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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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facebook.dock/"the kelly file." sean is up next. thanks for watching, everyone. anksall righ welcome to hannity. the alfred e smith dinner took place and moments ago hillary clinton and donald trump addressed those attending the annual dinner and here are some of the fun highlights. take a look. >> it is great to be here with a thousand wonderful people. or as i call it, a small intimate dinner with and friends. or as hillary calls it, her largest crowd of the season. just before taking the desk hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly
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said, pardon me. [laughter]. >> this one will get me in trouble. michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. it is fantastic. they think she is absolutely great. my wife melania gives the exact same speech and peep -- and people get on her case. i don't get it. >> there are a lot of friendly faces here in this room, people i have been privileged to know and to work with. i just want to put you all in a basket of adorables. you look so good in your tuxes or as i refer to them, formal pant suits. speaking of health, donald has
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been very concerned about mine, very concerned. he actuallient is a car to bring me here tonight. actually it was a hertz. >> all right, also today prior to the dinner donald trump was back on the campaign trail holding a rally in ohio. he was fired up. take a look. >> i want to make a major announcement today. i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. and the candidate like " crooked" hillary clinton who will lie to congress and lie to the fbi and destroy 33,000
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e-mails and put her office up for sale and put our confidential information in the reach of our enemies is a candidate who is truly capable of anything. our campaign is powered by our love for this country and our love for our fellow citizens. is there any better place to be than a trump rally? rally? >> for reaction, former speaker of the house fox news contributor newt gingrich. i love the alfred e. smith dinner. it's funny. a liberal crowd, liberal audience. it's new york. you got oohs and ahhs when donald trump crossed the line. they both got adds good as they gave. >> i thought the pieces you had were funny. i thought they were poking fun
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at each other. but it was dramatically milder and more pleasant than last night. i thought the folks who historically created the smith dinner i think were probably pretty happy that these two were in that tradition. >> there 's going to be liberal complaints that donald trump went too far. if he's not himself, there's no point in going to the dinner. he was on fire today. >> but the joke me made at his own expense and melania's was a perfect joke. >> yeah. >> in the absolute tradition. the great thing about the smith dinner is a lot of it is self deprecating humor and that was clearly precisely within the tradition of the dinner. >> he took some hard shots at hillary which was good and she took some hard shots at him which was good and if their own way they were both funny. i thought trump was funnier but he's got more personality than hillary does. let's go back to last night, final debate,' we move forward
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to today, donald trump out on the campaign trail. he seemed like the weight of the world was off of his shoulders. he is free to be himself. he's in the environment he loves the most, which is at the rallies. where do we go here with 19 days left in this campaign. how do you see this race? >> well, i think that he has a high likelihood of winning it. i think last night was a victory for him. trump now won the second and the third debate according to the focus groups. you saw today in rasmussen when he jumped ahead in three points. indicators are moving in the right direction. i suspect the weight of the world was off of his shoulders. he was never comfortable if that kind of debate environment. he knew he was vulnerable to an ambush or a surprise and i think that getting through it without a major mistake was enormously
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relieving to him and lets him focus on winning the election. i thought chris wallace far and away did the best job of any of the debate moderators this year was much clearer, much fairer and tough. he was tough with both of them on sensitive thing for both of them and i thought in some ways he was one of the real winners of this debate's process. >> i don't think there's any debate about it. he really represented the news division. we have a great team here, so well. he should be so proud of himself. let me ask you this. we look at polls. we look at clear politics average. there seems to be so many balls in the air that i don't know if the public is quite yet absorbing. one being last night's debate, two being project vera tas, three wikileaks. i'm not sure the impact this is going to have. and there are so many people calling me saying, they don't trust the polls.
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i tend to believe polls. but is there a possible brexit effect here nationalism, populism that for example they didn't see in europe that maybe they're not catching here? what have your thoughts on the polls? >> i think the polls are wrong. they verge on irrelevant and misleading for a lot of different reasons. nobody can tell you what the turnout is going to be. nobody can tell you which people are going to be the most motivated. and i think there's a suppressing effect. when you have the news media giving 96% of its donation to hillary clinton and 4% to trump, when you're having to spend 23 minutes attacking trump and 57 seconds the same evening on hillary clinton, you're going to have a suppressed vote. and you see this -- in an operator calls you, you are les likely to say you're for donald trump than if it's a computerized poll. take the brexit effect, three or four, five points in some cases.
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but there's more than that. what's the turnout in the african-american community? the hillary clinton really motivate african-americans to vote on the scale that barack obama did? any poll that assumes that is almost by definition not accurate. i think there's going to be a huge number of people making up their minds. donald trump who was on the stage last night clearly is capable of being president, clearly was capable of dealing with complicated issues and he crossed a real threshold in terms of being an acceptable president for a lot of people pep and i think if he can stay disciplined, stay on message, continue to use the teleprompter, continue to say big, talking abbig ideas and issues, i think the odds are high that he's going to end up winning this race. >> let me go to something that i think the rest of the media is ignoring. we have some unfinished business after the election. the exposure of the news media totally being in the pocket of
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hillary clinton in the campaign, representing the biggest campaign contribution by far for her and them trying to portray themselves as fair and balances and they're nothing of the source. these two videos coming out on successive days, one demeanors fomenting violence at trump events, the second, massive campaign fraud. before we get to that, let's look at how the undercover tapes talk about the flow of money and where it begins, they're putting it right on the back of hillary clinton, her campaign and the dnc. take a look. >> i am contracted to him but i answer to the head of special events of the dnc. >> the campaign -- [ bleep ].
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>> let's play two consecutive. one talks about a video showing how democrats incited violence and how they offered plausible liability to hillary clinton and the dnc. >> if you do these actions, you will be attacked at trump rallies. >> oh. so that's part of the process? the reaction. >> we know the trump people will [ bleep ], security team will freak out and his supporters will [ bleep ]. >> nobody is really supposed to know about me. the chicago protest, when they shot all of that, that was us. more him than me. but none of this is supposed to come back to us because we want it coming from people. we don't want it to come from the party. so if we do a protest, a dnc protest, right away the press is going to say partisan.
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but in there coordinating with the groups on the ground playing field general but they're the ones talking to the cameras. then it's actually people. >> the thing that we have to watch is making sure that there's a double blind between the actual campaign and the actual dnc and what we're doing. there's a double blind there so they can deny. >> all right. so you have the flow of money from the clinton campaign and the dnc to those agitators fomenting violence and then you have those admitting and blag bragging and then the video admitting that hillary knows about the violence. if this were donald trump why do i suspect there would be a very different narrative 19 days out of an lx. >> correct me if i'm wrong, i
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think i saw in the last 24 hours, you have an election report of the campaign paying one of these people directly and you have one of the leaders of this group apparently entered the white house over 300 times. >> that's correct. >> was also reported in the last 24 hours. here's a simple question which should tell everybody in america why we need to replace the current mess. where is the federal bureau of investigation? you have people saying that they fomented violence in order to disrupt an election, you have evidence that those people were paid by a presidential campaign, you have someone who is so intimate with the white house he's there over 300 times, a fire bomb at a republican campaign headquarters. where is the fbi? why is the federal government not engaged in worrying about the civil rights of people who favor donald trump? talk about a one-sided scandal. number one challenge republicans
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ought to have, thought absending off letters right now demanding where is the membership investigation of criminal violence intended to disrupt a presidential campaign by democrats and by hillary clinton. >> stay right there. when we come back we'll get to the dnc and the hillary campaign, working on a massive voter fraud project with the same people. we'll have more with newt gingrich right after the break. and coming up next tonight right here on hand any. >> i want to ask you here on the stage, do you make the same commitment, sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. >> are you saying you're not prepared right now to -- >> what i'm saying is i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> the left, members of the mainstream media are outraged over donald trump's comments at last night's debate. but democrats have a long history of not accepting
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election results. tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern donald trump will join us, that's 10:00 eastern right here on "hannity." we'll have more with newt gingrich right after this break.
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i want to ask you here on the stage tonight, do you make the same commitment that you, sir, that you will absolutely accept the results of the election. >> i will look at it at the time. >> are you saying right now you're not prepared -- >> i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> democrats are ap plek tick after donald trump said that last night. before they predend to be so morally outraged, the left needs to understand their hypocrisy. remember al gore initially conceded to george bush but after the race was deemed too close to call and a state recount was triggered, gore retract his concession. the next day gore's lawyers descended and the democrats started questioning the integrity of the ballots there, including calling some of them illegal. a supreme court ruling and with george bush clearly winning by
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537 votes al gore did finally accept the result but many other democrats did not, including hillary clinton. in 2002 news week reported while at a private fundraiser that bush youz not elected president. and in 2009 during a town hall while she was serving as secretary of state, clinton floated a conspiracy theory saying yoet we've had problems in some of our past elections. as you might remember in 2000 our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state. so we have our problems too. and just last week when we was campaigning with al gore in florida, clinton was seen smiling, agreeing that gore won the 2000 election. >> for those of you older than 25 i heard you murmuring just now. but take it from me, it was a very close election.
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elections -- well -- [ chanting you won ]. >> clinton nodding. she's not the only democrat who questions the election results in goo. vice president joe biden claims that al gore was the one legged president and he claimed that the recount result was a bad decision. there's also the 2004 election then senator john kerry, he waited until the next day to concede to george w. bush and a lot of democrats one including barbara boxer was advancing a narrative that bush cheated to win ohio in '04 and howard dean would later tell rolling stone that there was substantial voter suppression and the machines were not reliable. open last year the new yorker
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reported that kerr rethought that proxies for bush had rigged many of the voting machines. back for reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. it's ironic that the media is focused and fixated when they're got this history that they totally ignore but now that wikileaks revealed that they work for hillary clinton, it's not that big of a surprise. >> they were going to find something to be horrified with. trump had had a great debate. he hasn't given them anything. so at the very end they got the thing -- i can tell you in 24 hours reasonable democrats are saying this is just stupid and part of it is was of the gore decision. al gore legitimately filed a lawsuit engaged in 30-something days negotiating who won the election. it's not unprecedented in american history. the election of 1824 and election of 1876 were very
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contested. the whole notion of oh my gosh, what is he doing. if you for donald trump and you just went through a process where clearly the fbi has been rigged, clearly hillary clinton has lied about virtually everything, clearly there are 33,000 e-mails missing and you look at all of these different patterns, the news media donates 96% to clinton and 4% to trump. given all of those facts i think it's reasonable to follow the ronald reagan rule of trust but verify. and all that trump said was he's going to verify before he concedes, assuming he's going to concede. and i think that was a totally legitimate position for a citizen to take. >> well, let's now go back to the project veritas tapes, the guy you said leading this, has been to the white house over 300
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times since obama has been president. the money comes from hillary clinton's campaign, funneled through the dnc, funneled through a democracy group, funneled to the agitators that foment violence. but also they talk at length about a massive voter fraud scheme. it's all caught on tape and i think the question hillary needs to be asked is will you stop funding the effort of the people fomenting violence and planning massive voter fraud. let's go to the tape. >> it's an easy thing for the republicans to say. we've been bussing people in [ bleep ] 50 years and we're not going to stop now. we're going to find a better way to do it. i grew up with that idea. they just to bus people out to iowa. if we needed people out there. >> the environment to do it in. michigan?
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the least restrictive donation caps and campaign finance laws. they have weakened it so bad in these two states you could [ bleep ] in front of the governor and not -- if you had enough money to go like this -- >> all right. you mention the fbi and violence. they are planning on using hillary money, dnc money for a massive voter fraud organization. it's like a criminal organization. what should the republicans be doing here and where does law enforcement get involved? >> well, first of all, a good friend of my suggested that they should be calling for a rico investigation and it fits the whole definition of rico in terms of an organized criminal effort. i want to go back to what i said a moment ago because it also applies here.
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where's director comey? where is the fbi? you're the number one person getting this out to the country, although i've begun to notice it's leaking through to other places. you clearly have evidence here that at a minimum has to have an fbi investigation and which totally justifies very strong efforts to get enough volunteer attorneys to make sure that republicans are able to police virtually every precinct that's questionable because you have people telling you up front that they're going to engage in massive voter fraud. and we have evidence for example of a guy that's a minor miracle. he's been dead for four years and he's voted four times since then. it's crazy. and liberals say there aren't many cases. in philadelphia alone there's potentially enough vote theft to swing the race against senator toomy and against donald trump.
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>> all right, mr. speaker. we got to leave it there. we're running out of time. these are serious allegations and the fact that the money flow is from hillary's campaign to the dnc to these dark art political operatives is really chilling. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> one of the big issues that came up last night was the fact that the clinton campaign has paid people to disrupt violently or rallies. >> all right. at today's rally in ohio donald trump brought up the damning veraitas tapes. later tonight -- >> so many of you in the archdiocese already have a place in your heart for a guy who started out as a carpenter
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working for his father. i was a carpenter working for my father. >> all right. we have more highlights from tonight eats fun alfred e. smith dinner. doug schoen will joining us next tonight right here on "hannity."
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what i'm saying is don't be naive. don't be naive.
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one of the big issues that came up last night was the fact that the clinton campaign has paid people to disrupt violently our rallies and to incite absolute total bed lum. it's so bad. so bad. and aye had occasions where we've had rallies and i was so incredibly violent, i said what's going on over here? these were paid people by the clinton ca clinton campaign. it just came out. and i give credit to the people that brought this out. this is criminal behavior that violates centuries of peaceful democratic elections. >> that was donald trump earlier today talking about the veritas undercover tapes. we've not at fox be able to independently verify the content in the video but you can see it for what it is. it's very disturbing.
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joining us now austan goolsbee. when i was in chicago, i met you and took you out to dinner and i paid for dinner. >> you owed me. >> i'm a conservative and believe in spreading the wealth. but in all fairness, over 3,000 chicago resident shot this year, over 4,000 shot dead since obama has been president. the violence in chicago is the real deal. now you have people on tape saying they're getting their money from hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc that are fomenting violence and some of the worst was in your city. i've got to believe you will condemn that and want hillary clinton to look into how the flow of money is going from her campaign to these operatives and whether or not she will stop fomenting this violence >> you've got two things going there. on the first, yes. you know me. we've been friends for a long time. i'm not going to defend
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anybody's illegal activity. i thought it was correct if this tape is la gait, there's no reason to think that it's not, but if it's la gait, then they fire these people and they should have fired them. however on the issue of violence that donald trump was talking about, he didn't watch the tape. but the tape says that they fomented violence by going and protesting with signs that say donald trump is a jerk, we don't like donald trump. >> whoa. >> or wear a planned parenthood shirt and they will attack you. their goal was to be attacked. >> you're missing the point. they also said on the tape we're responsible were we did that in chicago. >> okay. but, sean -- >> some people were injured. >> they were the ones -- >> people purposely fomenting violence and bragging about it and brging they got the money hillary. >> if you said i'm going to come to chicago and stand out in front of the president's house and taunt him saying i think
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president obama is a terrible president and someone came out and punched you, they would be the one to go to jail, sean, not you. >> not in chicago. if you notice in chicago they actually fomented the violence, started the violence outside of the event where trump, based on recommendations from law enforcement had to cancel the event. the money is traced back to hillary clinton and the dnc. if this was trump this would be a huge story in the final days of the presidential campaign. >> who brought this up at the debate last night? hillary clinton turns to all of us in america and says isn't it tear thabl the violence that donald trump encouraging at his events. really, this is what's going on between the cozy relationship between many in the mainstream media and the clinton campaign. you have the clinton campaign that's literally infiltrating these events to try to cause problems at these events and then the media covers it and
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reports that donald trump's rhetoric is so hateful that it's inciting violence. this is what i love about this year. the american people are seeing that that things that they fear are actually true and that is how corrupt the system is. >> i agreed with you sean on all illegal activities and if they're piping money from one account to some other account. >> they are. >> they shouldn't be doing that. if they that is, they should be fired. >> they're bragging where the money is coming from. >> on the issue of violence, you're trying to change it because you know that i'm right on this. >> no, i don't actually. >> they have the right to protest. >> let's say you are right. >> they go to jail. >> let's say you're right. then how do you justify that they're using clinton dnc money to commit the crime -- >> i would like to know if that's true. >> how do you justify that? >> i'm not going to justify that
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if that's what happened. but i don't know if that is what happened. >> it did happen. >> no, we don't know what happened. the dnc said that what they stated they did never occurred. so i don't know that it did happen. >> oh, really. okay. >> look, sean -- >> the fact that u ooher pl the plotting it is the point. >> part of this is about them going in to try to disrupt trump rallies. there's another darker piece to this as well, which is there is this collusion amongst the liberal groups in the democratic party and hillary clinton to do a lot of things to upset the election at the very time people are turning to donald trump saying, you're the person interjecting questions into our democratic process. these tapes give us a window into a very dark soul. >> i've got to run. >> they protest and say i don't like trump. coming up next, we'll stay
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on this story and the wikileaks story. but coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> so many of you in the arch diocese already have a place in your heart for a guy who started out as a carpenter working for his father. i was a carpenter working for my father. >> we have more mie lights from tonight's alfred e. smith dinner. we'll reaction from doug schoen. also tonight. >> these are people that push gays off buildings, these are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money. >> will hillary ever give that money back? trump highlight's hillary clinton's massive hypocrisy taking millions of dollars from countries that have atrocious human rights records. there and more straight ahead.
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i do recognize that i come into this event with a little bit of an advantage. i know that so many of you in the archdiocese already have a place in your heart for a guy who started out as a carpenter working for his father.
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i was a carpenter working for my father. >> tonight let's embrace the spirit of the evening, remember what unites us and rip on ted cruz. >> welcome back to "hannity." that was in new york city. joining us now, washington examiner lisa booth, fox news contributor doug schoen and one of donald trump's national finance committee chair members anthony scaramucci. he was at the dinner, doing us outthe waldorf astoria hotel. i never get invited. i don't want to be in a room like that because it's very liberal. and when trump got a little politically incorrect i noticed that the crowd was having trouble with some of the trump jokes. hillary gave as good adds she got. what did you think, anthony? >> i love it. it's a great spirited event. at the end of the day the cardinal makes it so much fun.
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but sean when you're a catholic, and you know this, once you're a catholic, you're always a catholic. there were a ton of our catholic friends here. i will say this. the cardinal was very gracious. he asked earlier in the day for an apology from secretary clinton and her staff about the remarks made. she didn't make that tonight. she was very funny and so was mr. trump. the spirit of the event, laugh at each other and laugh at ourselves. that's what makes it so funny. >> coming off of a heated debate where they don't even shake hands at the beginning, i guess that's probably a well needed night of laughter. >> it's good for our democracy. you were just talking about what's bad for our democracy. i agree, this is good for democracy. i think what secretary clinton said whether you like it or not, we do need to come together. >> it was funny. >> it was funny. she's right. we got to come together.
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>> i know that room and u know the people there and i am a born irish catholic and i have a lot of the catholic brethren of mine that are extraordinarily liberal. so i felt the room was pretty biassed towards hillary. and i know some of the media, they have zero sense of humor an they eel get after donald trump for making some pretty hard jokes. but i thought they were hilarious. >> i thought it was so funny. i didn't know he was as funny as he is. i was laughing out loud in my hotel room. he had me in stitches. i think it is funny that you mentioned that. remember donald trump during the speech said he met hillary clinton's campaigntime, nbc, cnn, the "the new york times." >> that was great. >> and then also i thought his comment about the fact that michelle obama, you know everyone loves her speeches and then melania gave the same one and you know got criticized. i thought that was funny because it was self deprecating and
12:46 am
melania was laughing. there were a lot of jokes like that, hillary clinton would make him the ambassador the iraq or afghanistan. i was cracking up. >> coming off of last night's debate, how do you feel the momentum of the campaign is going. doug felt that trump needed a knockout but had a great performance. >> yeah. >> where do we go from here? do the project veritaveritas, d wikileaks have an impact? >> stephen miller, a policy guy, said the same thing. we're going to stay on message for the next 19 days. stark contrast on ethics and policy. and let's face it, mr. trump knows how to organize a group of people and delegate. one thing miller said to me tonight, which i know you know, he's great with his staff and he's great with his people. and so he can build that
12:47 am
leadership team. we got to convey that over the next 19 days. my guess is we will. this is a guy that can sink -- if you've ever played golf with him, he can sink the 3-foot putt. very spirited for the next 19 days and the polls are tightening. >> what do you think doug? >> we've got to wait a few days to see the impact of the debate. and look, this is a competitive race. hillary is definitely ahead. she's ahead in the swing states. but i think republicans and republican leaning independents won't come home. i think this is a very close race. the one advice i give donald trump is to finally clarify his remarks and say he's going to accept the results of the election. >> even in light of the project veritas, hillary clinton dnc funding of massive voter fraud? why would he admit -- why would he say that if he doesn't know
12:48 am
there's going to be fraud, especially in light of this week's revelations? >> because he wants swing voters committed to the system. if he want to do what gore did or bush did and challenge the results, he can do it. but he should say i expect to -- >> that would be a way to say it. >> he should talk about the system being rigged but i think what he needs to talk about is the fact that a state department allegedly was trying to engage in a quid pro quo with the fbi. he was giving inside information to the clinton came pain. the fact that loretta lynch met with bill clinton during an ongoing investigation on the r tarm tarmac. those are the arguments that he should be making about how the election is rigged in hillary clinton's favor. coming up next, donald trump called out hillary clinton for taking millions of dollars from countries that have atrocious
12:49 am
human rights records. will hillary give that money back, something i've been saying for a long time, as "hannity" continues. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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. saudi arabia giving $35 million, these are people that push gays off of buildings and kill women, and treat women horribly. yet, you take their money. i'd like to ask you right now, why don't you give back the money that you've taken from certain countries that treat certain groups of people so horribly? why don't you give back the money? i think it would be a great gesture. >> donald trump, last night's
12:54 am
debate asking hillary clinton to return the tens of millions of dollars the clinton foundation received from countries that have atrocious human rights records. lisa, i'll start with you. in qatar, marital rape is legal, as is beating one's wife. in saudi arabia, women can't drive. they are told they can go to school or work, they literally are treated like third class citizens and gays and lesbians are per keck -- persecuted. >> i'm glad donald trump raised that question. asking to return that money.
12:55 am
as a champion of women and gay rights, just mentioned these countries, egregious human rights defenses. hillary clinton testified under oath there would not be conflicts of interest during her confirmation hearing. >> that is true. >> let me get doug. doug, i thought that was a grand slam for clinton. >> we need moderate sunni states for coalition against iran and isis. not only should she not give the money back, we'll have to wait to present, prevent -- >> doug, you're selling your soul. taking money from the israelis and qatarys, you're selling your soul. anthony, last word.
12:56 am
>> i just think you saw her face, she doesn't have the ethical chip to understand what mr. trump is saying. that money should go back in a hurry but it's not going to happen. >> yes. >> doug, that doesn't mean we don't support the sunnis and align with them, we'll take a break. more "hannity", comin we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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tomorrow night at 10:00
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eastern, republican presidential nominee donald trump will join us, at 10:00 tomorrow, that is it for me, eric boling is coming up live, he's calling it "hannity". i don't know't make the rules h straight ahead. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean, welcome to this second hour of "hannity" of the tonight, annual alfred e smith dinner took place moments ago. hillary clinton and donald trump addressed the dinner, in case you missed it, here are the highlights. >> i have no doubt hillary is going to laugh quite a bit tonight. sometimes even at inappropriate moments. and hillary was very gracious. she said if somehow she gets elected she wants me to be without question, either her


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