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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> that's all the time we have for tonight. don't forget to check out our podcast. i'll tell you what, perino and stirewalt. we will see you next week. thanks for joining us. >> bye. fox news alert and the fierce war of words underway right now with both presidential campaigns trading jabs over the fbi's decision to review those thousands of e-mails potentially related to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. right now we're just moments away from donald trump taking the stage at a rally in colorado. we'll, of course, bring that to you when it happens. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's election headquarters." i'm eric shawn. >> i'm melissa francis. trump stumping in las vegas. meantime, hillary clinton is turning up the heat on fbi
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director james comey over what she calls his unprecedented move. >> we find it very strange that ten days out that he's putting this letter out there and we discovered last night from yahoo! news that he and the justice department may not have a warrant to look at these messages. >> she set up this illegal server knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk. and put the safety and security of your children at risk. >> we have coverage of this from carl cameron. we're starting with katherine harris live in washington with the latest from the fbi. lots of new details this hour, katherine. tell us. >> that's right, melissa. in the last hour fox news has confirmed through a government source that the metta data on
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the anthony weiner data has turned up positive hits for and clinton e-mails adding the number is astonishing and that's what led fbi director james comey to reboot the fbi probe. fox news is told that a subpoena for weiner's computer was issued in late september and took about a week for the computer to be provided. bret baier reported earlier today that weiner was cooperating and gave investigators the laptop. the fbi new york team has built a structure to digitally assist the investigation because they were focused on child pornography. they saw e-mails from huma abiden. they had to get further authorization to do a deeper dive. that's when the hits allegedly
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linked to clinton were uncovered. government officials did not steer fox news away from that number saying it will take weeks if not months to resolve the case. today they took to the shows to stake out their positions. >> to me, chris, this has to be a substantial investigation. i don't see director comey opening up this case 11 days before the election unless it is serious. >> if the director can't clean up this mess, i think he ought to try, he ought to acknowledge he made a serious mistake. >> given the records were found in the process of a separate investigation, the bureau has daken necessary steps to seek proper legal permission to fully access the e-mails. as for whether a warrant had been obtained, fox news is told that is standard practice in a case like this and keeps the evidence clean. we consistently heard from the
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clinton campaign that the fbi director had not read the e-mails, how could they even know that there was anything relevant. what we know at this hour, investigators looked at the metme metadata. they were able to see multiple hits for relevant e-mails. it's the relevance of the hits and the e-mails that made them reopen it not the physical reading of the documents themselves, melissa. >> that was >> correct. >> and the hillary server. >> that's correct. >> they found a bunch of e-mails from those. thank you for clearing that up. >> you're welcome. >> that's new information tonight. nkts it is. >> meanwhile on the democratic side, senator tim kaine is holding a get out the vote rally in taylor, michigan, at this hour. he's taking aim at fbi director james comey saying mr. comey ones owes it to the people of
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america to be up front jennifer griffin who covers the clinton campaign is live in florida. >> hillary clinton did not address the fbi investigation and she did not mention fbi director james comey by name. instead, she crisscrossed florida trying to get out the vote. today is the day that democrats called polls to polls and they're trying to get voters to leave church and head straight to the polls. that's why hillary clinton was at a baptist church this morning. >> so no matter what is thrown at us we need to stay focused on our goals. we need to understand the best way to repudiate a negative, hateful, bigoted vision is by voting. >> reporter: hillary clinton left the church and visited betty soul church community
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kitchen. she spoke to the lgbt community at a gay nightclub. the clinton campaign is in full fight mode today. they are demanding fbi director james comey put out more information and not leave the electorate hanging. bill clinton addressed church goers in greensboro, north carolina. he said he never thought the election would end this way. they've seen a tightening in the latest abc news poll. clinton leading nationally by one point. tim kaine was in michigan. >> and we're calling on the fbi, look, now that you've thrown this kind of question mark letter out and you ought to put all the details out for the american public to see instead of doing this big question mark before the election. that's what we're asking. >> reporter: clinton aide huma abiden whose laptop appears to be at the center of the fbi investigation for her part has been mum. she was in brooklyn yesterday at
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clinton headquarters not traveling with clinton to florida as she usually does. we are here in miami. you can hear the noisy -- the noisy music and celebrating behind me, melissa, but basically right now the polls are tightening. donald trump is just one point behind nationally according to the washington post/abc poll. here in florida they are in a dead heat tie. back to you. >> jennifer, i know you have to get back on the campaign trail. maybe you can take a little time out while you're there in miami. >> sounds like she's in the club. >> thank you, eric. >> of course. we are awaiting more reaction from the trump campaign over the clinton e-mail fallout. you can count on that, right? it could come any moment now. donald trump is set to speak at a rally this hour in colorado while his running mate, mike pence, holds his own event. carl cameron is live in greeley, colorado, at that trump rally. carl, take it away. >> reporter: hi.
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we're getting very close. on the stage i think you can see on the split screen, retired lieutenant general, mike flynn. he is the primary military advisor and has been doing a lot of the introductions which means trump will be on the stage in a while. we're in greeley, 50 miles due north of denver. trump has had a very busy day. he began it in las vegas, went to church, then had a big rally in vegas. he has repeatedly in the past few days opened up his remarks by talking about the affordable care act and the increase in insurance prices emphasizing that he has a lot of proposals that he'll undo to give voters a reason to vote for him. at this juncture it's all about organizing the vote and trying to get people to come out and have votes for you. and secondarily, he is absolutely going after the fbi discovery of still more e-mails. the trump campaign, both mike pence and the top of the ticket
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candidate, mr. trump, had been pounding the fbi and the department of justice for having ended their investigation of her e-mail server and not having charged her, but now that comey has essentially said that that laptop belonging to huma abiden and her estranged husband anthony weiner has potentially hundreds of thousands of e-mails on it that could be related to the investigation, they're praising him. you can expect a lot more of that tonight. trump has been giving lengthy speeches, about an hour, always on teleprompter. he always ad libs. the crowds are raucous. they feed off of that just as much as the policy promises. we expect to have him out here in the next few minutes. we'll send it back to you and let things roll through. as soon as he gets on the stage, we'll see you again. >> carl, thank you so much for that. we'll keep an eye on that and bring it to you as soon as it happens. nine days left before the the roller coaster ride of a race. plus, the clinton camp is
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trying to deflect hits on to fbi director james comey. both mrs. clinton and her staffers with some strong words about comey today and what he should do next. and what if you were one of the 18 million voters who's already cast a ballot in this race but all this fbi fallout wants to make you change your mind. turns out, guess what, you can do that in some states. >> really? >> yup. we will tell you how that is allowed and how it works. how you can take back your vote and change it. >> i want to make sure that i did get to vote. didn't want to risk any obstacles coming my way on election day. >> i wanted to avoid the lines on election day and i wanted to make sure that if i got hit by a bus between now and the election, my vote would still be there. (vo) combine the right things.
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and something amazing happens. that's our inspiration for fancy feast medleys. wild salmon primavera. tastes amazing. also in pate. fancy feast medleys. little miss muffet sat on eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. mr. trump there about to take the podium and address the crowd in that crucial swing
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state. mr. trump clearly will -- has been discussing obamacare but clearly it'll be another opportunity for him to go after the e-mails and talk about james comey, the fbi, the investigation, mrs. clinton. certainly keeping up with those themes that she is -- he has been hammering away all day on the campaign trail and getting a lot of reaction from his supporters on these issues. let's now listen to donald j. trump. ♪ stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land, god bless the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to
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you and defend her still today, cause there ain't no doubt i love this place ♪ >> thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. boy, this is a great group of people. thank you. what a great crowd. wow, look at this. in nine days we are going to win the state of colorado and we are going to win back the white house. we are. and i must tell you of your ballots, you've got to get your ballots in. who has sent their ballots in? now do you think those ballots are properly counted? do you think? so when you send them in, do you think they're properly counted? you can check on your ballot to
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make sure it's counted properly. i know they're all saying oh, of course everything is so legitimate, everything is so -- perhaps i'm a more skeptical person, okay? nobody's upset with that, right? i saw obama saying the foundations of our country are based on this about eight years ago when he was running. he was saying it was crooked as hell in chicago, right? just like he said obamacare is wonderful. keep your plan, keep your doctor, right? so you can -- you can get a ballot if you need it tomorrow. it's closed today, but you can get a ballot tomorrow at university center and you can put your ballot in, but so important, we are on the threshold of something so incredible. it's so incredible. so exciting. but you've got to get those ballots in. you can go to university center, void your old ballot, do a new
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ballot. in some places they probably do that four or five times but we don't do that. but that's great. so by tomorrow hopefully almost everybody will have their ballots in. we're on the cusp of an incredible, historic change that's going to transfer power from a failed political establishment, and it looks like it's failing pretty big right now, and return the power to our families, communities and citizens so the early voting is underway. get those ballots in. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. what a mess. it's just been announced that the citizens of colorado are going to experience a massive double digit hike in their obamacare premiums next year. now i know what it is, but i
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want everybody to have a good time so i refuse to tell you because i don't want to ruin your evening. by the way, this crowd, there are thousands of people outside and you have the denver broncos, your team is playing right now. you know when i came over i said, isn't denver playing right now? and they said, yes. i said, do we have people? they said, mr. trump, this thing, you could have sold it out three different times, so that's great. should we do a little shorter version so you can go home and watch football? no. i love you, too. i don't know if you know, the nfl is way down in their ratings, and you know why? two reasons. number one is this politics they're finding is a much rougher game than football. and more exciting. honestly we've taken a lot of
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people away from the nfl and the other reason is kaepernick. kaepernick. and that's fine, but elect me and we will stop the horrible hikes that you're seeing with obamacare. we will stop the obamacare madness. 90% of colorado counties are losing insurers next year as a result of obamacare. some of you will have one group, one person to deal with. that's not good. good luck in the negotiation. in minnesota where the premium increase will be close to 60%, the democratic governor has said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, making it even more expensive. in fact, much more expensive. she also wants to raise your taxes through the roof, by the way. lots of luck. like taxes aren't high enough for the people of this country? i'm asking for your vote so we can replace obamacare and save
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health care for every family in colorado and in the country. and in the country. real change also means restoring honesty to our government. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption. our plan, our plan includes a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. i will impose a lifetime ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for american -- i don't want to have them raising money. who knew they could even do that? then you wonder why we're making bad deals -- we make all of these horrible deals with other countries. i wonder why? well, take a look at it. so we will impose a ban, permanent ban on that. i want the entire corrupt
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washington establishment to hear and to heed our words, okay, our words, our. when we win on november 8th we are going to washington, d.c., and we are going to drain the swamp. we all know about hillary's mounting legal troubles that she's brought unto herself with her willful and deliberate criminal misconduct. hillary clinton is not the victim, by the way, she's not the victim. you, the american people, are the victims of this corrupt system in every way. and this is your last chance to change it. i really believe this. this is your last election where you're going to have a chance. and if we don't win between
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supreme court justices and all of the other things that are going to be so important, it will be very, very sad, very, very sad. i think most of the people in this room believe that this will be your last chance to win, and not going to happen again. and, by the way, we're leading in so many polls. we're leading by 4 points in florida. of all people, "the new york times" just put us at 4 points up in florida, and that's low. they have lines in florida, early voting, that are stretching four and five blocks. they never had lines before. people walk in, they vote. we're leading in iowa. we're leading -- we're leading in north carolina. we're leading in the great state of ohio bigly.
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we're leading all over the place, and we're leading numerous national polls. and those polls are all before the bombshell of corruption that was additionally exposed and exposed for a period of time. this is all before the big bombshell these polls came out. so i don't know what that's going to mean. i can tell you, i wouldn't be volting for her. we could speak for days, for weeks, months about hillary's many crimes against this country, and its people and their efforts to conceal those crimes by destroying 33,000 e-mails. >> lock her up. >> lock her up. >> lock her up. >> lock her up. >> lock her up. >> you know, i'll be honest, i
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think that washington d.c. sees these rallies that we have, the biggest ever. it's one of the greatest movements of all time. even the world's dishonest media, the world's most dishonest people, they say it. they say it. it's considered one of the great political phenomenas, and i will tell you, to me, if we don't get there, if we don't win on november 8th. i don't consider it. a couple of them say, it doesn't matter. what you've done will go down in the history books. i say, maybe for you, not for me. i've spent tremendous hours and energy and tremendous amounts of money, as you know, i think i'll be in for could be over $100 million, which is nice because that's 100 million we don't collect from donors and special interests, where we have had -- we've had tremendous support, but where we have had the best
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support in all fairness, the small donor, $61 i think it averages, something like $61. no republican has ever been able to do that, but to me it's an honor. now i'll tell you, if we lose, i will say it was the greatest waste of time, energy, and money of my lifetime. okay? forget -- forget going down in the history books. we're going to win. i think we're going to win. and i think -- i think when you read -- when you read wikileaks, when you see that podesta -- i tell you what, i would fire him so fast. he speaks so badly about her, she's got bad instincts, she -- oh, i won't even say it. he says things about her that i won't say about her. do you believe it? i would fire john podesta so
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fast, whoever he is. i don't think i ever met the guy, but he says such bad things about her, and others say such bad things. it's amazing what you learn from looking. i'll tell you what, if she never heard the word e-mail, do you think she would be a very happy woman today? now it was just learned, by the way, that they found 650,000 e-mails on the current investigation of somebody else. you know, in the diamond business there's something called clean coal. clean coal. this could be the mother lode, you know? this could be the 33,000 that are missing. this could be the 20,000 that are missing. this could be the 15,000 that
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are missing. three weeks ago they're missing a big box of e-mails. think of it, 650,000. what do you have to do to do 650? just if you sat and did like this, one, two, three, you'd be there for weeks? >> how can you have 650,000 e-mails? anyway, they have 650,000 that they found. it was just reported. i would think they have some real bad ones, but we're going to find out. hey, maybe not. maybe not. no doubt in the next nine days hillary and her special interests will say and do something to detract from her crime and to distract and also to distract from the issues facing our country. as the obamacare pain once said, hillary will say anything and change nothing. you know who said that about her, right? that was president obama.
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and you remember, you know, she was supposed to be, oh, everything is so nice, they're hugging and they're kissing. by the way, president obama should not be focused on hillary clinton getting elected, he should be focused on bringing your jobs back, on beating isis for years i heard the nastiest quote. if you can't control your own house, you have no right essentially to be in the white house. i said, what a nasty quote. i would never say that quote. i would be so badly criticized for that. then i found out three days ago, michelle obama was the one that said it about hillary when they ran against hillary. then you saw this from biden. tough guy. he's a tough guy. he's so tough that he's doing a great job of defeating isis,
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isn't he? he's doing a great job of negotiating the iran deal. he called me to the back of the gym. i dream about that. i dream. you know what i do about that? watch. watch. and he's down. he's down. somebody said something tonight. he made that statement, i'd like to take him to the back of the gym. i wish he talked that way to isis, right? i'd like to take him to the back of the gym. and somebody said, you know, the announcers, these crooked people back here, they're disgusting. so they were all saying, oh, what a wonderful statement. oh, it was so wonderful the way he said that. oh, isn't that great?
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now, if i would have said i'd like to take biden to the back of the gym they'd say, he's a bully. he's a mean, mean, horrible man, right? he's a horrible man. but with biden they thought it was so nice. one person even said, that was so cute. oh, boy. folks, we'd better win on november 8th. we'd better win. got to get rid of this crew. you know, hillary said that she was going to make him secretary of state. he turned it down. the guy's exhausted. but he's almost as tired as she is, but not quite. but she said he was going to be secretary of state. they call him. do you have a comment? i said, yeah, these are the guys that have been raising taxes. these are the guys that came up with obamacare. these are the guys that can't beat isis. these are the guys that are letting drugs pour into our country. we have no borders. we have no anything. murder rate is the highest it's
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been in 45 years. who the hell wants him as secretary of state? these people are there. we want to haveh, strong, smart, tough people but people with heart. we want people with heart. i will continue to address and expose the criminal corruption of hillary clinton and its threat to the survival of our democracy, but i also want to spend these next nine days with the wonderful people of this country talking about my vision for making america great again, and let's talk positive. let's talk positive. i'm starting to think -- we'll go positive because, you know, it's all, you know, about borders, our military is depleted. let's talk about fixing our
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military, fixing our borders. we're going to talk positive. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back jobs. right now 70 million american, women and children live in poverty or near the brink of poverty. 43% of african-american school-aged children live in poverty. 34% of hispanic school-aged children live in poverty. there are 40,000 homeless veterans, our great people. do we have any veterans in the audience? yeah, a lot. 40,000 homeless. yet we spend hundreds of billions of dollars providing benefits to illegal immigrants. we take care of in many cases of illegal immigrants more so than we take care of our veterans that let us be here. we have a story, there was a story over the weekend, you probably saw it, a veteran, he lives out of a dumpster.
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he gets his food from a dumpster. he was a great veteran. a brave veteran. he lives out of a dumpster. we're not going to have that, folks. we're not going to have that. and hillary clinton said the veterans administration is doing just fine. it's not. people are waiting in line for two weeks before they can even -- people are dying waiting in line for a simple prescription or procedure. it's terrible. so we're going to take care of our veterans and the veterans know it and we are overwhelming. they do polls of the veterans. we are overwhelming and we're going to follow through unlike these politicians for so many years. hillary's refugee plan would cost $400 billion. that's enough to rebuild the inner cities of america. it's time to put america first. as your president, i will go into the poorest communities and work on a national plan for
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revitalization. we will replace decades of failure with generations of success. we will bring prosperity to our poorest communities and neighborhoods, safety to our most dangerous areas and hope to those places which have not known hope in a very, very long time. and to the african-american community that lives so many in these inner cities, we're going to help. it's unsafe. you can't walk to the store and get a loaf of bread. you get shot. it's unsafe. the education's no good and there are no jobs, and i always say it. i say, give me a chance. what do you have to lose? give me a chance. the democrats have been running this thing for up to 100 years uninterrupted and all they do is
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they want your vote. they want your vote and then they'll say, thanks a lot, see you in four years. they don't do a damn thing, so to the african-americans out there that are watching on television and in the room, i say, give me a chance. i will not disappoint you. america has lost, thank you, 1/3 of its manufacturing jobs since bill clinton signed nafta. by the way, the worse trade bill ever signed in history. america has lost, listen to this, 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization. another bill and hillary backed disaster. colorado lost more than 100,000 manufacturing jobs since clinton's nafta and china's trade deals went into effect. we're living through the single
3:34 pm
greatest job theft in the history of the world. what the world has done to us because of stupid, corrupt politicians. what the world has done to us. a trump administration will stop another disaster which will come about if i'm not president. the trans-pacific partnership. renegotiate nafta, we have to, and we are going to stand up to china on its currency manipulation, and i've done so much business with china. we're going to be fine with china. problem with china, they have no respect for our country. they have no respect for our president. they'll respect us again. in the meantime, they're building a massive fortress in the middle of the south china sea so they take our money, they take our jobs, they make everything for us. we bring it in no tax, no nothing and yet it's almost
3:35 pm
impossible for us to do business over there. i don't know if you know, it's not a -- this big boy with the cowboy hat, right? nah. big, good looking guy. and i like him. you know why? he's a serious supporter, right? my guy. but it's like a one-way street, whether it's china, mexico, it's just, boom, everything goes in. they get everything, we get nothing. we get unemployment. we get clothes factories. it's so easy. it's so easy because your politicians have never told you what to do. when they leave and they fire everybody and they go to, let's say, mexico, they make their air conditioners, cars there, whatever they make and we charge them now nothing so they make them, they send them, but we have unemployment and closed factories. now when i tell them before they leave, folks, please don't leave, they'll say, no, sir, we're leaving. i say, here's the story. you want to leave, you want to
3:36 pm
play cool so you go ahead and leave. enjoy your factory in mexico. it's hot. don't worry, you'll get used to it. every time you make an air conditioning unit, carrier left indianapolis, every time you make an air conditioning unit and you're going to sell it into our country tax free, not going to happen anymore. no more. 35% tax. 35% tax. and you know what's going to happen? when they hear that, they're not leaving, folks. and for the few companies that might want to take a chance u that's okay. we're going to make a lot of money, okay? do you agree with that? right? you know how many companies we've lost? we're losing all of this stuff. as we're standing here today, you have people, the leaders of your countries negotiating to leave colorado and ohio and to
3:37 pm
leave pennsylvania, and north carolina, and buy open ming. oh, no, it's coming, wyoming. they love a thing called clean coal in wyoming, right? wyoming. great place. tell your friends in wyoming the minors go back to work, okay? will you do that? all right. tell them. the minors are going back to work in wyoming and in west virginia and in ohio. and, by the way, the steel workers, too. we're going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. we're going to cut taxes for the middle class families by hundreds of billions of dollars a year. middle class families have been hurt so badly, like the forgotten people. they're like the forgotten people. not anymore. and we'll end the war on american energy. hillary clinton has said by the time we get through all of my
3:38 pm
conditions i do not think there will be any places in america where fracking will continue to take place. i mean, fracking is actually not as new as people think, but essentially it's a new technology and it's had an unbelievable impact and we have under our feet so much wealth. don't forget, we have $20 trillion. got to pay it off. and we have so much wealth. and we want -- and you know environmentally i've received very many environmental awards, but i want crystal clear, crystal clean water, all right? i want such clean air. i want that air to be clean. and i want safety. other than that, folks, that's what i want. we want water, we want air and we want safety. you see this new -- this new pact that obama made where we're
3:39 pm
paying billions and billions and billions of dollars and i don't think they have any idea where it's going, global warming pact. and all that it does is make it impossible for our businesses to compete. so we'll make a couple of little changes when we get it. hillary clinton also wants to put your minors out of work. my administration will put the minors back to work and we will unleash the power of clean coal, oil, natural gas, and shale energy. we will become a rich nation once again, but to be a reach nation we must also be a safe nation. hillary wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees over and above the thousands that are already coming in under obama. when i'm elected president, we will suspend the syrian refugees and we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our
3:40 pm
country. sorry. sorry. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. and, yes, we will build a wall and, yes, mexico will pay for the wall. they will pay for the wall. crooked hillary has pledged open borders, which means there goes your country, and she supports sanctuary cities. no longer, folks. she wants open borders. you saw that during the debates. wikileaks got her again. she's never talked open borders. she wants open borders. we could have 600 million people pour into our country. think of it. once you have open borders like
3:41 pm
that you don't have a country anymore. countless americans are killed by illegal immigrants because our government won't do its job. here in colorado, detective who you know, donnie young and john bishop were providing security at a baptism when they were ambushed by illegal immigrants who had multiple prior run-ins with prior law enforcement. they shot and killed detective young and wounded detective fisher. the perpetrator was a known gang member and the person that people who knew him begged, begged to get him out of our country or incarcerate. here in colorado, that's one thought, a small toddler was killed by illegal immigrants who had been arrested 16 different
3:42 pm
times by 7 different police departments throughout the state of colorado. when i become president this crime wave will end and it will end very quickly. very quickly. take a look at the rev rans project. these are people whose children, family, brothers -- i'm so sad to see it. they're unbelievable. parents where young, young children were killed. so many of them. so many of them. we will end illegal immigration, deport all illegal immigrants and save american lives. we will save american lives. under hillary clinton when she was secretary of state when they caught an illegal criminal, illegal criminal, could be a murderer, could be a drug pusher, could be a bad gang
3:43 pm
member, they would bring them back to their country. they're very smart. we're not taking a bet so they bring him back into the united states because they call her -- meeting their people, bring them back, bring them back. so they're now all over our country. i guarantee you whether it's four years or eight years, that won't happen one time. when we bring them back, they take them. we'll also repeal the obama/clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. in addition to general flynn, we have the endorsement. how good is general flynn? is he good? we have the endorsements of over 200 admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients.
3:44 pm
great people. i got to know a lot of them. our air force is the smallest and oldest that it's ever been, the smallest and oldest. we will rebuild our air force with new modern plans and we will also invest in the crucial work being done at buckley air force base. we'll step it up. we also need a new foreign policy that puts america first finally. hillary brought disaster to iraq, syria, libya. she em pow je empowered syria ad isis in a vacuum. hillary failed. if you take a look, our washington establishment has spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east and now the middle east, as far as we're concerned, and as far as humanity is
3:45 pm
concerned, it's in far worse shape than it's ever been. you go about 15 years ago there was nothing like this. we spend $6 trillion, we could have rebuilt our country two or three times over and the middle east is in far worse shape and far more dangerous. we have the great migration. all of the problems. look at what's happening to germany. look at what's happening to france, paris, nice. $6 trillion and we're in much worse shape. think of it. they've rebuilt our countries. they've dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe and that we don't win. they have left our borders wide open at home and they've shipped our jobs and wealth to other countries. to all-americans i say now finally the new leadership.
3:46 pm
hillary wants to raise your taxes to almost 50%. i'm lowering your taxes bigly. my program calls for the biggest give away. they make education choices instead of parents. my contract guarantees school choice and puts a rapid end to common core. we're bringing our education. hillary clinton oversaw massive cuts to the military budget and said the problems at the va are not widespread. 22 suicides a day. nobody even believes that number. 22. there were two numbers i
3:47 pm
couldn't believe, when i hear 70,000 factories gone, i never -- that doesn't sound like it should be 1,000. the other one i can't believe, 22 suicides a day of vets and a lot of that is because of lack of service, lack of whatever it takes. lack of carelack of care. my contract reverses the defense cuts, rebuilds our military when we need it almost as badly as ever before and gives veterans the right to see the doctor of their choice. hillary clinton attacks the integrity of police officers. she attacks the integrity of police officers. my contract calls for funding, training, and supporting the incredible men and women of law enforcement. hillary clinton wants to release
3:48 pm
more violent offenders from prison and, frankly, from other countries as they illegally enter. my contract calls for a national plan to reduce violent crime and treat safety as a civil right. our murder rate is the highest it's been in 45 years. hillary wants to effectively abolish the second amendment. i was endorsed -- oh, that's right. that's right. the response in colorado, that's a bigger response than i usually get. that's a big response. so i got -- i got the earliest endorsement ever from the national rifle association, the nra. we're going to save your second amendment. we are going to save your second amendment. you don't have to worry about it. my contract calls for saving the second amendment and protecting the right to keep and bear arms.
3:49 pm
very important. hillary wants immediate amnesty, open borders and virtually unlimited immigration from the most dangerous regions in the world. my plan ends illegal immigration and suspends immigration from terror thrown regions. i'm going to tell you, we're going to have the wall. we're going to need it. we're going to have a strong border, but we're going to have big, beautiful doors in the wall. people are going to come into our country and they're going to be proud to come in. they're going to come in on merit. we're also going to take people on merit. people that can help us grow the country, great people. but i just want to let you know, people will enter and come into our country, people that you'll love and people that will love you, but they will come in to our country legally.
3:50 pm
and we're going to speed up the process. we're going to very, very strongly speed up the process because it's forever, and it's very unfair. you know, when you have people that are in line for ten years, can't get in, and then you have somebody that crosses the border and you're supposed to to do th that? you know what i'm talking about, father, right. i love father. what is your name, father? father andre. does anyone know father andre? i've heard about father andre. thank you, father andre. so we want to speed up that process and make it a fair process. hillary wants radical judges that will impose personal opinions from the bench. my contract calls for the appointment of judges who uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. and those are your federal judges. but justice is also of the
3:51 pm
supreme court of the united states. great, great people we're going to appoint and great intellect. hillary wants to go further than obama on legal executive actions. i will terminate every single illegal obama executive order and restore the constitutional law. i will restore the constitutional law to this country. finally, hillary wants us to think small. wants us to believe things can't change and wants our lives to evolve around washington, d.c. i am asking you to dream big, to push for bold change, and to believe in a movement powered by the people and by their love of our country. thank you. [ chanting ]
3:52 pm
>> thank you. is there any place better to be than a trump rally, in all fairness. right. no place. and even with your broncos playing, this is really good. and john elway is a very good guy, by the way. i played golf with john elway quite a while ago. i want to tell you something, in case you didn't know it -- it is a mosquito. oh, ee. i never liked mosquitos and i like them even less now. but i played golf with john elway and i will tell you something you will not be surprised at. he hits the hell out of the ball. he is long. he's got a thing called club head speed. but who would be surprised at
3:53 pm
that. but he is a great guy and he's done a great job. i've been very lucky. i've led a great life. now i want to give back to the country, which has been so good to me. i've spent a career finding the untapped potential in projects and in people. everywhere i look in this country all i see is untapped potential waiting to be set free. i'm tired of politicians telling americans to defer their dreams to another day when they really mean to another decade. america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. it is not going to happen again. all we have to do is stop believing in our failed politicians and start believing in each other and in our country, which is so amazing.
3:54 pm
there is no challenge too great, no dream outside of our reach. don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. it can. and i know it so well. and don't forget, i spent my life on the other side. i was an insider. i was maybe the ultimate insider. i know them. i understand the game. but i also looked across and i said, our country is dying. we can't continue to lose almost $800 billion a year on bad trade deals that are there because of political interests. because of donors and special interests. because of campaign contributions. they don't care about the country. but we can't continue to make deals like that horrible iran deal where we give them
3:55 pm
$150 billion back. or where we give them $1.7 billion in cash -- in cash. and then they humiliate us by taking our ten sailors and all sorts -- and they would have kept them except that the money started pouring in two days later. so i saw what was happening and i said i love our country too much. not that this is easy. i could be home very much enjoying watching the denver game. i could be very much enjoying myself sitting in new york or florida or wherever i'm sitting watching the denver game, right, as an example. but we had to do this. and again, and i say it once more, there has never been in this country -- bill o'reilly, smart guy and tough guy, he said the single greatest political phenomenon that he has witnessed in his lifetime. we don't want to blow it no november -- on november 8th.
3:56 pm
we don't want to blow it. get out and vote. the future lies with the dreame dreamers, not the cynics and the critics. hillary has been there for 30 years. and she is accomplished nothing. she's just made things worse. she's the candidate of yesterday. we're the movement of the future. we are. our movement represents all americans, from all backgrounds and all walks of life. we are asking for the votes of republicans, democrats, independents, and first-time voters. we're asking for the vote of every american who believes truth and justice, not money and power, should rule the day. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors and not the special interests. we are fighting to unlock the potential of every american community and every american
3:57 pm
family who hope and pray and yearn for a better future. with your vote, and we are just nine days away from the change you've been waiting for you're entire life, we will win. together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you. thank you, colorado. god bless you, everybody. god bless you, get out and vote. get those ballots in. university center, tomorrow. thank you. >> listening to donald trump in greel greeley, colorado, laying out his campaign and public policy positions and as usual inflammatory language caughting
3:58 pm
hillary dishonest and calling her a criminal into dealing with the e-mails. let's bring in our fox news contributor. as a pointed fact, 650,000 e-mails that he just mentioned in that speech and the "wall street journal" is reporting those are all of the e-mails that are apparent lin on anthony wiener's laptop and huma abedin has been of course and what do you think this makes for the campaign. >> i think what james comey has done is extraordinary. from just about any standpoint. but i think that what it really is, is an example of the most egregious prosecutorial overreach i have seen in many, many years of covering washington and american politics. you don't have to go as far as senator harry reid, the democratic leader who has now accused comey of violating the law by releasing the information to know this is information and revelation that could affect the
3:59 pm
out come of a race and the fact of the matter is, according to jamie girrelic and larry thps, two deputy attorney generals, under the clinton and bush administrations, there has been for decades a rule that within 60 days -- >> within 60 days. >> you do not do this. >> the and the other argument is he may have had a legal responsibility and if he had something new, he would bring it to them and if it is significant, and he had to write the letter. >> we don't know if it is significant. there may be some of the e-mails from clinton's server or from houma's server and we don't know anything more than that. they are now getting the search warrant they need to examine the content of the e-mails. >> and this will go after -- past the election, before we know. >> absolutely. i mean, look, near camden's remarks and a good friend of hillary and she would draw and quarter the person who allowed
4:00 pm
the e-mails to be set up and the same for comey. >> and the biggest thing of the campaign is seeing how it affects it. >> thank you for watching, i'm eric shawn. >> and "the fox report" reports right now. >> you just saw donald trump wrapping up his stop in greeley, colorado. we'll have his daughter-in-law on with us later in the hour as they are talking about hillary clinton and the fbi reopening its case. and women on the campaign trail. so watch for lara trump. we begin with three letters, altering the tone and talk of the presidential election. fbi. the agency is taking another look at the hillary clinton e-mail case with developments at this hour from both campaigns. donald trump on the offensive at his rally, as i said, just wrapping up moments ago, a full schedule from him today. and hillary clinton claims the fbi's actions are unfair to the candidates and to the voters.


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