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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: the irony is that happened 13 months ago. the plane left last night, we will see her later in new york and you will be at that dinner. we will get that up in a matter of minutes. we will see you tomorrow in new york city. thank you. >> fox news others, the flames are flying in the 2016 election with the third and final debate in the record books. >> it is good that you are not a major presidential candidate. you might not have made it through the debate but good to have you back. hillary clinton taking the day off after a spirited debate by chris wallace, donald trump is in ohio holding a rally 90 minutes from now. both candidates landing powerful blows last night, mrs. clinton deflecting questions about her family's charitable foundation and trump refusing to say he will accept the result of the election. here is a sample.
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>> when it comes to the wall donald talked about building in mexico, didn't even raise it, he choked and got into a twitter war, we are not paying for that wall. >> hillary clinton wanted the wall, she thought for the wall in 2006 or thereabouts. she never gets anything done so naturally the wall wasn't built but hillary clinton wanted the wall. >> i voted for border security and there are some limited places that was appropriate and it is ironic he is raising that. this is a person who has been very cavalier, even casual about the use of nuclear weapons, advocated more countries getting them, japan, korea, saudi arabia, we have them, why don't we use them which is terrifying. >> all i said is we have to renegotiate these agreements
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because our country cannot afford to defend saudi arabia, japan, germany, south korea, took nuclear weapons. she has been proven to be a liar in so many ways. this is just another lie. >> one of the prides of this country is peaceful transition of power, no matter how hard thought the campaign is, at the end of the campaign the loser accedes to the winner, not necessarily saying you are going to be the loser or the winner but the loser concedes to the winnerand the country comes together for the good of the country. are you saying you are not prepared? >> i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> let me respond to that. that is horrifying. every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction he claims whatever it is is
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rigged against him. my social security payroll contribution will go up as will donald's, can't figure out how to get out of it but what we want to do is replenish -- >> such a nasty -- jon: joining us with analysis is steve hayes of the weekly standard and fox news contributor, david drucker is senior political correspondent for the washington examiner. welcome. you heard that exchange about the results of the election and donald trump's position on it. what do you think? >> it will make supporters happy but he flubbed it. all he has to say is of course i will honor the result of the election, i am a law and order candidate. trying to bring law and order back to this country. instead he was trump. utterly predictable but distracted from other good moments he had and the kind of thing that becomes the talk of
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the debate. another 2000 situation like george w. bush and al gore, nobody in that situation will be expected to concede because they are a couple of votes behind can you cross that bridge when you come to it, you don't say in advance as he has said for days and days, the question from chris wallace, will you accept the results of the election? jon: you filed an article that said trump lost the debate with that answer. >> i think he did. he had a good start to the debate and several good moments throughout the debate that with that answer you knew the media would focus on that because trump and his team know how damaging it is for him to be saying. in the hours before the debate a number of trump surrogates rushing to reassure people trump would accept the results of the election. the problem is sequencing.
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if there is clear evidence of voter fraud or a violation after the election the candidate has every right to ask questions but donald trump on the other hand has been announcing in advance that he may not take seriously the results, no matter what the margin is. talking about large-scale voter fraud or cheating in a way there is no evidence of that taking place and hard to imagine a cross the country, on the scale that would tip the election. jon: he answered the question a couple times but one of his answers is i will keep you in suspense. it wasn't flat out no. >> it is as good as a flat out no because it becomes a story that scratched from the rest of his message and gave hillary clinton a chance to take the high road. totally unnecessary, not the job of the media to explain what donald trump really meant and you know it is a problem for any candidate including hillary
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clinton when you go to the spin room after a debate that your surrogates, people speaking on your behalf have to explain what you really meant, 19 days before an election, donald trump's most ardent supporters are explaining his faux pas saying he is not really a politician and that is why he doesn't see as clearly as i do and -- that works 6 months ago, a year ago, 19 days out it doesn't work and doesn't help him. jon: does it help other republicans running down ballots? the effect of that? >> that is the concern. going into the debate people working on campaigns around the country one of the main concerns was donald trump would say something or do something in the debate that would require other republicans to either defend him or distance themselves from him or come up with the awkward straddle you have seen after
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donald trump controversies where the candidate will distance him or herself from trump but say he or she is supporting trump for president is likely what we will see, even last night on my twitter feed i started seeing statements from other candidate saying no, of course we will respect the will of the voters and honor the outcome of this election. putting republicans down ballots in a bind in a way that is damaging to them looking at the potential magnitude of this on the republican side. >> let me read you a tweet from the real donald trump the just crossed our desk, came out this morning, not clear he is referring to the primary debates or the debates last night, he tweets why didn't hillary clinton announced she was inappropriately given debate questions, secretly used them, you want to take that one on?
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>> the issue here is donald trump trying to conspire, unless one of these things may or may not be true but no evidence of conspiracy so it excites the base which is so loyal to him, he has a base that is more loyal to him than any candidate ever had but in order for him to win this election he needs to get outside the debate and expand his coalition. a challenge for all politicians but especially him and none of this helps him do that, it is not about his economic message or trade message so what he is doing every time he indulges in this, it is helping hillary clinton because it cedes the ground to her for who is better candidate for president, the fox news poland of the polls it doesn't help even if there is right and there is no evidence that he is.
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>> there is some evidence, megan kelly, the head of the democratic national committee about possibly an email from wikileaks indicating she possibly provided answers to hillary clinton before townhall so there's a germ of truth but in typical donald trump fashion he takes something that is a legitimate beef and raises real questions and rather than attack it specifically and surgically, he creates this and steyer -- entire conspiracy theory, unclear whether he was referring to the primary debates or this one question or whether he was ridiculously suggesting chris wallace may -- >> that is what i was getting at, just unclear. >> i can guarantee you chris wallace didn't hand over questions to anybody let alone the hillary clinton campaign and by conflating the possibility gettingsome help for the
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primary process, putting this tweet out the morning after the presidential debate, and conspiracy theories. >> we see this. and lee harvey oswald, and this is what donald trump, and on the day after the debate, and difficult questions. the best question was a follow-up, with respect to hillary clinton's, chris went back to her and said with you as commander in chief shoot down russian jets if you were
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enforcing a no-fly zone and she dodged the question again which she did throughout the night. jon: a masterful job last night. we want to hear from you, who won the debate last night. the final debate chris wallace moderated? >> the goal is to take back mosul. a hard fight, i have no illusions about that and continue to crowd into syria to take back and move on the isis headquarters. >> when she left, she took everybody out, we lost mosul. what they wanted to do is get the leaders of isis, we are going after mosul, we have been
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for -- how long has it been? three months? >> the battle to retake the city of mosul. today word from an iraqi general, special forces jet took control 9 miles east, benjamin hall. >> today there is fighting in mosul. the prime minister praised coordination between us and iraqi forces. it took place around a town, at 4:00 with airstrikes by the us, the plan to start and isis target, any hope they were suppressed, and special forces unit, in the city, an officer in iraq.
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and one of them hit a humvee. we also -- that brutal city of mosul. >> this is the human side of the basis tragedy, men, women and children, thousands of family displaced by the brutality of the terror group, this is where they come, to free the cities. life for these people will never be the same. this lady who escaped yesterday broke down in tears and told us how isis, locking cages and drowned alive. these men get to be vetted by camp guards, isis fighters were hiding among refugees trying to escape. >> despite that admission, other people i spoke to say they are everywhere, digging in and any to fight, people may say this is a ahead of schedule but this
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operation is still going. >> we are getting an election update from the crystal ball. when candidate is in a commanding position. donald trump laying out his vision for the economy blasting the week recovering and arguing more of the same won't cut it. >> the end of last week they came out with an anemic jobs report. a terrible jobs report. is that the last jobs report before the election which if it is i should win easily.
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>> of all places, ohio, florida, any of them, upstate new york, our jobs have fled to mexico and other places. >> half of all documents that is undocumented immigrants pay federal income tax.
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we have undocumented immigrants in america paying more federal income tax than a billionaire. i find that astonishing. >> you should have changed the law when you are a united states senator because your donors and special interests are doing the same things i do except more so. you won't change the law because you take so much money. i sat in my apartment today in a beautiful hotel. jenna: one of the memorable exchanges. larry, director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. before we get your crystal ball, politics is your thing, do you believe that? >> let's just say my beliefs have been pressed and i had a lot of former students, 20,000
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of them and half of them asked that question. can you say politics is a good thing? just consider the alternatives. is bad as we may feel, as negative as politics may get it is better than authoritarian alternatives. jenna: some perspective and levity. let's get your crystal ball, what is the big headline you see? >> hillary clinton has a very big lead in the electoral college. we have her at the peak of the year at 352 electoral votes. that includes states that are leaning to her like ohio, arizona which is a big surprise, trump has an opportunity to take them back, but coming off of the
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three debates or controversies we don't need to review here it is clear that trump is in a big hole in the electoral college and hillary clinton may be skating to victory those strange things can happen. jenna: like what? >> wikileaks must have plenty more revelations was i don't know what they have got or what they are revealing. other things can happen, internationally, domestically on the campaign. historically to look at this i would say clinton has a strong chain as far as what trump people want to hear about. jenna: over the last 18 months the scene has repeated itself, no way he is going to win.
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and somehow he finds a way to come out on top. looking at the electoral map, what do you what to do? >> has to turn ohio, certainly has to win north carolina. he is not winning any of those states. has to turn a big state like pennsylvania and retain things like arizona and the other ones on the map as well as a republican, it is a big task and multitask assignment, all these individual states to shore up in a short period of time but i am waiting for him -- it could be doing versus truman from 1948, he should be familiar with a great come back by harry truman,
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going down -- a shock to everybody in politics and gallup was totally wrong. jenna: something to anticipate. thank you very much, we will be right back. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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jenna: authorities launching an investigation into the shooting of sheriff deputy jack hoffman. the 30 when-year-old was gunned down for disturbance, not clear who alleged the shooting, a suspect is in custody at hopkins. to be killed in the line of duty. >> new information in the quid pro quo scandal stemming from a
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weekly email dump. under secretary of state patrick kennedy is accused of getting classification of documents on hillary clinton's private server changed by pressuring fbi agents during the investigation. he released a statement in which he denied that. catherine herridge is looking into it and joins us live. >> the quid pro quo from the allegations involving a state department executive, and the 2012 benghazi terrorist attacks was sent to secretary of state hillary clinton, heavily redacted 302 states patrick kennedy, secretary of state clinton wanted -- on personal server kick started the fbi investigation into the mishandling of classified information, the november 18,
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2012, email is a subject line, reports of arrest, possible benghazi collection, and rejections, including confidential courses and severing law enforcement activities, the house government oversight committee, a deep investigation. >> it will take months to untangle this but when you have the fbi agents saying there is quid pro quo negotiation that was going on to manipulate the highest degree, and that is why i feel strongly that patrick kennedy should be relieved of the subject position. >> the state department question the competency of the fbi
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investigators and accuracy of interview summaries, and revision to the classification. >> thank you. >> the white house worked the signature health care law, we are live with that story. a future dynamic between that. our next guest said war with russia is a real possibility. >> if you impose a no-fly zone how to respond to their concerns, and if you impose a no-fly zone in the russian planes violates that, president clinton shoots that down? on thl travel with my daughter. roller derby.
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accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> from everything i see has no respect for this person. >> that's because he would rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. >> you are the puppet. >> it's pretty clear you won't admit that russians have engaged in cyber attacks against the united states of america. >> she has no idea whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i'm not quoting myself -- >> you have no idea.
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jenna: the chairmen of the house intelligence committees are raising a red flag urging the white house to respond to russia's breach of a nuclear weapons treaty. it's a novel that almost plays out like a war game. general, it's great to have you on the program. the juxtaposition for someone like you must be interesting. hearing from our own lawmakers, some real concerns about russia, what is russia doing. what are your be were vaitions, what do you think the american people should know? >> i think they need to
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understand the real and present danger russia poses. the dynamic that started with the invasion crimea, the ramp-up of spending in military spending by russia and the build-up of forces on the baltic states. and the reality of the importance of building up our deterrent capability as a nato alliance to protect and defend the alliance. jenna: how bad is it right now? >> the nato alliance is a great alliance, the most successful alliance the world has seen. but there are plenty of indications the emperor's clothes are pretty skimpy when it comes to a deterrence posture. the point of the book is to highlight the weaknesses and generate the debate to understand what really needs to be done. jenna: what does need to be done. >> we need an effective military
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capability, forward based in the baltic states. we need to see effective nato reserves to reinforce them work through practice deployed. we need to see an increase in defense spending among foreign nations. under pinning everything is the apparent nato force if any member is attacked america will honor the article that says an attack on one is an attack on all. jenna: chris wallace asked a question about a no-fly zone in syria and what would happen if russia was violating that no-fly zone. would the united states shoot down a russian plane. >> i think a no-fly zone could save lives and hasten the end of the conflict.
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i'm well aware of the legitimate concerns you expressed from the president and the generals. this would not be done just on the first day. this would take a lot of negotiation. jenna: there is video of hillary clinton handing the russians a reset button that was talked about over the years. what is a no-fly zone, if russia violates it, how close are we to a confrontation that could result in war? >> i vastly doubt that one way of protecting civilians and controlling the continued fighting in aleppo would be to establish a no-fly zone. but we need to understand fully the implications of this. this is a major operation of war. syrian air defense system is highly sophisticated. any form of shoot down of syrian
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or russian aircraft could be a major spark. we need to understand the potential consequences. part of that is understanding that russians would look at this in in a holistic, strategic picture. so it highlights the importance of strong effective deterrents to minimize the risk of any form of spillover. >> that's the argument from donald trump. the west has been weakened by actions by somebody like hillary clinton. that it's difficult to come back from the point that we are at with russia. are we at the point, general where america is at a point of no return in showing that we still are leaders and that we'll still confront russia? >> no, i don't think the west has been weakened by american weakness. america remains a bastion of strength in the west.
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i would put the spotlight on europe. and successive american secretaries of state criticized european nations for failing to step up to defense spend. we need to be focused on nato under american leadership. it just required the political will to build on the strength much a nato alliance which has survived the test of time and gives all the 28 nations who are members of it the degree of political and it in strength they would not get if they were operating on that. jenna: it looks like the white house is going to use a commission that hasn't been used in 16 years. to double-check whether russia is following through with some of the treaties we have. all of this playing out in the background while the spotlight is on the u.s. elections. because our viewers might see scary headlines about russia.
8:39 am
i would like to go back to your experience again fan what accumulations up at night and what we can do better as a nation to make sure we don't have a confrontation with russia. >> what concerns me is the lack of ambition and the lack of recognition that's the dangers we face across the western alliance as a whole. i think there would be a veal concern if there was any hint of america not being prepared to under pin the nato alliance and implement article 5. >> it's nice having you on the program. we look forward to having you back. i appreciate your experience and your service of course. jon: some new developments on the obamacare front as we await the president's comments on the affordable care act with the controversial public option expected to come up as the white house tries to salvage the
8:40 am
healthcare law as insurers bail out. ke vick cork live -- kevin quoark at the white house. >> 11 million americans have insurance, but it can't withstand the weight of the increased premiums. they will make the case for young people to take part in the plan. the president is calling on congress to help him out to make the necessary tweak to the program to keep it viable by insuring a choice of health insurers, issuers, such as through a public plan fallback option. it goes on to say as recent experience shows, we can make a
8:41 am
positive difference in our health system when we work together across party lines to do so. it just means being able to say a look at a federal health insurance plan and compare that with a private insurance. if you don't have it, get into the plan itself. if you are able to have that public plan versus your private plan you may go out on a limb and pick the cheaper plan. this is not a new idea. josh earnest, the white house press secretary was talking about it yesterday. >> the president laid out some ideas what those would look like including further enhancing competition in the marketplace by allowing the creation of a public option. reporter: not to miss any opportunities to take a shot at the affordable care act donald trump had this to say during the debate about the riding premiums. >> i'm really glad that the premiums have started at least
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the people see what's happening. she wants to keep obamacare and she wants to make it even worse, and it can't get any worse. >> reporter: when you are losing insurers like aetna and united health it makes it difficult to keep the premiums lowe. that's what the president will be talking about today in the state of florida. we'll bring you details should they become available. jon: that's a fascinating story. thank you so much kevin corke. jenna: wikileaks releasing thousands of emails from the clinton campaign. >> wikileaks came out, john podesta said some horrible things about you and boy was he right. he said some beauties. bernie sanders, he said you have bad judgment. you do.
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>> wikileaks just just came out. john podesta said horrible things about you, and boy was he right. bernie sanders said you have bad judgment. john podesta said you have terrible instincts, bernie sanders said you have bad judgment and i agree with both. >> bernie sanders has campaigned for me around the country. he said you are the most dangerous person to run for president in modern america and i think he's right. jon: bringing up the ongoing release of thousands of internal emails from the clinton campaign. specifically as mr. trump just
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referenced. joining to us discuss the aftermath, also with us brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush. hillary said it during the debate last night. the campaigns position seems to be wikileaks got that information that it's continuing to release on a daily basis with the help of the russian government and therefore it should be ignored. is that how you see the campaign stating it? >> i sort of do see the campaign stating it that way. and i think it campaign is right. julian assange is living in the ecuadorian basement in london. he's running from justice and he's an enemy of the united states and the freed world. the fact that the russians are helping him do it, the fact that donald trump won't condemn julian assange and wikileaks should be a red flag to
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americans that donald trump is the most dangerous candidate in history, so dangerous the bush family has broken ranks with him. jon: brad, is this a case where the campaign pants to shoot the messenger. >> the hypocrisy is quite stunning. julian was the absolute hero of the left nell wasn't. by the way, during republican administrations when americans leaked top secret information and gave it to the "new york times" against the republican administration, they were hailed as heroes and patriots. but when we have a leak of information which they are not challenging the veracity of because they haven't shown evidence to prove it's false. they claim many treasonous for anybody to agree that foreign government should be tapping into or releasing private documents. by the way, there is no evidence
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produced by hillary clinton or anybody else that this is the russians. this is another diversion of the democrats to say it was the russians. show me the proof that it is the russians, and not somebody from within. >> brad is a really good friend. but i asked brad this one question. if julian assange wasn't a criminal of the developed world, why is he living in the basement of the ecuadorian embassy seeking asylum. the fact that he's being aided by the russians makes this case uniquely worse. why is he living in the basement of the ecuadorian embassy. >> i i have no idea. >> because it's evading justice. >> and that may be true. but that doesn't make the release false. >> the fact that's the republican party and donald trump claim to be the law and
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order party, and the law and order candidate, why are they not look for law and order against wikileaks and julian assange who are enemies of this country. i repeat that. jon: i know how chris wallace felt at times last night. let's get to the comments donna brazile made. she was on with megan kelly after the debate. there are documents from the wikileaks emails that say she handled debate questions back in march during the primary debate to hillary clinton. brad, your reaction? >> it shouldn't be surprising to anybody that the democrats are trying to rig the system. look no further than what they tried to do to bernie sanders. they tried to rig the system and were successful denying him the nomination. don't take my word for it. this is what was found out as a matter of fact. and by the way, they bragged about it.
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