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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  October 29, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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over. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we are t minus 10 days from tomorrow starting election day. isn't this interesting? "on the record" starts right > "t'reiy fact"s the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> the fbi, they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct. >> we have heard these rumors and we don't know what to believe. that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they are talking about. >> a stunning turn of events will the fbi announces it is reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server because of what may have been found on the cell phone of disgraced excongressman anthony wiener. bill o'reilly will have the latest on the shocker. >> the criminal investigation of hillary clinton is back on. >> and as the polls show the race tightening, will this news give new life to the
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trump campaign? >> we are going to win back the white house. >> caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. the pack tr begins right now >> hi, i'm barrick bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. bill will join us in just a moment and throughout the hour with tonight's breaking news story. stunning new developments in the hillary clinton email scandal, as the fbi announced its reviewing newly discovered emails that could have a direct bearing on that case. the fbi's action resulting from a separate investigation into disgraced former congressman anthony weiner, the husband of top clinton aide huma abedin. weiner is under federal investigation for allegedly sexting an underaged girl in north carolina. as part of the inquiry, the bureau seize devices from both weiner and huma abedin
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where discovered numerous emails sent and received by abedin apparently relevant to the clinton email investigation. the fbi is not releasing many details next and it is unclear if any of those emails were between abedin and mrs. clinton or if any of them contained classified information. but donald trump and his supporters certainly praised that decision. >> as you might have heard earlier today the fbi. [cheers] >> after discovering new emails is reopening their investigation into hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] i have great respect for the fbi for writing this wrong. the american people fully understand her corruption and we hope all, all justice will finally be served.
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>> and just a short time ago in iowa, hillary clinton addressed the news for the first time. >> the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the emails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident, whatever they are, will not change the conclusion reached in july. therefore, it's imperative that the bureau explain this issue and question whatever it is without any delay. >> now, you may remember that on july 5th, the fbi director james comey recommended no criminal charges be brought against mrs. clinton despite saying she was, quote. extremely careless of her handling of classified information. then over the labor day hollywood he comey's entire handling of the case. take a look. >> i have revised my opinion on director james comey because he released some very important information about hillary clinton last friday afternoon before
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labor when few would see it. that was a political move. and even though i gave mr. comey the benefit of the doubt in the email investigation itself. i can no longer do so. he has lost all credibility. i mean, when he loses me, and he lost me, mr. comey. i'm gone. all right? i don't believe you should be running that agency any longer. i don't believe that this is an honest investigation. i believe that this is political. i believe they never wanted to find out what happened. it's obvious the fbi booted the investigation. i believe intentionally now. the campaign itself, the hillary clinton machine itself is admitting this is bad and they have got to do something and comey doesn't think it has anything to do with the investigation? >> -- as everyone knows, hillary clinton did not tell the truth about her email. with the exception of one person. james comey. >> joining us now on the phone is bill o'reilly. so, bill, we just heard your analysis of fbi director james comby. how did you know comey
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booted the investigation? >> well, it was quite apparent that you have a series of events and they are -- it is circumstantial evidence, but so much circumstantial evidence that comey did not want to make this indictment. but the big smoking gun is that comey did not call for a grand jury. i have spoken to dozens of fbi agents both retired and in the service now to a man they say that is extremely unusual in a complicated case like this. so now what you have is you have a political portion of this today and then you have a legal portion. let's take the politics first, eric. if you look at the new fox news poll, the enthusiasm deficit between trump and clinton is about 8%. 7%. that means that 7% of trump supporters are more enthusiastic to vote than hillary clinton. keep that in mind.
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anything like this erodes enthusiasm for hillary clinton. all right? now her hard core people are still going to vote for her. we are talking independents. we're talking democrats who don't particularly like or trust her. that enthusiasm level drops. and what happens then? lower turnout. all right? so that's what happened today politically. so, trump seizes upon this and his -- if he doesn't blow it in the next 10 days, which he could, his message should be she is corrupt and if you elect her, there is a chance she may be indicted while she is the president because the situation is fluid. it's fluid. comey made a huge mistake by not calling the grand jury. because the grand jury folks, regular americans would have then heard the evidence that comey himself decided wasn't enough to indict because she didn't mean it now, let's get on to what was found today.
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huma abedin is one of hillary's best friends. so you've got to know that they were emailing all the time, all the time. she had three servers and -- no, she had one server and weiner had three. you got to figure that abedin passed some of hillary's stuff on to her husband weiner. all right? that's why weiner's involved. so the fbi goes in to investigate arena on this 15-year-old girl thing and they see stuff from huma abedin coming to weiner about hillary clinton. you have to assume this. this is an assumption i'm making. and then they go back and they look at abedin's phone and they see unbelievable amounts of emails from clinton to huma. now, if you're the fbi and this is all benign, has
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nothing to do with national security or top secret, you don't do anything. if it's just what are you doing tonight? what kind of dress are you going to wear or look at this, anthony, hillary clinton has a good idea to do x, y, and z, that's not going to rise. so you know there is something in there. has to be. because comey would never put his butt on the line. now, here's the kicker. i have talked to a very, very influential fbi guy the other day. he said there is almost a mutiny within the fbi over james comey's behavior in this investigation. he says that so many agents are angry that comey knows he has lost all credibility within the agency. and that if he didn't put this out that they were going to go public with it. and that comey's career would have been done. he had to put it out. that's not saying that she is going to be charged. i'm not saying any of that.
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what i am saying is that the fbi rank and file do not like the way james comey conducted this investigation, do not feel it rose to the fbi standards, and this new stuff is enough to open, reopen the investigation, which is devastating for the clinton campaign. >> devastating. first of all on a scale of 1 to 10, i would like you to weigh in politically forget legally for a moment. politically scale of 1 to 10, you have got to push it up toward the 8, 9, 10 area especially 11 days to go before the election. >> it's hard to say because the candidates are so polarizing but i do -- as i said in the beginning, i think it's going to suppress turnout for hillary clinton. people are just going to, you know, i have had enough. i don't want to vote for trump, but i'm not going to go vote for her. she needs a big turnout in states like pennsylvania and new hampshire. the other thing is that politically speaking, trump now can run with this for 10
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days. and raise the specter of absolutely chaos if hillary clinton is elected and the fbi then finally does convene a grand jury because it's reopened now. they can do that now. and the pressure is going to build on them. the final thing is the far left is going crazy. they're going nuts. they're accusing comey of all kinds of things. comey was their best friend up until three hours ago. now he is the devil. you are seeing this unbelievablably voicer is roll reaction. i must say hillary clinton was smart today in talking about what she did hey get it out there. she knows the fbi is not going to get it out there. >> this is a very interesting point that she made she did go to the podium. the emails they are factored in already a lot of people on the right would disagree with that very interesting that both hillary clinton and podesta today have said get these emails out. let the american public know. but so was pence. >> that's a smart play
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because they know they're not going to get them out. >> one of them is going to lose in that. one of them is going to be a loser in that. if they bring them out now, somebody loses. >> they can't. if you are investigative agency, you have to compare those emails to other things that she said hillary clinton has said. you've got to do a whole bunch of things before you arrive at any conclusion. you can't just throw them out there. that's trial by meeting. hillary clinton now what can they do? they have to say look, we didn't do anything, we want this all out, hoping they can go up to election day and people will buy that i'm not saying whether it's true or not. i'm not. i'm just saying that right now trump has the advantage if the trump campaign then zeros in on corruption, corruption, corruption. corruption. in the next 10 days. >> you know, very interesting you say that because we have kellyanne conway, senior advisor to the trump campaign coming up. bill, i want to say thank you very much. we're going to check back in with you a little bit later in the program to get your
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assessment of how this story will develop over the weekend. looking forward to it. we are also awaiting donald trump at his rally in cedar rapids, iowa. we will take you there as soon as he begins. but next on the rundown, as i said, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway joins us with reaction to today's extraordinary developments moments away. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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the trump's campaign to reaction to today's news that the fbi is looking at newly found emails that might impact the hillary clinton email case. a donald trump rally is set to twin momentarily in cedar rapids, iowa. we will go straight to it when trump takes the stage. in the meantime, joining us now from trump campaign headquarters in new york city his campaign manager kellyanne conway.
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kellyanne, hillary clinton less than about an hour ago said this is factored in, this email, this new reinvestigating hillary clinton. is it factored in for the voters? >> no, it's not factored in. that is kind of weak spin on her part. the reason it's not factored in is it's a separate investigation. and also presumes that people in her orbit did not turn over every device they were asked to turn over, so maybe there are one or two still out there. it's reported today that it would be a device with huma abedin, one she shared with her husband anthony weiner who is under investigation for sexting as you know. and it also, you know, the idea that somebody who is seen by two thirds of america as not honest and not trustworthy would say oh, voters have already factored this in, i'm good, really shows how out of touch she is with her major problems in winning this race. if you have people who have already question your veracity and fitness to lead. under your second fbi investigation in the same year, then you do have a problem, a corruption and
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ethics problem. and that's really been dogging her all along. we know that when you look at who the undecided voters are from last week, eric they would be trump voters. 13% independent, 10% white men and white women without a college degree. 9% rural voters and 7% of undecided overall, they will come home to donald trump. when they hear things like this because they will say you know what? i'm already reluctant and hesitant to vote for hillary clinton. this confirms my worse suspicions. donald trump is out there talking about defeating isis and jobs and negotiating really bad trade deals and repealing and replacing obamacare. >> you have had a couple of major gifts thrown into your lap this week. you have the white house acknowledging the fact that obamacare premiums are skyrocketing and then you have. this how does donald trump stay focused on message and not chase a rabbit down the rabbit hole? >> he is. he is about to give his third of three speeches today where he talks about repealing and replacing obamacare. he talks about specifically about the hike in premiums.
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somewhere like in arizona maybe even more than 100 percent increase hike. other states like pennsylvania, new hampshire, north carolina, they're coming out with what their hike also be. and obamacare is still the best example we have. of how intrusive, invasive, expensive, and expansive the federal government becomes in our lives. and he is out there talking about that. is he out there talking about creating 25 million jobs over 10 years, unleashing energy independence, reducing taxes across the board, includi for middle class families, elder care, child care, tax credits. this guy has many different policy plans if people actually want to go read them. you have hillary clinton playing defense with 11 days to go. a woman who reportedly did focus groups in polling two years before the election is not going to be able to figure out a plan b here. i promise you. >> you are a pollster too, by trade, is this enough to change the momentum to tighten the polls or even flip them. >> the momentum hasn't changed. our internal polls this week show great improvement. particularly among
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self-identified republicans. soft republicans, independents. and a couple of other groups who were in the more undecided category say two, two and a half weeks ago. the other thing you are seeing in national polls that the abc, "the washington post" poll, donald trump was minus 12 on sunday. today he is minus 4. i think that poll will continue to go in his direction. we like the momentum. the trend lines. and we like the fact, eric, that despite everybody saying the race is over, she won, he still gets these historically large crowds and he still is able to take the message to the voters. he wrote himself a 10-million-dollar dollars check today. today was a good day. >> joining us now from phoenix a clinton campaign surrogate. congressman, heavy lifting this week especially today. this is a big bombshell story. >> well, worry excited here in arizona. we will be seeing secretary clinton this coming wednesday. we're a swing state this year because of the historic horrible candidacy of donald trump and good candidacy of
12:20 am
secretary clinton. so we feel good here in arizona. >> so hillary clinton came to the microphone about an hour ago and said this new email investigation is factored in. are you buying that? >> we certainly think so. here in arizona we have been hitting the doors, talking to thousands and thousands of citizens. and what we are hearing is they are focused on the issues. and the issues that matter to them are not email issues. they are every kay bread and butter. who is going to get me a job. who is going to help my kids to go to college. for that reason right now hillary clinton is winning in arizona a traditionally red state. >> don't you think it actually, this new investigation, don't you think it goes to her character and decision-making? i mean she has kept huma abedin very close knowing for the better part of the last throw years anthony weiner, carlos danger has been, you know, playing around with emails, getting in trouble? >> i think it's just unfair for this to be characterized as it is right now.
12:21 am
this email was not on her server. the director has been little vague about that and he should come out and actually clarify this even more. but this whole issue has been exploited by the republican party as well as clinton campaign. >> what do you think comey's motives are. >> i don't think he has any nefarious motives. it is incumbent on him since people are very confused to come out. the letter was too vegas. it'sen exploited by the trump campaign and couple members of congress. >> he recommend nod further indictment and indictment from the doj and for now to go and take the massive step of saying let's start reexpecting some of these we found new information, there has got to be some there there, doesn't there. >> it's incumbent upon him not to just stay silent with you to actually explain himself. this is where the hillary campaign has been very clear they want him to explain more and release information back as soon as possible. they have nothing to hide.
12:22 am
>> he said new evidence pertaining to hillary clinton's email. not -- we already knew they had investigation into anthony weiner and his sectioning with allegedly underaged minor. >> are you sure you want that? >> secretary clinton has been very clear. >> he may be doing a favor to waiting only 11 days left. >> secretary clinton has been very clear that she has nothing to lose here. she has nothing to hide. we know when this is fully put in to light it will be, again, another twist on the rabbit hole that trump and the republicans are going on. because they historically have the worse candidate in history of presidential candidates right now running and losing, mind you. >> well, that maybe the case. at least farce the real clear politics average is. but, they are -- they had been tightening and then two days ago had you this new obamacare massive increase in obamacare rates across the country. now you have this momentum may be turning in the other direction at really the worse time, no? >> no. i sincerely doubt that when donald trump has to come to arizona with about 9 days left to the election, a
12:23 am
state that has voted traditionally republican for the last 20 years, he is in trouble. his pathway to victory is slim to nonexistent. and we know that democratic party and secretary party we are surging. is he going to latch on to last bit of just lies and slander. but it's not going to do him any good. he is the worse candidate and dangerous candidate. republicans are losing because of this. >> good to see you in the no spin zone. >> thanks for having me. >> congressman, thanks very much. up next, if today's email investigation news wasn't bad enough for hillary clinton, new problems around the clinton foundation may be creating the perfect storm of trouble for her campaign. right back with that. why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight, on top of the fbi returning to the inquiry of the email scandal. mrs. clinton is also being haunted by troubling questions of the clinton foundation is being run. for those of you who missed it yesterday, o'reilly delivered a especially powerful talking points memo on the subject. >> hackers have released new information taken from emails stolen from john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chairman, that show the clinton foundation is run more like a business than a charity. this man, douglass band, was a top fundraiser for the foundation but at the same time he was running a company and booking speeches for bill clinton.
12:27 am
mr. band was a very busy guy. not only did he bring in millions of dollars to the foundation, he set up millions of dollars in speaking fees for bill clinton and a hefty income to herself. consulting with folks who donated money to the foundation. it's a tangled web but you get the picture. money went to charity. money went to bill clinton. money went to doug band. in addition, factor has studied the 2014 tax return from the clinton foundation, the latest available. according to this document filed with the irs, millions were spent on non-charitable expenses. in 2014, the clinton foundation received $338 million in revenue. wow 64% of that money went for charitable purposes the rest was either saved, spent on administrative expenses or invested. including in the expenses
12:28 am
are lavish salaries for clinton pals. then ceo received 532,000ness total compensation. not bad. bruce lindsey almost $400,000. mark gunton 314,000. mara payly, 284,000, and dennis cheng almost $270,000 in total compensation. in addition, bill, hillary, and chelsea clinton used private jets to fly around on foundation business, that's legal but rare. charities usually use scheduled airlines to save money. they are very high profile feel people. secret service agents are needed. there is no question the private air travel afforded them an opportunity to do whatever they wanted to do and go wherever they wanted to go that is a huge advantage for a politician planning to run for president, is it not?
12:29 am
>> talking points believes the clinton foundation is a joint venture business political and charitable. it is up to you the vote voters too to decide if this is ethical. i run my own charity. i take nothing. no salary, no businesses. bill and chelsea clinton take no salaries but they certainly have benefited from the money, the foundation has received and the transactions that go back and forth. and that's the memo. >> wow, now, in addition to the new chapter in the email investigation, and the questions about how the clinton foundation is operating, the conservative advocacy group judicial watch is filing a lawsuit asking the fbi to release records about a meeting between bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch on airport tarmac over the summer. joining us from washington to weigh in on this cull
12:30 am
drop of controversies tom fit ton judicial watch. big question, you want to know what took place between bill clinton and a.g. loretta lynch in arizona on the tarmac on the airplane. how are you going to get that information? >> presumably they went in to crisis mode. once it became exposed and discussed what went on and how they were going to handle that. i think that would be illuminating and educational for the american people to know about that meeting that the attorney general admitted cast a cloud over the criminal investigation over hillary clinton. it certainly isn't helped when they are in cover up mode over it and had to go to federal court to get this information. they completely ignored our request. >> i think at one point they talked about golf. >> well, you know, i think it would be interesting to see what government
12:31 am
documents have that record what was talked about that attorney general lynch report what was talked about to her colleagues so they could handle the press, the media and congressional inquiries. that's what we want to know. why are they withholding it from us. not a lot of documents i can imagine. it's a coverup. that's why we are in federal court. we will ask a federal court to require them to turn this over. >> let's talk about bill o'reilly who was talking about doug band, the clinton foundation, and there was a group called taneo a pr/lobbyist group but acted as a broker between bill clinton and high profile big time ceos and big time corporations dow chemical $19 million went into the covers and ended up in clinton's ledger. and also this group, the lori university college that paid him somewhere around $17 million to be an hahn area chancellor. your thoughts? >> we asked for the document on what bill clinton was getting from all that money from that university, that private university. the state department blacked
12:32 am
out what clinton was getting paid to do. i think i would expand bill's definition of the react that was going on to include the state department. because the foundation donors, folks working with this doug band and bill clinton were getting favors from the state department. so that was part of the system of taking care of these people who are not only. >> wait. let's talk about that. how does the state department get involved, the head of dow chemical, for instance, was involved in sheparding clinton over to north korea on behalf of the united states government to help someone get out of north korea supposedly. you have got other companies who were giving money to the foundation, including corrupt nigerian billionaire trying to get special favors from the state department and getting special consideration via band and huma abedin. by the way, clinton getting this money, bill, either speaking fees or business
12:33 am
deals as a result of foundation raises some ethical questions and legal questions about how the foundation was being misused for personal benefit. >> pay-to-play. >> hillary was benefiting indirectly as well. they are married. the money is going to her coffers as well. >> pay-to-play. is this a technical definition of illegal pay-to-play scheme? >> well, you know, there is the pay-to-play with the state department. but when you start using a foundation's donors and a charity as a way to line your own pockets and use pough to protestor promote and i gains to you personally and to your business. that's not allowed under the rules. >> okay. that's important distinction. a lot of people would say, hey, you know, he was selling his brand. he was selling his speeches amend whatnot. when you bring the state department in that changes it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> new contributing factor podcast up on bill o' featuring
12:34 am
interview with james o'keefe about how he made his undercover video that showed democratic party operatives discussing how to promote violence at trump rallies and voter fraud. you will want to check that out. also, donald trump expected to take the stage in cedar rapids, iowa momentarily. we will take you there live when it happens. coming up, how big an impact will today's news on the clinton email investigation have with voters? we'll take a hard look at that right after this.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight. >> the fallout from the clinton foundation, how much way will this have on voters with just 11 days until the election. joining us from chicago executive editor of real clear politics and with us in new york in studio jessica, democratic pollster and strategist. tom, hometown chicago, the
12:38 am
momentum started to change in your average. it was -- it got ahio as 6 or 6 and a half or so a few days ago and it tightened to five. will this help it tighten even further and how much further? hard to say how much further. i think it will tighten. whoever has been under the spotlight has suffered because it reminds the public about all the worse things that the candidates, all the worse perceptions that the public has about that candidate. trump was under the spotlight pretty intensely for the last couple weeks. now it's shifted. hillary clinton is under the spotlight here is just 11 11 days left. given what we know about this race, that's not good news for her. i think it probably will -- we probably will see the polls tighten. but hard to say how much at this point. >> all right, jess, october surprise. >> oh my god. >> there is still three days left. >> i wasn't ready for this at all. it was not a great day. yeah, i agree with what tom just said. we can't know how much. i think they will continue to tighten. we know that at this point in the 2012 election obama
12:39 am
was just up one point on romney and came back to win by 4. i always thought it was going to be close that she was going to win by 2 to 4 poirnghts and it looks like this is still possible. it wasn't good and something they were completely unprepared for. you are really seeing that john podesta put out a good statement. hillary did the best that she could saying i want to know what this is about. james comey, if you are going to say it, tell us what it is. donald trump has been on message for the past few days. and keep hammering this and obamacare and the economy and you got yourself a ballgame. >> tom, talk to us a little bit about these undecides. clearly she hasn't hit a 50% mark on any poll, maybe one poll or so. keeps polling around 45%. is he around 40 or so. that tells you there is a lot of people still undecided than in is the kind of information they need to make a decision. >> sure, there are undecides, and this will certainly effect their decision, independents and another group been with trump swung back to hillary. hillary voters the folks "fox & friendsy" on her and moved in her direction recently or last couple
12:40 am
weeks, the folks who aren't thrilled with her, millennial voters for example, but who are sort of fleeing trump, this reminds them why they don't like hillary. if it softens up her democratic support, that's going to be a problem for her especially in some of these swing states. >> at the podium she said this email scandal is, quote, factored in. i have to push back on that. i think this is big news. also, when asked, she was leaving the press conference a reporter asked her about the scandal and she kind of defiantly laughed it off allegedly this is what we are hearing. >> she didn't answer whether she talked to huma. >> this is the right way to be handling. this she needs to be ready to talk about it i don't think there should be sningts. i think we do need more information. i do agree with what tom just said about the independents and also with millennial voters who are interested in gary johnson because they wanted a third option. and they had moved towards her. it is possible that they could move back. but i want to say also about the polls tightening, what happened there is there were republicans and republican leaning independence who became disenchanted with trump when all the sex
12:41 am
assault talk happened. they moved away from him and now they're moving back. this is the race going back to where it was before that tape dropped. >> tom, before i go. very quickly you have seen a poll tighten 5 points on the average with 1 at as left. >> we just saw this "the washington post" poll came out tracking points 12 points a few days and and now 4. this race is still fluid. >> leave it there tom and jessica, thank you very much. when we come right back, inside the clinton campaign as they react to today's bombshell news. stay with us. ♪
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the campaign 2016 segment tonight. how the clinton campaign is responding to today's fbi bombshell, an october surprise few saw coming. joining us now from washington, fox news chief national correspondent ed henry and from des moines, iowa, fox news correspondent jennifer griffin, whose covering the clinton campaign. jennifer, i want to start with you because right after hillary clinton left that press conference where she said it's factored in, emails are factored in, she was apparently stepping off stage, reporters heard her defiantly laugh when asked about this email scandal.
12:46 am
>> well, it's really interesting, eric. at first we weren't sure whether she was going to address the scandal at all. she had been at two campaign stops. she didn't address it in her prepared remarks. then she held impromptu press conference, took about three questions from the traveling press and as she was leaving, the nbc reporter shouted a question to her and said do you think this will sink your election? and she threw her head back and she laughed defiantly. she did not answer the reporter. but earlier in the press conference, what she said is that the fbi had not contacted her. she did not know what they were referring to. they don't know. she would not confirm whether it was, in fact, as we have been reporting all day, based on a law enforcement source, that it was four devices that were taken by the fbi as part of that investigation into anthony weiner's alleged sexting with an underaged girl. one of those devices, i was told, belonged to huma abedin. there are some reports that one of the devices was also a shared computer used by
12:47 am
anthony weiner and now his estranged wife huma. huma was traveling with secretary clinton today but we did not see her in the rally behind me here at the gymnasium. again, she took just a few questions and she was defiant in her tone. she called on the director of the fbi to release what he knows because she felt with 11 days left the voters need to know what he has. >> ed, the political fallout is what? i moan, it feels big. i mean, all the networks are covering this wall-to-wall because this is a big story. >> yeah. i mean, it's hard to tell. but one clue, i think, that they're nervous in the clinton tamp is everything jennifer just reported. she actually took questions. she hates dealing with the press. she hates taking questions. yes, she has done it a little bit more, lately. she is winning right now in most polls. it's not done but she is winning. she could have tried to run out the string for the next 11 days. they know, as you say, eric, this is a big deal. they are trying to sort of
12:48 am
blunt the damage from james comey by getting her out there and pushing back. some of what she said in the news conference we should i pick apart. it rings hollow. she challenged the fbi to put it all out there. we want the facts. we want more information. if hillary clinton wanted information out there, why has it taken so long for her to explain the server. why was the server kept secret literally for years, eric. that's hard to square. >> jennifer, i cannot imagine, now, you reported that she was on the air, hillary clinton was on the airplane but the internet was down. she didn't know this bombshell was coming until she hit the tarmac and reporters said hey, what's going on? >> well, exactly. and the reporters traveling with her didn't know either because the wi-fi was down for all of them. and so when she came out of the plane and the pool reporter our embedded reporter shouted a question saying had she been contacted by the fbi? she just smiled and waived. and at first it looked like she was just trying to ignore the press. but it really does seem like they were caught unawares.
12:49 am
she also made a political point that she said that the letter was addressed just to the republican heads of committees on capitol hill. the intel committee and others. but we know that, of course, it went to both sides, also house and senate. >> jen and ed, i have to leave it right there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> no friday night of mine would be complete with geraldo rivera who joins us live from arizona right now. geraldo, what do you make today of the fbi reopening investigation? >> the odd couple me and you. >> specifically, i want to get your response to the anthony weiner connection specifically. >> anthony weiner disgusts me. actually disgust is how i responded to this whole renewed, you know, responded to the whole renewed bombshell here. you know, until about noon today james comey, the fbi director was the devil of the right and the hero of the left. he made his announcement that the case was reopened, suddenly that's split. so everybody that was saying that james comey is in the tank
12:50 am
for hillary clinton is now suggesting that james comey is trying to influence this election. it was a bombshell mainly because the fbi has a tradition of not interfering with the electoral process. we're 11 days from the most significant election in our lifetime maybe and the fbi is intruding in a way that's very profound. i think there must be some there. i can't imagine that comey would do something so unprecedented, so extraordinary, if at least a prelim assessment of e-mail -- >> i mean, do you think that there's some classified material or does it get bigger. because as you know, to start reexamining a case that they kind of put on ice for a while would take something fairly explosive. >> i have no idea. but i mean the whole notion that huma abedin would allow this sleazy pervert husband of her
12:51 am
access to her computer and presumably access to communications huma had, confidential communications she had with the secretary of state is mind-boggling. but i have to say this about james comey. this is the biggest cover your ass i've ever seen in modern politics or law enforcement. she was battered by the criticism from o'reilly and others and now he's responding. she saw this maybe late yesterday, early today, said oh my god, i'm not going to sit on this for 11 days. i'm going to release it after the election and i'm going to be impeached. >> you don't give them credit that he found the information trying to be transparent and bring it to the news when he found it? >> we're a nation of tradition. and the fact that this director of the federal bureau of investigation would release something like this 11 days
12:52 am
before the election is mind-boggling. >> what should he have done? you're not suggesting -- >> hillary and podesta on that side, the republicans in congress, trump and pence on the other side what have you got. release it. you're 11 days out. tomorrow is saturday and sunday, so monday you're going to do it, seven days? >> it's evidence. you're a litigator, you know. you investigate. you compile the evidence. >> let me answer. i don't believe it is possible for comey to release the information that right and left are calling for. why are you going to release it eight days, seven days, six days, five days, four days before the election? is the director of the fbi really going to determine who the 45th president of the united states is? that's why i'm baffled by this,
12:53 am
i'm disgusted by this. >> have a great time in arizona. up next, bill o'reilly be join us telling us what to watch for this coming weekend. don't go away.
12:54 am
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12:56 am
in the back of the book segment tonight, bill o'reilly joins us now on the phone to tell us what to expect this coming weekend. bill, ef day something new. what is going to happen this weekend? >> i had to have a medical procedure today which is why i'm not there but i'll be back on monday. you know, i'm surprised at geraldo. it comes out to this. do the american people want to know what happened or not. do they want justice or not. i'm not convicting secretary clinton of everything. i don't believe that the fbi did an honest investigation into her e-mail situation and again i'll
12:57 am
reiterate what i said at the top, that they should have called for a grand jury and presented evidence to other people. that's the way or system works, not just have james comey have this unilateral situation. and there were the instances of impropriety. there were all kinds of stuff that should have never happened. guys like geraldo is saying this is terrible 11 days out. i want to know the truth. this weekend is very important for donald trump because trump now has to pivot away from personal grievance and just hammer home that he believes that his opposition is corrupt and that if elected this corruption will continue, and it could. the fib, you know, if the fbi uncovers more things and she's elected, then it's tim kaine eventually.
12:58 am
so there's a lot for the american voter to consider here. but i caution everybody by convicting in the media. don't do that. there's going to be a lot of new stuff coming out, that's for sure. >> you have a large number of undecide undecideds. trump has an opportunity right now. he's got to mix a cocktail of what he's going to talk about over the next few days. how do you mix the cocktail? >> well, if i were trump i would do some national media, get as much exposure nationally as possible. he's not going to be able to campaign the last 11 days all over the country. he's got four or five states he's got to go to but he can make his case in the media, and then he's got to brush off the questions about his personal resume. he's got to say listen, there's something more important here.
12:59 am
and it's no so much the undecideds. it's the independents. that's what you saw in the polling this week. the independents started to shift over to trump for one reason or another and now with this -- and then the fbi ex exhibition tonight, you're going to have people going hey, maybe i don't want to do this. maybe this is too risky for the country. it's all speculation but there's a lot of stuff that's going to happen the next few days and then the new polling will come out monday and tuesday. >> very quickly, you see the stepped up momentum and enthusiasm in his rallies now. >> trump supporters are very rapid. really doesn't mean much. and go to over the weekend. we'll update everybody on the message boards. i appreciate you being in with me. >> thank you for calling many, bill. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching.
1:00 am
i'm eric bolling if in for bill o'reilly who will be back on monday. and please remember, the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. this is a fox news alert. a presidential campaign for the ages has taken an even more bizarre turn than anyone could have predicted. the fbi now says it will review e-mails that appear to be pertinent to its investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. this comes just 11 days before election day. those new e-mails, thousands of them we're told, appear to result from the sexting investigation of disgraced former democratic congressman anthony wiener married to huma abedin. as you can imagine, this has turned the political universe on its head. it has


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