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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 24, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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special report. have a fabulous sunday. our system is rigged. and i've been saying it for a long time. >> the trump campaign blames the media for already portraying clinton as the winner. >> look at the stories and the path to 270 is over. >> he is losing and he knows it, so it has to be somebody else's fault. >> trump is pushing back harder against sexual assault allegations. >> all of the lies will be -- liars will be sued after the election is over. >> closing in his own contract with america. >> it is time to drain the swamp in washington. >> i have nothing to say about wikileaks. >> new revelations from the wikileaks about the clinton foundation. >> a $12 million donation to the foundation from the king of m e
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moroc morocco, why wasn't that classic pay to play. >> and this is a scheduling matter. >> the battle for control of the u.s. senate and the house is joined. >> the importance of electing democrats down the ballot -- >> if we lose the senate, do you know who becomes chairman of the senate budget committee. a guy named bernie sanders. >> a world away, iraqi forces close in on mosul. the u.s. defense secretary near the front lines contemplated iraq after isis. >> we and our coalition partners have a campaign that might pop up. >> the news across the nation and around the world, another special sunday edition of "special report" starts right now. >> good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. donald trump's campaign is conceding that it is behind with a little more than two weeks to go until election day. but they say he can still pull out a surprise win. hillary clinton's people say
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they are pleased with what they see but they don't want to get ahead of themselves. we have coverage of the 2016 race. mike emanuel is in charlotte where clinton held an event this evening and we begin with carl cameron in naples, florida, where trump campaigned a short time ago. good evening, carl. >> hi, bret. and where early voting starts tomorrow in florida and donald trump knows in many of the key battleground states, he faces an uphill climb. unaccustomed to being the underdog, donald trump is looking for a come from behind surge in the days before election day. >> if we win on november 8th we are going to fix the rigged system. they want me to take that back, folks, it is a rigged system. >> his campaign manager acknowledged he was trailing in the polls but optimistic on this sunday morning talk shows. >> the fact is this race is not over. we are not giving up and we know we could win this and we are certainly not exceeding to the shame chattering class that is
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wrong on donald trump for about a year and a half. >> a tracking poll shows hillary clinton at 50%, 12 points up on trump at 38. more than 5.3 million early votes have been cast by mail or at polling stations. 37 states allow early voting and this year is on track for a record 46 million votes or 40% of the electorate. trump is doing well in ohio, iowa and georgia. clinton's early vote efforts appear strong in florida, north carolina, arizona and colorado. according to the latest federal election commission disclosures, trump combined with the republican national committee and state parties has 1409 staffers across the country in 16 key battleground states. that is one fifth of the 5128 staffers the democrat committee employee with the clinton campaign in their 15 battlegrounds. >> hallowed ground where so many lives were given in service to freedom.
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>> trump chose gettysburg, the site of the bloodiest battle to deliver what was billed as his closing argument yesterday. he recast his policy goals as a contrast with american voters but upstaged himself by claiming lawsuits against the democratic party and the women he said that falsely accused him of sexual misconduct and threatened that halt business proposals and arguing they are corrupt and would consolidate too much power. >> trump continues to barnstorm the sunshine tomorrow with stops both in st. augustine on the atlantic coast and in tampa and the day after tomorrow he heads out to tallahassee and the panhandle recognizing that florida, among battleground states, is the one he really needs to win most. bret. >> live in naples, carl, thanks. cautious optimism is the theme of the clinton campaign but the e-mail scandal won't go away. fueled by constant document dumps from wikileaks. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in
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charlotte. good evening, mike. >> reporter: well, bret, good evening. hillary clinton has picked up the pace of campaigning here in the final stretch making multiple stops in north carolina after making two steps in pennsylvania yesterday. she began her day here visit an african-american -- visiting an african-american church. >> we must pray and we must pray together. >> reporter: at a baptist church in durham, clinton had help from the mothers of the movement who lost children in incidents with police. she focused on african-american turnout. >> we know we face the continuing challenge of systemic racism. if we're honest with each other, we have to choose hope over fear or there is no future for any of us. >> reporter: last night after joint campaign events with tim kaine, clinton was confronted with the latest wikileaks revelation, that the king of morocco agreed to host a clinton global initiative summit and give $12 million only if mrs. clinton attended a may 2015
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meeting. clinton refused to answer the question. >> no, i have nothing to say about wikileaks other than i think we should all be concerned about what the russians are trying to do to our election. >> huma abedin e-mailed john podesta and robbie mook in january 2015, quote, this was hrr's idea, our office approached the moroccans and they 100% believe they are doing this at her request. she concluded she created this mess and she knows it. on fox news sunday, chris wallace confronted mook about the latest pay to play involving the clinton foundation. >> i didn't want anything on her schedule that would distract from the campaign. an again, the clinton global initiative had this meeting scheduled in morocco. >> but it is money from a foreign person to the foundation at the time she is running for president. >> this is, as you could see in the e-mails, this is a scheduling matter and we didn't want her going overseas, i didn't want her going overseas before the campaign was kicking off. >> as for campaign, mook said
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donald trump's rhetoric is allowing the clinton team to compete in red states. >> every campaign wants to win by the biggest margin possible. so that would be great. the reason that we've gone into arizona is that it has come into play. >> reporter: well the clinton campaign is expressing confidence at this stage. the e-mails continue being dumped each day and wikileaks is threatening it has a surprise for clinton's running mate tim kaine. bret. >> live in charlotte. mike, thank you. let's bring in the panel. early here on special report, charles hurt, for the washington times. and amy stoddard and julie pace, white house correspondent for the associated press and guy benson, political editor at town and i want to put up the trump contract with america that he tried to roll out in gettysburg. he did. first, a proposal to constitutional amendment to impose term limits and a hiring
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freeze for the federal work force through atigs except military and public safety and health and a requirement that every new existing regulations be eliminated for everyone to be eliminated. fourth, a five year ban on white house and congressional officials becoming lobbyist and a lifetime ban on lobbying on behalf of a foreign government and a complete ban on foreign lobbyist raising money for american elections. there is the trump contract with america. charlie, does that make a difference in these final closing weeks? >> well, i think it is a great -- i think that is a great proposal and i think that that talks right to the very people that are so enthusiastic. the problem is that it is a little late to be doing it. and it would have been good if he would have done it before the debates or at least before the last debate. because it -- if for no other reason, it gives him something to focus on and talk about the issues. because every likes to talk about what a nasty campaign this
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is and it is interesting to say the least but it is not entirely -- it is not like it is not about issues. on the trump side, the reason so many of the people love donald trump is because of the issues. and these -- and this contract is exactly going to the heart of those issues that they like about him. he might be vul nar and all of that kind of stuff but there are issues that -- >> julie, supporters would say we buy in. they might not hear everything about this because the news focused on something else he said at that event, at gettysburg. >> and by now trump should know that is always going to be the case. if he, as the nominee, goes out there and says something inflammatory and saying that he will sue all of the women that have come forward, that is going to be the news. and he knows that. so the idea that he can't put these grievances aside in order to ensure that what he's laying out, as charlie said that has a lot of resonance with
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republicans and democrats, that is his mistake. and i don't understand why at this point in the campaign he hasn't come to grips with that. >> and he begins by importuning voters to cut through the clutter and the noise and focus on the important issues and then he creates more clutter and noise during the speech and of course the media covers it. it is the trap that he walks into, knowingly, as julie said. but i think dharly is right, there is serious stuff elsewhere in the speech getting short-tripped and i try to close my eyes and envision an alternate campaign where he gives this speech without the other nonsense in early september after labor day and then relentlessly focused on it. when the women and the tape come out, rip off the band aid and come back to the issues and these proposals. hillary clinton is still unpopular. we could be looking at a different race, but we're not. >> here is the campaign manager for donald trump's campaign and a former democratic campaign manager. >> the fact is that this race is not over. many in the media want to say it is over for the 12th time and
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counting donald trump out. we are not giving up and we know we could win this and we are certainly not exceeding to the same chattering class that is wrong about donald trump for about a year and a half. >> donald trump has become the issue in this campaign. he has made himself that. he has made himself the center of discussion and that is overwhelmed every other issue. so even though she is going into this election with historically high liabilities, in comparison to donald trump, she's doing quite well. >> david axelrod ran president obama's campaign. >> he is right. trump always makes himself the issue and don't step on his message, he pulverizes it and the only time he did well and built the moment um and have clinton on her heels was between august 13th, in the doldrums and had new management and september 21st, the first general election debate and during the five weeks he completely saved a tanking campaign. he was teleprompter trump, always on message and always with his notes.
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really restrained from twitter and not talking about his anger grievances. he has a message. if he really cared about this issue, he would have -- it would have been part of his message a year ago and he likes to bring it back to himself. and that is why no one on that campaign, kellyanne conway could talk about what they are drying to do and -- trying to do and it is all of the medias a fault but donald trump is zroig his campai -- destroying his campaign. >> and let's look at polls. this is a poll of polls that we've compiled and the latest polls that we trust, big organizations, quinnipiac and monmouth and cbs and it has clinton up 5.6. i get a lot of questions and e-mails about why these polls are not included, the l.a. times tracking poll that is a two-way race. it has clinton at 44 and trump at 44%. the reason we don't put this in our list, several things, but first of all, it is an online panel, which means they interview the same voters ore
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and over -- over and over again and they weight the past vote and our people say that this is not something that we're going to follow but there it is. the l.a. times and usc tracking poll. and the second is rasrasmussen. it has donald trump up two, margin of area 2.5 and it is a robo poll so we do not use it. it doesn't qualify because we use live interviewers, digital phones, it doesn't include land lines and cell phones. it is not live interviewers and that is why we don't use it. but there it is. and the third one is ibd, investor business daily and tipp, a four-way race, and trump 34% and clinton 41%. now ibd does meet our standards. although it is -- it seems an out liar. and we should point out that ibd was very close to the ending at 2012. it had a good record in 2008 as
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well. and it is a poll to watch. it meets our standards but it is not matching any of the other polls that are out there. >> and it kind of won the sweepsta sweepstakes in 2012 in terms of being the closest at the end. and the big question here that has dogged a lot of smart pollsters is, is there an element out there of people who are not lie -- that are lying to pollsters because trump is so hated and they know what the right answer is and it may not be hillary clinton but it is definitely not trump. and is that going to be significant? i don't know. i don't know if that is significant enough. then enthusiasm that i find from trump supporters are they are pretty proud about it. and either way, this is the wildest election of our -- my lifetime. and if he were to come back, it wouldn't be the strangest thing that happened in this campaign. >> the campaign manager for donald trump, kelly anne conway
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concedes they are down and that is reason enough to be suspicious of the numbers that have him slightly ahead but they will say they still have a shot. 15 days left and a lot could change. leeks is -- weeky leeks is up to their twicks and hillary clinton is a distrusted and disliked woman. >> and i do sense this angst there is too much optimism from the people, that they are running away with if t. >> the biggest problem for hillary clinton is a low turnout. she needs low propensity voters and a young people to show up for her and people feel unenthusiastic and don't show up, that is potentially trump's avenue. >> panel, thank you very much. and now to other news. a horrible story, a crash involving a tour bus and a semi-truck has left 13 people dead in southern california. 31 other people were injured. this accident happened near palm spring earlier today. the highway patrol said the bus was going much faster than the truck when it hit the vehicle from behind.
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traffic had been slowing down because of a maintenance crew th that was working on the highway there. ash carter is getting a first-hand look at the battle to retake mosul. the key iraqi city under isis control. he visited nearby irbil today. conor powell reports isis may be giving up some ground but it is not giving up. >> reporter: iraqi and kurdish troops continue to move closer to the isis held city of mosul. militants however doing everything they could to resist, burning sulfur to create a thick, black cloud over the battlefield. lacing roads and buildings with ieds and sending suicide bombers to attack coalition forces. still one by one, the towns on the outskirts of mosul are falling. today kurdish peshmerga forces liberated the village just eight miles from mosul. civilians recently freed by iraqi security forces describe
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the horrors of living under the control of isis. >> we were petrified this woman said, we were living in a ghost town that was scary and you didn't know if any at time death could be at your doorstep. this weekend u.s. secretary of defense ash carter visited iraq to assess the progress of the operation. u.s. officials say so far the iraqi forces have made, quote, considerable progress. but carter stressed the battle to free mosul will take time and isis remains a dangerous enemy for both iraqis and the 5,000 american troops assisting them. >> whether they are flying airplanes overhead or whether they are advising units on the ground, even behind the front lines, they are at risk. it is also important that everybody understands that we must do this. we have to protect ourselves from isil. they intend harm to our country. >> reporter: the fight for mosul is not without controversy.
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there are some 500 turkish troops in iraq and turkish leaders say they will participate in the operation to free mosul. a move both iraqi and american leaders reject. bret. >> connor, thank you. let's turn now to my friend and colleague chris wallace. still in the after glow of his moderating of the general election debate. now back to his day job. host of fox news sunday. chris, you spoke with the campaign managers for both the clinton and trump campaigns. what did they say about the strategies in the home stretch? >> well, robbie mook was a lot more confident than kelly anne conway, the clinton campaign manager talks about the fact that they seem to be banking a lot of votes, a lot of women voting early. he said 40% of the vote will have been cast before we even get to election day and their numbers look pretty good. conway admits it is a tougher race at this point but she talks about the swing states still being within reach. ohio a tie.
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florida, maybe down three or four but maybe reachable. iowa. and clearly the clinton camp is more confident than the trump camp but as conway said, we're not giving up. >> kelly anne conway was polled from fox news sunday two times before and finally appearing today. what did she have to say that the suggestions that she's grown uncomfortable with trump's campaign. >> conway absolutely denied she is putting distance between herself and donald trump. i pointed out that after the debate, one reporter -- and she re-tweeted this, said that one of trump's bad answers was trump being trump and all of the good answers were conway-esque and she said he was talking about things that i've been talking about in terms of women and abortion and right to life. but she said, i'm absolutely on board the trump campaign and she denied, even though we had this experience, that she is pulled from fox news sunday, particularly one the scandal started about women and their accusations about donald trump. >> chris, in the debate,
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secretary clinton avoided your question about allegations of pay to play at the clinton foundation. and you asked today, robbie mook, about a new revelation this week on that $12 million donation from the king of more aco. >> he pushed back real hard on that. we even read the e-mails that showed that clinton's top aides were debating whether or not she could make this appearance in morocco in the spring of 2015, just as she was running for president when the king of morocco was going to give $12 million to the foundation. mook said that it was just a scheduling matter and it had nothing to do with appearances but if you read the e-mails, it sure doesn't look that way. >> an finally, did you ever think you would see tom hanks play you on tv? >> i was holding out for george clooney, but tom hanks playing me on saturday night live, pretty good. >> well he did it well. chris wallace, congrats again.
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we'll see you next week. when we come back, the strategy in the final two weeks of the campaign. we'll talk to senator jeff sessions, a key adviser to donald trump.
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we will never solve our problems by relying on the same politicians who created these problems in the first place. hillary clinton is not running against me, she's running against change. and she's running against all of the american people and all of the american voters. i'm asking the american people to rise above the noise and clutter of our broken politics and to embrace the great faith and optimism that has always
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been the central ingredient in the american character. >> donald trump, at gettysburg, pennsylvania. that is the donald trump supporters want to see on the trail in the final two weeks of the campaign laying out the case for change, talking about the trump contract with america. alabama senator jeff sessions has been a trump supporter almost from the beginning and he joins us tonight from raleigh, north carolina. senator, thanks for being here. i want to talk about the specifics of that and is that the closing argument that donald trump is going to stick to in these final two weeks? >> well, i think that is the closing argument. and one of the big things that our voters are going to be deciding in the next few days, really, is whether or not they believe we could actually make change in washington. by three to one margin, they believe that we're on the wrong track. and i believe, bret, what is missing here in the intelligence and the elites is that they disrespect that feeling.
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they think things are okay. but the american people, they are the ones that are right. they are not being -- things aren't going well for them. we spend -- politicians spend way too much time raising money with the rich people, who have an entirely different agenda than the single mom or the working guy that lost his job and the factory closed and those kind of things. this is a huge matter decided in november. it is the chance for the american people to have their voice heard and if they believe donald trump really could get this done, i think they are going to move to him in big numbers. >> this election is always about, at this point, addition, adding people to your supporters and getting them to the polls and independents, people that perhaps are not the motivated base. you know, analysts looking at this campaign say it has been a lot about donald trump and that has been a negative. your response to that? >> well, some of it is positive. people like his strength, they
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like that he is a businessman, that he is somebody who does something beside talk smooth all of the time. he is a man of results. so that -- i think that is kind of a mix. some people are hesitant, there is just no doubt about that, bret. i would just encourage our people to look at theish autos that -- the issues that he's talking about. can we have a better immigration policy and fix it? yes. the american people are right. could we have a better trade policy that protects our jobs and wages? yes. the american people are right about that. can we fix obama care? yes. hillary clinton is wrong on all of those. desperately wrong on those. even radical on those. and so i think if this thing works right, as we go into the late few days of this campaign, these powerful issues and the one he mentioned at gettysburg, this corruption, this lack -- and corruption in the sense that washington is not serving properly the interest of the
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good and decent people of our country. i think, in that sense, it is a corrupt system. >> but senator, also at gettysburg, he said this in that speech. >> every woman who lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign, total fabrication -- the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> was that the right move? >> well, he's going to defend himself. that is part of his lifestyle and his belief that you don't take shots and not defend yourself. but he spent 99% of the talk talking about great issues that are important to the american people. and i think that is what this election has got to be about. >> i want to talk about the path. the path to victory. and we've often talked about the road to 270, the elector votes
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needed. our election headquarters moved texas to lean republican but just today rcp, real clear politics moved texas -- texas, republican texas, to a toss-up state. including arizona as a toss-up, nevada as a toss-up and georgia as a toss-up. are you concerned, looking at these maps? >> well, what he needs to do, and i think you suggested it earlier, is stay focused on the great issues where he has tremendous support from the american people. >> and you are convinced he could win? >> yes. he has got to stay on the issues and translate that controversial personality of his into confidence that he could actually follow through on the things he has talked about. people want somebody who could get something done, about things they care about for a change, they wouldn't change in washington, there is no doubt about that. the polls show it clearly. and he's the change agent. and i believe if he could
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develop the confidence that he could actually accomplish that, he will continue to move up in the polls. >> senator, we've covered the wikileaks e-mails extensively here and the substance of them and pressed the clinton folks for answer and by the way we asked for a clinton surrogate tonight and no one was offered to us, opposite your interview here. but today, wikileaks tweeted out, if wikileaks had obtained clinton e-mails earlier u.s. voters could have chosen sanders v trump so do it, do it now. and foulen saying wikileaks makes its trump endorsement official, not that it was secret prior to now. what about the concern that russian interference in u.s. oelections needs to be talked about more than it is. >> well, i think it is talked about a lot. i think hillary clinton wanted to totally ignore the devastating information shown in her team's e-mails. and she wants to blame it on russia. there should be an investigation.
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i do not like these kind of activities, whether it is leaked of security information, or not. they need to be investigated, we need to know what happened. but just like the pentagon papers, the material is out there in the public realm and it is necessary for us to observe what it means about her honesty, her integrity, she makes out like donald trump is the worst kind of person but when you read the e-mails, you see that she has very serious ethical problems and the issues are what should decide this election and she's wrong on them. >> senator, we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. >> we will cover all sides of the wikileaks e-mails, both the substance and the concerns about russian n feerns. and again we invited the hillary clinton campaign to provide someone as well. and up next, the balance of powner congress. we'll look at the key races to watch in the u.s. senate and a profile of a crucial battle out west.
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welcome back to special report. let's talk about the balance of power, a huge story on election night. we talked about concerns about the house, really the senate is the one that is hanging in the balance. the control, 54 to 46, and republicans hold the majority. 44 democrats and two independents. the caucus with the democrats, they need to pick up a net of four seats and the white house to take control of the u.s. senate. let's take a look at our map and if the election were held today, by the average of polls tonight, meaning even a slight margin for one candidate, we give that race to them, this is how it breaks down. these are the states, red and blue. the gray states don't have a senate race this cycle. democrats, if the elections were held tonight, would win in new hampshire. they would win in wisconsin. in illinois, in indiana and bye would pull off a win even though his race is getting tire. as you look around you see other
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tight races here that republicans, as of tonight, would hold on to. pennsylvania, pat toomey would win. marco rubio would win in florida. richard bur would win in it north carolina and roy blunt would win in missouri. take a look at this number. 50-50. one more race out west that will happen late in the night, and that is in the state of nevada. where you have republican joe heck who is trying to pick up the seat of harry reid who is leaving. however, catherine cortez masto has the lead as of tonight. this race is coming down to donald trump and reads political machine. jonathan hunt has the story. >> we are going to ensure that we give to the senate that democratic majority. >> catherine cortez masto, a former nevada attorney general is the woman chosen by democrats to try to succeed retiring senator harry reid. >> she will push for immigration
1:37 am
reform, help our veterans and work to make college more affordable. >> when the democrats senate leader announced his retirement last year, republicans saw a chance to pick up a seat in what promised to be a tough cycle for the gop. the republican choice is congressman joe heck. >> we are getting a great response. so we're going to continue to work hard up through november 8th for a victory. >> his campaign ads are focused on his veteran and as a doctor. >> he spent 460 days on duty protecting us, including a tour of duty in iraq, saving the lives of american heroes. >> but like so much else this election season, this critically important senate race is being overshadowed by the presidential choice. congressman heck was quick to withdraw his support for donald trump in the wake of his caught on tape comments about women and is now dealing with the fall yoit. >> the key is to make sure we understand the reasons why we
1:38 am
need to control the senate and why i'm the best person to occupy that seat. >> masto refused our repeated requested for an interview but on the campaign trail she doesn't miss a moment to tie congressman heck to donald trump. >> and that is not somebody that anybody should be standing up for. and i'll tell you what, the only reason congress heck is unendorsing him now is because he is concerned about his political career. it is a desperate move to save his political career and that is not leadership. >> in the majority of polls throughout this campaign, congressman heck has held a slim lead over cortez-masto. albeit within the margin of error. but heck's disavowal of donald trump has certainly thrown a new element into this tight race and there is no clear picture yet as to whether that will help or hurt him. in a battle for a senate seat that republicans desperately want and need to win. bret.
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>> thanks, jonathan. next up, utah on the presidential side, a state that almost always goes republican, this year might be different. in a very different way. correspondent alicia acuna explains. >> for the first time in 52 years, a significant number of voters in utah might not vote for the gop nominee. >> republicans have a three to one advantage with party identification in the state. three to one. it should be easy. >> but for this conservative state and home of the church of jack of latter day saints, donald trump has not been an easy sell, something he acknowledged this summer. >> i have a tremendous problem in utah. utah is a different place. >> it is people that say things to me like i want to be able to look my kids in the eye and tell them i did the right thing. >> which is how the idea of voting for independent conservative member of the mormon church utah native presidential candidateef man mcmullen became a thing. >> it was great. i had no star recognition. it was nice. >> the former cia operative and his running mate mindy fin in
1:40 am
the ballot in 11 states were virtual unknown until trump's taped comments about women were released. >> the come bust ability of the two major party candidates combined with the volatility of the race means that great things are possible for us that people don't expect. >> and the real clear politics average of polls he is tied with clinton and not far behind trump, the clinton campaign is seizing the moment. >> we are mormons for hillary. >> i think utah has an outsize role in sending this message to reject donald trump. >> and clinton isn't a favorite either and she was trounced in the caucus but the salt lake tribune did endorse clinton, writing trump's entire campaign was based on divisive and dig otted and insulting rhetoric. and the news urged trump to resign his candidacy, writing this is one of those rare moments where it is necessary to take a clear stand against the huxterism and mass othiny and
1:41 am
narc six and late ebts des position that infect the trump campaign. and the editorial should not be confused from a statement of the mormon church which does not get involved in politics. >> and you have do the tacit approval if they didn't publish this if they didn't think it is okay. >> mcmullen rejects the idea he is a spoiler for anyone and saying the gop nominee is the true spoiler. fox news. now a look at what seems to some feel as an undemocratic idea. organized voting, focused on stopping a particular candidate. douglas kennedy tells us about what is called ranked choice voting. >> the democrats played a very smart card. they instilled enormous fear in voters. >> in 2014, elliott cutler ran for governor of maine as an independent and got 8% of the
1:42 am
vote. democrats in maine accuse you of being the spoiler candidate because the votes that went to you, they say, could have defeated the republican governor. >> look, most people wanted me to be the governor. >> wanted him but voted for someone else. it is a conundrum voters face when there are two or more candidates. do you vote for the person you like or the person most likely to defeat the person you don't like? >> when they go to the voting polls -- >> questions political activist kyle bailey said voters in maine will never ask again. if they pass a ballot measure that would institute what he is calling ranked choice voting. >> so this is a method where voters rank the candidates from most favorite to least favorite eliminating spoiler candidates. >> with rank choice voting, you have the freedom to vote for the candidate you like the west without electing the candidate you like the least. >> he called it more democratic because people could vote with
1:43 am
their heart and said it reduces extreme ideology on both sides of the aisle who have smaller but enthusiastic bases. but not everyone in maine is on board. >> ranked choice voting dramatically changes the way we vote. it is not clear. it is confusing. >> state rep hedger sar aki fears the untesting voting method will alienate the public by leading to winners who didn't get a majority or even plurality of the votes. >> when people look at the total number of ballots cast and you see who received the most votes, all of a sudden someone else wins and they start to shake their head and say, how could this be. this is really unfair. >> right now whoever gets the most votes wins. but with your method, that wouldn't necessarily be the case. and some people are predicting bedlam. >> rank choice voting sure makes sure the candidate with the most votes wins but it is a different method of tab lating the votes. >> it would eliminate the last
1:44 am
place candidate and use the second choice of his or her voters in the recount. she called that illegal, given maine's constitution requires the governor to receive a plurality of votes. >> the person with the most votes wins. voters understand that. >> she said the method is too complicated and thus should not be decided through the initiative process. >> with a ballot initiative, the voters are being asked to vote on something that they don't have all of the information for. they do not know that many people feel this is unconstitutional. >> cutler, on the other hand, is all for it. claiming ranked choice voting could easily have elected him governor. so exit polls showed a lot of people didn't vote for you because they didn't think you could win. >> even though i was the first choice. she would have voted for me as the first choice and voted for someone else as the second choice if they could have. >> a choice they might have after november.
1:45 am
in portland, maine, douglas kennedy, fox news. next up, just how likely is it that someone could hack the election? our series on voter fraud continues after the break. we are just a little more than two weeks away from election day. keep it right here on fox news channel. america's election headquarters. >> in 16 days we're going to win the great state of florida and we are going to win back the white house. we're going to win it back, folks. >> i am excited because i'm seeing lots of energy and enthusiasm here in north carolina. >> and in all over the country, i'm going to tell you, we are seeing evidence that this could be a very big and historic win for hillary clinton. >> and we are just 17 days away from a great victory all across the state of ohio and all across the united states of america.
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built for business. welcome back to special report. tonight we continue our sunday primetime series on voter fraud. tonight with a look at efforts to keep hackers from affecting your vote. here is senior correspondent eric shawn. >> the department of homeland security said hackers have tried to attack the voter registration rolls in 20 states. russian hackers are suspected of hitting illinois, grabbing upwards of 200,000 names and in arizona, this summer. in ohio, secretary of state said voter rolls in his state could be vulnerable. >> our voter registration system is connected to the internet and so that does expose us to a potential cyber attack. >> he is taking measures to block any hacking. he said the state voter registration lists are backed up every night as a precaution. and he is confident that voters
1:50 am
will be protected. >> i think there is a potential for disruption, but not a potential for chaos. because of the back-up systems that we have in place and we're doing all we can, but as i are as i noted, you can never eliminate the threat. >> in the last presidential election many states saw long lines and delays of hours at polling places. some fear if hackers get into the voting rolls they can make the problems worse by changing names, addresses and voters' prive information. >> it is a terrible thought to think our system could be hacked. >> reporter: she says in 2012 there was more confusion when she showed up in april at her polling place for the presidential primary. she hopes officials have the ability to safe guard the election system by preventing any hack saying everyone's vote
1:51 am
should be protected. >> we have to be prepared for it. we have to be organized about it. you shouldn't be turning anyone away. anyone with the right to vote should cast that ballot without hesitancy. >> says computerized election systems should be expanded. from the new york state board of elections told us so far they don't believe they have been hacked but are blocking suspicious ip addresses. let's consider what happens after the election. here to talk about the transition process is ceo of the partnership for public service, nonpartisan adviser to the clinton and trump transition teams. >> thank you for having me. >> a lot of people don't know what is going on. we focus a lot about the election, the process, the horse race but underneath all of that both teams have been working for some time. >> you are talking about the
1:52 am
largest, most complex important takeover on the planet. you have a $4 trillion budget and over 4 million people that work there. 4,000 political appointees and whoever our next president is will have to make sure that is working right so they can fulfill their promises and that will start taking place preclaekz and after the election. >> chair for the trump campaign is new jersey governor chris christie and for the clinton campaign is ken salazar. >> each have teams that are working hard to make sure that they are ready to take over to keep us safe and fulfill promises. it is a huge undertaking. you have hundreds of different operating units and lots of problems that you know about. you have those coming in that you don't know about. if you don't prepare early means
1:53 am
getting your teams set and having your plans once you arrive, making sure you understand the lay of the land you are in big trouble. >> how detailed is it getting? are they going down to positions or looking at people to fill position snz what level of detail in. >> what they should be doing, 4,000 political appointees. 1,100 are senate confirmed. there are 400 to 500 that is essential to the running of government. they need to be looking at options and looking at what positions and who the options might be and need to be ready to move so they have a chance of getting the team on the field in real time. >> is one team doing it better than the other team? >> obviously in the election you have a campaign against each other. right now they both have races against the clock. both teams are working actively. their job is to make sure not that they are beating each other and will be ready in time. both are doing things they need
1:54 am
to do. they are just starting the marathon. it is a sprint. >> 73 days. >> they have to start earlier. they have started early in order to be ready. when you think about that is it, that is the safety of the country, it's a dangerous world and people are looking for a time to create havoc. in this country the moment of handover power is a time where we have to be extra ready. they are making lots of promises on the campaign trail. they can't get those done if they don't have their team ready and prepared. >> is there right seat/left seat with outgoing administration once you get to the point where you have people you have chosen? >> that's an excellent question. the past has not been super good. the bush administration had best handoff of power ever to the obama team. they started a table top
1:55 am
exercise so that they would literally do a crisis management practice round with new people coming in, a new law requires that be done again. you need to see more of that. you need to see a continuity of the outgoing folks helping new people coming in. we don't want crisis to be a live exercise when the people are doing it the first time. we need to practice and be the right people and help from the outgoing. >> both teams are working on peaceful transition. >> it is good for all of us. we should see more investment. >> thanks so much for your time. >> thanks for doing this. back for final thoughts after one last break.
1:56 am
1:57 am
tune in all week to special report 6:00 eastern. monday we will be live from the trail with our campaign coverage. we will look at how strong the firewall is as republicans fight to hold on to control of the house. wednesday we are live from new hampshire, the first in the nation primary state will be our last special report on the road before election coverage in new
1:58 am
york. in new hampshire we will get a first-hand look at the key battle ground state as well as a deep dive into a critical senate race. while we are there we will kick off issues that matter moving down the list of issues that voters say matters to them most starting with number ten, the drug epidemic. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. next up it is monday october 24th 12k5is until the election. donald trump crisscrossing the swing state of florida as the head of the gop defends the
1:59 am
party's nominee. >> to ask a candidate before the election if they lose are they going to concede. no one does that. >> donald trump you be veil ago new strategy to turn things around. we are live in washington. >> soldier shakedown. outrage boiling over after thousands of veterans who risk their lives on the front lines are ordered to pay back their bonuses. the investigation that is now being launched. how about this for you. patriotism for police. the ceremony to honor boys and women in it blue at a high school football game. why are some saying this is offensi offensive. "fox & friends first" starts
2:00 am
right now. >> good morning. hope ya'll had a great weekend. i am heather nauert. you are watching "fox & friends first" this monday morning. >> happy monday. i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day and your week with us. 15 days until election day. donald trump turning noikz cuss to florida where early voting kicks off hours from now. >> kristin fisher is live for us in washington with trump new strategys to try to turn around that race. >> good morning ladies. florida as we all know is a must win state for donald trump. which is why 15 days before election day he's going all out in the state that he calls his second home. he


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