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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tonight. thank you for watching us. i am bill o' riley. the spin stops right here, we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight with less breaking tonight with less than two weeks to go until election day. new fox shows hillary clinton's lead is cut in half. welcome everyone, i am megan kelly. >> negative press, new fox polling suggests she's enjoying just a three point advantage over donald trump nationally and half of the lead that she enjoyed just last week. and also within the margin of errors meaning the two may actually be tied. >> mrs. clinton with a 44% to trump 41% marking. now, they both have seen a drop for clinton. she's seen a drop in her
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advantage as well as a two-point boost for trump just last week. clinton maybe struggling in some swing spots as well. >> our mike huckabee is here. we begin in our west coast newsroom with the latest numbers and what maybe behind them. >> megan, they say bad news comes in three. for hillary clinton is proven true. first came the wikileaks e-mails and time and again questioning hillary's judgment. the latest appears hillary clinton sent e-mails to president obama from her private server calling the president's assertion that he learned about the private server from the news just like everyone else. next came the under cover cape appear to cap democratic operatives explaining how to
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commit voter fraud and insights rallies to trump's rally. and telling potential donors how connected he is. >> he visited the white house more than 300 times. creamer already resigned his position. >> obamacare premiums rising. now, the bloomberg politics poll had donald trump up by three points in do or die florida. independent voters are breaking trump's way. back in 2012, florida independence broke for obama over romney. in arizona, the first poll there has trump up by one point. 46 by 45.
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early voters, clinton appears to have an advantage. >> and in new hampshire, monomoth has clinton leading by four points. that's down by nine points in september. >> thank you. larry sabado, great to see you both. >> some minion, he's a man who got the guy elected. >> carl, what do you make of these numbers in the change map. these polls showing series tightening. he's cutting her in half by three. >> lets be careful of reading too much in a one poll.
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this was a three-point advantage for clinton. a five-point advantage on the two candidates ballot. they represent all of the polling that we are seeing. if you take real clear politics average a couple of weeks ago with seven point and one point today. on the two-point race is 5. 5. this follows the trend of the last presidential election. >> whichever is trending in the middle of october, -- this goes back to al gore and john kerry and mccain in '08. they all closed it up and apparently this time. >> larry, do you agree with that? >> not fully. i agree of most of what carl said. some partisans are finally coming to trump and not all of them. there is a lot of never trump,
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some of them are coming on board and his favorabletiility, in th gallons have been going up. lets give the big picture here. carl was hinting at this. there were three other national polls. one of them showed clinton is up by nine and second one showed that clinton is up by nine and the third one showed that clinton is up by 14. well, which one is right? well, of course, it is our fox polls. i am a broken record and use the polling averages and the polling average don't show much change. >> what do you make of though, when you look at the numbers of the fox polls. we like it. we like it every night. but, carl, the question is for you, the independence, do we make any dense. you got independents favoring
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trump. he had a seven point advantage with them last week and two weeks ago, he had no advantages with the independents. they were tied. he slipped it on independents on big time and big league. >> lets be careful, i agree with doctor sabado, when you are talking about independence, there is a small segment of the entire sample so you have greater deviation among those sample sizes. the smaller the sample size, the more unpredictable and the more will bounce around and particularly with the independence and anchored to any choice. it is where they are today and good movement for him. the question is where are they in 13 days and today there is no determination of where they are going to be in the end. let me mention one other thing.
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there is minor movement. lets put this in dimensions and clear perspectives. today, 5.4 in the four-way race. that's nearly a two-point drop on a base of seven. that's not the greatest movement. probably not enough to guarantee that this race gets down and clips by the end and unless it speeds up. it is none the less detectable movement when you add in all the polls. >> we talked about last night of our fox news decision desk, they do what you do and looking at the electoral college and how it is shaping up. they move iowa left and they move indiana left, you know, from toss up to lean or whatever. they move one step left in
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towards hillary. do you see the electoral college map doing that too in the states that matter? >> not uniformly. on iowa, we have it as a total toss up. i don't completely agree, yes, i have hillary clinton well ahead based on literally, you know hundreds of poll that is are included in the polling averages for each of these states. last night on the show, we had a little debate about people shoi should see it. newt gingrich is here and he says he does not believe them. the one where the pollsters lived and the real one where trump is winning. >> i don't agree with that to be honest with you. i don't believe any single poll. if you put all the polls
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together while you cannot watch wash out all the errors and it is load of errors in every poll. you can wash out some of the error and you are getting a gigantic sample. >> did you know today, one tenth of the people who are going to vote in this election have cast their ballots? >> that's a's mamazing. >> evideneryday it goes to a million. we are in election day. >> carl, if you are advising donald trump at this point, does he need a game changer, his momentum is going the right way, there is only 13 days left. >> i don't think it is useful to spend today dedicating his hotel in washington dc and complimenticomplimen complimenting newt gingrich. i mean, he had 13 days, every
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one of those days is precious. the day he spends talking about the hotel. is no t tt the day of pushing f change. so yeah, he needs something to help this up. right today, he leads in states that everybody is slightly different. he does not have all the romney 206 electoral votes or north carolina or arizona, i think he's probably got utah and main two which would give him 287. it is 187. he needs to shape this up some what. >> guys, great to see you both >> thanks for having us. >> from awkward to ugly, wait until you see how many people are describing her from her
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breaking tonight, less than two weeks until election day and hacked e-mails from the account of hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta are raising . breaking news tonight, two weeks into the election. a recent batch of e-mails published to wikileaks featured to mrs. clinton's closest staffers questioning her judgment especially when it came to how she handled her e-mail scandal. >> for that, we go to ed. >> there is just no good answer for the server. we need to gut through the process phase, get them out
9:16 pm
there and let the con at the present time -- content do the talking. >> i have absolutely confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of state department. >> one of many statements clinton made that day that come under fire. in the new wikileaks dump show led to her adviser. >> clinton's instincts are terrible and that apologies are her achilles' heels. john podesta replying, unbelievable. >> joe clinton did say the
9:17 pm
candidate did hold a transparency day to e-mails and transcripts of wall street speeches way back in march of 2013. joining us is robert zimmerman, good to see you both >> she's very frank and seems to tell it like it is. >> really, one of the super stars of national politics. she's saying hillary's instincts can be terrible and she wants to get away with it. megan, we don't know she was saying that. all we know that these are hacked e-mails that were stolen by russia. >> they have not desigh nooinie.
9:18 pm
the clinton's camp was quick to say those are fake. we have not heard that. >> it does not, megan. >> come on. >> for real. >> she knew it just like the american people know it. they want to get away with it. >> megan, can we stop embracing russia's strategy and validating their e-mails. >> now, we are going to talk about what neo is saying. >> this is like a shoplifter getting caught by surveillance videos and saying that it is lying. i mean -- hillary is arrogant and cavalier and reckless but
9:19 pm
she's not done. she's a white collar criminal case that i had recently where the person involved in it, basically, lets get it straight had assurances from the top of the food chain that there would be no consequences. this is similar but it was an embezzlement case. >> larry -- >> that's got to be what's happening here, robert. the fbi investigation pointed to criminal conduct, there is no questions about it and all the agents involved. >> let me ask you this. >> charges should be filed and guess what, they were not >> this is what i want to ask robert. what we were seeing from these e-mails, you kind of walk away thinking with friends like this you need enemies. >> but, they complained about her judgment and what they perceive of a lack of her core that there is no message that she seems to be relying as a
9:20 pm
speech writer to everything as the one dictating them which she stands for and with a sense of holl hollowness. >> the fact that you have vladimir putin and russia trying to under mind our democracy. >> excuse me megan. >> let me finish my point. excuse me, larry, i did not interrupt you. >> lets be clear about this. >> it is every time, it is fun. >> larry or moe. >> david. >> the fact that russia is in fact under mining our democracy and trying to sabotage our election. donald trump is embracing vladimir's agenda. >> are you a defender or not? >> megan. you cannot talk about the e-mails because you have no idea if they are valid. >> for then years -- >> i got to go. >> okay.
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great seeing you. >> we are out. >> just a dozen days. donald trump went to the must win state in north carolina, governor huckabee is up next. with obamacare jumping by big digits. >> every prediction they made about this law is a lie. i said it was going to be no good before it was ever passed chlts if we don't repeal or replace obamacare, we'll lose our healthcare system forever. to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it is the kel kel file with megan kelly. >> well, donald trump earlier held a rally in the must win state of north carolina, he's pulling neck and neck there with hillary clinton. he's sugigesting that these swig states are starting to go his
9:26 pm
way. >> we are going to win north carolina and ohio. we are winning a lot of states. >> carl cameron reports tonight from the last rally. carl. >> reporter: thanks, megan, it is clear as we head into the final stage of the pace of the race is accelerating a tremendous amount. more ecvents and polls. today, trump went to his hotel in dc and today, he had another event where he talked african-america african-americans. >> one of the greatest details is the issue of immigration. it violates the civil rights of african-americans. that's what's been happening. [ applause ] >> no group is more economically harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low income
9:27 pm
african-american workers. >> clinton today mocked trump saying he was trying to take care of business but has not been taking care of the voters. tomorrow, clinton will be here in north carolina campaigning with the first time with first lady, michelle obama. while trump will head to ohio for three major rallies. >> megan. next guest is a team trump insider who had this to say on sunday. if the gop loses the senate, it is knott because the candidates ran with donald trump but because they ran from him. no time for wimps and wusses. >> governor, mike huckabee, great to see you. lets start with wimps or wusses, or something else. after the "access hollywood" broke, -- i am done and i
9:28 pm
withdraw my endorsement with donald trump. >> tonight he came out and said, i will vote for donald trump even though i am not endorsing him. hillary is that bad. >> any republican, anybody who understands how corrupt the clintons are and gets it and she surrounded by people who have never told her no. she lies to congress and destroys evidence and treats foreign government like they are piggy bank to make her family rich. she violates the law when she wants to and she knows she's not going to get caught. she uses the government agency like the fbi and the irs like her personal toys. good gosh, megan, is there any republicans who have a breath
9:29 pm
left who can stand back and without doing anything to stop it. the only roadblock for our government is donald trump. like it or not, we better get behind him with energy. >> the question is, do they like her or her? they don't seem to like anyone. >> they better. >> what should trump be doing? he came under some fire today for being at the opening post office and he put a lot of money into and a lot of work into and he was like hey -- i deserve a day to go. he came under significant criticism for wasting half a day and we only have 13 days left, do we agree? >> it is nonsense, if donald trump had gone into some type of cathedral to pray and pray out loud to god for two hours, the
9:30 pm
people would say he's wasting his time. these people who are criticizing him opening his hotel is nonsense. it is about the only thing in washingt washington, d.c. that actually works. it was brought in under budget and on time. nothing else in that town works. it is a great way to donald trump to say just like how i built this hotel and that's how i am going to lead this country. we need somebody who'll be that champion. >> there was a remarkable exchange outside of the event involving. there was an an tie truti-trump protester two took on the u.s. flag. >> this is a disgrace. [ bleep
9:31 pm
[ bleep ]. >> this is an american flag, what does it mean to you? >> we are living together. >> you took it. >> thoughts on that. >> it stuns me that somebody grew up in this country could believe that we are what that latte sipping idiot who says that. >> i work my butt off to get to college. nobody in my family or up tropical storm hermistream for me to graduate from high school. i live on one of a few places from god's given planet. a person like me growing up like i did and i did it appreciating
9:32 pm
the men and women who shed their blood so i can live with liberty and freedom and opportunity and take advantage of it. my gosh, what's happening to this country? what are we teaching these people if they don't have at least of appreciation for what these veterans have done. god help us if there are many people who think like that idiot. >> so you are not -- i am going to put you down to a "not a fan" category. >> before i let you go, so much emotio emotions. she felt it and we see that in our country right now. you know left verses right and blue verses red and hillary verses trump and supporters from both sides. it gets bad right before the election. 2012 is the same and 2008 is the same. do you feel it too or do you think whoever wins, there will be a healing or is this especially decisive this year?
9:33 pm
>> it is especially decisive. the healing comes if we have a leader who'll start fix things and start bringing equality back. why i worry about hillary is not about her being a democrat. i know hillary for a long time. that's what scares me. here is what i want whether it is trump and i hope to god it is. the fact is, i believe donald trump understands the people out there who swings hammers and stands on concrete floors and delivering four plates down on their arms at diners, i don't think hillary could give a rip about the people who are out there lifting heavy things and getting their hands dirty. she looks at them as the great unwashed, other than putting it into her basket of deplorables.
9:34 pm
it is about making america america again. as trump might say, to make it great again. >> governor, it is great to see you. >> megan. in the middle of the obamacare debate, we heard warnings that premiums would skyrocket. >> the whole thing would start to collapse and we were told that it was all nonsense and a bunch of fox news bs, now, we are seeing all of this coming true. >> so will this help donald trump with less than two weeks to go. >> chris is next to go.
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the affordable care act has affordable care act has done what it was designed to do. it gave us affordable healthcare. >> that was president obama talking about last week talking about how affordable it is to have healthcare. now that we learned that not only premiums are jumping up, they are doubling. >> trace in the west coast newsroom with our numbers. >> hillary clinton has praised obamacare and now she's defending numbers that come from the administration itself.
9:40 pm
>> it is the premium increases in battleground -- back in september, well before the administration release these numbers, -- health insurance is very important to vote for their president. now, healthcare is donald trump's number one talking point. he tweeted, obamacare is a disaster, rates going through the sky and ready to explode. i will fix it. hillary clinton cannot. #ob #obamacarefailed. >> from the beginning i said it is not going to work and hillary clinton want to keep it. >> yes, hillary clinton does
9:41 pm
want to keep it but she's calling for modifications. >> watch. >> we are really going to tackle that and we are going get copays and premiums and deductibles down and tackle prescription drug costs and we can do that without ripping the insurance that people now have. >> meantime republicans senate candidates' entire races are jumping on the anti-obamacare bandwagon. >> chris is here with us tonight. >> chris, this is a political issue. it is number one for donald trump and it reminds people of an issue that helped the republicans capture the senate, right? >> and the house. >> a couple of years ago. remember the lie of the year, do remember that thing? >> and the reality that we face today is that probably by now,
9:42 pm
10% of all the people who'll vote in this election have voted. the clock is running. sands through the hour glass. these are the hours of my lives. >> you made a good point. you see my math, see what i did there? >> journalism math, you did it. >> this is a perfect moment to have the talking point. this is something appeals to the voters that he's talking about. the people who are hurt her are not upper income people. these are the middle of the middle class and a lot of these are suburban voters. they happen to be in important swing states. arizona, 116% increase. north carolina, 40%. these are not and we are talking about rich voters who can handle a couple hundred bucks extra on these rates. >> now, a lot of these will be
9:43 pm
offset with well care components of this. there are subsidies here. >> who way pay s for that? >> all of us. >> we have all of that component and we look up to pennsylvania where donald trump is not going to be able to close at the end. republicans are desperate to hold onto that. a this is the kind of arguments that they could make. have a check on her if she comes into office so we don't end up with something worse. >> good to see you chris. >> joining me now is president obama's chief economist along with our health adviser to three republican presidents. so let me start with you, we had you on all the time.
9:44 pm
the premiums would go sky high and that there would be rate sho shot. did you feel vitamndicated or h did you know? >> i feel sorry for people whose premiums on a accumulated bases. we have been talking about this 25% or 22% rate hike for 2017. since obama went online is an average of 126%. yes, there is some people whose income are closer to the poverty line. they are not going to see those premiums. for a lot of people who are struggling to afford health insurance, they're seeing big hikes. the congressional budget office
9:45 pm
projected that 21 million people are enrolled in these changes. >> the numbers have fallen considerably. >> yes, i am not disputing that there are markets where they have hadless take up and was predicted and that's why those costs are coming in hirgher. >> i think you are misleading on two counts. be a little careful. this is only for people who are i beiuying their healthcare on their exchanges. it is around 3% of the country. 97% of the country, what we are talking about here has no bearing on them all. overall in the economy, has been the lowest in 50 years. the second is, these rate increases are high percentages but the overall affordability of
9:46 pm
most of the markets are still quite good. you got more than 70% of people are able to buy health insurance at less than 75 bucks a month, which was far less than what they were able to buy it for. >> it is not the nice kind of smile. it is has a tend of mocking to it. >> go ahead. >> well, not mocking but there are about 30 million people are supposed to enroll and exchanged based insurance under the original projection and 10 million people were expected to buy in the off exchange. that's more than 13% of the country and not 3%. those are the people whose premiums are going un. >> but, there are tens of millions of americans who are not signing up because they cannot afford the premiums and cannot afford the copays and
9:47 pm
deductibles. >> and another thing i should mention, megan, people talk about these subsidies. they're going to cover everything. over the long-term, it is only growing at a formula in declaration to inflation. >> they're not going cover everything. >> i will give you the final word, austin >> well, i will say is that what matters is the overall healthcare cause inflation rate. if we maintained the affordability, they'll work. if we don't and cannot get people to sign up. we'll have to fix it. for people lifting the burgers on fire, those are not the people who should be complaining the meat is over cooked. republicans are discouraging people from signing up. >> it is happening in red states. >> great to see you both. >> thank you. still ahead, sheryl crow, on
9:48 pm
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by the time americans go to cast their ballots on november 8th the 2016 election cycle will have been in swing for nearly
9:52 pm
600 days. >> i want to kill myself. >> right. god. now singer and activist sheryl crow is calling for shorter seasons writing online we cannot sustain another lengthy slugfest like what we have witnessed for two years and ask both the dnc and rnc to reform the process and shorten the election season. joining me now is sheryl crow. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> it's overload. no? >> i mentioned it on "the view" and hit from all angles. will you do a petition? where can i sign it? >> how can we make that happen? >> shorten the process? >> uh-huh. >> well, i think that we are going to have be thoughtful about it. we have to defend our freedom of speech which is clearly something i care about because it's how i make my living. if this is an issue on the ballot, i'm sure unanimously people vote to not have to go
9:53 pm
through this again and to think about starting november 9th anyone throws the name in the hat. >> first the impeachment process whoever wins. >> that's tricky. i will have a petition for that. >> yeah. realistically, very hard. but what you are speaking to is a larger malaise that there is never ending and vitriolic and divisive and so long. it's a massive downer. >> here's the thing. two years of a campaign does not educate anyone anymore than it would have if it was six months. the argument that the things coming out in the last couple of months, they would still come out in the last couple of months. that's when all the bombshells come out is generally right before the election. instead, it is not benefited anyone, not been anymore enlightening and benefited the media outlets and political consultants and people that work on elections and superpacs and lobbyists. we have to get away from that,
9:54 pm
change the dialogue and we need to do that for the future of the country and our kids. >> you are a democrat but you came from a mixed household. right? your mom was a democrat. your dad a staunch republican. how did your mom win and did it lead to trouble with you and your dad? >> i mean truth be told, my mom and probably most of the women wear the pants in the family. right? huh oh. huh oh. abort, abort. no. it's -- it was funny because when i was 18 ronald reagan was -- was up against the incumbent and they were going to cancel out each other's vote and secretly they went to the kids and campaigning and nice thing about it was you didn't have all of the social media and the bombardment of dialogue that went on.
9:55 pm
you had walter kronkite, the debates, newspaper. >> and then you voted. >> and then you voted. >> i remember seeing you invesco field when barack obama accepted the nomination and pillars and played music was beautiful. how do you feel he fared? because even he's admitted that the promise i think many people felt that day that there wasn't going to be so much blue and red and partisanship and even he admitted it was not possible. >> i think that this petition is going to address one small thing. there's so many things to be addressed in the government from term limits to also the fact that our government's been in the stalemate for whatever reason and we can't have that. i think our public figures sometimes forget they're representing a massive constituency and people putting money in the pockets, lobbyists, special interests, they're -- they're getting make the decisions. and that can't be solved with a petition. this can. >> got to go. sheryl crow is voting for hillary clinton. we'll find out in the break if she really means it. thank you. "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl,
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i stand corrected. sheryl crow is not saying who's she's voting for. hmm. she was voting for barack obama and not saying this time. what do you think? file. see you tomorrow at 9:00. tonight -- >> make sure you get out and vote. >> trump battles to win key swing states. plus, skyrocketing obamacare premiums prove the president was not telling you the truth about his plan. >> we will start by reducing premiums. your premiums will go down. >> former speaker of the house gingrich is here tonight with reaction to it all. >> i'll tell you what. the media, folks is no good. no good. >> a new study shows the biassed liberal news media is in the tank for hillary clinton. tucker carlson, monica crowly, judge pirro weigh in and potentia


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