane crash right under military plane in connecticut, struggle inside the cockpit before the plane went down. live details coming up.
8:52 am
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john: let's check out what's in outnumbered at the top of the hour. harris: here is what we are waiting for donald trump to speak on a rally in the heels of allegations of women that he made unwanted advances towards women. what should he say? sandra: campaign ramps up bill's attacks.
8:55 am
harris: calling for the clinton campaign. appear to show them mocking and will this hurt hillary clinton with voters. sandra: all that with #unlucky guy. on the couchout numbered at the top of the hour. john: word of life and death struggle between flight instructor and student pilot before the plane went down. rob live in connecticut with that, rob. >> you can see behind me the crash scene has been clear and you can see how close we are
8:56 am
defense contractor making jet engines for the u.s. military. there's speculation that there might have been a terror plot against that company. the twin engine plane we are talking about went down tuesday afternoon right here in hartford, connecticut, slamming into a power pole and a big scene here on main street. 28-year-old pilot feras sprais freitektt was killed and. nobody else was hurt. instructors told investigators that the plane was crashed intentionally but we were told nothing has been ruled out as a motive for why. ap reporting investigation, some sort of fight on the plane and f reitektt took it down.
8:57 am
it remains a mystery today, thank you. john: what a weird story. we are back in just a moment.
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heather: we'll see you back here many an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert, this is a live look at west palm beach, florida, where donald trump is set to hold a rally for a second straight day as the gop nominee is fighting back against accusations published in "the new york times" that he made unwanted advances on two women in the past. three other women also came forward to make similar accusations. as we look at that podium and await donald trump, this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, taw ya kyle and today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome


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