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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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donald trump goes alls in on claims the election is rigged against in. in two days he will go for broke in the last presidential debate with hillary clinton here in las vegas armed with details from hacked e-mails and newly released fbi documents. xkñ,[ds.s&15÷o[1'.x,jvzádmd5jxt go head to head in the third and final presidential debate of the campaign season. a campaign season unlike any other. good evening. oc!pqñj@(gdó/!igr
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xhgotmó wallace. both participants are said to be working to get ready. hillary clinton remains at her new york home with mock debate sessions and studying. donald trump continues to test drive his closing arguments in front of favorable crowds. he will be speaking in green bay, wisconsin, in the next hour. carl cameron is there tonight. good each. >> reporter: hi. it's been a crazy nine days since the last debate. two more to go until the next one. donald trump spent much of the day preparing for wednesday's debate. he is en route now in his plane here to green bay for a rally in about an hour and a half. watch. once again, trump started his morning with a controversial tweet reminding voters of the women who after the last debate accused him of inappropriate and unwanted sexual advanced years ago. can't believe these totally phony stories.
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100% made up. many proven false. trump boasted on tape about groping women, there's no evidence that his accusers' allegations are false or true. mike pence made two stops in trump's must-win states of high and seemed to fall in line. >> voter fraud cannot be tolerated by anyone in this nation, because it disenfranchises republicans, d independe 8+23wç+xxó /-@ qwu+(!?ç÷%'slh"efán
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lightning than impersonate another person at the polls. >> the criticism is unjustified. it's a guy who is whining because he is a bully who is getting beaten and now he's starting to whine. >> reporter: trump is slippiin . a new survey nationwide has clinton ahead by eight points, 47-39. a new poll has trump down a dozen points nationally, 50-38. clinton has been laying low preparing for the debate. here in wisconsin, clinton leads by 6.7 points in the latest average of recent wisconsin polls. in trump's must-win battleground states, clinton is gaining ground. in florida she's up. in ohio, clinton has trimmed trump's lead. trump trailed by seven points in pennsylvania and 2.7 in north carolina. with key swing states beginning to tilt toward clinton, sanders, chelsea and michelle obama plan
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separate campaign stops in arizona this week hoping to run up the score. today, trump called the for the resignation of under secretary patrick kennedy who according to one fbi official asked the fbi to declassify a classified document in exchange for allowing fbi officials to go into countries and investigate where they are not allowed, like baghdad. trump says it's proof the state department, department of justice and the fbi colluding to cover up for hillary clinton. >> carl cameron, thank you. the republican chairman of the house intelligence and house ov ov oversight committees are asking john kerry to fire an official who was a key aide to clinton. kerry says no. this comes as the fbi is
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relating information indicating the aide tried to influence the investigation into the e-mail scandal. >> reporter: the fbi records make clear that patrick kennedy, one of secretary clinton's trusted lieutenants, wanted to do a deal with the fbi over the classification of clinton e-mails. something the agent termed a quid pro quo. >> i think it's corruption. i think it's manipulation. i think it's against the law. it goes to the intent. >> reporter: according to the fbi interviews known as 302, kennedy and an fbi agent discussed a swap. the fbi would downgrade a sensitive e-mail to unclassified and in return the borough would get slots for people overseas. at a follow-up meeting with intelligence agency reps, the documents show kennedy was
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determined to shield the e-mails from public release. >> it wasn't some simple mistake that hillary clinton said it was. this is a concerted effort by a number of people to manipulate what was given to congress, make sure that it never saw the light of day and support hillary clinton. >> reporter: the e-mail dealt with a 2012 benghazi terrorist attack where four americans were killed. the fbi official responsible for classifying records said, state has an agenda which involves minimizing the classified nature of the clinton e-mails to protect state's interests and those of clinton. is that in keeping with the high ethical standards of the state department? >> we, all of us at the state department, will make their case as best they can. that's called interagency
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exchange. the kind of discussion that we carry out all the time. >> the fbi agent either got it wrong or lying in the 302? >> as i understand this, this was any really assertion that this was somehow tit for tat or quit proquo exchange in that manner is insulting. >> reporter: the classification was never changed. legal experts said today even the discussion of a backroom deal violates federal law. >> thank you. almost every day wikileaks has been releasing another batch of several hundred to several thousand e-mails. there is so much we have a team of producers to go through each e-mail looking for news. tonight we are trying to give you a sense of the highlights so far, not only what has been most covered, which is who is behind the attack or believed to be behind the hack but also the substance of what's inside the
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e-mails. a deep dive into the wikileaks releases, what's happening and why and where are we right now. here is ed henry. >> the united states strongly condemns the illegal disclosure of classified information. >> reporter: it was six years ago next month when a titanic clash started between one of the most powerful women in the world, hillary clinton, and a man who was the previously little known founder of wikileaks, assuage. >> she should resign if it can be shown she was responsible. >> reporter: he rattled the american secretary of state in november of 2010 by leaking out 250,000 classified diplomatic cables. >> it put people's lives in danger. threatens our national security. >> reporter: now assuage may be threatening no less than cl clinton's panel to the oval office from assuage's bedroom at the ecuador embassy in london
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from which he has released more than 10,000 e-mails from the personal account of john pode a podesta. >> the stuff she says in the e-mails is disqualifying from being president of the united states. there's a public hillary and a private hillary. >> reporter: in one e-mail, clinton herself used a paid wall street speech to explain away her flip-flop on the transpacific partnership trade deal by saying -- beyond top aides like podesta and others using e-mail exchanges to trash various blocks of voters from catholics and hispanics to african-american leaders and southerners, perhaps the most jarring part is that the most savage criticism of clinton is coming not from conservatives but insiders who fires off an e-mail asking what the candidate actually believes and want as her core message. outside advisers seem disupon
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dent about the e-mail scandal declaring apologizing was the achilles heel. the e-mails have not been a good look for president obama who has been aggressively campaigning for clinton to succeed him. >> that's why i believe that she is more qualified to be president of the united states of america. >> reporter: in a march 4, 2015 e-mail, one day after gowdy issued a subpoena and weeks before thousands of them were deleted with bleach bit, podesta writes in a note marked special category, quote -- even though clinton vowed all work-related e-mails were turned over and the president said he didn't really e-mail with her.
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last december, after the san bernardino massacre that left 14 people dead, podesta sent an e-mail suggesting it would be better for the campaign if a non-muslim had led the terror attack. after a clinton aide noted that msnbc host had tweeted the name of the suspect, a staffer wrote, damn. podesta responded, bett eed -- p clinton writing in 2014 -- when it comes to qatar, the wikileaks dumps show two years earlier, bill clinton had no trouble accepting big money from that same country for the clinton foundation. an e-mail showing officials from
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qatar would like to see him for five minutes in new york to present a $1 million check that qatar promised. another leaked e-mail revealed a law firm was quietly brought in to audit the foundation and found, some interviewees reported conflicts of those raising funds or donors some of whom may have an expectation of quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts. that review sparked. band writing, as they say the apple doesn't fall far. a kiss on the cheek, while she's sticking a knife in the back and front. if clinton's paid speech transcripts leaked out during the democratic primary, sanders may have been able to take the nomination by proving clinton's coziness with wall street. >> such a great speech, the secretary should share it with the whole world. >> reporter: the clinton camp are lashing out.
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>> they are part of an effort by russia and wikileaks and neither of those are neutral transmitters of information. you can't assume everything is on the up and up. >> reporter: assuage has gotten the attention he wanted. >> significant in relation to the udz election. we think it's significant. >> reporter: he says ecuador cut off his internet access. released 3,000 more e-mails today. one has mook so confused he asked podesta where they landed on trade. because i have become a hack, i will send you the whole section that pertains to you. don't share or tell anyone i did this. >> watch what you put in e-mails. thank you. we will do the deep dives and perspective pieces from time to time to give you a sense on not just specific day to day
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e-mails. let's talk about this story. charles, i want to take you back to katherine's story, the fbi documents that show what is alleged to be this quid pro quo between patrick kennedy and this fbi official who is talking about the e-mails and classification. your sense of that story and its impact? >> there's so many ironies here. the first is that this is probably normal procedure inside of any administration, inside of a bureaucracy. trading off favors, trading off probably shady maneuvers. but the problem is this. the charge that republicans trump in particular are making against hillary clinton is precisely that she represents business as usual. you can defend clinton and say, well, this goes on all the time.
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but that's the point. they are trying to wipe away this kind of culture of corruption. it's hard to deny that there's a quid pro quo or at least one was proposed when the phrase quid pro quo is used to describe the transaction in the documents. look, this is the camera in the sausage factory. i don't think we should be shocked this happened. once you see it in black and white and you hear the charge that clinton represents business as usual and it's a corrupt business as usual, that i think accentuates the charge and makes it a very serious one. >> charles, on the e-mails, the campaign comes back and says, we don't know if they're accurate or not. this is hacked by russia. but the fbi documents, in there are other things besides this patrick kennedy situation. for example, the fbi in
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interviews of fbi officials and service members explained that clinton's treatment of diplomatic service security agents on her protective detail was so con testimony tuous that many sought employment elsewhere. being an agent of the secretary of state's protective detail was an honor and privilege. by the end of clinton's tenure it was staffed with new agents because it was difficult to find agents willing to work for her. that's the fbi document, not the e-mails. i'm wondering how you think this all plays politically in a situation where donald trump is getting bombarded on his -- the allegations by all of these women. >> look, there are shelves in libraries groaning with tomes describing the personal unmr unpleasantness of hillary clinton. this is another piece of that evidence. because it reinforces the
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pre-existing impression of somebody who is not pleasant, is arrogant and treats subordinates with disrespect, you get -- it makes the case that when she says she speaks for the middle class, for the suffering and the poor and, of course, the children, you might want to be suspicious about that claim. it's nothing new. it adds to the weight of that evidence. when it has the fbi's signature on it, that i think is also significant. >> charles, as always, thank you. how u.s. troops in the battle to retake mosul from isis terrorists. in new york, rail service is restored at the hoboken, new jersey, terminal, three weeks after a train crashed into the station killing a woman on the platform and injuring more than 100 people. in north carolina, republicans reopen a makeshift office after
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the gop headquarters war firebomb ed over the weekend. no one was hurt. an official is calling it political terrorism. the white house is con determinidetermine i -- condemning the attack. a live look at chicago. the big story there tonight, police say eight men were kil d ed and 40 wounded in shootings from friday night to monday morning. chicago is experiencing a surge in gun violence despite some of the nation's toughest gun control laws. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we're outside the beltway here in las vegas.
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welcome back to las vegas, site of wednesday's final presidential debate. half a world away from here the commander of u.s. military forces against isis says it could take weeks or longer for iraqi troops to recapture the city of mosul. the operation is only about a day old now. american officials insist u.s. troop involvement is limited to air strikes, training and logistical support. not front line ground combat. there are concerns tonight about a protracted conflict with american forces so close to the action. kevin cork has details tonight from the white house. >> reporter: it has begun. despite fears opposition, kurdish forces began advancing on a string of villages east of motion mosul to reclaim it from isis which seized it more than two years ago. the battle presents the obama administration with the prospect of delivering a crushing defeat
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of isis in iraq before the president leaves office. an answer to critics who say he has been slow to respond to the rise of the terror group. >> this is going to be a difficult operation. this is not something that will yield success overnight. but months of planning has gone into ensuring the success of the military operation. >> reporter: an operation that's expected to mirror previous efforts that saw the coalition reclaim the cities of ramadi and tikrit. this time 4,000 kurdish troops are expected to engage isis with american military support, both on the ground and from the sky. >> translator: the hour of victory has arrived. the operation to liberate mosul has begun. >> reporter: the speech, similar to one he delivered earlier this year. while that battle lasted just weeks, this one could take longer to complete. ash carter said of the start of the mosul offensive, quote, this is a decisive moment in the campaign to deliver isil a lasting defeat.
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the fight to liberate moesul comes with concerns that hundreds of thousands of people could be displaced. battles that won't include americans on the front line but will find them in harm's way. >> clear from the start, americans are again playing advisory roles. >> reporter: experts believe given the terrain the coalition will phase, this could well be most dangerous environment yet for the thousands of americans who will operate in support of the iraqis as they march on mosul. >> the challenge is always enormous in urban warfare with the complexity of the battlefield, civilians in place. there are up to a million citizens left in mosul. not sure how many. it's ugly. it's difficult. >> reporter: difficult indeed. dangerous on the ground as well as politically. this is a president that has fiercely resisted american involved in entanglement abroad
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and now is pinning part of his legacy the training and willingness and ability of the iraqis to win a battle they have yet to win thus far. >> thank you. while the world is watching iraq, russian and syrian air strikes continue to kill civilians in aleppo. 36 people were killed on attacks against rebel held areas today. an official of russia's military general staff says russian and syrian forces are preparing a humanitarian pause on thursday. back here at home, we are just three weeks and a few hours from the november election. tonight we continue our look at voter fraud and other election related problems. why one of the easiest forms of voting may not be the most reliable. >> reporter: when jim ran for illinois state representative, he tried to vote for himself. when he did, he says he got a big surprise. >> i went and touched the box
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next to my name and the check mark magically appeared at my opponent's name. >> reporter: he was voting on a touch screen machine similar to this one. was shocked to see his choice was switched. >> my gosh, i was dumfounded. >> reporter: for years, other voters across the country have claimed touch screens flipped their votes, too. we reported on it in ohio in 2012. >> you push his name, but the x goes to the other guy. >> keep pressing or let somebody know. >> reporter: that's exactly what he did six or seven times. >> i kept pushing in different areas to try to find out where -- how am i going to get that in my box? >> can a touch screen switch a vote? >> people say they can. i have never seen it do it. i work with them all the time. >> reporter: this woman is the county clerk in new jersey where touch screens have been used for a decade. she knows of no case where a vote was switched and says pole
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workers can be alerted if there's a problem. a paper receipt is fed out that shows the selections before they then confirm their vote. >> you are touching a machine. you don't know what's happening. if you can see that paper, you know, okay, this is what's being recorded. >> reporter: stay there, make sure that the vote registers for who you want it to register for. jim voted in chicago. the clerk's office told us his machine had what's called a calibration error. that's the common reason someone's choice on a screen could be changed. officials say they did take the machine offline and no incorrect vote was actually registered. jim was able to finally vote for himself. he could have used more. it turned out he lost the race. >> thank you. stocks were down today. the dow lost 52, the s&p was off six. the nasdaq dropped 14. hispanic voters will have unprecedented influence here in nevada in the next month election.
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jennifer griffin has been talking with people in that community. she's here to tell us what she's hearing. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the most recent real clear politics average poll for nevada shows clinton leading donald trump by just 1.5. meaning that the latino vote here could be decisive. people like to gamble here in las vegas, but they don't gamble with their vote. >> the latino vote is really important here in nevada. especially because it has been proven that they can swing the state. >> reporter: both parties are working hard to register voters. at a clinton campaign office not far from the las vegas strip, volunteers are targeting hispanic voters who make up a third of the state's population. >> i think donald trump has said a lot of bad things, not only what he said about the latino community, mexican americans specifically and women, different religions.
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it's a lot of hate going on in this election. >> reporter: at trump headquarters, a different perspective. >> the enthusiasm and support mr. trump out here, it's unparalleled from any other presidential cycle we have had in recent memory. we feel extremely confident about our chances here in nevada. >> there's no basis in what they are saying. donald trump will be lucky to get 20% of latino vote. he alienated them with his talk about immigration. >> reporter: a favorite mexican restaurant in the city and meeting place frequented by politicians, few latinos said they favor trump. >> i think donald trump has shown how he feels about mexicans, about other people from different communities. >> reporter: this woman is a dreamer, one of 1.8 million children brought to america by their parents as children who don't have citizenship. she has emerged as the face of the movement and met clinton during her last visit. she may not be able to vote, but
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she's working hard to get out the vote. >> i know for me would represent a possible deportation. if he were to become president, i don't know what would happen. >> reporter: for trump supporters, there's one quality they say outweighs all others. >> mr. trump is the only one in nevada on the ballot that created a job. you can see it by his hotel here on the strip. he is the only one that is actually had to provide for people's tuitions, rent, mortgages, health care. hillary clinton can't say she's done that ever. >> reporter: nevada has the largest population of undocumented workers of any state. those latinos who are voting for donald trump say they are worried those undocumented workers will take their jobs. according to the most recent wall street journal-nbc national poll, clinton is leading donald trump among latino voters by 50%. >> jennifer griffin, down by the pool. thank you. we will talk for a few minutes about polls. specifically what it means when a poll is weighted.
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there's questions we get on e-mail, on twitter, on facebook. joining us from texas tonight is darryn shaw. he teaches government elections and all about polling at the university of texas. he is a pollster for fox news and a member of the fox news decision team. thanks for being here. i want to ask you some brief questions that i get bombarded with all the time. one, how can you make a snapshot of the nation by looking at 900 people, 400 people and be accurate? people write me all the time and say, i never get called. my friends never get called. >> i get the same thing from my students. the quick version is, i use the soup analogy, which is i don't need to drink vats of soup to get a good sense of the taste and flavor and texture of the soup. as long as i get a spoonful that's representative of the entirety, then i can make assessments about the soup. that's what we do with polling. we take a random small selection from the general population. it doesn't take much more than four or five, 600 until you
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build up a representative account of the whole. >> the last poll had 917 likely voters. it was a split clinton 45, trump 38. that was the most recent fox news poll. in that poll, the voter identification, the self-identification was democrats 45, republicans 36. it was a dem plus nine poll. i get bombarded with questions, how can you say this poll is accurate? it's democrat, it's oversampling democrats. what's the answer to that? >> you and me both, i get this all the time also. the reality is that we do what we call weighting with polls. there are known elements in the population -- we now how many men and women are going to be there in the american population. we know the percentage of latinos and african-americans. we wait to determine and exit polling. party identification is an attitude. the short answer is, attitudes
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are subject to politics. it's true parties are fairly stable. but it does move around a little bit. it moves around in reflection of the politics that are being discussed at a particular point in time. the last poll was dominated by the video to a lesser extent by the second presidential debate. those things can cause weaker identifiers to say, well, i'm usually leaning republican but right now i will call myself an independent. you get two or three or four point movement. overall, it's important for viewers to understand, the democratic party is the plurality party. not by much. but they are by 4 or 5 or 6 points. will they bump up to plus nine. does it get down near parity? that's when republicans dominate elections. >> quickly, an average of polls, when we get close, is it --
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usually it's pretty close to the final election result. right? >> yeah. i think in the last two election cycles, 51 jurisdictions, if you count d.c., all the states plus dc, last two elections, that's 1 102 separate trials, only one instance was the average of polls off. that was florida last time when they had romney by .1 and he lost by .2. even the misses have been good. we have been humbled many times. the record has been pretty good in the last two cycles. >> hopefully, we cleared some things up today. we will have you back. thank you very much. >> thank you. former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff pleaded guilty to making false statements during an investigation into a leak of classified information about a covert cyberattack on irrap's nuclear facilities. he faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
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cartwright's attorney said during today's hearing the government and the defense -- the defense have agreed that any sentence would be for no more than six months. donald trump talks about a rigged election while hillary clinton is not talking at all. she's practicing. ahead of wednesday's final debate. we will talk about all that with our panel. later bring you a little from las vegas from above and i look at the sights and sounds from a helicopter around the city. >> is that ia right? >> there's three rides up there. >> no way would i do that. i'm in a helicopter.
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it's a rigged system. and they take these lies and they put them on front pages. this is a rigged system, folks.
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>> top concehow concerned are y >> not at all. neither is mike pence. neither is paul ryan, if you believe his spokesperson who indicated he had confidence the election would be conducted fairly. >> i have a news flash, the president's press secretary doesn't speak for me. you know, they're not worried about it, because they deny it's happening. i'm not worried about it because i know the american people are not going to let it happen. >> an insult to county registrars. >> talk about a rigged election today. that's where the focus has been. what does that mean? how does it impact this race? let's bring in our panel out here in vegas. george will, lesley marshal, and charles hurt. okay.
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george, thoughts? >> when mr. trump talks about it being rigged, he sweeps all his grievances into one big puddle. he talks about the media. he talked about the primaries. he talked about the polls. talked about the republican national committee. i think when most persons hear that an election is rigged, they think of government action to rig the election. there mr. trump has a point if he would make it more clearly. it's hard to think of an innocent reason why democrats spend so much time, energy and money, scarce resources, resisting attempts to purge the voter rolls, remove people dead or have left the jurisdiction. it's hard to think of an innocent reason why they fight so tremendously against voter i.d. laws. they say, that burdens the. er size of a fundmental right. the supreme court said that's a fundamental right. no one thinks showing an i.d. burdens that right. we know -- we don't surmise. we know that the 2010, '12 and
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'14 elections were rigged by the federal government, the irs. you can read all about it in a book. she's familiar to all wall street journal readers. this is not a surmise. i have talked to lawyers in a position to know they say it's still going on. the irs is still -- can delay in the granting of tax exempt to groups to skew this campaign. >> we have an average of poll. hillary clinton up 8.4. these are the last recent five polls that we trust. there were state polls today that suggest that it's very tight in ohio, here in nevada, north carolina. your thoughts on the state of the race and this effort by the trump campaign and mr. trump to say that the election is rigged?
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>> the facts don't bear that out. in 14 years in a billion votes you have 35 instances of fraud. i think on a bigger scale, two things here. i think some voters, some of his supporters look at that as throwing in the towel and setting the groundwork for what he will say after he loses. >> in other words, if you are talking about rigged, you are losing? >> exactly. why else would you be talking about that? you would have confidence in the system. i have to say, i'm not surprised that these battleground states are very close. if you look historically over the past election cycle, presidential election cycles, the country has been almost split 50/50. that's the way it is right now, especially in a state like ohio. i expect trump to win ohio, quite frankly. you have a strong blue collar worker presence. the different here is that hillary doesn't need four of the strong battleground states to win and trump does. some of the states are very encouraging for democrats for the first time since her husband was president. arizona as an example.
1:43 am
when you are talking about rigged and you are talking about we can't let people out there rig an election and some people are concerned what that means when they go to vote, are people going to intimidate them when they get out there, is somebody going to stop somebody's vote, we have seen violence which is terrible, whatever side it comes from, at the end of the day, no. stats don't bear these elections are rigged. it makes you look like you are hurting and you know you are going to lose the rate. i'm not surprised they are tight. but she doesn't need ohio. he needs it to win. she does not. >> he needs to run the table. charlie, he is firing up his supporters, trying to tamp down hers, i guess, strategically. >> yeah. trying to make sure that every single one of his supporters does show up and that they don't give up. the media has done a very good job of making it seem like hillary clinton has already won and it's all over and everybody go home. going back to something george
1:44 am
said that i think is so true, is that donald trump has always -- he rolls all of his grievances into one thing. when he talks about the system is rigged, the election is rigged, i think he's talking about a broader sort of scatter shot charge against washington, against politicians, against -- >> media? >> against the media. and what i think is striking about that is the fact that, my gosh, there are millions of people out there who feel like, you know what, what he is saying is true. it's rigged against me. he is speaking for those people in a way that nobody else has. all of this is happening with the backdrop of the wikileaks stuff that is revealing the most horrible things about the clintons and the clinton campaign. it really does sort of underscore the notion that, it is kind of. >> i will say the part about russia, george, is concerning, that russia is believed to be
1:45 am
behind this hack. you talk to any u.s. intelligence official, they will say that that's what they see. it's also the substance that's inside. the fbi documents today, it's separate from the e-mails themselves. those are actual fbi interviews about this quid pro quo allegation and other things. >> yes. that was described by the state department spokesman as interagency -- what did they call it -- exchange. i'm sorry. i'm a big boy. i know bureaucracies deal with one another. this is one trying to influence a criminal -- potentially criminally investigation by another. my question is, was the fbi agent who was offered this proposition, did he report it to the fbi? >> does this break through? are democrats worried about this? >> i think they would be lying if they said they weren't. then again, i think it depends which interview summary you believe. did the fbi say, hey, by the way, we want to have guys over in iraq after the fact?
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was this, hey, this is what we want? remember, the classification was not changed. this is what we like and we can do this for you. that's obviously very unsettling if that's true. at the end of the day, i think those that support trump are going to believe the first narrative. those that support hillary clinton are going to believe the second. we will follow all of it. we're fighting the sun here in las vegas. we are dealing with the setting sun over the strip. next up, the battle for mosul.
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this operation to regain control of iraq's second largest city will likely continue for weeks, possibly longer. but, to be clear, the thousands of combat forces who will liberate mosul are all iraqis. >> isil is defeatable and we will see that in mosul. >> americans are in harm's way as part of this fight. >> there will be dug-in troops. there will be tunnels. there will be suicide bombers. improvised explosive devices. >> the battle for mosul is on. now one day old as we told you yesterday started with the iraqi prime minister's
1:51 am
announcement. take a look at the map. mosul is surrounded by areas controlled by isil but the city itself has roughly a million people there and some 4,000 diehard isis fighters. now, you look at the u.s. troops in the area, it hastedtly increased since june of 2014. really, every month there has been something and then you see the increase to 5262 on the ground in september. looking to be a little bit more than that as well. charlie, let's start with you. it's here. it's happening. >> yeah. it's, once again, another complete, total admission that the administration's policy in dealing with the middle east and iraq specifically has been an salute failure. it's been a disaster. hillary clinton has, you know, there are few people that you can blame other than president obama as much for it than hillary clinton because she voted for the war to begin with. and then changed her mind, of course, and the fact it's
1:52 am
just a testament to what an amazing election this has been that here we are weeks before the election and this is not going to be an issue in the election. but, it should be. it says an awful lot about her fitness as commander-in-chief. >> leslie? >> well, mike pence voted for that war as well and he is the vp on the republican ticket next to trump. in addition to that i think this actually shows -- i don't think it shows failure. because the reason that these troops can go in, the reason the iraqis and even the kurds can go in to mosul is because they have 8,000 and now we have 30,000 that are against them is because they have been weakened and that weakening of isis to me is not a failure. that is a success. in addition to that, i think that leading this 30-nation, you know, gang against isis, iif you will, just further proves why we have to stop to have conversations about bans on muslims that are going to alienate muslim allies and muslim nations in
1:53 am
the region such as iraq and iraqi people going forward. >> george? >> i assume that the iraqi and allied forces who are law firming this are familiar with napoleon's ax i didn't mean if you start to take vienna, take vienna. don't do it half way. we are fighting a force that has no armor. no air force, no intelligence service. no heavy artillery. the outcome of this battle is not indoubt. what is in doubt is the collateral damage both to people there. if there are a million people left there, that's probably the metropolitan area of kansas city or cincinnati. it's a big project. it's much easier to capture a city than it is to dislodge someone who has been entrenched there, having captured it. and we live in the age of immediate, constant graphic journalism. we're going to see some pretty messy stuff that will make it hard for us to persevere. >> we should make clear the general said that the iraqis are the ones doing this fighting but, i have talked to special ops guys.
1:54 am
they are right alongside. they are not going to go door to door buting to take theo the edge. they are also laying the groundwork with air strikes all around mosul. >> and it can be done with air strikes alone. i think they are uniform in saying that. but it does raise the question where are we going to be after the election? where, you know, if this is not successful in the next three weeks, which it probably won't be, are we going to find ourselves with a new administration getting deeper into this conflict again. >> leslie, last word. do you think this is an issue in this debate on wednesday? >>. no because i would disagree with you. even though i'm normally a pessimist. i have optimistic view of trying to take over mosul. if they do then that really just separates isis from iraq. that was where the caliphate began in a sense in iraq two years ago and then next we look at syria. in other words, this is a demon that can be defeated. >> full-time word, george. >> if it should be, unlikely to be. if it should be a quick
1:55 am
victory that is before november 8th. mosul has a different flag over it, that will be an election factor. >> all right. panel. thank you. when we come back a debow of the debate from high up in the sky. ♪ viva, las vegas. >> somewhere chris wallace is getting ready. flying ove you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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1:57 am
maverick helicopters and our pilot reilly troy gave me a bird's eye view of the famous strip and the site of wednesday night's final debate. all right. let's do this thing. ♪ all right. there's the strip. you know, it looks smaller when you fly like this. they said they had to have 3,000 rooms for the debate. i think they have got that covered. can't really miss it. i wonder if he is going to stay there. one would think, don't you think? it's huge. donnie and marie are still at it. really? never get enough of a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll. blue man group that's been here for a while. that is our set right there.
1:58 am
27th floor. kind of see the lights on this side. thithis is the ohm thomas and max center. the site of the third and final debate wednesday night. it will be quite a show. maybe not david copperfield but it will be interesting. >> i don't know. chris wallace has got some things up his sleeve, maybe. we'll see. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" on the road in las vegas. but still, fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with my friend and colleague brit hume starts right now. >> good morning everyone. it is tuesday, october 18th. a bombshell report. one of hillary clinton's most trusted lieutenants tried to make a deal in the fbi in the middle of her e-mail investigation. >> this as we learn the
1:59 am
democratic nominee put her security detail in unnecessary danger while on trips abroad. >> while hillary hides behind closed doors donald trump ramps up claims of a rigged election. >> taking people with no case whatsoever and put it on wages. it's a media rigging of the election. >> a standoff in the swing states. >> shoot it. >> dramatic moment two officers are ambushed at a starbuck. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> it is 5:00 right here on the east coast. good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. i am heather childers. >> looking at me tall and strong. >> it could be me. >> i am clayton morris. a bombshell. 21 days before the presidential election. >> confirming and attempts classified e-mails found by the hillary clinton private server. >> good morning, john. what is interesting is they don't come from wikileaks but rather directly from the fbi. newly released fbi issues reported on by katherine her raj


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