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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: i don't mean to be wishy on the world series -- martha: you have to look at the numbers and figure out what you think. i just go with gut, you know. this is who i want to win. bill: great for both. martha: great for the midwest, that's for sure. happening now starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> with the election two weeks from tomorrow donald trump and hillary clinton are hitting hitting the campaign trail. hello, i'm jenna lee. john: early voting is underway and will be holding events in three major cities as polls show nominee trailing hillary clinton in all important battleground states but the trump campaign says they can still win this state come election day. senior national correspondent john roberts live with more. john.
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john: john, good morning to you. let's take a look at the map and see where he will be today. he begins the day in palm beach county. he stayed overnight in miami. a couple of small events, no big campaign rallies. that's palm beach county. north to st. john's counties, one of the most conservative if not the most conservative counties in all of florida. this afternoon this evening over in hillsborough county in tampa for a big rally there. what all of these counties have in common, they begin early voting today. not every county begins today. but day do begin today. yesterday he was in naples for a big rally there where he again doubled down on the idea that the entire political system and the vote is rigged against him making no apology for continue to go say that. here is what trump said yesterday. >> if we win on november 8th, we are going to fix our rigged system.
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it's a rigged broken corrupt system. they want me to take that back. let me tell you, folks, it's a rigged system. and we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] john: a story out today that donald trump will stay in st. st. agustíne and more proof of that, super pac aligned with democratic virginia governor gave nearly $500,000 to 2015 state senate campaign of dr. jill, why is that significant, you say? first of all, best friend with hillary and bill clinton, jill is the wife of andrew who is the deputy director of the fbi and who oversaw the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. in a statement to wall street journal the fbi said that during campaign did not participate in
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fundraising or support of any kind for his wife dr. jill mccabe but republicans will be all over today insisting how can he remain impartial when people so close to hillary clinton gave his wife so much support for her failed 2015 senate bid, john. john: we are going to be talking more about that story. jenna: certainly notable mentioning this morning. hillary clinton holding a rally in another battleground state. if trump is in florida, she's? new hampshire. poll gives her 12-point lead nationally. clinton and surrogates are beginning to focus on down-ballot democratic candidates in an effort to turn the congress blue. republicans, as you know u not giving without a fight and big question of giving up at all. deputy editorial page editor for the wall street journal, great to have you both. you see the big double-digit lead by hillary clinton.
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viewers are going to hear that a lot today but then, dan, you see polls from investor's business daily that has the race in a dead-heat. this is an outlier poll but meets our standards to talk about, dan, i'm curious what you think to focus all of a sudden on down ballot, is that too much focus too soon? >> i don't think so, jenna, we are close to the end of this election and if the real clear politics average suggest anything is that trump is behind by a number that historically has been very difficult to overcome and for dawn ballot what that means is a running behind four or five points, then the down ballot senate races can remain competitive. once the head of the ticket start falling off 5 to 10 points it becomes very difficult because of dynamics of turnout in state for the senate candidate to overcome that. most of the senate republican candidates are coming to the
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conclusion that they are on their own in places like pennsylvania, north carolina and new hampshire and that they are going to have to basically separate themselves from donald trump at this point. if he's talking about a rigged election, rather than saying that the democrats rigged the election, that would include everybody out there including them and i don't think they can participate in that. jenna: i heard this before, it's almost sounding familiar in this campaign, we are going to have to separate ourselves from donald trump. the toxic nature of donald trump, only to see same republicans to step forward and want to align with him. you think the cycle is to play over again or a what dan is suggesting? >> there are different states with different circumstances like the governor of ohio john kasich is not endorsing donald trump and didn't show up the convention but the senator there is outperforming donald trump by a healthy margin and looks like it would take an enormous hillary margin in that state
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where she's behind for her to sink rob portman. there are places where people are protected and doing much better than donald trump but in places like pennsylvania, for senator toomey that's very tough. if republicans want to preserve majority and preserve house seats, they need to begin to separate themselves and say, look, we really need to be a check on a hillary clinton administration, we can't let her have a democratic congress because while i look at that national poll of the 12-point lead and i think that means nothing because in some of the battleground states they are really quite close and in any of the ethical terrible stories for her or wikileaks depressing her vote and tipet to trump. then you do need to worry and need to make the case that you're wanting against clinton. jenna: what about the psychology
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of all of this that the race is essentially over for the president and both candidates specially hillary clinton need the turnout to make sure that actually is the case for her. daniel, what about that? is the narrative two weeks before voting day and, yes, there are early voting happening, do you think that impacts turnout in a way that could be significant? >> oh, i think so. maybe that's where it's all going to come out. one of the most interesting things donald trump said yesterday in naples, florida, didn't get much coverage but he sort of said that it'll be nice if the republicans could get support, get behind first one hundred days. what he's talking about hillary clinton's resources, her field workers are about four times as great as donald trump's right now and in these waning days it's turnout, door to door, going to dormitories, making phone calls and her ability to do that is vastly greater than he's. she has a lot more money to spend on tv ad now. they have to tremendous
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candidate, he can turn out great crowds of people but are they going to be able to turn out votes, are the people -- are they going to get depressed and start staying home with nobody knocking on the door to tell them to get out and vote. jenna: what's interesting is that the most popular political figure in the country right now is not in the top of either ticket, neither has about 50% when it comes to approval rating for voters, it's michelle obama. there's no republican equivalent when it comes to ratings from likely voters. what is the impact that some of hillary's team and where they're campaigning with the candidate and what that might mean for her but the down ballot as well? >> if michelle obama is going to be more places where she's more appealing and she's able to hold the ral rallies where you have
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tables to sign, you want to make sure where you precinct is, help you reach friends an get an app and energize people like minded neighbors, coworkers and friends and that's why the more surrogates the more event and the more turnout. donald trump to be complaining at this point that he doesn't have a good turnout and outspent is ridiculous. he never invested on a campaign, he thought he could do it on the cheap from twitter and the air and that's what he's done for the entire time and if you're a republican trying to butcher yours, you're feeling ripped off that you don't have any ground operation nationally to try to protect people down the ballot but also just turn out votes for donald trump. donald trump needs people on the ground to turn out votes for him to make up difference on the margins and he just doesn't have the presence. he had one office in florida before labor day then the rnc helped him get 27, hillary clinton has twice that number in florida. who didn't know a year and a
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half ago that you needed field offices in florida. everybody knew that. so donald trump failed his own campaign and the rest of the ballot by ignoring a ground operation from day one. jenna: as we have seen in the polling john roberts mentioned, donald trump maintains the lead in florida but we will see about the door-knocking operations and how much it means at the end of the day. great to have you both. thank you very much. john: isis will be a big issue for whoever wins presidency and right now iraqi forces are targeting isis in positions outside of mosul. they are closing in on the city center getting help from kurdish fighters and the u.s.-led coalition as battle to take stay enters second week. benjamín. >> john, it is frankly very hard to know exactly what is going on here. iraqi government will tell you one day that a city is liberated and only for us to go there and hear heavy fighting and to be turned away. nevertheless the iraqi federal
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police saying that everybody -- everything was going well. iraqi forces also showed position outside of mosul as fight to go retake the extremist city into second week. iraqi ministry of defense released a video set to show fighter jets targeting isis and air force inflicted heavy losses on fighters and equipment. very hard to know exactly what to believe on the ground and that's exactly what we found today in the front line. >> it was slow going today on the front lines as kurdish and iraqi troops set around basola in which isis continues to appear. reinforcement rushed to the front line and became clear that isis resistance was still strong. >> there's physical battle going on in front of us. we know that isis will hold up in a building and surrounded by
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the iraqi army earlier. we are not sure now whether or not they may call in an air strike. >> one man from this unit was killed earlier today by an ied and the mood was somber, as they work towards mosul are finding resistance stronger and the going harder. >> so make signals here at the moment, instinct development that iran has come out and threatened turkey saying, we don't want you getting involved unless the iraqi government invites. so that's an interesting thing to watch at the moment. back to you, john. john: thank you. jenna: manhunt underway after a shootout in a trailer park. police hunting for a suspect accused of wounding two fellow officers. he's already in trouble with the law. the latest on that. at&t plans to buy time warner already sparking concerns, why
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it could be bad news to customers. do you think the mainstream media is underestimating donald trump's chances to win the election? join our chat room to join the n
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of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. jenna: big business headline over the weekend. a, the and trrción bid to buy time warner is getting backlash, it would mean less choices for consumers. at&t is saying that's not the case. greg jared is the lawyer. greg, what about this s this merger a violation of any of our laws? >> bigger is not always better, if a company gets too big it's a monopoly and control market share, that hurts consumers so the big concern here is the antitrust division of the department of justice will closely examine the merger if
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consumers will be get and they will kill the deal and the sec has a say. regulate business practice. jenna, a lot may depend on who wins presidency. a clinton doj may take a hard line against this specially in the aftermath of too big to fail recession. jenna: maybe a place where we see both presidential candidates agreeing. both of them saying, well, we are not so sure about this deal, but when you take a look you have major telecom company taking more of an entertainment sector company which is time warner, does that make a difference that they're not competitors? >> yeah, a vertical merger, horizontal merger involving two companies. that's often under the antitrust act, anticompetitive tougher to get through.
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here you've got the vertical merger, telecommunications distributor and then on the other side you have media entertainment content provider, so that really works in their favor for approval but the worry is that at&t will say, hey, you can only get let's say hbo, for example, by being an at&t customer, that hurts consumers, it restricts access or it could say to verizon, for example, and others, if you want to hear hbo, you have to pay a lot more money, that hurts consumers because the higher costs always gets passed to consumers. jenna: the heads of both companies say it's going to be great for consumers and we will get great deals. >> they always say that, jenna. it's hard to believe because companies are different but related businesses. they're not going to be able to consolidate redundancies.
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comcast promised that prices would go down to consumers, guess what, it never happened. jenna: what's really in it for at&t and time warner to create such a massive company? >> beside it is egos of chief executives, i suppose, at&t gets valued asset that can improve bottom line. time warner has incredible asset that is will generate profits for many years to come, so there's that. so at&t interesting can sort of use time warner's creative team and invent new networks like hbo that would be exclusive to at&t. and that's really important for them, again, they could create the next hbo. that might not be subject to sec regulation.
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in the long run that would be lucrative for time warner. for time warner it gets a huge payout. when you're in law school you take antitrust class and one of the first cases you learn is the at&t monopoly case three decades ago. they got groan up because they were too big and hurt consumers. if i'm at the doj, alarm bells are going on. jenna: that's interesting perspective. thank you very much. john: fox news alert. we told you donald trump would be speaking in palm beach county, florida and he is at the moment. he say that is the polls are wrong. that's abc poll that puts hillary clinton up 12 points is phoney and expects to win a bunch of state and florida among them, let's listen in. >> what they do i do is suppress the vote. i really believe we are winning
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and doing very well in the early numbers in florida, we are doing really, really well in iowa, we are doing really well in ohio. i mean, the numbers are unbelievable. people are saying, what's going on except for a few of the paper that is are holding on for that last straw and a couple of the networks too, i will say. so there's never been anything like this. you are incredible people and what you're going through -- i have so many friends in the farming industry. epa is driving them out of business, driving them out of business. we all believe in environment, my primary thing with the environment, beautiful clean air and cristal clean water. that's it. once you start going beyond that, you start to lose all of us, okay, but we want clean air and clean water but we have and
8:22 am
you have situations out, regulations which we are going to cut, we will probably cut 70 to 80% of the regulations, okay. [applause] >> a friend of mine has a farm and when it rains it forms a little bit of a puddle. he calls it a puddle. they consider it to be a lake and they have all of the regulations, if he touches it he gets thrown in jail virtually. they consider it for purposes of epa a lake. and i will tell you something, those regulations are going to be gone, we are going to get rid of them. it's become a major industry, an industry in and of itself. epa is a disaster, regulations are a disaster, the farmers are going to get back into the business and not filling out paper every day. >> i don't want you to do that.
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[inaudible] john: it appear that is we have lost the video feed and maybe most of the audio from that donald trump rally in palm beach, florida, but you heard him say there he believes the polls are wrong. he expects to win this election so his campaign is winning ohio, iowa, he expects to win florida and a number of other states. we are going to give you apprized on both. two weeks from tomorrow. early voting well under way. many in the media are already calling this election over saying donald trump cannot close the gap with hillary clinton in the home stretch. >> what is trump's path to victory now or doesn't he have one? >> well, if he plays inside straight he can get it but i doubt that he's going to be able to play it. i don't see that happening. >> i'm sorry, you don't? >> i don't see it happening. >> trump is behind. if you look at a lot of national
8:24 am
polls he's 38, 39% range. you don't win with 38-39%. >> i certainly wouldn't bet on it. it's very unlikely. this is a sizable lead by hillary clinton. people have made up their minds and the vast majority have made them up solidly. whereon john so let's talk about it. kelly is a columnist and commentary writer for the washington times, leslie fox news contributor. leslie you come at this from the liberal point of view. is hillary clinton going to be the next president? >> i certainly hope so and i believe so but i do know that i remember from history, john, as i think you and everyone does, a guy name harry truman who won. we have a number of people specially in states where i am in california, the difference is
8:25 am
are those people who registered going to show up on november 8th and that really can be a game changer if donald trump were to have a third. jenna, i think it'll be a surge but i do not say discount it because polls have been wrong before. we saw that in primaries. john: before we came to rally in palm beach just a moment ago, kelly, he was saying that the poll has them dead even, two candidates dead even. are the reports of his demise greatly exaggerated? >> the poll is the right-leaning poll and has been favorable toward donald trump the entire cycle as los angeles times poll. so either those polls are going to be proved incorrect or the you liers. now, this has been the most unpredictable election cycle. donald trump has proven in two weeks he can do anything. we don't know where the media
8:26 am
narrative is going to be. just a couple of weeks ago it was on tax returns. now it's on a rigged election and there's a lot that can happen in two weeks and i think that media is overconfident, taking the victory lap right now. we told you so. "the new york times" is coming out with a headline, hillary clinton hoping for mandate and senators to ride on tails. hillary clinton will not -- she will not have a mandate, half of americans do not trust her. she has not been able to make up that gap and she still doesn't have any vision for america. what are her policies, what would be initiatives? what would be her mandate, she would not have one? there's still a lot of time in the election cycle and we don't know what's going to come out of wikileaks. john: leslie is fond of pointing to the brexit vote. that was not supposed to win and it vote, so could there be a donald trump victory in the
8:27 am
works? >> no. not by that. look, my best friend in london thinks it's funny that we compare brits with american mind set. you're talking about a ballot initiative to leave the eu versus two people running to be the number one leader throughout the world, of the free world and in addition to that just a few days before that actual vote they were not double digits. 12% lead by hillary clinton. it was just a couple of percentage points. so if you believe any of the polls, that would not be possible, the numbers don't add up and correlate to brexit in my opinion. john: i wanted to point out an article in the wall street journal, an opinion piece of chris wallace, the journal, he was -- he asked questions that would never have even occurred to the other moderators.
8:28 am
his position as an anchor is exposed to political points of view that are alien at most other media outlets. kelly, what do you think about that? >> i thought it was spot on. chris wallace did an excellent job. he led with the supreme court which is the number one issue for many conservatives out there and has been neglected in press debates, he followed up with a very specific question on gun right with the heller case where hillary clinton misconstrued is that saying that toddlers with handguns and had nothing to do with it and hitter on partial birth abortion which has been out of the mainstream conversation, out of the mainstream media and really is a radical position of hillary clinton. i thought chris wallace did an excellent job. he hit her strong and he hit her strong. >> i thought -- i thought chris wallace was the best moderator of all three debates. i felt the questions were the best. i thought the issues that he touched upon, i would agree with. the issues that american voters care about.
8:29 am
i thought he was fair and balanced and asking questions that were hard of both donald trump and hillary clinton and i thought he jury charged both of them if he didn't feel the answers were acceptable or accurate. last week he was one of the winners on my list, winners and losers and he definitely earned that title. he was truly the best moderator, i think, of three debates and i'm not just saying because i work for fox. john: that makes it unanimous. thanks very much. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you. jenna: new details of deadly bus crash, what we are learning about the victims as investigation continues. also concern about conflict of interest involving long-time friend of the clintons. virginia governor, campaign contribution that's raising eyebrows today, that's ahead
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8:34 am
john sthean live from west news room with more. jonathan. >> jenna, it was just 5:00 a.m., the end of a long night at a casino for the bus passengers, many of them asleep as the bus headed through the pitch black on it's 135 mill journey from the desert casino to los angeles ahead traffic was slowing for maintenance crew, the bus driver didn't seem to brake until much too late and plowed into the back of 18-wheeler. passengers flung through the air. >> the speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the trailer, the trailer itself entered 15 feet into the bus. >> i got my jaw out of place. my face just broken.
8:35 am
>> it appears that the bus was not equipped to seat belt, contributing factor to so many dying. >> most of the victims were unrestrained and therefore flown through the air and ended up sustaining facial trauma. >> there was no information yet on whether alcohol, drugs or fatigue played a part in the crash. the bus was inspected in april and had no mechanical issues. the company is a family-run business with just one bus and one driver. that driver died in the crash. >> first thing i thought, oh, my god, i don't know anyone else. i found out it was and my heart went out to him. >> the national transportation safety board is leading the investigation but it's likely the 20-year-old bus didn't have
8:36 am
the type of data recorder that would show exactly how fast the bus was traveling and whether it was braking before impact. we may get more at a 4:00 p.m. eastern scheduled press conference with the ntsb, jenna. jenna, thank thank you. john: the wall street journal reports campaign finance documents show virginia governor mcauliffe and his political action committee donated nearly a half million dollars to the state senate campaign of an fbi official's wife last year. that donation made up more than a third of the campaign funds for jill mccabe's first run for office. mccabe is the wife of fbi official andrew and announced candidacy in march of 2015, the same month it was revealed that
8:37 am
hillary clinton used a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state and andrew mccabe in his position with the fbi later helped oversee the investigation of mrs. clinton's private e-mail set-up. governor mcauliffe is a long time friend and political ally of the clintons. hillary clinton appeared with him in northern virginia in 2015 as he pushed for more democrats in the state legislature. let's talk about it with michael executive director of the new york state, democratic party and former senior aide to then hillary clinton. noel, a republican strategist and a former republican congressional candidate for florida, 18th district, welcome to both of you. noel, what do you think about this? >> you know what, bad optics. someone contributing over a
8:38 am
third of what your campaign took in in general is bad but the second thing is during investigation while it was in full swing mccabe's husband actually got promoted within the fbi over, you know, in this case. that -- that to me in itself does no one really think, this is going to look really bad. john: it is said that terry mcauliffe helped recruit this woman. nothing wrong with that. wants a democratic legislation to stamp ris -- his legislation. he wanted this woman to women but the political auction committee steers and ultimate she didn't win but raises all kinds of questions. >> well, i'm not so sure. having been in candidate and running a state committee right now i can tell you recruiting candidates can take up to a year or more prior to when the
8:39 am
election is held and so we could see that even with the investigation into the emails it could have -- she could have have been recruited a year prior to that. you're absolutely right, the democratic governor, he's going to want to support all of the democratic candidates. that doesn't necessarily that there's a contribution of the large sums of money going directly into this person's pocket. it means that it's for things that campaigns do. so i don't see -- >> that's a lot of mail. >> mails are very expensive. 30 to 40, $50,000 per mailing. these things are expensive number one, number two, it doesn't have to be conspiratorial. john: he did not support fundraising of any kind.
8:40 am
you don't have to participate in fundraising to have a nice warm fussy feeling for the people that gave your wife close to half a million dollars. >> the clinton foundation and knowing hillary clinton running for presidency and wouldn't you figure out the reason that if we do anything that even appears shady, even looks shady or strange, that we are going -- we are possibly to be headlines on the news. when is common sense going to prepail. i agree with you on mailing, it's very expensive. that's not what's optics, it's pay to play. >> she knows mcauliffe. [laughter] >> let's think about this, though. she is not directly involved number one. the recruitment of this
8:41 am
candidate -- >> fbi. >> image that she we wanted to run for office before any of us ever knew about emails so to sort of imply that all of this was going on concurrently and that terry mcauliffe doesn't have an interest -- >> don't you think it looks shady? >> a conflict of a lot of events and we are trying to attach this to hillary. john: terry mcauliffe urging her to run. >> sure. john: the same month that hillary clinton's e-mail situation came to public light which, of course, happened because of the benghazi committee. if the governor is encouraging somebody to run, they probably started that conversation a long time prior. >> loretta lynch and tarmac.
8:42 am
it's bad optics. >> we are going to agree to disagree. john: noelle, michael, we will keep an eye on the case. jenna: one of the defendants in the bridge gate trial expected to take witness stand today. the family of a teacher raped and mudderred by her student files a wrongful death lawsuit against the town and the school. do they have a case? our legal panel debates next you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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john: some new information about bonuses paid to nearly 10,000 soldiers who enlisted to serve in iraq and afghanistan. the pentagon now telling members of the california national guard to give those bonuses back. why? live in los angeles, anita. >> well, hi, there john, unless they pay that money back soldiers are being charged with
8:46 am
interest rates and a number of audits revealed that the guard gave out too much money and in some cases to the wrong people even though they completed duties overseas. now nearly 10,000 soldiers in california alone have been ordered to pay roughly $15,000 or more. the widespread reaction here, you've got to be kidding me. >> i held up my end of the contract, i deployed additional six years as an officer, served honrobly. i never thought there would be an issue. >> this is the federal program and unfortunately their hands are tied. they gave us a statement saying, quote, the national guard does not have the authority to waive debts. until that time, our priority is to advocate for our soldiers through this difficult process. now, many high-profile veterans
8:47 am
say this is like pouring salt in a wound and nothing short of embarrassing. >> combat is the worst experience a human being can have and the idea of going after troops who in good faith received a financial bonus ten years ago and then served in combat, some of them were wounded is simply nuts. >> the california national guard says it is helping vets file appeals with the the national guard bureau and the army board for correction of military records which can wipe out the debt but veterans say this process is too burdensome and members of congress on both sides of the i'll say federal officials need to take action right now to shield our debts from our vets rather from debt collect objection, -- collectors, john, thank you. john: thank you. jenna: a new legal battle unfolding.
8:48 am
do they have a case our legal panel debates next jenna: new information in the
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
bridge gate trial. chief of staff breaking silence and expect today retake the stand yet again. she is accused and the accusations that they did it for political retribution. let's bring in legal panel. so bottom line this for viewers, this got national attention in part because chris christie is a national figure. the republican governor of new jersey, anything that's coming up in the trial that could
8:52 am
eventually hit him in some way legally? >> originally when this happened he was more poise to take a hit but since the case came to light he was essentially exonerated. i don't like to use that word because he's never been charged, will never be charge and therefore never indicted but the interesting thing, the witness that's on the stand now, her defense is puzzling because it seems to be playing the paying your scarily at christie who is never going to be part of this lawsuit. in that sense, it's a little ineffective but does have the potential to ruin christie's reputation even though he has said, look, i've not had anything to do with this and you can't say that i ever did. jenna: do you see anything that directly implicates christie in the scandal? >> i absolutely do. i do think he may face charges a little bit later. not only did he know before they decide today close the lanes in bridge but during the time when the lanes were closed, she's also testify that had she was in communication with him then as well.
8:53 am
he has consistently denied that, jenna, but the fact that she has now testified three times that shoe spoke to him about this certainly raise it is specter of something further to be brought against him in the future. i think chris christie should be quite concerned about the testimony today. jenna: another story that we have been following here, the family of a massachusetts teacher who was raped and killed by her students, they're now filing a wrongful death lawsuit. the student was sentenced to at least 40 years in prison for the death of the teacher you're seeing on the screen. her family is suing the town she worked for, the school system and a firm that designed the school security system and we should mention, they're not doing to gain anything financially, what they want to do is change the system so that it's better or at least better monitored. do they have a case? >> i applaud them for wanting to
8:54 am
take whatever money they get and using it to better the system but they have cast a really wide net, jenna, while i agree, the school 100% is on the hook to protect not just the teachers but the students too from known dangers. beyond that it gets tenuous. jenna: let's talk about that, heather, what our viewers are seeing surveillance tape that shows the student, you can see him dragging a garbage can and that's where the body of the teacher. we get to see this over and over but apparently the school even though had surveillance system wasn't monitoring it. do you agree that there might be liability there and what do you think it would be to reach to that in a legal proceeding? >> i think it's going to be very difficult. they are going to have to establish that it's normal and standard procedure for all schools to have somebody constantly monitoring the cameras and not just to look back at things a little bit later. i don't know that that's the standard of care in schools to
8:55 am
have that up in place. what i think here, jenna, this is really a case that's going to end up hurting everyone a lot more than it helps. lawsuits, i'm a lawyer, lawsuits are extremely, extremely difficult and challenging and actually sometimes more harmful than the case itself. i think this is a case that begs for mediation where they can sit down and get answers which is what the family is looking for. perhaps school can change things . swren jenna: change is actually made and not accurately describing for us, heather, the desire for change to happen but the frustration that sometimes it doesn't. >> hopefully this will affectuate the change. this happened. teachers and students are in danger physically in schools and the theory of liability is the same. we have to do what are it takes
8:56 am
to keep all of them safe. jenna: lots to think about. >> a few bumps and bruises. how often is it happening across our country? jenna: we will continue to watch this case as we have all along. thank you. john: in our next hour of happening now a plane crashes shortly after takeoff killing all five people on board. latest on the investigation into what caused it. plus geologist cause two fault lines and if one of them slips could be catastrophic, what are the chances of that happening
8:57 am
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9:00 am
apparently her grandmother said her bucket looked a lot different than ad. it was only half full. the kfc offered her coupons for $70 free chicken. she wants 20 million. >> couldn't feed my whole family on 20 bucks worth of chicken. yours either. see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: we begin with this fox news alert. closing arguments in the final 15 days to election day. donald trump and hillary clinton on the stump. early person voting in critical background state this "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. happy monday. julie roginsky, republican congresswoman marcia blackburn is here, today's #oneluckyguy get ready for the laugh. judge andrew napolitano. he out numbers us with that joy. >> loving it. thank you very much for having me. harris: welcome. >> thank you.


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