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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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so tim tebow mentioned my book, and it does come out on november 15th. the election is two weeks from tonight and the book comes out three weeks from tonight. i can't wait to share it with you. barnes and,, preorder. thank you. see you tomorrow night. tonight only two weeks left to stop the obama/clinton machine. this as the president breaks yet another promise. >> our universal healthcare plan brings down the cost of healthcare more than any other plan that's been offered and will save the typical family up to $2,500 per family per year in lower premiums. the white house now admits obamacare premiums will sky rocket, a total and complete failure. laura ingraham and stuart varney are here with reaction. then a democratic operative exposed by project veritas admits to coordinating with the clinton campaign. of course we're
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coordinating. i'm absolutely accord nanging. it is completely 100% legal. >> rudy giuliani is here tonight with reaction. >> these thieves and crooks, the media, not all of it, not all of it, but much of it. they may even be more crooked than hillary. and wikileaks reveals yet another shocking example of the mainstream media colluding with hillary clinton's campaign. monica crowley and joe concha weigh in. all of that plus milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. "hannity" starts right here, right now. and welcome to "hannity." tonight early voting has started. there's only two weeks left to stop the obama/clinton machine. two weeks from today you will be voting, and late yesterday the white house confirmed that obamacare premiums will sky rocket yet again, and in some cases if not most by double digits. that's not all. nearly one in five americans now enrolled in the government program will only have one insurance provider to choose from.
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here is how donald trump addressed the issue earlier today. >> together we're going to deliver real change that once again puts america first. that begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. my first day in office i'm going to ask congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability. you're going to have such great healthcare at a tiny fraction of the cost, and it is going to be so easy. now, donald trump vows to right the ship if elected president. keep in mind now the obama administration promised over and over again, and over and over again that you'll keep your doctor, keep your plan and save on average $2500 per family a year. by the way, since it's been implemented 4,100 dollar
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increase per family across the country. watch this. we will start by reducing premiums by as much as $2500 per family. if you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change under my plan is that we're going to work with your employer to lower your premiums. >> and everybody will have lower rates, better quality care, and better access. of. >> you can get the same good rates as a group that if you're an employee at a big company you can get right now, which means your premiums will go down. >> millions of real americans like jane and bret thomas benefitting from obamacare every day. their premiums are lower, their prescriptions are cheaper. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton continues to support the so-called affordable -- unaffordable care act. she is ought on the campaign trail pushing it hard. watch this. >> when it comes to healthcare we're going to defend the affordable care act. the 170 million of us who get
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health insurance through our employers got big benefits. you know, it is challenging to try to make sure that this important step toward providing insurance for every american is fixed and not repealed, which is the republican position. all right. how can hillary clinton continue to support the failed obamacare sferm experiment? what could it mean for the election. joining us stuart varney, also editor and chief, fox contributor, laura ingraham. keep your doctor, keep your plan, save money. >> people looking for the october surprise, wikileaks, this is one of those issues that affects every american. if you're not one of hillary's billionaire friends or fortune 500 ceo, then this is a really big bite out of your finances.
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the fact that we have fewer choices, all of the pro choice people, they're always procepro it comes the aborting babies but not pro choice when it comes to picking a plan and having an insurance company that serves them and keeps costs down. all of the things they said were lies. before it was obamacare, hillary said, it was called hillary care. >> one of the principle reasons america's middle class is sinking and the economy is slow is obamacare. middle class people in the milling. poorer people get it for free, richer people can afford it and the middle is squeezed. it is collapsing. therein lies an opportunity for donald trump because he does have a plan which could right the ship, and hillary has a plan which it make it even worse and sink faster. opportunity. >> look at these companies, humana, aetna, united, bluecross blueshield, all are pulling out.
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the competition is limited. they promised we would save 2500 a year. the average family already is paying 4100 a year more. now, here is this thing. if you're in arizona you are doubling your rates. if you're in pennsylvania -- by the way, oh, swing states, if you're in florida, if you're in ohio, michigan, iowa, let's see -- >> north carolina. >> -- north carolina, new hampshire. >> nevada. >> -- new valueda, you are paying more. >> do you know what ezekiel emanuel told me the other day? short term fix is as follows. spend more taxpayer money on bigger subsidies, find people more to make sure they sign up and bail out for insurance companies. >> really? why don't we write people a check if that's the story. >> it would be cheaper. >> one of the things that is repeated to me both on radio and just, you know, over in the makeup room, people are trying to care for their elderly parents, and they have now these
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very high deductibles on what they have to pay for prescription drugs. so before you get any reimbursement on a lot of the -- >> five to ten grand and more. >> we're talking from 3,000 up to $10,000, that's what you have to pay before you get any reimbursement on your prescription drugs, and trump has been addressing that. >> shovel ready weren't so shovel ready. >> right. >> we doubled the national bebt, they gave us obamacare. >> all of the racial unity, yeah. >> racial unity. >> yeah, that worked out well. >> that is working out well, too. here is the point. how can people still put their faith, trust and hope in government? they doubled the debt. there's never a lockbox for the social security money we paid our whole lives into. they squandered that and spent it, i would argue stole it. i know i'm strong in my language. i'm a conservative. >> i don't want to say the american electorate is gullible, but there's an element gullibility. >> jonathan gruber, they counted
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on the, quote, stupidity of the american people. they counted on people taking obama's word for it because he was a new, incredibly compelling political figure. what he was saying must be true. what sobellius was promising. i think the metaphor was the collapsing obamacare website, remember in the 2012 campaign the website was collapsing? >> is america going to take a look and if i live in the swing states. >> how about connecticut and massachusetts? >> wait a minute, look at new mexico, colorado. >> pay attention, people. >> donald trump in his speech this afternoon spent at least 15 minutes on the demise of obamacare and what he would do about it. that was very forceful stuff. it is a political opportunity for donald trump. >> this is something people need to absorb. they've been lied to. you were lied to about your social security. they squandered it. you've been lied -- they've even robbed your children. this guy accumulated more debt in the last eight years than 43 presidents before him combined. >> and the media has been com police i think in this.
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so many in the media brushed aside the concerns that you were raising years ago, that i was raising, the journal, stuart, you were raising, that the numbers don't add up. medical professionals who were not political said, wait a second, the reimbursements will go down and down that we get from medicare and we will stop taking medicare. a lot of the doctors aren't taking it because they can't make it. >> the quality of care is actually going down. >> of course it is. >> access is being restricted. that's what is going on here. it is the demise of the american healthcare system. it is spiraling down, but, again, it is opportunity for donald trump to say, i can do this. >> if i were trump and all of the things about the women, i would say, sometimes you're right, i've been crude and i asked for forgiveness about that, but sometimes crude in the past or always corrupt, you can't go with always corrupt. hillary is always going to be followed by corruption. >> i agree. >> and ethical problems. sometimes crude or always corrupt, that's the choice for america. >> the media would have our audience believe this election is over. >> oh, please.
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>> i'm just telling. >> they said that about -- >> by the way, we have a report on how corrupt and how they're colluding with the clinton campaign. my question to both is simple, who is going to win the election? >> i feel there's something else happening in the public, and i know everyone will say the numbers, i've heard what karl rove and others said, but i don't believe americans are dumb. >> i think he will take ohio and north carolina and florida, i hope. it is not going to be easy. >> right. >> every republican has to thread the needle, it is a razor's edge, but then he still if he got every other republican state and indiana and -- >> i think he should make a swing through new england and go back to new hampshire. connecticut is in trouble. they're losing business. we need economic growth. >> i agree. >> all of the things -- >> it would be -- >> if we don't have growth, all of the dreams they have will go down the drain anyway. >> last point? this will be the first election i ever will vote in in my entire life, ever. >> welcome to the family. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next tonight right
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here on "hannity." it appears you're coordinating. are you? >> of course we're coordinating. absolutely coordinating. it is completely 100% legal. one much the democratic political operatives exposed by project veritas admits that he in fact is coordinating with the clinton campaign. rudy giuliani will respond next tonight on "hannity." in her joi. "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelley wright. good evening, arizona mayor copea sheriff joe arpaio has a date with a judge. he heads to court on december 6th on contempt of court charges. he is accused of ignoring a judge's order to stop immigration patrol also after charges the department was racially profiling latinos and targeting them in those stops.
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the vatican issuing new rules on cremation. it announced catholics may be kree mated but should not have their ashes scattered, kept at home or divided among loved ones. instead, ashes should be kept in a sacred place approved by the church. game one of the world series is in the books now, going to cleveland with the indians beating the chicago cubs 6-0. game two is scheduled for wednesday night in cleveland. the first pitch is now scheduled at 7:08 eastern because of forecasted rain. i'll kelly wright. and welcome back to "hannity." so two bombshell stories are now rocking the clinton campaign. first, the president of "correct the record" and "americans united for change" brad woodhouse appeared on fox & friends this morning responding to project veritas showing his group and one of his former contracted employees scott foval coordinating with the clinton camp. keep in mind fox news has not independently verified the
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videos but it is pretty intense. watch this. it appears your coordinating. are you? >> of course we're coordinating. i'm absolutely coordinating. it is completely 100% legal. here is the problem, steve, with these -- here is the problem with james o'keefe. he's a liar, he's a convict, and he's been successfully sued for lying about people and putting them in a false lie. >> so you haare you saying the is not accurate? >> it is accurate we're coordinating with the campaign. we're legally allowed to. i have an organization that exists on the coordinated side of the wall. >> we just had rudy giuliani on the show and he said it is not legal for outside groups to coordinate. >> well, he doesn't -- he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. >> rudy giuliani has always been somebody i thought knows what the hell he's talking about. first, also today more clinton campaign e-mails released by wikileaks. in one clinton aide cheryl mills allegedly called out president obama for claiming he first learned about hillary's private e-mail server from news reports.
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she wrote, quote, we need to clean this up. he has e-mails from her. they do not say here, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. if this is an outside group and they're getting money and coordinating with the campaign, my understanding of the law is that's illegal. >> sure. well, the trigger is are they collecting it under the -- hard money, in other words this trickle amidst campaign finance or collecting large amounts, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, a million, two million? if they're outside the limits, collection limits, then they can't coordinate with the campaign. then they have to be independent, that's what citizens united is all about. >> right. >> so that coordination would mean they were acting in violation of the federal election laws. >> all right. so they were very clear in the project veritas videos now, that the money goes from the clinton campaign to the dnc to this group. matter of fact, i will put it on the screen because in is really
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important. >> right. >> this is where the money comes, this is where legality comes into play. let's roll that. i am contracted to him, but i answer to the head of special events for the dnc, and the head of the special events from politico for the campaign. the campaign pays dnc, dnc pays democracy partners who pays the foeflal group. the foval group executes -- >> hillary campaign, democracy partner, and where does the money go to? those fomenting violence and on tape bragging about and taking credit for even chicago and organizing massive voter fraud. illegality? >> of course on a number of respect. first of all think of the word, what does an independent committee mean? >> yeah. >> it means being independent of the strategy and the tactics and the desires of the campaign and making your own decisions about that. so independent is gone, therefore illegal.
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second, the kinds of activities that conspireing to conduct are illegal in and of themselves. conspireing -- >> for voter fraud. >> conspireing to bring about voter fraud is a crime. conspireing to provoke violence, and then actually provoking it is a crime. >> people got hurt in chicago and they bragged, that was us, we did that. >> something known as conspiracy to commit a crime, what you have on tape there is a conspiracy to commit a crime. >> that is a crime. >> which is a crime in and of itself, then they went ahead and committed the crime. >> which is a crime itself. how many counts, off the top of your head? >> five, six, seven there. >> really? >> yeah. >> by the way, your track record as a prosecutor was impeccable. >> that's easy stuff. that would be an easy conviction. those are confessions on tape essentially. >> okay. >> those are confessions to not only campaign finance, which is, you know, those cases are backed up for years, but cases like
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fomenting violence, then the violence. plotting for voter fraud, that alone is a conspiracy to violate the law. >> okay. let me go to what the cheryl mills e-mail said, that obama, they had to clean up this mess because obama said, oh, i learned about the clinton e-mail server scandalal from press reports just like you. meanwhile, he was e-mailing with hillary on her private e-mail. so he lied to us. that was exposed. the clinton campaign knew early on, they wanted to clean up his mess. >> right. >> and then also he went further. remember, he went out and said, oh, i don't think it is any big deal. could he have been trying to cover for his own actions? >> well, i mean we won't know until we know what's in the 33,000 e-mails, right? >> right. >> i don't believe she destroyed those e-mails and had them bleached, acid washed, which -- >> by the way i love the term bleached. you mean like with a cloth, with a cloth, mr. mayor? >> no, with acid. it is dangerous and expensive, and even most cyber criminals
10:20 pm
don't do it. >> that's a good point. >> the reality is those 33,000 must contain enormous bombshells, some regarding maybe obama and some of them i'm sure -- >> foundation. >> some of them showing how when she went to -- when she went to switzerland for ubs and clinton was collecting $1.5 million speaking fee and she interceded with the irs, which is a separate crime by the way to intercede with the irs in order to help ubs, who ended up giving three, four, $5 million in donations. >> how many pay-to-play instances do you see? >> the worst one i believe is the iranian one. it is very complicated and hard to describe. i will give you the simple part. the simple part is she agreed and had to sign off on 20% of our uranium being sold to russia. what american secretary of state at any time since the second world war would agree to giving russia uranium?
10:21 pm
none. >> it is insane. i can't believe it. >> except one whose husband got big speaking fees, whose foundation got multi-million dollars in donations from the people who made the money from that, who all made hundreds of millions from it. >> and didn't podesta have stock options and he transferred it to his daughter. >> yeah. >> like i'm sure she's not going to give it back to him. >> he made a fortune from it, but it is selling out the united states. that's not just bribery, that's selling out the national interests of the united states. >> here is my next and last question. >> they have taken two really, i would consider, sacred departments of government that have hardly ever been economically corrupted, the justice department maybe during tea pot dome and the state department which has its own problems, but not economic corruption, and they've turned them into cesspools. >> how do you see this election going two weeks from today? >> i think the election will be a big surprise. i think the amount of support for donald trump out there is surprisingly strong. it remains stronger and stronger as the media tries to create the
10:22 pm
psychological tale. >> let's give him north carolina, polls are tight. let's give him florida, polls are tight. let's give him ohio and every other red state including iowa and indiana. he needs four. >> he can pick up two of those four. new hampshire is possible. >> pennsylvania, michigan. >> michigan is possible, michigan particularly with his opposition to nafta. people in michigan know the nafta story. they lost their jobs and they're sitting in mexico. >> good to see you, mr. mayor. coming up next on "hannity." >> keep it going. we're fighting a crooked establishment, and just about the biggest part of the crooked establishment are these people right back there with the phoney cameras. they're a bunch of phoney low lives. >> i actually love when he does that. then people turn and boo them.
10:23 pm
anyway, donald trump calling out the liberal left wing media as wikileaks exposes more damning evidence of collusion between press and clinton campaign days before hillary clinton announced her candidacy. also tonight. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. she shouldn't be allowed. she is a crook. a fired-up donald trump campaigning hard in the swing state of florida. we have highlights of that rally and much more. stay right there. and like any skill, credit is a skill. you have to learn to walk before you can run. getting the experian app for free is a great place to start. it gives you access to your experian credit report alerts about changes in your credit... and customer service support to help answer your questions.
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and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. ♪ keep it going, folks. we are fietding a crooked establishment, and just about the biggest part of the crooked establishment are these people right back there with the phoney cameras. they're a bunch of phoney low lives. >> the truth is i think the american people have had enough. we've especially had enough of the collusion between the national media and hillary
10:26 pm
clinton's campaign. have you heard about some of that? i mean it is just amazing. all right. donald trump and his running mate indiana governor mike pence going after an abusive liberal media. wikileaks has been uncovering the widespread collusion that exists between the press and clinton campaign, but the latest example maybe most shocking yet. on april 9th of last year days before hillary clinton officially launched her campaign, an e-mail released by wikileaks appears to show 25 so-called journalists who closely covered hillary clinton invited to john podesta' home for whining and dining. the list includes reporters from ap, cnn, msnbc, politico, "the hill," "wall street journal," nobody from fox news. where was my invitation? i don't know. it got lost in the mail or something. here with reaction, joe concha and fox news contributor monica
10:27 pm
crowley. you know what is so amazing about this is monica and i, we're radio and tv hosts, right? that's what we do. >> right. >> do i hide the fact i'm a conservative? >> you're transparent in your support of donald trump, and i think -- >> big time. >> -- your audience preshts that because you're not pretending to be objective like say john harwood who was chief washington correspondent for cnb and contributor. he is going on the guys of being objective. that gets him to be a debate moderator like he was last year. when you're transparent, people appreciate that and the fact you are an opinion host doesn't hold you to that standard. >> by the way, the news people at this network, they do their job. we give opinion, just like newspapers have an editorial page. this is one editorial show. but they have been so dishonest here and this level of collusion, this relationship is far deeper than anybody knew, monica. >> and that's the point, sean, because for decades we have
10:28 pm
known that the news media has been largely on the left. if you look from pew polling from national correspondents starting in 1964, 94% voted for lyndon johnson over goldwater. 1980, ronald reagan who won the country in a landslide, 81% of national correspondents voted to jimmie carter. what is different about this time qualitatively and quantitatively is the level of support and activism for the democratic nominee for president, and that comes out of two things. it doesn't grow out of a love for hillary clinton, nobody actually likes hillary clinton. they might vote for her -- >> joe likes her. you ever get invited -- >> joe doesn't like her. >> did you get an invitation to dinner, lunch? >> i'm more of a beer pong kind of guy. >> you and i will hang out, good. >> it doesn't come out of a love for hillary, it comes out of and i had i dondeological affinity
10:29 pm
her. but it comes out of a hatred and fear for donald trump. that's why the activism is ratcheted to a level we've then seen before. >> i said in 2008 journalism was dead in america. i didn't know how ride i was, nor did i have the level of proof we now have. what are the consequences for this guy -- what is his name, thrush at positive lit co, what is john horowitz's consequences. i have been hit the entire, shocker, sean hannity supports the more conservative candidate. i've gotten the crap beat out of me because you have called and asked me, do you have a comment, so and so thinks you're this and that. what are the consequences for them? i'm being who i said i am and what i've been for 30 years. >> can i bring my daughter into this as an analogy. >> not if she is smarter than me. >> she used to jump on the couch and we were afraid she was going
10:30 pm
to fall. so we took away her cookie after dinner, put her in the naughty corner and took away tv. by actually applying accountability she finally learned and she apologized. now, you mentioned all of those people that have broken rules, journalistic malfeasance, sharing debate questions in advance if you donna brazile or ken thrush. two politico reporters were caught sharing stories in advance. >> what about msnbc host that got the questions and read it verbatim? >> or source approval or quote approval, all of these things, right? it will keep happening, sean, or getting worse unless there is accountability. that means, a, contrition from the people that actually commit these acts, which there's never an apology, and then there's never a suspension, there's never any reprimand. so it is only going to keep getting worse. and trust, and this is a conservative thing. there's plenty of bernie sanders people who think hillary clinton got a disproportion climate amount of coverage.
10:31 pm
this is a trust with media. there will be a purge of 150, 200% ratings in clicks because the bubble is going to burst and trust is gone. >> forever. you don't get it back. >> you don't get it back. >> no. >> i agree with you. >> you can't get toothpaste back in the tube. >> you are an anomaly in your business. you have a pipsqueak reporter jeff zucker, stenographer over at cnn, you know, it is outrageous. they don't report on their friends. they don't take on their own network. they only want to go after fox. you know, you once said to me there's a whole industry of people that are only employed because they go after us. >> yeah, it is an industry that goes on both sides, i want to be clear on that. the media research center couldn't exist without liberal media to pick on. >> which is the rest of us, except for us. >> right, right, and media matters employees dozens and dozens of people, has millions of dollars in revenue because of fox news. if fox news were to go away media matters does not exist. >> could you imagine the poor guy in their underwear all day that had to listen the three hours on my radio show, watch an
10:32 pm
hour on tv and take notes? by the way, whoever you are, get a life. >> you asked about consequences. of course there won't be any real consequences except these reporters might get a raise because the entire structure of these journalistic organizations are shot through with left wing bias. when i worked with president nixon in the early 1990s, i asked him about why is journalism so dominated by the left, and his response was very telling. he said, smart conservatives go into business to make money. smart liberals go into journalism to change the country and change the world. >> interesting analysis. >> i think that's absolutely right, but you know what? it gets to something bernie sanders said during the primaries and something donald trump says every day to this country and he is right. >> it is rigged. >> that the system is rigged. by that means he means you don't have a fair, independent, impartial press which is interested in above all the truth. >> but you know what, we know they did screw bernie sanders.
10:33 pm
>> of course. >> they screwed him big time. i have to break. coming up next on "hannity." she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. she shouldn't be allowed. she is a crook. >> donald trump campaigning hard in the swing state of florida to try to stop the obama/clinton machine. we will play the highlights from that rally. also get reaction from sheriff david clarke, doug schoen. also recently did a town hall with eric trump, lara trump and conservative millennial voters. that and more straight ahead. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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crooked hillary clinton bleached and deleted 33,000 e-mails, lied to congress under oath, made 13 iphones disappear, some with a hammer, then told the fbi she couldn't remember 39 times. bad memory. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president.
10:39 pm
sh she shouldn't be allowed. she is a crook. she got the answers to a debate. she got the questions to a debate, and she didn't turn herself in. the criminal conduct of hillary clinton threatens the foundations of democracy. i mean that. all right. donald trump campaigning in florida earlier today. here with reaction, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, former clinton pollster, fox news contributor doug schoen. you are a poll expert. >> i am. >> i tend to believe polls. >> right. >> do i think it is possible under reporting trump, maybe people don't want to say they want to extremely vet refugees or build the wall. i think it is possible. brexit possible? yeah. but i'm not counting on that. i'm saying listen to the poll. which poll do you think is most credible? the one in past years has been ibd. >> i think the orc poll -- >> the cmn poll. >> having it about five, yeah,
10:40 pm
average it with ibd, we are around two or three points. >> 2.5. >> the republicans come home, the anti-hillary people more likely to vote for trump. this is michigan, wisconsin and -- >> also new hampshire. if donald trump takes florida, ohio, north carolina and all of the red states including iowa and indiana, okay, two states that have gone from obama, he needs new hampshire, new mexico or one of the states you mention. needs four electoral votes. >> correct, and it will be tough for him but not impossible. i make hillary the clear favorite. >> what do you think, sheriff? >> well, i don't think she is the clear favorite. look, i'm not going to sit here and argue what the pollsters are doing. they're pretty good at what they do in terms of knowing what they're doing, but the only poll that matters right now is the one that will be conducted on november 8th, and this will be about turnout, whose base is motivated, whose base is energized, who is going to get their people to the polls to
10:41 pm
actually cast a ballot. i see that momentum -- i'm sorry. i see that energy and that motivation -- >> enthusiasm is 100% trump. >> it is on donald trump. >> how embarrassing, poor tim kaine got 30 people to show up at a florida event. you see the enthusiasm, it is reminiscent of obama. >> it is. the problem is trump's negative is high which means he needs a ground game to get the folks, every last one of them -- >> we're told by early voting numbers, my sources told me they are about 40% better florida, ohio, north carolina and iowa than they were in 2012. how do you interpret that? >> i see other states that are showing other evidence. i think it is basically a wash. i think the democrats will probably have a slight -- i under score slight advantage going into hee election day, but then it will be a question, as sheriff clarke was saying, how motivated people are. at this point we just don't know. it is the clinton ground game against trump's enthusiasm advantage.
10:42 pm
>> reince priebus swears there 1,000 times better than 2012. >> well, we will see. i think that's an open question. but also an open question, sean, is can the various scandals, e-mails, now the 675,000 to the wife of the fbi investigator. >> can you believe that? >> if all of these grow where people say we can't elect this person president, then hillary will have a tougher row to hoe. so far it has metastasized. >> you are saying one of these scanned always could be the straw that bakes the camel's back? >> yes, but so far it hasn't happened. we also have more wikileaks to come. >> and they're pretty damning. thank you. up next tonight right here on "hannity." hillary wants to shut down american energy and put the miners out of work. she said it, we want the mines and miners out of work. that's nice. horrible. >> donald trump slamming hillary
10:43 pm
clinton's economic agenda. coming up, donald trump j., eric jump, lara trump recently joined us to talk about this issue and more at a millennial town hall. we will play it for you straight ahead. ♪ something new has arrived. ♪ me takes t
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we'll play that for you straight ♪ we're going to put the miners, the steelworkers and so many of our other workers that
10:48 pm
are being clobbered by the stupidity of our government's leadership, we're going to put them back to work, and that includes the steelworkers. going the happen fast, too. it doesn't take a long time, folks. it is going to go fast. >> all right. that was donald trump earlier today promising to create jobs if he's elected president. according to the polls the economy is the most important issue to millennial voters. last week while we were in vegas for the third presidential debate we did a town hall with a group of conservative millennial voters. donald trump eric trump, his wife lara joined us for the discussion. watch this. >> let me throw some numbers out here to get things started because you guys are going to inherit this world. this election will impact you maybe more than you even know today. here is where we start. we have now 95 million americans out of the labor force, the lowest labor participation rate since the '70s, the worst recover since the '40s, a
10:49 pm
51-year low in terms of homeownership rate in the country. we have since obama became president 13 million more americans on food stamp, 8 million more americans in poverty and doubled the national debt they have to pay back. to me first and foremost, we have really failed this generation. >> no question. >> and we've got to fix it for them. we need to fix the mess that has been created. >> and, listen, there's $1.4 trillion worth of student debt in this country. if you look at, obama raised the national debt by 11 trillion over 7 1/2 years. it could have paid all student debt six sometimes over. think about that. all student debt could have been paid off in this country six times over with the amount they increased our national deficit over the last 7 1/2 years. that's scary, guys. >> it really is. do you feel nervous about your future? you really do? lara, i know both you and eric do a lot of philanthropic work and you help a lot of people that are in need.
10:50 pm
here is another statistic. one in six american men 18-34 -- how many men in here 18-34? one in six of these guys are either in jail or living in mommy and daddy's basement because there's no jobs available for them. >> no, it is really scary stuff. look, when i got out of college over ten years ago, it was hard for me to find a job, and i hear -- >> it is really five. >> it is really five. no, but when i talk to kids today, and i was fortunate enough to go to many college campuses, i got to go back to my college, nc state recently, it is scary stuff. people are nervous there aren't jobs out there because there aren't jobs, because we're shipping manufacturing overseas, because we really don't have the economy in this country to sustain small businesses anymore. you know, it is -- you're right, it is going to impact this generation of people, and i think we have some smart ones in here that are going to vote for donald trump. >> who is voting for trump? come on! i like it. >> don and i have a lot in common because, like you, i was
10:51 pm
the trouble maker in my family. i got hit with the belt more than anybody. by the way, if that happened today all you've got the do is call the police and say, they hit me, and your parents will go to jail and you never will get hit again. times have changed. in all seriously, i look at trump tower. i have been over there a lot and watched all of you in your work environment, your every day environment, and i see a lot of young people and i see how hard they work. if i'm there at 7:00 in the morning interviewing your dad, the office is pretty full. >> yeah. >> if i'm there at 7:00 at night, the office is pretty full. >> yeah. >> there's an incredible work ethic and opportunity that exists that your father created for a lot of people. >> i think without question. i mean it was all the way he was with us growing up. i mean we weren't handed anything. we were spoiled, to say otherwise would be laughable, but we were spoiled with good experiences, incredible vacations, we got to see and do cool things, but they kept us financially down. i got nintendo when all of my friends got sega, that's where i am in the millennial category.
10:52 pm
they kept us hungry, they made us work that way. that's what it is about. by the way, the problem with job statistics, they don't talk about unemployment because of obamacare. the small businesses can't afford extra premiums that are doubling and tripling and people are now working 30 hours instead of 40 hours or 25 instead of 40. they say numbers on jobs have gone up, that's people working two jobs just to get by. it is not better job numbers, it is people doing twice as much to be in the same place, and that's also really scary. to promote that kind of entrepreneurship, to do the things my father is doing, that's why it is special. we need someone not part of the d.c. cartel, and that's a bipartisan problem. both sides have created this mess, never done it in practice. it is all theory. we push a button and jobs magically appear even though we never signed the front of a paycheck creating jobs. it is not that simple. i think we are giving them a major problem. if we all ran our households like the government runs this
10:53 pm
country we would be living on the streets. we are making it worse. if you put in the most typical of politicians, okay, hillary clinton this time around, it is going to go from 20 to 30 just as fast. there is a point of no return. there is a point -- >> that's what i worry the most about what you just said, a point of no return. here is another statistic i think should shock a lot of it. would you be surprised if i told you that one in five american families -- go down any neighborhood, count four hours, then go to the fifth house, there's not a single family member in that household working today, does that surprise you? since obama's been president, there's a lot of talk about demographic voting in this election. well, black americans, there's been a 58% increase of black americans on food stamps and a 20% increase of black americans that are not in the labor force. by the way, you're right, don, we don't count them anymore because those numbers are fraudulent and phoney. they don't give you the real unemployment number. >> if you've been out of work six months, you no longer count. you want the job, you just can't have it.
10:54 pm
>> do you know how crazy that is? if you did your accounting that way you would go to job. >> think about median incomes in this country, they have not gone up in 15 kweeryears. you went into the labor force at 20, now you're 35, you're not paid any more money. but obamacare, premiums have gone crazy. utilities obviously have gone up. >> higher number on obamacare. obamacare has cost the average american $4,100, and the promise was keep your doctor, keep your plan, save $2500 a year. >> that's what this is, sean. that's what it is. people are sick of politics as usual. >> coming up, we need your help. a very important question of the day straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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facebook.comseanhannity, @sean hannity on twitter. we will see you with 13 days to go until election day, tomorrow night. hello and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record" there are a few notable campaign emails about wikileaks today. we have a report. also, even democrats have conceded many americans will see double digit obamacare hikes. so how do we get here? and which states will see the highest increases? we will take a look at that as well. as of now, the national polling average shows hillary clinton with a 5.1 lead in a two way race and a .4 in four way. betting odds show her favored 5 to 1. there is a new fox news electoral map out tonight. shannon bream has the story. >> just two weeks to go, there are shifts in electoral map that present new challenges for team trump.


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