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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 14, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: we have the best news ever. our audio operator yanny and wife carrie welcomed baby leo. congratulations: bill: that's great. way to go. martha: i love his name. we have to go. congratulations to the happy family. see you tomorrow. or sunday actually. ♪ ♪ ♪ john: well the gloves are off in the race for the white house as donald trump takes defiance stance of sexual misconduct and hillary clinton weathers nearly daily revelations from the weekly los angeles document. you're ready for the weekend? [laughter] heather: i'm sure. hello to all of you, i'm in for jenna lee today. hillary clinton is leaning on
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heavy hitters once again as she continues fundraising swing out west and president obama set to hold a rally for her in cleveland, ohio just minutes from now. while donald trump gets ready to head to north carolina as new fox poll show that clinton is now extending her lead nationwide. all of this happening just five days before the third and final presidential debate that we are sure looking forward to. john: we begin with peter outside trump tower in new york city. pete. peter: and john, we heard this morning that at some point today maybe in the next few hours donald trump and his campaign may come forward with evidence backing up his side of these stories that he never acted inappropriately with any of the women who have come forward to accuse him of wrong-doing misconduct more than a decade ago. >> these allegations from women
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-- >> five women. >> there will be more evidence that will be coming out that supports -- >> what evidence is coming out? >> the campaign is working on bringing that information out. >> this morning we have a report with "the new york times" who were threatened with a libel lawsuit. the times said they did check things out and they did include a response from trump so if he team wants to sue them, they will be ready. quote, if he believes american citizens didn't have right to hear what the women had to say and the law of the country forces us and those who dare to criticized to dare silent, we welcome to have an opportunity set him straight. we are told that despite that denial, despite that basically refusal to correct anything, the
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trump team does plan to continue really hitting the media that they think is coordinating with the clinton campaign, they're calling now a clinton machine as basically a way to help hillary, the trump campaign is going to keep hammering them and today we expect to hear some more of that in north carolina which we learned yesterday as they are peeling resources to virginia to send to tar-heel state. you watch the chess pieces move around that that goes to show how important the tar-heel is to trump. heather: while donald trump's issues dominate the headline right now, hillary clinton try today keep allow profile as part of west coast tour. the city is bernie sanders country where he dominated in the caucus earlier this year. he has more from seattle. are voters now feeling it for
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washington state? >> a little bit. good morning, heather. seattle has raised more money per capita for bernie sanders than any other city. still in a poll done a couple of weeks ago, 60% of the sanders' voters in washington state say they will support hillary clinton. donald trump was the choice of just 10% of the sanders' supporters despite the fact that he has held three big rallies in washington and tried to put this blue state in play but the latest poll has clinton way out in front of the ever-green state by comfortable 16 points. sanders crushed clinton by a 70-30 margin. he was drawing huge crowds while clinton barely made an appearance but mrs. clinton does not feel the need to rally that base while clinton's unfavorable are up and trumps are 60% and that was before the open-mic bust tape. hillary clinton continues to play it safe.
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yesterday she stopped in campaign office in san francisco and nearly $10 million at two california fundraisers and while in hollywood, mrs. clinton did interview with ellen, third since may. clinton rarely put herself in a position to feel those tough questions. in recent weeks she has done a few short press on plane, during ellen taping clinton was trying to avoid appearance of being overconfident. >> i don't want anybody to think this election is over because it's been so unpredictable until now so i'm not taking anything for granted. we have to work really hard for the next three and a half weeks because who knows, who knows what can happen. >> hillary clinton will hold a private fundraiser in seattle, 300 people expected to attend. tickets are $27,000, ironically matt who got famous singing about thrift shops will be be
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doing introduction for a pricey campaign that has raised half a billion dollars. heather: she's right about that. who knows what will happen in this election. thank you. john: let's drill down on the fox news polls in a two-way matchup clint open over trump by 8. clinton had a 4-point edge a week ago. among women clinton is ahead 19 points in the four-way race. but among independents, voters are split giving 35% each to clinton and trump, however, trump was up by 12 points among independents in late september. let's bring in glen hall, editor for the wall street journal, independents is where you win presidential races, right? >> specially when you're a republican right now, just the way the electoral college map is positioned. you need to bring those independents in to win north carolina, ohio and elsewhere and if he can't bring them in, that
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could be a real problem for the campaign in the final weeks. john: we talk a lot about the national numbers, she's up by 8 if you make it a two-person race but not a national election. it's a series of state elections and the electoral college is going to figure this out. when you look at states like north carolina, ohio, other battleground states who has the advantage right now? >> well, in the polls we are seeing trump up by 1 point in ohio, but in north carolina, clinton is ahead by 4 percentage points. we have seen the race a little bit closer in florida, for example, then they are in pennsylvania and virginia. so there's still an opportunity for donald trump if he can win back some of those supporters that are still on the fence and he can take north carolina, he's got to take ohio, he's got to get more of the swing states and the battleground states than hillary clinton does to make it through. john: a couple of interesting nuggets in our polls, he used to have much more enthusiastic voter support.
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that's pretty evened out between trump and clinton and a question of whether they are honest and trust worthy. for trump the number is 32%, roughly a third of the voters think he's honest and trust worthy. 4-point drop for him and 63% and 64% say neither clinton nor trump is honest and trust worthy but those are our choices, glen, basically. >> that used to be hillary clinton's honest and trust worthy category and point of strength for donald trump. this should be concern for the camp. we will see how the trump campaign adjusts in order to try to win back and overcome some obstacles that they have hit in the last couple of weeks and they have been significant obstacles. you saw in the poll numbers, your poll today how many categories of women including gop women have turned away from donald trump as a result of this challenge to how he treats women. john: well, the polls don't
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matter if you listen to his running mate mike pence was on fox and friends this morning, this is what he had to say. >> that's the old cliché. i honestly think there's something missing in the polling these days. >> what do you mean? >> i think donald trump has made a connection to the frustrations and the aspirations of everyday americans like no one in my lifetime has since ronald reagan. when you see against avalanche of media coverage that goes chasing after every potential negative story about donald trump and still you see tens of thousands of people coming out and rallies, there's a determination out in the country to change determination in the nation. john: they both have negative information about coming them right now but the media are
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paying more attention to trump. wewe will get into that in a second. i wanted to get your thoughts on that? >> there's still opportunities for negative information on the hillary side. there's a lot more information in there and we continue to see evidence of that closeness to the white house and how they made have tamped down some of the e-mail server controversy or help today avoid that. there's still negatives out there. they've been overshadowed but they are still out there. john: glen hall, thank you. first time fox news anchor will be moderating a general election presidential debate, award-winning journalist chris wallace will moderate the all important final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. it's a make or break event less than three weeks before historic election of 2016. it'll be held october 19th in las vegas. best place to watch first fox
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moderated debate right here on fox news channel. heather: absolutely. united airlines goes offline the status of those affected flights, we will tell you about that next. clinton campaign complaining that russia is trying to influence election suggesting that some of the hacked emails may not even be real. we will take a closer look at that. we want to hear from you. do you agree with donald trump that the media is conducting a character assassination against him? our live chat is up and running go to to join in on the conversation. we will be right back
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we will keep an eye on both of those events if either one of these speakers makes news, we will bring it to you here on fox . >> first thing on wikileaks, i mean, the fbi and the director of national intelligence have said this is hacking that russians are behind, the russian government is behind it. anyone that would hack to try to destabilize an election, you can't automatically assume that everything in the documents are even real. heather: that is the line that the clinton camp is pushing as we get new information on the release of thousands of hacked emails from john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chairman. podesta blaming intelligence for illegal breach of his account just days after obama administration accused russia of attempting to interfere with our elections. joining us now morgan wright, cybersecurity analyst and senior fellow at the center for digital government. morgan, good to see you. >> you bet.
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heather: fbi both say they are confident that russia authorized this hacking, you're in agreement with that, right? >> yeah, absolutely. this has to happen at the highers levels just as it had to happen highers level when interfered angela merkel. you have to believe that somebody knows that has the authority to approve. heather: remember early in september u.s. intelligence had warned that we believed that russia was going to try to interfere with presidential election. we didn't know exactly how or why, some were concerned that they would rig the voting, but why do it this way when they're exposing information to the public? >> because it's an avalanche, tsunami of information that you have to deal with and keeps coming out. right now u.s. cyber command in a say, i was in a briefing and they talked about the elections. they're all watching the electronic systems, watching the network. that's tough to do. this is easy because they have the emails and the materials.
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now it's that drip, drip, drip of release and you know what, the media has to cover this because there could be smoking gun in there. nobody does not want to cover it and they have to look to it and one way to manipulate public opinion. influencing it is one thing, heather but if they change votes it's that mippulation. heather: they're not covering the wikileaks stuff the way they are covering the donald trump scandal, so to speak. >> right, you know, that's why i love doing one's and zero's, the information is there. senator talked about some of the stuff can be changed. if you wanted attar something it would be the tax return that is were released on donald trump. that could be forged, consistenty. when you have 50,000 emails it's very difficult to change ten of those much less 50,000 and keep all the threads in order and context.
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if they're not covering it, shame on them. they should be covering it because there's information in here -- that's part of russia's plan too, to influence, not manipulate. they're going to influence public opinion which will then get you to change your vote when you go there on november 8th. heather: except that might not happen if you're reading the polls about hillary clinton and donald trump, but we will let you stick with the zeros and ones. >> that's right. heather: only negative information is being released about clinton and donald trump they claim is in cahoots with the russians, is there any evidence to back that up? >> i don't know because i don't have access to classified information. i would think that's would be improbable. if it was, i obviously would be shocked and that would be an automatic disqualifier if there was collaboration between the two. julian assange has not collaborated with anybody. he's probably getting information from the russians. no doubt about that. the real problem is not russia.
8:19 am
the real problem is the people writing emails that are wondering what else is going to come out. that's the real problem. it's poor security practices that are getting us where they are. don't blame the e-mail, don't blame donald trump and blame own practices and you have to start holding people account for poor security and don't write the e-mail. that's one way to solve it. heather: don't blame wikileaks, don't blame russia, blame the u.s. government for not having control over computers and if you think of opm attacks, all of those things -- >> absolutely. heather: have to get fixing it. >> absolutely. heather: thanks for your expertise. john. john: right now united airlines is getting back on track after a computer outage delayed flights all around the world. passengers reporting delays of up to six hours on thursday after two separate issues. the first with the airline's baggage weighing system and the second problem unclear.
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all systems are running smoothly and delayed flights have resumed. nearly a week after hurricane matthew storm ashore, communities in eastern north carolina are still paying a terrible price. we will have an update on relentless and flood waters from the fox extreme weather center, plus u.s. warships on high alert and now iran is on the move ashc well. bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company
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john: fox extreme weather alert. north carolina's governor pledges to rebuild one historic community flooded by hurricane matthew. it's princeville, one of the nation's oldest town chartered by african americans after fly over of devastation. pat mccory says death toll at 22
8:24 am
and the rivers are still rising, senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox center with more. janice: we are still dealing with water that is continue to rice and won't start receding until this weekend, of course, because of hurricane matthew we had over 16-inches of rainfall in parts of georgia, up towards virginia, still flood advisories in effect as we see those rivers out of their banks and people are still suffering. i think if we weren't really into politics this would believe a lead story. so i'm glad we are still covering it. the good news is we don't have a lot of rainfall in the forecast over the next several days. speaking of hurricane, hurricane nicole did make a landfall but affected bermuda yesterday as category 3 storm. 120-miles-per-hour sustained windsment some of the images coming out are quite destructive. the good news it's moving north and east out in the atlantic and not cause any problems, just rough car insurance.
8:25 am
we had what was a typhoon in the pacific, was a tropical system and we could see excessive of 180-miles-per-hour winds, northern california. this is going to be a big event for them. not only wind gust but we could see 2 feet of rainfall and 2 feet of snow on the highers of elevations combined with the systems moving in to the northwest this system. the highs today, cooler air across the northwest. we have warm conditions. still feels like summer time in the southern plains. john scott, i know you like the sound of snow, you are a skier, i will keep you posted on all things and colorado and skiing.
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john: please do. heather: i will join you, john. after getting devastated by hurricane matthew, haiti is getting some help as aid starts to flow into that country. convoys from the united nations and flights from the uss reaching with clean food and water to start difficult process to rebuild. hundreds of marines are helping in the mission as our guys and gals do best. many are waiting specially in isolated regions of haiti. hurricane matthew pounded caribbean nation. the toll will much like i will go higher, john. john: uva defamation trial set to begin in a few days, but the magazine which retracted discredited story about rape in campus wants the trial postponed. our legal panel weighs in on the reasons for their proposed delay
8:27 am
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john: according to new wall street journal report donald trump is taking approach of fighting allegations of sexual misconduct, he's upping attacks on the media and trump is also about to go after mexican billionaire and new york times shareholder carlos slim claiming that slim is part of a global conspiracy working with the clinton campaign against him. judith miller is reporter and fox news contributor. betsy, political reporter for the daily beast. all right. so betsy, carlos slim, wety well
8:32 am
known in méxico, he owns about 17% of "the new york times" shares as i understand it. when donald trump starts bringing him into the conversation, is that going to help? >> i highly doubt it. i have an interesting historic case study for using conspiracy theories, remember back in the 90's when hillary clinton suggested there was a vast right-wing conspiracy trying to destroy her husband. that didn't keep him from getting impeached while he was going through a complicated time during political life. now donald trump seems to be using the same tactic suggesting the media is in cahoots with global millionaires instead asserting that the allegations are incorrect. he'll not doing that. he's not bringing evidence to exonerate himself. john: he has said that it's not true and it's a bunch of lies
8:33 am
but he does spend more time attacking the messenger than trying to disfriewf message. judy, the media do not have a particularly high rating in this country. i think lower than congress. >> right. by attacking the media, you hear it at trump's rally, when he attack it is media he gets a large roar of approval, is that effectively? >> absolutely. that's one of the themes that has driven him to his current success but now live by the media and die fbi media. he wrote a letter "the new york times" demanding that the times retrack the stories it wrote about the women who claim that they have been groped and abused by him and basically the newark times lawyer and one of the strongest rebuttals i have ever seen from my former paper said basically bring it on.
8:34 am
i mean, we were publishing information that was checked out, that we gave mr. trump on opportunity to reply. it's an issue of national importance. don't think about suing us, if you do, we welcome that debate. it's very consistent, john, with donald trump's themes specially the attack on carlos slim who is, of course, a mexican. so mexicans are part of this great conspiracy along with, you know, bankers, media elite, these are all that play well with base. john: trump has spent a fair amount of time attacking bill clinton suggesting that the allegations that have been lobbed at him could also be lobbed in the direction of the former president. vice president joe biden was asked about that, whether bill clinton's past actually matters, listen. >> no, it shouldn't matter.
8:35 am
i can't make an excuse for bill clinton's conduct. and i wouldn't attempt to make any excuses for misconduct but he paid a price for it. he was impeached and he was -- he expressed deep sorrow and acknowledged what he did. this guy as i said has acknowledged that he has been a sexual predator, acknowledged that he has abused his power and as i said, the textbook definition of sexual assault. john: does bringing bill clinton into the conversation, does that help trump? >> you know, i think it's unlikely that it will give him the boost that he needs. part of the reason is that, of course, trump is running against hillary clinton, on top of that, most americans already know about what bill clinton did in the 90's, they're aware of the lewinsky scenario. it's baked in. the folks that are going to oppose hillary clinton because of bill clinton's behavior already oppose her.
8:36 am
swing voters that are on the fence that know about it and not enough to move them in one direction or another. operatives have tested out campaign ads criticizing hillary clinton for standing by bill clinton during that whole experience and those criticisms just don't work. the reality is that specially given the wikileaks emails that have come out, trump has abundance of arguments he can make against hillary clinton. the republican party has massive opposition research targeting her specifically. the fact that trump is acting like he needs to take down bill clinton is another example of his campaign getting sort of distracted by things that aren't completely germane. the reality is that hillary clinton as we know is incredibly flawed candidate. in the emails we see progressive writers saying, look, she has a major problem here. the president of the center for american progress saying that apologies and looking into how the democratic party talked
8:37 am
about her, it's all clear there's sources of avenue to attack. trump decided to go after bill clinton from strategic perspective, probably not that effective. john: the coverage that trump is getting for some of the statements and speeches versus the coverage that hillary is getting for the e-mail information is coming out on wikileaks, judy, not at all even. i just wonder if the press are taking sides or trump's behavior much more germane or interesting specially given information that's coming out on the clinton campaign on wikileaks. >> i have to agree with betsy. he has made himself and his conduct the story. he has made his attitude towards women the story. every time public attention shifts to the content of those emails, he says something that absolutely requires cameras turn back to him. this is vintage trump. it's the vintage narcissism that we have seen from this candidate, which just must drive
8:38 am
his campaign crazy, the people trying to make him stay on message. i think this is another sign of a campaign, an absolute free fall being deserted by senior republican donors, being deserted by senior republican politicians, mr. trump is on his own which is where he wants to be and i don't think it's going to work but the people will decide. john: he's not that far behind in the national polls but we have less than four weeks to go. judy miller and betsy woodroof. heather: right now rolling stone magazine wants to postpone defamation trial over rape that allegedly took place in uva's campus. magazine had to retract report over inaccurate reporting, the trial is scheduled to begin on monday but tonight uva dean of students who is suing rolling stone is set to appear on abc program 20/20.
8:39 am
the federal prosecutor and wendy patrick a trial attorney and prosecutor. welcome to you both. >> thanks for having me. heather: tell me about the impact of tv report could have on potential jurors? >> what possessed this women to release transcripts to abc is beyond me. these cases are hard enough to win for the plaintiff as it is and makes it more difficult. the argument you're getting from rolling stone is that this is going to taint the jury poll. if that's what they were trying to do, that wasn't very bright and so ultimately the case will get continued or transferred, but there was absolutely no reason to have done this. there was a protective order in
8:40 am
this case. the judge had forbidden it and they could be held in contempt and just dumb. heather: do you think that she, nicole will be held in contempt because of this? >> depends on whether or not she was ultimately responsible. the allegation is that the plaintiff's team is making breaking news and bad news travels fast. what happens to the days that friday afternoons was the place that you bury story, now it's the place where you drop a bomb shell. that's on the eve of trial. that's fairly significant. here is the problem, where are they moving the trial to? there's no such thing as county borders that really would protect a jury from being tainted by this explosive news that's been leaked. there's video testimony as well which is far more in fact,ful. heather: the dean's legal testimony was acknowledging that it was public record and okay to have released to abc news.
8:41 am
do you agree with that, is that correct? >> i deal with the protective orders in almost every one of my cases and depends on how the order was written. when you file pleadings with the court, they are public record. anybody can go town to the courthouse and see what was filed, if you file dvd's, they can play dvd's, it's hard to tell from the record that i read that these people actually did this and violated the court order or put in transcripts and didn't put in tapes. so my problem with all of this is rolling stone's conduct was repugnant. i was quite frankly hoping that they would get up with this and i'm disappointed seeing the plaintiff do this. heather: wendy, she meeting dean, she was -- she's understandably upset. she said that rolling stone magazine defamed her and painted her as somebody who discouraged the alleged victim of coming forward. do you think she has a chance of winning and holding magazine for
8:42 am
shoty reporting? >> she's been held to be a limited public figure. she's going to have to prove actual malice. that's a higher far than somebody who doesn't have a position like this dean does. your opinion is worth more than you think. that's really the key in defamation cases because they're about the cost of reputation, how badly was she defamed and what is it worth, but the actual malice standard, that's a hurdle and by no means the fact that there's a sanction that's been imposed already. that's going to make her charges a little bit harder to prove and we live in a day and age where reputation is everything. >> it sure is. we will be watching the report. the trial is supposed to call jurors on monday. we will be watching. thank you so much and have a great weekend. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks, heather, you too.
8:43 am
john: the reason is unexpected one, we will tell you about that next. plus they could close out the week on a high note, why investors are so bullish as they await remarks from fed chair janet yellen about a possible interest rate hike. what could it all mane for your 401k? ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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heather: welcome back, taking a
8:46 am
look at the markets. the dow is up today with financial stocks leading the way after jpmorgan, citigroup and wells fargo reported strong third quarter results. all of this happening as we await remarks from fed chair janet yellen and word about a possible interest rate hike before the end of the year. we will watch that one closely and bring any news as we get it. john: new information about a spike in gang violence nationwide. authorities say a surge in unaccompanied minors coming
8:47 am
across the borders are easy pickings for gangs. doug joins us in washington with more. doug. >> unaccompanied minor children have been an issue ever since civil war in el salvador back in 1979. half of the population escape the violence. males are vulnerable to gang recruitment. one of the two main salvadorian gang. in recent months they are seeing spike in gang recruitment in cities across america including here in suburban washington. >> might come here without an extended family network and i think that really is the
8:48 am
prototype for the person who had been recruited, young, suffered trauma and not in possession for a really extended or firm family structure here. that means they're looking for something. and it means that they might be more attuned or more capable of violence simply because of what they have seen in their life. >> apprehensions of unaccompanied minor children spikes to about 5800 in august of this, last month which statistics are available. last month a spokesman for hhs told fox news in the last few months screening of children and sponsors have increased in intensity which we had not done previously. that's an indication that the feds are aware of this gang risk problem. associated with unaccompanied childhood arrivals even if they are not securing the bord e properly. john, back to you. john: in washington, scary stuff. thank you. heather: ram is making move after warship struck.
8:49 am
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starting with a fox news alert. iran is deploying warships to i didn't meanen as pentagon officials say will strike back if rebels on yemen fire u.s. ships. the navy destroyer fired off a number of tomhawk missile destroying radar sights along the coast in yemen. yemen situated along the coast, one of the busiest shippingout
8:53 am
and that's why it's so important . tom josslyn is a senior fellow and senior editor of the long war, general, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. well, you know, go back to september 2014 and president obama said that yemen was a successful model for counterterrorism strategy and al-qaeda and isis and groups because we had a valuable local partner that could fight these groups. heather: valuable local partner was later -- >> exactly. heather: failed coup attempt. >> president lost control of it and the houthi rebels swept through much of yemen and crisis has been going on for two years. yemen is basically an example
8:54 am
where the u.s. has tried to relied on local partners and it's failed. heather: it's a failed state. we can't rely on them. we are back in the saudis and they are involved in air strike and it's blowing back in our faces as they are going after men and women in our ships. >> you look back at president obama's diplomacy, somehow iran can be a partner against sunni jihadists. heather: we are fighting a proxy war with yemen, excuse me, iran. >> yemen is a great example of why that's wrong. iranian-backed houthis destroyed counterterrorism partnership and through the country into further flux and the houthis are antiamerican. they're not on our side. you see stuff like recent missile strikes against the uss mason trying to hit u.s.
8:55 am
warships. iran's proxies are not our allies. heather: many remember the cash. how likely is it that our money that we sent to iran is paying for the shots at our ships? >> well, here is the point. you made the key point. even if the direct dollars aren't going to the houthis or one of the other iranian proxies in the region. the question is, you know, the theory was that the iranian regime was in a middle of domestic crisis. if you're infusing with cash, that takes away from domestic crisis. heather: what's the big picture here if this continues to go on, we fire shots at hem and we take out radar, they fire shots at us, what does this school -- escalate, if anything? >> other antiamerican actors
8:56 am
like al-qaeda and other jihadi groups on the rise, you see with the shiites and houthis. isis is losing ground and who is replacing them? iranian-backed allies. we are replacing one antiamerican actor with the other. it's not sustainable and something that's advancing american interest. heather: really frightening. thank you so much. important story all americans need to know, john scott, over to you now. john: new hour of just happening now. just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. great white shark forcing its way into a diver's protective case. so what happened to the diver? more coming up. some republicans think he made a misstep and could pay a price and we want to hear from you as well. do you agree with donald trump, the media are conducting a character assassination campaign against him. our live chat is up and running,
8:57 am
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