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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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great viewers and listeners because thomass jefferson, tripoli pirates on paper back, number one "new york times" best-seller. [applause] number two, hamilton. thanks so much, guys. bill: mornings, everybody. 12 days, america, the race for the white house is getting titler. a brand new fox poll shows that donald trump is cutting back into the lead of hillary clinton setting up a dramatic sprint to the finish with just a dozen days to go. dirty dozen. martha: 12 more days. bill: how much dirty could it get? i'm bill hemmer. good morning. how are you doing. martha: i think it could get pretty dirty. bill: already has. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the numbers painting a bit of a different picture for donald trump. take a look. hillary clinton ahead by 44-41. that is a national number in the four-way race, brand new numbers from fox. it is down from a six-point lead she had. so it has essentially been cut in half in 10 days.
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trump clearly not taking his foot off the gas at this point, telling abc he believes the proverbial deck is stacked against him. >> look at the way the media treats republicans and conservatives, insee the way it is so-called. >> you called the election a sham and travesty. >> it was horrible the way they were treated in media. only way worse i'm being treated. record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting. greatest pile-on in american history. i go to the rallies and they're starting to hate the media because they see it is all a big lie. not all, but a lot of it is a big lie. martha: that is where we are with 12 days too go. seen juror nothing correspondent john roberts live outside of trump tower this morning. good morning to you, john. reporter: good morning to you, martha. donald trump spent the night at trump tower. he is is leaving next hour for ohio where he has three events. yesterday ad a couple of battleground states in
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north carolina. hillary clinton is ahead of him in north carolina by two. where in ohio donald trump leads by one point. taking a page at speech in charlotte, from fdr's playbook, promising a new deal for african-americans, based on safe communities, great education and high-paying jobs. telling voters yesterday he is the candidate who can bring about actual change in washington, not hillary clinton. listen to what he said yesterday. >> our opponent represents the rigged system and the failed thinking of yesterday. hillary clinton's campaign offers only the depressing pessimism that says this is as good as it gets and it's never going to get better. american politics is caught in a time loop. we keep electing the same people reporter: donald trump opened up a new line of attack against hillary clinton yesterday. actually a very familiar line. one that he used very effectively against jeb bush in the early primary season,
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calling her, quote, low energy. martha. martha: we all remember that. so yesterday, the new trump hotel opened in washington, d.c., and donald trump took i think about an hour out of his very busy campaign day to go over there and give some credit to his children, mostly ivan car, for taking the lead on that. how did that work out? reporter: well, you know, obviously for the people who were there it worked out really well. donald trump has used this as an example really what he would do if he were to become president. he took an old federal facility, which was beautiful old federal building turned it into for all intents and purposes a spectacular hotel. saying he did it under budget, ahead of schedule, but at the same time he drew questions in two major interviews why he was there in washington? listen to this exchange on abc today. >> what do you say to supporters of yours think you shouldn't be taking time off the campaign trail from the battleground states. >> i think it is so unfair,
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hillary clinton bows to see an adele concert last night, everybody says isn't that nice and wonderful. i have stopped, i did eight stops yesterday. i build one of the great hotels of the world. what am i spoused to do, not show up? reporter: there are also about 40 cameras in attend dance and donald trump got a lot of earned media. quick update on early voting in florida, we get daily tally what is is going on. in early voting the rlicans are down 34,000 to the democrats. but in absentee voting they're ahead by 46,000. looks like florida i at this point, martha, shaping up to be very tight race. martha: john, thank you. bill: another fox news alert now. meanwhile the controversy around the clinton foundation continues. this one simply being referred to as clinton incorporated. wikileaks releasing emails showing how blurry the line was between the clinton family charity and their personal income. the evidence from memo, doug
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band, top fund-raiser, clinton long-time friend talking about his role raising money for the non-profit foundation while at same time pressing donors to provide cash opportunities for the former president. that is a lot of cash. rich lowery, "national review," fox news contributor. go ahead, start. >> bill this really confirms what the criticism of the foundation always has been not that it doesn't do some good works, but enormous political slush fund with profit-making opport everyone involved including the clintons and various cronies. now not just critics saying it, you see it in black and white in these folks own words. bill: who is doug band? >> doug band is clinton aide, very involved in the foundation, who goes on to start a consultancy based on his contacts with the foundation in large part. he is at center of entire network, he gets business from the donors. foundation gets money from the donors and bill clinton gets speak fees.
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bill: he ran the company teneo, is in charge of that? >> yes. there was very fraught, puts it mildly, fraught relationship between doug band and chelsea clinton who thought he was profiteering off the foundation which he clearly was. bill: so our website writes how he, band, and another aide, secured at least $50 million in speaking fees and other ventures. apparently what the article describes is how he would go out and recruit not just money for the foundation but also to give bill clinton business opportunities. >> right. bill: in what form? >> well, consultancies, sitting on boards and speaking fees. goes to how if the folks giving money to the clinton foundation were only concerned about good works, there are charities all over the place. they could give to the red cross, unicef, any number of things. why would they give speaking fees to bill clinton? they wanted to curry favor with the clintons, obviously. expectation it might benefit them down the road. in one of these documents there is the phrase that donors have
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an expectation of a quid pro quo. bill: trump on abc on this topic now. watch. >> she is so guilty. how can she even run but there is such anger in this country over what she got away with. >> fbi director appointed by republican said no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> he made a mistake or whatever. i don't even call it a mistake. i think something happened. something happened. i think somebody talked to him. bill: what now is is the effect of this? every day now for a month on the campaign? >> for the first time now in month the news environment has really shifted against hillary clinton. we had this wikileaks drip, drip. a lot involved gossippy embarrassing stuff involving underlings that no one heard of. this goes to the heart of how clintons operated. this is on front page of every newspaper. if i were donald trump i would do everything to stay out of the news. let this sink in.
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let hillary clinton be topic. bill: her honest and trustworthy number has gone higher by five points on donald trump. >> that has been moving the wrong say since the email scandal broke. she leads on most personal qualities. this is the one where she doesn't. major vulnerability. bill: rich, not a lot of time left. rich lowery. what is next? martha: congressman jason chaffetz of utah coming back into the fold now saying he would indeed vote for donald trump. you remember he came out quite publicly said he would not after the "access hollywood" thing. the chairman of the house oversight committee said he wouldn't vote for nominee because of all of that in a scandal after that emergence of videotape and comments about women. you know what? i made peace with that. he tweeted this. i will not defend or endorse donald trump but i am voting for him. hrc is that bad. hrc is bad for the usa, referring to hillary clinton. you know, we've been hearing
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mike pence and donald trump say that republicans need to come home, an perhaps jason chaffetz is heeding that advice. martha: he is in utah, news out of utah is not all great for trump team. according to electoral scorecard, this historically red state is a toss-up today. independent evan mcmullin giving trump as. utah native running as alternative conservative than trump. they're tied in recent polling. mike pence said in rally at salt lake, trump is the only game in town. the truth of matter that are only two people you cast a ballot in utah that have any chance being president of the united states. voting for any candidate other than donald trump, bottom line vote to make hillary clinton the 45th president of the united states. [booing]. it is a hard truth. bill: mcmullin firing back on twitter. a vote for pence is a vote for trump. a vote for trump is a vote for religious bigotry, misogyny,
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expansion of government. that is his response. we'll hear more coming up next couple days. martha: look at party loyalty polls, clinton at 83%, trump at 81%. he worked on improving numbers. she is ahead in intensity but a lot of good stuff in the numbers tell us a lot where it is. we'll continue to look at those as we go throughout the morning. comes down to now, the pivotal swing states that could decide, will decide essentially this election. which way are those states moving at this point in the race and what path does each candidate have to 270. we'll talk to trump communications director state ahead. bill: as the race tightens trump surging with independents. could they make the difference in this race? our panel debates that today, fair and balanced. >> two powerful earthquakes hit a region trying to recover from tragedy. rescue crews calling apocalyptic. we will show you that is
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she taking many days off. bill: there is the message from yesterday, trump arguing his campaign is running circles around clinton's campaign. both tickets out in full force. look at map. new fox polling showing trump's cutting into clinton lead's it might be half. jason miller, communication director of trump team. good morning to you. three stops today. ohio today. >> ohio is -- several recent polls have mr. trump leading in ohio. critical battleground. got to win ohio. we feel booed about there. we feel good about florida where mr. trump finished several days on road. we feel good about north carolina. we feel battleground states are in good spot. a large part republicans are coming home. realizing we have to come together to beat hillary clinton right now. bill: do you think that is the case? >> that is the case. bill: her numbers appear higher than yours coming to loyal democrats and loyal republican. >> we believe this is time for
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choosing. if we keep our country, keep our values, we're going it keep the supreme court losing from entire generation this is time for republicans to come home. we feel good. saw jason chaffetz come out yesterday, somebody who was never on board with mr. trump, he realizes how critical of a time in this country's history we're at. we feel good bringing everyone together. bill: do you think more will do that today? >> every day. bill: do you have a name? >> don't have specific big name. more importantly of tens of thousands people receiving absentees, voting early. they're making similar decisions this. is important for the country right now. bill: cnn moved nevada and florida lean dem back to toss-up. what does that say? we'll seeing good numbers nevada. we're five points ahead where mitt romney was ahead in early, absentee voting. bill: i'm sorry, where? >> in nevada as far as numbers we're seeing on returned absentees. this is one of the important things to keep in mind. with all the attention on polls right now, it is also important to look at absentees returns and
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early votes that are cast. you look at florida, we're leading by 37,000 votes on absentees right now. north carolina we're ahead by 2,000 votes, ahead of romney's pace four years ago. we're seeing a number of key indicators look very good. bill: you would expect to be ahead among absentee votes? >> yeah. bill: historically that is what republicans do. >> in certain states but we feel real good about where we are especially looking at benchmarks four years ago. the numbers are moving in our direction. look at number of blue states, the way things are closing in colorado, michigan, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and maine where mr. trump will be tomorrow. bill: not get too far ahead. nbc has you down in new hampshire by seven. other polls have you down in new hampshire by nine. what is happening there? >> it is much closer race than that. mr. trump will be in the state tomorrow. new hampshire will be very close. bill: what do you think it is in new hampshire? >> i think we're in the margin. we're in the margin in new hampshire. we're right there. the rate which this race is
6:18 am
closing may even be tied right now. bill: tied in new hampshire? >> possibly. it is that tight. bill: i'm looking at map. i'm watching where he goes. it is clear to me, florida, north carolina, ohio, new hampshire is your strategy east of the mississippi river? mr. trump was with us two days ago. we asked him about the sunshine state then. he said this. 29 electoral votes. you can't go to the white house unless you win in florida, you would concede that, right? >> i think's probably true. i mean i'm not figuring out other alternate plans. i do believe we're doing well in other states. we're doing great in ohio. we're doing great in iowa. i think we're doing very well in new hampshire. i think we're, honestly, i think we're doing really well all over. bill: jason, i want you and our viewers, i know you're crunching numbers over at trump tower to see what kind of night you need to have in order to win. and you need to have a night that is almost perfect, okay?
6:19 am
from 2012, here are numbers. final numbers between obama and romney. all the red states romney won. you could make an argument, jason you need to win every state in red on map. agree on that? >> moment ago, you look at number of blue states we think we have a great shot to win. look at colorado, where we're making a strong play. mr. trump will be there on saturday. you look at iowa, we feel very good about our position in iowa right now. bill, especially with new hampshire and pennsylvania being day of voting we're making a strong run at both. bill: let me give you scenario that could play out okay, in 2016, all right? we're talking about where you must win to get to 270. , to get the white house. you mentioned colorado. i will leave that off the map right now. florida, georgia, north carolina, ohio, iowa, arizona, nevada. you're still not there. you're at 265 electoral votes. then you start to talk about, what we just discussed, 7-point
6:20 am
difference in new hampshire you argue now is a lot lower. if you get it, you one electoral vote away. this shows, what sort of perfect night that trump team must have in 12 days, jason. >> again, we feel very good, colorado is right there. you talked about new hampshire. keep in mind, right next to new hampshire you have maine two, maine splits up their state. there is one congressional district where we believe we're going to win. we have a darn good chance. so you have new hampshire and maine. you have colorado. again, michigan, pennsylvania, we're right there. bill: okay. we'll crunch numbers later. jason thanks for coming in today. jason miller from trump team. >> thanks, bill. bill: 20 minutes past the hour. martha: fascinating. a top u.s. general providing an update on the battle to retake mosul as more villages have now been liberated. the human toll is coming more sharply into focus. >> you can see just by looking around the deliberate
6:21 am
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martha: to retake mosul from isis on track, despite fierce resistance being met. that according to a top u.s. general who is leading the coalition, but he warns that the fight to take back raqqa will be quite a bit more difficult. meanwhile we are seeing human toll of the war against terror group. our own benjamin hall reporting from mount sinjar where christians and yazidis that are still running for their lives. ben, tell us what you see on the ground. good morning. reporter: hi, martha, the treatment of minorities is often overlooked in this war, as they're slowly pushed back by force, starting to see more
6:25 am
issues. following troops here as they move forward and we witnessed some of this devastation. this is the oldest church in iraq and under isis control for over two years. you can an see just by looking around the deliberate desecration of holy sites here and all the tahas been burned. crosses have been ripped off the walls but this church is still standing. many others have been raised the to ground. nearby in another church, we found an isis command center. it was rigged with ieds, we found suicide belts and sniper rounds. on wall here you have crudely-drawn isis flag. this was used for their meetings. you can see the roster where snipers had to go in the village and what time. most chillingly, if you look down here you see a list where snipers have been aiming. most vulnerable top in the body, top threes, eyes, nose and ears. it has been fascinating to see how they were organized but also frankly chilling to see the
6:26 am
destruction they leave behind them. it does make it very worrisome for the battle ahead. we're currently in sinjar which one forgotten fronts. we'll keep reporting out of here. martha? martha: shocking when you look what they're leaving behind. benjamin, thank you for that report. well-done, benjamin hall. bill: back-to-back earthquakes rocking central italy, heavy shaking causing bell tower to collapse. prompting thousands to rush out of homes. many spend overnight in their cars. so far no reports of serious injuries but those quakes come only two months after a catastrophic quake in the same part of the country. at that time several towns were leveled. 300 people were left dead in central italy. martha: donald trump sounding the alarm, tweeting out allegations of voting problems that have been reported in texas. he is urging supporters to keep an eye after you vote, make sure that the name pops up that you
6:27 am
picked. so is all of this and voting irregularities being reported, is it happening and is it legal? bill: also trump surging with v. voting bloc that might make this race a nail-biter to the very end. >> to all americans, i say, it is time for new leadership. let's get the clintons out of our lives see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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martha: brand new polls showing much tighter race with the white house as we look 12 days to go down the rabbit hole, light at end. tunnel, whatever you want to call it. we are there. hillary clinton leading donald trump three points in four-way race t was six points in the spread just one week ago. so some of donald trump's gains are coming with independents. check this number out. his lead over clinton among independents is very large,
6:31 am
41-28. now look back at october 10 through 12. just a week ago, they were tied at 35%. so what is opening up this lead with independents? let's take a look. doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton. monica crowley online opinion editor for "the washington times." fox news contributors and. doug, why the big move with independents? >> couple things. donald trump had a good third debate. more and more questions about the clintons behavior both in terms of wikileaks, project veritas, independents are particularly sensitive to allegations of corruption. martha: look at 2012 because mitt romney won with independents but it was by more narrow margin, 50-45. and we know that he lost the election. is the number with independents that he is ahead right now enough to potentially produce a win for him, monica?
6:32 am
>> when you start looking at polls 12 days out, get closer to election day, what matters who has momentum where are the trendlines going. right now the trendlines seem to shift in favor of donald trump. i agree with doug all of those dynamics are at play. i would add one more policy issue which is favoring donald trump, breaking news over the last couple days about obamacare and the fact that this administration essentially just admitted that everything they told us about obamacare was a lie and that people's premiums are going to be you know, quadrupling in some cases. so i think all of these things are coming into play for donald trump. he is closing the gap nationally. the question is, what is happening in the battleground states. if those trendlines continue to hold true and steady in the key states, then he will be in very good shape come november 8th. martha: look at women. lots of numbers we go through this morning. we know this is problematic area for donald trump. now he is is closed the gap to 10% there. and we also know that melania trump is planning to go back out
6:33 am
on the campaign trail. we learned that this morning in interview they did with "good morning america." here is melania on that. watch. >> she is actually going to make two or three speeches. and i will tell you -- it is. she's amazing when she speaks. she is an amazing public speaker. so she's agreed to do two or three speeches and i think it wit be big speeches, important speeches. martha: she seemed a bit surprised he was going to reveal that at that moment. we had jason miller here. they haven't nailed down exactly where the speeches are going to be but how significant is she to the women vote? >> well i would start with the question before that. how significant is this number and it is huge. because he has been running 20 points or more behind. now, i, i'm not here to question this or any other poll but typically you get a lot of numbers, as you were saying before all over. if this number is confirmed by
6:34 am
other data that he is only down 10 with women, it is a huge, huge, finding and change. i'm not so much certain that melania as attractive and engaging as she obviously is, can make a difference with women voters. i think it is more about issues like monica was talking about. obamacare, cost of living, the economy, and jobs. martha: fascinating to me, every time we've asked donald trump and asked people on the campaign, why not do these sort of obvious things to go after the women's vote, to get ivanka out there more? she has been out there fair amount but even more, melania, as well. they go back to the same thing, we think men and women care about the same things. we're going after issues we know got very clouded, that message over the last few weeks and maybe it is clarifying a bit now. >> to that point though, this why i wish they had brought out melania a little bit earlier when some of these allegations were coming forward. these women were coming forward because melania clearly loves
6:35 am
her husband. she is obviously going to defend him, but more importantly she is his staunest character witness. have them side by side giving interviews and on the campaign trail can help donald trump going forward. doug is absolutely right. if this number is real and holds true and steady with women, that he narrowed that traditional gap, gap even more pronounced with him in terms of gender gap, if he narrowed that down to 10 points that is hugely significant. when you pair that with new data coming in among black voters if he scores, 12, 15% of the black vote, he will win this election. martha: for opposing party. before i let you guys go you're good with the cold hard facts. monica looking at trend line that are positive for donald trump but numbers favor her. >> they do. couple reasons why. first she is in the lead. second this is basically consolidation of independents and republicans and when you look at the swing states, the ones donald trump needs to win, even if you give him ohio, and
6:36 am
florida, which are big ifs, he still has to win pennsylvania, michigan or wisconsin, states he is still well behind in. for him to win draw inside straight. in fairness, it was improbable at best a couple weeks ago. now it is within the realm of possibility. >> i would just add there are 10 or 20% undecided voters. based on what we're seeing in the "fox news poll" and some other polls, those undieds seem to be breaking for donald trump. >> that is what i would expect to happen. martha: more of them are -- >> monica's right. martha: will be interesting 12 days. bill, back to you. bill: thank you, martha. donald trump calling for supporters to keep watch at polls. now subject of a lawsuit. the dnc accusing the rnc of collaborating with team trump saying poll watching amounts to voter intimidation. john roberts in the newsroom in new york city looking at that today.
6:37 am
eric. reporter: here is the lawsuit, claims republican national committee is working with donald trump's campaign poll watching security efforts, all in violation after long-standing federal order. for 35 years the republican national committee has been under consent decree prohibiting so-called ballot security teams at polls or engaging in challenging voters. that rnc says it doesn't do that from the order. stands from bitter 1981 new jersey governor race between democrat jim florio and republican tom keane. republicans employed off-duty police officers to keep eyes on polls in largely african-american neighborhoods. critics said it was aim suppresses minority voight. the lawsuit says, certain rnc officials attempted to distance themselves from the trump campaign most recent statements, there is ample evidence that trump enjoyed direct and tacit support in rnc in ballot security endeavors, including rnc collaboration of efforts to
6:38 am
prevent supposed rigging and voter fraud. others warned about that efforts. >>ed loo to long lines. that is something that can not only keep people from voting but interfere with the election administration process and be a real problem for election administrators. reporter: republican national committee rejects the dnc's claims, strictly abides by that federal order and does not coordinate with the trump campaign. by the way consent decree only applies to rnc itself, not any other efforts like trump. bill: trump said out a tweet about texas and concerns. >> they have to do with electronic touch-screen voting machines. some voters claiming that the votes were switched or choices were switched. officials say it is not voter fraud. we did the story two weeks ago. if you go to touch-screen voting machine the choice could actually be flipped but they say that doesn't mean it registers as that vote, that you have to check it and double-check it before you actually cast the ballot. they say sometimes machines are out of calibration.
6:39 am
they go in tippinger with them and put them back in calibration. they blame voters and say, as of this time, that no incorrect votes were cast. bill: eric shawn in our newsroom in new york. thank you, eric. martha: the obamacare october surprise premiums that will skyrocket next year seems to be working in favor of donald trump. so did he miss the rim on this? did he get out there early enough on this issue? we will talk about that. plus there is this. >> no. no. no. [shouting] bill: this is not easy to watch. tiger attacking a trainer. happened at a state fair. kids were there watching as this happened. some frightening video in a moment here. we'll let you know how this ended.
6:40 am
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6:43 am
martha: scary moments at a state fair in pensacola. watch. >> no, no. no. [shouting] martha: oh, tiger clawing and dragging the trainer in front of children on a school field trip. the trainer's assistant, who was holding her, who is also holding her fiance, doing everything he can to fight the animal off. the trainer is okay. tiger show has been canceled for the rest of the fair. ♪ >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. and hillary wants to double up and triple up. what a disgusting situation. and it was no good, it was no good the day it was conceived. bill: there has been a stream of headlines on this story now for
6:44 am
the past week on obamacare. donald trump seizing on the rate hikes, putting issue front and center in some of his recent rallies. some in the media say trump is failing to capitalize on what should be a slam dunk issue for republicans. howard kurtz, fox's media analyst, host of media buzz, dr. marc siegel, fox medical a-team and professor of medicine at langone medical center. doc, stand by one second. howie, let's begin with you. how are you seeing it play out in the media? >> good morning, bill, sudden spike in obamacare premiums and dwindling insurance options for some people seem to be good news for donald trump seeking repeal the president's signature program and hillary clinton who wants to reform it. it is challenging a fair amount of coverage with pundits differing with impact on trump's campaign. >> does have an issue he can use if he is smart which is this obamacare story about premiums going up 25% in certain plans. 22% in other plans.
6:45 am
choice shrinking. >> all things predicted by conservatives. >> you would think a bombshell announcement like this, a couple weeks before the election we'd all talking about how it's a game-changer for the outcome and it is probably not because there has been so much damage done to donald trump in other respects. >> chuck lane noted that trump mistakenly claimed obamacare was hurting employees of his company. he provides coverage of past majority. that became a major theme on some outlets. >> donald trump said all his employees have a problem with their health care because of the affordable care act, because of obama. >> donald trump doesn't even bother getting facts trait about his own businesses. i mean it is sloppy and, almost, almost disqualifying in and of itself. >> and then the reporter asked him, so do you provide health insurance or not? then he said, well, yes. >> this is very potent issue in any other election year right now. but as maggie said he has clouded it. >> there is no question that trump stumbled but some in the
6:46 am
media making that a bigger story than the larger problems with obamacare, bill. bill: are you picking up any individual states on the map, battlegrounds now? this is silver plans under obamacare. 14% in florida. 53% in pennsylvania. ohio at 2%. and north carolina, 40%, howard. >> those are eye-popping figures. particularly in states like pennsylvania and north carolina. could obviously benefit trump but this is something important to remember. most people on obamacare get government subsidies. only about seven million of those on the program are going to be hit with those stunning rate increases without any government help whatsoever. also there are aspects of obamacare that some people like. for for example, no ban on preexisting conditions, kids under 26 can stay on their parents programs. all in all, coverage reflects this, these numbers, increases and some insurance companies bailing out show the core problem misses, some of the core promises the president made simply have not been born out. that not only helps trump but
6:47 am
republicans running for congress trying to for years to repeal program. bill: stand by, howie. bring in the doctor. you don't like it. you wrote a piece on it out today. how come? >> i agree with howie because issuemwhat is going on in the doctors's office. not just premiums going up, bill. in doctor's office, new survey of over 1,000 physicians says reimbursement is going down, too much stress. yes individual market only, bill, but affecting a wheel health care system because if a patient comes to my office with obamacare, bill, i have to figure out who is taking their insurance. if i want to send them for referral, what orthopedickist is taking it? what laboratory can i use. i equipment at lists looking for doctors i never referred to before. it clogs up the whole system. patients in my waiting room, waiting with employer-based insurance can't see me. physicians are furious about obamacare. it hasn't worked in the doctor's office. even if hillary clinton doubles down on if she were to win, you
6:48 am
end up with more and more subsidies, it is still low-quality insurance that doesn't give access. bill: put up a bit of heat map. darker color on the map higher increase. arizona is is, that is deep blue. oklahoma, looks like tennessee and minnesota as well. take the point that kurtz just made about some people like their insurance under obamacare. do they? >> well what they like is, to his point if you're a young person that you're on your parents policy, you might want to keep that policy but meanwhile, when you go over the age of 26, you may say wait a minute. i only need my doctor for insurance physical. i only need doctor for work physical once a year. i would rather pay penalty than i have to pay insurance with high premium out-of-pocket. guess what happens if obamacare is doubled down, the penalty will be higher. i'm not sure it is fair for somebody to be penalized for insurance that again, doesn't give them access to care they need. bill: that is the headline,
6:49 am
insurance does not equal quality care. >> it doesn't. in some of these states, premiums are going to be skyrocketing. across the board it is 25%. in some states it is as much as 60 or 70%. bill: thank you, doctor. mark segal in new york. howie kurtz in washington. thanks for your participation this week in the podcast, hammer time. check out kurtz analyzing the role of the media in campaign 2016. he has got some great insights. check it out on line at thank you, howie. martha: in midst of obamacare bombshell on rising premiums, so-called architect of the law arguing that the law is, quote, doing exactly what it was intended to do. so is that the case? we will ask kentucky senator rand paul coming up. plus there is this. >> chisenhall false down. here comes rizzo. zobrist to third. bill: we have a series and good
6:50 am
one too. cubs fans breathing a side of relief. they are going back to wrigley field. it is 1-1 between chicago and cleveland. >> rbi triple for ben soap wrist, the hottest hitter on either time. ic playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
♪ >> ground ball to short. russell, the cubs have evened the series. martha: and just like that we've got a series going on here. the cubs weighing up to the indians to keep them in check. 11-1 is the score in the world series so far -- 1-1. the series packs up to go to chicago. they are excited to get these folks to their hometown as they go to wrigley field and see the
6:54 am
first world series since 1945, which they did not win. "fox news headlines 24/7" jared mack live in cleveland. indians fans were glowing in game one but tough time. >> "cleveland plain-dealer" said they have gone cold. i hate to see how angry they might get, only 1-1 series. the cubs were shut out twice during the national league championship and won the series. last night the cubs turned terribles on indians. game one, the indians scored two runs? anthony rizzo wasted to sometime. had an rbi double to put cubbies up 1-0. fifth inning, ben zobrist of economic go hits a shot into corner that rick sheas off. lonnie chisenhall was unable to play the ball as it ricocheted out of the corner. another one scored.
6:55 am
more than enough offense because jake arrieta was fantastic. took a no-hitter into the 5thing -- inning. it was broken up by a guy who grew up to be a cubs fan, jason kipnis. martha: the series has gotten enormous amount of hype as being historic and exciting for entire midwest and rest of the country. how do you think it is looking so far on that measure, jared? >> i think it is very much living up to the hype, martha. it has been amazing scene here at cleveland. i can only imagine what it will be like at wrigley field. people are paying three times the amount to get into wrigley. something about this series. we're talking so much every week about numbers down in the nfl. several years ago, people said america's pastime, nfl rules the league. ratings are down every week. we had 30% larger audience than last year's game of the world series. i believe it might be because people know they will turn on
6:56 am
the baseball game and hear god bless america and not worry about people kneeling for the anthem or have athletes who will be previous about political issues. what is more american than baseball, something many of us have been playing since little league and attending games with our parents since we're little, through generations. so it's a fabric of who we are. we have two great midwestern teams. it's a terrific sear remembers and great win for all of us. martha: great point, jared. thank you very much. he talks about the escapist element of sports and i think especially in the middle of this election, people do just want to sit back and relax and let that fun and color and act lettism wash over. you don't want politics to mix with athletics because it is everywhere else. bill: ratings are up. martha: absolutely. bill: game 3, venerable wrigley field friday night. here we go, brand new polling shows a much tighter race between donald trump and hillary clinton. add to that the following. brand new wikileaks bombshells.
6:57 am
that is next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: a lot of breaking news, brand-new details about the flood of money that poured into bill clinton's personal account. as far as the foundation and personal interest was concerned we will get into that. also clinton aids trying to influence the dnc out of the gate in december 2014. we get new wikileaks information, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. bill: an action between the clinton team and the dnc month before hillary clinton announced her run for the white house. 13 page memo written by an
7:01 am
insider writing it all out in detail. and aggressive strategy to line up donors, urged those donors to hire bill clinton, lining his pockets with multi-million-dollar consulting contract. and arrangement described by a insider as bill clinton incorporated. all that is on the table to work through. martha: and henry joins us from washington. we have breaking news on all of this and some big stories. some of these fall to the wayside and other stand out in a big way. >> reporter: let me start with the dnc and what is coordination between the clinton campaign and democratic national committee before hillary clinton even announced she was running for president. the white house in december 2014 and the democratic national committee insisted they were neutral in this race was we learned later that wasn't true. now we are getting more
7:02 am
evidence. emails between robbie hook and cheryl mills, senior aids, december 2014, quote, i will definitely have a conversation with the political director at the white house, debbie wasserman shultz and amy, her chief of staff, aligned. i also went to get her help on iowa planning next week. planning about the iowa caucuses in december of 2014. the clinton camp working with the democratic national committee in the white house, bernie sanders should check into this stuff. he hasn't said very much about all this. this past summer at the democratic convention, debbie wasserman shultz had to resign, was forced out at bernie sanders's urging she be fired but campaigning for hillary clinton suggests they rigged this long before hillary clinton announced. david cmis is mentioned
7:03 am
throughout this exchange was the white house keeps saying, for more than a year they were neutral in the race, they were working with hillary clinton's camp, working on hiring someone to focus on general election planning we get that was supposed to be bernie sanders or martin o'malley, could be hillary clinton. the white house, the dnc working with the clinton campaign. this is revealed. martha: put the shoe on the other foot. what if the rnc was in bed with the many candidates who sit on the stage or with donald trump. absolute outrage. other big headlines, clinton inc. working behind the scenes to make sure bill clinton became a wealthy man you have been highlighting this every day.
7:04 am
we get these emails, others are catching up on it and it talks about how bill clinton was not just raising money for the clinton foundation, all the great works hillary clinton talked about in the debate, but pocketing money himself, getting gifts. we talked about the email last week bill clinton intimate on the inside, 2011 email said bill clinton was collecting money from three sponsors of the clinton global initiative, took a big gifts. the wall street journal has a new memo about speaking fees, the clinton foundation context yielded $30 million personally. $66 million to be paid out, the next tween 9 years with current engagement. the context is under fire from chelsea clinton. she is a good actor in all this,
7:05 am
tipped off in 2011. big stuff, she. you whistle, did an audit with new york law firm, went after doug bands, among the things he said in various emails is if you want to come after me the consulting, allegedly making money off of the foundation, there are 500 different conflicts of interest at the clinton foundation. go after that, don't just go after me. this is big stuff. martha: bill clinton had tons of conflicts of interest between chelsea clinton, to be sure, you see them going after each other, making an effort to protect her father from anything that might look like an impropriety. excellent job, thank you very much. bill: making annual live in
7:06 am
chappaqua, new york. what have they said so far? >> reporter: the clinton campaign is not responding to these individual controversies. the clinton campaign continues attacking those behind the email leaks lose the clinton campaign telling me this morning we still are not confirming the authenticity, to influence the election by weapon i can wikileaks. hillary clinton was not asked about the latest controversy with the family foundation when she was campaigning in florida yesterday. aids say if the email dump was high-minded transparency wikileaks released them all at once. clinton aides say dribbling them out shows a political agenda. asked about wikileaks on saturday and if she was worried donald trump would throw her in jail if elected. >> i have nothing to say about wikileaks except we should be concerned what the russians were
7:07 am
trying to do to the election, blatantly to try to influence the outcome of the election. i have no concerns about that. >> reporter: senior clinton campaign do not expect the democratic nominee to comment on wikileaks between now and election day. senior aids comment. martha: donald trump is commenting, hitting hillary clinton hard on the email controversy, refuses to ease up in the final days of the presidential race. >> they should be talking about wikileaks and horrible things that have come out about hillary clinton, horrible things and she is so guilty. she deleted 33,000 emails, they are missing boxes of emails, she is so guilty how can she run? martha: this has the presidential race gets tighter, new numbers from fox news
7:08 am
polling shows trump has cut clinton's lead in half. she is now ahead by three points which is almost inside the margin of error. chris collins was the first member of congress to endorsed donald trump, cochair of trump u.s. house leadership committee. first out of the gate there has been a call to bring republicans back into shape. among those who said he would vote for donald trump but not endorse him or speak out but vote for him. how is that if it going? >> as we move forward, the fact that clinton inc. has been exposed and hillary clinton doesn't want to talk about the truth that is coming out that america is seeing, you can't trust anything hillary clinton says. she and bill put the clinton family first, they have not put america first.
7:09 am
the fact we have 12 days to go and this will keep coming out and hillary keeps saying i wish wikileaks was not doing this and they are going to do it, america, behind clinton inc. putting her family first, lying to the american public, being disingenuous at every turn. i do think america is now saying we may have a choice that we don't want either candidate but we can't trust anything hillary clinton said what does especially putting america first and that is why i think you are seeing movement towards donald trump and i believe it is going to continue and certainly on november 8th he will be elected and the clinton campaign saying the election was over three or four days ago, talk about premature, arrogant. martha: i think you are right that wikileaks is a real story which is obvious based on the reporting we have been doing when you look at the facts,
7:10 am
needs to get equal attention on all the networks and media outlets. my question was do you think your own house of representatives, republicans are coming around? how do you feel about the fact that so many of them said they won't support the candidate you are out front supporting? >> i don't think it is very many. it is a high number out of 247. the press is focused on those 8, 10 or 12 members. most of them are in their own reelection. i won't defend the fact they don't have enthusiasm behind donald trump. they will vote for donald trump but it is a very small number, they are getting house-sized attention. martha: talk about new hampshire. kelly ayotte has said the top of the ticket, he will vote for me, new hampshire very close, millions of dollars going into
7:11 am
that senate race. donald trump needs to win in new hampshire if he wants to put together a winning coalition. what would you say to kelly ayotte today? >> she is running to be reelected as our 247 republican seats and she will do what is best for her. i wish she was more enthusiastic about trump but she is running her own election and that is her focus and where her focus should be and we certainly need her in the u.s. senate. that is a decision she and her campaign are making. she will vote for donald trump, all politics are local. new hampshire -- i can disagree with her but she is running her own election. good to be with you. bill: commuters fearing for their lives, smashing windows to escape as cars fill with smoke. how did this happen and where?
7:12 am
martha: obamacare premiums spike, this program is imploding but one of the architects of the law says that is not true. the law is acting exactly as they intended. senator rand paul joins us on that. bill: what happens if hillary clinton wins the white house and the senate to democrats? will is elizabeth warren be in charge on capitol hill? >> i have news for you, donald trump, women have had it with guys like you. and nasty women have really had it with guys like you. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts.
7:16 am
siriusxm. road happy. >> on november 8th, we nasty women are going to watch -- march our nasty feet to cast our nasty vote to get you out of our lives forever. martha: that was elizabeth warren, progressive firebrand spending time on the campaign trail, we will talk in a moment, our next guest is a clinton victory would put warren along with bernie sanders in charge of the government's agenda. editorial page editor for the wall street journal, good morning to you. 12 days from the presidential
7:17 am
race, you are nudging everyone to look past that at the makeup of what the senate might look like if democrats win. >> as important as the presidential race is the senate races, these republican incumbents, very tight races and the question is who is going to support the senate and who is responsible for dealing with whatever legislation the president, whoever that may be, present? in the most recent wall street journal poll there is a very interesting question. as tight as this race has become. who would you prefer in control of the senate? a republican to check on hillary clinton or democrat who would help enable her agenda? and the answer was a republican 53, democrat 40. 13 points. the electorate is divided. the big question is whether those who vote for hillary clinton will decide their vote. i think elizabeth warren is
7:18 am
barnstorming out there not just to elect hillary clinton but make sure democrats control the senate in which case she and bernie sanders will be primary players and has to understand elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have a skill for r up the masses against people and if schumer doesn't toe the line he will find the left out there which is very well organized moving against him as well. martha: depending on where this goes at the presidential level, one thing we are having is what we are talking about in terms of how people split their votes to keep things stable. >> in pennsylvania, pat toomey, so far in the polls hillary is running ahead. a poll in new hampshire put her
7:19 am
ahead of trump by seven or eight points and kelly ayotte in a tight race. typically if the head of the ticket underperforms or goes beyond 7 points it is hard for the incumbent to win. the next 12 days donald trump campaign, if the race continues to tighten, that should really help republican senator hand might be the margin that allows them to retain control which would be good if trump were president and a check if hillary somehow wins. martha: if you look at this, more democrats and republicans, the 7% will would kick in but more independents turning out, staying home on both sides, this could be an applecart that get tossed out. >> at the end of the day this election is like the debate. it has gotten so much attention. i think turn out is going to be
7:20 am
very big. the democrats have a bigger field operation out there to go door to door and get people to turn out. if donald trump keeps hitting the deck of the people are anxious about hillary clinton, puts a lot of burden on him, could drive turn out for people not to accept the idea of a hillary clinton presidency. put a large burden on the republican operation in pennsylvania, florida and new hampshire to get the vote out for both of them. martha: you think the whole thing is drowned in opposition but perhaps now in its late days? >> people have always turned to the issues. the town hall debate, asking about personal issues, citizens get up and ask about taxes or the supreme court and polls suggest people want to talk
7:21 am
about the issues and i believe the average person is getting so fed up with the negative opposition research being dumped on the election they are trying to look past the personalities. the key issue in the election was changed. change doesn't just mean one person. what does one person represent? things like the economy, the war on terror. martha: always a favorite every thursday, thanks for being here. bill: 21 past the are the state department dragging its feet when it comes to turning over emails belonging to staffers. is that the case? the foundations have come under fire, trump's charity has been ordered to stop fund raising. we have that decision in a moment. >> she was secretary of state in charge of foreign-policy she had a private family foundation that took millions of dollars from foreign governments.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
7:25 am
martha: the are in c say they are being stonewalled by the state department awaiting a request for months that has not been filled. intelligence correspondent catherine herridge goes into details about what they are looking for. >> reporter: when clinton specialist brian tactilely on oh left the state department in 2013 he did not return his government emails and helped set up the server used exclusively by secretary clinton for government business. he was also the one who got limited immunity deal from the justice department and the fbi case and refused to answer questions in a federal lawsuit, questions from congress, the video is from his appearance
7:26 am
before the benghazi select committee where he took the fifth. according to documents obtained by the are in c and shared with fox news, the records administration wrote to the state department on july 18th and gave 30 days to explain what happened to his records and reads in part, quote, if it is determining federal records were destroyed, they describe all measures your agency has taken to retrieve the alienated records or retrieve them to the extent necessary. the state department is stonewalling another agency to cover up the private server, 2100 classical records. bill: what is the response from the state department? >> there is no cover-up here. john kirby searched records and this critical time period, 2009-2015 when he worked for secretary clinton and managed the server.
7:27 am
this is -- one of the executives accused of stonewalling, state department executive patrick kennedy stands accused of trying to deep-sixed benghazi classified email that was the catalyst for the fbi probe. >> the language in the document archive the base of the building. >> there was no intent to bury that or any other documents. it is all out there. there was a concerted effort for information in the documents. and try to hide anything. >> there could be real legal trouble on this issue, and the immunity deal, in the email investigation would actually cover the destruction of records which are considered government
7:28 am
property. martha: donald trump and his campaign seizing on the issue of obamacare and doing that for the next 12 days. one of the architects of the law says what is going on with obamacare is what they planned all along. senator rand paul joins us on that. >> lasting tribute to fallen heroes you are about to see a landmark project making sure sacrifices and the names are never forgotten. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic
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7:32 am
released from the hospital. >> every prediction they made about this law was a lie and i said it was going to be no good before it was ever passed. if we don't repeal and replace obamacare, we will lose our healthcare system forever. bill: trump's take on obamacare. has been under fire for recent days. the home stretch of this race, supporters, however, say it is doing what it's supposed to do. he said a lot more than that too. kentucky senator rand paul. good morning and welcome back to america's news room. >> good morning. bill: we will show you the headlines. insurance premiums going up by 25% in 2017, some states is 100%. about one and five consumers will have -- will only have plan from single insurer to pick from and 15 insurers will be joining
7:33 am
exchanges while 83 leave. that's a lot. what is the effect if that's what's coming up in the next year? >> i guess what's pretty scary if architects say that that was their intention, boy, we have to be worried about the people in charge. we predicted when you lessen competition you have markets. on average 25% increase in our premiums, our insurance prices in kentucky, south of us in tennessee some 65% increase in prices. this is what happens when the government gets involved, but what my concern about the interview yesterday from one of the architects is he's also saying, well, they need to go all in. maybe we didn't go far enough and these will be rumors early on from the democrats, well, you know what, we need to take over
7:34 am
med rin and not just partially. a sing-payer system cleatly run by the government and that'll be a disaster by the country and quality of medicine. bill: let me play what the architect had to say. thisis from an interview yesterday. >> the premiums increase that is you're seeing now are the natural dynamics as it transitions to new state. we are going to let it go for a couple of years and it's going to get better on its own. >> what if -- bill: what about that phrase as it transitions into a new state, define that. i think it's kind of incensetive of the obamacare people, oh, well, prices are going up. these are just one of those
7:35 am
things. it's not a real marketplace. it's not an open marketplace where insurance companies can sell any insurance policy. the one thing about obamacare is it makes it illegal to sale inexpensive insurance. i can't buy that anymore because obama won't let me. he decided that he knows better. take it or leave it. bill: the way they set up the law, the penalties weren't stiff enough in order to get people to sign up as oppose to paying the penalty and getting -- getting around have to sign obamacare in that sense. let me get to the question. the kaiser foundation put up a survey that voters are split on this.
7:36 am
half of them think the law is good and half is bad. what is your sense in kentucky about what voters think about this? are they helped by it or hurt by it? >> in kentucky people are very unhappy with hillary clinton and barack obama for a variety of reasons, number one has been the war on coal, there's now a war on regulatory war on the family farm and on banks. you add into the mixthe regulatory war on hospitals, doctors and the price of insurance, very, very unhappy. in fact, in all of our ad campaign as well as all of the state representatives that are trying to take over the state house for the first time in 80 years, all the c targeting, hillary clinton and the endorsement of hillary clinton because she's a drag in the ticket in kentucky. bill: i know republicans make the case that obamacare will have a factor here. that has yet to be proven in a national campaign. we shall see. does trump help or hurt on this issue in 12 days? >> you know, in kentucky if you
7:37 am
get away from all the nonsense that's been involved in the presidential election, trump is a help, trump is against regulatory war on coal, on banks, family farms, hospitals, obamacare and that is popular in kentucky and in a lot of states. if we could stick to those issues, i think he could do very well because basically what hillary clinton represents is 30 years of stale policies and heading in the direction of socialism and overregulation and bankruptcy and debt and if we stick to the issues and we get rid of personality excesses, i think that you would actually get to a point where trump has a very viable chance of winning. in kentucky he definitely does. bill: we will see about that. that's what jonathan said just 24 hours ago. >> thanks, bill. [laughter] bill: rand paul in kentucky. martha: we are taking a closer look at the issues that matter this election season including
7:38 am
the tremendous surge in opioid addiction in this country. rick live in manchester new hampshire where heroin has become a huge problem. so rick, tell us what you're seeing on the ground there in manchester? >> martha, some call the ground zero in the heroin-opioid epidemic with more adicks and more overdoes deaths per capita here than anyone else in america. we spent time with federal agents from the drug enforcement administration and man chester police who are trying to bat it will crisis on the streets by arresting buyers with the goal of tracing the drugs back to dealers and distributors to cut off the flow. firefighters have finding themselves on the front lines so they are trained paramedics. instead of fighting fires, they are trying to resuscitate od victims. >> you have been 32 years? >> 32 years.
7:39 am
never sign anything like this. never. >> the chief says they've answered more than 600od calls since january with more than 80 deaths just this year alone in manchester. >> it's unbelievable. i want to repeat what you said, on every shift these firemen who are there to put out fires is primary responsibility, of course, are going on three to five over dose calls to deal with patients. you know, in terms of treatment and fixing this problem, where are we going with that? >> well, in fact, the manchester fire department was answering so many of these calls and decided to turn around and bring the problem back to them. they decide today encouraging anyone with a substance abuse problem just walk into any fire house to come here before they od and get fast-tracked into a substance abuse program. it's a program called safe station. they've drawn hundreds of people just since may. usually several people every
7:40 am
single day coming into the fire house looking for help. we met a woman named erin who was one of them. she desperately wants to kick the habit. >> i'm not a bad person. i just made bad choices but i'm not going to give up on myself. >> martha, this is a national problem. more people are dying from drug overdoses than car crashes, almost 50,000od nationwide. this is obviously a huge problem for whoever moves into the white house next january. martha: extraordinary and awful and as you say, a national problem. i think everybody knows somebody who has lost a child or a relative to heroin overdoses and it's incredible. thank you for that reporting. thank you, rick. bill: two foundations, the trump foundation and the clinton foundation, apparently one is getting special treatment while the other is treated unfairly. that is the allegation from some. we will debate that to see whether or not that's fair.
7:41 am
martha: a woman buys a lottery ticket to show her husband that it's a waste of money, see, honey, they are eating up our money but it turned out that it was a million dollar back buyer. >> i had to eat my words but they were worth eating so i was very happy
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: lottery lesson does not go as plan. glinda blackwells husband picked up lottery ticket to prove she can win and that's when her plan backfired. >> sometimes i get aggravating and i tell him. you're just wasting your money. i had to eat my words but they were worth eating. [laughter] >> i was very happy. bill: you know she won a million dollars. she probably will have friends
7:45 am
and family ringing her door soon. good for glinda. martha: maybe she'll say no more spending money or lottery tickets because we could lose the whole thing. quite a story this morning. >> classic example of organized crime and if it was any other business we would thens immediately. martha: a mountain of new information coming out about the clinton foundation and ethical questions concerning potential conflicts of interest. but the multibillion dollar foundation seems to be getting a pass with no major investigation and no big outcry from the mainstream media. yet the trump foundation which is a far smaller operation was recently ordered by new york state's attorney general to stop so like thatting donations because of essentially a paperwork and certification
7:46 am
problem. former ohio congressman is a fox news contributor. welcome, gentlemen, good to have you this morning. they. >> fixing meetings with corporations and foreign countries. it's a head-scratcher when you look, matt, when the new york attorney general who is an open hillary clinton supporter decide today shut down the trump foundation, is that fair? >> yeah, well, i'm okay with foundations being scrutinized and maybe there are aspects of the trump foundation that needed to be scrutinized. martha, it pailed in comparison that we are talking about here. here is the fundamental part of this that's so disgusting. it was all about hillary clinton serving in the senate and serving as secretary of state. when she became secretary of
7:47 am
state bill clinton doubled the speaking fees, the whole time they went from dead broke to being worth hundreds of millions of dollars was on the back of her public service and using her public service to enriched the clintons. we find personal expenses were being pushed to the foundation. nothing more than a racket and it smells. martha: here is to remind people. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. martha: concerted effort to turn that around quickly. >> well, there's a couple -- three points here. first of all, there is no comparison whatsoever in terms of size magnitude, reach and workings between the trump foundation and the clinton
7:48 am
foundation. the second point, washington is a town where influence peddling is king. former presidents, former members of congress, the house and the senate are all involved in it. the third point and this is something that's quite significant, of all the work that i've seen done with respect to the foundation and possible conflicts. there are two areas that need to be connecting. saudis giving money to clinton foundation. is that influencing u.s. policy in syria particularly with respect to the statements that hillary clinton has made of no fly zone. the second point is, you know, all these attacks that have been going on by the democratic party against russia, i just wonder the extent to which it may be to misdirect public attention from a uranium deal that the clinton foundation benefited from and
7:49 am
that resulted in russia controlling about 50% of u.s. uranium output. that's a serious issue and in the meantime we are getting all this bologne about russia hacking the election. martha: great point. here is a quote from the daily news which is not typically a big donald trump supporter, they're looking at the hillary clinton foundation issue and saying it's a false dichotomy to put their political activities and their philonthropic activities in the same baskets. perhaps the only analogy that's appropriate between the two foundations is the trump foundation was shut down. >> yeah. martha: the clinton foundation keeps on going. >> martha, can you see why voters might see this is unfair? i know trump uses the word rigged a lot and a lot of people in the media roll their eyes at all.
7:50 am
what is the obama administration doing when they see this? they have washed all of the clinton scandals. if they whitewash this one and do nothing from an investigation standpoint, this is going to just create more disharmony out there. to get to what dennis talked about why doesn't she call radical islamic terrorist, regimes that is are funding are funding their lifestyle and funding the foundation. this is very serious stuff. why did she have a home server, is it because they were doing shady deals between the foundation and bill clinton incorporated and who she was meeting at the state department? all of these things we have been talking about for two years, it all comes down to the same thing. the clintons abusing their power. martha: gentlemen, thank you very much and you both call essentially for an investigation into this and it does seem merited, so we will see where this goes now that all of this has come out. thank you very much. good to see you both.
7:51 am
bill: now to a mission grieving families to ensure legacy of their loved ones lives on
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
bill: it's called bridges for the fall and it's a charity that works to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice by naming bridges across the country after them. meet the man that helps to run the campaign, bridges for the fallen and today out of boston, massachusetts. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me and good morning to all of our gold star families and all of our men and women who are keeping us safe right now. bill: i'm sure they appreciate that.
7:55 am
how did that start? >> a conversation with a friend of mine that's a gold star dad and we had heard about navy seal that had died nier a town near us and we decided to reach out and try to do a bridge for this individual, kevin houston who was a navy seal that died in 2010. bill: he was the first then. what does it mean to his family and a family of others for a ceremony and honor like this in. >> you know, as far as the perspective of a gold star family, memorial day is every day. i think the parents and all the gold star family members biggest fear is that their loved ones are going to be forgotten. so what these bridges do is it keeps them relevant and memory alive and that's really extremely important. bill: it changes their lives too and honor and memories. wow, we were at a can he --
7:56 am
ceremony two weeks in massachusetts and you were honoring a world war ii military. this honors the whole entire military, right? >> we take the request from gold star members, it doesn't matter how -- as long as they were killed in action defending our freedom, we take them on and we take the fight and we get them their bridge. bill: right cause. how can they get in contact with you? >> bridges for the fallen. bill: they can reach out to you and you will take it from there? >> i work directly with the families so it works really well. there's a lot of healing that happens in the journey to getting the bridge and then once they get the bridge, they have a personal family treasure that lasts forever. bill: a lot of work to do. >> a lot of work but so worth it.
7:57 am
bill: thank you so much for your time. >> yeah, thank you so much. bill: thanks for coming on
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
martha: 12 days to go. bill: that's right. i'm out of gas, you? martha: fill her up, right, because we have a long way to go. have a good day, everybody. happening now starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ john: oh, yes, we do. the race for the white house getting tighter as we close in on election day. you're not running out of gas? jenna: absolutely not. john: welcome to happening now. i'm john scott. jenna: full tank. that's where we are at. i'm jenna lee. donald trump traveling to battleground ohio where the polls there give him an edge, small edge but an edge all the way. he will hold rallies in counties where he performed well during republican primary while hillary clinton hit it is trail for the first time with michelle obama


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