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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  October 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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jeanine. thank you for watching. we'll be here tomorrow night. greg gutfeld is next. tomorrow . greg gutfeld is next. ♪ guess what, america? he's back. so happy. hi, i'm greg gutfeld. so, weiner. weiner, weiner, weiner, i just love saying weiner. he pops up everywhere like a
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preverted forest gump. to him, life is a box of de deefence of his appendages. to e-mails in his possession from a laptop shared by anthony and his wife, poor huma, hope that laptop was scotch guarded. we're also told there are five digits of e-mails on it. it's not phrased when dealing with weiner -- five digits makes a hand. they could have said a thousand or thousands, but they said five digits. weiner. he's like an accident in a pool that spreads instead of floats. remember eddie haskell from leave it to beaver, always interfering is like him without pants and everyone gets screwed
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near himm including james comey. information, essential to the election, does he let it slide until after the election? he's screwed in every corner. then there's hillary, so close to the white house, she's like a bride the night before her wedding day, yet finding the gram in bet with a shetlin pony. it's happened to me. so is this scandal a big deal some who cares. who made a career out of turning mohilling in mole hills over mountains. romney turned the other cheek and he lost. maybe 2016 is the year the right stopped turning cheeks and instead kicked some as. so don't feel so bad for hillary, how many lives has she ruined? the clintons are like a corrupt computer file, wherever they're inserted, everything goes bad. take a perfectly new pc, including clinton 2.0 and you
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download a zillion pages of get to porn. period. >> all right. so the man, donald trump's campaigning today in colorado and arizona. those are two states. let's catch up with fox news chief political correspondent, carl cameron who joins us live from phoenix. you've got one minute, carl, starting now. what's new? >> reporter: time check. go. well, it's hard to not like followup with a couple jokes of my own but donald trump didn't mention any of that for the first 15, 20 minutes of his one hour speech today. it was a disciplined speech and stuck to the teleprompter and what he began with was giving voters a reason to vote for him. he was talking about obamacare and how he'll repeal it and he was specifically saying here in arizona, rates are going to go up 100% to 165% and arizona's in
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trouble with obamacare so he was giving voters an opportunity to actually pick him for a positive reason doing away with what he says is the completely unaffordable, affordable care act. he went after hillary clinton about the fbi reopening the investigation and suggested that d.o.j.'s opposition to making public this investigation, amounts to war and the d.o.j. -- department of justice is at war with fbi. and he said this, these are not my words, the department of justice is basically trying to cover up hillary clinton's criminal activity, so he has a reason why you should vote for him and why you should not vote for hillary all in the hopefully one minute, greg. >> just one last question. did he mention me at all? >> reporte >> reporter: when i close? i did make the 60 seconds? >> you did a great job.
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as always. see you after the show, same place. let's welcome tonight's guests. he can spin a tail faster than a puppy. walture current, harper's magazine columnist. [ applause ] >> she earns her waste in hate, kathryn, it's her birthday, boo. boo. boo. [ cheers and applause ] >> he uses the good year blimp as a pillow. tna wrestler tyrus. and finally, scar face, he's so sharp he's not allowed with in 50 feet of a waterbed, the great actor steven bauer. [ applause ] >> all right. i'm shallow and stupid, so i go to the most obvious thing, walter. i'm like most journalists.
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i've been staying on top of weiner for a long time. i can't get off him. i can't get off him. is this the greatest election season ever? >> i think the last two weeks are the best. i think weiner's going to go long. it's going to be a very long, very hard investigation. with a lot ins and outs. >> yeah, right. what do you make of the e-mail investigation, walter, before i get fired? >> you mean the entire e-mail investigation? >> yeah, yeah -- >> that's been going on for 17 years or just this part. >> is this a big deal? >> of course it's a big deal. people don't even talk anymore. all communication is e-mail. i mean, you know, the thing that distinguishes this from watergate is just the technology. that was reel to reel tape. this is twitter, e-mail, you know, probably instagram we're going to find out, i hope not.
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but you know, people like rush h li limbaugh is saying this is a distraction from wikileaks. >> that's our next topic. >> you jumped it. >> i wanted to give people a preview of what we get serious. >> all right. enough of you. steven? >> i was hoping you'd come to me. >> i know, i've missed you so. all right. a lot of people are saying this has nothing do with hillary. >> look at me young man. >> okay. >> stop looking at cat. she's too young. >> it's her birthday and i can't help it -- you know, think the election year is -- so -- >> she's not for you, okay? >> all right, bring it. >> all right. some people are saying it should have not effect on hillary because it's not her e-mails. >> yeah, but it's not her e-mails but it's about her and everything resolves around her. the whole thing is we've always known that her staff and her people, there's an inner circle,
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it's like stallings's inner circle, or the steal circle. >> and all these people are sworn. >> yes. >> to protect her. and so any revelation, any late revelation is -- is -- it's about time. >> uh-huh. >> and i think poor jim comey, he's saving his ass -- >> you can say that -- >> -- his ass. the poor guy was known to be a straight shooter and then he said i'm not going to prosecute because thatl loretta listen wa leaning on him and bill clinton leaned on her. >> everybody's leaning on everybody. >> but nobody leans on weiner. >> thank god for that. >> all right, tyrus. should trump be exploiting the
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hell out of this? >> no. >> no? >> no, he should not be. >> when trump's hot wire hit. >> yeah. >> clinton's campaign did an awesome thing, step back and wait to see what happened. wait for the facts to come out, so they couldn't have to fix something. he's been handed three alley-oops and apparently donald trump cannot dunk because every time he gets the opportunity to do something -- and i'm for him on a lot of things he says. i think he can hit hard on obamacare, but he comes back with talking about stuff that's not tangible and i think the american people are tired of conspiracy theories and what ifs and conjecture. run his campaign, stick to his issues and not worry about the fantasy stuff. we know about the e-mail stuff. if you're going vote for her, then vote. >> cat, do you think this has mind up anybody's minds? >> in a grander scale, people talk about the conspiracy thing,
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and republicans keep talking about the e-mails and you can say when the fbi stops talking about it, then maybe i'll consider topping talking about it. but in terms of the actual voter supporters, these people already know, you know, she was completely careless with very important information. she, you know -- she doesn't really seem to matter our security compared to convenience and she's like i'm with her and she's a girl -- so is this going to be the one thing that's going to it? i would love to see her face in consequences but i -- we haven't seen it yet and everything has been bad, bad, bad. more bad isn't shocking to me. >> walter, i feel bad about comey. i feel bad about everybody in clinton's circle. they're like brussel sprouts that your coworker reheats in the microwave and forever be fouls any future meal. >> your metaphors take me about a half an hour to figure out so i'll just set that aside.
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hillary and her voters have every right, especially with the involvement of weiner, to and comey about this investigation, where's the meat? you know, where's the meat? >> you're punishing me for my monologue, aren't you? >> weiner -- it's amazing technology. the amount of lives you can totally ruin without leaving your bed. it's crazy. >> it's true. he's almost like a super hero. he expressed very little effort, but was able to destroy so many things. >> maybe alter the course of, you know, history, just kicking it at home with his laptop. >> if he had only gotten a babysitter while he was taking these pictures i think he'd be a lot better off. >> that's true. for his future endeavors. >> that's a horrible suggestion. how about instead of taking weiner picks you go out -- you didn't like that one, right? so tired of the weiner jokes. >> he's not chatter.
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or face time, something, you just leave these end trails of weiner, and it's just terrible. >> on that note, we'll have a story that'll fry your eye balls off your beautiful face. what does rush limbaugh think? i don't know, i'll and when i get home. go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ doorbell rings ] when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever!
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all right. could there be another reason behind the fbi's reopening of the clinton investigation? my pilasties instructor, rush limbaugh has a theory. >> comey is still watering water for clinton, so you announce you're opening the inquiry, get everybody all hot and bothered and focused on and after three, four, five days announce that it was a false alarm. meanwhile in that 5-day period everybody's forgotten about wikileaks. now that's right up there with elvis killing vince foster to marry the head of walt disney. but oddly, rush's theory makes some sense. what's the latest from the
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hacked e-mail chair, john podes podesta, they thought it would ruin him in an e-mail, podesta asked, can we tweet. they're lucky they didn't. the world would have melted under the mysterious world of his pecks. and doug band detailed how he arranged for donations for big corporations while pressing them to hire bill for massive speaking fees and helped secure $50 million for the former president which more than covered the cialis and hookers. all right. washer, you and i are on different sides of the fence on wikileaks, but i want to and you about russia's theory. that's a lot of work to do, that's like setting fire to your house so your father doesn't see what you've done on the rug. >> i always clean it up myself.
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i think that this is a very far-fetched theory. i really think the answer is much simpler. i think -- i think the fbi is trying to distract from the fact that it didn't do its dang job the first time. >> yeah. >> i also think there are plenty of other things it's trying to distract us from, the fact mcrib has never become a permanent mcdonalds menu item. >> true. >> the fact goldman sachs is going to need a federal bailout for a huge investment loss that's coming into a week. they put a lot of money into someone -- >> it's not tyrus. bauer. what do you have make of russia's theory? i can tell. >> i was all over it today and i -- usually i -- rush is -- he said it -- he said -- he was
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accent youati accentuating these words that i don't understand. >> are you down with wikileaks? >> i think it's a great thing. obviously it could come back and bite us because our words go out and they could be grabbed by wikileaks, but mine aren't that interesting. but what rush said is an interesting theory, but it's just so -- it's just -- comey would have to be the best actor in the world. >> yeah, i agree. >> he'd have to get the academy award. he's doing a lot of drama and work. >> here's what drives me crazy, tyru, is. i read something about bernie sanders. this isn't -- is this revelation? these aren't revelations. is this worth the intrusion into somebody's privacy? we kind of know what's going on in the political world. this stuff isn't mind blowing. >> here's the thing about wikileaks. it didn't affect the polls. donald trump was doing his own
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great job of shooting himself in the foot so whatever wikileaks was writing b nobody cared. and to put -- like i said if you took anybody in this audience or anybody at home and took their e-mails and what they talked about, employees at work, everybody would be uh, uh, did you see what cheryl was wearing today, #brave. everybody would be like it's funny now, but if it came on tv you would have been a bunch of shamers. and one other thing, scar face was my guy. he should have got it, he should have got it. >> all right. cat i know you wikileaks, but what tyrus is saying we like it as long as it doesn't like us. >> i'm not a public figure so it doesn't technically matter. >> on this show you are. >> i'm not public in the sense of those e-mails are my e-mails.
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they have nothing to do with -- i can e-mail some weird stuff to someone else and it doesn't affect our country's safety at all. >> i don't know. >> there's huge difference when they're talking about the safety of us, especially when this person -- you're potentially going to be the next president, versus the weird stuff that i come times come home and message people or this, that, and the other. >> i don't think that's weird at all. >> the wikileaks, every thing the clintons have said bad, that's true. they're talking about using eric garner. it's sick stuff that's in these e-mails. do people care? not as much as they should. i still love it's out there because i love when bad things happen to bad people. >> but -- okay. however -- >> [ applause ] >> -- who is going to run for office? walter who is going to run for office if i believe everything i've ever written on my yahoo
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account is going to be only game? i won't win for office. you'll lose all the perverts. >> let's just have everybody in the audience, if you would just forward your phones, let's just put it all out there and see what happens. >> let's kill the whole idea of privacy. >> they'll be 2 years old, like seven years old that run for office. >> i think you're right. few few are clean enough besides donnie osmond. >> i'm going to get really serious on you. >> yes. >> we're electing the head of a trillion dollar government, the most powerful country, most powerful military and powerful intelligence and surveillance capacity says. it is morally and healethical r irresponsible not that take every information amount we can. not doing it would be going to a scene as a murder coba, and you
10:23 pm
the knife and you don't have a warrant for. >> i've seen it on television. >> svu is going downhill. is it on? >> it's not the same. >> i think -- i don't think wikileaks -- it's not going to be the end of hillary, it's going to be the end of e-mail. it's all going to be oral legends. >> 0 people off e-mails. >> all right. maybe i lied. coming up a story so scary, your hair might stand on edge unless you're bald. the raise in obamacare premiums become a big issue with voters. >> plus, why asrtificial intelligence predicts donald trump will win the election. stick around. .
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live from america's ne"amer headquarter headquarters", a quick trip back to earth for three astronauts after spending the last 115 days the international space station. a russia soyuoz spacecraft, bringing to a safe landing in kazakhst kazakhstan, and dozens are considered dead in an air strike in the yemen area. troops have been battling since 2014 and the strike follows the rejection. latest u.n. peace procedure. and aleppo aimed at bridging a government siege on the position in syria's largest city and there are reports of a government counter offensive at gaining the land.
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they lost the rubbebels the previous day. have a great night, i'm jackie ibanez. ♪ only ten shop being days left until election day and "l.a. times" tracking poll shows trump with a two-point lead, real politics, her lead is sclirv shrinking. trump's engagement numbers are 25% higher than obama's peak, and that means it's president trump, at least to evil robots who may want to the kill us. premiums are raising 25%. mary kathryn ham reports or premiums are going up 96%. my monthly payment is the size of a moderate mortgage. multiply that by the number of people who vidhave gotten a sin
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letter. it's scary. trump hit obamacare hard today. >> one of the most important reasons you have to vote is that we cannot immediately, without question, so simply repeal and replace the disaster known as oir obamacare. >> hillary promises to make it better. make it better. when it comes to socialism, the people mutt fit the plan, not the reverse. see venezuela. or rather don't. period! >> i'm thinking walter it's got to be hard to be obama because your name is on obamacare. it's like you have a child who grows up to be a real jerk, so he's always got to be obamacare, it's still there, he has to talk about it.
10:31 pm
hey, how's obamacare? he's in one state, but not in another and he's making people upset and sad. >> yeah. >> walter. >> they tried calling at this time foraffordable care act. they should have call the it a nightmare. i had it until one month ago. the deductible is so high. i had a kidney stone in december. $6,000 and my child had appendicitis in january, $6,000. in one month i paid $12,000 in deductibles. i need insurance for my deductibles. [ applause ] >> all right. steven, isn't this all moving towards a single-payor system? like the reason why they brought it up and said how bad it was is so hillary can say it and it's single payer? >> that's code for let's impm t
10:32 pm
implement socialism, and that's what she tried to do 15, 20 years ago. it's not going to go that way and that doesn't work. just see venezuela, and i think that my son just got dropped from my insurance and i'm kind of sad about it, but at the same time, you know, he was getting a free ride and he's 26 years old. dw dylan, get your own insurance. >> it's like kicking him out of the house, gets up, find your own plan. no, you're not bringing girls back to your plan. because you know house use. >> you're a wrestler. do you have good health insurance? >> awesome health insurance. the bigger problem i think we're all forgetting, obamacare, the race is stuff is terrible, but who is at the root? the pharmaceutical companies.
10:33 pm
the price they charge for medications is outrageous. they continue to spike things up to make their profits at the expense of the american people. people are going out of state, out of the country to get mildcasions and that has no in y locations. my issue with the other side, donald trump is good at saying disaster, disaster. we get it. how you going to fit it? it's a disaster. it's a disaster. >> how you going to fix it? >> we're going to fix it. i need tangible something that tells me how you're going to fix it. >> he used to like it, now he doesn't like it and he says he's going to repeal it. what do you think, cat? i think this is what happens when you don't have a real issue. these are the things people on
10:34 pm
the right are saying and people on the left are saying why do republicans want people to be sick and stay sick and people said, republicans want specifically poor people to be very sick and die and their kids and grandmothers all die and now these things are all happening but the people on the left are using the same arguments for all these issues. you talk about childcare, healthcare, all of these emotional issues. whether it gives you feelings one way or not there's still money involved and money is still a real thing and we need to be able to talk about this. we don't make the same mistake twice and hillary says she's going to fix it. why would we believe anybody about obamacare? keep your plan. it's all garbage and they fall on, republicans want you to die faster. >> right, right. >> is that only way to get the republicans to embrace a bad program is by demonizing the critics and coercion through penalties and whatnot because bigger is better. it's never the system's fault. it's always the person.
10:35 pm
the human being. >> the system is messed up so the people who created the system will get more involved andic make a bigger system with the same brains. >> this is the united states of america. we've been number one in the united states but we've never had a great healthcare system and it's not just hillary and obama or trump or bush or whoever is coming along. for some reason we can't get together partisanly a, and you blame who you want and when you do get it together, nobody works together. it's artificial intelligence. they predicted a trump win. artificial intelligence is right. humans are enfalable, which means they may be wrong. >> they can fail. >> once robots take over, we'll be fine. >> we'll all have healthcare. coming up a tale so powerful it might bench press your face. yes. self-driving trucks make a beer
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do you know what hunger in america looks like? well, it has many faces, and 15 million of those belong to children. yet billions of pounds of food go to waste each year, and this is unacceptable. you can be a part of the solution. join us in supporting the feeding america nationwide
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network of food banks which rescues our surplus foods and provides meals to many families in need. visit today. together, we can solve hunger. together, we're feeding america. at the at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs that have been stolen from us. >> we're going to make the biggest investment in new jobs, infrastructure jobs, advanced manufacturing jobs, technology, small businesses, and clean energy. >> her voice just sings. donald trump and hillary clinton are both talking about creating jobs for americans. in related news, otto, a trucking company, delivered 2,000 cases of budweiser from fort collins to colorado
10:41 pm
springs. why should you care other than the fact you're probably drunk? >> in this 120-mile trip, the driver didn't have to pull over for a snack. the bladder had no 31st fthirste was no driver. >> that sounds like the trump campaign. >> this is the end my friends. as we rage about jobs fleeing to china and mexico, we reveal the automation, android sex dolls and what the candidates say to that, to r2 d2, it's not even real. not a single politician sees what's coming down the road. after all, when cars replaced horse drawn carriages did you hear the complaints by the buggy drivers? of course not you weren't even
10:42 pm
born. bonus monologue. >> this is going to happen, and we -- i don't hear any major politician addressing the fact that we are going to have a large clash of men and women who won't be working. >> we'll have an entire generation of unemployed people because donthey don't have the education. to talk about it you're going to say technology and advancement is bad and we're at the point we're going to make the next leap. you talked about the industrial revolution and everything changed, everybody from working in farms and markers to working indoors, steal faheel staktorfa. robots are going to start doing that because they don't need money. they don't and for raises. you can sexually har ass them al day and they don't retire. you don't have to pay for vacations and you've never have
10:43 pm
to be worried about promoting. >> you did two. >> walter, here's the point. 30,000 people who die every year in car crashes. there's been one fatality with billions of miles of self-driving cars yet we are still think that's bad. this is going to happen, right? and do you have a solution? is it a universal base income so people who don't have a boys have a salary? >> i don't know how people without jobs will be able to afford self-driving cars. >> that's my point. >> self-driving cs >> self-driving celf-driving ca very unique constituency; alcoholics. i fear the first time the car hits a puppy, the whole thing will disappear. >> they'll be picket signs.
10:44 pm
never run over a furry thing if the human dress is a furry thing, that's okay. >> also, good thing about the robots too is they have no -- they don't have any feelings whatsoever. for example if you were at a restaurant and your catch up is forgotten by a human with feelings and you have to when you react even though you might be very upset, have to remember that's a human welcome feelings and family and spit they can put into your food. >> absolutely. you can't hardly express these feelings. i would love to be streaming the real esta robots about my catch up. >> they'll be another organic unit where people go to where there's only human servers. >> everybody will meet at the robot restaurant and they'll hang out at the organic
10:45 pm
restaurant. >> humans. >> it's the freedom of choice. we'll still have freedom of choice, and you can choose humans and that makes you more human. >> i i want my food prepared by robots. >> robots don't bodily fluids yet. >> do you have horrible experiences at restaurants? everybody is always putting bodily fluid sas -- how do you w you haven't? >> because i know what that takes like. >> okay. >> we're talking about a society that's going to have to knows of time for leisure. we've figured out ways to pay people for work that really isn't, or opoid addictitions wh there are no jobs. >> i think you're going to have a human lottery who gets to stay
10:46 pm
and go. sorry, there's no space for you. >> i think it was logan's run. >> yeah. >> has anybody seen west world? >> i saw the original word with neil renner, directed by michael criten. >> he wrote it, too. >> thank you very much, wrong man. >> how do we know cat's not a robot or you have feelings? >> i have feelings. >> and technically it is your birthday. >> it is my birthday. thank you for being so supportive. >> birthday or download day. coming up if you're still undecided between trump and clinton i've got a thought experiment that may help you make your own conclusion. you can thank me later over milk shakes.
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i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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so if if you're still stumped on who to vote for because you usually pick who you think is best for the country, why not flip it. imagine who would be the worst and why. you have two seconds to think and i'm going to go to you, mr. bauer. >> go ahead. >> who would be the worst? >> hillary clinton. the -- the whole clinton mind-set is if you can get away
10:51 pm
with it, do it. it's like a drug addict and it feels good and doesn't kill you keep doing it. >> it's not about drugs or power. >> no, no, power, power. >> tyrus? >> what's worse? >> yeah, what's worse in your mind of the two? >> it's already there. going back and forth, i'm not voting this year and i'm very proud to say i don't believe in either candidate and i don't want my hands on any of this so when it goes down, it wasn't me. >> you could write in somebody. >> i would write nothing but cuss words. it's on us. we allowed them to get into the situation and they're crooks and liars. y'all voted for them. good luck. >> i didn't vote.
10:52 pm
>> we were talking in the break and you said something very powerful. >> i'm cutting the comedy. >> there was so much comedy there. >> i know. >> you can't vote your conscious this year, and if you vote your gut you'll get diarrhea. and who is going to be worse for the country? dr. jill stein. i might vote for her how many votes for hillary if she were honest, but the most important issue for me is not installing total corruption at the very top of the government in a way we have no method for getting rid of. is electing the clintons again is like spilling milk in a car, your never going to get the smell out. [ applause ] is. >> i don't think i've ever drank milk in my car.
10:53 pm
>> that's strange. >> sometimes you can't wait to dunk your donut. >> that's what weiner said. >> nicely done, cat. >> i kind of feel how tyrus feels. i can't say i support -- and say who do i hate more? i have so much it's overwhelming. it's really, really, really tough. i have no answers. i don't know -- like who do you hate more? all hate -- you can hate different things about different people, you can realm hate something about this person, just another person, and do you end up spending a lot of time by yourself, and it's better than -- you've got to stay true. >> a lot of people say i'm going to vote for the lesser of two evils and i'm like how are you ever going to figure that out and there's no lesser of two evils.
10:54 pm
there's two very different evils. >> exactly. this person look bad, there's just bad things about both of them. >> accoucould i offer one piece the one thing i've learned from the 2016 is the ominous threat -- we've always heard from the left, right, it's like my god they warned us they're going to take through the streets through injustice, brutality, racism. now it's happening on the right so maybe it's not such a bad thing you're seeing the right act like the left for once. and maybe that's why it makes everybody so uncomfortable. right? i have to go. i know you're going to say something. we'll wrap things up with an exclusive look at a new movie hitting theater this is hal westbound. stay there. new movie hitting theaters this halloween. stay right there. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again
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♪ [ suspenseful music ] ♪ [ dramatic music ] ♪ [ laughter ] >> that's really good. >> very good, all right.
11:00 pm
thank you to my guests. kathryn, tyrus, our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. we're going to be live next week. he coming days. >> i am jon scott. thanks for watching. >> this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier bear. breaking story. the fbi is looking at new e-mails from the scandal. we are ten days although millions of americans have voted. donald trump and the republicans are staying she is unfit for the presidency and saying another shoe could drop. clinton's camp is livid and demanding that the fbi should put up or shut up.


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