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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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maybe an fbi witness? will hillary promise not to pardon top aides at clinton foundation? will hillary clinton agree in the event she is indicted she will resign if she won? we'll see you monday. this is a fox news alert. a presidential campaign for the ages has taken an even more bizarre turn than anyone could have predicted. the fbi now says it will review e-mails that appear to be pertinent to its investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. this comes just 11 days before election day. those new e-mails, thousands of them we're told, appear to result from the sexting investigation of disgraced former democratic congressman anthony wiener married to huma abedin. as you can imagine, this has turned the political universe on its head. it has given donald trump new
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life forever h his campaign. it has given hillary clinton new reason to worry as she seemed to be coasting to election day with red state visits and a down ballot push. my interview from this morning with donald trump and mike pence is coming up shortly. we begin with the stunning news of the fbi announcement and reaction to it. we have team coverage tonight. carl cameron is traveling with the trump team. jennifer griffin is with the hillary clinton campaign. we begin with ed henry. >> reporter: an fbi source tells me the focus is on thousands of e-mails sent and received by huma abedin. they could not say whether it was sent back and forth with hillary clinton or whether they were classified. a key question. a senior law enforcement official adds the fbi was in what they believed an impossible position. they found e-mails connected to the clinton probe that never closed down. if they waited until after the election, republicans would accuse them of holding back. by moving forward, democrats are
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furious it may tilt a close race. a blockbuster double barrelled october surprise from fbi director james comey. he is investigating hillary clinton and her server again. after new e-mails emerged according to an fbi source from the separate sexting investigation of former congressman anthony wiener, husband of huma abedin, clinton's top aide who was interviewed by the fbi during phase one. comey firing off a new letter to stunned members of congress. i am writing to inform you that the investigation team briefed me and i agree the fbi should take steps designed to allow investigators to review these e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as to assess their importance to our investigation. comey was under intense pressure after declining in july to press charges against clinton despite kicking off an extraordinary news conference by suggesting she did, in fact, mishandle classified information.
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>> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: beyond being a criminal problem for clinton, she has been suffering political damage ever since the march 2015 news conference where she made a series of promises to the american people that turned out to be false. >> there is no classified materials. >> reporter: comey's probe has been clouded by bill clinton meeting with loretta lynch and president obama suggesting in multiple interviews that clinton did not violate any laws. can you still say that? >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. >> reporter: the president had no comment. >> any reaction to the fbi reopening the investigation into clinton's e-mail server? is she fit to serve? >> reporter: as for demands by
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the clinton camp that the fbi release more information tonight, a senior law enforcement source is telling us they have no plans to do so. they doubt it will be wrapped up by the election. a former fbi official told me if clinton is worried about timing, she should not have kept the existence of her server secret for so long. >> just to be clear, we don't know whether hillary clinton is e-mailed here by huma abedin and we don't know the existence of the 33,000 other e-mails, the hillary clinton e-mails? >> there was a story suggesting that the i.t. company in colorado may not have deleted all 33,000 hillary clinton thought were deleted. some could be emerging. we simply don't know. what we know is that huma abedin is always by hillary clinton side. when they are not together, they are e-mailing. if they are looking at thousands of e-mails to and from huma abedin, you would expect at least hillary clinton or other senior people in the clinton
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camp would be e-mails with her. >> thank you. donald trump broke the news, if you want to call it that, to a rally this afternoon in new hampshire. it was part of a three state blitz today that included pennsylvania and iowa. carl cameron is in cedar rapids right now ahead of a trump rally later tonight. good evening. >> reporter: donald trump has been very disciplined about using the wikileaks hacked e-mails of john podesta to pound hillary clinton on a daily basis. now with this, he is only got more opportunity to amp it up. here i >> they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before.
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we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. >> reporter: republicans across the spectrum have jumped all over this. paul ryan suggested hillary clinton shouldn't get classified briefings. mike pence on the campaign trail in pennsylvania today suggested comey really has to come clean with more information. watch. >> we call on the fbi to immediately release all the e-mails pertinent to their reopened investigation. the american people have a right to know. and they have a right to know before election day. >> reporter: trump has been saying the same thing and complaining there should be more information revealed. he had an event today in maine, the second district because maine has a quirky way of dividing up their votes. >> i have great respect for the
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fbi for righting this wrong. the american people fully understand her corruption and we hope all -- all justice will finally be served. this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. and i'm sure that it will be properly handled from this point forward. thank u. >> reporter: add in the spiking premiums for obamacare and the wikileaks and trump has plenty of ammunition for his arsenal in the last 11 days. >> carl cameron, thank you. the day began for hillary clinton with good financial news about the campaign's bulging bank account, cash on hand. everything changed around lunchtime with this fbi announcement. jennifer griffin is with the clinton team in des moines tonight.
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>> reporter: good evening. hillary clinton is speaking over my shoulder here behind me. this is her second stop in iowa. so far, she has not made any reference or spoken about the fbi director's announcement today. >> donald trump says he can still win. you know, he is right. anything can happen in an election. >> reporter: the news that the fbi director was taking another look at the case into hillary clinton's handling of classified information broke as clinton flew to iowa. she ignored questions from the traveling press and simply smiled and waved. she did not address what observers are describing as the october surprise few anticipated. >> he refused to say he would respect the results of this election. i know, it has never been done before. >> reporter: will clinton -- her running mate appear eed fluster
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in florida after the news broke. >> just got to read a little more. >> reporter: it was clear he had not spoken to clinton. clinton's campaign chair responded to the news on her behalf turning the focus on james comey saying he, quote, owes it to the american people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining. the campaign spokesman predicted clinton will be cleared. >> we are fully confident that at the end of this review, however long it takes, that there will be no conclusion drawn that would have changed the outcome of the investigation. >> reporter: wikileaks e-mails from 2015 show frustration among her top campaign staff about clinton's private e-mail server. quote, do we actually know who told hillary she could use a private e-mail? has that person been drawn and quartered? like whole thing is bleeping insane. president obama in a radio interview before this broke had this warning today. >> my advice to hillary will be
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just listen to your conscience and do what you think is right. worry about the politics later. >> reporter: well placed source tells me the fbi's decision to take another look at hillary clinton's e-mail arrangements was the result of four electronic devices seized as part of the anthony wiener investigation into his sexting with an underage girl. one of the devices i'm told belonged to huma abedin. >> jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign. thank you. now to donald trump and mike pence. i spoke with the billionaire presidential nominee and his running mate this morning at trump tower. it was two hours before the fbi's announcement about the clinton e-mail case, that has been a major talking point for both men during this campaign. this is a segment from that interview where trump was talking about the system being rigged. this was two hours before the fbi news.
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>> the system is rigged when hillary clinton is allowed to run for president. because what she did is criminal. what she did is -- is potentially going to serve five years under jail for doing nothing by comparison to what it she did. the system is rigged when she's allowed to run. because she has done many criminal acts. she's not allowed to run. she's not lawed to be running in this election. the fbi rolled over and the department of justice rolled over. they didn't roll over for general cartwright. they didn't roll over for general petraeus. the many other people that are now in prison. whose lives have been -- when she's allowed to run for office, the fbi rolled over. >> you could lose this election and it not be rigged. >> i'm having a hard time myself
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getting by the fact that the fbi took $675,000. the man that is in charge of her case took $675,000, let her off scott free. >> you know they say that had already happened, they tried to separate the two. >> give me a break. >> i'm just telling you. >> give me a break. >> governor pence, you told chuck todd that will we will accept the results of the election. four days later you said if the vote is fair i'm convinced we will accept it. are you worried it could be invalid? >> i think we will win this election. i really do. >> in which case we will accept -- >> when donald trump talks about a rigged system, it's a national media with present company excepted, a national media that
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has been hostile to my running mate and has been practicing willful ignorance on most issues emanating out of the years of scandal around hillary clinton. >> for me, i have to see what happens on that evening. i can tell you, we're off to a bad start because hillary clinton is a criminal. >> we got that part of the case. but what i'm saying -- >> the fbi let her off. >> the other day the governor got a question at an event. >> if hillary clinton gets in, i myself -- i'm ready for a revolution because we can't have her in. >> you don't -- >> you said, hold on now. you calmed her down. for your supporters who are saying they are going to grab the musket or the pitch fork, you have a message for them. >> i can only say this. very bad things are happening out there. when i see in wikileaks that they have total control of the new york times -- >> he is calming them down. >> i want him to do whatever he
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wants to do. as far as i'm concerned, he is a free agent as far as this topic. this is a very important topic. what i have seen in wikileaks where the new york times is controlled by clinton, by the campaign. i see what's going on. i have learned so much from wikileaks. unfortunately, you cover it but the mainstream does not cover it. >> just another question -- >> it's hard to take accusations from the other side about our supporters when we found out through that recent video that hillary clinton and the democratic national party were paying people to go to donald trump rallies to incite violence. i have every confidence that over the next several days you will see people across this country who support this team go out there talk to their neighbors and friends. we will bring home a great victory for the american people. >> more of that interview later in this program.
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and more from both men about a host of issues in a special saturday night edition on "special report" 8:00 p.m. because of breaking news, our special on the u.s. military will be postponed. as we mentioned earlier, that the fbi made this announcement that they are looking into additional e-mails, thousands of them, coming from the investigation into former democratic congressman anthony wiener. back last year in august, donald trump when abedin and wiener were having problems in the press and talking about them, he had this statement to say. huma is making a very wise decision breaking it off with anthony wiener. i know wiener well and she will be better off without him. i worry for the country in that hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing wiener to have such close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told. it's just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it's possible that our country
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and its security have been greatly compromised by this. this is august 29th of last year. he tweeted a number of times that the quote perv was a major security risk as a collector of information. let's bring in our panel. steve haze, jonathan swan, and charlie hurt. okay, let's start on the blockbuster. what does it mean? >> what a better -- what else would happen on 11 days before the election day in the craziest election of our lifetime? in terms of whether -- of course, it has -- it all goes back to anthony wiener. in terms of how much of an affect it will have, it's hard to say. obviously, we have had 20 million people have cast ballots. i do think that it does hit that sort of sweet spot between among
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independents, people who -- a lot of people are coming into this election voting against somebody. something like this where it's so clear that -- it's so bad for one of them. it really could make a difference for those people. >> democrats are saying, easy, hold your horses, there's nothing -- there might not be a lot to this. here is the vice-presidential nominee tim kaine. >> when you do this 11 days before a presidential election and you don't provide many details, but details are apparently being given by the fbi to the press, this is very, very troubling. we hope that the director -- we think he should give a clearer accounting of what's going on right now. >> comey is being consistent. it was interesting in your interview with donald trump, he is attacking comey effectively or the fbi. he didn't name comey but he is saying this is an agency that's in the tank for hillary clinton.
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>> two hours before -- >> before the news broke. now, comey is the evil republican trying to subvert democracy. i went back and read comey's statement in september when getting huge amounts of criticism because he released the information on a friday afternoon before labor day. it was part of a big conspiracy to help hillary. he said i released it because i got the information that morning. we want to be transparent and do things quickly. what would happen if he covered this up? if he gets stuff that's consequential and he buried it? you think that's not going to leak out? you think that's not going to -- after the election come back? >> what about the substance of the decision? would they go forward with this if there wasn't something substantial that they are looking at or think they are looking at? is it just about making sure that they are transparent and nothing comes up after the election? do you think there is there there enough to move this forward? >> i think it's both. it's hard to imagine that james comey would have injected
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himself back into the election in this manner if sort of the preliminary review of this material didn't turn up something substantive. i talked to one national security person who said it would be reckless if he did inject himself in without some understanding that what he was doing had some import. there are a number of things we could learn from these e-mails. she could have sent more classified e-mails. there could have been more on the server than we knew. more work-related e-mails than we understood. it seems to me potentially the biggest thing that could come of this is if there are e-mails indicating intent. you remember when james comey gave his initial statement he said, i can't prove intent. therefore, for that and other reasons, no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case. if there are e-mails that indicate some intent to hide this or some knowledge of what they did in setting up this outside server in a way that sheds new light on what
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certainly looked to be corrupt practices, that could be kind of a game changer. >> just to -- the e-mail investigation, here is secretary clinton when she first talked about this. interspersed with the fbi director when he came out about the investigation. >> nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> our investigation found that there was classified information sent. >> there was nothing marked classified on my e-mails, either sent or received. >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> she used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. in looking back at our investigations, into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would
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support bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> most importantly though, this now takes the oxygen of this race, at least for a couple of days one would think. >> absolutely. i think that steve is right about this. we know she has a hard time telling the truth. we know she's reckless with her e-mails and classified information. the thing that is new that could be new here is -- this is not to be resolved by election day. is the question about criminal -- a criminal probe into somebody running for president. that's a big thing. >> it won't be resolved by election day. with when we come back, our issues that matter segment. tonight, foreign policy with james rosen. @!@!
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the u.n. human rights office says isis terrorists are using civilians as human shields. there are serious questions tonight about the iraqi strategy coming from an american veteran fighting with the kurds. benjamin hall has the latest from iraq tonight. >> reporter: to the east of mosul, residents poured into the streets to greet their liberators. freed from the clutches of isis. kurdish fighters on the opposite side of the city tell a different story. there kurdish special forces told fox news how they watched hundreds of isis cars travel freely back and forth to mosul every day. this man, a 62-year-old u.s. special forces veteran, fighting with the kurds, explains. >> we see up to 500 vehicles a day moving east and west.
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resupplying mosul. there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: as he watches, he explained how they are bound by rules of engagement. they can't attack unless they identify who is inside the vehicle. it's to protect civilians. today, fears of a massacre were growing. the u.n. said it had new information militants were using civilians as human shields. >> credible reports suggest that isil has been forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes in some districts around mosul and have relocated numbers of civilians inside the city. >> reporter: in the desert lies a reminder of what happens to civilians held by the terror group. the decaying bodies of thousands. this is one of the many mass graves that has been found in the area. it's hard to imagine how hundreds of people at a time were rounded up in the villages and brought here, lined up against a trench and shot. that's exactly what's happened.
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you can see the evidence. you can see the bullet holes in the skulls. you can see the remains of the clothes. this is where hundreds of people were executed by isis. as airplanes by the coalition and forces watch isis cars move back and forth, as isis reinforces the city with supplies and gets ready, the logic is that keeping the western front open will protect civilians. the reality is likely to be different. >> benjamin hall, thank you. it's time for our next installment in the election count down series, issues that matter. foreign policy. an area about which the two presidential nominees agree on very little. here is james rosen. >> a knock at the door like the movies. two uniformed officers.
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>> reporter: for this woman of virginia, september 9, 2011, marked a dividing line of her life. that's the day her husband, specialist chris horton, a national guard sniper in eastern afghanistan was shot and killed. >> i was making a care package for him for his 27th birthday. and i got a knock at the door. they told me that he had been killed. >> reporter: now anticipa activ she meets with politicians and keeps his memory in live by keeping his medals close at home. >> welcome. >> almost everything she has done in foreign policy has been a mistake and it has been a disaster. >> the united states has kept the peace through our alliances. donald wants to tear up our alliances. >> reporter: they watched them debate foreign policy but no one views that through a more personal lens than gold star widows. >> there hasn't been any talk --
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barely any talk about veterans. there's been virtually no talk about afghanistan. we have over 20,000 in afghanistan alone that have been injured. we're still not addressing the issue. >> reporter: october saw three americans killed in afghanistan. and afghanistanrated one mention in the three debates. >> he would rather have a puppet at president. >> no puppet. >> it's clear -- >> you are the puppet. >> reporter: the nominees spard sparred over russia. and on the broader middle east where clinton struggled to ride the waves of change. during the overthrow of mubarak in egypt, clinton urged caution. she pushed for the military campaign that toppled gaddafi. like wise, clinton helped manage the u.s. withdrawal from iraq but allowed isis to gather
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strength there and in syria. she failed to pure suede president obama to funnel weapons to syrian rebels early on. >> she left behind a written record. she left behind a record of actions. she is relatively a realist. although, she has been committed to issues of women's rights, girls education, those kinds of things, a little bit softer. but certainly not an idealist who seeks to remake the world. >> reporter: as a real estate developer licensing manager and reality tv star, donald trump possesses next to no professional foreign policy experience. his first comments to the candidate about mexican immigrants plunged him into controversy. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crimes. they are rapists. and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: a meeting with mexico's president went fairly smoothly. but trump's foreign policy stance have been contradictory as when he denies he said allies
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like south korea should be allowed to have nuclear weapons, which he did say. >> they have a big problem with that. maybe they would be better off if they defend themselves. maybe it would be better off. including with nukes. including with nukes. >> reporter: trump said u.s. allies from saudi arabia to nato states must start paying more to receive american security guarantees. some foreign policy intelle intellectuals deserve a trump doctrine. >> his rhetoric has overshadowed arguments he has been making about american's role in the world, about how the international system should be ordered. that comes from him. perhaps it's interesting and significant that it's someone who is not a foreign policy expect. >> reporter: jane is not a foreign policy expert. she's acquainted with the cost associated with america's eng e engagement with the world.
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while she wouldn't tell me who she is planning to vote for, she said she made up her mind. >> thank you. next up in our issues that matter series, climate change. phil keating reports from miami sunday during our program 8:00 p.m. eastern. the commerce department says the economy grew 2.9% annual rate in the third quarter of the year. that's the strongest pace since the third quarter of 2014. it could lead to a rise in interest rates next month. here is i fascinating look at what the fbi announcement -- when that announcement was made about the new e-mails did to the market this afternoon. check that out. the circle, it produced a huge downtu downturn and then a quick recovery. stocks ended in the red. the dow lost. my one on one interview with donald trump.
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the fbi will review thousands of knnewly discovered e-mails. it's a development that breaths new life into the donald trump campaign. two hours before this was announced, i talked with trump and his running mate. you will see more of that tomorrow night on "special report" 8:00 p.m. eastern time. then i talked with the nominee one on one. he started by laying out the electoral map, his path to the presidency and how he is more confident about his chances last night. >> we're doing great in florida. we're doing great in iowa. and i think we're going to have a lot of victories. we're going to have more victories than people think. >> what's the biggest difference you experienced between runnin a political campaign and the enterprises you have run prior
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to this? >> this is public. that's private. i used to get great press. no matter how well you do -- i will say this, i used to get great publicity. now i get record setting -- i get record setting publicity but most of it is bad. >> running of the campaign -- you raised a lot of money. now according to the fec, you have $16 million left on hand in your campaign coffers. hillary clinton has 6 $2 million in cash reserve. according to the numbers, to make your pledge of putting $100 million in, you will have to spend $44 million before election day. that's $4 million a day. >> i'm putting up another $10 million i think today. i will put up more as we need it. what it takes is what it takes. we're watching closely. i think i should be given credit. they have a machine. the democrats are a machine. we don't have a machine, the
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republicans. we have sadly people that are in a leadership capacity that almost are not for us. i'm trying to figure out what's going on. i have never seen anything like this. they're not for us. hopefully, they will get aboard. it would be better if they got aboard. one of the things i'm proud of is i have been able to spend less money and essentially we're tied. if you look at what's going on where i'm leading in ohio, florida, in iowa. i'm leading in different states. the crowds are so enormous. i was in florida and i'm telling you, it was 50 to one commercials. i'm leading florida. you know, in business you get credit. if you can spend less and do better. if you can spend less and do better, think -- think of florida. they say it's 50 to one commercials. and i'm leading by two points.
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>> you think you immediate the $100 million? >> i will meet what have i to meet. i'm going to put more money in. >> has the -- >> i'm putting my money in. she's not putting any of her money in. >> has the republican party been a net plus to you as you run for president? what about the rnc? >> i have had a good relationship with the rnc. i'm a straight shooter. i would tell you. i think he's very devastated that paul ryan and others haven't been more like let's get in there and help. i like paul ryan. i'm disappointed that we haven't had more help. i'm not -- i'm not thinking about that. i will tell you this. the base is phenomenal. if we had leadership support, we will do better.
11:39 pm
mitch mcconnell is an example. he has senators where i'm doing better than senators. i'm doing better than they are. and i can name three of them. they are running. i'm doing great. we should be running together. i don't care that we're not running together. i couldn't care less, actually. they would do better if they got together with me. >> if you do lose, is the republican party dead? >> no. i think it's going to be a different republican party. we have a base of people that are so incredible. you have to see the rallies. people get there at 7:00 in the morning. we had a group of people that came 4:00 in the morning for a rally that started at 8:00 in the evening. there has never been crowds like that. in the history of politics in this country, there's never been crowds like we are getting. >> secretary clinton said when she's president she will look to vice-president biden potentially as a secretary of state choice.
11:40 pm
that's what her campaign is putting out. what do you make of that? >> these are the same people where the world is so horrible right now. isis is winning. our trade is a disaster. she's going to use the same -- it's recycled. he's a nice guy. he said he wanted to take me to the back of the gym. he would be in very big trouble if that happened, by the way. he would have regretted that. i think he's a nice guy. he is doing his thing. but these are the same people -- our country is failing. obamacare is going to be repealed and replaces. hillary clinton will make it more expensive. we have isis. we didn't have isis. when she got in there, we didn't have isis. nobody heard of isis. it formed because of the vacuum, because the way they got out was so bad. look at what they are doing in mosul. it's so sad. >> you tweeted out the attack on mosul is turning out
11:41 pm
disaster. u.s. is looking so dumb. there are men and women in uniform in iraq and syria are putting their lives on line to protect our national security. the least they should be able to expect from the american people and the people aspiring to be their commander in chief is their unconditional and unwavering support. >> i've been reading about the attack on mosul. we are going to attack. why can't they do a surprise attack and save lives and by the way get the leaders who have fled mosul? the leaders of isis have fled mosul. now because of all of this advance notice, months i've been reading about this, i've been reading about the attack, the imminent attack. why don't they just do it? attack and win. talk later. it's so bad. it's supposed to be our people aren't fighting. you know that. our people aren't supposed to
11:42 pm
fighting. the fact is, whether it's mosul or something else, look how badly we're doing. when you say as an example they're going to bring joe biden back -- joe biden has been a disaster. obama has been a disaster. when she wants to recycle biden and somebody else and the reason she's doing that is she's trying to get the news off of all the scandals of wikileaks. if the mainstream media covered wikileaks, she wouldn't be al w allowed to run. she shouldn't be allowed to run anyway. the fbi should be ashamed of themselves for what they allowed to happen. they're going to put a great general named james cartwright, four star general, they will put him in prison potentially for five years for doing nothing by comparison to what she did. general petraeus' life has been destroyed over doing nothing compared to what she did. she's going to run for president.
11:43 pm
when i say the system is rigged, part of what i am meaning is the fact she shouldn't be allowed to run. >> in the trial of former aides to chris christie, multiple witnesses have refuted the claims that he was unaware of this scheme to punish a mayor who refused to give christie his endorsement for re-election. do you have confidence in governor christie to lead your transition team? >> i have great confidence in him. i have not been following the trial. >> back in the primary you said -- >> i haven't been following the trial. the trial is almost over. it will be interesting to see what happens. i like him very much. i have confidence in him. i hope it all works out well for him. >> i realize you are confident on victory. on the other hand, if you do lose, what does donald trump do? does he lead a movement? does he go back to business? >> i can tell you, this has been one of the most incredible parts of my life. there's never been anything like
11:44 pm
this. your friend o'reilly said the greatest political -- >> we have never seen an election like this. >> there's never been. you take pat buchanan, he did well in new hampshire. he has been famous for many years. right? i've won 42 states. i got the most votes in the history of the republican primary system. most importantly, look at the movement where they talk stampede. they never used those terms before. stampe stampede. i tell you, i am so honored by the response. these are great people. the thing i hate is that these people are so smart, they love this country so much, they have been mistreated by politicians and their stupid decisions. their jobs have been taken away. their jobs have been taken away like candy from a baby. they don't understand it, because they are smart. they say, how can a thing like this be allowed to happen? our businesses are being -- are
11:45 pm
going to other countries. they're making products and selling it back into the country. we end up with the drugs and unemployment. these other countries end up with everything else. it's such a hard question because i love these people. these people are amazing people. these are the people that built this country. these are amazing people. i would say that i will give you that answer maybe on the 9th. i think what's going to happen -- i think you are going to have an upset, if you call it an upset, because we're doing very well in the polls. we're doing very, very well. what i love is the lines in florida are sometimes four blocks long. they used to be two people in a room and everybody falling asleep. like hillary, she goes home, she falls asleep. we will see what happens. i have the greatest supporters
11:46 pm
on earth. these are amazing people. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. vice-president biden said he will not be setting of state in a hillary clinton administration. he was responding to the published speculation about a role in the cabinet potentially if hillary clinton wins. we mentioned that in the interview. he said, i have no intention of staying involved. i have a lot of things to do. i will help her if i can in any way i can. again, you will see more of the interview tomorrow with mike pence and donald trump. next up, we will talk about that sit-down with the all-star panel and the breaking developments today with the fbi announcement after this. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses. and i've never seen a rocket ship take off like this. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...
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the fbi conducted a year-long investigation into my emails. they concluded there was no case. he said the fbi was rigged. >> well, the news today the fbi is looking at different emails. thousands of them. and that's the breaking news today. we're getting word that hillary clinton may talk to the press tonight at some time. if she does, you will see that right here on fox news channel. a lot of times you can see where the candidates are going and that tells you what states they are really concerned about or focusing on and can pick up. today donald trump was in new hampshire, in maine where there are two electoral votes, one of them definitely is close for donald trump, according to the polls. cedar rapids, iowa. hillary clinton was also in cedar rapids and des moines, iowa. iowa barn storming today. mike pence in pennsylvania and north carolina. tim kaine in tallahassee, florida. president obama in orlando, florida. as you lock at the average of polls for "special report's" average combination of the last five polls that we look at, there
11:51 pm
you see 4.4%. worry back with our panel. steve hayes, jonathan swan, and charlie hurt. steve, reaction to the interview and where things stand now considering this breaking news today? >> yeah. well, we don't know where things stand in reaction to the latest news today. it seemed as if there was some tightening towards donald trump over the past week. and when you look back at the week that hillary clinton had, it's no wonder that there would have been some tightening to donald trump. you just look at some of the things that came out. the wikileaks scandal. the obamacare premiums on top of the fbi 302 interviews which suggested that a senior state department official was trying to pressure the fbi changing classification on some of these emails. and then you had the doug band memo talked about clinton inc. and laid out how he makes his money and overlapping ten calls olapping . hard to imagine a candidate having a worse week than
11:52 pm
donald trump just had. and now you look at this and you think well, this might be close. >> >> i'm getting text messages from republican operatives who said -- i think if woe are looking at polls. one poll to look at next week would be the question about a check on hillary clinton. i think that is going to pop. >> i have already seen emails saying does this democratic opponent still trust hillary clinton? >> right. >> so they will incorporate that into. >> right. and, you know, what they're hoping is depressed democratic turnout and bring republicans home. just before i came on here talking to a trump official. that's what they're most energized about. he is still a little bit soft with republican base voters. he needs them to come home. >> and that, basically, is mike pence's job. governor pence seems like he is the republican come home messenger. >> and he has done a very, very good job of it. in terms of the larger scandal, the issue with hillary clinton, you know, from the beginning, we have seen donald trump sort of
11:53 pm
run a national campaign. evidence doesn't have the strongest game on the ground in states. and, you know, is he a showman. is he good at these big -- he loves going to these entertaining in front of these big crowds. he feeds off of it, obviously. and this, in so many ways is sort of a perfect thing to help him it is a purely national sort of issue. >> once you got to the fact that this is supposed to be a change election, that wind was already at his back. he had, as you mentioned, a couple of really bad weeks, and now can he turn it around. >> with not a lot of time. he has got as we discussed endlessly a lot of high negatives. if i'm advising donald trump, i talk about one thing from here until election day. i'm not hillary clinton. >> speaking of which, we're getting word that she may have a news conference very soon. we'll bring that to you live. next up, winners and losers with the panel. flush
11:54 pm
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11:58 pm
>> this is a fox news alert. you are log live at the des moines, iowa, where we're told just a few minutes away from hillary clinton and a news conference that you will see here right on fox. she is going to address, likely, this new announcement by the fbi that these emails are going to be looked at. thousands of them. we will bring it to you live. we will keep it live if she comes up. we will toss to her here in des moines. meanwhile, the panel wrapping up the week, winners and losers, also, steve. >> my loser is anthony weiner because is he anthony weiner. the winner is the most isolated man in the world who lives alone in the jungles of the amazon in brazil in a small hut. he has no contact with other humans. he eats off the land. he has no knowledge of the outside world and therefore, knows nothing about anthony weiner. hillary clinton, billie bush, and donald trump. he is the winner. >> that's good. winner, then loser? >> winner "new york post"
11:59 pm
headline writer, going with dick can i leaks, smoking gun for paper. and new york daily news. have to put anti-trump spin on today's news. >> impressive you said that, actually. it's friday. >> charlie? >> my winner is the fbi, those agents who worked tirelessly on this case and they have an opportunity to redeem their name. losers are the commerce of obamacare who are working and are watching their premiums skyrocket. >> gentlemen, thanks for rolling with the punches today. a little different "special report." we have not one but two editions of "special report" this weekend. join us saturday and sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll feature more from my interviews with donald trump and governor mike pence. plus the next in our series issues that matter. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. again, we are waiting for live news conference to start. brit hume will take that
12:00 am
over. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we are t minus 10 days from tomorrow starting election day. isn't this interesting? "on the record" starts right > "t'reiy fact"s the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> the fbi, they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct. >> we have heard these rumors and we don't know what to believe. that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they are talking about. >> a stunning turn of events will the fbi announces it is reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server because of what may have been found on the cell phone of disgraced excongressman anthony wiener. bill o'reilly will have the latest on the shocker. >> the criminal investigation of hillary clinton is back on. >> and as the polls show the race tightening, will this news give new l


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