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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sometimes more than 100 years unbroken, and they get the votes, and they go on their way, and they don't do a thing. so i hope the african-americans, i hope the hispanics, i hope they're going to vote for trump. we're going to do something about it, believe me. big league. [cheers and applause] we will be a rich nation once again. but to be a rich country, we must also be a safe country. [cheers and applause] and and national security begins at the border. speaking in secret to a foreign bank, hundt -- hillary clinton said her dream is for totally open trade and open borders. you saw that last night when she tried to lie about it, right? president obama has about three months left in office, but he is right now in florida making remarks on the law that bears his name, commonly known as obama care, the affordable care act. we'll listen in. our graduation rates from
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high school are at record highs. college enrollment is significantly higher than when we came into office. marriage equality is a reality agreement and it is thousands of in all 50 states. pages long and disaster for ohio and pennsylvania, it is bad. so we have been busy. hillary's plan includes an open this is why i have gray hair. border with the middle east. we did one other thing. meaning generations of we fought to make sure that in radicalism and terrorism growing america, health care is not just within our shores. a privilege, but a right for just last week an iraqi refugee approved by entry by hillary every single american and that's what i want to talk about today. clinton's state department pled guilty to joining isis. that's what i want to talk about there are many of them. let me state this clearly as i here today. can. if i am elected president of the you heard a lot about obama care united states, i am going to as it has come to be known. you heard a lot about it in the keep radical islamic terrorist, 6 1/2 years since i signed i ev. the hell out of our country.
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[cheering] but one thing i want to start we have enough problems, don't with is just reminding people you think? don't you think we have enough? why it is that we fought for health reform in the first that will end up being the great place. because it was one of the key trojan if you read about it in motivators in my campaign. 200 years, just like you read and it wasn't just because the trojan horse. rising health costs were eating into workers paychecks. and we will stop the crisis of straining budgets for businesses illegal immigration. and governments. it wasn't just because before the trump administration will the law was passed insurance secure and defend our borders. companies could just drop your coverage because you got sick right at the time when you [cheering]. and yes, we will build the wall. needed insurance the most. it was because of you. we need it. it was because of the stories that i was hearing all around [applause] [cheering] the country and right here in and mexico will pay for the wall. we have the first ever florida. endorsement from our ice and hearing from people who were border patrol officers. first time they ever endorsed a candidate for president. forced to fight a broken health care system at the same time they were fighting to get well.
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every every lives are lost in it was about children who needed heart surgery when she was just sanctuary cities. my opoept supports sanctuary 15 hours old. just a baby, an infant. and she was already halfway to cities. hitting her lifetime insurance like the one that got kate cap before she was old enough to killed by a five- time illegal walk. her parents had no idea how they immigrant. if i am elected president i will could possibly make sure that she continued to make progress. cut off funding to sanctuary cities, and quickly and we are going to make sure that our today because of the affordable immigration authorities do the job that they are supposed to be care act. she in first grade, she loves doing. and in many cases, they are not martial arts, and she has a allowed to do the job. bright future ahead of her. in the case of the border patrol we fought o hard for health reform because of women like and ice agents, they are great amanda heitel who lives here in american people. by backing me, they will work south florida. as a girl she was diagnosed with harder. they don't have to stand back. people just walk right in our diabetes. that is a disease with costs country. we are going to save american that add up quickly if you don't lives. either we win this election, or have insurance. it can eat away at your dreams. we will lose this this country. thanks to the affordable care
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act, amanda got to stay on her to sum up, here are some of the parents plan after college. when she turned 26, amanda went amazing things we are going to be doing for our country online, she shopped for an affordable health insurance plan that covered her medications. starting in 2017. we'll have the biggest tax cuts she is pursuing a doctorate in since ronald reagan and eliminate every unnecessary job psychology. she said the affordable care act killing regulation that affects gave me the security and freedom so many. we will defend our religious to choose how i live my life. liberty. [applause] and we will provide school the freedom and security to choose how i live my life. choice to every low income child in america and we are going to that's what sh was all about. zoe, and amanda, the people who end common core. education is going to it be i get letters from every single brought locally. day. describing what it meant not to we will totally support the men and women of law enforcement. fear that if they got sick, or a [cheering]. member of their family got we talked about this last night sick -- if they were heaven in the debate. we'll save the second amendment forbid in an accident, that they
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which right now is urged siege. could lose everything. so because of this law, because and i will appoint justiceses to of obama care, another 20 the united states supreme court million americans now know the financial security of health who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united insurance. so do another three million you have 19 days to make every children thanks in large part because of the affordable care dream you ever dreamed for your children and for your family, act and the improvements and for your country comes true. enhancements we made to the thank you, god bless you, thank children's health insurance you. program. [cheering] never in american history has [applause] the uninsured rate been lower >> and our campaign is powered than it is today. by a love for this country and love for our fellow citizens. never. if you would like to and is there any better place to continue watching the be than a trump rally? president's remarks, we have them streaming for you live on or any safer place, too. fox news dotcom. it is a campaign about rejecting hillary clinton said she will change obama care, donald trump says if he wins he will the cynicism of our country. dismantle and replace it so the
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president trying to cement the i will fight for every citizen legacy of what he calls his of every background from every signature achievement. stretch of this nation. we'll see what comes next. [cheering] we'll continue to watch all of i am going to fight for every them, thank you for joining us child living in poverty. odd on "happening now." i am going to fight for over mom >> america's election head quarters starts right now. dona who lost her child to illegal immigration and drugs and gang announcement about accepting the violence. election results. [cheering]. i am going to fight for every hello, everyone. community whose job and factories have been ripped out trump charging back on to the of our states like ohio and campaign trail with just 19 days to go in the election and he is pennsylvania and florida and so standing his ground telling a crowd today what he will do when many others. you take a look at new england. the results are announced. and look at what's happened. after sparking a uproar in last and look at new york state. night's big debate. >> i would like to promise and upstate new york. and you see what is going on. pledge to all of my voters and we will never, ever let that happen again. we are going to bring them back. supporters, and to all of the i am going to fight for every person in this country who people of the united states, believes that government should thatly totally accept the serve the people, not the donors
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results of this great and and the special interest. [cheering] if and i am going to fight to historic presidential election bring us altogether as americans. imagine what our country could if i win. a big moment there. accomplish if we work together a columnist for the national as one people under one god review is joining us. gan gerstein is the president of saluting one american flag? [cheering]. in 10, 20, 30 years, you will look back at thiseralle for the rest of your life. we have had a good time. but important things are happening. you will remember this day. this is a movement like nobody has seen in this country before. you are going to look back at this election and say this is the most important vote i have cast for anyone at any time. you are going to be so proud of
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of your country again and hopefully you will be very, very proud of your president because he will do a great job. [applause] [cheering] and when we win, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, everybody be. thank you, ohio, god bless you, god bless you, thank you. [cheering] donald trump wrapping up his first post event debate in ohio. a programming note as well for you. later on today, hillary clinton and donald trump will be in the same room at the same time yet again at the waldorf historia.
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for the dinner. there is a white tie event and a tradition that the presidential come and joke. and it is often a lighter evening. we'll see hillary clinton and donald trump and they will number new york city later on. >> did you catch the music. donald trump wrapped up. you can't always get what you want by the rolling stoneses. i would love to know what they are thinking in ohio. and we will talk with what we just heard. with our guests. thank you very much much for being here. john, to you first, we just heard donald trump suggest he's going to reorganize and make government more efficient and threw a shout out to north
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carolina and bring jobs back to north carolina and a handful of other battleground states and some more than others. ohio, pennsylvania among them. is that it issue number one in north carolina right now, the economy and jobs? >> yeah, i mean that shout out for trump is a wreck niz for the states he needs to win and one of the key issues he needs to hit and clearly the economy is one of them and connected with trade deals and so it is no surprise that is where you go. and when you are in debate you don't have control with the issues. but in a rally that is where you go. >> if the debate ended earlier donald trump would have won. there are those who say he won out right. but what happened in the last 30 minutes that hurt him. >> he reverted to form and for those people he needs to win in
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the middle he reenforced the biggest fear. he is a risky choice and not presidential. that is a problem for him. the first half of the debate he came out looking very presidential. you may not agree but he made key points. if you agree on abortion or gun control or supreme court or the economy which he was able to touch on. it was when he made comments about her being a nasty woman and started to her baiting him on vladimar putin by saying i am no puppet. she had had masterfully avoided talking about wiki leak and opposed to turning it back on wiki leaks. he tried to get into the issue of lejetimacy which he's walking back today. the last few minutes of the debate reenforced with what
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voters in the middle are concerned about this is not a guy presidential. before that he stuck to script and had he been able to sustain that. it would be more different. if you look at latest polling. >> i heard from viewers who write and say we understand that donald trump is not a traditional politician and doesn't speak in political speak, you know, john kerry, gore, had problems with the last couple of elections in which they lost, and you know disputed them. and trump's defenders are saying that is all he was saying last night. and what do you think about that? >> if that is something to be say nothing a recount or right after the leksz. it is tough to see how the conversation focused on the comments about the rigged
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election and that is mowhere he want its to go for the rest of the few days or rest of the republican party want it to go. there will be efforts to walk them back slightly and i don't think. he has a lot of other issues that he wants to take the conversation today. and other issues he raised in the debate and those would be where trump wants to it take the election. >> here's what he said to the crowd in ohio just in the last hour. >> america is a constitutional republic with a system of laws. these laws are triggered in the case of fraud or in the event of a recount where it's needed. of course, i would accept a clear election result, but i would reserve my. right to contest a legal challenge in a question of
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a questionable result. >> that's what algore and kerry did. when they lost the races. >> donald trump wants to talk about issues that motivate voter and economy and immigration. play the football game to the end and contest the results afterwards. that is fine. but don't stop with the main candidate and talk about the fact that there is a chance that you could lose because it is rigged. he needs to present himself as a winner that he keeps talking about and talk about the issues people care about. his surrogates can talk about the election being rigged. he shouldn't go there until it is over. then it is it fine to file the lawsuit and do what he's doing. now he has to see it through to the end and talk about the issues and his voters and potential voters care about. he was trying to do that in the
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rally today. >> we have talked about the trump. but hillary clinton didn't have clear answers or direct answers for a lot of the challenges thrown at her last night. >> it is one of the challenges of the debate that you don't have control over the framework. and there is questions and questions you don't want to talk about. clinton foundation questions are not questions that hillary clinton is eager to talk about. and so some of the difference in the debate was the questions put hillary clinton on the defensive than she faced before hand. she was able to pivot out of those questions in effective ways and there could be uncomfortable moments. and that's the nature of the debate. >> john and jeanie, thank you both. >> thank you. >> taxes, we are going to grow the economy. >> that is going to totally and
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help you. repeal and replace the disaster known as obama care. it's destroying our country and our businesses and our small and big businesses. we have to repeal and replace obama care. >> we need to put more money in the social security trust fund and that is part of my commitment to raise taxeses on the wealthy. i will not cut benefits. i want to enhance benefits for low income worker and women who are disadvantageed by the current social security system. >> the nominee is outlining their plan and specific he touching on entitlementes like social security. and austin is a economic advisor to hillary clinton and former chairman with the advisors to president obama. and we have the professor from california adviser to trump. and economic growth versus tax
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and which is going to it work best. austin, hillary clinton making the argument that she will tax the wealthy in parts of helping to it pay for the missing parts of social security and entitlementes and help boost the entitlementes. is that enough. will the wealthy solve the issue for 95 percent of the americans? >> that's just a question about the numbers and individual budget analyst say they add up. i would say using the high income taxes that come in from raising those taxes, she's going to do other investmentes as well. not just social security, it is about education and infrastructure. that evidence shows it is a better way to get the economy growing than to go back to what george bush did. >> is that enough to pay for
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social security and make sure the system doesn't go bankrupt? >> of course not. what hillary clinton promised last night is to try to solve all of the problems she createded over the last 23 years. it is ridiculous. look at two plans. donald trump wants to cut tax and reduce regulation and unleash the energy sector and eliminate the trade deficit. everyone of those things points in the growth we need. under hillary and obama, we have one percent growth right now and we are not going to get past that. she will raise tax and that will not help growth. increase regulation. not helping growth. and told the people of ohio and rest of the country she will cut coal miners. >> chris wallace said the economic growth will not solve issue of entitlementes. is that your argument that it will? >> the offin, clinton beltway
10:19 am
mentality survive in america, if you are democrat raise tax and republican cut expenses. the trump and smart way get back three and half percent growth rate. we did that in 1947 to 2001. that generates tremendous amounts of income and tax revenues and 25 million jobs and we can do that again. this is what so defeatism about austin and clinton. we can't do that. >> let me get you to respond austin. you get more people working and not just tacking the wealthy and economic growth will help solve the problem; do you think it will? >> i glae that is it what peter said and do they not remember that the same people said that when george bush proposed those policy and we didn't get growth.
10:20 am
we cut corporate and high income taxes as much as they were cut and we didn't get growth. >> see the defeatism of this? you are saying we can't grow to will the american people. clinton is going to do. >> let's not do something dumb. >> you are doing something dumb. you have one percent growth, austin >> there is a new normal in the economy that this is the best we can do and where we are going to be in america from now on? we'll not see the boons we had in the past. do you believe we are in a new normal and why we have to tax the wealthy? >> no, those two things are not relateded. number one. we are the fastest growing of all major economies.
10:21 am
>> oh, please! come on. >> we have had 2- 2 and half. >> china has more. >> please stop. so number one we have been growing modest and not great. >> thank you. >> and our population growth hasn't been high as it was in the 1980s. >> defeatism. >> that doesn't mean we should go back to the strategy. >> see peter, let me ask you this, austin is describing. >> no, we didn't try it. >> is there any evidence that it work. >> all bush did was cut taxes. donald trump wants to unleash the energy sector. this is ronald reagan reboot. and we are giving the american people three and half percent growth and first time income grows up. all they can give us is same and
10:22 am
worse. >> deep down, you have a great affection for each other and that comes through. >> we look forward to you being back. thank you, austin and peter, back with you in a moment.
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>> a fox news alert. an attempted north korean missile launch has failed. the u.s. and south korea confirm the test. it is the regime's second failed launch in weeks. greg is following the story from london, greg. >> reporter: rogue nation north korea acting up just about the time of the last night's presidential debate. the regime of kim jong-un will
10:26 am
continue to fire off missiles. there was another launch in midrange missile that has a range of 2000 mile and capable of reaching the u.s. military base on guam. but one launch was successful this year in all told there are 20 missile launches in 2016. and two nuclear test and one south korea analyst said north korea is on the verge of true nuclear capability and threatening mainland, united states. >> no wonder that there were meetings between the administration and south korean officials about how to stop north korea. here is especially strong words we heard from secretary of state kerry. >> let me be clear, any attack on the united states or its allies, will be defeated and any
10:27 am
use of nuclear weapons will be met with effective and overwhelming response. >> reporter: very strong words from kerry. said to be deployed in south korea an anti- missile system. there are troops stationed in south korea and word that there might be nuclear capable u.s. aircraft also to it be positioned in south korea. strong words and maybe strong actions. back to you. >> ominous times. greg, thank you. and a major fight to take mosul from isis. they have retaken a town less than ten miles southeast of isis control. and americans officials said it is expected to take weeks if it not months to complete. >> in syria.
10:28 am
they hope to begin evacuations of critically wounded people from eastern aleppotoday. they want to deliver medical supplies. this after syria and russia all agreed to a ceasefire on thursday. >> after last night's big debate. how here message is getting out in a key swing state today. and democratic heavy hitter and hillary clinton tries to turn the red state blue. the political panel is up next to talk about that possibility. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. i'i've scaled theer toughest terrain and faced plenty of my fears as part of my training.
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(cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. well, hillary clinton is off of the campaign trail following a fiery show down with donald trump. but high- profile surisrogates are taking her place.
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mike emmanuel joins us from las vegas and more. >> reporter: after the huge show down here in las vegas, hillary clinton is back home ahead of a big charity dinner, in new york tonight. clinton has the benefits of having big surrogates including president obama in miami and vice-president biden will make the case for her in new hampshire. and running mate tim kaine in charlotte. and north carolina. and kaine ripped clinton -- trump. and he took aim that he did not accept the results of the election. there was a long flight back to new york. they talked about trump suggesting that the election is rigged and wiki leaks, and rather than responding to the daily information clinton ripped
10:34 am
trump and moscow. >> i was concerned that even now after 17 inteleigence agencies of our government and both military and civilian confirmed that russia has engaged in cyber attacks against americans that he refuseed to admit that it is true and condemn it. and condemn it for what it is. a blatant effort to interfere in our election. >> reporter: the presidential debates are are over and less than three weeks on to go and we'll find if it moved the needle in public opinion or the other and the rest is up to the voters. >> mike, thank you. hillary clinton has built a big lead in the electoral college and we have her at the peak of her at 352 electoral
10:35 am
voter and that includes states like ohio and arizona which is a surprise to everyone. and trump still has an opportunity to take them back. >> that is larry sabato. and talking about red states that could be be in play for hillary clinton and that includes arizona where early voting is underway. you can see it is very tight and hillary clinton is slightly ahead of donald trump. and joining me now is conservative commenter jones. and a clinton campaign advisor. let me ask you about arizona. what do you think about this state? mcklain is ahead. why is not donald trump pulling away from hillary clinton there? >> i think it is one of those things mccain separated himself from trump. i was concerned about
10:36 am
republicans separates themselves from trump. would it hurt them in their own races, because he had a big support in states like arizona in the primaries. but it seems like that is not the case. mccain is doing great and now hillary clinton is trying to join forces with the democrat nominee for arizona to help her out. >> jimmy, what you think about that. hillary clinton is ahead when it comes to the presidential race. but the democratic senator candidate is not. how do you think the cookie will crumble if you pardon the expression. >> i think voters are surging to hillary clinton in arizona and other red states because donald trump is in his final meltdown and specifically with arizona. one of the key reasons, just has to be the fact that donald trump said some hateful remarks and deeply disrespectful remarks about senator john mccain.
10:37 am
a beloved member of the state and that played into it. and the reality is, hillary is organizing on the ground in places like arizona is really unique. i was there four years ago, for the ready for hillary campaign and those folks on the ground, they have planned for a while. >> let me talk about organizations and what is trump's plan. john brewer was on a facebook live and she's confident about win nothing arizona. donald trump win nothing arizona because the republicans are strong when it comes to organization. we'll look the at what he said. >> what is important to the voters in arizona? [inaudible] >> we have a ground game going on in arizona and we are grassroot and we are the people that will knock on those doors
10:38 am
in 110 degrees weather and we'll make the phone call and i ask everybody. i come in contact. when you go to at this time polls november 8th kt and find somebody that is not voting and take them to the polls. i ran 24- 0 in scomplekz i know how it works. it's that. >> are you comfortable and confident as jan brewer is for the arizona for republican. >> i am not as confident as jan is. but the issue of immigration specifically in arizona will shift the election in his favor. like i said the poll is in the margin of error. and so when i look at this, i don't think it is something that hillary should be celebrating. i think it will go to trump's favor. >> i wonder for the democrats and i love the opinion on this. whether it is it a longer game than 2016 and where the state of
10:39 am
arizona goes in the next presidential cycle. >> the hillary campaign is not taking it for granted. we see it happening. and lawrence is right. immigration is going to play a part in the vote in arizona. because 22 percent of the electorate will be latino voters. and they are more passionate than governor brewer displayed in the clip because of the hateful rhetoric that trump launched. >> but specifically in arizona. >> with his disspicable comment. >> and the clinton campaign has a adrun nothing the reddest of state in texas. >> dallas, i mean, larry has the state of texas leaning
10:40 am
republican. and so, it is something about what the future holds for the republican party. >> look, real quickly. i don't think an open border policy will play well in arizona. but as it relates to texas, a lot of conservatives are not showing up for trump. that is a problem for him. but i think he will get the state of texas and arizona. and i think states like utah he may have a problem with. >> we'll leave it there. great to have you both. >> thank you, jenna. >> hillary clinton's running mate. vice-president nominee tim kaine talking about the debate after takeneding an early vote rally and we'll listen in. >> we think many independents and even moderate gop leaders who are horrified by this will decide to vote for hillary. and but then for those who don't, there are some donald trump supporters that will be
10:41 am
difficult for us to win. but there are many who have economic anxieties because of where they live or the industry they were trained in and we have to demonstrate in that first 100 days and puttingab economic package, we have to demonstrate that we are speaking to their concern in the communities. hillary and i are committed to doing it. that was the attitude when i was mayor of and governor. not just where we are doing well. but put policies on the table and try to lift up the parts of the state that are not doing so well. we'll put a economic plan in pl >> and donald trump -- [inaudible] [inaudible] >> tim kaine in north carolina. sort of taking a victory lap after what he considers hillary
10:42 am
clinton's win in the debate last night. and also this. a writer for rolling stone magazine defens her journalistic integraty over her retracted uvan article why she said she did not have malicious intent. explosion levels a building and blowing out walls of business and buildings. witnesses describe the terrifying experience. >> when the shock wave went through. it knocked my blinds off of the window and my bed over and i came to on the floor. lexus nx turbo and hybrid. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer.
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>> a fox news alert. a u.s. service member was killed in iraq. you know president operation ongoing in mosul led by mainly
10:46 am
iraqi forces and u.s. forces are on the ground in iraq mainy on an advising and assisting role. the question of whether or not they are are involved or not comes down to politics. the service member was killed by an ied. and we don't know where it happened for are the u.s. military. and this is the fourth u.s. service member killed in iraq since 2014. we'll keep you posted when we have more. we are going to take you to new hampshire and there is vice-president biden campaigning for hillary clinton and we'll listen in. >> the far right will have in fact suffered a defeat, liberating them a bit. and so, it is really, really important, it is really, really important that we elect maggie. maggie and i have been friends
10:47 am
for a long time. i have come to know maggie's heart and i have watched her with ben. >> he's moved in to the governor's race supporting the democratic candidate for senate i should say. that is from vice-president biden, the man whom the wiki leaks show john podesta thought was going to get into the presidential race. and he did not obviously and now a surrogate for hillary clinton and we'll continue to keep an eye on all of the events as they happen. in the meantime, a rolling stone writer testifying in a defamation case over her retracted article on a gang rape case that never happened. and the reporter pushing back by the plaintiff's attorney that she tailored the piece to it fit
10:48 am
a specific agenda and disregarding concrete evident. we'll bring our guests today. this is a defamation suit brought by a former dean, employed by the university and gotten an a promotion. and that the article named her by name and named her as a villian and she was left in her office crying all day by the way she was portrayed. is that enough to win her damages here? >> well, she has grounds. we will start with what a journalist is supposed to do. journalist obtains information from all sources and it is truthful and unbased. >> it was bad journalism. the plaintiff has to prove that
10:49 am
there was malice on the part of the magazine and means not only did they write false information and they knew it was false. the plaintiff does have arguments to make in that one, there was a retraction of the article and the accuser named jackie stated that it the plaintiff did everything right. and that she not only supported her, but didn't try to suppress her accusation of a sexual assault that took place. and many details were left out of the article. and that the writer knew that the plaintiff encouraged the accuser to go to the police and that was left out. >> the article suggested that the woman tried to skwelch the story but she according to it the testimony was encouraging the see- called jackie to report it to the police. it is because it didn't happen.
10:50 am
>> that's right. jodi is right that it is a clear case of bad journalism. it was actual malice requiremet is such a hard, high burden for any plaintiff to prove in a defamation case. instead of malice, she is saying i didn't go further in my investigation, the reason i denial check facts outside of this victim is because i was concerned about her well-being and i balanced her concern against the arm that would be caused if i moved forward without her consent and well wishes. while that is not a real satisfaction answer, it is a very plausible defense to a presumption around actual malice that makes it much harder for this plaintiff to prove her case. >> we'll have to leave the
10:51 am
discussion there. tru trumped by politics. well be back in a moment with more happening now.
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