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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: chill in the air. world series under way. election time. bill: november. martha: all good things, right? [laughter] martha: have a good day, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ john: all right, the election less than two weeks away now and the candidates are focusing heavily on florida, a battleground that is now a complete -- jenna: whoa, exactly. john: almost threw the computer. jenna: you were demonstrating. we get it. brand new poll with donald trump ahead in sunshine state. donald trump is in washington this hour for the opening of trump international hotel after spending three days in the state.
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29 electoral votes are for trump . john: jenna, good morning to you. if it's wednesday it must be dc. donald trump to take the stage to talk about latest accomplishment in which he says is under budget and ahead of schedule using as illustration as how he would govern the country if he's fortunate enough to win the election on november 8th. a lot of people saying why is he taking time off the campaign trail to come here to washington to open up a hotel. i count 40 cameras, jenna, more cameras typically at one of his campaign events. he did spend the last three days in florida, a lot to get out to vote because florida began early voting on monday, the two-day tally if i understand that
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democrats are outpacing republicans by about 30,000 votes though it's impossible how any of those people voted but at least registered democrats and registered republicans. democrats in the lead for about 30,000. the trump campaign pointing out that a lot of republican counties have not started early voting and they will toward the end of the week. they also like the results of the bloomberg poll which shows donald trump with a 2-point lead in the sunshine state. one of the big themes that trump was going over in three-day swing in florida was obamacare and the looming fiasco now that the obama administration acknowledges that enrollees will be facing premium hikes in double digits somewhere in the neighborhood of 25%. donald trump yesterday in tallahassee reminded people what jonathan from mit considered the architect of the obama bill said about it when he was writing it. listen to this. >> he said they could pass
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obamacare because the stupidity of the american voter, the stupidity, he called the american voters stupid. the only stupidity with stupidity and you know that and it is the stupidity of our politicians who rammed this monitor down our throats and it's going to get worse and hillary clinton wants to keep it. john: now reports today that donald trump campaign is going to stop fundraising for the campaign and for the rnc. not exactly true. donald trump will not headline any more big money fundraisers but after this evening hillary clinton won't do that anymore but the trump campaign will continue to raise money for the campaign and rnc. donald trump, jr. will be out there, reince priebus and they have a robust online capability as well. it's not like they have stopped raising money. after he open it is old post office today he will be heading
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to charlotte, it's all about urban renewable and rebuilding, the answer what he has been saying about ine cities, what have you got to lose, vote for donald trump today, he will respond to his own challenge, here is what you've got the gain, jenna. jenna: you mentioned there's more cameras at this event than what would be considered a regular campaign event. do you have any idea why that is, is it because it's washington, d.c. or more criticism of this event, why do you this that's all about? >> a lot has to do with the fact that's in washington, d.c. there's also a large contingent of international journalists as well that we typically don't see on the road with donald trump. many are based here in washington, just down pennsylvania avenue very easy to get to which explains a lot, jenna. jenna: john, thank you very much. john: tight race in florida has mrs. clinton campaigning kicking a two-day swing with organizing event this hour. donald trump just spent three days in florida. he will be heading to north
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carolina this afternoon where he trails mrs. clinton in the polls. let's talk about it all with josh, politics editor for the national journal, michael warren, weekly standard. welcome to both of you. you'll probably both be happy when the next two weeks are over. josh, so this new bloomberg poll shows donald trump up by two points in florida. what do you make of it? >> it's certainly the best news that trump campaign has gotten out of florida and many battleground states. there's good news and bad news for trump in florida. on one hand the polls show the race competitive, very close, but on the other hand some of the early voting numbers are little bit discouraging for republicans where republicans held about a 5-point advantage in terms of early ballots cast in last presidential election. that margin is down to about 1 point as of now this -- in this election. john: stop for just a second and tell viewers how that works
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because your ballot, when you mail it in doesn't say democratic ballot, does it? >> registered republicans versus registered democrats. some of the older democratic voters are actually voting for trump, in fact, trump is doing very well with seniors and a lot of voters and working-class areas that traditionally voted democratic. what democrats are encouraged about that their turnout machine, ground game is fairly strong in florida. that's why donald trump is spending three days in the sunshine state to try to get out the vote on the republican side. john: michael, we all know the role that florida played in the bush versus gore election in 2000, is it a must win state for donald trump? >> well, yeah, but it's not the only must win. this is the problem that donald trump faces. even if he is ahead and competitive in florida and even if he does win florida, if you look at real clear politics polls and divide up the states between hillary clinton and
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donald trump in terms of the leaners and you're left with toss-ups, trump doesn't have to just win florida, north carolina, he also has to win in evidence -- nevada and other state that is generally vote republicans, utah, texas, where he's in trouble there. yes, florida is a must-win. it's not the only one. john: he's gone from florida, josh, to north carolina. how does his prospects look there? >> north carolina is also a state where the polls are closing and two poll that is have showed the race within the margin of error, again, this is an interesting state because you do have a conservative base in both north carolina and also florida as well. what trump is trying to do in the final couple of weeks is get the republican base out, get conservative voters to show up. he has a tough map no matter what happens. if he can't get conservatives to show up and vote for him he will have a big problem with the big picture.
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john: he says that there's undeclared well of trump support out there that's going to put him over the top in some of the elections, i guess witness the claims about the ballots in florida that are being mailed in. >> yeah, i mean, he can claim that. we haven't seen any evidence of that and if you look at sort of the past numbers for people who have been registered to vote and having voted all these sort of things, even if trump would get every single person that would generally vote republican this time around it still wouldn't be enough in swing states particularly when you look at turnout rates of hispanic voters like places like florida, arizona and colorado where they haven't played a role as big as they may play this time around and voting heavily democratic. trump is counting on the big turnout from that base but hillary clinton also has an advantage as well.
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john: he's off the campaign trail today to open his new hotel in washington, josh, a lot of political observers said huge mistake. as john roberts pointed out he's getting publicity there, 40 cameras in the room and a lot of americans are going to be paying attention, aren't they? >> he will get free media attention and that's a good thing for the trump campaign. the more worrisome campaign while trump is in washington, d.c. running mate is in utah. these are not swing states on the presidential map. i think strategists would love to see trump spending time in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio, all the classic swing states when you only have two weeks left. he surely will have time to amplify his message and a lot of people will be watching trump at his hotel. john: one thing positive about florida for the republican party, michael, is marco rubio's numbers and what that means for control of the senate. >> yeah, that's right. it's pretty consistent in polls of florida. marco rubio actually running
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ahead of donald trump with respect to their democratic opponents and so, look, this is something where i think it's a bit of a bright spot for republicans, florida as well as ohio, that swing state where rob portman the republican is doing well, but it's also a problem, if trump can't turn out voters and he's spending time in dc and not in the swing states working on republican turnout, even those republicans who are running ahead of donald trump are going to face a problem with depressed turnout. he really needs republicans to come out to vote and i think if i'm a republican senate candidate i see this event in dc today and i'm a little worried. john: michael warren, josh from the national journal. thank you. >> thanks. >> thanks, john. jenna: right now action near the front lines as iraqi special forces move thousands of civilians from villages near mosul as they work to recapture the islamic state stronghold this comes after carter say
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expand campaign to retake mosul to include isis capital of raqqah. benjamín with more. >> iraqi troops start to consolidate gains in the last few days. the calm before the main assault in mosul. today troops did begin massing near mosul bringing reinforcements but ahead of them isis is said to be preparing with some media reporting that hundreds of fighters have been seen entering the city from the west wearing suicide vests and couldn't be independently verified. iraqi forces a thousand people while at the same time ahead of them isis are said to have grown increasingly brutal in the city as it seeks to eliminate potential threat among local population. today we spend time in liberated time. we saw devastated churches and abandoned command centers.
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>> this is the oldest church in iraq and was under isis control over two years, you can see by looking around the deliberate of holy sites, the crosses have been ripped off the walls but this church is still standing. many others have been raised to the ground. >> nearby in another church we found an isis command center, it was rigged with ied's and in one room we saw suicide belts and sniper rounds. >> on the war here you have a isis flag, this was used for meetings, over here you can see where snipers had to go in the village and what time. but if you look down here you see a list of where snipers should be aiming and top three, eyes, nose and ears. >> it's fascinating how they organize themselves but also the destruction they leave behind and that makes you think what's going to happen ahead in the battle for mosul itself, jenna. jenna: thank you.
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john: gary is breaking silence 15 years afters he was linked to dc intern shandra levy and unsolved murder. donald trump makes closing arguments to the american people, why one prominent columnist is lamenting quote, former republican party looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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and $0 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ john: right now crime stories we are following in oklahoma officials say a woman serving a 25-year prison sentence for murdering her husband died in her cell from suicide by hanging. amber shoved her spouse during an argument back in 2011. former california congressman breaks his silence 15 years after the death of former dc intern denying he had an affair with levy and began saying he had nothing to do with her uninvolved -- unsolved murder.
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in texas details of a middle school science teacher charged with capital murder. he then went home to retrieve a rifle, returned and allegedly shot both men to death. he's being held on $1 million bond. jenna: my former republican party is worth some attention. i don't see the point of belonging to a party on the increasingly dubious assumption that a slightly less bad than opposition. if i can't get my grand-ole party back i would rather help build a new one. how is my impersonation? >> pretty good. i kept thinking about where the republican party was just a few
8:18 am
years ago even when mitt romney was running for president to say nothing what it was when ronald reagan was president and where it is today on immigration, on trade, on foreign policy, on a lot of issues that really matter to me and it's a party that i no longer recognize. we didn't leave the democratic party, the democratic left us with george and jimmy carter. jenna: do you not consider yourself a republican? >> i'm a registered republican and i would like to see my old party back. hopefully after the election i would like to see the party be the party that stands for free trade, the party that understands the value of immigration for the united states, legal immigration for the united states, party that understands the importance of the strong defense and above all a party that insists on civility and culture in its leaders and that's not what we have now. jenna: as a registered republican, who are you voting for? >> i'm going to vote for hillary clinton and vote for republicans down ballot and i'm sure people
8:19 am
are now currently throwing baseball bats through their tv screens. jenna: one thing to say critical of your own party, i'm actually going to vote for the other party to be the leader of the free world. >> listen, i'm not enthusiastic of hillary clinton. i can't count the number of columns that i have written that are critical. i actually think donald trump is danger to the republic. the only way republicans find center, find soul or reagan, we are never going to repeat that mistake of nominating someone with the ideas or temperament of donald trump. jenna: do you think in that case you're putting your party and problems with the party over the country being that you've been so critical of hillary clinton specially foreign policy which is your expertise. >> listen, i think donald trump is a danger to the republic. god forbid we should take the man seriously when he says he's not going to recognize the results of the election.
8:20 am
at the end, you to take man at their word. that's why they're running for president. that's why you can't run on the saumción that he doesn't mean what he says. jenna: he was on our program about basically towards the republican like yourself. i can't vote for donald trump and foreign policy was one of the things he focused on. a president trump may shake-up policy and far calmer fashion secretary state hillary clinton already has revolutionized america's role overseas from the iraq pullout to the foundations of iran deal and libya bomb to go tip-toeing around violent extremism and workplace violence to empowering chinese expansionism to increase distance from allies and proximities with enemies. obama reminded us and making us more like them than us. i'm just wondering, that's a
8:21 am
long list. going back to expertise, hillary clinton at the helm, you actually think we would be safer even based on her record in that piece then a donald trump? >> yes, i do. i don't think i had a kind word to say about obama except when bin laden was by his side. but as i said, donald trump is a danger to the republic. when you have a senior republican like newt gringrich saying we might not guaranty nato, what does that mean to democratic allies abroad? that's the reason why he terrifies me.
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jenna: bret, thank you. >> sorry about your tv set. jenna: what do you think about bret, let us know. [laughter] jenna: we will be back with more happening now and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it. you can't even find it. the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's
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jenna: right now automaker volkswagen is prepare to go buy back cars involved in omission cheating scandal. company accused of rigging diesel engine vehicles to under report omissions, it's the largest in american history, it means 475,000 owners of beatles and jettas and passats, get modified or get cash compensation of up to $10,000. john: new information now in the
8:26 am
clinton e-mail scandal. latest e-mail drop by wikileaks reveals mrs. clinton's campaign was scrambling to, quote, clean it up after president obama denied any knowledge of the secretary's private server. fox business network peter barns joins us with that, peter. peter: no emails from wikileaks show early concern by hillary clinton's aides over e-mail set up when she was at the state department. president obama was asked about it in march last year by cbs news five days after "the new york times" reported clinton's use of private e-mail. >> when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody learned it through news reports. >> the president's response made aides uneasy, e-mailed communication directors, jen,
8:27 am
you probably have more on this, but it looks like potus said he found out hrc was using personal e-mail when he saw it in the news. that e-mail was then forwarded to other top clinton aides including cheryl mills. we need to clean this up, he has emails from her, they do not say democratic operative e-mailed campaign chair john podesta in disbelief, why they didn't get this stuff out 18 months, podesta responded unbelievable. i guess i know the answer, they we wanted to get away with it. yesterday press secretary maintain that had the president did not know clinton was using a private server, john. john: wow. peter barnes in washington. jenna: what the defense secretary just said about the enlistment bonus issue.
8:28 am
we are live with that story. plus donald trump blasting obamacare during campaign for the white house, why it could be a real issue for the democrats? next can a toothpaste do everything well?
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i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. john: right now a quick look at what's happening now. a nurse faced with charges as she poisoned patients. a migrant crisis in europe and today action of migrants there set fire to tents and shelters. plus apple sells more iphones than expected but the tech company's bottom line is still hurting. what it plans to do now? jenna: breaking now on thousand national guard members order today repay enlistment bonuses as the defense secretary weighs in with new orders and stunts efforts on recovering millions of dollars. live in washington, rich.
8:33 am
>> good morning, jenna, defense secretary ash carter has announced the pentagon will halt all government efforts to recover that bonus money. carter explains many of the solder years received bonuses and tuition bonuses improrrerly because of errors and he says because of criminal behavior by some in the california national guard. administration officials including carter have been addressing issue for days that the government was sorting through cases, carter acknowledges this review process is taking too long. >> anybody who volunteers deserves gratitude and respect, period. i'm aware of the specific issue that you're speaking of. it has complexities to it and we are going to look into it and resolve it. >> carter says the pentagon will
8:34 am
establish to ensure government resolves cases by july. ultimately, we will provide for a process that puts as little burden as possible on any soldier who received improper payment through no fault of his own at the same time it will respect important obligation to the taxpayer. committee chairman say they are already investigating this, sending letter to california national guard asking for bonus and student repayment information since 2002. sen our lawmakers are promising a legislative fix on the issue though every seat on the house up for election, lawmakers right now are out of dc, districts and states campaigning. jenna, back to you. jenna: rich, thank you. john: american's election headquarters and skyrocketing premiums for obamacare. they could turn into a real vulnerability for democrats as donald trump sees on the issue
8:35 am
of obamacare. >> repealing obamacare and stopping hillary's health care takeover is one of the most single important reasons that we must win on november 8th. [cheers and applause] john: joining us now for debate simon rosenberg and morgan ortag us. welcome both of you. morgan: thank you. john: simon, as a loyal democrat are you worried about mill stone? some are coming right before the election. >> i think it's an issue and we will have to address. the particularly big problem is we don't have a lot of time to rebut some of the exaggerated xarnlgs -- charges that we are going to hear. we are talking about a million and a half to two million people
8:36 am
under who get health insurance through exchanges will see the costs, hurt their own pocketbook . on balance, we can defend obamacare. we eliminated preexisting conditions, life-time caps, more than 20 million people have gotten insurance through obamacare and healthcare costs in general which is a big contributor to the deficit have slowed down and the growth, so we can defend it over time but i think, yes, there's an opportunity for the republicans in this short window to make some gains in the next few weeks. john: morgan, your response to simón's point. morgan: good luck defending it. you know, it's easy to say what you've done with obamacare but go to the small business owner who can't hire more employees because they are worried about raising the number of employees they have to afford obamacare. go to the people whose premiums have risen. these are the reasons why
8:37 am
insurers are leaving marketplace or when you see premiums rising 25%. the premiums are rising because the cost is rising and the system doesn't go. we can go back to inception of obamacare where the president jammed this through congress and they shouldn't be surprise that had republicans aren't willing to lift a finger for a program that they find flawed for the economy and bad for the business owner. john: if we are getting to a point where one insurer is available to so many of these people, how do you fix that simon? it's not like you can go to etna and united healthcare, hey, come back, let's try this again? >> yeah, there's no question in my mind that this is part of -- obamacare is much more than, preexisting conditions a lot that was in this. this obamacare is going to have to be fixed by the next congress. it's an opportunity frankly for the two parties to work together
8:38 am
to make sure that millions americans have a better healthcare system. repealing it and replacing it is not an option. it will deny tens of millions of people who have insurance today and strip it from them, the republicans are going to have to come to terms that their job now is to work with the democrats to fix the system that's in place and i think this is a great opportunity for hillary clinton and paul ryan to come together to work on something out of the box early next year. john: morgan, do you see that prospect? obamacare, i don't think got a single republican vote when it was passed. >> there was no bipartisan consensus in trying to pass nit the first place. we have to see what happens in the senate. hillary clinton is ahead, of course, mr. trump would argue that he's ahead. when you look at the close senate races, the republicans are being outspent and outworked in the ground game in many ways but the american elect rate are keeping the senate races close. they're not willing to say that the game is over just yet.
8:39 am
so a lot of it, again, lies in what happens in the senate. republicans and democrats will have to come to the table but the primary lesson of how this flawed and failed bill was passed seven or eight years ago at this point goes to show how people actually do have to work together, now we a bill that doesn't work for anybody. that just doesn't resinate with the small business owner right now watching fox news that says, i can't hire two more people because i can't afford the regulatory costs. this is where washington gets out of touch with everyday american lives. john: small business start-ups have been low, simon, you know, is this part of the reason or is there something else? >> well, the white house put a major study on that issue yesterday and i think this is going to be an area of significant discussion and debate in the coming years. let's be clear, right, the economy is far better today than when barack obama took office and even after the aca has
8:40 am
passed, we have seen four consecutive years of significant increases and wages, we have seen a soring stock market, all the doom and gloom that aca was a job killer, it simply wasn't true and the economy is far better off today. a recent bloomberg poll, only 28% of americans said the economy is worst off today than when obama took office. the republican narrative on this stuff is wrong and out of touch with the american people. morgan: john, if it's such a great system, why are insurers dropping out of it? >> there are things that have worked really well. morgan: like what? >> i think i already went through all of this. i guess you weren't listening. john: we are about to launch the discussion all over again. morgan: the american people are going to be voting. it's not a winner for you guys. john: good discussion, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: shocking details about a
8:41 am
nurse accused of murdering 8 elderly patients. we have the breaking details on that. hillary clinton weather a constant fire storm of wikileaks emails. our next guest says whether it's an issue next
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
john: a nurse is facing murder charges in canada now allegedly after poisoning eight patients in two assisted living facilities in ontario. elizabeth allegedly carried out crimes between 2007 and 2014. the victims range from 75 to 90 year's of anal, no word on a motive but facility operators are cooperating with investigators as they look into what happened there. jenna: hillary clinton copes with a constant drip of emails from wikileaks, just this morning the 19th group of wikileaks documents came out were already learning new things including that clinton advisers were batting around trying to
8:45 am
deal with the server revelation three days before clinton addressed the media at the un about it. one of the advisers submitted there's no good way, answer, we just get through the process an get them all out there and let the content do the talking. so the sheer volumes of wikileaks emails is a lot to go through. from what you've been looking at, i know you wrote an opinion piece at fox anything that's illegal? any red alert that you see from this batch? >> not from what i see. hillary clinton has a way of stretching bounds of -- one incident after another and this is another example of it. it's taking a toll.
8:46 am
65% of people think she's lying about personal emails and two-thirds think she's dishonest. the normal person who kind of gets caught up in the scandal dials it back and stops not with hillary clinton sort of like a run away train that can't apply the brakes. jenna: one of the news items i would like to talk about is the -- ally, very important clinton ally giving money to the wife of an official at the fbi. now, we hear from the clinton camp and clinton surrogates, there's nothing illegal about that. walk us through this, greg, and why it's raising red flags. >> terry mcauliffe, long-time fundraiser, he's the guy that secured the personal loan on their 11-room mansion in chapaqqua. personally secured it this guy can raise hundreds of millions
8:47 am
of dollars, so he engineers all of this cash to dr. jill mccabe running for state senate. who is her husband, andrew mccabe, the number two guy at the fbi. he oversees the investigation of hillary clinton. now the fbi issued a statement saying, well, he didn't oversee the investigation until after senate campaign ended. my response is, so what? she still got the money. jenna: there's nothing illegal about the money? >> no, there's not. you have to look who and who the husband is. even the advisers in the fbi told mccabe, you have to stay away and recuse you're from any case while your wife is running? >> he did. as soon as his wife ended campaign, he jumps and the biggest political corruption case of all, hillary clinton. it creates the appearance of impropriety and a very direct
8:48 am
and glaring conflict of interest and taints the whole investigation. jenna: raises questions about comey, the head of the fbi and some of the other decision that is he made. walk us through that. >> look, you've already government 5 people who received immunity. you have a whole bunch of other that is received the fifth. hillary clinton in an incredibly brief interview with the fbi can't barely remember her name. i mean, it's really atownishing when you look at the notes from the fbi agent. comey holds a few days later a big briefing in which he lays out a case for gross negligence under the espionage act and in the same breath says we are not going to recommend prosecution. for people who thought that made no legal sense and i was one of them as a lawyer. made no legal sense. this mcauliffe money to deputy now only fuels suspicion that the fix was in.
8:49 am
jenna: with this new information, is there any recourse for citizens who are watching this play out and say, wait, do we have to redirect this? >> write to your senator and congress and demand that congress reactivate the independent statute and undertake a separate and independent investigation of what hillary clinton did. you can always seek recourse and congress has the power to do it and they could do it in a day by reactivating the old existing statute that expires. jenna: why didn't they do that? >> because there hasn't been enough pressure on congress to do it. they may get around to do it eventually. je interesting fall regardless of what the election results are. thank you. john.
8:50 am
john: migrants set fire to tents and shelters and now new action at the french camp that's become a symbol of crisis. we have details on what's going on, plus, apple under pressure after the company experiences something it hasn't seen in more than 15 years. we are live ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.)
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john: let's check out what's ahead in outnumbered. harris, what do you have? harris: possible new bomb shell in wikileaks e-mail as clinton confidant accused of not releasing information about e-mail server sooner because they wanted to get away with it, end quote. what impact could this have?
8:54 am
it may seem that donald trump is up to something. the stunning new survey which shows just how much coverage about him is negative and hillary clinton talks mexican food and her granddaughter learning spanish. is she pandering to the latino community? all that plus our #onelucky guy. he's over here next to me. hey, john. john: see you then. jenna: right now action at the migrant camp known as the jungle, what the french declaring empty after migrants accelerate plans to evacuate the slum. thousands of migrants live after fleeing war and poverty as they waited for the chance to sneak across the english channel to britain. now the migrants are being moved to reception centers around france where they can attempt to seek asylum. john: fox business alert on the apple company where even though the tech giant sold more iphones
8:55 am
than expected, annual sales dropped. that's the first time that has happened in 15 years. lauren simonetti with fox business network live with more on that, lauren. lauren: hey, john, that's the story on that. apple stories down 3%. first annual sales drop since 2001. investors convince that had apple is making product that is you have to line up for, wait forever for and have under the christmas tree. apple is having on stocks overall. market work to go rally up today. oil prices, well, they've been up and down today, the good niece came about an hour ago. we heart from the energy information administration, oil supply surprisingly excelled last week. so investors have a keen eye on oil prices in the stream of earnings pouring in. boeing is another company that they are watching. they did raise outlet for the year. that's good. they plan to deliver more planes this year. that stock taking off right now.
8:56 am
southwest airlines shares down 11%. the tech outage, remember that one, cut into quarterly profits. i have to leave you profits, air far dropped 5%, $147 on average, so if you're headed somewhere that's good news and also, john, the focus earnings, oil, but the big one the fed meets next week about interest rates and, well, americans go to the polls in less than two weeks, i think it's election day coming up. john: yeah, events there. lauren simonetti fox business network. lauren: thank you. john: thank you. general jenna: where the suspect could be heading
8:57 am
. .
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>> we'll be cooking up a little more "happening now" in the next hour. we will see you back here then. >> great to have you, everybody. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert now. leaked emails appearing to reveal turmoil and angst within the clinton world when news broke that hillary clinton had used a private email account as secretary of state, a situation her soon-to-be campaign chairman called a quote, hot mess. all this 13 days out from the election. this is "outnumbered". i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. meghan mccain. democratic strategist julie roginsky. political editor for guy benson. good to have you back. >> hi, ladyies. harris: good haircut. >> i don't know about that. young and fresh, something like that. harris: all of the above. big political day, are you ready? >> big time.


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