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tv   Cost of Freedom Your Ballot Your Bucks  FOX News  October 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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and you can make the pumpkin cooler. >> i know what i want for christmas. >> you've got the mfamous marti o'malley. it's unbelievable. this is a fox news channel special election presentation. your ballot, your bucks. now neil cavuto. >> after that october surprise, the ranking members of the house judiciary committee, james comey has some explaining to do. in fact they put a deadline on it. by the end of the weekend, tell us why the heck you decided to drop this bombshell now. in a letter to comey, as well as to the attorney general loretta lynch. they go on to say i'm asking the detector right now that he would not let this weekend go without providing further clarification
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about what this letter means, that would only be fair to hillary clinton and to the american people. the apparent reopening of the clinton private e-mail investigation that has turned this presidential race upside down, how upside down? take a look at this poll here and how much things have contracted in this race. in a little more than a week. and this poll, that's squeezing if you will, is prior to any of these latest developments, these so-called october surprise developments. we're exploring all this today with florida attorney general pam bondi, we have got karl rove, democratic congressman carl weaver. and many, many more, but right now the focus is on, as it should be, this new probe and what it means and what those pertinent e-mails mean that have everybody scratching their heads. do we know what he means by
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pertinent e-mails? >> the existence of this new e-mails have got to be director comey's -- and given the quantity of the relevance to the clinton campaign. >> catherine, i'm sorry, wire just not hear you. so i apologize for that, maybe we can get a land line lock with you, but in the meantime, i want to raise this with the assistant u.s. attorney joining us out of nashville. what does it mean when you risk opening up something again, to say nothing of how difficult that can be with a can of worms, now you're ten days out, in an election that has turnied topsy turvy on a new whole cam pine here.
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obviously it's the director who is handing the probe here, and with the clinton campaign saying show us what you've got. >> it's unprecedented, the letter from the fbi is unprecedented. it's impossible to know what led director comey to do this without saying more. he's going to have to say more because of the pressures and how unusual this is to make statements like this because of the sensitivities of that investigation. >> when obviously he does something like this, the director does something like this, which is akin to, you know, him dialing something back, doing a 180, embarrassing himself, to say nothing of putting the fbi under a new microscope. it's got to be serious enough for him to do this. the argument is that if he didn't do this and if he didn't make these house committees that have jurisdictions over these matters aware of this, he would
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have been called on the carpet later, that the fbi sat on this, didn't let anybody know before the election, so it's got to be important, or does it? >> as he says in the letter, we don't know the significance yet. what is more of a key tell, from the fbi employees and his letter to congress, is his discussion about seeking authority to do more. it looks like the fbi likely was going to get a search warrant for anthony wiener's computer, there would be a whole investigative step related to these e-mails and i think he knew he was absolutely in for heat so he needed to tell folks he was going to walk down that path. >> we're told that he was being berated by a number of republicans, that he caved, he shouldn't have done the things he should have done and gone ahead and regulcommended taking criminal action or recommending
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the congressional committee do that. >> there are long standing and very clear policies about not making statements before an election because you don't want to affect the election, but even broader than that, as investigators, we don't investigate in public, when you're a prosecutor, you do your investigation quietly. and there's two reasons, the evidence isn't there to indict them, you don't talk publicly about them because you don't charge them. and second, they have no way of responding. secretary clinton has no way to respond to this. and second is it going to move forward to prosecution, you potentially risk ruining the ability to convict that person at trial by these sorts of disclosures preindictment. >> would that apply to revealing what you've got, as hillary clinton urged last night, that that would be tainted evidence? >> the chain of things that comey has done has vaulted
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policy at every step. i think the real obligation he has now, there is an election, he can't bury his head in the stand and pretend he doesn't bear a role now and give the most thorough accounting of what's going on as possible. >> i want to bring in emanuel cleaver now, a democrat, on what he thinks his colleagues want to do, including john conyers, the ranking member of that house committee. congressman, they're urging the fbi, or more directly the director give them this information by the end of this weekend, by tomorrow, presumably. how do you feel about that? >> well, i think both sides seem to be asking for the same thing, donald trump supporters and spokespersons are asking for the same information, so i think it would be good. but i'm also concerned about what is happening in this presidential election that could be damaging to the country, as
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ale of things that have already happened are damaging. we don't need to damage the fbi, i think comey is a good and decent guy, i think he's a boy scout as many people believe. he's waiting out into some waters that he perhaps shouldn't have gotten into. this is not good news for anyone. because what's happening in america is if a person gets indicted that we don't like, then we say, we have justice. if it's on the other side, we say it's injustice if it's not the decision we want. i think that's dangerous for the law enforcement community, it's dangerous for the judicial system. and i think comey can straighten out some of this if he comes out and says a bit more. and i would imagine that -- >> he's got to have a lot of e-mails then to conclude i don't know what's there. going to ultimately affect this case. just that they could be
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pertinent, i these they're pertinent, it leads me to believe that there's quite a few of them and he can't read and go through each and every one and compare them to the existing e-mails that the fbi has already reviewed. so wouldn't there be a danger of releasing all that before the fbi itself has had a chance to look at all that stuff? because anything released to a committee obviously gets leaked out very, very quickly. and then you're in even bigger d zoo doo-doo. >> i think it's important to realize that this e-mail exchange is between anthony weiner and his wife and it doesn't involve the server at the clinton house in white plains, so i think there's a
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dark cloud over everything right now, it's not good for the clinton campaign, there's no need in me trying to paint it any other way. but i think that when the smoke clears avenue this election, there are a lot of things we're going to have to think deep by about and one damaging institutions is big. >> could you have ever have envisioned, could you have ever written a script that a presidential election is turned upside down over a sexting scandal, that is linked to a hillary clinton confidant and their estranged relationship and their dereceived devices. >> shakespeare, nobody could have -- >> they didn't even have e-mail back then. >> if someone wrote this out,
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you know, for television or movie, it would be rejected. you know, they would say it's too unrealistic. and yet, here we are. anthony weiner is having some kind of impact, if only disturbing our peace for a few days, on the election of the next president of the united states. anthony weiner disgraced member of the house of representatives. >> real quickly. whatever happens with this, congressman, it's sort of reignited concerns over trust worthiness, issues with hillary clinton, issues that she had hoped she had put to bed, not necessarily satisfied, but people focus on donald trump and his problems, to the point that she looked like she was running away with this election, do you think she is now still running away with this election? >> i do not. i think this is going to be a close election. now we have had millions of
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people to already vote, before all of this happened. i was in north carolina, and in indiana and michigan and florida over the last two weeks and, you know, millions of people are standing in line. their vote is there. but, you know, this is going to be a close election, i think people who thought this was some kind of run away election for hillary clinton were wrong when they started saying it ten days ago. >> yeah, you were saying that more than ten days ago. emanuel cleaver, new york congressman. >> to the congressman's point, millions of people have already voted early before any of this came to light. how many of them would want a second shot at voting again? how many of them would like to sort of wait and see where this is going to finish up if they had a chance for them. but it's too late for them.
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but the early voting continues en masse. florida state attorney general pam bondi is next. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at
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and find out if aetna rx saver is right for you. >> you know, they had early voting in 19 -- i don't know, let's say 1972. and you were later aware that the impact of the watergate break in would be much bigger than you thought. but you had already voted for richard nixon, would you be inclined to change your vote? it's apples and oranges, i grant you, but across this country, more than 15 million people have already voted, millions of them in florida alone. do these latest developments change some of their minds? keep that vote pretty much as it was? adam shapiro now in florida where early voting is under way. a lot of folks voting today are aware of these latest
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developments, too soon to tell its impacts, i guess. >> it is too soon to tell the impacts. but the many people we have spoken to at the coral gables voting station, they told me their minds were made up a long time ago. but watch what happened as we asked one woman who was on her way to vote and then she decided to hold off. take a listen. so you're troubled by this? >> a little bit. i want to know more about it. i want to be informed about it. >> reporter: you're about to go vote and the fbi has reopened its investigation. >> i'm going to think about my vote and i'm not going to vote now. >> and neil, that's just one reaction we got, the other reaction re-enforces the mind se set that people made up their minds a long time ago did the decision about the fbi and the hillary clinton e-mails and anthony weiner influence the way
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you voted today? >> absolutely. >> reporter: how did it influence you? >> well, i thought about it and i just do not want hillary clinton to be in office if this is the kind of thing she's going to do. >> reporter: so neil to give you an idea how intense early voting is in florida. they usually average about 1,400 people a day, the poll organizers say there's about 2,000 today. >> i think we see different statistics, we always make the a assumption that democratic pollers are democratic, and republican pollers are republicans. >> reporter: let me tell you what's happening in two key counties for democrats. in miami-dade county, republicans who have cast bo ballots as of yesterday are outpacing democrats.
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28% to 25%. in broward county, where democrats outnumber republicans 2-1, it's neck and neck, roughly 22% for both parties of registered voters. so that's bad news analysts tell me for the democrats. the bottom line is that the hillary clinton machine is not turning out it's base and you see that reflected in these early voting numbers. >> florida attorney general now, pam bondi, very good to have you, what do you make of this early voting and what read you're getting from it? of course a lot of these early voters with the exception of those today did so before being apprised of these latest developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. what do you make of it? >> well, neil, you know what? i commend those two ladies you just had on because they're taking this voting process seriously. and it sounded like they were going to vote for hillary clinton and they said whoa, wait a minute, we're going to hold
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on, we're not prepared to vote today, we need to learn more about this. and what they need to learn is what is happening today is unprecedented, for an fbi director, 11 or 12 days out from an election to come out and say hillary clinton is under a federal investigation again is truly there must be something strong there for director comey to do that. >> what do you think it is? he tried to dial us back a little bit in his letter. and i must have read this thing, you know, a dozen times. although the fbi cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant, i cannot predict how long it will take us to complete the additional work, i believe it's important to update your committees, talking to these various committee chairman in congress about our efforts in light of the previous testimony. so he knew what he was stepping into. >> he did. >> he probably counted on ranking members of these
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committees coming back at him like elijah coming back at john conyers to tell them what they had, hillary clinton demanding as well. do you think he shouldn't leigh the world hanging. >> you cannot influence an election. the fbi, they keep everything quiet until the conclusion of their investigation. but i have to commend him, though, for coming out again and saying there's more. they never anticipated, i'm sure that when they got wiener's computer that they would find -- that couldn't be scrubbed because that was in the fed's possession, and looking at a child porn case, they come across e-mails from huma abedin and probably secretary clinton and they must be extremely significant for ten days now, out of an election, for them to open an investigation. let me put it this way, neil, if
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i went to apply for a job right now, i wanted to get a bar license in another state, and i listed i was under a federal investigation, i wouldn't get the job. you went to apply, you wouldn't get a job. someone goes to get a real estate license, they wouldn't get a job. we the american people would not be able to get a job, if we told our employer, and most applications now say that, are you under a federal investigation, therefor it's up to the american people now. they're the employers. and they're considering hiring this woman for the highest office in the land. >> i know. but to that point, do you agree with congressman cummings and c conyers that he should share that information? let us know what it could be? >> as a career prosecutor, you cannot jeopardize a pending investigation by sharing investigative materials during
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the course of the investigation. that speaks volumes that ten days out they would open an investigation against her again. in our constitution, neil, it speaks to this. it speaks to this and i don't think our constitution ever contemplated a candidate as corrupt as hillary clinton.
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do you think she is now still running away with this election? >> no, i think this is going to be a very close election. >> and obviously these latest developments have made it closer still. a number of polls out have already shown things contracting very, very quickly. and that was prior to these revelations of these reopened
7:26 am
investigations, whatever you want to call it. dr. ben carson, donald trump confidant, joining me on the phone right now. could it change a lot of people's opinions? change their vote at this late stage? what do you think, doctor? >> i suspect that it probably will. i have personally been praying f for revelations so that the people would know what they were getting, i think this is consistent with the answers to those prayers. >> one of the things i always say, the media can pick and choose how much to cover these stories. i seem to remember right after mr. comey, i believe on july 5th had decided not to recommend prosecution against hillary clinton, they all heralded his decision as jesus-like. not so much this go around. i'm quoting, mr. comey's failure to provide any specifics about a new potentially important
7:27 am
development less than a week before, two weeks before election day is confounding, "the washington post," same subject. the question will be how badly damaged this will damage clinton's candidacy, by the 11th our, reeruption of a controversy that never should have generated so much attention in the first place. what do you think of that? >> bear in mind, when those e-mails were subpoenaed, hillary clinton knew that getting rid of them would bring her under scrutiny and criticism. therefor there had to be some really bad stuff in there for her to be willing to undergo that. and i think some of that stuff is in here. and they can't hide that. it's too damning. so they have to say something. but by the same token, they can't reveal it all because it's an active investigation. >> what do you think donald trump should do.
7:28 am
obviously he's been pounding it in campaign appearances, other operatives have told me, maybe you just let this story go out there and see what the media does, i can well understand his concerns that the media might not be so zealous pursuing this, but they're all reporting on it. how far does he go, do you think? >> it is a big deal, but think he needs to stay with the winning ticket and that is to talk about the issues, which hillary doesn't want to talk about because all of her ideas are bankrupt. >> is this one of those issues, doctor? >> the dishonesty is one of the issues, therefore it shouldn't be the overwhelming topic. he should bring it up along with all the other things. people of america are very skeptical about our leadership and about our accepting of dishonesty at the highest level. so yes, he should capitalize upon that. but don't make that the central focus. the central focus are the things
7:29 am
that 7 out of 10 americans are concerned about, that we're off the track, the other 30% are probably benefiting from it. this is serious business. and we can't get this can side track you, just like the other stuff did. >> somebody told me that you're not going to see the hillary clinton voter move over to donald trump based on this. what you could see, though, and what we might see are hillary clinton voters not showing up at the polls, frustrated, upset, you know, sort of disconcerted, do you see that playing out? >> i absolutely see that playing out. and in a way, i feel sorry for them. and i would hope that some of them would stop for a moment and think about it. you know, this is not really about democrats and republicans, this is about the political establishment and their media cronies and we the people. that's what it's about. and if they stop and think about
7:30 am
that and recognize that their children are going to be much better off if we continue with a government that's formed by the people, as opposed to one that's formed by the government. i think they might be able to generate some enthusiasm for donald trump. >> dr. carson, thank you for joining us, be well. >> thank you. did you see the markets yesterday? kind of uneventful in the end. but man oh, man, what happened a few hours before they closed. that little circle you see? why in just a minute. we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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going to keep pounding it, i understand. now we have these top house democrats, urging comey to turn over whatever he has, so that they can see what he has. how is this all falling out. because they want this out pronto, as does mrs. clinton. that's going to be their clarion call. what's trump's? >> reporter: the clinton campaign wants it all out there. people are going to see trump in golden, colorado, people who proudly declare themselves the deplorables. you can refer to them today as deplorables. we'll put up the new abc news tracking poll. just a week ago, trump was behind clinton by 12 points.
7:35 am
now he's 47 to 45. he's just two points behind. and is that's not even counting any of these new stuff. you can bet that at that campaign rally, donald trump is going to beat this issue like a rented mule, exactly like he did yesterday in cedar rapids. listen to this. >> the investigation is the biggest political scandal since watergate and it's everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered. >> reporter: and a little more on yourhere, for donald trump to sit on this. if the fbi director to come out and say you know what? there's no hillary clinton e-mails involved in this investigation, that would
7:36 am
probably end it. but if the fbi keeps its cards close to its vest in this investigation, that's going to give donald trump a clear lane to capitalize on this as corruption. i have covered a lot of these campaigns and to think that in an election campaign that allegations of sexting between a disgraced congressman and a 15-year-old girl could uncover new evidence that could possibly change the outcome of an election campaign, this is something that none of us have ever seen before. >> i have heard of some of the operatives on the campaign trail say doesn't that guarantee that donald trump gets hillary clinton's votes, even dr. ben carson acknowledges much. but it could frustrate those hillary clinton voters from showing up at the polls at all. that's what the trump supporters
7:37 am
are hoping for. >> it could turn some of them that are sitting on the fence vacillating toward hillary clinton to the trump side. a lot of people are moving to gary johnson, even a few could, but anybody that doesn't vote for hillary clinton as a result of this is a benefit to donald trump, neil. >> john roberts who's working on his next campaign sort of screen play, but he'll never be able to outdo the real one. i want to show you something that happened yesterday. you know the markets kind of finished where they began. but man, oh, man, what happened in the middle? that circle at 1:10 eastern time. is when this comey letter to the committee chairmen in congress was first released, when that news came out, the markets tanked. why did that happen? and why in the course of events did the mexican peso tank? charlie gasparino here, charlie,
7:38 am
why did that happen? >> uncertainty about the election, you know the market uncertainty. the markets at least on first blush do not like a donald trump candace i. his junkyard dogness is bad for stability. you notice the markets recovered a little bit, that was me buying stocks, neil, on a donald trump victory, hurting the market, buying the dip. and here's what the markets are forgetting. some people in the markets get this. if donald trump gets elected president, guess what happens, les regulation, lower taxes, elizabeth warren is forgotten because the republicans will probably take the senate. this is all great stuff for the markets. but the initial blush of the markets is he's bad because of the uncertainty. i think long-term he's good for the markets, that's my opinion. and i'll tell you a lot of smart
7:39 am
wall street people agree with that as well. >> and what happened to the mexican peso yesterday, it tumbled and i guess the betting was that he's going to build a wall. and that looks more likely. but the more prevailing argument was, hey, this hillary clinton win isn't such a slam dunk. >> the odds of a trump victory definitely went up during the afternoon. it's not just the woall, the euo went up which has been very weak recently, gold went up, the cost of buying against the market has already fell off. >> but during the day it all kind of muted out. it's still a significant drop for a currency, but what do you make of that, the markets are more sanguine to this prospect?
7:40 am
>> i will tell you there's an up side to this, which maybe kicked in, the whole revolt that the election is rigged. even trump came out and said it's not as rigged as i thought. if it came a week after, there would be people in the streets with pitchforks. >> the other flip side to that is even a hillary clinton victory, a divided government looks like it still might be the case, you would still have the house and presumably the senate under republican control under that scenario, these guys tend to like split government, right. >> clearly, every political observer that i spoke with, and the wall street firms, the traders get that information deliberated to them. they have their access to washington and they have all this information services
7:41 am
feeding them information by the second. the odds of the republicans keeping the senate, forget about the house, i think we're going to keep the house anyway. but keeping the senate went up dramatically. so that was good for the markets, that's why you probably saw a buy back, it wasn't me buying, neil. my 401(k) suffered significantly. but that's what played out here, a check on hillary clinton, the fact that elizabeth warren won't be a ranking member of the bank committee, is so good for the markets and so good for stocks and the growing chance that donald trump could be president, i'm telling you in the end will be very good for stocks. >> huge. >> huge. >> thank you very much. what are we learning about this fbi new probe or whatever you want to call it? catherine herridge back on the phone with us. >> a law enforcement source told fox news that fbi director comey was briefed on thursday about
7:42 am
the existence of these new records and it was based on the quantity of the records and the apparent relevance to the clinton administration that he made a decision that day, that he would notify the congressional committees with oversight and he would also reinitiate the case and the way it was described to fox news is that based on what had been found, he felt, a quote, obligation to move quickly and make those notifications, neil. >> they had to know it would be an about face for him. he had to eat some humble pie. that automatically triggered talk that it's got to be big stuff. >> there's an understanding in this type of case that you never announce an investigation within 30 days of an election, and we're clearly within this window. it's a reopening of the old investigation. but significantly i was told last night because of the quantity of the records involved, there was absolutely no way that it could conclude before election day. so this again tells you that the
7:43 am
evidence, the way it was described to me, surpassed a certain threshold and that the director felt he had an obligation to notify the committee. >> he is aware of that evidence, he is at least aware of some of these e-mails. >> i wouldn't say that he read them, i would say that he was believed on the records that had been found as a result of federal investigators being involved in the sexting allegations with anthony wiener, so these were records that were recovered by federal agents not by local cops in new york. this was information that was briefed to the director on thursday, so i wouldn't make the leap that he's read the records, but he was certainly briefed on what they had found. >> obviously important enough for him to do what he did. >> all right, you know this is all about in the end getting 270 electoral votes, these political and other electoral cross currents notwithstanding. the last one whoever got an
7:44 am
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with the exception of some pretty significant states, michigan, wisconsin, some others in there, they are oddly -- prior to these allegations coming out. i only mentioned those states because he trails by eight points or more in sort of a round robin list of polls, you can argue was it worth him fighting to get those back. that's in the eyes of the beholder. what's going on in utah, because utah is sort of seen as a safe republican bastion, it was one of mitt romney's biggest wins, donald trump still wins, this is
7:48 am
a real clear politics average of polls taken, he still has a 6 point lead, but it's over a third party candidate, an independent presidential candidate. nick mullen joins us now. good to have you back. >> great to be with you, neil. >> i'll go political brass tax with you, this latest development with hillary clinton and the continuing investigation, who does it help more in utah? the consensus seems to be it hurts her so by extension it helps mr. trump. what do you think? >> well, i don't think it's so clear that it helps donald trump. i think that actually i have a better chance of picking up some of hillary clinton's voters here in utah and across the country, and we're going to be fighting for those votes. hillary clinton is a deeply corrupt politician, we knew that already. >> you're saying your presence on the ticket draws more votes from hillary clinton than donald
7:49 am
trump? >> i'm not saying that. we're drawing votes from donald trump. i think he's painfully aware of that and that's why he sent mike pence out to utah recently to help get these votes back, i don't think they're going to come back. but look, if people know that hill clinton is a corrupt politician, as is donald trump, they're looking for something better too. our message is a message of liberty and equality. and guess what, neil, the good thing about those conservative principles is they appeal to all americans. and we also have people who say they used to support bernie sanders or hillary clinton and now they're coming on board with us, and we haven't changed a thing, this is just good old-fashioned conservatism. >> you have raised enough concerns among the trump-pence ticket that governor pence himself visit your fine state, to let people know that a vote for you would be a wasted vote.
7:50 am
what is your reaction to this? >> a vote for anybody but donald trump is bottom line a vote for hillary clinton as president of the united states. >> a vote for that e van goouy,s nice as he is, is just a waste. >> it's just not the case, the republicans and the democrats don't have any claim on our votes, they both want to say that if you don't vote for one of us, then you're wasting your vote. but that benefits them. but if they're going to put up fraud, corrupt candidates like hillary clinton and donald trump, are they always going to demand that they have a right to our vote or that a vote in any other direction is a waste? >> what was it prior to this? were you a republican i assume before all this? >> i worked in the republican establishment. i was the chief -- >> mitt romney, it was only donald trump's presence that
7:51 am
made you leave the republican nominee and the republican party? because mitt romney just doesn't like donald trump. >> there are problems that existed within the republican party before donald trump. he came in and took advantage of them. i objected to them before donald trump. they weren't fixed, because they didn't stand up for quality and liberty in the republican party. and as a result we got donald trump as the nominee, and as a constitutional candidate, i simply cannot be on board with a populist white nationalist movement which is trumpism. that's just not something that i and my supporters will be part of. >> i don't want to be jaded here, you're not going to be president, but you could turn this race, certainly in utah. so if you had your choice between those two, hillary clinton or donald trump, who would it be? >> again, neil, we do not have
7:52 am
to continually make this choice. >> we do. we do. you' ee're on ballots in 11 sta so i assume you've been looking at the map. >> if you're going to look at the map, let's use the right numbers, we appear on the ballot in 43 states. >> in 32 states, you're registered as a write in. but on the ballot, where they can see evan mcmullen, you're right. >> where people can write in a candidat candida candidate. >> those were on the ballot in all 50 states. >> i'm talking they won states where they were a write in.
7:53 am
we have got two major party candidates who are liberals. we have got to try to block the vote. if the race is close, and it's getting closer now, which we learned from the fbi yesterday. we need a new conservative movement in this country. what we have right now is not going to work, it's going to lead us to fiscal disaster, to a reduction of liberty to our citizens, and the time to build that is now, and that's what minu mindi and i are building. >> such an intriguing guest yesterday, when we were getting into what's going on in this investigation and where the election stands. he's back with us. tom, what do you make, the latest development, these ranking minority members saying show us mr. comey what you've
7:54 am
got. you think. >> he should show a little bit more leg, but not enough to ruin any criminal investigation. i think we should get some details on the volume of the e-mails, some details as to the timing of the find, of whether this new information came to light just now or maybe several weeks ago, why wasn't abedin's material picked up initially by the fbi? i know that we have gotten thousands of abedin e mi-mails they show mrs. clinton's e-mail accounts. why didn't the fbi begin looking much earlier. we had somebody testify, another clinton i.t. official, who evidently knew about her system. he took the fifth on monday. and that was curious in light of the fact, supposedly there was nothing going on. you know, there are a lot of questions out there, but, you know, let's be clear here, mrs. clinton again is under criminal
7:55 am
investigation, there's noise about what comey said and how he said it and that's fine in part of the debate. but this is a serious issue. >> you were explaining this yesterday, but for comey to swallow some pride, essentially saying, oops, it had to be important enough. he hasn't read everything that was thrown on his desk in a file, but he had to have seen enough to get to these guys. >> he had shut the investigation down, he said no prosecution should be done. the justice department immediately affirmed it. and so for him to announce this like this, obviously it was serious enough for him to flout the attorney general, according to another report. the attorney general told him not to do this or suggested he not do this. the justice department wanted to cover this up. comey didn't think he could. i don't know what's going to has
7:56 am
been during this investigation, but let's not pretend that it was sort of a political ploy by the fbi in the sense that there was something insubstantial. all the evidence is that it's substantial. >> he didn't run it by the white house, didn't run it by mrs. clinton or any of her operativives. what do you make of that? >> the reporting suggests that the justice department told him not to do this and said that he shouldn't, quote, interfere with the election, it seems to me he was under obligation to disclose it. and why was he part of keeping this away from the american people and congress, information, basically the reopening of a criminal investigation into hillary clinton. admittedly there's not much precedent for that, but there's not much precedent for criminal investigations of a presidential candidate on the eve of an election. >> thank you, great seeing you again. we're looking at governor
7:57 am
mike pence, he's in north carolina, this is a tailgate event. but you go where the votes are, and right now, that candidate and the guys at the top of the ticket are dealing with the wind at their back. ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
a little bit more than two months ago, democrats loved him now they're hating him. fbi director james comey has reopened the investigation into hillary clinton. the minority members of the house judiciary committee urging that mr. comey spill the beans on whatever he has, get it out there, echoing what hillary clinton said last night in a very brief press conference. she's now in daytona beach, florida, where hillary clinton will be a little bit later today. they're going to keep pushing this to get it out there , let s
8:01 am
see what you got, mr. comey? >> reporter: hillary clinton will arrive here just a few hours from now, the word from her campaign is they were blind sided, they're outraged by this. that james comey would decide to reopen this and that comey is not telling the american people what happened. comey defenders would say he went public over the summer to say they were not going to recommend charges at that point and that he would get even more criticism if he decided to withhold this information just a couple of days before the election. she made no mention of this issue, though she did hold a press conference afterwards in which she called on the fbi director to release more informs about this and then reassured her supporters that everything is going to be fine. so we don't have that sound
8:02 am
there, neil, but essentially what they're saying, look, they're going to go through these e-mails and what they're going to find here is what they found in july and she says there's not enough evidence for any charges. this all came to light because of ever since 2011, former congressman anthony weiner after leaving congress has continued to surface in the news every couple of months, he is the estranged husband of clinton confidant huma abedin and it is their joint lap top that the fbi is investigating, and they're investigating wiener for his connection with a 15-year-old girl which allowed them to catch these e-mails that they hadn't gotten in the first part of the investigation. the clinton campaign is now dealing with that. and we'll see what she has to say just a few hours from now as the campaign continues from daytona, florida. >> how would you like to be the fbi investigator who gets wiener's lap top.
8:03 am
who wants wiener's lap top? you can't make this stuff up. a lot of republican congressmen, ben jordan, sits on the house oversight committee. sir, you have heard what a lot of your democratic colleagues are saying about just spill the beans, tell us what you got, director comey, like right now, before the weekend is out, what do you say? >> i think governor pence has called for the same thing, neil. look, the american people deserve the truth, the whole truth and frankly they also deserve equal treatment under the law. this has been our concern with this case the the get-go, she got treated with a different standard, a double standard, where no other american could have their spouse meet with the attorney general three days before the government's going to interview them. you have never seen five people, three of whom take the fifth.
8:04 am
this case has been unusual from the get-go. but i think certainly at this point, the american people want to know the truth. and of course the headline is news in and of itself, they're reopening the investigation. so we'll see how this plays out in the next couple of days. >> now i guess a lot would hinge on whether there's any classified material there that ended up on houuma abedin's commuter or her estranged husband's computer. what if they're not and there's all this much ado about nothing. >> never forget what happens here, the whole intent of the clintons was to hide information, that's why they set up the private server, contrary to federal records law, they did this, then they got caught, when they got caught, they said, look, we'll decide, we'll decide, hillary clinton and her legal team, sheryl mills, we'll decide on the front end which ones you get and which ones we
8:05 am
keep and we'll destroy. that sort of points them. a year ago this month, i asked senator clinton in the benghazi hear, i said why don't you agree to let a neutral third party, like a retired federal judge, examine all the e-mail. we don't need to see the yoga and the wedding planning e-mails, but let a retired federal judge to go through this and he can decide which ones were important to the american people. from the get-go, their intent was to hide information, and i think largely due to what they were doing relative to the clinton administration. let's get this information out there, let's find out what's there to the american people know. >> congressman jim jordan, thanks for joining us. we're ten days out, the regular polls show this is hillary clinton's race to lose.
8:06 am
prior to the latest developments, you have seen when we opened this show, "the washington post" daily tracking poll is now 12 points to 2 in the latest read. there are a lot of methodology reasons for that, but donald trump is gaining ground. larry sabado, what do you think the fallout will be if you had to gauge it right now? >> the truth is, neil, we won't know until midweek, because these polls all lag behind real events, and it takes several days, really, to get a good reading and you want to use polling averages, you do not want to cherry pick a poll that confirms what you would like the effect to be. so it will be midweek before we can really know. based on everything that's happened in this campaign so far, my sense is that she would lose a point or two, she is up 5
8:07 am
to 7 percentage points nationally in the popular vote, depending on which polling ample you look at, there are two of them, 5 to 7 points, so it would not be enough to change the election, where it would help republicans potentially is with some of the really close senate and house races. the reason candidates have been looking for a lifeline. this might be their lifeline to re-enforce the theme that they have been pushing for the last few weeks, which is you need a check and balance on a hillary clinton presidency if it happens. >> what if it's bigger than that and you're quite right, in some of these battleground states, donald trump would have to overcome big deficits in virginia where he's down by 12 points, wisconsin where he's down by 8, colorado 8. but in a lot of them, he's within just a whisper, new hampshire, 3 to 4, depending on what poll you look at, west
8:08 am
virginia, four points, he's up by 4 points in florida. so in those states, and even in the states where he oddly was having trouble like showing now build on this? >> as i say, a point or two, you're absolutely right in some of the battleground states could make the difference. my crystal ball, we never had georgia out of the donald trump cam. i have never really bought that. you have an occasional poll that shows tied or close to tied or whatever. but that happens when you have a lot of polls in the battleground states. >> what about utah, what about texas? >> i have never had texas out of the trump camp. i don't believe it, i'm sorry. utah is not hillary clinton's, she's not going to win utah. it's between donald trump and mcmullin. you still have to give an edge to the republican nominee.
8:09 am
florida is very close, north carolina, ohio, iowa. sure i could see where if clinton in fact loses a point or two on account of this, that that would -- that could make the difference. can i add one thing, though, neil? we are still ten days out. we are not finished with the october and november surprises. guaranteed, on both sides. wikileaks is going to provide some for trump. and this democratic campaign has been so well planned and organized, i guarantee you, they saved at least one thing, if not more than one thing to drop on trump in the last week. >> i think you're right. we might start having a november surprise. especially since we have got eight days in november before the vote. but let me ask you about what all of this could mean. do you see anything like 1980? i think you and i touched on this before, where there was this title shift, fairly late in
8:10 am
the game, a late break, anything like that? because that's what a lot of trump people tell me, they see going on. what do you see going on? >> well, you never know, but you know what the big difference is between 1980 and 2016? back in 1980, up to a third of the voters were ticket splitters. we weren't nearly as polarized, neil, we would move from one party to another in presidential years depending on the candidates and the issues at the time. remember you had nixon winning 49 states, then the democrats win with jimmy carter, then ronald reagan wins with a landslide. we don't do that anymore, we're individuals, with battle ground states, with 40 states not even being on the board. >> right before the election with jimmy carter had a 3 or 4 point lead, then he ends up losing in a landlandslide.
8:11 am
how did that happen? >> well, you know, that's not what my data shows, my data shows that reagan had a 2 or 3 point lead going into that final debate. once you average all the polls together. and that's what i use. the 2 or 3 point lead, because of the debate and the collapse of the negotiations with the iranians for the release of the hostages on the sunday before the tuesday election, those two events expanded reagan's lead from 2 or 3 points to ten points, and that was the last weekend. so we're going to have to be alert. >> i was even born. >> sure, neil, yeah, you weren't born. you tell whatever you want to tell, we'll believe the story. but i've got some good news for you, neil. our long national nightmare is almost over. >> i have enjoyed the nightmare. that's what it is. again, i'm like a freddie krueger type.
8:12 am
great seeing you again. all right, donald trump supporters, duck dynasty phil robertson on what he sees that others do not. ll, we gotta handt to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex.
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it's good to be in, good hands. a day after the bombshell, they're still throwing the bombs. a day after the comey release, mrs. clinton saying why don't you tell us what you've got. the fbi director, tell us what you've got, tell us what you've got by the end of the weekend so everybody can be apprised of what's in your arsenal. he swallowed enough pride yesterday to say oops, i have to
8:16 am
revisit some stuff. republicans liking out, democrats not trusting it. now the fallout. amy holmes, democratic mayor of miami beach, florida, phillip levine and madison. what's going to happen, "the washington times" trying to frame this and give it a big picture context, what is it today? >> i think there's a lot of voters that were very hesitant about voting for hillary clinton early on because of the fbi investigation. when that was investigation was closed a lot of those fears were alleviated for them. and now those fears have been brought back up. for those that haven't voted, i think this could push them over the fence to vote for mr. trump. >> what i hear for a lot of donald trump supporters, they're not saying all those hillary voters are going to be our voters, what they are hoping
8:17 am
for, from what they tell me, is that those frustrated hillary voters just stay home, and that changes the race. what do you think? >> i don't think so. i just took a tour around the entire state, after the african-american bus tour, the poll of polls, and the enthusiasm for secretary clinton palpable, you see it everywhere we go. the early voting numbers in florida are at significant numbers for the democrats. we're way above what president obama had in 2012. another this point in the campaign, the people are saying, we don't really want to hear what the candidates want to push out, kind of like groundhog day, what we want to hear about are the real issues, whether it's affordable education, or climate change issues. >> you don't say affordable health care. you would be in big doo-doo there. >> i think people want to hear the real stuff. >> okay. that stuff, amy holmes is what's come back to bite mrs. clinton. these things, what i don't
8:18 am
doubt, that we could go through a couple of more big surprises before this is all over. having said that, do you find it ironic in a campaign that's been about charges and criticisms and personal attacks, that it could be decided on the mayor's point of substantive issues, like this health care thing that has all of a sudden erupted. >> i hope the election is about substantive issues, but i think national security is a substantive issue, to have all of these e-mails that could easily be hacked, that is a serious issue, and if you ask likely voters, we asked voters who do you think has more to hide, hillary clinton or donald trump. and a majority, 50% of likely voters say they think hillary clinton has more to hide. we may find out in the next ten days that there's more.
8:19 am
the clinton campaign says hey, we get it, honest and trust worthy are not good for us. >> those clinton supporters yesterday madison were expressing frustration that no one's talking about donald trump's tax returns a. what do you think of that? >> they're not mentioning these things because hillary clinton is under investigation by the fbi. what most americans are very happy about is that the fbi is sending a clear message that nobody is above the law, including mrs. clinton herself. people are sick of the same old washington. and that politicians are above the law. hillary clinton is being held to the same standard that you or i would be held to. they have this information and they need to open this investigation up. as they said yesterday, people
8:20 am
are happy that the fbi is righting their wrong. what do y director? >> i think director comey could have handled this differently, this is unprecedented ten days before the election. he said he's not even sure that these e-mails have anything to do with anything. clearly he has some very big concern of the republican congress, that those are his bosses, we know that, donald trump is under federal irs investigation and that's why we won't return or put out his stactax returns, his trump university is under investigation from many states, donald trump is a guy who's under investigation right now, let's not forget that. >> here's the problem for hillary clinton that this story creates for her is that she is now the headline and she is the
8:21 am
one who's in the spotlight for potential of at least clearly irresponsible of confidential information. >> thank you guys, all very much. as a big trump supporter, you know him as a huge republican figure. phil robertson from "duck dynasty" is here. is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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8:24 am
>> all right, well how do donald trump supporters feel about these latest allegations and should donald trump push them. we're going to explore that in a couple of different segments. phil robertson, big supporter of mr. trump. very good to have you back,
8:25 am
phil. how are you doing? >> i'm doing good, no matter what they stay about you, c cavuto, you are an italian stallion. >> when you were first talking about hillary clinton with me, one of the issues you would pound a lot was this issue of trust worthiness and the gnawing issues that keep coming up with her, this latest development, does it just add to that for you? i mean you weren't going to vote for her anyway. what do you tell those who are still on the fence, do you just add this as an example. >> you have a human being, one hillary clinton that's decided the other day that she would get into the redeeming business.
8:26 am
stand flat footed and tell half of america that they're e irredeemable? i showed this to donald trump, i didn't have but 15 minutes with him. i showed him these symbols, god becoming flesh. i told donald trump this. he died on the cross, donald, for your sins, you have sinned, haven't you? he said yeah, i said three stays later he was raised from the dead, therefore you can be raised, i side don't miss this, we need god on our side. i said you need to be born again. so donald trump heard the gospel and i appreciated the fact that he listened. faith comes from hearing the message and i just gave you the message, i shared that with mr. trump. >> when did you share it with
8:27 am
him? >> about three or four weeks before they dragged up this stuff on him about making lewd comments. look, there's no one in america, there's no one in america who is without sin. so who's going to cast the first stone? at anyone? so the bottom line is, hillary needs to stay out of the redeeming business and mr. trump needs to change his live. i gave him the reason why. faith in the gospel. therefore, give the man some time. so in my mind, once you step into god's shoes and start saying who's redeemable and who's not, that takes a lot of gal right there. that was a deal breaker. >> one of the things, i'm going to ask you about that when you talked with donald trump a few weeks ago before these revelations came out. he attacked a lot of these women maybe because he felt the
8:28 am
charges were curious their timing. do you think he should have done that or should he have just dismissed it, moved on, but he spent a great deal of time focussing on them and even their looks. was that wise to do? >> it was not wise. you have to remember, the guy's not a politician. basically, he's the type we need. look, he's right on immigration, solid conservative. he's right on beefing up the u.s. military. he's right on the second amendment. he's -- i wrote a list down, i'm a c-plus man, there cavuto. he's right on the supreme court justices. his policies, none of them are anti biblical. he's against abortion. by the way, you say phil, would you vote for him if he was for
8:29 am
the slaughter of 60 million human beings in their mother's wombs, i would never vote for anyone who's for that. ever. you say that would be a deal breaker. we shouldn't practice perversion in the united states of america or anywhere else. it's a deadly disease that follows that behavior. therefore you say he's for traditional biblical marriage. if he wasn't, it would be a deal breaker. but all of his policies, from energy, i mean look, if we have it, get it out of the ground and let's use it. taxes, he would lower them, hillary would raise them. issue after issue, policy wise, i'm in line with donald trump, health care, get rid of obama care, let people choose their doctor. so you go down that list and you look at it and you say, you know what? he holds staunch conservative and none of his policies, as far
8:30 am
as i can tell, are anti-biblical, because of that, i'm going for him and these evangelicals who sit around and say, the lewd comments you made, if we go to dragging -- look, you look in my background, cavuto, i know yours is squeaky clean, if you go to my background, you're going to come up with immorality, drunk, smokin was a heath than, everybody's redeemable. and there's not but one redeemable. and it's not a profession al provaricator. in my mind, donald trump is the only way out of this mess. >> i guess i'll put you down as a maybe on hillary clinton. >> that's -- i don't think so. her record, if you smell a skunk
8:31 am
long enough, cavuto, you keep smelling that skunk, you'll finally find the skunk, no matter how deep they dig. old stuff, barack obama all over again and this whole thing is going to collapse around us unless america repents, turns to god. give trump time, the gospel has a way of eating at a man, there's power in it. therefore, that's my story, dude, and i'm sticking to it mr. italian stallion. >> you're a different kind of guess, i will say that, phil robertson, as you're speaking, i'm getting flooded with e-mails. very good having on you. i'll let that big head comment go. but i think the television just makes it bigger. people who bump into me say your head is not that big. i guess you don't believe that. >> let it just go right on by. think about what they are saying about me and what did they say
8:32 am
about jesus. >> don't get me started. phil robertson, "duck dynasty" star, per vaer of politics.
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
let's give you a peek at what's going on in cleveland, ohio. bill clinton, whatever your thoughts are on folks like michelle obama and president obama and joe biden, all have been out this weekend, joe biden will be carrying the torch for her, a couple of days ago, michelle obama. those are some powerful surrogates to sing your praises here. it doesn't appear that mr. clinton has raised any of these latest things that have come to light in terms of the fbi and james comey and what he is up to. but fox news host and -- i'm telling you, a really great
8:36 am
attorney, gregg jarrett, and i really want to pick your brain gregg on just what the heck comey did here, technically he didn't reopen the investigation, but he did say he's got pertinent information that changes that investigation. what is it? >> and in his memo to his own employ employees, he said it's pertinent to the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, what it's renewed or reopened or being reviewed, it's sort of a distinction without a difference. i wrote about this in my column, comey went from revered to reviled all in one day when he held a news conference laying out how hillary clinton -- his own agency turned against him according to fox news sources, they were appalled, they were disgusted, these were lawyers in
8:37 am
the agency that had come up with the evidence against clinton and athought it was literally incomprehensible what comey did. comey may have had three months to think about this and he may now have been looking for an opportunity to right the wrong, to rectify a mistake that he made and he has a 15-year-old girl in north carolina and anthony weiner to thank for a second chance. >> but, you know, gregg, i was thinking of that, maybe this did provide a way to get to more e-mails. i guess his staff hands him a file on thursday, it was obviously worthy enough for him to write this letter to all these congressional chairman, wait a minute, right? so he had to be aware of some of these features, some of the emails, would they be so damaging that he's giving them a
8:38 am
heads up. he's doing a bit of a 180 here. so it would have to be up to such a standard that he couldn't just ignore it, right? >> i would think so. apparently they found on these anthony weiner devices, tens of thousands of e-mails from huma abedin, some of which these fbi investigators thought could be classified documents, they go to comey on thursday, they tell him this, he's in a tough spot. if he doesn't reveal it until after the election and it's incendiary and incriminating, then he's accused of hitding it to protect her. if he disclosed it, as he did, he is accused of trying to harm her candidacy and helping donald trump. so i mean, look, he's in a no-win situation, but arguably, he only has himself to blame by virtue of his earlier decision on july 5. >> and he started this initiate
8:39 am
ty on the part of democratic members like elijah cummings in the judiciary committee, give us the information by the end of the weekend. but he's limited that, especially if there are top secret e-mails or classified e-mails, i mean, what do you do? >> we're not going to know what's going to happen for a very long time. >> it's certainly not going to happen before the end of this weekend. >> it's an impossibility. it's an impossibility i would think before the election, you have got to determine whether or not these documents are classified, where they came from, it's unclear according to senior law enforcement officials as to whether they emanated from hillary clinton's personal, mail server. we know that huma abedin had an account on that server, they exchanged e-mails. were they e-mails that were sent and received by clinton. it's a new whole quagmire that
8:40 am
this administration has to wrangle with. we'll see what happens. but obviously this is not good news for hillary clinton. if it's true that comey was really looking for a second bite of the apple and to engage in a new legal analysis and conclusion as she violated the law, this is his opportunity and he may pursue it vigorously against her. we just don't know. >> let me ask you a dumb question, the last dumb question i promise. let's say she gets elected president. >> yeah. >> and this is still festering, and charges are brought, can she pardon herself? >> you know, that is a good question. i mean arguably you could. >> it's a -- it is not an idiotic question, it's a great question, and arguably she can pardon anybody, so yes, she could pardon herself. politically, it would be political suicide. what's interesting is that presidents have constitutional immunity from being prosecuted for ordinary crimes, according
8:41 am
to most legal scholars, but crimes committed while they're in office. this is different. hillary clinton allegedly committed crimes before she took office, she may not have immunity, she could invoke the 25th amendment, step aside temporarily, submit herself to a trial and if acquitted she can reassume the office. but, you know, who knows? >> who knows. >> and by the way, your head is not that big on tv. >> i'm so mad at that dude. >> but in real life, when i'm talking to you out in the hallway, your head is huge. >> that's fine. >> i stand there talking to you and i can only think that's like the biggest head ever. >> all right, fine. gregg jarrett making his final appearance on this great show. thank you very, very much. >> sure, neil. as gregg and i were chatting her, this is coming from "the washington post" right four, saying that the justice department had apparently warned the fbi that the director's
8:42 am
decision to update members of congress on this whole clinton e-mail opening up again was not consistent with policy. that would seem to imply that obviously he had run that by justice, given the heads up, that he was going to do just that. they didn't think much of it. he did not run this by the white house, he certainly did not run it by the clinton folks, but justice at the time, he did anyway. after this. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. my mmade a simple trip toonic the grocery storesis anything but simple. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms.
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8:46 am
all right, every time i see that, it just scares me. i'm like is it done yet? we're getting a fascinating story saying that the justice department warned the fbi that to update the public on these e-mails was not policy. the fbi director did at least run it through his bosses, remember the fbi director technically reports to justice and the attorney general, telling them that he intended to inform lawmakers of these newly discovered e-mails. the justice department told him that, and i quote, that we don't comment on an ongoing investigation and we don't take steps that will be viewed as influencing an election. that was the post quoting one
8:47 am
justice official speaking under anonymity of the high legal decisions. those same folks didn't have a problem when on july 5th, i believe, director comey had announced that he was not going to pursue or recommend any further action against hillary clinton, that she was sloppy with e-mails. what do you think of that? he did bounce this off his bosses, his bosses were not pleased. >> i think it's a real foundational moment for america to actually, look, does the attorney general work for the president or does the attorney general work for the american people? and we have had very few in recent years that have actually worked for the american people. the president appoints them, but the congress approves them. but their job is to represent
8:48 am
us, not the president. and not a democratic or a republican administration. you know, i'm reminded of the fact that the attorney general, you know, if that's the standard, what in the world was she doing meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac three days before the decision. >> i could be wrong, we don't take steps that would be viewed as influencing an election, no matter what he does. by taking no action, even earlier on that would influence an election. they were okay with that, not okay with something that could ininfluence against them. your thoughts >> i just think, this is pure raw politics of the elite in washington. and the laws that apply to the rest of us, that are not part of the elite in washington are not the same laws that apply to them. and that's one of the things that's got americans upset. the rule of law, neil, is what
8:49 am
is the glue that binds america together. and when people start losing confidence in that, and the fact that they don't trust the american leadership to have an even and blinded justice system, then we're in a lot bigger trouble than everybody thinks we are. and i think this is symbolic of that. the very fact that comey had somebody leading this investigation of clinton in the first place whose wife was a beneficiary of the clinton machine, tells you that there was some real poor judgment in terms of the fbi's operations. that's not to say that the people didn't do their jobs, but that blatant partisan imshould not be aplowed. >> the state senate was getting half a billion dollars in a race that ultimately she lost.
8:50 am
a top official that would oversee this stuff. but it's as you say, curiouser and curiouser. >> i like your intellect, not the size of your head. >> this is starting a whole new issue, i can't believe it. >> feel well, we want you feeling well and strong. karl rove -- the fallout from this all the time. did the developments over the last 24 hours make that a mute point or not? karl is next. ep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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all right, you really want to know the push and pull on these developments, you want to go to karl rove, the guy is a
8:54 am
genius, he was the former chief advisor to george w. bush. and by the way, he has a crackerjack sense of humor, you don't always see that, but i do. we have got these latest developments, i read your column in the journal, i read about the upside down race for donald trump. but i'm wondering if the latest developments have made that less of an urgency. what do you think? >> first of all, i want to say, neil, it was painful for you to get pummelled by larry sabado and when robertson called you the italian stallion, that was painful, man, i'm not going to join in on that. my column was about the strategy of the trump campaign in trying
8:55 am
to bring to the polls 5 million voters they thought, white voters whom they thought stayed home in 2012. and, look, regardless of whether that theory works or not, i think this latest incident is going to have an impact on the race that will be to the advantage of trump. first of all, we're now talking about hillary clinton, not donald trump, and whatever we talk about hillary clinton, she tends to drop, whenever we talk about donald trump, he tends to get in trouble. so we're now going to be talking about her for a couple of days. and second of all, i think this is baked in the cake, the whole e-mail thing is baked into the cake for the donald trump supporters and for the hillary supporters. it enthuses the trump supporters, but the hillary supporters by and large, they have heard so much about this they have sort of baked that in. but the real question is, it's based on two groups, the group that's undecided or for third
8:56 am
party candidates and this is going to cause some of them to say, this just reminds me of why i don't like hillary clinton and why i should because of change, the necessity of change vote for trump. and the second question, and we won't know this until election night is, does this cause people who are sitting on the sidelines to say you know what? i didn't like either one of these candidates, but this is a final reminder of why i don't like the clintons, so i'm going to overcome by disdain for both candidates and participate in this and vote for trump. but we won't know until election night. >> enough of them to make up for the gap in some of these polls. not all of them, but i'm just going by what the average of them is. >> look at the real clear politics average, it's gone from just over 6%, to being 4.5%, i think the number is, down from 5.4% yesterday and i think
8:57 am
that's before this stuff has sunk in. it was already closing, and this is going to cause it to close more. four points or nearly five points ten days out, particularly when we have had 15 million people or more who have voted, that's a tough number to overcome. >> do you see any, and i rised this to sabado who was quite rude to me. do you see anything like a 1980s phenomena where we see this tidal shift, that's obvious to people like you who are looking for these idiosyncraticic moves. we saw something, and that sweeping that late in the game, do you think we could see this? >> i'm somewhat of an agreement of what he told you, ncareagan debated the congressman from illinois, the independent candidate for president. carter wouldn't join the three-way debate. but those appearances with
8:58 am
anderson, reagan began to show the american people that he's well spoken and he seems to have the right sense of what needs to be done. through those two debates, they had the third debate late in the contest. >> how did it get to be 10 points? >> i think sabado put his finger on it, because the third debate sort of confirmed that trend line. and the sunday before the election, the iranian hostage negotiationses collapsed. but there was one ingredient that was participant for that election that is not present for this election. reagan and even carter were well thought of. both men had favorables above their unfavorables, both of them were thought to have the qual y qualifications and the
8:59 am
temperament to be president. the question was who would be better. we have the most unpopular candidates with negatives virtually higher than every candidate. both of theiring negatives are higher than those that lost the presidential election in the modern era. here we got a candidate with favorables in the 30s and unfavorables in the 60s. >> you have relayed a lot of information and i feel vulnerable. i don't know why you felt the need to do that. >> i didn't want to make you feel vulnerable, i wanted to be support supportive. i know going three rounds with robertson, sabado and jarrett, they put you up on the ropes but you're still standing. >> actually i'm sitting right
9:00 am
now. but karl rove, thank you very very much. we've on this and we'll continue to be on it, on monday both on fox business and fox news, if it matters to you, it matters to us. see you then. >> the hillary clinton campaign in defense mode on two fronts today over brand-new revelations the democratic presidential candidate's e-mails. one front, wikileaks, the other front coming at her from huma abedin's disgraced husband, anthony weiner. >> donald trump pouncing on the news, calling it the biggest political scandal since watergate. we're on the trail with the candidate in the battleground state of colorado. and since 19 million americans have already voted. >> in early absentee and mail in ballots, we're in florida and


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