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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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i know. and it looks great and it's enabled us to have all of the people here at fox who you've come to know and love and trust be on the set for you that night to help you understand the results as they're coming in. we'll have them all for you. thank you for watching the fox news channel. we'll see you tomorrow at 9:00. tonight with just 12 days to go wikileaks exposes the corrupt inner workings of the clinton cash machine and pay to play. plus -- >> hey, it's record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting. >> the gop nominee fights back against unprecedented liberal media bias rnls it's the greatest pile on in american history. wikileaks is unbelievable. >> then new linked e-mails show a top clinton ally calling the e-mail server set up bleeping insane. >> what we've learned about her people. i'll never take the
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african-american community for granted. >> donald trump reaches out to african-american and hispanic voters. >> never ever. >> dr. benjamin carson is here with reaction. "hannity" starts right now. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight, 12 days left to stop the:ton-obama machine. a noou new lu released e-mail showing how he lined his own pockets with tens and tens of millions of dollars. here with the details tonight, fox's own ed henry. a big blockbuster tonight. >> it is. and it follows the fact that fox news broke the story that hillary clinton herself solicited a $12 million donation if are the foundation from the king of morocco and human abedin said it wias pay to play. bill and chelsea clinton went in
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her place. but more damaging e-mail from doug ban. he lays out how bill clinton lined his pockets steering them to hire him for speeching. look at the 2011 memo, yielding $30 million for him personally with $66 million to be paid out in years ahead. another revelation we learned today, the top two officials in hillary clinton's campaign was kept many the dark on the ul extent of her e-mail scandal by the candidate herself or others. when the story first broke, john podesta wrote, did you have any idea of the depth of this story. look, the campaign's manager responded nope. we brought up the existence of e-mail in research this summer but with we're told that everything was take uncare of. that came as the "the new york times" posted its first story march 2nd, 2015 all about clinton's use of a personal e-mail account as secretary of
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state. a dramatic sign that the potential next commander in chief shares confidential information with only a few. she wrote to john podesta about the e-mail scandal in the summer of 2015, quote, it's like the whole thing is bleepin' insane. and that honest submission comes at the same time that clinton herself and her aides kept telling us this is not a big deal, there's nothing to see her, move on. even one of her top advisers was saying i was insane. >>' and by the way, we've got to remember your question. you said did you have your server wiped clean. you mean with a cloth? we know it was acid wash. this whole thing is bleepin' insane, the one individual you quoted saying also, i was told everything was taken care of. being taken care of fits into
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the bleached bit nainitiative. weren't those e-mail all subpoenaed at that point? >> they were subpoenaed right after that point. the campaign manager having the conversation as the "the new york times" broke the story march 2nd. trey gowdy issued the subpoena two days later. it's happening in the same time period but maybe he was referring to the idea that he went to hillary clinton, what's going on with the e-mail, she said everything is fine or maybe houma abdeen say that. did she suggest to delete them? we don't know. did they suggest there's nothing to see her, don't worry about it, and then he moved on to other issues. it shows you that hillary clinton wasn't just dodging the press, he was dodging her own campaign manager. when someone does that it suggests they have something to hide. >> the head of the clinton foundati foundation. this guy doug ban is responding to chelsea clinton's admission.
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we're talking $116 million that he's lined up on the books. >> you're not going to believe these details. chelsea clinton was the good actor when you look at the facts. she was blowing the whistle saying look, there's problems with this foundation. what's significant is they keep saying at the foundation it's conservative critics. chelsea clinton was saying there were problems. number two, she brought in an independent law firm to do an audit that suggested donors expect a quid pro quo. that's what the law firm found. and the details of this. doug ban, chelsea wlinton went after him saying i'm hearing speculation that doug ban is trading on my father's name. doug ban denies that. he'll leave that aside for a second. the bottom line is doug ban fired back with the memo he mentioned about all of money and another e-mail doug ban said
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bill clinton is being paid by three sponsors of the clinton foundation, he's the one with conflicts of interest and he said bill clinton has taken big personal gifts that are now in the clinton home and the home by the way of hillary clinton. that's a big story. >> he's mad he didn't get a cut of that. thanks for being with us. rnc chairman reince priebus is reacting saying this memo is the smoking gun of how the clintons use their foundation to make a massive for-profit foundation to enrich themselves. here for reaction, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich is with us. we're talking about $116 million. i want to put the revelations next to an ap story that said remember, 55% of individuals that got to see hillary when she
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was secretary of state were either donors or people committing money to the foundation. now add that to the haiti story, they raise this money, separate list for foundation donors and friends of bill so they can cash in on the contracts after 150,000 people died and they raised money and they would be first if line to make more funnel to funnel back to the clinton foundation. how is this not watergate in the minds of the rest of the media? >> it's beginning to get picked up. somebody pointed out that on "morning joe" they spent 13 minutes attacking the clintons this morning. now that's unheard of. that's a breakdown in the media discipline that's hard to manual. it will be interesting to see by tomorrow where is the washington, where's the "the new york times." this is getting so big and smelling so bad i think they're going to have a hard time hiding from it. if the federal bureau of
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investigation was still a law enforcement agency, we would have a grand jury impanelled to be taking testimony right now and not negotiating but issuing subpoenas. >> i beg to differ. they're a law enforcement organization. if you did i they would have impanelled the grand jury right now. if i did it, the grand jury would be impaneled. there's the big problem with the justice department. >> that's not law enforcement. that's selective prosecution. law enforcement says that all of us are under the law. all of us have to obey the law. all of us have to face the same consequences. we know for a fact from all of this stuff that you have the head of the clinton campaign john podesta going off to tiner with the justice department, you have weird negotiations with various clinton officials, things nobody gets from the fbi. you have the president, the
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former president and the attorney general meeting on a ecret the same week they're going to interrogate hillary. this is the kind of stuff that in a place like venezuela you would understand because they don't have the rule of law. but what we're seeing right now -- and wikileaks in a sense is ripping the scar off of the largest amount of corruption in american history. this beats any prior corruption scandal i know of including the 1868 period where grant was president, including the harding administration. i mean, including some of the things that happened under truman. none of those things are like this. this is the largest scandal affecting a senior american politician i think in the history of the united states and it's as you yourself just pointed out, you have hillary clinton clearly trading on the office of secretary of state in a way which has to be -- i'm not a lawyer, but my guess is you've got probably 60 or 70 counts against her just in terms of
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scheduling people to come in to her office. >> and yet she could be elected as president. and yet according to polls she's in the this race. in 12 days she would possibly win the election. what cousin thdoes that say. >> our country is a cull or f crisis. does the law apply to everyone or are we a country that some people are above the law. no matter how corrupt they are. putting bill clinton back in the white house given everything that we're learning would be a sign of sickness. this is why i've told you that i thought she would lose and donald trump would win. in the end i don't think the majority of american people are going to put somebody who is a liar and a crook in the white house. i have enough faith in the american people that when we get down to voting -- i've had several people say this to me this week. when they got down to it, they simply couldn't vote for her. >> we are more with newt
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gingrich right after the break. and also coming up tonight. it's record setting bad treatment that i'm getting. the greatest pile on in american history. >> greatest pile on in american history. donald trump slamming the out of control left wing mainstream media. tune in tomorrow night 10:00 eastern, donald trump will be ou our guest. that's tomorrow night at 10:00. we have more "hannity" coming up. i've been a soldier for 3 years. i've scaled the toughest terrain and faced plenty of my fears as part of my training. and for the past two years i've been a navy federal member. so even out here i can pay securely with mobile pay linked to my free checking account. i don't know about this, it's ... [screams] what did she say? she said "i don't know about this." i couldn't hear over my helmet. your ears are completely exposed. mm-hmm, yeah i just ...
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. tense moments earlier tonight for vice presidential nominee mike pence and others passengers on board his private campaign
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plane. the governor's jet was landing in heavy rain when it slid off the runway. no one was hurt although the 35 passengers describe a very rough landing as the pilot slammed on the brakes and overshot the run rae. the plane tore up two tracks of concrete before coming to a rest on a patch of grass. emergency crews arrived to escort the passengers often the plane. mick pence was on his way to join donald trump in trump tower. pence is looking forward to being back on the campaign trail tomorrow. i'm patricia stark and now back to "hannity." for all of yir headlines, log on to i have to say, the media now, they're going wild. the media is going wild because they're saying, you know, this guy is winning. >> that was donald trump slamming the liberal mainstream media at a campaign stop.
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that was in springfield, ohio. that's not all. during a sitdown interview with george stephanopoulos, donald trump explained how unfairly he's being treated by the liberal press. take a look. >> how is the 2012 election different? >> i look at the way that the media treats the republicans and the conservatives. i see the way it's so skewed. >> you called it a scam and a traves travesty. >> it was horrible the way they're being treated in the media. it's record setting bad treatment that i'm getting. i go to these rallies and they're starting to hate the media because they see it's all a big lie. not all. but a lot of it is a big lie. >> and we continue with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. in many ways we've discussed within last night we learned from wikileaks that a lot of these woreporters with, they're being wind and kind from the clinton campaign, this from abc,
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cnbc, cnn, msnbc, "the new york times," politico, "wall street journal," i never got the invitation. did you get one? i've never been invited to any of these things. >> well i don't think you're going to be either. >> i don't want to be. i really don't want it. >> i don't think the clintons have you on their list of possible allies. >> i've never been to mar-a-lago. i've never stayed in a trump hotel, never been on a trump golf course. never been invited there either. everyone hates me. >> i'm confident if you ask, donald will get you on a golf course. >> i'll pay my way. >> that's right. look. a couple quick things. just so the audience gets the full flavor of this. let me say, by the way, i know you're going to cover a very important part of this show, the new deal for african-americans and for the black community is a
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really big idea. donald trump has done more to communicate concern and to communicate solutions to the african-american community than any republican presidential candidate in my lifetime and the speech yesterday was a big deal. i know it's later on in the show. i think people should know how many things he's saying and doing that are substantive, his contract with the american voter which again as a guy who wrote the contract with america, i'm very sympathetic to contracts. it's a great contract. e everybody should go look at it and see the website for the contract, that in fact this is something that's real, it's specific, sit totally different from where hillary clinton would take us. you're not going to see much of it in the elite media because it's all positive. >> i actually have -- and this is actually signed by trump. this is his contract with america. now he talks about six measure
7:18 pm
to clean up corruption, drain the wamp, five actions to restore security and constitutional rule of law, middle class tax simplification, ending the offshoring act, american energy and infrastructure act, school choice and education opportunity act, repeal replace obamacare act, end the ul legal immigration act, restoring community safety act, restoring national security act and cleaning up corruption in washington. i put it up on my website and people say he's not substantive. they don't want to cover this and maybe he needs to do what you were doing when you were running one pull it out-his pocket in every interview saying this is what i'm going to do. i don't want to talk about a, b ax c when what you want to talk about. >> i think he should hold it up at tell people they can go to
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his website and sign up, be part of the contract between him and the american people. and i think -- you know, because we did it and he knows how we kid it, he knows we kept our word, when he knows we voted on every single thing in the 1994 contract with america. and i think he's trying to make a case here that he's really committed to very very dramatic change. i think it's pathetic that the "the new york times," the washington post et cetera, nbc, cbs, abc, none of these guys can serve america by letting them see that there is a real alternative. it's almost unpatriotic to have the level of tlib rate disinformation and deliberate censorship we're getting out of the elite media and it's something that the average american gets. one of the reasonsy you're getting the huge voter turnouts is to send a signal to the news media that you're not going to dictate to us that we have to
7:20 pm
vote for a corrupt left winger. we're going to show you. i think you're going to find some surprising results this fall. >> we can only hope so. 12 days to go. newly released wikileaks e-mails show that clinton aides were shocked and apalmed by hillary's private e-mail server. also, later tonight -- >> i will also pursue financial reforms to make it easier for young african-american to get credit to pursue their dreams in business and create jobs in their communities. >> more substance ignored by the mainstream media. donald trump unveils his new deal for african-americans. that's later tonight.
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rawr yeti and found a place to service it, too. ♪ jingle bells now when you're ready, you can sell your old car and find your new one all on you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. the clinton crew gave more than $675,000 to the wife of the deputy director of the fbi and the man who was overseeing the investigation into hillary's illegal server, a server we now know obama knew about. the more e-mail wikileaks releases, the more lines between the clinton foundation, the secretary of state office and the personal finances all get blurred. >> that was donald trump earlier today talk about the damning
7:24 pm
wikileaks revelations. one e maul released today was from the president from the center of american progress. the cochair is clinton's transition team. she wrote back, quote, do we actually know who told hillary she could use a private e-mail and has that person been drawn and quartered? like this whole thing is insane. i didn't say the other word. joining us with reaction is a the author of "uh-oh"unholy all" i have not sensed from you real enthusiasm for trump. why? >> i just think that the campaign has missed the issues. you and i have been friends a long time. i'm an issues person and i'm worried about the issues being addressed. i don't think it's been
7:25 pm
articulated particularly strongly by donald trump. >> in fairness to him. this is really, i think, an issue that involves the narrative of the news media. he came out with trump's contract with america, detail. i'll give you other details. we know he's going to drop the corporate tax rate down to 15%, vet refugees, we know he's going to build a wall and we know he'll say radical islam and you saw the list of supreme court justices, an issue near and dear to your heart. help me out here. >> what you just did is very effective. the problem is -- and it is -- part of it is the media. you know when you got to give a message, you've got to make your three points and stick to it no matter what is coming at you. by the way, i think it's way too close to call and i think that donald trump underpolls. but the fact is you've got three or four major points you wanted to make, you rattled them off
7:26 pm
succinctly. but he tends to get distracted. that's the thing -- >> maybe that's true. i'm a talk show host. i've been on radio 30 years. it's my 21st year on fox. this is what i do. he's a business guy. >> yes. >> i'm not sure that the public, the voting public -- lisa jump many here -- is going to judge him on the standard of whether he can rattle off exactly his agenda in 30 seconds like a professional talk show host could. >> look, i think that part of donald trump's appeal to voters is the fact that he doesn't people like hillary clinton, the fact that he's a little more plain spoken, like an average person. and they find hillary clinton rehearsed and that's part of the inauthenticity and the reason that americans don't trust her. but it would be to donald trump's benefit, especially right now with all of the information that's come out regarding wikileaks, whether it's the fact that bill clinton personally made $66 million off of sourced tide to the clinton
7:27 pm
foundation, leveraging those relationship to make the clinton's personally rich. when you remember that the a.p. reported not too long ago that more than half of hillary clinton's nongovernment meetings were clinton foundationonors. there's so much information here. it's to donald trump's benefit to start unpacking it for americans. >> jay, they're admitting that they know this entire issue is corrupt. and all of these different e-mail that went back and forth, they knew it was -- >> incredibly so. >> they knew the clinton foundation issue. they understood it. >> here's the real issue. his staff -- now because of wikileaks, the staff reporting of what was going on internally inside the campaign is now made public for the rest of the world to see. and if you look at where the lines go -- which is not a complicated connect the dots. the fact is what was going on -- you mentioned the fbi situation. i mean the fbi should be embarrassed. now the number two guy at the fbi gets promoted after al of
7:28 pm
this mess, his wife was running to be a state senate seat and the governor of virginia pours in between the dnc and pacts 700,000, 800,000 dollars for a state senate seat which che loses and then he gets promoted. in another universe at another time, this would be a very different situation. but i go back to stay -- you're coming up to the most important ten days of the presidential election. this is it. the final ten days is two days away for both clinton and trump. they've got to hit their messages. if you're a trump supporter you want them hitting exactly what you hit consistently. not get distracted. if they don't focus that's the problem. and donald trump has not been focused. >> last word, lisa. >> well i agree. i do think that he really needs to stay focused. there are indications that the race is tightening. but what we've seen is it's been very fluid.
7:29 pm
a lot of ebbs and flows. there's 12 days out to the election. there is no time left for screwups. he cannot say something stupid. he cannot distract the media's attention away from things like the doug ban memo, this wikileaks information that surfaced with, the fact that president obama might have known about her private e-mail server all along. these are things that he needs to allow the media to stay focused on and cannot offer any distractions by getting off message or saying anything stupid. it's really vital territory right now, sean. >> thank you both. up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> maybe the greatest of that potential is in the african-american communities. there's so much potential. >> donald trump breaking new ground laying out his quote new deal with black american. dr. ben carson, a.j. delegate to here next. more of the millennial town hall we taped in vegas and
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welcome back to "hannity." to donald trump while cam paping yesterday in north carolina, he reached out to african-american voters and unveiled what he called a new deal for black america. let's take a look. >> here's the promise i make to you. whether you vote for me or not, i will be your greatest champion. i will also pursue financial reform to make it easier for young african-american to get credit to pursue their dreams in business and create jobs in their communities. we will also encourage small business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty assistance into repayable but forgivable microloans. everywhere i go in this country all i see is untapped potential
7:36 pm
waiting to be set free and maybe the greatest of the potential is in the african-american communities. there's so much potential. >> here now with reaction, dr. ben carson and trump campaign adviser a.j. dell go to. safe communities, great education, high paying jobs. if you look at the numbers and break down issues economically in the black community they've been disproportionately impacted by violence, a bad educational system and the lack of economic opportunity. this to me seems to be -- must be a long standing promise that republicans should be making every year, not just campaign years. >> yeah. well, better late than never. the republican party has been tardy when it comes to focusing
7:37 pm
on the downtrodden communities. both on the inner city, some of our rural communities. and whenever i talk about that with donald trump, he gets very animated from the very beginning and he understands that these communities are vital to the health of our nation. and you can't have a successful nation without this. but some of the keys are a good education because that changes the trajectory of one's life. >> well that's what your mother did for you. >> and opportunities. >> your mother took you off the streets and your friends and she said you got to read. you've got to study. and took away your games and your tv and you know, look at what you became, one of the best surgeons in history. >> well it really differs from what the democrats have offered. you know they say i'm going to give you the housing subsidy. i'm going to give you free health care. i'm going to give you food stamps. and that's not particularly
7:38 pm
helpful. what you want to do is provide a pathway. the mechanism so that people can climb out of a state of dependency. i have heard some people criticize donald trump saying he thinks that all blacks live in the getto and are poor. of course he doesn't believe that. he knows better. but he is concentrating on the area of weakness and an area that we need to strengthen. we only have 330 million people. >> if you look at the obama eight years, one in five american families, nobody working, 8 million more people in poverty. blacks/hispanics have been negative tyly impacted by liberal policies. but every four year inner city america, in come the democratic party we need your voes and the republicans they're racists
7:39 pm
don't vote for them. >> what we're most hurt by is working class americans, we're the ones that are negatively impacted by. i wrote about this two and a half years ago. it's african-americans that are the victims of amnesty when they see higher competition for jobs, lower wages because of illegal immigration. i don't think there's been enough attention paid to the fact that donald trump's platform really is, for that reason alone a pro-african-american platform. >> why every four years -- there was a rasmussen poll out. why still such a low number. in other words, democrats seem to have a lock, a monopoly on the demographic groups? >> because of the media noise. you need jobs, you need less competition. amnesty is what's hurting you.
7:40 pm
business regulation, bad trade deals are hurting you. when you vote trump you're voting for yourself. that's indisputable. >> what do you think, dr. carson. we see all of the balls up in the air, wikileaks, project veritas. my question to you is do you believe these polls are wrong? do you think there's going to be a brexit effect. do you think there are people that aren't going to admit that they're going to vote for donald trump? >> yes, i do believe that the polls are skewed. one of the polls last week, i think it was abc had hillary 12 points ahead but they only polled 29% republicans. if they polled 29% democrats, they'd have a very different number. and they tend not to talk about ibd and rasmussen and the ones that look good for trump. that's universal among the
7:41 pm
mainstream media. and a lot of people, particularly in the black community if you ask them who they're voting for, they're not going to say trump. they don't trust you. there's negative ramifications for them. and in the white community they don't want to say it if you vote for trump you're a risist. that's the narrative put forth. of course it's full of crap. >> i love when you say full of crap. now you sound like me. >> there's an intimidation factor that they don't want to admit they're voting for trump. we're seeing it come out in florida. supposedly clinton was up and now in early voting donald trump is up. that's proof positive. >> he's got to get florida, ohio, north carolina, he's got to make sure he gets utah which is amazing, arizona, nevada and then he's got to pick up, a new hampshire including indiana and then he also has to get iowa. rng >> it's going to be tough. the people know he's our champion and they're going to
7:42 pm
cast their ballot on november 8. up next on "hannity." >> clinton was paying people $15 million plus an iphone to go out and be violent at our rallies. >> 1500 bucks and an iphone? donald trump talking about how terribly his supporters are treated on the campaign trail. up next, more of the town hall that we had with conservative millennial voters. you're going to hear from two amazing college students who have been harassed for their conservative views as "hannity" continues. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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did you see where through wikileaks we found out that clinton was paying people $1500 plus an iphone to go out and be violent at our rallies? it's a disgrace. but i tell you what, they found out people are very tough. >> donald trump last talking about the coordinated mistreatment of trump supporters all across the country. for the past few nights we've been showing you parts of the conservative mama lineal hall we did while we were in vegas. tonight you'll meet two college students who say they've faced
7:48 pm
discrimination on campus. why? their conservative beliefs. watch this. don donna blair, trump supporter. you're facing a backlash in your community. we'll get to that. and also hailey, a student at ucl ab, that's awesome, a trump support are. and you said anti-trump protesters crashed an event you were holding and stomping on the american flag? >> yes. not only after that they attempted to burn the american flag outside. >> amazing. >> wow. >> you can't make this stuff up, sean. >> as don was talking about earlier, that's really said. especially where there should be a freedom of speech on a college campus. a free exchange of ideas that's not happening. tell us why you're stepped out
7:49 pm
aing this is the person you want for president. >> i've decided to support donald trump first and foremost with the implications of the supreme court. this could fundamentally transform the orientation of your country toward the constitution and the laws. this election does not only extend for the last four to eight years but potentially the next 40 to 50. that's something we need to be cognizant of. >> i say it every day. it's 30 or 40 years. >> dominque, i love that cross. that is really pretty. >> thank you. >> tell us what happened. how are you being treated? >> very poorly on my campus and different campuses. it's hard to be a conservative activist in los angeles. and going to different schools and even attending activist events with conservative speakers can be harmless and dangerous. you're faced with very crazy
7:50 pm
leftist mobs that are not tolerant of your views whatsoever. and it turns into a lot of, i would say, very -- well a lot of bad debates i would say, sometimes violent, sometimes hitting and fights. i've, all around it. >> just for saying you support donald trump and you want to have a peaceful reasonable exchange of ideas. >> discussion, right. >> you were treated that horribly. why is he your choice? >> i agree with him on foreign policy definitely. that's something strong. >> you mean you don't support giving the iranians $150 billion? >> i will say i don't. >> and you believe we should say the words radical islam? >> i believe we should say radical islam. i definitely do. >> and vet refugees that grow up in countries that -- >> you're reading my mind.
7:51 pm
>> apparently we're all radicals. >> dominque will be hosting the rest of the show. >> good job. >> i really feel bad when i hear stories like yours, both of yours, because you're entitled to your belief system. and it's like we're under assault. how dare you think differently than another person or think for yourself or independently. have you had a positive experience where you can change other people's minds? >> every single week activists and i face-to-face, discussing these issues about limited government, fiscal responsibility and traditional values and i have converted bernie supporters to our side and individuals from all points on the political side. >> there is something rewarding when you can make intelligent
7:52 pm
arguments and people say you're right. >> this is my 30th year on radio. some of you not born yet. my 21 year on the fox news channel. thank you. well, one of the thing that's really surprised me is social security will be bankrupt in 18 years, medicare is headed for bankruptcy. obamacare spiralled down. and there is no social security lock box. we have more debt in eight years than previous, you know, 243 presidents combined. i'm shocked people seem to have faith the government is going to solve their problems. where did you develop a sense it's not the government's role to take care of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, health care, day care, government, car, government house, government cheese. government everything. where did you get the independent mind set we live in
7:53 pm
freedom, with freedom comes responsibility and opportunity? >> well, i would say came from my parents. my mom has raised seven children, i'm the last of seven. and also, my older siblings, too, taught me to be self reliant, get a job, be stable, take care of yourself and take care of mama, still, but take care of yourself and learn how to become an adult. and just my step dad from iran, he came here from iran in the 70s and he wanted a better life and i saw him growing up started three businesses, one selling computers one driving super shuttle for lax, and another as a professor at a college. >> i bet you're proud of him, right? >> i am. >> i bet neither one of you thought you'd be in a millennial town hall sitting next to don junior and eric.
7:54 pm
right? >> no. it's weird. >> we're glad to do it. >> we love you guys. >> this is the hope i get to see. >> this is hope in just a few days. everyone here going to be voting, i hope? thank you. you're very inspiring. >> and coming up, we need your help, a very important question of the day. straight ahead. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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time for the question of the day. donald trump, it says the media coverage of him is the greatest pylon in american history. what do you think of those comments? by the way, november 9th we're going to start a campaign to expose this media. that is a sneak peek of coming attractions. go to and let us know what you think.
8:00 pm
tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, the republican presidential nominee, donald trump will join us with only 11 days to go, thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> i am happy and thrilled to talk about the clinton foundation because it is a world renowned charity. >> now, information shows the clinton foundation is a sophisticated multi million dollar business as well as a charitable concern. >> our campaign is about change, optimism and the future. >> donald trump entering the no spin zone. does he believe the up coming election is rigged? that, and other questions will be put to him. >> what do you think the most important issue is facing the country? >> feminism is very important. >> are you just


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