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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  October 23, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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we're back right here tomorrow. the gutfeld show is next. we'll >> donald trump holding a rally with running mate mike pence in cleveland. hillary clinton and donald trump doing better in the battleground states and the days tick down to it election day. i am julie banderas and this is the fox report. clinton appeared in pittsburg along sight tim cane. they have not made an appearance in six weeks and we are awaiting donald trump's remarks in
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cleveland. that will be the third battleground state of the day along with virginia and pennsylvania. this morning he was in historic gettysburg. and should he be sworn in as january those are the plans. >> first a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members was congress. >> second, the hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal work force through a contribution except for military and public health. two existing regulations must be eliminated. a five year ban on white house and congressional officials becoming lobbyist after they leave government service. cancel every unconstitutional executive action and memorandum
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and order issued by president obama. and begin the process of select being a replacement for justice schedulia. end common score and bring education, supervision to local communities. end illegal immigration act. fully fund the construction of a wall on our southern border. don't worry about it. remember i said mexico is paying for the wall with with the full understanding of country of mexico will reimburse the united states of the full cost of such a wall. >> john roberts is live in cleveland and boy, what a crowd is behind you. >> reporter: we have a big crowd. and the campaign estimating 10000 and the policemen said it is five. there are arguments. but there are a lot of people in
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attendance in cleveland to see donald trump and rudy guiliani on the stage. you heard the policys that donald trump laid out over the last few month and wrapped in to a contract with the american voter that he hopes will erase the deficit in the poll and propel him to victory. in laying out his vision, he did something thatty never saw any other presidential candidate to do. threaten legal action against the opposing party and 11 women who came forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior. >> if they can fight someone like me with unlimited resources to fight back, just look what they can do to your jobs, security, education, and health
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care, and the violation of religious liberty and the theft of your second amendment. >> reporter: donald trump is making the case that the establishment will say or do going to maintain a grip on power and deny his movement and followers from taking the oval office. >> answer the next question. donald trump is taking the war with the media to a new level. >> reporter: it is no secret he is not happy with the mainstream or corporate media and laid out the contract with the american voter, he took aim at time- warner merger cnn, it is 86 billion voted on by the boards at this moment. he said he would not let that go through and he took aim at another major corporate media
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merger. and listen what he said about that. >> a t$and the t is buying time warner and cnn and a deal we would not approve in our administration because it is too much concentration of pour in the hands of too few. additionally, comcase of nbc they are telling the voters what to think and do deals like this is the democracy. >> and threatening to break up a existing one and tend to put donald trump in the camp of bernie sanders in the republican party. his crowd is on his side when taking on the media.
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anything against were corporate media. >> we are not part of the mainstream media. thank you very much. before donald trump's vp pick joined trump, he went out to check out prize- winning pumpkins. it is october after all. pence actually climbed in to a flatbed trailer and check out the 1500 pumpkin. a bunch of pumpkin cans in that trailer and a vp nom no. no word if they carved it, but it was a good photoop. >> and hillary clinton campaign nothing pennsylvania. she leds by six points there. and clinton is headed to philadelphia for an event tonight after holding a rally in pittsburg with film kaine where
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she vowed to protect worker rights. she slammed, of course, donald trump. >> donald trump did something no other, no other presidential nominee has ever done of either party. he refused to say that he would respect the results of the election. now. make no mistake about this, my friends, he is threatening our democracy. look, i have lost elections, you don't feel good the next day, believe me. but we know in our country , the difference between leadership and dictatorship. the peaceful transition of power is one of those things that sets us apart. >> mike emmanuel live in philadelphia tonight. what more did clinton say in pittsburg. >> reporter: good evening to you. hillary clinton suggested to her
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supporters they should should do an intervention if they have friends and family considering voting for donald trump. clinton attacked trump for not being willing to accept the election results. they are running here in pennsylvania with critical electoral votes on the line. this is how important they see pennsylvania and clinton fired back at a recent attack made by donald trump. >> every time donald trump wants to jail his opponent meaning me, i think to myself. you know, we don't do that in america. we actually have laws and court and independent judiciary. >> clinton said there is anger out in the voting public. buts said anger is not a plan and said in this election it is
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stark. >> but anger is fuelling the votes and people want change. they are tired of the same old. she is campaigning alongside tim kaine. >> reporter: kaine picked up on the notion of donald trump not accepting election results. >> he's insulted every group what he decided. why don't i insult american democracy. >> reporter: this is the first time kaine will fly together from pittsburg to philadelphia for an event this evening. >> clinton had a surrogate vip in florida? >> 29 electoral votes up for grab and her husband, the former
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president made an appeal on his wife's behalf. >> look, i know we are getting close to the end of this election and i think it is important that all of who support her, get out there and try to get more votes. and try to stop all of this poison that is poured down the throat of america in the last 15 months. >> reporter: for the democratic nom no. pennsylvania tonight. and tomorrow north carolina and you better believe she will be in florida before long. >> three states that swing in her favor as of now and anything can change. mike emmanuel. thank you very much. and this is should be interesting and times in your
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local area. now to the fight to mos and you will raging in the north and isis in the city of tir cut. and a move that was an attempt to divert the opposition away from the battle of mosul. and the push to drive out isis continues and it does reveal more on how the terror operation works benjamin has more from iraq. >> we found and got access to an isis tunnel that is causing so many problems. >> and many people wondered how isis was able to hide. they are dug deep underground. they cover every town or village.
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and last few months iowa sis is living down in the tunnel and there is electricity and you can see the food and water. and it is hot. they would have been here for months. they told us not to touch anything we see because it may be bobbi trapped. can you tell how they started. they dug seven meters down. it is those tunnels that are a concern as the forces move in the city of mosul itself. in other news, secretary of defense ash carter went to iraq to assess mosul and push for turkey to be allowed to play a greater role in the operation. meanwhile, burning plot is releasing sulure dioxide in the area. u.s. troops and bases outside of mosul are put ping on protect you have suits to protect
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against the smoke. and one of the fears is that isis will use chemicals and gas to attack. we know they have them. figuring out how hackers shut down major web sites all cross the u.s. >> the attack may have affected one of your favorite sites and a manhunt under way. after a deadly home invasion. more straight ahead. diabetes can be a daily struggle,
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♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪share the spice of life. ♪ a manhunt under way in georgia. a gunman shot and killed two children and during a viulent home invasion. and police say the suspects
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broke into the home early this morning and then shot an 11-year-old and 15-year-old. one of the young witnesses that were there. called 911 to report the break in and the shooting. we are told that no other children were hurt and no adults were home at the time. investigators say the parents are cooperating. >> the white house called yesterday's destruction of the internet militia. and net flicks and hackers in china and guess where, russia claim responsibility for the attacks that also hit a company that provides traffic management for the sites. this is scary stuff. here's more on the fallout. what happened? >> experts say hackers infilterated tens of millions of
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your homes. web cam and baby monitors and therm states and they overloaded them with junk internet traffic until the server ares crashed. the out ages started on the easter sea board and knocked out dozens of websiteses like ama job and net flix and to theify and pay pal for hours and targeted dime whose company serves as a switch board to the america's biggest companies. they used easy to use and malicious software. the white house said it is malicious. >> i tried to use pay pal and that's how i do my shopping.
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it doesn't only affect pay pal but hundreds using the website. >> has anyone accepted responsibility. >> the new world hackers in china. they carried out the attack to highlight how vulnerable. we didn't do it to attract federal agents but to test power. the fbi and homeland security was seeing if it was russia or china or other hackers. it could be a distraction while an actual attack was taking place or a beginning of a larger conspiracy. >> there were no extortion demands and widespread nature and data unloeshed and the duration. this could be a precursor for
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a cyber campaign. >> and we have seen with the wiki-leaks and russian hackers trying to influence or election. it is scary and billions of smart am yes that can be hacked and controlled. >> it could be be a test for something bigger. you never know. that is a massive hack. brian, thank you. >> of course, thank you. early voting is on the rise and it is a good way to it beat the crowds, right? >> one state reporting major backupses at the polls. and gone, but not forgotten. kevin meany has died. a look at his legacy of laugher. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry,
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donald trump is in cleveland, ohio. it is a battleground state for the republican ticket. a republican, in order to make it in the white house lead needs ohio and he needs ohio and she is trailing. him hill and staff are headed from pittsburg to philadelphia. she's in the pennsylvania. and also where she is leading six points according to the poll. and suburb an women in philadelphia. that is a talk right now who gets those. they are playing in hillary's favor and that's one group of voters this election and candidate needs to win the state
2:25 am
of pennsylvania. on the left clinton going from pittsburg to philadelphia and donald trump in cleveland, ohio. they are in their preferred states at least for now. we'll watch it as they are up and running on the campaign p trial with just weeks to go before the big day. early votering, you don't have to wait. early voting is surging. and as of today, more than 5.3 million votes have been cast. far ahead of what we thought in 2012. others want to get it over with or avoid the long line. hamilton county, in indiana are reporting wait times topping two hours similar to election day.
2:26 am
trevor shirley with 59 news has more. >> reporter: earlier today in the library, early voting lines were clocking in at two hour and county election officials say that is what voters should plan on expecting from now to election day. and pack your patience and plan ahead. long lines is what we expect on election day and seeing this three weeks early is a surprise for a lot of voters. >> they are trying to avoid the crowds and get their vote in and sit back and watch the show. >> here in the public library today. people waited two hours to cast their vote. despite the wait some rather suffer the long lines now. >> if it is this long today it will be longer on election day. >> more people turn out when the presidency is up for grabs.
2:27 am
this campaign season could spur more people to vote. >> we knew it would be heavy turn out. >> cathy richardson said absentee ballots are up from four years ago. and only so much they can do to keep wait times low. >> we only have so many voting machine and we leased and got the last one the company had. and see, we will try to do the best we can. >> voters are are urged to be be patient and plan a had head. make sure you are registered coming out and bring your photoid in the polling location. >> keep in mind, you can't just show up between now and election day and cast your vote early. there are specific times to be be aware of and those vary
2:28 am
county by county. go on line and call your local election's office for the latest information. i am trevor shirley. fox 59 news. >> balloting is underway in 34 out of 37 stateses. and wiki-leaks is continuing to cause problems with 17 days to go before election day. and why clinton's camp said tion made a clear endorsement for trump. and disturbing new rhetoric from russia as the war raging on in s syria continues. what russians are saying p the fighting there.
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hillary clinton, speaking to reporters on the way from one campaign event to another in pennsylvania. we'll play it. >> we are making our closing arguments and taking about what is at stake in the scomplekz giving people something to vote for and not just against. i saw where our opponent, donald trump, went to gettysburg one of the extraordinary places in american history and basically said if he's president he will
2:33 am
spend his time suing women who have made charges against him based on his behavior. tim and i will talk about what we want to do, and if we are given the great honor of serving as president and vice-president and as we said stronger together, we have specific plan and we'll get to work the day after the election. >> she is on her way to an event in philadelphia with the vice-president peck senator kaine. and donald trump is holding a rally with running mate mike pence. >> this is her allies saying this. e-mails show her staff saying she has no core. she has no core. that's because she just does whatever her donor and special interests want her to do.
2:34 am
[chanting] we are not happy with her, i will tell you. look. it is a rigged system and that's how she got to run. it is a rigged system. the whole entire purpose of her campaign to keep our system rigged and stop change from happening at any cost and we need change. we are about change. she is about keeping it the way it is. we don't want four more year was obama, that we can tell you. look at her record. she's been there for 30 years and hasn't fixed anything.
2:35 am
she's unleashed death, destruction, and failure in every country she touched in the middle east. iraq, libya, syria, iran, hillary's catastrophic failures unloeshed isis. the great vacuum that she and obama created and now they are on a genocide of christians in the middle east. they are in 32 countries and during her tenure as secretary of secretary. remember the little group obama called them jv. they are in 32 country s and i watch as hillary clinton said i am going to stop isis. why didn't she do it years ago. >> donald trump is in cleveland,
2:36 am
ohio where he is getting a lead on hillary clinton. she is in pennsylvania where she is leading. i believe hillary clinton is going to north carolina where she is leading. and they have all of these critical stateses and you have florida, north carolina and it is neck and neck. and ohio, where of course, trump needs that state and he does have a lead there and hillary clinton in pennsylvania. and this is it going to continue with more and more of the rallies happening and they center a small window to convince the voters out there who still don't know who they are voting for in november. by the way, fox news sunday, tomorrow, tune in. both of the campaign advisors and spokespeople are going to be speaking and donald trump and hillary clinton will have representatives speaking tomorrow. in the meantime wiki-leaks,
2:37 am
hillary clinton, more bad news. tweeting about the clinton e-mail hack. they gotten the e-mail sooner, voters would be choosing between hill donald trump and bernie sanders. this shows the democratic nominee lectureing her staff on the importance of cyber security despite questions of her own use of a private server as secretary of state. molly is live in washington. what did clinton tell state department employees. >> reporter: she told them to follow the roums when it comes to e-mail and computers. this is long before the nation knew she had her own private server. this is obtained by fox
2:38 am
and that is. [inaudible] as fox news reported previously. a state department cable shows clinton's office once told clinton's employees not to it use e-mail for security reasons. had they had them earlier it may have been a different election? >> reporter: foreign money coming in to the clinton initiative. that was in exchange for the charity holding a meeting. human abedin said the question on which the moroccans hosted
2:39 am
the meet be was her participation. if hrc was not part it was a nonstarter. cgi, clinton global initiative was not pushing for morro co. this was had hrc's idea. the hacked e-mails could have made a difference in the democratic primary. leak early and often. if wiki-leaks obtained hillary clinton emaims earlier, they could have chose sanders v trump. so do it, do it now. >> and wiki-leaks leaks makes the trump endorsement official. not that it was a secret. donald trump said clinton has no idea who was behind the hack. the deal showed more pay for
2:40 am
play. >> fresh rhetoric from russia and now a spokesperson from vladimar putin's office said the entire area of syria should be liberated and called the exit of assad thoughtless. that's coming as aleppo is pound ped once more. the russian official said president assad should stay in power to keep the country from dpauling in hands of the appearance. >> a comedian has died. kevin meany. he got his start with an hbo special 30 years ago and appeared on johnny carson. meany had a small role long side tom hanks in the block buck
2:41 am
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let's watch. ♪ whose bright stripe and bright stars. >> her shirt was buttoned up and reveals that she wears a black lives matter under her jacket and so she kneels and sang in the heat match up between the heat and sixers. a nitta vogual has more. >> she is a part- time employee of the heat and decided to kneel because she wanted and that that was a moment. and black lives mother is a hash tag. and until our cry is heard, protest will happen and demands
2:46 am
will be made. lawrence is not the first to make the protest. earlier this month. singer lea ticy dropped to it her know and protesting about social injustice. >> any reaction from the miami heat. >> there was after the game. >> the coach was asked about it in the post game press conference. >> the most important thing to come out of it, is very poignant thoughtful dialogue. we have had great dialogue in our walls here. hopefully it will lead to action. >> all of the players on both that is the players continue to stand for the anthem.
2:47 am
what was behind the reaction. of the nba gachlt it is shedding a light on their gaechlt up to it now no nba players took the knee. they have discussed what it is is to continue the social form of justice and move forward. it started with lebron james and chris paul. and they made their statements before the program. but nba commissioner has said and it was reported by a nitta yesterday, that he hoped it would not go on and he doesn't
2:48 am
believe that going forward it will go on. they will come together and the nba is best situated to deal with the social issues. and ruth vader-gins berg said it is disrespect excel dumb. everyone was pouring on her and she was more sympathetec. snshg wrong time and wrong place. and what happens to the girl? will she be banneded or is there punishment? again, it is it a nba game and when people go there to watch the game they are going there to watch basketball? >> i don't know what will happen to miss lawrence. that is yet to be determined. she is free to do what she is supposed to do. she is an employee and did not inform the club. she said she was not paid for it, but she's paid by the club
2:49 am
if she is a part- time employee. this doesn't speak for the club. what repercussion will be, who knows. the hot don't want to antagonize those who want social change and justice to occur. there is a lot of ways to accomplish something. this does not so many to be the best way to go about it by not informing your employer of the actions. if you look at polls of what is taken from fan and surveyses. the fans are overwhelmingly against this. and it is blamed for having a decrease in rating and people watching the national football log and collin kaepernick is doing. >> thank you, julie. >> a surprise of a lifetime.
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>> a fox you news alert. a t&t agreed to buy time warner in a deal worth $86 billion. that gives a t&t control over hbo and cnn and whatever you watch. the company leaders are approving the deal and they are signing off on the merger as well. >> heff haddy rain drenches the roads and many communities.
2:54 am
and this is not a river but actually's street in massachusetts where there is flash flood warnings. many cars were submerged. woosteer getting five everyones. and luckily no word of anyone hurt. we'll end the nows cast with an uplifting story, can we. a surprise a little boy never saw coming. here's the rejoiceful story. pride elementary is like one family and that put on a surprise party for the five year old who thought he was going to an assembly with perfect attendance and honor the veterans day. and his dad was away four years
2:55 am
behind this door and ready to walk out on stage. [inaudible] hey. what's going on. respiratory [applause] he didn't remember scaling the stage to get to his dad. >> he jumped out. and it was nerve racking. i haven't seen him. and he always knows how to pull my heart strings. >> i am happy my dad is home. >> that was kelli joyce reporting. >> it was treats all the way. and halloween came early for a pup filled park.
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that is coming up next. it is all talk and really bad judgment. she should be ashamed of herself. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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>> costumes range from a fairy, and male truck and elvis. and others in time for election day and we got a kick out of this dog. got to it love it. i hope he won a prize. it was a rain jacket and he was properly addressed. that is one fair and balanced. that's how fox
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good morning to you, it is sunday october 23rd. donald trump is laying out his plan for the first 100 days. >> imagine what our country could accomplish if we start working together as one people under one god saluting one american flag. >> we are live on the campaign trail straight ahead. a reporter asks hillary clinton a tough question. brace yourself. >>


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