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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, the republican presidential nominee, donald trump will join us with only 11 days to go, thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> i am happy and thrilled to talk about the clinton foundation because it is a world renowned charity. >> now, information shows the clinton foundation is a sophisticated multi million dollar business as well as a charitable concern. >> our campaign is about change, optimism and the future. >> donald trump entering the no spin zone. does he believe the up coming election is rigged? that, and other questions will be put to him. >> what do you think the most important issue is facing the country? >> feminism is very important. >> are you just saying this to
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get girls? >> also ahead, wattters talking about the kids about the election. do they know more than acults? >> our world is going down. hillary and donald are both messes. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the memo will be in our third segment tonight with the clinton foundation and it is worth hearing. we've uncovered new information as well as now knowing what the hackers found out about the foundation. please stay tuned for talking points. but first, an interview with donald trump. some polls say he is closing in on hillary clinton with 12 days to go. mr. trump joins us now from ohio. let's begin with the rigged
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business. how do you think the election is rigged? >> the system is rigged, bill, looking at the media, how horrible, they are, how false they are and negative toward me. 93% of the stories they write are negative, if it's positive, they'll find a way to make it negative. i used to get great publicity. now, it doesn't make a difference but the system is rigged and i think the biggest rigging is what happened with the fbi and justice department with respect to hillary clinton. she is guilty and shouldn't be allowed to run for president. >> okay, what about the vote itself? you know? it's close in a lot of states here. it's very, very close. and a lot of your supporters are worried and they write me that they think there might be
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nefarious things going on at individual polling places. can you reassure him? will you do that tonight? >> i think things are going on that aren't good. and i think you look at texas, a lot of calls made from texas, an incredible place, i love texas. lines are massive and they're talking about flipping. they press it for me and another name comes up. >> do we have data on that? >> no they called in to fox. fox received those calls. >> i don't get backs to back up wide conspiracy. >> i know. i've been hearing for years abou philadelphia, chic chic, st. louis. >> on a mass level, you don't believe that 120 million american votes that it's going to be dishonest. do you believe that? >> well, i looked at pew
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research. there are 1.8 million people who are dead who are registered to vote. so i wonder how that happens. there are 2.8 million people registered to vote in two states. i watch president obama, eight years ago, on fox, actually, just the other night, but watched president obama eight years ago talking about how chicago is rigged. and that is, he was doing it with a wink. >> now, mentioning president obama. >> he said it happened. >> here is what his wife said today in north carolina. go. >> when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy and saying this election is rigged, understand that they are trying to get you to stay home. they're trying to convince you that your vote doesn't matter. and that the outcome has been
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determined and you shouldn't be bother making your voice heard, they're trying to take away your hope. >> her husband did it eight years ago, saying the and it's something to like he's lucky he's in chicago. take a look. i saw it in fox and thought it was terrible since now, he's holier than thou. like this could never happen. but go back eight years, when running for the first time. you'll see pretty nasty statements. >> her message is that you're undermining the desire of people to vote. >> the opposite. in florida there are lines that are record lines. four blocks long to vote. i hear in different places i'm hearing records that are incredible. i think they're voting for me.
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they have a lot of donald trump caps on that. they have record lines so we're going to see what happens. i'm right now in ohio and i will tell you what, it's incredible, the enthusiasm and crowds and whole thing. >> there is, in front you're out in front in ohio. >> do you think certain news organizations and other organizations when they poll, have their thumb on the scale and want hillary clinton to come out on top of the scale? do you believe that? >> absolutely. i have no doubt about it. >> let's walk. >> i won the third debate. easily. it wasn't even a contest. and everybody had me winning. every vote had me winning big league. then, cnn did a poll and had me losing somewhat. and i said how did that happen? i wonder? and there were other polls that, i'm winning in certain polls. other polls, dirty polls we call
8:07 pm
them, i was losing by you know numbers that were ridiculous. >> i think we're winning but bill? you look at some of the polls, it's ridiculous. abc has down. >> in particular any you think are dishonest? >> i think ap has got you down by 14. >> ap treats me badly. abc had me down at 12, which was ridiculous. now, i hear at abc, we're down by very, very little. >> abc leading tracking poll has clinton up by three. six, i'm sorry. six. fox news poll. >> now, it's lower than that. how do you go from 12 down to two? and three? in a day or two? >> i can barely add. >> these polls, these polls, look, the only one i like where the ones where i'm winning.
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bill, something is going on with the polls. what they do is called suppression. >> if something is going on, it's incumbent upon all responsible politicians to get the facts and present the facts. because speculation can erode spirit. >> i think it's very unfair. and whether etc. polled for debates, where i won the debates or if it's polls for something else, this tremendous dishonesty in the polls, i've never seen anything like it. >> we're today after the debate we're going to, i mean the election we're going to analyze who this -- >> that is the poll that matters. >> we're going to hold you over. i'm going to talk a little obamacare with you. and the talking points memo. more information about the clinton foundation, some of it troubling. the factor is coming right back. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports.
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continuing with mr. trump. we'll get to obamacare in just a moment. i have one more question about campaigning. do you believe you would be ahead if not for the access hollywood spot? . >> i just don't know. i think it was negative, locker room talk. the microphone was not supposed to be on. it was an illegal act that was nbc. it was not supposed to be on. >> you think it was illegal? >> absolutely. a private dressing room. yeah. that was definitely -- >> are you going to take any action after the he cans? >> you'll see, you'll see. first of all, shouldn't have been said but it was locker room talk and yes. i mean, we're going to find out soon enough, i will tell you. >> all right. obamacare. not doing well, i think any
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measure, any fair minded person would say a lot of americans are getting hurt. they have to pay more for premiums and more deductibles. they're getting choices of doctors filed down. the democratic base, which wanted obamacare so much, cares. they don't seem to care. you don't see an outrage building on the left about obamacare. i'm wondering if you know why that is? >> i think they care. i think people care. i think people are getting wiped out. the state of -- it is just an amazing place. i'm going there in two days. great state of arizona. 116% increase. they're going to care when seeing the bills pouring in. numbers they gave, you know? 24%, 25% increase, i don't believe. that i think the minimum is going to be 40% and 50%. >> can you tell me simply, i'm a simple man and have trouble grasping complicated situations. you say you're going to revoke and replace obamacare.
8:14 pm
i know you want to have insurance companies compete nationwide and that would drive premiums down. what else? what else? >> i like -- >> are you going to subsidize 30 million people? are you going to help them out? . >> i like the concept of health care saving accounts. i think it's great. you must get rid of the boundaries between states where we have competition. right now, you'll have insurance with only 1 or 2. >> one of the things, is because there are 30 million americans that have trouble doing anything. they don't work, whatever, now, the obama administration is giving them free health care, will you continue that? >> i view it as two groups, people that can afford it, it would be much lower, much better and lower price and phenomenal, tremendous competition. and they'll be plans you're not talking about now because competition will make great mans. but lower price, much better. now, you're going to block grant
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medicaid to the states. they're going to take care of the people. >> so states have responsibility to do that. >> absolutely. you block grant to states. the medicaid, and it will work out so much better than what we have now. this is a nightmare. hey, bill, i have friends that are doctors have more accountants than nurses. they don't want to be doctors anymore. >> now, finally you say hillary clinton is pooped, tired, she can't, what are you saying about her? exhausted? or what? i didn't understand. >> i think she is very low energy. i think we need somebody with extreme energy. >> who has more energy? jeb bush or hillary clinton? . >> i saw her and she can barely make it to the car. this is not what we want to negotiate with china, to beat isis, to work against putin, had
8:16 pm
is not what we want. >> first day is let's see why. we're doing well. >> she's okay. she's okay. >> look. there is something going on. and i don't know what's happening. this is a, she goes away and doesn't leave the house, then, she comes back. the interesting thing is that i had eight stops over the last day. yesterday, she said we opened a great hotel on pennsylvania avenue. i went to cut a ribbon. she said donald trump is off the path. off the path? okay. give me a break. it's probably the first time i've done something outside of this in probably a month. we built a great hotel. and under budget, ahead of schedule. that is one of the reasons i wanted to be there. this country does not do that. >> all right. >> we appreciate and know how busy you are. i hope you come back next week, the last week and talk to us again. >> good. >> thank you very much. >> i will. thank you, bill, thank you. >> hackers releasing new information about the clinton
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foundation, and the factor has been investigating as well. you will want to hear what we have come up. and watters talking to the kids about the presidential election. don't miss it, up ahead. ♪ 3, 2, 1 [whispered 'rocket'] lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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impact segment tonight, how the clinton charitable foundation is being run, and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. hackers have released new information taken from e-mails stolen from john bethesda that show the clinton foundation is run like a business, than a charity. this man was a top fund-raiser for the foundation, but, at the same time, he was running a company called tanio and booking
8:21 pm
speeches for mr. clinton. not only did he bring in millions to the foundation, i set up millions of dollars in speaking fees for bill clinton, and a hefty income for himself. consulting with folks who donated money to the foundation. it's a tangled web, if you get the picture. money went to charity, money went to bill clinton. money went to the band. and studying tax returns from the clinton foundation, according to this document, millions were spent on noncharitable expenses. in 2014, the clinton foundation received $338 million in revenue. wow. 64% of that money went for charit the rest was saved, spends on
8:22 pm
administrative expenses, or invested. including in the expenses are lavish salaries for clinton pals. then ceo eric braver received $532,000 in total compensation. not bad. bruce lindsay, almost $400,000. mark dugunton, $313,000. and in addition, bill, hillary and chelsea clinton used private jets to fly around on foundation business. that is legal, but rare. charities usually are scheduled airlines to save money. to be fair, mr. and mrs. clinton are very high profile people, secret service agents are needed but there is no question the private air travel afforded them an opportunity to do whatever they wanted to do, and go whenever they wanted to go. that is a huge advantage for a
8:23 pm
politician. is it not? talking points believe the clinton foundation is a joint venture, business, political, and charitable. the clintons figured out how to accomplish all three things under the foundation banner. it is left to you, the voter to decide whether that is ethical. one footnote, i run my own charitable foundation, i named it after my parents and i take nothing. no salary, no travel, no expenses. that is the memo. now, for reaction, joining us from tallahassee, did i make mistakes in the memo or leave anything out? >> no. that is a great summary of clinton blur, as i call it, between philanthropic, profit
8:24 pm
making ventures and political ventures. i would add the critical ingredient is the fact they had political power at this time. this was a review done by simpson at the request of chelsea clinton of the clinton foundation. one of the things it found is that donors had quoted expectation of a quid pro quo for gifts, end quote. i think it's related to influence peddling and the fact that these donors were expecting favorable action from hillary clinton. >> i have studied this and so has my staff, and they're the best in the business. we can't find many quotes, particularly from the year 2014, 15, you know? the recent. you can go back with iranian stuff. there is columbia, south america here. but it looks to me that they
8:25 pm
stopped the quos. >> i think they have suspended them. >> fox suspended. we don't see a lot of quo coming back. it's interesting. why? why would people giving money to the clinton foundation, why turn around and give president clinton $250,000 to speak? what is in it for them? why do they have to give him $250,000? >> you're putting money in multiple pockets. hillary clinton has no formal power but she's widely expected to run for president. and a lot of people assume she may be the next president. so you can argue it's a down payment for services expected to receive. >> now, one of the criticisms of
8:26 pm
you, and your book is worth printing, you're associated with the ceo of the trump campaign. you work for government accountability institute. so people might say well, you know, he's got a beef and how would you answer that? >> well, what i would say is that we started researching the clintons in 2013. we formed government accountable institute before that. we went after correctional insider training, leadership packs so we go after all forms of corruption. i just argue clintons are the alfas as far as self enrichment and we started this before donald trump was a candidate. >> right. right. >> and you have friends who, i
8:27 pm
don't care about that. last question. do you believe that the clinton foundation is corrupt? >> i do. i do. and i think it warrants federal investigation. i'm not a lawyer. when you look at this internal review, looking at abc news report from a couple weeks ago about haitian contracts, going to donors if you're not a friend of bill you're not allowed to compete for a contract. >> if donald trump is elected it will get investigated. if hillary clinton elected. thank you very much. we appreciate it. plenty more is ahead as the factor moves along this evening. pentagon says soldiers ordered to pay back bonuses will not have to do so. that, after the factor got involved. we'll have the latest. and watters asking the urchins
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. live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. crews are working to get operations back to normal involving a scary incident involving vice presidential candidate mike pence. the jet was coming down on a
8:32 pm
rain soaked runway. neither pence nor other passengers on board were hurt, the plane tore up two tracks of concrete before coming to rest on a patch of grass. pence said he saw mud on the windows. the airport was shut down to all arriving and departing flights. he was seen with running mate donald trump. pence says is he looking forward to being back on the campaign trail tomorrow. now, back to the "o'reilly factor." >> as you may have heard, the department of defense made a number of mistakes sending bonuses to soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. the pentagon ordered recipients
8:33 pm
to pay back bonuses putting a burden on them and their families. on monday, we told you that would not stand. >> i ordered the suspension that was until i'm satisfied that our process is working. >> that means it will continue forever. sean, our newsroom with shannon bream. why did carter change his view? did i frighten him? >> yes. media pressure. "los angeles times" caused outrage. you did a major segment monday, then, noted wednesday, he suspends this program. 13,600 members of the california national guard got bonuses. pentagon goes after 2000 of them
8:34 pm
to get the money back. you're talking about tens of thousands of dollars. it's really pressure. just one guy, 42-year-old army captain injured in iraq. he missed $46,000. >> anded i hope they give him back the money. so how long was this out of control? before the l.a. times found out about it? >> first in 2010 and -- >> let's give the what la times credit for breaking this story. i reacted off of them. so this had been going on for 5 or 6 years, before the times got involved right? >> yes. and that started members of congress, i talked to duncan hummer, congressman from california. >> very good. >> he said this is just
8:35 pm
outrageous and said sometimes, the department of defense, he makes, his words, boneheaded decisions and he wants to know who, by name, authorized this at the department of defense? he doesn't know yet. they're calling for congressional hearings to investigate to see about that. >> right now, there is no more bonus money that is going to have to be paid back. the soldier gave $40,000 has to get that back. so we'll try to iron it out. the pentagon and fof makes a mistake. he shouldn't have to pay for that mistake. thank you. we'll check back with you in a few weeks. now, let's go miss breams showing a clinton campaign chairman had multiple dinner was a top justice department official. what is this all about? >> well, we know about john
8:36 pm
bethesda. he is tight with the clintons. he has a long history with bill clinton. he was having dinners, meetings and e-mails with a justice department official. >> so he was having meetings and dinners with this guy, in the justice department while hillary clinton is being investigated? >> correct. it is notable they were in law school together in the 1970s and in washington people know each other. paths cross quite a bit. >> this looks bad. >> from the outside, it doesn't look good. >> what did kadzik do? >> wasn't in line with the investigation, but as assistant attorney general for legislative affairs he does a lot of coordination was requests from congress. that includes a request by republican lawmakers who wanted a special prosecutor appointed because they wanted somebody from the outside looking at this. >> you have loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton on the
8:37 pm
tarmac, this justice department guy meeting with podesta. so it's just, nobody has confidence in this. except hillary clinton. >> she feel goods. >> thank you very much. we come right back, americans endorsing either clinton or donald trump. does it matter? and if you come out for trump, will you be punished? bernie goldberg, moments away. ♪ something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed for the driven. introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. visit your local infiniti retailer today. infiniti. empower the drive. they offer a claim-freerance a smdiscount..
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. tonight, endorsements. colin powell said he would vote for hillary clinton. powell once described himself as republican, but that has not been the case for years. question is do endorsements mean anything? you may know, most hollywood types favor hillary clinton except for thes likes of dennis rodman, they favor trump. you say? >> i think that it doesn't happen often, but in this case,
8:42 pm
you're 100% correct. >> okay. good. >> yeah. endorsements matter if you're selling basketball shoes or sneakers. that is why you want lebron out there or michael or steph curry. because they actually do have effect. politics is different. i dug out what i think is an interesting statistic. when the primary season began, the republican with the most endorsements more than all of the candidates was jeb bush. how did that work out? the candidates that did not have a single endorsement, trump. so one area, bill. >> right. go ahead. >> there is one area where a celebrity endorsement can matter. do you know when mily cyrus and katy perry were out campaigning for hillary clinton? >> yes. >> i spoke to a very bright young woman in l.a. in
8:43 pm
neuroscience marketing. she studies the brain. she said those two celebrities aren't going to convince anybody to vote for hillary. but if you make a promise that you'll actually go out and vote, then, you're more likely to actually go out and vote. >> lebron james endorsed hillary clinton. that might help in certain precincts. we're getting a lot of reports that people with trump signs on their lawn, or bumper stickers are getting vandalized. and i'm sure it's the same on the other side, i'm saying if you do come out and support donald trump you're going to be in some areas. >> let's start out with that
8:44 pm
there are more conservatives in hollywood than most people realize. >> it's not going to happen. baio is a talented guy. catchy goes political or something. >> open the yard signs you're going owe get a rock thrown at your window. i'm not blaming trump for this. but he makes liberals crazy. >> he does. >> on the other side, on the other side, you know, trump supporters have said these are their words, not mine, that there is going to be a revolution if trump loses. i'm not betting 10 cents on which way it's going to go. if it, well, okay.
8:45 pm
both sides, right? >> let's see what happens. >> bernie, thank you. he's talking to kids about the presidential election. watters is next. (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. to be taken care of. in good hands? like finding new ways home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from
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>> watters world, i think we have proven some american adults don't know anything and don't care to know. but what about the kids? so we sent watters out to talk
8:49 pm
to the urchins. >> president obama's term is almost up, what did you think? >> i think he did really good. >> really well. >> i'm going to be sad, i've been with obama since second grade. >> president obama's term is a lot over. how do you feel about that? >> amazing great. >> what did you think about the debate? >> very entertaining. >> what do you know about hillary clinton? . >> i know that donald trump thinks she's wrong. >> what do you think about hillary clinton? >> she's been sneaking herself around. >> i don't like her, she be talking to much and she's boring. >> okay. >> she's a liar. >> e-mails. just dishonesty. >> hillary would be the best candidate. >> she's above the law. >> what have you heard about donald trump? >> i have heard a lot of things about donald trump especially with building a wall, keeping
8:50 pm
immigrants out. >> illegal immigrants. >> i mean, i do like the immigration policy. my friends say it's racist. that i'm a racist for agreeing with it. also, i'm russian so i agree with a lot of the stuff about putin. >> what have you heard about donald trump? >> high school boys say i don't think so. >> he's very confident. and when he speaks, he's blunt. it's different than anything we've heard. >> i've seen worse. >> what do you think the most important issue is facing the country. >> i thought everything would be cheap. >> i'd vote for that. >> equal rights. feminism. >> are you just saying that to get girls? >> tell me what you this i democrats stand for. >> for the people. they don't care about money owe
8:51 pm
so much. >> except hillary. >> what do republicans stand for? >> well -- >> i don't think republicans know either, anymore. >> who do republicans stand for? >> high class. a lot of money. very rich. i'll never be one, but i'll date one. >> do teachers in school talk about the election? >> my teachers be telling us why it's good to vote for trump. >> just bashing trump. >> what have your parents told you about the election? >> they've told me not to be one sided about the candidates. >> nobody knows so crazy. everybody knows about the little things trump has done. what are the anchors on the news say something. >> lots are saying that trump is crazy and hillary is crazy. and i'm kind of scared.
8:52 pm
>> if you could vote, who would you vote for? >> bernie sanders. >> you get a vote, you get a vote. you get a vote. >> i like hillary clinton a lot. >> who would you vote for? >> trump. >> he's the only man here we can trust. >> do your friends give you a hard time because you're a trump supporter? >> some do. >> i think it's going to win. >> what is your favorite show on fox news? >> the o'reilly factor. yes. >> whose world is this? >> watters world. >> here is watters. they were articulate, those kids. >> smarter than some of the nyu students. >> if you're going nyu to the kids, you have to go with the kids. >> we used every kid we had. >> good for the kids. >> excited about going out with
8:53 pm
the spin stops here tour? >> i hear ticket sales are through the roof after the announcement. >> we said watters was on the live show, tickets sales went -- >> oh, come on. >> watters will be out there with us. >> right? >> stick around so you know where you're going. >> factor tip of the day. should we all be dancing? the tip, moments away. ♪ like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same. because your needs are unique, pacific life has been delivering flexible retirement and life insurance solutions for more than 145 years. ask a financial advisor how you can tailor solutions from pacific life to help you reach your financial goals.
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my publisher having me hold this back, running off about 100,000 more copies, we have
8:56 pm
1.5 million in print. know anything about the publishing business that is amazing. a million and a half right now. holidays coming up. it will be a hot item. if you would like me to sign copy goes to now because there will be a sellout for those orders. either that, or my hand will fall off. bill, if i were trump i'd never talk to you after the interview comp pilation you used. you picked moments that made him look bad. >> in 20 years, that is true, penny. president obama did three. hillary clinton did one in 2008.
8:57 pm
bill, trump talked to you more than 40 times and clinton has not come in, that is an indication of how they perceive you. hillary clinton treated fairly in our interview in 2008. i don't know what is holding her up.
8:58 pm
. >> somebody is out of line, cindy. we expect mature adults on college campuses to handle it. saying wearing a mexican sombrero is insensitive is insane. >> live tour at the tahoma dome, saturday, march 25th. tulsa, oklahoma friday, january 13th. bok center. redding, pennsylvania. and also, the theater of west berry june 17th. finally tonight, factor tip of the day. hillary clinton cut back on campaigning but did find time on tuesday to talk to a new york radio station, power 105. >> i keep telling people i want to close the deficit. one is the fun deficit.
8:59 pm
have you to close the fun deficit. i'm sick of the meanness. why don't these people have fun dates? i think we need a big national dance. >> i'm in. i'm going to dust off my travolta suit and get moves in shape. ♪ [ music ] >> may not know this, i cued to be a dancing machine. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news website, different from and word of the day do not be a.
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>> breaking tonight, a plane carrying mike pence just slid off the runway at la guardia airport. we just got video from inside of the plane. first images as the aircraft slid down the tarmac, unable to stop. welcome to "the kelly file", everyone. i'm megyn kelly. you're looking at brand new p k pictures of when a mean slid off the runway. in just a moment we're going to hear from a fox news producer on board that plane about the


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