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  Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 25, 2016 1:01pm-1:33pm PDT

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was talking about voting. he said remember, i come from chicago. you know, give me a break. this guy is such a phony guy. what a phony. what a phony group. take a look. you have to look at it. you have to look at it. a clip last night, in fact it was an sean. you got to look at it. i said i don't believe he would have said that after knowing he said that. basically he said it's rigged. he said i know because i come from chicago. give me a break. what a phony guy. real change begins with ridding washington of corruption of which there is plenty going around. believe me, folks, i have been saying it far long time, the
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system, the whole system is rigged. the whole system is rigged. go back to obamacare for a second. you can keep your plan. you can keep your doctor. he said keep your plan, keep your doctor. he lied. remember he had gruber where my uncle was a professor and he was the architect of the plan. remember he called the american people stupid for going along with obamacare. then he tried to take it back. he couldn't take it back. it was a disaster. the problem is they all have a memory. two weeks and we forget. i don't forget. i bring it up. jonathan grouper said the american people are essentially stupid for allowing obamacare to happen. we have to show them on november
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8th we are not stupid. we are not stupid. and here is is another beauty. a breaking news story provides one of the most shocking revelations to date. as you may remember president obama claim today have no knowledge what so ever of hillary clinton's illegal e-mail server. i have no knowledge of it. this guy, he is as bad as she is. he has got to stop campaigning and bring us some jobs, okay? but newly public e-mails, wikileaks proof otherwise. a clinton spokesperson sent an e-mail saying quote, looks like the president just said he found out hillary clinton was using her personal e-mail when he saw it on the news.
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but sheryl mills, clinton's chief of staff, the state department replied quote, listen to this, we need to clean this up. he has the e-mails from her. they do not say state point gov. they don't say it. in other words they were saying he had to know hillary was using an illegal server but he claimed otherwise. that means obama is now into the act. now i understand that despite his hatred of the clintons because i know one thing, bill hates him, but despite his hatred, now i understand why he pushed her. he didn't want to get caught up in the big lie. he is caught up now, folks. we have to investigate this investigation. so listen to this.
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crooked hillary clinton bleached and deleted 33,000 e-mails, lied to congress under oath, made 13 iphones disappear, some with a hammer, then told the fbi she couldn't remember 39 times. bad incredible. but we have also just learned that one of the closest people to hillary clinton with long-standing ties to her and her husband, the closest -- the closest person i can tell you that gave more -- listen to this. it happened yesterday -- gave more than $675,000 to the campaign of the wife of a top
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fbi official who oversaw the investigation into mrs. clinton's illegal e-mail server. in other words -- in other words -- in other words, the man who was in charge of the investigation of hillary clinton accepted essentially from clinton $675,000 no ththat went his wife. it never happened before. never happened, not in this country's history. this is a disgrace and she shoudn't be allowed to one for president. remember this. remember this. it's so important. donna brazil, head of dnc got the answers to a debate and the
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questions to a debate so she has the questions. she gave them to crooked hill rhode island i don't know if you saw donna brazil the other night on television, what a mess that was. she didn't know what to do. how did you get it -- well they were sent by russia. russia. they are always using russia. i have nothing to do with russia. they were sent by russia and donald trump. hillary clinton gave a big payment and the whole thing, they are a bunch of crooks. our country is in such trouble. so donna brazil has the questions. she gives them to crooked hillary. okay. now, here is what i would like. wouldn't it be great if crooked hillary -- you know, it's great.
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i wonder if she had the questions the other night to the debate because everybody tells me i killed her in that debate, which i think i did. which i think i did. so donna brazil gives her all of the questions and what happens? hillary should turn them in, of course, right? listen, i can't do this. she didn't turn them in. she used them and we found out through welcoikileaks that this happened. nobody goes after her. can you imagine if i got the questions or answers to a debate? it would be a electric chair, right? no. no. it would be the biggest story in the world. they are not doing anything with donna brazil and they are not doing anything with crooked hillary clinton. she got the answers to a debate. she got the questions to a debate and she didn't turn
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herself in, meaning, i'm sorry. i'm not supposed to have this. we would have all been shocked if she did it. the criminal conduct of hillary clinton threatens the foundations of democracy. i mean that. but we are going to turn it around, folks. i propose a contract with the american voter that will give the government back to the people. and just so you understand that, i was doing very well on the other side. i didn't need this but i'll tell you, i see where our country is going and it's not good. it's really bad. my contract begins with a plan
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to end the rampant government corruption and to put the special interest out of business. it's all about special interest. i want everyone in washington to hear and to heed the words i'm about to say. if we win on november 8th we are going to washington d.c. and we, together, are going to drain the swamp. under my contract with the american voter we are proposing a series of ethnicity forms on day one to end government corruption. they include a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. important. a lifetime ban on government
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officials lobbying for a foreign government. do you believe this? they get out and they lobby and they make a fortune. a total ban on foreign lobbiests raising money for americans at elections. thank you very much. we don't need your money. under my contract i'm also going to take a series of actions on day one to protect american workers. we are living through the greatest job theft in the history of the world. they are taking our companies. they are taking our jobs and our politics, many of whom are stupid and many of whom are corrupt are allowing it to happen. we are not going to allow it any longer. our nation has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since nafta, a deal signed by bill
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clinton and supported strongly by hillary clinton -- and by the way, the single worst trade deal ever made in history, any where. listen to this, hard to believe. i have told you before i thought it was a typographicaler r erro. we have lost 70,000 since china entered the world trade organization. another bill and hillary backed disaster. look at all of the money they have pouring in. $250,000. my contract includes the following. we will renegotiate nafta or withdraw from the deal to get a much better one for our workers and our company. it's a one way street. it's a one-way highway.
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they get our jobs. nay get our money. they get our plants and factories. you know what we get? drugs and unemployment. we get nothing. it's a defective agreement too, totally defective. we will withdraw from the trans-pacific. she said i never said that. unfortunately at the next debate they anounounced she did say it. she also said she was never secretary of state when they talked about the red line. i wasn't secretary of state then remember? i wasn't secretary -- she lied. she was. even the so called fact-checkers who are crooked as hell, by the way. they will check back with me and they will say therefore he lied.
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i are gone through worse. they say therefore he lied. these people are bad. what a group of people we have. what a group of dishonest scum we have, i'm telling you. history's wall street donors and she would approve it. if she ever got the chance show would approve it so fast. she intends to. tim kaine has even let the door occupy to passing tpp by another name. by the way, folks, we are going to win but regardless, don't let it happen. it is too complicated. you do one deal with another, one, one, one, make individual deals with individual nations, deal with the ones we want to deal with. you have to see what this thing looks like, a piece of swiss cheese. if they default you send them a letter of default. by the time that ends you'll
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have a new deal that is even better. this deal is too complicated, almost 6,000 pages long. all of these other countries have read ever word, every comma, every period. i bet we don't have anybody to read these things. you're talking about bigger than running big companies. you could take a modern sized trade deal. it is bigger and we have people that are political hacks. not anymore. i'm endorsed by some of the greatest business people in the world. we will use our business people to make these deals. we will lift the restrictions on the production of american energy which is getting clobbered with the epa and with the restrictions including oil, natural gas and clean coal. we are putting our miners back to work. hillary wants to shut down
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american energy and put the miners out of work. she said it. we want the mines and miners out of work. that's nice. horrible. we are going to put the miners, the steel workers and so many of our other workers that are being clobbered by the stupidity of our government's leadership, we are going to put them back to work. that includes the steel workers. it's going to happen fast too. it doesn't take a long time. it will go fast. i will take the following action to restore the rule of law. these include i will cancel every illegal obamacare executive order. we'll council all federal funding to sanctuary cities. out. we will suspend immigration from regions comprised of radical
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islamic terrorists, including the suspension of the syrian refugee program which has taken in thousands and thousands of people that we have no idea where they come from, no idea who they are and crooked hillary clinton wants to have that increase by 550% over and above the crazy obama numbers, okay? tell you what, you vote for her, you're a kcrazy, okay? she is the worst. next i will work with congress to introduce legislative reform and fight for their passage in the first 100 days of my administration. this legislation quickly includes middle class tax relief and simplification acts. so essentially a middle class
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family with two children will get about a 35% tax reduction, isn't that nice? the middle class in our country has been devastated and hillary clinton wants to raise your taxes up to the sky. we are the highest taxed naks in the world. she wants to raise your taxes right up to the sky. and the off showing has them for relocating other countries, which is a disaster for us. i could name 100 if i had all day. i could name a thousand. they move to mexico or some other place, make their products, sell it to us. we end up with unemployment all over. we end up with no taxes. they make a fortune in the other countries. here is the story, and i say it, they want to close up and put our people out of work, go some
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place else and build a new plan. he said the plants and factories that he is building in mexico, don donald, he is the biggest. i said what about the united states? she sa he said not so much. so they want to build something and have their new plant and have non-u.s. workers that's fine but they will pay a 35% tax every time that air conditioner car comes across the border. you know what? nobody is going move. a couple of politicians said i have never thought of this. so either they are taken care of or they stupid or both. so sheer what's going to happen though. nobody is going to move.
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if they do move it's okay we will make a fortune. it's not the worst thing in the world. american infrastructure, 1 million in investments. it includes projects like the orlando international airport. you like that? why not? they have been looking to do it far long time. our infrastructure is a mess. we are like a third world country. we have an infrastructure that are so bad, our tunnels, our bridges, half of them have reports they are in serious danger. we will build a wall and we will impose tough mandatory minimum -- remember this, tough mandatory minimum prison sentences for deported illegal immigrants who tried to reenter the country. they keep coming back and back
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and back. and if they know they go away for five years if they catch them they are not coming back. how simple is it? how simple is it? thousands of americans have been killed by ill lee immigrants. in january of last year -- and you probably heard this story. everybody heard this story. a beautiful young person was working at a convenience store in mesa, arizona when he was shot in the face point-blank by an illegal immigrant for no reason. the killer was out on bond. he was roaming free despite many previous arrests and violence. the word from other people that knew him, please do not let him go free. shot this young man right in the face. in another incident 25-year-old spencer was sitting in his car
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at a stoplight after dropping off his girlfriend. an illegal immigrant in a pickup truck pulled up beside spencer and without saying anything and for no reason took out a gun, pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger killing him instantly. the killer had been deported four times. we weren't supposed to take him back. we took him back. he had a massive lengthy criminal record. people said please don't take this guy back. dead. by the way, hundreds of stories, hundreds. i spent a lot of time with spencer's mom, julie. one of the great groups of people, they are devastated. they are devastated. 60-year-old margaret was shot to death by an illegal immigrant last july in ohio.
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earlier that day the rape a 14- girl, shot a third woman in the arm and massive other damage to other people. police encountered the man more than three weeks before the crime spree but federal authorities refused to take them into custody even though they knew he was very dangerous. they didn't want to get involved. so you have carnage. this crime wave ends when donald trump becomes president. believe me. hillary clinton on the other t borders. there goes your country. i would mean the destruction of your country. you have to have borders. she also wants to expand illegal executive amnesty. it would shred our constitution,
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restoring national security acts which would eliminate and allow us to rebuild our military and give veterans -- how many veterans? the right to seek private medical care when they can't get proper service. they can't even get to see a doctor. 22 suicides a day from our veterans. do you believe that number? 22 a day. under that plan not only will we modernize but we'll be right here in central florida it also includes major investments in space explorations right here. you know what we call this place. over the last eight years they
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have undermined our space program. it will change very quickly under a trump administration it will change before it is too late. you ever see what's going on with space and russia? we are like watching. isn't that nice? so much is learned from that. as cornerstone we will substantially expand public-private partnerships to maximize investments and funding available for space exploration. this means launching and operating major space assets right here that employee thousands of invasion and fuel economic growth. i will free nasa from serving as a logistics agency for low earth orbit activity.
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big deal. under a trump administration florida and america will lead the way with a victory in november everything will change. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. in closing we are going to have the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan and actually even bigger. we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job-killing regulation. they are choking our businesses to death. we are going to provide school choice and put an end to common core and bring our education. we are going to support our great men and women of law
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enforcement we will save our second amendment, which is totally under siege and appoint justices to the supreme court of the united states who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. republicans have to finally get smart and come together. this is our last chance. this is bigger than me or any of us. this is about ending obamacare. this is about the supreme court. this is about rebuilding our military and taking care of our vets, strengthening our borders and keeping companies and jobs from leaving our beloved country. this is about restoring the rule of law, saving our constitution
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and keeping radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. i invite fist tirst time voters join this which has never been anything like this before, let's not blow it, folks. come out sooner if you can. it's a movement powered by our love for america and our love for our fellow citizens.
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we are in a divided country. we are going to bring everybody together. not just the people here but we are going to bring everybody together. we are going to fix our inner cities. our inner cities are so bad right now the danger, the crime, the lack of education, no jobs. african americans are living in hell in the inner cities. they are living -- they are living in hell. you walk to the store for a loaf of bread you get shot. we'll fix our inner cities. we are going to fix, remember this. remember this. the democrats have controlled the inner cities, some up to 100 years unbroken. i say to the african american community and to the hispanic community, what the hell do you
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have to lose? i will fix it. we will make them good. we will make them safe. we will bring back jobs. we will create good good schools and education. i will fix it. we will fix our inner cities. hillary clinton has been lying about the inner cities for years. she is not going to do anything. frankly she doesn't have the energy to do anything. she doesn't have the energy. i am going to fight for every citizen of every background from every stretch of this nation. i am going to fight for every person in this country who believes government should serve the people not the donors and not the specialists. i am going to fight to bring us all together as americans. just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god saluting one
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american flag. once again, we will have a government -- once again, we will have a government of, by and for the people. of, by and for the people. folks, folks, we want to end oba obamacare. we want to go to a plan that's so much better and so much less expensive, right? we want to have borders and we welcome people but they have to come in through a legal process. we will have a wall but it will have a big beautiful door and people are going to come into our country but they are going to come in legally. just in case there is any question, yes, mexico will pay for the wall, 100%.
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think about when you get in the voting booth the united states supreme court, just think about it. i'll tell you what, you put the wrong justices on the supreme court and this country will never ever be the same. i will never be what you had hoped it would be. think about the united states supreme court and we are going to bring so importantly -- i got into this because of the border and the terror but because of the border and because of trade. the trade is so easy for me. it is so obvious what's happening when our companies are flocking out. we are going to bring jobs back to our country including this area right here which has been devastated. together if we win on november 8th -- and i really believe we wil will, we better -- we will make
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america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. thank you very much. god bless you. go out and vote. god bless you. >> all right. does that sound like a guy that is troubled by polls that are looking like he has an uphill battle on his