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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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unlv, 9:00 eastern. please join us. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and still unafraid. more news is on the way right here on fox news channel. dion in las vegas. i'm bret baier in for chris wallace, we're live in las vegas, counting down to the final debate with both campaigns' vice presidential nominees. the trump campaign plays defense over explosive new allegations about donald trump's treatment of women. >> the disturbing stories just keep coming. >> it's a rigged election. because they're taking these unsubstantiated, no witnesses, putting them on the front pages of newspapers. >> we'll discuss whether trump can recover, live with his running mate, indiana governor, mike pence. and newly uncovered clinton
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e-mails reveal troubled incidents about her campaign. >> she should be locked up, she should. >> we'll ask his running mate about the allegations. and then, how trump's campaign could impact the gop. and a round table of political reporters from crucial battlegrounds on the state of the race. plus, a very special power player as our own chris wallace prepares for the final showdown between trump and clinton. >> it's not a tv show we're doing. this is helping millions of people to decide who we elect as the next president. all right now on fox news sunday. and hello again from fox news for las vegas, we are live on the strip here at the mgm grand hotel just down the road from unlv, the site of the final debate between trump and clinton, monitored by our very own chris wallace, who is preparing. as the campaign prepares, both
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sides are in the middle of damaging allegations as trump faces accusations about groping women, and clinton's e-mails on wikileaks. and we'll get to senator tim kaine the just a moment. but we begin with donald trump's running mate, indiana governor, mike pence, governor, welcome back. >> good to be with you, bret. >> governor, there is a new poll out this evening, the poll showing four points between the two. but if you look at it, it was exactly where it was before the conventions. i want to get your state of the race, considering some states like utah, arizona, georgia, even your own state of indiana, according to some polls are very tight. what is happening out there? >> i think what is happening, this is a highly contested
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election and will be fought all the way to the finish. i couldn't be more proud to stand next to donald trump as he articulates his message, many are determined to bring change to this country, bret. look, the last seven and a half years of weak in the world slowed america's economy, and began to walk away from our most cherished principles. as donald trump did last sunday night in the debate we'll continue to frame this campaign around the issues that matter most to the american people, and i think that is why the polls are crolose and that is why we have a great opportunity for a victory come november 8th. >> governor, donald trump has not let up. he is campaigning all the time. he does it in his own trump way. but yesterday he said something that did raise some eyebrows, take a listen. >> we should take a drug test, right? because i don't know what is going on with her.
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but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like oh, take me down. she could barely reach her car. >> governor, you think secretary clinton should take a drug test before wednesday? >> well, look, all i know for sure is that donald trump is going to be ready for the debate on wednesday night. the american people are going to see someone who is prepared to lead this country, prepared to bring the kind of strength and determination that it will require to turn this country around. many know our country is headed in the wrong direction, and donald trump is articulating a message of strength, and bringing back our economy, not through taxes, as hillary clinton advocates, and open border policies that hillary clinton advocated in a speech in brazil, but through the type of
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policies that always brought back america's strength. so i'm looking forward to the debate and i know he will be ready for it come wednesday. >> all right, drug tests or not, i want to ask you specific questions. i know you have answered these questions about the accusations. there is a new one out today, now nine women with these allegations. and i know you said they're politicly motivated and all not true. i want to ask you two things about the way donald trump talked about them, and pushed back hard denying them saying on numerous occasions, how could this be true? look at her. have you talked to your daughter about that defense and this whole issue? and how do you explain that? >> well, let me just say that i thought it was right and proper last weekend for donald trump to apologize for the offensive comments that he made in a video that was released 11 years ago
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on an open microphone. he said he was embarrassed. he apologized to his family and to the american people. but frankly, you know, the timing of these unsubstantiated claims that came forward, all of which donald trump has categorically denied is i think deeply troubling to americans. there is more information coming. but the american people are very, very troubled. once again, here we are in an election of such a huge magnitude in the life of this nation. and once again, the media is piling on with unsubstantiated claims as the headlines, while they ignore an avalanche of hard evidence about corruption, pay to play, political favoritism coming out of hillary clinton's years as secretary of state. i mean, we found out this week, bret, that while she was secretary of state her officials in that department actually directed reconstruction
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contracts in haiti to friends of the clintons. this is precisely the type of pay to play politics she says was not happening as her foundation accepted tens of millions from foreign governments. just this morning, they reported the government of qatar pledging a million dollars to the clinton foundation. the american people are tired of all of this, and frankly they're tired, present company accepted, they're tired of most in the national media who would go running after unsubstantiated allegations that donald trump has categorically denied and while they willfully ignore an avalanche of hard evidence of clinton's corruption and scandals. >> well, about the wikileaks e-mails, i know you look at the substance of those and we have been covering the substance inside those e-mails as well, extensively here on fox. but are you concerned at all about the fact that russia, according to the u.s. intelligence officials has hacked into these computers and
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is according to the intel officials trying to influence this election in one way or another? >> well, i think there is no question that the evidence continues to point in that direction and we should follow it where it leads. and there should be severe consequences. to russia or any sovereign nation that is compromising the privacy or the security of the united states of america. i mean, donald trump, more than a month ago gathered a group of some of the leading cyber security experts in this country, and announced our plans to strengthen the security of this country on the internet. and we will do that. >> is the cyber attack -- is it -- from -- >> my hope is that as the vice president has said on another network this morning that there would be consequences. my hope is that this administration will follow through on that because the president of france, just this weekend, said that the obama
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administration's foreign policy that hillary clinton created, moving red lines in syria was actually interpreted as a weak position for america, and made ukraine bolder, taking through a much larger position in syria. we have to follow the facts where they go and protect the cyber security of this country. my hope is that this administration will follow through this time. >> i want to squeeze in two more questions quickly. iranian-backed houthi rebels firing at navy ships. u.s. firing back at these satellite installations. what would you recommend if it is president trump, should the navy do? should the navy expand these strikes or is there some fear of iran being drawn into a war there? >> the united states navy and the united states of america cannot tolerate aggressive action against our warships. but it's important to remember that the militia in yemen that is firing those missiles has been supported by iran.
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and this administration with hillary clinton's full assent just delivered $150 billion that the iranians said they're putting in their defense budget. and it could well be that the money made its way to yemen and is helping these very attacks against u.s. naval war ships. look, we have to rebuild our military. we have the smallest united states navy since 1960, and the smal world war ii. when donald trump becomes president, we'll rebuild our military and stand tall on the world stage and not tolerate aggression against american forces or interests, whether it comes from yemen or a subsidized country like iran. >> governor pence, i have one more question. what advice would you give your nominee for wednesday's debate, quickly? >> well, i would just tell him
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just be himself again. i thought in the first two debates donald trump brought that authentic voice that has really given voice to the the aspirations and frustrations of millions of americans to a national stage. and he clearly won the debate last sunday night because he was talking about the issues that matter most to the american people, restoring our military, standing tall, reviving this economy, creating jobs, upholding the constitution, and the supreme court of the united states. i understand why many in the national media, present company accepted want to talk about everything else except the issues, but donald trump won that debate last sunday, and he will win it this time, talking to the american people and the chance that we can make a change to a fundamental direction back to a stronger and more prosperous direction. >> governor pence, we appreciate your time, thank you for coming on. >> thank you, bret. as hillary clinton takes
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time off the trail to prepare for the debate there are plenty of unanswered questions of the newly released wikileaks surrounding her campaign. we spoke earlier with the vice presidential nominee, virginia senator tim kaine. >> senator, i want to put up the polls, showing essentially exactly where this poll was before the convention, 47-43. judging from all the things that you and secretary clinton are saying on the trail about how unacceptable donald trump is, why coudo you think this poll io close within the margin of error? >> yeah, bret, it is close, i'm used to this, all of our races are close, i've been saying from the beginning that i thought it would be a close election. it does not particularly surprise me. we are seeing data about voting whether it is registration's
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early voting and request for absentee ballots. i'm down in south florida campaigning, because it is close and there are so many close states, we assume that is the case and will be the case right up to the end. >> senator, a lot of information is coming out in the wikileaks e-mails including some pretty embarrassing things from communications in the clinton communication staff and clinton campaign. are you comfortable with what has been said in some of the e-mails about catholics, latinos, governor richardson, a latino, about former naacp leader ben jealous, taking him to be powerless. what is your reaction to the specifics we're learning and the substance of those e-mails some. >> yeah, bret, let me do it, but before i get to specifics and i want to talk about a couple of them. we just have to be a little bit
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careful about these, because since they're part of an effort by both russia and wikileaks, and neither of those are neutral transmitters of information, you can't just automatically assume everything is on the up and up with the e-mails. just as an example, there is one e-mail that references me that is completely inaccurate. and whether it is inaccurate because the sender didn't know what he or she has been talking about i don't know. i don't take all of these at face value. but let's talk about the catholic one, jen palmieri, who is catholic, said yes, i have opinions and shared them. i do know what hillary clinton thinks about being catholic, because she picked a catholic running mate and we talked an awful lot about my own faith background. she and i had a connection, she is methodist, but had a powerful experience as a young person,
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she views it as an asset because it creates a connection between us in terms to the approach of service. so look, some of the e-mails if they are leaked, if they are accurate they show people offering opinions and mouthing off a little bit here and there, but that is the kind of thing that happens. >> senator, there is more substantive things that raise questions about the e-mail incident, there is president obama talking about what he knew and when he knew it to cbs news. >> mr. president, when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an outside e-mail for official business while she was secretary of state? >> the same time everybody else learned about it. >> did you know about hillary clinton's private e-mail server while she was secretary of state? >> no. >> at the same time he was icing a pseudonym and an e-mail
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address to communicate with secretary clinton. and there were e-mails from staff that they wanted to hold that back and what to do. did the president lie there? >> well, i don't know, because i actually do not know if he is communicates by e-mail with hillary does he know it is a private server? i don't know exactly if i send somebody an e-mail exactly what their setup is, i don't recall -- really think about it that much. there was an extensive investigation under the fbi under the direction of a wonderful and tough career public servant, jim comey, who was in the attorney's office in the eastern district of virginia when i was the mayor of richmond. and he has the highest integrity and reached a conclusion after a very long investigation that no reasonable prosecutor would take this to the next step. and i think that still has not
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been effectively call lly chall i know there are people who would like to reiterate that, but given the investigation i think his conclusion you know probably gets it right. >> i understand that. but you know, the campaign has focused on the russia investigation, and you talk to others concerned about russia interfering to cyber attacks. that is clear. but at the same time, you're saying that while john podesta's g-mail was hacked by russia, you're saying that hillary clinton's server was completely iron-clad and was not hacked at all. you mention director comey, here is what he said about the private server. >> i'm not looking to pick on g-mail, their server is actually pretty good. they have full-time security staff and thinks about patching and logging and protecting their systems in a way that was not the case here.
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>> so in other words, john podesta's e-mail was less secure than hillary clinton's server? >> well, and jim comey also reached a conclusion, the fbi investigation that they did not have any evidence that these materials had been compromised. and i don't -- i haven't seen any evidence come out since he rendered that conclusion that would cause me to question that. >> and talking about the other shoe to drop in the next 20 days? >> i'm not, look, it's very clear that both russia and wikileaks want to you know, drop a few documents at a time to try to create a story. i think the marginal text of each story gets less and less. and on the trail, so many people want oh talk about jobs and how can america be safe in a dangerous and calling word. they are worried about the russia effect, bret as you mentioned. at least in my lifetime, i can't
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think of a precedent of a foreign nation trying to de-stabilize an election. i brought up a couple of weeks ago the watergate analogy of trying to de-stabilize an election by going in and grabbing files and this is the current version of that watergate attack. >> senator, watergate was also about a cover-up. and there was a story last night in which an interview with the fbi investigators looking at secretary clinton's e-mail practices, an fbi records and classification official said he felt pressure from patrick kennedy, a senior state department official, to change the classification of the hillary clinton e-mails. to your knowledge, did anyone associate with hillary clinton during her campaign, ask to change or construct e-mails? >> absolutely not, i have no knowledge that that happened. >> and if you found out they
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were trying with a very specific way, hold back specific e-mails based on an arcane rule, doesn't that sound somewhat like a cover-up? >> well, look, here would be something you would have to look at. classification of materials change all the time for all kinds of reasons and they're not all nefarious, i get classification all the time, and i ask is this material i can talk about or material that i can't talk about. and i'll be told it's classified. and three or four weeks later it's not classified. and officials in the state department will be talking about it appropriately. so you do see classification of information change for very legitimate reasons. so that would be something that you would have to look at definitely. >> two more things quickly.
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senator, one, were you upset when your hometown paper in richmond did not endorse your ticket? and in fact endorsed gary johnson? saying -- going as far as to say that donald trump nor hillary clinton were acceptable to endorse? >> bret, actually, it's interesting, i was kind of pleasantly surprised when my hometown paper made that endorsement because my hometown paper -- and it's a great paper, i love the guys. but they have never endorsed me in any contested race i have ever been in ever, in 22 years of elected office, not for my first city council race or lieutenant governor or governor not for senator. but what they do is endorse republicans, this is the first time they have chosen not to endorse the republican ticket for president. in my memory, certainly all the years i lived in richmond. so the fact they couldn't see
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clear to endorse the republican ticket in richmond, that was the news. >> last thing, what was your advice to the nominee for wednesday? >> you know, i think the key, bret, on wednesday, sort of in the first two, i think she was very, very knowledgeable. and she demonstrated that and there was a significant gap in that way between her and donald. and i think he feels like he lost the debates and that is why he had is kind of going wild a little bit. but the other thing about it, it's the demeanor, i think people are looking at that, that debate as a crucible, as a high pressure situation. and they want to see somebody's demeanor who suggests to them that person has the temperament to be president and chandlommann chief. she did a great job in the first two debates and i certainly think she will do that in the next debate. >> thank you for your time,
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senator. >> you bet. how will hillary clinton and donald trump respond to the debate? we'll continue our broadcasts live from the mgm grand hotel right on the strip here in las vegas, nevada. p?p?h
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learn more at vote yes on 64. you're supposed to know this stuff. >> it's a little challenging debating someone?
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like that? he seemsey up a kwanlted with the truth. >> charles hurt, political columnist, monica crowley, and joe trippi, i want to start with you. we put up a washington post poll, and "wall street journal" poll came out, at 11 points nationally, two different polls, two different results. the average has been around 5%. what are you seeing on the trail there and the concerns in the clinton campaign of what they're hearing? >> well, they're not really concerned because they're looking at battleground state polls, and what they're seeing in florida, ohio, and north carolina in terms of early
11:28 pm
voting, what is interesting is that they have a record number of early ballots, particularly from hispanics, in florida. one in three early ballots have been requested by hispanics. and so they're looking at the battleground states in ohio, robby mook, the campaign manager said there were a million ballots cast mostly in the cuyahoga county and franklin counties, favorable to democrats. >> for all the challenges there is still the sense, charlie, if donald trump has a bad week he is still kind of hanging around? >> yeah, i mean, 5 points or 11 points after what donald trump has the past two weeks it is the worst media maelstrom in the history of television for a political candidate. and the fact he is still anywhere remotely in striking distance of hillary clinton suggests he is still in it. he still has a chance, and the
11:29 pm
question is does he buckle down, focus on the issues and stick with that stuff instead of going off on tangents. >> you know, joe, you saw mike pence, answering the questions about these allegations, i didn't go down the road too far, but you have to think he is wincing about these accusers. >> well, he has to, because a part of the difference is women in the polling, and they have moved away. even the moderate republican women are moving away. and so this is not how you get them back. they're gettable, voting republ these years. so it has merit, but the idea is not to go against the accusers. is that the donald trump that shows up, going after the
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accusers, and keeps giving clinton the advantage or does he try to reach out to them, will be the key? >> monica. >> i think it is astonishing throughout the campaign, this man who has never done it before who still has a skeletal campaign, and very little money compared to clinton compared in the campaign is still in the race and particularly after the last two weeks where he has gotten hit time and time again. the fact that he is still standing tells me that this is still possible for him, despite what we're seeing in the polling battleground saint states and nationally. he has the majority of voters with him on the core issue. illegal immigration, borders, dealing with the existential threat of islamic terror. so he has the issues with him, if he can dispense with the latest allegations about groping quickly, and continue to
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prosecute the case against mrs. clinton and her record and then promoting his own positive agenda he will reset this campaign. >> i think the question is over the bar of commander in chief and whether he got through throughout this process as of yet. every debate there is that question, jen, you know, trump supporters say look at these crowds, these crowds are huge. in donald trump parla parlane. what about the hillary clinton crowds? >> well, you're right, the crowds are 1500 at each event. but we saw in ohio when she opened up the face there were 18,000-plus people who came out in ohio state university. the real concern is that the campaign gets so ugly and the rhetoric gets so negative that people decide to sit out. so that is why you see michelle obama and president obama out on the trail saying this matters, make sure you show up and vote.
11:32 pm
>> clearly, trump's crowds been a lot bigger overall, 20,000, 30,000, the question is, is it enthusiasm? is it on his side even after all the type of bad stuff? >> no, i think he lost a lot of it. and i think that is where the past couple of weeks with media hitting him on all of this stuff has really hurt him. just with the enthusiasm. but like i think monica said, i think he can get it back if he just -- delivers a great debate performance, talks about the issues. and you know, gets over trying to hit back on everybody. >> quickly, joe, when you look at the polls and again this is from the trump campaign perspective that they say it could shift. you know, it could shift or it's under-reported. how many points could it potential be under-reported? >> i don't think much. i don't think we're seeing that. i mean, i think this is one of the things, a lot of difference in these polls is just how do you project what is going to turn out?
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who is going to turn out. i think the trump campaign has decided to energize their base and get them to vote. they have to reach out to some of these women who have been pushed away. that is what this debate will be about, i think. >> panel, we'll see and bit later. up next, a look at the battleground map with a look at the political key states that hold a path to the white house.
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i served in iraq in tikrit in 2009. when i took the ancestry dna test, i mean a few results came up that were really shocking. 11% of me comes from the part where i had served. we all come from such different backgrounds that you never know.
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a gorgeous early morning here, welcome back to fox news sunday, live from las vegas. joining me now to discuss the race in crucial battleground states, chrissie thompson, columbus bureau chief with the cincinnati inquirer. and tim boyle, political anchor
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for time warner cable in north carolina. thank you for joining us. let's go to the presidential race, where things stand, what the campaigns look like, patricia, first, to you. >> in florida, the average of the polls show clinton up by about 3%, she has got many more organizational offices around the state. i think she is up to 72, trump was really slow in opening them here. the campaign is expected to be a pretty tight race. this is still the quintessential swing state, the clinton camp thinks it will be a 1-2% race, obama defeated romney by about 74,000 votes in 2012. >> yeah, chrissie, in ohio, the hillary clinton campaign looks like it was kind of backing off ohio and then turned around and started campaigning there hard. >> that is right, we've seen
11:38 pm
with the start of early voting this past week, clinton, barack obama, madeleine albright, turning out to get the key african-american votes. but there is a lot of enthusiasm for trump supporters, but there is lots of fighting in the trump campaign, which yesterday dissociative edi dissociative eigdi disassociated themselves. >> how does it matter that the governor is not fully behind this campaign and the machinery is not activated? >> well, it's meant that the top organizers and the top political organizers have not gotten behind the trump campaign. now, they have still hired pretty did people, but the organization has lagged against
11:39 pm
the hillary clinton organization police strength and numbers. the chairman of the ohio party, while he was chairman, has been as helpful as he can expect. he is honest to say if he is not going to vote for donald trump, especially given the allegations of the past week and the tape from last friday. >> tim, let's talk about north carolina, it looks like one of the most swing saitates, the u. senate race was not expected to be tight but is very tight. >> the incumbent they thought was going to win it handily, se is a former state lawmaker and a legal director for the aclu in north carolina. the republicans were banking on she was too liberal for north carolina, but richard burr has fell victim to a very close presidential race, way tighter than anybody expected. in some polls, ross is up by one
11:40 pm
or two, richard burr is up, all by the margin of error. >> and tim, is the campaign on both sides very active? is one more active on the ground? >> are you talking about the presidential race? >> yes. >> yes, they're both very active, we saw mike pence and president obama, both tim kaine and mike pence were here on wednesday, donald trump made two appearances on friday, then we have mike pence scheduled for tuesday, and tim kaine will be in the state on wednesday and thursday as early voting gets started in north carolina, this is a huge deal because more than half of the people in north carolina are expected to vote before election day. >> the senate race in florida, marco rubio, the incumbent in florida, who decided to get back police in. >> we saw rubio, and the
11:41 pm
opponent, consistently for nearly two dozen polls now, the averages have him up by 5 percentage points which show is there is expected to be some ticket splitting with folks voting for clinton for president and rubio for senate. he has maintained his support for mr. trump in the past week after falling under some criticism for remaining silent about saying if he was going to stick behind him or not. but it has been kind of tepid, and he has said he is not going to campaign with him until election day. >> thank you very much. in these battleground states we appreciate it. next up, we'll bring our panel here in las vegas to discuss how wednesday's debate right here in las vegas will re-shape potentially the race heading into november. patterson
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. >> this was not just a lewd conversation. this was not just locker room bab banter, this was a powerful leader speaking openly about sexually predatory behavior. >> these are lies, they're
11:46 pm
trying to keep their grip on our country. hear all false, totally invented. >> first lady michelle obama denouncing donald trump's crude comments about women. and he claims the system is stacked against him. we're back now with the panel away potenti -- what potentially breaks through here, joe, about the trajectory about the race? >> i think it is donald trump, if i were him, ask for forgiveness, say you're sorry and then say to the country we have 23 days to talk about the real issues. >> so you have just seen him campaign day after day. >> that is why i don't have a problem giving him this advice on air. that is what i would think he w this will be about, does he
11:47 pm
continue to try to drive his base, and it's just not big must have -- enough for what he has driven away should donald trump's rationale is i don't need this job, i am rich, i am doing it for the american people and the future of the country. that is what he needs to focus on in the final debate. he has to point to the clinton prosecution, and point to the economy and say we tried it your way. and in the wake of all the wikileaks disclosures, put her on the defensive and say the media was colluding there was collusion on the benghazi e-mails. you knew that qatar and the clinton foundation was still taking millions of dollars from these countries. if he is able to reset the
11:48 pm
campaign by laying out the positi-- agenda and putting her on the difference, then he can recover. >> we have been putting this on in significant detail. there is a ton of it coming every day. what would have to drop that would be big enough to change the dynamic of this race? i mean, obviously there are big things that have been out already. but big enough that it breaks through. >> well, i think that is the trouble in covering the wikileaks e-mails because there are about a thousand coming out each day. they are not breaking through. it's a drip, drip, drip. i think what you will see hillary clinton do tomorrow night is she is going to change the subject and talk about the russian involvement in the hacking. that is why you saw the former acting cia director and say that it is chilling that the russians would be involved in our elections. that is going to be her pivot point throughout the debate tomorrow night.
11:49 pm
but what is important is i don't think that donald trump will be contrite, he is going to be on offense. our own fox news polls show if he gets 90% of the republican voters that is still only 32% of the registered voters, 32% of the vote. that is not enough. he has not appealed to women. that is not the tone. >> but charlie, let's say if the other shoe drops and we start to see the clinton e-mails, more than the 33,000, what is so explosive that it changes? >> if it's a wikileaks thing, it has to be something huge, because while fox has covered it fairly aggressively, the rest of the media simply has not covered it. and it would have to be something so big that it shames the media into covering it forcefully. i think what is interesting about all this is, donald trump has run this cowboy campaign talking about a rigged system
11:50 pm
and how you know there is corruption behind scenes. all the while these wikileaks have sort of demonstrated that actually he has a pretty good point about all of it and it's proving his point. and if he is able in the debate to do -- and i think he has done a very good job poliin the firso debates, i in the first one. but if it could come back to that and just focus on the issues and focus on proving that his point that it is rigged and that everybody is corrupt and all of that kind of stuff, and stay away from the personal attacks, you know, he's got good footing. >> there is a lot of ifs there and some people say the rigged talk is dangerous in the long-term. but it is worked to fire up his base. quickly, joe, i talked with the local reporters about the senate and the balance of power. house not in play, do you think? >> no, i don't think so -- >> but the senate is precarious for republicans.
11:51 pm
>> i think the house is getting more precarious but not likely to go. the senate, i think, goes to whoever wins the presidency. if these polls are right and hillary clinton is winning in these -- in the majority of the swing states where there are senate races, i think the democrats will win those seats an probably enough of them that we take the democrats -- the democrats take the majority. >> joe, and monica, jen and charlie, thank you. gorgeous view here in vegas. place your bets. thank you. up next, ow power player of the week. it was a tough booking. how our own chris wallace is preparing for the make-or-break final president debate this wednesday.
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another look here live at the las vegas strip ahead of the
11:54 pm
third and final presidential debate. hard to believe it. it all started a little more than 14 months ago, in cleveland. when i, along with my colleagues megyn kelly and chris wallace moderated the first fiery prime time republican debate. remember that. the voter will get one more chance to see the candidates faceoff this wednesday night when chris wallace asked the questions as only he can in the final president debate. i got a really tough booking, an exclusive interview, a look at how he's preparing. here is our very special power player of the week. >> good morning, and welcome to fox news sunday. >> since 2003, you've seen him on "fox news sunday" grilling politici politicians. >> james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> you've seen him pinning presidential candidates down in primary debates. >> question, sir, with that record, why should we trust you
11:55 pm
to run the nation's business. >> but wednesday, october 19th, award-winning journalist and host of fox news sunday chris wallace takes on a new role. moderator of the final presidential debate, the first fox news anchor to get the nod. held in las vegas less than three weeks from the historic election, the stakes are extremely high. >> so are you ready? >> pretty close. i've got a couple of more days and i'll be tweaking and who knows what will happen in the world. but i'm pretty close. one of the things that we've done and i don't think any of the other networks did is they basically said you, have a good team at fox news sunday and you prepare for the debate so i have my cracked researcher lori martin, my executive producer chess loker and it is the three of us against the world here. >> coming under heavy fire. >> after 14 years of hosting fox news sunday he worked for abc news and before that, nbc news.
11:56 pm
as chief white house correspondent and then moderator of "meet the press". >> how many elections have you covered? >> well the second lincoln one -- no. in terms of really covering, 1980 would be my first, ronald reagan. >> you have a long history with these two candidates. i saw video of you interviewing donald trump on the convention floor in 1988. >> it is true. i was one of the floor reporters for nbc. >> one of the interesting things about any international convention is who showed up on the floor and here is real estate tycoon and best-selling author donald trump. >> thank you very much. >> you have flirted with the idea of politics and now here at your first national convention, does that get you interested in making the plunge. >> who told you i flirted. >> i wasn't talking about this year, but you said if you ran for president, you would win? >> i think i would have a very good chance. i like to win. >> and mrs. clinton -- >> the first time i met her was
11:57 pm
actually also in '88 but it wasn't on camera. this is when bill clinton gave the nominated speech for michael dukakis and after going on and on finally said -- >> in closing -- >> well, the next day clinton went around to each of the various networks to do a kind of apology tour, to say, well, maybe i talked too much, but -- kind of to save his budding political career and she came along with him. >> you've interviewed both candidates on fox news sunday and given them both tough questions before. are you a little thin skinned? >> no. only when somebody said bad things that are false. >> he directly contradicted what you said and he also said in that hearing you were extremely careless and negligent. >> well i looked at the whole transcript of everything that was said and what i believe is,
11:58 pm
number one, i made a mistake. >> in an interview it is you and the candidate and you are the personal holding them to an account. this is a debate. and they are both going to be on the stage, i think there is a need to intervene, i will, but i would prefer not to. you are there as a time keeper but you are not a participate and you are there to make sure they engage in the most interesting and fairest way possible. and i take it very seriously. it is not a tv show that we are doing. this is part of civics, the constitution, if will you, in action, because this is helping millions of people decide who we are going to elect as the next president. >> but at this moment, what this moment means for you? >> it means a lot. it means a lot personally. it is kind of a statement of where you are in this business. it also means a lot to me because quite frankly it means something for fox. i'm the first fox moderator to do a general election debate and
11:59 pm
i'm very proud for the news organization. i think it is a recognition of the fact that we do serious journalism. some critics say no, but the fact is you and i know we do. and here is the commission on presidential debates recognizing that. there is a lot of pressure and stress. we've seen the previous moderators get criticized and at certain points i've had to remind myself, this may be a once in a life opportunity. so have -- to the degree you could stop biting your nails, have fun with it. >> so you think your dad is smiling down on this one. >> i think of my dad and how proud he would be. i think if he could, he would try to steal it from me and once he learned he couldn't, he would say that's my boy. >> we're proud of you chris, and we know you're going to kill it. >> thank you. >> i'm putting my chips on chris wallace. be sure to tune in this wednesday as chris moderates the final debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern time followed by post-debate analysis with megyn kelly and myself.
12:00 am
and watch the debate on your local fox station anchored by our friend and colleague shepard smith. and that is it today from las vegas. have a great weekend. we'll see you more news is on the way right here on fox news channel. hello and welcome to this special sunday edition of justice. thanks for being with us tonight. we are live in las vegas site of the third and final presidential debate, the first general election debate ever to be moderated by a fox news anchor. chris wallace will be that moderator when the debate gets underway in just three nights. it will be a huge night for donald trump who is trailing hillary clinton in most recent polls. we'll be talking about it in an hour. but we begin with


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