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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 22, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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unafraid. don't forget, sunday, "special report" continues until election day. we'll be here at 8:00 p.m. "on the record" with my good friend brit hume starts right now. do you believe he can turn it around in the next 18 days? thanks for watching "the kelley file" good night. welcome to hannity and tonight the race for the white house is in the final stretch and voters will be headed to the polls in just 18 short days, donald trump, he'll be here in just a minute with reaction, but first it's been a very big week in politics, the candidates faced off in their third and final debate in las vegas, and media lost their minds about donald trump's comments about not accepting the election results. although fox news cannot independently verify, very sinister schemes by democrats to
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incite violence at rallies and to commit massive voter fraud. joining us now with details, 2016 republican presidential nominee, donald trump. mr. trump, how are you? >> i'm very good, thank you, sean. >> can you give us a preview, it almost sounds like promises to america that you're going to be talking about tomorrow, what can you tell us? >> we're going to be doing a lot of things, we're going to be lowering our taxes, we're going to be strengthening our borders, we're going to get rid of regulations, the regulations are going to be gone. you look at this country, what's happening with regulations, we need them for security and the environment, but our regulations are just taking over our companies, we can't compete anymore. we're going to be repealing and replacing obama care, protecting the second amendment, there's
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going to be a lot of things, sierra nevada. >> the supreme court, vetting refugees,ed a kl islam, keeping obama care, getting rid of obama care, building a wall, not building a wall, education, and independence to the states. those are deep, profound differences, do you think the voters understand the choice that is theirs this election. >> i think they do and if they watch the debates, they will really understand. right now you have a really clear choice between hillary clinton and myself. and if you just look at the stances on everything. she's going to raise taxes, i'm going to lower taxes, she's going to increase regulations, i'm going to cut regulations down to a minimum, a good number, but down to a minimum. we're going to rebuild the military, we're going to take care of our vets, we're going fake care of the second amendment, we're going to repeal obama care, she wants to make it even a bigger mess, and we're going to spend trillions and
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trillions of dollars on it. it's crazy what's going on. you have a very, very distinct choice. >> you have been critical to the media throughout this entire process, now through wikileaks, univision, abc, nbc, the "new york times," politico, the "boston globe," cnn, in one way, fashion or form have been in the pocket of hillary clinton, what is your reaction to is that? >> well, it's totally brutal. you can do something that's just fabulous, it's perfect, everything's great and then they end up giving you bad news and bad coverage. it's the single greatest pileup. this isn't just me saying it, it's even news consideration organizations, the single greatest pile on, you just saw the crowd we had outside, we're in pennsylvania now, we just left north carolina, i'm going back to pennsylvania, a different section in pennsylvania in a little while, we have a massive crowd there. it's been unbelievable what's going on. and i think that it's not
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pollable, as you know, three polls came out today saying i'm leading nationwide. look, it's a question of taxes, it's a question of borders, do we want to have a country or not, we're going to have strong borders, people are going to come into our country, but legally through a process. they're going to come in legally. i think a lot was learned in the debates, i think you understand how we did in the debates and i think we really showed a big difference. >> i only warm to play you one small clip of the project veritas videos, it's about the floe of money to these operatives that they're fomenting and causing violence even back in the chicago incident in march, but also talking about a massive voter fraud plan that they have, and they want to orchestrate. i want you to hear how the money flows and then respond to the two specific tapes. >> i contracted with him, but i answered. they had a special event and
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they had a special events in politico for the campaign. >> is the campaign taking on the democracy partners. >> all right, it says the campaign pays the dnc, the dnc pays democracy parters, and they are the people bragging about fomenting violence at your events, inciting it and they're the people who also talk at length about massive voter fraud in this elect slauion and you c under fire at the debates about accepting the election outcome. >> sean, i have been saying for a long time, it's a rigged system, it's totally terrible what's going on, and then the politicians play right along. you have 1.8 million people who are dead who are registered to vote and some of them absolutely vote, tell me how they do that, there's only one way, you have
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2.5 million people or so that are registered in two states, that means they're voting twice. we have a system, i'm a big believer in the system, i love our country, but i think i have done a great service by pointing this out and a lot of people agree with what i'm saying, but when you look at the tapes, they're disgusting, it was a rally and they real thug s. they injured people, they injured policemen and they should be put in jail. and who got blamed for it? our rally people, me, everybody. it had nothing to do with us. >> the democratic operate tiff overseeing this, visited the obama white house 342 times. what does that mean to you? >> well, i think it's a disgrace, and i guess he saw the president 44 times, they say, who knows? but i think it's disgraceful. the one who was overseeing
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violence, and this is a criminal act. i don't know if you saw the pictures, cops, policemen, these great people were leaving with massive gashes in their head from these people, these are professional thugs. they were being paid $1,500 a day and they got cell phones out of it. no, this is a very serious problem and i think come november 8, i think we're going to win and maybe we're going to win bigger than people ever even dreamed, when you look at pennsylvania, you look at what's happening here, you look at ohio, you see what's happening with some of the jobs, the companies that are leaving and going to mexico and other places, you see what's happening with obama care which is such a disaster, obama care is a catastrophe, the premiums are going up 60%, 70%, 80%. say what you want. bill clinton said this is the craziest thing i have ever seen. he said that. but he said obama care is a disaster.
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it is a total disaster. >> and coming up, part two of my interview with donald trump and i'll ask him about the wikileaks revelations, plus the original insurgent patrick j. buchanan is joining us. >> there's hillary clinton caught on tape back in 2010 lecturing her staff at the state department about the importance of cyber security. this is a video you've got to see to believe. that and more tonight right here on hannity.
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as i talk to you, i'm going to put up the headlines of wikileaks and the things we have discovered including the latest solicitation, $12 million from a country that secretary clinton, as secretary of state thought abusing their own citizens, $12 million also a paid appearance to go to the clinton foundation, on the side of you right now is a list of all of these revelations, i know you have been paying attention to it. the media has not. they are largely ignored it. what does this tell you about the clintons and about the campaign and about their tactics. i mean they even expose how they would go after obama, his father being a muslim and he used cocaine. what do you get out of these wikileaks revelations? >> take a look at what's going on. as an example, look rat what yo just said about the voter fraud
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that was uncovered in the tapes, look at what you said about the -- look at what the reporters who said they were soft or safe or--they're not brutal, they're dishonest, it's a totally dishonest group of people. and you just take a look at what's happened. look at how you get set up. you say you saw somebody in 1902 and you touched the person. i mean give me a break, this is stuff that all doesn't exist, sean. this is dirty disgusting stuff. you'll find out at some point, this is dirty disgusting stuff. it's no way it should be. we're supposed to be a great democracy, a certain magazine wrote some horrible things, i guess it came out today, i'm not going to get involved, but nobody reports it. if somebody call up the newspaper with one thing, they
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make a big deal out of it. >> they interviewed one woman for 45 minutes claiming you were molesting her on the plane. and then another passenger came and said that never happened, i was right next to them. and you think she would have called out for help. they'll ignore the"the national enquire enquirer". >> that never happened. all that stuff, just so you understand. all that stuff, it was fabricated, made up, never happened. when you see, they come in like two days, it never, ever happened. >> how does cnn put the woman on for 45 minutes and then the guy that was sitting next to you, they don't even ask him one question. >> it's the most rigged system i have ever seen. and i have been talking about it for a long time. and it was rigged against bernie sanders and it's rigged even more against me. it's a disgrace. they poison the voters with this kind of stuff and this kind of
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junk that never happened. it's not like a question of it may have. none of it ever happened. >> obama, al gore, hillary kw p clinton, bernie sapd sanders have all themselves said it was a rigged system. i was glad to see the other night, that have come from so many other countries, in qatar, up to 25 million of the clinton foundation from the saudis, women can't drive, they're told how to dress, gays and lesbians are killed, christians and jews are persecuted. but she takes the money. you want her to give it back? >> of course she should give it back. i brought it up at the debate, give the money back, it's $25 million at a minute mum. she didn't want to answer that question, if you noticed. >> how can you be the champion
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of women's rights, gay and lesbian rights, religious freedom and take money from countries that abuse all those groups? >> sean, have you you seen things, nobody could imagine that this could happen in the united states. nobody can even imagine it. but i'll tell you what, we're going to win the election and we're going to clean out the swamp, you know i'm using the expression, we're going to draining the swamp of washington, d.c. it is a swamp of absolute corruption, it's absolutely corrupt. and we're going to drain the swamp. we'll see what happens, we'll drain it, but we're going to win. we have such enthusiasm. i just left this rally two minutes ago, i was sitting in a room that was 110 degrees, it was like a steam room. it's just wonderful. but i'll tell you what, at least you're on the side of exposing some of this stuff. the press doesn't want to do it. it's incredible what's going on in our country, but come
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november, if you watch, you saw this arena, it was packed with thousands of people outside, something's going on that is very, very special s plus three polls came out today including rasmussen, and the poll that called it most accurately four years ago. >> it's a one-point lead, the investors business daily tip poll has you up by one, they have been the closest in the last three cycles. i do think there are a lot of balls up in the air that haven't been factored into the polls yet, including the last debate, including the veritas debate, what i'm showing themselves in terms of the wikileaks reveals, one last question, tomorrow you're going to make a pledge and put it on paper for the american people, you're doing it in gettysberg. give us a preview, what is this about? is it like a contract with america? >> sean, i want to do it tomorrow, i don't want to do it
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tomorrow, i really want to do it tomorrow. i can only say we're going to make america great again, we have so many problems, our taxes are too high, we're going to ledeule deu reduce them, our borders are crazy, people are coming into the country that we really shouldn't have come into the country, behave drug lords and criminals and murderers and what's going on in this country is incredible. hillary wants open borders where people can just flow through, and people don't want to come to our country anymore. >> did you have fun at the al smith dinner? did you mind getting booed a little bit? >> no, i didn't. look, we say what's true, and some people don't like hear it. but we say what's true. there were a lot of good people in there. it was a great dinner. >> did you get in trouble when you went home to melania last night? >> no, i didn't, it was great. she understood. that was probably the moment of the evening, people loved it.
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>> does donald trump have fun on the campaign trail, i know you got a lot more to do. coming up tonight right here on hannity. >> if hillary clinton gets elected, we have got four more years of obama, we have a disaster, we have isis all over. >> donald trump continuing to go after hillary clinton on the campaign trail, the original insurgent, patrick j. buchanan will join us, and also tonight -- >> that was hillary clinton back in 2010, talking to her staff at the state department at the real importance of cyber security. pretty hypocritical. frank luntz is here with more as we continue to tonight on hannity. ♪
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have isis all over, we won't win anymore and your taxes are going up, and she wants to double up and triple up on obama care which has to be repealed and replaced, it's a disaster. we are going to start making things in america again, we are going to start making things in north carolina again, we're bringing back our jobs, america first, remember that. >> all right, that was donald trump earlier today at a rally in north carolina as he looks to build momentum ahead of election day. my next guest, the original insurgent patrick j. buchanan, writing, quote, the establishment is horrified at donald trump's defiance because deep within it's soul it fears that the people for whom it speaks no longer accept it's political legitimacy or moral authority. pat, i agree 100%.
2:24 am
there's a political earthquake that is going on. and in 20 days, there's going to be a huge discussion about the future of the republican party. one of the things most frustrating to me is when 65%, in every primary poll of republicans saying they feel betrayed and voting in record numbers for trump, and the establishment stepping all over him and being more critical to him than either obama or hillary, they're totally miscalculating the mood of the country. >> trump's big plichaccomplishms the expez your of the masses coming across our borders inge vading our country, they're responsible for the trade deals that deindustrialize america, that destroy the jobs of
2:25 am
millions of american workers, and in getting us into unwinnable wars, and he has bridged the disconnect between the american establishment and the american people. and that's a great achievement for him and wikileaks has come along and expose the fact that the core of the establishment, the media is basically in cahoots with the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic party. >> that's another fight we will have november 9 of this year, because this needs to be expose in even more detail, but of course with our election coverage, we don't have the full-time to devote to it. but you've got a republican establishment, a democratic establishment, a global establishment and a media establishment that is all sort of in ways we never dreamed of aligned together and it's now all been expose but i don't think the american people are absorbing the magnitude of that to this point. will they absorb it in the next
2:26 am
18 days? >> the enorm size and energy and fire in the donald trump rallies, the enormous turnout inside of the republican party, four ted cruz and donald trump. the fact that trump as of about three or four weeks ago was tied with hillary and had momentum, that tells you the country wants to be rid of this establishment. the way we're going now, we could get a real possibility that the republican elites that were repudiated in the riprimars and in their party and the democratic elites that virtually fixed it against bernie, they will control the destiny of the country and we will have an establishment that represents washington not the nation they're supposed to represent. some of the tactics that you have mentioned on your show about these folks in chicago are really somewhat more disturbing
2:27 am
than some of the things that happened in watergate. >> i mean look at what they're saying, i just showed this to mr. trump, you've got hillary's campaign, pat, paying the dnc paying democracy partners, paying an activist group that's online taking credit for violence at trump events, it's organized everywhere. putting in these people to intimidate others and massive voter fraud on a level, again, both of these things funded according to their own words by hillary and her campaign. >> let's talk about the individuals that they allegedly, if it is true, if they sent people out to start fistfights and disrupt the trump rally, if they were paid by the clinton campaign, we are talking about the clinton campaign financing brown shirt tacticses in t e es
2:28 am
streets of chicago. you and i have been called fascist for something we said. it took place in the attempt to disrupt and destroy a democratic rally, those are fascist tactics in -- he was attacking the chicago cops, but if people are doing this, that is exactly -- that is what garbles and rome and others did with the brown shirts. >> i want to know if they're saying in their own words, if kill kill killery, pays for those violent scheming and voter fraud. what did she know and when did her campaign know it? and this guy, inperative who oversaw this wheel thing, he went to the obama white house 342 times, what did obama know and when did he know it?
2:29 am
>> sean, the great question is if, was this guy just shooting his mouth off and nothing happened and he wasn't paid for anything and he had some legitimate reason to go to the white house 300 times. but let me say this, i was in the house october 15, they found the dirt y trickster was sendin pizzas to an emergency rally. the fbi was all over this like a cheap suit. i mean, they ought to immediately have this guy in and take a look at this and talk to the people involved in those riots in chicago and question them as to whether somebody paid them and does anybody know if these individuals again are just shooting their mouth off or they did what they're talking about. they were fired instantly, that suggests to me this the people that fired them know they were up to no good. >> all right, pat, we're going to watch this. what's your prediction? how is this all going play out?
2:30 am
who do you think is going to quinn this? >> i think the donald is behind the 8-ball right now and he's got to raise his polls in the general national polls to at least two or one behind him, that's the way you're going to tip the whole thing over. he's got to win florida, ohio, north carolina, nevada and iowa and then he's short by about five if he holds on to arizona and texas of course and georgia. so it's an uphill climb, he knows it, i'm sure, as do the folks. and i think there's still an outside chance to get that inside straight. >> listen, pat buchanan, nobody thought you would beat a sitting president in new hampshire, did they? >> no, they didn't. but then they beat me in 33. >> well, you could have stopped right there. it was a pretty big victory. >> listen, in 92, sean, i didn't win it, but they thought in the white house i did win in new
2:31 am
hampshire. >> all right, pat buchanan, the original insurgent, thank you. she said i can't recall 39 times, that's a lie. because everything there she could recall. >> highlights from donald trump's rally today in pennsylvania. we'll check in with franklins, and more wikileaks revelations, the leaked e-mails reveal hillary clinton's role in soliciting money for her family foundation allegedly runs far deeper than we all thought. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe
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>> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test a great four-star general who told one story to the fbi, they said it wasn't true, it might have been a lie. and guess what?
2:37 am
his life is destroyed. he could go to jail for five years. she lied over and over and over and over and over and over. 39 times, right? she said to the fbi on july 4th weekend, not recorded, and not sworn in. not recorded and not sworn in. she said i can't recall 39 times, well, that's a lie. because everyone there she could recall. >> donald trump slamming hillary clinton over her ongoing server scandal, also said fox news obtained a video from 2010 showing hillary clinton actually lecturing her staff at the state department about get this, using cyber security. watch.
2:38 am
>> joining us with row aeaction. our recording to the frank luntz focus groups won two of the three debates. that's a very high bar. >> yes, it is a high bar. but the challenge for him now, he's running five or six points behind. and there is a path, a very small one, a very narrow one,
2:39 am
but that path goes based on rhetorical questions, and i'm going to tell you three, that you can ask again and again before election day, is america safer than it was eight years ago, does hillary clinton have the honesty and integrity to be president of the united states and who is more likely to hold washington accountable. if that is the focus, you can change millions of voter minds, the question is will there be that discipline and will there be that focus. >> what was the last one? >> the last one was who is more likely to hold washington accountable. >> where do you stand? >> i think we stand, it's really unclear because the polls are everywhere. and i find a lot of them pretty confusing and i these i understand the business. but i think he's several points behind probably. but i think that there's more than a small pathway, i think there's a big pathway. the basic attitudes in this country are structured against
2:40 am
the incumbent party, against hillary clinton and the democrats. if donald trump can rise to making this a referendum, even bigger than what frank luntz is saying, who owns the united states of america, the people or the ruling class? whose ox is being gored, they believe the system is rigged against them economically, but trump's got to put these questions, do we continue to go down the road of decline or do we make changes and do we overturn the corruption in washington? those are huge issues, his problem is he is being way too tactical and not strategic enough in my opinion. >> do any of you think the polls, maybe there's a certain percentage of people who maybe won't say they're voting for trump? or is that just fantasy speak among the trump supporters? do you think there's a possible
2:41 am
brexit effects? i say you can't start on it. >> we polled in brexit, and we had leaving behind by two points, but the key is the sub text, what percentage of your friends and neighbors will leave, if you ask it that way, you aren't likely to get an honest answer. but if the focus is on the polls in the next 18 days--the more this is about change versus the status quo, the more likely you will get a change electorate. be it requires those kinds of questions to actually move the opinions of voters. >> i think that's well said, as you have traveled around the country, i know you have discussed this, it's always very difficult for a republican, they have always got to thread the needle unless they can somehow break in and get some of those voters, get places like
2:42 am
pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio locked in and michigan. does trump's initiative -- because he's different on issues involving trade? >> let me give you a straight answer. the answer is yes, the message resonates more, his persona is what persons people. and if it were just about his message, sean, i believe his message versus hillarys, his message versus hillary's, donald trump wins. but they see her as being experienced and they see her as being presidential. >> even though 70% think she's a liar and untrustworthy? >> absolutely and that should be the issue. you just raised the point, sean, if that's how they're voting, then trump wins, but that's not been the focal point over the last two weeks. >> and if he does that for the next 18 days, do you think he's going to come back in a big way?
2:43 am
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welcome back to hannity. so new revelations from wick i c can -- wikileaks continue to damage her campaign. the media is ignoring the release. here are some of the biggest discoveries in this week alone. hillary clinton personally tried to procure $29 million the king of morocco. after hillary clinton realized this would be after the launch of a presidential campaign and could hurt her politically, she tried to back out, but her campaign aid huma abedin. as a board member of the clinton global initiative, he signed a conflict of interest agreement, but that quote, bill clinton, he
2:49 am
doesn't have to sign such a document, even though he is personally paid by three clinton global initiative sponsors, gets many a gift for that. then there's the interim dnc chair dawn -- donna brazil, she said i think people are more in despair about how things are, jobs, but they're low wage jobs, and most people pay half of what they earn to pay rent. >> i have been saying that about the economy, i'm glad that somebody really knows the truth about it, because they're not saying it on the campaign trail. >> i think there is a sense of let's stay quiet about the economy, i mean president obama and clearly michelle obama, since they have been out on the
2:50 am
campaign trail for hillary clinton, they have made it a point to ensure that, keep a happy face on and everything's going to be okay and it's going to be fine under hillary clinton. so i think what's disturbing is the fact that hillary clinton is really trying to -- i don't quite understand her vision, but sell herself as saying she's the one that's going to be able to create economic growth, but when you look at her plan, it's very clear, sean, that her tax plan alone increases taxes, we're going to see more regulation, we're going to see more of the same which means economic disappoint for americans. >> is it pay to play? >> it very surely is pay to play. and it's not surprising, and as we dig through all these things, this makes machiavelli come
2:51 am
across as washington. fully using the state department as a vending machine for favors and massive donations for the foundation, is this is all being expose and we have never seen an exposure like this, of the inner workings of a campaign. and it happens to the most secretive campaign that we have seen in modern times and it is so rich that all this is spilling out on the clintons. >> could you imagine, mercedes. look at for example what happened in san bernardino, they said john podesta said i wish his name wasn't syed farook, and the chairman's brother, notified of a islamic attack, 14 kills, and his reply was, oh, i had lobster there. and imagine if trump had done any of those things. and this is one of thousands that we're finding. >> it would have been political
2:52 am
suicide if there would have been e-mails exposelike that. but what disturbs me is that it's all about politics, it's all about what it's turning a tragedy on our homeland, into how do you best politically capitalize on the situation. and furthermore, it goes into the division, the division into ethnicity, into gender, the anti-catholic bigotry, so what they're trying to do is in the clinton campaign, they have talked about branding republicans as racists, extremists and they're dividing us all up into these categories. >> win, lose or draw, there is going to be an analysis on this program about how deeply entrenched and biassed the news
2:53 am
media is. but i want to point outs one specific thing, in the e-mail chain with clinton staffers, well let's leak a speech to the friends in the media, to show clinton's speeches to all those fat cats were really -- plausible deniability, manipulate the media to do anything they want. what do you think of that propaganda technique of theirs that was revealed? >> well, obviously it's working, it worked very well with them. there's something you've talked about for years and years about the absolute corruption in the media. the clintons are still abusive of the media, and the media still treats them like this which is kind of amazing. . i still think what will happen at the conclusion of this race is that it won't just be me or you or mercy talking about the
2:54 am
media. it was even the public that the people are going to be voting for clinton, are realizing, yeah, i'm going to twoet vote for her, but she's a liar. and even john podesta says this is a break through moment, i think it's the end of the media as we know it. >> end of the question, who's going to win this race, mercedess? >> that's unfair, it's going to be tight until the very last minute. it he can close it down to two points it will be interesting. >> with a little hope, i will say donald trump. >> we need your help with the question of the day, we need question of the day, we need your man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't go after anything with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i'll do that too. eliquis.
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2:59 am
[national anthem] ♪ ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ good morning, today is saturday, october 22nd. i'm be a pay huntsman. we start with a fox news alert. unprecedented cyber attack taking down some of the most popular websites on earth in a way we have never seen before. hackers taking control of the devices in your home to carry out one of the biggest internet attacks in u.s. history. >> and then a lecture on cyber security from, brace yourselves, hillary clinton. watch this >> just make sure not to put your emails in unsecured servinger in an closet in your office. >> noted, thank


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