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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us @jer. thanks to the panel, and thanks to watching you. i'm paul gigot, keep it here next week. fox news alert, we're learning the department of justice ushlgrged james comey against updating congress, because it would be against protocol this close to an election. welcome to a new hour of america's election headquarters. >> i am julie banderas. shaking up a real political season that is now in the homestretch. both campaigns hitting the swing states today. we are awaiting mike pence in north carolina. also, we're waiting for hillary clinton. she is in the battleground of them all. the state of florida. >> and we've got fox team coverage.
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jennifer griffin is in miami. but first, political correspondent, carl cameron, reporting live from phoenix, where donald trump is holding a rally tonight. >> reporter: he has wrapped up his event in colorado a while ago. he'll be here later this afternoon and evening. he is on his west coast swing. this is likely to be the last time he comes out here before election day. he'll return to the east coast battleground states with a trip through and maybe go to michigan on monday, a state that has team had all but given up on. but with the new reinvestigation, trump campaign thinks anything is possible now. just a while ago, he essentially jumped to a whole series of hopeful conclusions for hillary clinton's campaign's demise as a consequence of fbi director james comey's decision to reopen the case. listen to this. >> the fbi is reopening their
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investigation into the criminal and illegal conduct of hillary clinton. hillary has nobody to blame but herself f her mounting legal troubles. her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional, and purposeful. 33,000 e-mails missing, you know, we haven't seen it yet. however, i think some of these 33,000 were captured yesterday. >> reporter: apparently the fbi is looking at a laptop that may have some of those e-mails. although no one knows for sure what is happening. there are some folks at the fbi and justice department who are beginning to share information with reporters. it is unlikely that the trump campaign believes it will be resolved before the election, but you could be absolutely sure that trump will hammer it at every event from now until election day, and i said he was in denver. he is headed to denver airport.
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he was in golden, colorado, where he made those remarks. >> all of this seems to have energized the trump campaign, and his base. what can you tell us about this new energy that he is getting not only from this, but the wikileaks information? >> reporter: well, trump has never lacked energy. he accuses all of his rivals of being low energy. and the campaign is obviously reinvigorated. they recognize that some of the polls have been working against them, and some of the battleground states they were in trouble, and they're hoping this will make republicans come home, something that pence has been talking about, mike pence, has been talking about quite sometime, kelly. >> carl, reporting for us. thank you, carl. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton is holding a campaign event in florida this hour. the democratic nominee is in daytona beach, trying to drum up support there. her family and joe biden are
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stumping in other states. jennifer griffin joins us live from miami, where mrs. clinton has another event scheduled for later tonight. hey, there, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, julie. we're facing another storm. she landed in miami, and she hasn't spoken yet. the campaign provided an angry rebuttal to comey's decision to send the letter to congress yesterday. in fact, john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chairman, said it was long on innuendo, short on facts. >> for sfarttarters, it seems t actions were inaccurate, despite initial reporting that the letter amounted to a quote-unquote reopening of the investigation, concluded last july. it seems that that is not at all the case. that notion was pushed, of course, by congressman jason chaife
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chaifetz. >> he chairs the house oversight committee and said he will tie clinton up with clears of investigations if she is elected president. the only reaction we have from clinton herself came last night in iowa. >> we don't know the facts, which is why we are calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has. even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant. so let's get it out. >> reporter: the e-mails are not from clinton's server, and were not sent to or from hillary clinton according to campaign officials. huma abedin, who always travels with clinton was not on clinton plane today on route to florida. campaign officials were asked if huma would be asked to step aside so as to not be a distraction in the final ten days. the answer was she cooperated with the fbi at the time, shared her e mailin-mails and the camps full confidence in here. it is likely, if not all of the
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cache of e-mails and director comey has not actually read the e-mails yet. that's according to podesta. it is notable, julie, not only was huma abedin not on board, but in her place was filipe, white the bulldog, playing donald trump in the debate sessions. he is traveling with her in florida. >> we also want to mention, hillary clinton expected to speak at about 4:15 or so in daytona, florida. so of course, daytona beach we're going to be looking for that. kelly. meantime, lawmakers weighing in that is reviewing newly uncovered e-mails in the clinton investigation with less than two weeks until election day. many of them calling on the fbi to release more information
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about why it is taking course of action now. kristin fisher is live in washington with more details. kristin. >> reporter: kelly, there is two things that republicans and democrats on capitol hill actually do agree on, and that is that the fbi needs to release more information and fast. that even if they do, this investigation likely won't be resolved until well after election day. listen to what congressman ron ron desantis said earlier today. >> i think it is very unlikely there will be resolution before the election, and so people can go into the voting booth know this is something that is hanging over her head, not only the e-mails, but the link with anthony wiener, which is more unseemly. >> many democrats are urging the d fbi to release more information, arguing it is not fair to have voters go to the poll without more information. nancy pelosi said the public interest would be served by the
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f providing facts, but the public interest is best served by allowing the fbi to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation, no matter how long it takes. senator richard burr said i believe the american people to have a full accounting of hillary clinton's practices and a complete picture of her actions. secretary of state. we should allow this to go through the complete process this time. including all of the e-mails on. until that process is complete, house speaker paul ryan says hillary clinton's right to receive any more classified briefings should be suspended immediately. >> christa, thank you. lots of lawmakers questioning the timing of the fbi's decision to reopen the clinton e-mail case. we'll talk about it with congressman john mica, member of the house oversight and government reform in just a few minutes from now. and the e-mails in question were on a device belonging to anthony wiener. that is the news that broke yesterday. he is the disgraced former new
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york congressman who is separated from his wife, huma abedin, long time clinton aide. all of this coming as wikileaks continues to release damaging documents on the clinton campaign. chief national correspondent is live in washington with the very latest. hi, ed. >> reporter: it is interesting, because the senior law enforcement is telling fox today that this is over 10,000 new e-mails from huma abedin, found on a laptop as you suggested, shared with her estranged husband, former congressman, anthony wiener. while you're hearing the clinton campaign say maybe these are duplicates, maybe there is nothing new here, this senior law enforcement officials insisting these are e-mails that are pertinent to their original hillary clinton investigation. remember, james comey said in july, he was not moving forward with criminal charges, even though he said there was evidence of potential violations of law. the fbi says it technically
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never shut down the original investigation, and they're also saying that while they -- hillary clinton basically saying comey should put up or shut up, hillary clinton wanting more information, if republicans like the house judiciary saying there had to be good reason for comey to move forward with reopening the investigation. watch. >> so we've made it very clear that if they're going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to republican members of the house, that they need to share whatever facts they claim to have with the american people. and that's what i expect to happen. >> so now we're in a situation where having taken this on and having found new evidence and having been criticized for a number of aspects of how this has been handled, he has done the responsible thing of saying we have new evidence, i assume that there is some significance to it, because it was just a few
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random e-mails, you won't do this under these circumstances. it is probably more substantial, and that's why he has put it out now. >> all of this happening as wikileaks releases round 22, including this one, where back in 2015, sometimes hrc and wjc as in bill clinton have the worst judgment. that's something we heard from another liberal, bernie sanders, back in those democratic primaries. julie. >> all right, ed henry in washington. thank you so much. kelly. all right, we are waiting for hillary clinton to take the stage in daytona beach, florida. we're be monitoring that situation to see if she makes any comments about the fbi's latest bombshell in her e-mail investigation. plus, with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle demanding more clarity on this bombshell, and more info on what those e-mails actually contain, we're going to get new reaction from a member of the house oversight
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welcome back.
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a you are watching america's election headquarters. other stories, national transportation safety board is investigating a major fire on a plane in chicago's o'hare international airport. terrified passengers and crew members scrambling out of this american airlines flight after a huge flame eruption. more than 20 people were hurt. officials saying the plane had a serious engine failure. meanwhile, the ntsb also is investigating this fire in ft. lauderdale in florida. a fedex cargo plane caught fire, as you can see, the fireball exploding there, the flames doused moments later, both pilots escaped. in michigan, a police officer killed in a multi vehicle crash in detroit. the officer hit by a van as he was taking a hit and run suspect into custody.
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the clinton campaign criticizing the timing of the fbi's letter to congress, on an investigation into her e-mails and in a rare case of bipartisan agreement, well, many republicans and democrats are on the same page. texas senator, john cornyn sweating this. why is the fbi doing this just 11 days before the election. meanwhile, john weaver, an aide to ohio governor, john kasich writes, director comey should give a more complete explanation. is this reviewing newly found e-mails? is this reopening. too much at stake. joining me now, john mica. he is a member of the house oversight and government reform committee. congressman, thank you for joining us today. how republicans and democrats are all calling one fbi director james comey to release more details of what's going on here, and can he and should he release that information about what is in these e-mails? >> well, first of all, i don't think he can release the
1:18 pm
information. it is under investigation. we can't even request the information while it is under investigation. my guess is that, and from i've heard, information from these investigators, looking at again, wiener's former wife's e-mails and that cache of information, and that suddenly they discovered, there is some stuff pertinent to the investigation. so here is comey, he is caught in a little wedge, because if -- well, first of all, we made a decision early, just a few days ago, to go forward with investigations, keep the investigation going, based on what we were finding -- >> based on that -- >> so he was in a wedge to, if he had held this until after the election, he just would have been skewered by every one.
1:19 pm
>> damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. >> exactly. the other thing is we can't ask for that information. now, he can't give us that, because they're in the middle of the investigation. so all this stuff chatter you hear is just, you know, chatter. >> congressman, what about the fact of course the fbi is releasing these details that the justice department said to james comey do not proceed with this information, it is against our protocol to talk about an ongoing investigation, yet he chose to do it any way, against the advice of the justice department. now, some people are accusing comey of being political in the announcement about this. what do you say? >> well, i think the cat was out of the bag. comey again is caught in this wedge, if he had waited. you know, we have tried to do this investigation in an orderly fashion. the clinton folks have done everything to delay. we've had witnesses who have come and taken the fifth.
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you've seen it. we've had witnesses who we've subpoenaed and didn't even appear. so they've been trying to drag this out until after the election. they're somewhat successful. now comey does make certain. it is almost guaranteed that you won't find anything that is in those e-mails until after the election, because you can't enter into an investigation, either from a congressional standpoint or i get that information, otherwise you jeopardize the case in the investigation. >> that's understandable. this comes as you know, 11 days before america goes to the polls to vote for the next president of the united states. what impact do you think this information, this revelation will have on the outcome of the election, bearing in mind that the director himself of the fbi says he doesn't know what is in the e-mails? >> well, i'm the most senior member on the committee, and i've seen the clintons, that's a good thing about being around for a while.
1:21 pm
we've had white water, we've had travel gate, we've had benghazi. we had the disclosure of the e-mails, that we didn't even start down that path. we had all the incidents with the -- with president clinton and all of his he is sescapades white house. it doesn't matter who gets elected. when you send an e-mail, there is a sender and receiver. people have this, and it is out there. so this is going to haunt them for some time. and the disclosures are going to be just like this. it is going to take time to investigate. then find out what is pertinent. but eventually, some canaries will sing and people will be held accountable. most of the scandals in washington, it is not the scandal itself, it is the cover-up. you've seen what's going on here. they've tried to delay the
1:22 pm
eventually, it will be disclosed what took place. they bleached the e-mails. they smashed some of the equipment. they've done everything they can destroy. we actually even subpoenaed, which is also a violation. >> congressman, john mica, thank you for joining us. we've got hillary clinton who will be speaking in a few moments from now. in fact, there she is on the stage. a lot of people are waiting to see if she will tell us more about this, as congressman micah just pointed out. maybe she'll tell us more about this information, this new revelation of e-mails being found with anthony wiener, and her closest associate, huma abedin, the two of them are inseperapable. she is taking the podium. let's listen in.
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wow, thank you. thank you so much. thank you all. wow. thank you, thank you. i am just thrilled to be here. are you ready to canvas? wow, well, we need your help, in these last ten days until the election. i want to thank leslie pierce for her introduction and her life long work on behalf of children. i want to thank state representative dwayne taylor and mayor derek henry for being here with us. and to all of the elected officials, all of the organizers
1:24 pm
and volunteer, i am thrilled to have this chance to come by and talk with you for a few minutes about what is at stake in this election, because this may be one of the most important elections in our lifetime. and we cannot take anything or anyone for granted. i was just over at bcu for their homecoming celebration. and a lot of people told me they had already voted, but i said get your friends, get your family, get everybody you know to vote. because you've got early voting here in this county, and voulissa county until november 5th. no excuses. everybody has got to get out and vote, and that's what this
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canvas is meant to make sure we do, right? now, i'm sure that some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. well, if you're like me, you probably have a few questions about it. it is pretty strange. it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. in fact, in fact, it is not just strange. it is unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling. because voters deserve to get full and complete facts. and so we've called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on
1:26 pm
the table. right? now, of course, donald trump is already making up lies about this. he is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the american people. i think it is time for donald trump to stop fear mongering, to stop disgracing himself, to stop attacking our democracy. we can't let him get away with this, can we? now, like any campaign, there have been ups and downs and ups and downs, but i gotta tell you, i feel so motivated, so excited, so ready, because i've always stayed focus on one thing.
1:27 pm
you and your families. what i worry about are the problems that keep you up at night. and i'm going to stay focus odden that, because you know on november 9th, that's what's going to matter. we can't let this election in the last ten-days be about the noise and the distractions. it has got to be about what kind of country we want for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. and who can help take us there as your president. now, i think you and i agree the
1:28 pm
choice is pretty clear between a president who is ready to bring us together, keep us safe, and make the economy work for everyone. not just those at the top. and someone who is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified for the job. now, i promise you this. i will never stop working for you. every single day. as a candidate and most importantly, as your president. that's how i was raised. you know, when i was over at bcu, i met one of the methodist ministers, because bcu is affiliated with the methodist church, and i felt right at home. my mother, my mother taught me
1:29 pm
to never, ever quit. what does that mean? well, that means everybody gets knocked down. what matters is whether you get back up. and i've been fighting for families and under dogs my entire life. i'm not stopping now. we're just getting started. and let's always remember what our wonderful first lady told us. when they go low, we go high. so no matter what they throw at us in these last days, we're not going to back down. we're not going to get distracted. we're not going to get knocked off course. because we know how much this
1:30 pm
election matters. we know how many people are counting on us. and that's why we're going to reject donald trump's dark and difficu divisive vision about america. we are going to stick together and we're going to win on november the 8th. but we can't take that for granted. remember, we've got to keep our foot on the gas, right? because donald trump's strategy is pretty simple. they've even said it in his campaign. it is to get women to stay home. get young people to stay home. get people of color to stay home. and get a lot -- get a lot of smart, intelligent men to stay home, too.
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now, this is all part of his scourged earth campaign. it goes against everything we stand for. and you know how we stop him? by showing up with the biggest turnout of voters in american history. we need more of everybody to vote. more women. more young people. more people of color. more african-americans. more latinos. everybody, let's break every record that we have ever had for voters. let's make that the story of this election, and here in florida, you can, as you often have. make the difference, right, florida? if you all vote and you get everybody you know to vote, if
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you go out and talk to people today, everyday about what is at stake in this election, then we will make history. we will win up and down the ballot. and i feel strongly about this, because we need people in washington who are problem solvers, not problem makers. that's why i hope you'll vote to send patrick murphy to the senate. he will be an independent voice for florida families, and this is important. unlike his opponent, pats trick has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. now have some good news. we just reached a milestone. more than 200 million americans are registered to vote. that's the highest number ever.
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that includes 50 million young people. that is the most in history, and you know what else? more than 16.5 million people have already voted in this election. and more than 3 million of those votes have been right here in florida. now, you only see numbers like we're seeing here in florida, when people are standing up for what they really believe in. americans are coming together. and i know, because i hear from people who are republicans and independents, who are joining us to reject hate and division. rejecting donald trump's demeaning treatment of women. his plan to break up immigrant
1:34 pm
families and deport millions of people. his lie that president obama wasn't born in america. i'll tell you, we have learned who donald trump is. now it is up to us to show who we are. and the energy that we are seeing is not just about what we're against. it is about what we're for. it is about a common vision that we share for a hopeful, dynamic unified america. where everyone counts. everyone has a place. everyone willing to work can get ahead. and stay ahead. where women are respected. where veterans are honored. where workers are paid fairly. where marriage is a right, and discrimination is wrong.
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so my friends, it is not just the fact that my name will be on the ballot. everything we care about is at stake. your future. making college affordable. helping you pay back your debt. getting the cost of prescription drugs down. protecting and defending social security and medicare from privatization and wall street schemes. fighting climate change is at stake. lgbt equality is at stake. equal pay for women is at stake. in the end, we know the american dream itself is at stake. now, did any of you see the debates? well, i'll tell you, i stood
1:36 pm
next to donald trump for three debates, four and a half hours, proving conclusively i have the stamina to be president of the united states. but i have to tell you, he said a lot of things that were troubling, but in the last debate, he said something that was truly horrifying. he is the first person of a major party, republican or democratic, ever to refuse to say he would respect the outcome of the election. now, we can think about every issue we care about, but you know, after attacking women and african-americans and latinos, and people with disabilities, and muslims, pows, everybody, you know is attacking the
1:37 pm
institutions of democracy. and so it comes down to this. when your kids and grand kids ask what did you do in the 2016 election, when everything was on the line, i want you to be able to say, you voted for a better, fairer, stronger america. and the way we're going to do that, we're going to turn everybody out. early voting has begun right here in voulossa county. until november 5th. the nearest is just one mile away from here. at the county library center, at city island. so don't wait one more day. go vote, and then help us get everybody else out to vote, too.
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now, i know, i know that we've got our canvas organizers up here, i don't want to take too much of their time. because they are workers. they are organized. they are focused. i'm so grateful to them and to you. and we need you. we need you. stakes couldn't be higher. we have to do everything we can. i don't want anybody, i don't want anybody waking up on november 9th and say oh, i wish i had done just a little more. so help us knock on doors. make phone calls. talk to voters. and ask them, when are you going to vote. do you know where you're going to cast your ballot. who will you take with you. and make sure they know about early voting, already begun here in florida. and then if you need to, sign up yourselves, we have sign ups for three more shifts between now and election day. and this is going to be a close
1:39 pm
election. they always are these days. and we're going to win, because of you. because of hard-working volunteers like you. and if you know anybody thinking about voting for donald trump, stage an intervention. remember, friends don't let friends vote for trump. and think about it this way. on january 20th, we're going to have a new president. and i'll tell you what. i will be proud to build on the progress we've made under president obama and go even further. but i can't do any of the things that i'm talking about, any of the plans that i have unless you help me. so that's what i'm asking you.
1:40 pm
that's why i came today. to daytona beach today. i came to ask you to help me in these last ten days. let's give every american a chance to chart their own future, make their own s build a future we can all be proud of. and let's make sure we prove once and for all that love trumps hate. thank you. ♪ ♪ all right, that is former secretary of state, hillary clinton, who of course is the democratic presidentialna nomin. she pivoted to talking about the bombshell dropped on her campaign by james comey on friday. that of course is the fact that he was reopening the investigation into her e-mails, those e-mails coming from basically he -- new york congressman, anthony wiener, who
1:41 pm
is separated from his long time clinton aide, huma abedin, but she went on to sigh thiay this. it is a pretty strange to put something like that out, just before an election, as she wanted to say that she finds it troubling and unprecedented. with that, she wanted to continue her campaign stump speech, asking people to get out the vote and talking about getting volunteers, obviously to improve her ground game there in florida, which is a contested state, highly contested between she and her republican rival, donald trump. now, the contest between hillary clinton and donald trump may go down to the wire in the battleground state of iowa. new polls showing a statistical tie between the two candidates. could the latest developments in the fbi investigation of clinton's e-mail server give trump the upper hand. peter, good to see you. >> good to see you too, kelly. we just got here to downtown des
1:42 pm
moines from one of the suburbs, where they're going door-to-door. everybody he has spoken to today wants to talk about hillary clinton's new problem with e-mails. >> everyone i talked to wants to talk about the e-mails. they want to talk about corruption in washington in general. obama care is failing them. so they want to talk about not just the e-mails, but you know, the issues that donald trump is talking about. >> we also spent a lot of time talking to iowa voters, and everybody on the street we saw knows about the new fbi investigation in the clinton server, but instead of changing many minds, it seems to have gotten trump and gary johnson backers really amped up about their guys. >> hillary's e-mails definitely reenforces my disdain of her. >> we knew something was up with it, and we just stuck with our gut instinct, and now it is coming out again.
1:43 pm
>> i think she is guilty all along, and about time they do something about it. i mean, i am a trump supporter, so i hope they do do something about it. >> reporter: and as for hillary supporters, the october surprise is not sending them looking for someone new. >> i voted for hillary and i still would vote for hillary. >> how come? >> i think she is the best candidate. mr. trump doesn't represent the ethical values that i believe in. >> i really hope this is a blue state this year. >> given the two choices, short of murder, no. i can't imagine changing my mind. >> reporter: you heard it from one of the gentleman there. it may be too late to change many voters' minds here because a lot of people we spoke to, a block way from here, have already voted. kelly. >> peter ducey, thank you for the report. donald trump hoping the fbi decision to review the clinton
1:44 pm
email investigation to close to the election day will actually help him chip away at her electoral vote lead. the latest scorecard from real clear politics showing the following. clinton closing in on the 270 electoral votes needed for the presidency, though trump has a shot at the swing states. so what does the bombshell do and how does it help trump. let's talk about it with jamie wine ste winesteen. thank you, jamie for talking to us. >> thank you for having me. >> senior officials familiar with jamie comey's letter saying the new e-mails are not messages from clinton herself and investigators did not believe clinton or her aids withheld evidence. the fbi has yet to release its findings to confirm or deny any of this. here is hillary clinton addressing that issue moments ago to a crowd in daytona beach, florida. let's listen. >> some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday.
1:45 pm
well, if you're like me, you probably have a few questions about it. it is pretty strange, it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> okay, so jamie, does the fbi then have an obligation to the american people, the voting public to release the information before the election? >> when we first heard about the news, i was actually about to come on fox, and you would have to think that the original kind of letter that he put out, that they must have something really big if they're going to announce this ten days before, 11 days before an election. as you mentioned from the reports, it is not even clear they were able to review the e-mails yet, or have anything there. so i do think that even though it is unusual for the fbi to comment on an investigation, i think they do have an obligation to come out and say whether they've reviewed the e-mails
1:46 pm
yet, or whether they're just saying there is a bunch of e-mails that they found that they have to review, or whether they found something at all that is significant. because it does lead to the idea that you know, did they find something, or is this just a bunch of e-mails that could be similar to the e-mails they already reviewed. i think -- >> i just wanted to layout the bottom line here, okay. whether they were sent by hillary clinton or not, the fact remains, there were 33,000 e-mails that poof, disappeared, right, and they were supposed to disclose all those e-mails, okay. that means that they allegedly disclosed e-mails, but they didn't, i mean, because if there were some 10,000 e-mails found on anthony wiener's computer, they were never disclosed. so whether hillary clinton sent them or not, once again, another lie. >> i think that huma abedin also said that she gave all of the devices to the fbi that would have e-mails on them. if they found new e-mails, that would also show that perhaps
1:47 pm
there is another lie there. so there is no question that this is a negative news cycle for hillary. the question is how bad will it be. do they have something that is even worst than what we're suggesting right here. so i think that's the question, the open question that's out there. >> all right, jamie, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> kelly. with donald trump and hillary clinton intensifying their attacks as the election approaches, how should we talk to our children about the remarkably negative tone of this year's campaign. ing. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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keys are seeing the political lives and the in school asking questions like whose hillary clinton. who is donald trump. who are you voting for. why are they saying mean things? and so on. i sat down to get some kids take
1:52 pm
on this election. >> not lying. >> not lying, that's very good. >> and help people get jobs. >> my dad tells me that hillary clinton lies a lot. so if he wins, she might take over the country. >> and also a president also has to be truthful, smart and really really nice. >> who trusts donald trump? steven, tell me why you trust donald trump more. >> because hillary lies more than donald trump. >> who do you think won most of the debates? raise your hand. >> hillary clinton did better in the debate because she -- she didn't really yell as much as donald trump did. >> my mom said don't listen what they are saying. because they might say some bad words. >> do they act like grown ups? >> no. >> no.
1:53 pm
>> sometimes it is like watching two kids, right? >> all: yeah. >> the debate made you so mad you kicked down a door? >> ahow do you keel with disagreeing with your friends? >> i really don't like to talk about it with them. because i don't like to, like, tell who am i voting because it is just -- it is just your own business. >> so very well taken. how should you talk to your children about politics and answer all of these questions. joining me now is dr. marcy beagle. child behavior specialist and author of love your sclaclassro again. they know a lot of information. >> it's important for parents to know what they want to share with their children and make
1:54 pm
sure they are getting specific information that will help them and rather than confuse and be overwhelming and scary. >> some of the stuff is a little scary but these kids knew a lot of stuff. are we not going doing a good job filtering? do. >> six is very different from 10 or 15 and you want to make sure they can understand what's happening and have the fall out in that be age appropriate. >> right. but when trying to decide between a candidate. sitting at home and watching the debates. and the debates are a little heated at times. a lot of the teachers are saying, you know, we don't teach our kids to behave that way in class. how do you expect your doids understand we as adults are supposed to act a certain way when they watch this on tv. >> it's confusing. >> kountd acts what you're doing as parents. >> absolutely. talk about a what looder is and contrasting that to what we're
1:55 pm
seeing in the presidential candidate and contrasting with the candidate what you want them to be doing as leaders, what you are doing to take action for that. how you want to promote that in your community family is all part of the conversation. >> so best advice for those parents in the last couple of weeks prior to this election as things obviously are getting more and more kmiexciting and a little controversial at times. >> be intentional with the conversations and make sure you continue o have the conversations because these issues aren't going to go a away just because the election ends. >> you're hearing these rallies during the day. and afternoon viewing hours while our children are watching and they are saying some hurtful things. donald trump is calling hillary a liar. and hillary is kz accusing donald trump of alienating minorities. if you are a minority at home and a child and a little girl you understand perhaps they are talk about you. >> i think you teach your child the way of bullying or any over
1:56 pm
controversy and say this is a moment. how could we have cone that differently. teach your children and use the candidates of as an example of maybe what not zo. >> dr. beagle, thank you for joining us today. >> bottom line is that election sums up everything for man, woman and child. >> and don't mix school and politics, that's what i've learned. >> teach your children well. -- begins in the homes of its people. that's it for us. >> the five is next. i'm julie band ras. banderas. great to soo see you. have a great weekend everybody. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. hello everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is a special live saturday edition of "the five". >> the american people deserve to get the full and complete fact immediately. we don't know the facts. which is why we are calling on the fbi to release all of the information that it has. even director


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