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  Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 25, 2016 7:07am-7:19am PDT

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now, pretty unusual, bill. bill: casey, thank you. casey stiegel in texas. with us on the phone right now donald trump from florida. sir, good morning to you. thank you for calling in. >> good morning. bill: what do you think about the obamacare headlines? >> i think it is disaster even from the time they voted for it. this plan can't work. it would be a disaster t was a big lie. that is how he got it passed. he said keep your doctor, keep your planned, turned out to be a lie. said it 28 different times. it is terrible plan. it is disgrace we have to talk about frankly. it should be repealed and replaced, and if i'm elected we'll repeal it, replace it with something much better, much better and much less expensive. it doesn't even work because frank you are paying, number of 25% is nothing. that is a phony number too. that is lie like everything else. it is increasing in texas, you were talking about texas where i think we're doing very well actually, but in texas they're going to have the 60% increase. and in many states they're going
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to have 78 and 80% increases. that is this year. next year it is growing to be worse. so it has to be repealed and replaced. so many alternatives that are so good and so much less. bill: talk about the best alternative in your view is what? what would you do? >> you can go health care savings accounts are phenomenal. you get rid of borderlines between states which has to be done which right now insurance companies have monopolies which is what they wanted. frankly it should have been done last time but obama got a lot of money from insurance companies so he didn't do it. but you have competition. if you do that you will have tremendous competition. we will have plans that are so good, and plans people aren't even thinking about right you no. they will be tailor-made. and they will be phenomenal, much less expensive. these plans you can't even use them because they're so expensive. not only that the deductible is so high nobody gets to use the plan, unless literally on last legs.
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it is just crazy. the deductible is so high, unless you have a really major problem, and even then probably you don't get to use it. you don't really even have it. bill: moment ago at your event in florida, we're watching live in new york, you said it is costing jobs within your business itself. specifically how? >> i don't use much obamacare, i must be honest with you because it is so bad for people. they can't afford it. i'm at trump national doral in miami, we don't even use obamacare. we don't want it. people don't want it. i spend more money on health coverage but we don't use it. so when they interviewed their people happy with the health coverage because they work for me. i have, great employees. i take care of my employees but the people that have to use, forced to use obamacare, it's catastrophic. it's a disaster. it's a disaster for them, they can't afford it. the country can't afford it. believe it or not on both ends. the country can't afford it, the people can't afford it.
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if you look next year, that is one of the biggest line items, that gets up there and talk about defense and some of budget, obamacare as bad as it is will destroy the country. martha: donald, martha mack here. good to have you with us. >> by the way, hillary clinton wants to double up and keep it going. and just on that, i don't see how she could possibly win an election. she wants to keep, she wants to double up. she wants to keep it going. she wants to raise taxes of everybody to keep it going. put hundreds of billions of dollars into it, and it is a death wish. it is just a pure death wish. i mean look, she has bad judgment. we all know that. this is just another example of it. martha: mr. trump, good morning it martha mack. >> hi, martha. martha: you have 14 days to go, this race is tighter than many believed it would be at this point. what are you planning to do to close this gap and to get in a much better position as you head
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into november theth? what is your plan. >> we're very close or winning, i think. ibd poll is came out. we're two point up. that is only poll that very closely predicted every election, every presidential election last three cycles, the last three, predicted everyone and within a tiny margin. soar this the best poll. and they just came out yesterday and they said we're two points up. i think that we're, you know i think we're doing fantastically. couple of these polls like cnn, you know, they poll heavily democratic, which is ridiculous. martha: there are more democrats in the country than republicans. some pollsters say you have to have a mix that is little bit more weighted towards democrats in your poll. >> more than a little bit. i think we're doing really well. other polls came out. rasmussen came out. we're doing great there. i think we're doing great. i can tell you i'm in florida right now, and you can't get to a machine. the polls, they're packed. the polling areas, polling booths they're being pad.
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they have lines going a block long, two blocks long. nobody ever seen especially for early voting. i don't know what this means but they're wearing trump hats and trump buttons and trump shirts. that is generally good news but you never know. martha: we were talking to chris stirewalt a talking about the strongest moments in your campaign in september. you were very focused on the issues. things happened between september and now got you of track. you shouldn't talk about the polls. >> he is right. but i want to let people know i'm innocent. okay. nothing ever happened. didn't exist. this was all fantasy land. i do think i have obligation to myself and my family to say i'm innocent. so that is all i say. i'm innocent. and i did nothing. martha: let me ask you something -- >> excuse me. these were made-up tales. they were made of-up tales, remember the violence we spoke about it once with bill and you, remember the violence at myalies and i said i couldn't understand
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where these people were coming from. these were violent people. just came out three days ago on the tape where they, the violence was caused by hillary clinton's campaign where they were paying people $1500 and a cell phone to go in and create tremendous violence. hit people. punch people. you know, you had police officers that were taken away in ambulances and things. this was terrible. it just came out this was planned violence by the clinton campaign and dnc i think others were set up also. i don't mention it at all. i want to talk about jobs. i want to talk about repealing and replacing obamacare but i want to state my innocence. bill: you have four events today in florida. >> right. bill: that is a must-win for you, correct? >> correct. i believe florida is must-win i think we're winning it. think we're winning it big. bill: 29 electoral votes. you can't go to the white house unless you win in florida, you would concede that, right? >> i think that is probably true. i'm not sitting down and
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figuring other alternate plans. i do believe we're doing well in other states. we're doing great in ohio. we're doing great in iowa. we're doing, i think we're doing very well in new hampshire. honestly i think we're doing really well all over. people want change. they are tired of incompetence. bill: it appearses, you look at early voting results you can find good news for you and you can find good news for her depending where you look. but coming off of your 100 day speech at gettysburg on saturday, seemed headline came out of there you would sue women as you were referring to. >> i would like to get off the subject, everybody brings that up. the fact is, that was a speech talking about obamacare. we have to repeal it and replace it. talking about jobs. talking about the fact we have to stop our companies from leaving our country and going to mexico and other places and hiring other than our people. our job situation is a disaster
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and our good jobs, meaning good jobs are disappearing from our country. those are things that i talk about. bill: so when you think about the last debate, whether it's obamacare which is huge headline today, and i know you're going to drive this forward, we watched your event the last hour, is that your focus now? >> bill, i think you know obamacare has been a focus of mine for a year-and-a-half, since i announced. i mean been saying it's no good. i said it was no good when it first came out. obamacare, this isn't new to me. obamacare has been a focus of mine, literally, bill, since i first ran, one of my earliest speeches was about obamacare, what a disaster it is. i said it would blow up, and i said it would blow up in '11 or '17. it is blowing up. it is out of control. and hillary clinton is wanting to save it, only way to save it is throw trillions of dollars at it. you can't do that. martha: donald, there is a lot
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of evidence that the fbi went easy on hillary clinton during the investigation and now we have this story, half a million dollars was spent for a state senate campaign by terry mcauliffe on the spouse of a person who went on to investigate hillary clinton and email. what would you do, if you were elected, what kind of action would you take to hold the fbi accountable? >> let me tell you, terry mcauliffe is the single closest person to bill and hillary clinton. there is nobody closer. terry mcauliffe, they gave to the fbi person at the high level, who was doing the investigation, who was in charge of the investigation, they gave his wife $675,000. now you think of that. now, that's clinton giving the money because that is how close they are. so clinton gave the fbi agent who was top person, who is the top person in charge of her email case which is disgrace
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that she got of that. she lied to the fbi. lied to congress. lied to everybody. look what they did to general james cartwright, a great man, four-star general. they destroyed his life. he will go to jail perhaps for five years. she gave money at a huge clip, $675,000, to the wife of the fbi agent who was in charge of her investigation. let me tell you something. that's a criminal act. martha: one last question, for you, mr. trump. you have got 14 days to change the trajectory of this election. you have said if you lose it will be biggest waste of time and money in your life. do you have any regrets about the way that you have run the campaign and what do you plan to change over the next two weeks? >> well, i can't regret when i started off with 17 and now down to one person. i had to 17 people, really 18 and won and you know i'm, i think i'm winning now. i think i'm winning right now.
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bill: is that what you think -- do you think, based on early voting, and in some of these states where it is razor tight, do you honestly think that you have the edge despite the polling? >> i think i'm winning in florida, which i have to win. i think i'm winning in north carolina from what i hear. i'm polling very well in ohio. in fact i'm going to win ohio. we're doing phenomenally well in iowa. yeah, i think we're either winning or tied. it is going to be very, very close. the biggest problem i have is the press. the press is extremely dishonest. without the press hillary wouldn't even stand a chance. the press is totally dishonest. an among the most dishonest things i have ever seen. i will be honest with you. i'm not talking about the two of you by the way, but big, big preponderance of the press is unbelievably dishonest and i always knew it was that way but never to the extent that i have seen. bill: thank you for your time, sir.
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>> everybody knows it. "the new york times" wrote a story bit. they practically said in a sense they're dishonest. they said they don't care. they will write negatively no matter what it takes, they will write negatively about trump. good news, they won't be in business another three or four years because they're losing so much money. in meantime we have to put up with these people. these are very dishonest people.