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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 31, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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i'll be here next saturday night at 9 p.m. won't want to miss it. it will be an exciting week. can now, special report with my friend bret baier. >> your welcome has lived my heart. >> the final days of the 2016 presidential race. nine days out and just what is inside tens of thousands of huma abedin e-mails dominated coverage. >> a very serious matter. >> the fbi to continue investigating is center stage. >> there must be something there. >> the clinton campaign demands answers from the fbi. >> all that is in that letter is innuendo. >> and it may not be about her server or her at all. >> but a former assistant director said there is more going on. >> the fbi has an in tensive investigation ongoing into the clinton foundation. >> politically the trump team said the polls are moving. >> we never thought we were
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going to say thank you to anthony wiener. >> the race for the white house tightens up. >> no matter what is thrown our way, we are not going to back down. >> control of congress hangs in the balance. >> we are just nine days from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> let's get loud at the voting booth. >> we're on the campaign trail covering the issues that matter to you. news from across the nation and around the world. the prime time sunday edition of "special report" starts right now. >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we're learning plenty tonight about the fbi's decision to turn the presidential election upside down by reigniting the clinton e-mail investigation. we begin our coverage tonight with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herrage and new details about what led to friday's blockbuster announcement. good evening. >> thank you, bret. a government source confirms that the metadata on wiener's computer turned up positive hits for clinton e-mails adding the
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numbers are, quote, astonishing, with the "wall street journal" reporting tonight 650,000 e-mails are in play and that is what led the fbi director to reboot the e-mail case. >> after a subpoena was issued in late september, fox news was told fbi investigators began combing through wiener's in a sexting investigation, allegations he's denied. as they sifted through the records, investigators found mails from abedin, his estranged wife who had access to the laptop. the fbi team got new authorization to do a deeper dive on the metadata and that is when the hits linked to clinton were uncovered. the chairman of the house intelligence kmiety who -- committee who was notified by the fbi spoke to fox news sunday. >> this has to be a substantial development and i don't see the director opening this case back up 11 days before the election unless it is quite serious. >> abedin said she sent state department e-mails including this one from clinton to her personal yahoo account where it was easier to print than the
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clumsy state department system. she swore under oath that she never deleted her mails and she searched through all of her devices for government records but that sworn declaration is now in question. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee told abc news, comey acting outside of his lane. >> i think this is a terrible error in judgment by the director to release this kind of ambiguous letter and these may be pertinent and they may be significant or not significant or not pertinent. that kind of a ambiguity bomb this close to a election is a terrible lapse in judgment. >> fbi reported the fbi was investigating the clinton foundation and pay to play allegations against secretary clinton. a former fbi executive told cnn those cases were not shut down, despite efforts by the obama justice department. >> the fbi has an in tensive investigation on going into the clinton foundation. and huma abedin and her role in the foundation and possible allegations concerning the
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activities of the secretary of state in the nature of the foundation and possible pay to play, that is still being looked at. >> fox news was hold the directors decision was driven by the sheer volume of mails and the commitment he made under oath. >> would you reopen the clinton investigation if you discovered new information that was both relevant and substantial? >> it is hard for me to answer in the abstract. we would certainly look at any new and substantial information. >> and there is new evidence tonight that fib director comey and his deputy andrew mccabe knew about the laptop and e-mails before the notification letter to congress on friday. mccabe is under scrutiny because his wife was mernlly re -- personally recruited by a clinton ally and receiving $675,000 for his virginia senate race and the fbi has denied any conflict of interest, bret. >> thank you. let's get reaction to the latest developments from south carolina republican congressman tray dowdy who was chairman of the house select committee on
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benghazi that led to the investigation of the private e-mail server and he is in south carolina tonight. thank you for being here. >> yes, sir. >> and i want to start with the quote from the washington post talking about huma abedin and what she told friends. top hillary clinton aide has told people she's unsure how her e-mails could have ended up on a device she viewed as her husband's computer, the seizure which has reignited the e-mail investigation according to a person close to the civil litigation over the matter. we're talking to to 650,000 mails congressman. >> yeah, if she doesn't know how they got on the computer, there aren't ways that could happen. you could have used the computer or someone could have forwarded it to your mail account. i don't think that is what the bureau is investigating. they are investigating the nature of the e-mails. and huma had a chance to turn over all of her devices when she
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was supposed to and she chose not to do so. so here we are. >> and now what do you think about this -- here is john podesta today and on one of the sunday shows talking about this whole thing. >> it was long on innuendo and short on facts so we're calling on mr. comey to come forward and explain what is at issue here. so far there is no charge of wrongdoing. there is no charge even that hillary and the reporting that backs it up coming from anonymous law enforcement sources indicates it may not be about her server, it may not be about her at all. >> congressman? >> yeah, that is an old trick. blame the cops. if you are being investigated, blame the cops. jim comey is not responsible for a single one of the facts as hand. he didn't tell her to use her private server and tell her not to turn over all of her devices and god knows he didn't tell anthony wiener to send explicit texts to underanyoge people. so comey is not responsible for
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any of this. the timing is a direct and natural consequence of decisions that hillary clinton made. so i get that podesta is upset. bret, remember, he didn't know about the mail situation and then he thought it had been taken care of by cheryl mills and patrick kennedy. so i get that he's frustrated. he's just frustrated at the wrong person. >> now do you believe that he -- comey -- would have gone forward with this having no inkling of what is inside of that computer? >> i do think he has an inkling of what is inside of that computer. but he's in a really difficult spot, unusual tough facts make for tough conclusions. and he's darned if he does and darned if he doesn't. and keep in mind, bret, let's assume tomorrow morning hillary clinton went before a rally and said the fbi is investigated me and i've been cleared ab that is all in the rearview mirror and comey knows that is not true. so if his obligation is to the
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public, why would he not let us know. investigations are never over unless there is a verdict or statute of limitations expires. if he had not told us they reopened the investigation, they he may be in trouble with congress. but he certainly would be in trouble with the public. they have a right to know. just like they have a right to know if i get stopped for speeding on the way home tonight, which may happen with the dallas game coming on. or another member of congress is charged in the next week. this notion that an election tolls the criminal justice system is laughable. i've never heard that before. >> tonight we're hearing that former prosecutors may put out a letter about jim comey's action and here is harry reid's letter tonight. your actions have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive investigation and would appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party ore another. my office has determined these actions may violate the hatch act which bars fbi officials from using their official authority to influence an
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election. through your partisan actions, this is harry reid, you may have broken the law. the double standard established by your actions is clear. your reaction, congressman? >> thank god he's leaving, is my initial reaction. my second reaction is i did not know mormon's used drugs and anyone who is capable of sending out a press release has to be under the influence of something. the person responsible for this fact pattern is secretary clinton. jim comey did not tell her to use her private server. he did not say mislead the public about whether or not you turned over all of your work mails and he certainly didn't say secretary clinton, why don't you say you neither sent nor received classified information. so, look, senator read it a political hack and jim comby is a law enforcement officer. he's not a republican or a democrat. i've had my differences with him in the past butter not a political hack like senator reid
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is. >> what do you think happens here. >> i think the fbi would run this out -- i i hope if it were hillary smith or hillary jones and they are not on a compressed time schedule. i get there is an election coming up in a week, but there is a republic that i would like to see last longer than that and we have to have confidence in the fbi and the department of justi justice. keep in mind, it was not jim comby who met on the tarmac with the spouse of the target of the investigation and president obama who prejudged the outcome of this investigation while the investigation was ongoing. so if harry we'd wants to write a letter to somebody, tell him to write loretta lynch and president obama. >> is there anything preventing hillary clinton from reaching out to abedin and saying put out all of these e-mails. >> oh, no. no, nothing in the world -- nothing to prevent her last week from returning them to the state department. she -- she is welcome tomorrow morning to have a press conference from huma abedin and
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they could invite anthony wiener and say this is what is in all of the mails on our computer that we failed to turn over to the state department and the fbi when we were supposed to. nothing is stopping her from doing that. >> congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> enjoy the game. let's find out what the candidates are saying. we have fox team coverage tonight. jennifer griffin is in south florida with the clinton campaign and carl cameron reports liver from greeley, colorado. where a trump rally was held just a short time ago. good evening, carl. >> reporter: down to double-digits, just nine days until the election, and donald trump is hitting his stride and this race is tightening. donald trump is charging hard on the trail and rising in the polls. >> this could be the mother load. >> they have 650,000 that they found. it was just reported. i would you think they have some real bad ones. but we're going to find out. >> no doubt in the next nine days, hillary and her special interest will say and do something to detract --
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>> several new boles indicate -- polls indicate tossups in the battleground states. a poll in florida shows trump ahead 46 to 42 and in north carolina it is a tie with them both at 45. and in colorado, the same. and in arizona it is trump ahead. and all of these in the latest cbs news tracking poll which says 71% say the fbi director statement does not change their mind about who to vote for. "the washington post" abc news national tracking poll shows hillary clinton barely edging trump 46 to 45. the fbi investigation of top clinton aide shared laptop with her estranged husband for allegedly sexting with a minor is becoming a halloween nightmare more the clinton campaign and team trump smells blood. >> hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of shielding her criminal conduct from public disclosure
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and exposure. she set up this illegal server knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk. i have a feeling they just found a lot of them, don't you think. we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony wiener. >> running mate mike pence did the sunday talk shows. >> we commend the director of the fbi and the fbi for following through on their work before the congress. that if there was new pertinent information, sufficient to reopen this investigation, that they would inform congress of that fact. and they would move forward. >> latinos for trump, i love that. give me that sign. >> you have to come into this country legally. >> we are going to do so well with the latinos. >> obviously nine days is single digits and krup is keeping an exhausting schedule and he is
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not done for the night. from here to goes to albuquerq e albuquerque, new mexico. and you would have heard from trump if you didn't come back to that double-digit thing. >> i'm sure i will. >> her aides attack the fbi decision to link newly discovered e-mails with her own e-mail scandal, hillary clinton refused to talk directly about the issue today in public. but it was there, if you read between the lines. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is in miami tonight. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, bret. with nine days to go, the clinton campaign put out a video response from her campaign manager calling the fbi investigation overblown and calling on voters to push back by going to the polls. hillary clinton avoided talking about the fbi director at campaign stops in florida and tried to look forward. >> no matter what is thrown at us, we need to stay focused on our goal. we need to understand that the
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best way to repudiate a negative, hateful, bigoted vision is by voting. >> reporter: clinton stopped at a soul food restaurant in ft. lauderdale leaving the response to the fbi director's letter to congress to her surrogates. >> we are calling on the fbi, look, now that you've thrown this kind of question mark letter out and already had to backtrack, you ought to put the details out for the american public to see instead of doing this kind of big question mark right before the election. >> reporter: clinton's campaign manager was on the ropes this morning with chris wallace trying to answer questions about her long-term aide abedin's mail practices. >> why on earth wouldn't hillary clinton say to her closest personal aide, was there any stuff on that -- on your laptop and what was it. >> chris, again, i appreciate your question because people want answers. there is nothing about huma abedin in the letter -- >> i know that. but why wouldn't clinton ask her. >> why wouldn't she ask anybody.
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they could be e-mails from anybody in the world. >> but from nobody else except huma abedin. >> you are putting out a hypotheticals. there are other hypotheticals that have been put out there. >> huma abedin's who laptop is at the center of the investigation has been mum and she was at clinton headquarters and not traveling with clinton as she usually does. >> have you asked huma abedin cha wla is on the computer and why she doesn't turn it over when she -- >> we don't know what computer mr. comey is talking about. you are assuming a lot of facts that we don't know. so i think that, as i said, she's been fully cooperative with the authorities. >> reporter: and now another embarrassing mail from wikileaks seems to suggest campaign manager robbie muck was lying recently when he told cnn that the campaign had no relationship with bob kramer, one of the democratic operatives who appeared in that project video
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talking about sending provaka tours to trump rallys but a new e-mail released by wikileaks shows that his partner michael luck talking to a clinton insider is saying that kramer is, quote, close to robbie muck, unquote. bret. >> jen, thank you. here is a look at the international headlines now. thousands of fighters are advancing on mosul, iraq. a spokesperson for one group said there are now 15,000 shiite fighters participating and iraqi troops and u.s. troops there are converging on the city from all directions. syrian state tv said insurgents continuing shelling of government controlled areas of aleppo and seven people were killed, including three children and claims opposition fighters are using toxic gas. rebels are in the midst of a three day old offensive to breach a government siege onnal
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eppo's eastern district. another kwairk rocked central italy and the 6.6 quake was stronger than the two last week and one in august that killed nearly 300 people. officials say no deaths are reported from today's quake yet. primarily because so many people have already left their homes in that region. still ahead, are issues that matter, the series focuses tonight on climate change. and up next, one gop congressman who is not used to being in a
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we continue our look at some of the top races in congress tonight. a very powerful man on the house side is facing a much tougher than usual re-election path. california's republican darrell
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issa is regarded as the richest member of congress making a fortune selling car alarms and this fall he is facing a different kind of alarm. here is jonathan hunt. >> since he was first elected in 2002 it is plain sailing for re-election in the california coastal 49th district which stretches from san diego county to the southern end of orange county. he won by 16 points in 2012. 20 in 2014. but this year, in what might yet be a wave election, the congressman is facing a much tighter race. >> i still have a lot of work to do. >> the reasons appear to be two-fold. first, his opponent colonel apple gate ties him to donald trump. >> he says donald trump is the obvious choice for president. >> and in an interview with us, the congressman seemed to struggle to justify his endorsement at the top of the
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republican ticket. >> will i like the team that the republicans would put together better, would they be better for this country? yes. so i'm really voting for a team, not for the man who happened to finish at the top. >> also complicating his bid for an eighth term is the amount of money democrats have pours into the race to try to defeat a man in his former role as chairman of the house oversight committee and his current assignment on the judiciary committee has consistently pursued the administration on issues such as the internal revenue service targeting of conservative groups and the botched fast and furious gun sting. >> there are dead americans as a result of this failed and reckless program. >> if the people of my district think that we've had too much oversight, we've had too much accountability, we've looked at too many things that have been wrong in this and the previous administration, they should tell me. but i think it is just the opposite. >> reporter: the issa campaign also sent out a mailer touting
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the congressman's work across the political divide and showing a picture of president obama signing a bill issa co-sponsored. at a recent fundraiser in california, the president called that, quote, shameless. the democratic candidate colonel apple gate refused our repeated request for an interview but called issa the most partisan member in congress. to win this race it is about above all changing the balance of power in the house and it would be difficult to deny that when it comes to the prospect of ousting congressman issa, it is not just politics, it is also personal. bret. >> jonathan hunt in california. thank you. so how have issa and the republicans built such a strong majority in the house. a lot of it has to do with knowing the rules and some say manipulating the terms of the game. correspondent doug mickel way explains. >> in the business of fire fighting, a fire wall is
1:25 am
straight and true. in politics, it is anything but. take a look at the map of pennsylvania's redrawn seventh congressional district, one observer noted it resembles goofy kicking donald duck. and there is a reason. it is called gerrymandering. in 37 states, the legislature draws up congressional districts based on population shifts determined by the once a decade census and the party that controls the state legislature controls the shape of a congressional district. after having lost the white house and congress in 2008, republicans undertook a complex plan to win control of slate legislature around the country in the 2010 mid terms to shape congressional districts. christopher janikowski was one those. >> this will in most instances prevent the house from flipping. >> the 12th district is a case in pount. they redrew it into a shape that
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parallels i-85 and is not much wider than the interstate and consolidated minorities in one district and helped white conservative gop candidates to win and to be almost guaranteeds re-election. in michigan seventh district, gop redistricting seals this democrat's fate as a one-term congressman. >> they took me out of the picture, just like they did with dozens, literally dozens of people just like me around the congress. >> he didn't get mad. he got even. he's now heavily involved with a superpac helping democrats take control of the state legislature before the 2020 census. he is not alone. >> we're going to have more democratic members of congress in the house of representatives. >> the president is working with former attorney general eric holder to develop the national democratic redistricting committee to do what republicans did in 2010, to take back the house and the state houses and to preserve what they hope to win. in washington, doug mcel way,
1:27 am
fox news. >> let's talk more about the balance of power and where we are a few days before the election. chad perg um joins us again tonight. good evening, chad. we've been talking about the house majority. the senate is going to be a big part of balance and power on election night. but if the house, as predicted, holds on, even in just short numbers and the democrats fall short for the third consecutive election, will there be calls for nancy pelosi to be out of that leadership position as house minority leader now? >> considering all of the hubbub on the republican side about paul ryan, there is not the same level of that on the democratic side. the thing here is that pelosi faces no revolt in her caucus and one of the reasons is there are 30 seats to get to the majority here. and they know that they are probably going to be a little bit short. on a really good night they get to 22 seats. on an average night which is probably where things come in, there are 15 to 18 seats and in a bad night they are come in at 12 or less.
1:28 am
if they come in on the low side, that is where there could be chatter. and in 2012 when democrats failed to get the house back that is when heath shuler, the former congressman from north carolina ran against her and she just creamed him. there was no way he would win. there were calls in the late 1990s when democrats failed to get the house back on several occasions and dick gephart was the minority leader and itner -- it never happened. >> and republicans use pelosi in ads and see her as this figure to run against. does her continued presence hurt democrats chances to take over. >> that is something they do use against her. there is only a couple of ads used against her but if she is in still in powner 2018, you could see that in the mid terms coming up there. this is one of the things here, it is a liberal caucus. there are very few conservatives in the house of representatives on the democratic side now like heath shuler and that is something that the democrats
1:29 am
remember here, that somebody like dick gephart never got the majority. >> are there other potential successors waiting in the wings on the democratic side. >> you look at steny hoyer, but as i said, there is probably not any movement until 2018. he will be 79 at that point. he is the democratic whip. pelosi would be 78. and then you have people who she's already burned through. rahm emanual, who is from illinois and now the mayor of chicago. chris van hollen running in maryland and he will probably win in a week and a half and steve israel from new york, long island, he's retiring. and the person who might be the last man standing would be bassera, the chair of the democratic caucus. he took a pass on running for the senate this year and he considers himself a man of the house and if she is still around and eventually leaves, maybe steny hoyer leaves, maybe it is, in fact, bissera. >> and chad as all, we appreciate it. >> up next, our issues that matter series continues.
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tonight, climate change.
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welcome back to our special sunday primetime special report. during the final days of this campaign we are counting down the issues that matter most to you. tonight, number seven in the top ten, climate change. remember the top ten are taken from recent polls asking what is important to americans. correspondent phil keating tells us from miami the two parties could not be further apart when it comes to this issue. >> in low-lying miami beach, high tide flooding in the streets and neighborhoods is now so routine, warning signs get posted days in advance. accepting climate change and rising seas are happening and considering itself ground zero for the city spending half a billion tax dollars elevating roads and replacing storm drainpipes with bigger ones and
1:34 am
putting in pump stations to flush the increasingly frequent flooding into the bay. this is an issue that affects everybody. i say the ocean is not republican or democrat. it just knows how to rise. >> but around the country, many voters believe the urgency and seriousness of climate change is an exaggeration. before he secured the nomination, trump echoed that sentiment. >> climate change is just a very expensive form of tax. a lot of people are making a lot of money. >> and earlier he dismissed the issue altogether. >> obama is talking about all of this with the global warming and it is a hoax and it is a money-making industry. it is a hoax. a lot of it. >> trump later said that was a joke. in the past, trump also tweeted this. the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. the clinton campaign takes another view. >> mother nature is giving us a
1:35 am
very clear and powerful message. >> two weeks ago, former presidential candidate al gore, who is still championing climate change campaigned with clinton in miami on this issue. >> climate change is real. it's urgent. and america can take the lead in the world in addressing it. >> clinton features it prominently on her campaign website. she said climb change is, quote, a defining challenge of our time, adding, it threatens our economy, our national security, and our children's health and futures. she wants to reduce the threat by putting the country on a path to reduce emissions by more than 80% by 2050. trump's website doesn't have a section dedicated to climate change however he touches on the environment under the energy header where he promises to, quote, make america energy independent and create millions of jobs and protect filter and water, though he doesn't say how. in debate number one, clinton
1:36 am
did inject climate change into the discussion. >> clean energy, some country is going to be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. donald thinks that climate change is a hoax, perpetrated by the chinese. >> i did not say that. >> i think it is real. >> i did not say that. >> eileen simons is voting for clinton. >> i support her for many reasons and one of them being climate change. she has acknowledged it and she realizes there is a problem and we need to do things about it and she'll look into it and i agree. >> totally disagreeing with that, is david miller, who is voting for trump. >> it is as big of an issue as they are making it out to be, i don't think so. is it factually killing jobs, absolutely. is it factually happening? i don't know. >> the national oceanic and atmospheric administration predicts our ocean over the next century could rise between one and six feet. political science professor said
1:37 am
the issue for most voters is already decided. >> the number one thing that people vote on is their partisanship and climate change is baked in that cake. if you are a democrat, you believe it is real an man-made and happening and if you are a republican, most likely, you don't. >> according to noaa, most live in high population coastal areas where sea level factors into flooding, erosion and the impact of tropical cyclones, as that population trend continues to grow, the climate change issue will arguably play a rising role in presidential politics. bret. >> phil, thank you. tomorrow rich edson looks at number six in our issues that matter. health care. next up, how bill clinton went from figurative rags to literal riches after leaving office.
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welcome back. there are new questions tonight about donald trump's philanthropic endeavors. washington post writes it is unable to verify his claims about giving money to charity. both the trump and clinton campaigns have had to defend their own charitable works. >> if we are going to talk about foundations, we ought to compare a foundation doing good for people around the world and the best tradition of american philanthropy and the trump found which according to the washington post lead story today is nothing but an effort to self ago reggize -- >> and they have no family members on the table and no overhead and nobody takes a penny. the clinton foundation takes money from countries that
1:42 am
disrespect women and that along with the clinton foundation paying men much more handsome isly than it pays the women -- i think hillary clinton is hypocritical. >> but can you document -- any contributions to charity over the last several years from the foundation. the post couldn't find any and you all wouldn't respond to that. >> he's been incredibly generous with his time and money over the years. he started that foundation with just his money. he was the only contributor for a number of years. >> the campaign tells the post the nominee has donated tens of millions of dollars to charitable causes. tonight part two of the look at the intersection between bill and hillary careers and personal quest for riches and support for their charitable foundation. one of the revelations to come from the wikileaks podesta e-mails is what is referred to as bill clinton inc., a memo coming from his confidant doug band. all former presidents carry a lot of weight and influence but bill clinton is in a different category than perhaps any other.
1:43 am
here is a look at one chain of events that worked out well for him and the clinton foundation. >> in september 6th, 2005. bill clinton shows up in kazig stan where a canadian investor has been trying to get control to buy a couple of uranium minds and he became partners in a way with bill clinton working on philanthropic activities. >> and he came with an idea about creating initiative to alleviate poverty. >> and further more frank has been involved in helping to facilitate speaking engagements for the clintons. >> frank and bill clinton were whisked to the presidential palace of the president in kazakhstan and it is a fascinating story because everybody walked away from the table with something. >> and it caught the attention of the pulitzer prize winning reporter jill becker. >> what they got is a huge
1:44 am
propaganda coup. and bill clinton endorses the progress that kazakhstan had made in terms of their own democracy which is interesting given that the president was elected with 90-plus% of the vote in an election widely criticized as being rigged. >> bill clinton has a public press conference with the president and where he praises his rule and praises his human rights record, but the bottom line is after they leave, a couple of days later, frank justra gets his uranium and which is lucrative to him and a small group of canadian mining investors. >> his company was a bit player and really had gone from worthless shell company overnight and got this huge uranium mining deal and soon after that bill clinton got a huge donation, $31 million from
1:45 am
frank justra to his charitable foundation promised with a pledge to donate $100 million more. >> our calls to the embassy were never returned. we talked to frank justra who told us he considers this an old story. and said that he's not interested in politics. meanwhile, his defenders sin sift that no -- insist that no undue influence was exerted in kazakhstan because it did not require the government's approval. >> the problem is, there are corporate records that indicate very, very clearly that the government did have to sign off and approve. >> that is what we're looking at here, that is exactly what we're looking at here. which is the amended memorandum of understanding that is dated september 15th, 2005, between the ministry of energy, of the republican of kazakhstan and the -- the atomic agency in kazakhstan government so there is no way they could argue the government was not a party to
1:46 am
the negotiations. they were signatories to the agreement. >> part three of our look at this continues tomorrow night on special report. now this is interesting, the foundation investigation, because we heard this from a former official at the fbi last night. >> the fbi has an in tensive investigation on going into the clinton foundation and huma abedin and her role in the foundation and possible allegations concerning the activities of the secretary of state in the nature of the foundation and possible pay to play, that is still being looked at. and now you have her mails on a computer where the fbi already has a separate case going for anthony wiener's alleged activities with a minor girl. >> it goes on to say that is coming from several high ranking fbi officials. that information. let's bring in katie pap lich. and zeke miller, from time.
1:47 am
and heidi from usa today and tucker carlson host of fox and friends weekend. okay, just tieing this altogether, katie, obviously we're talking about the clinton classification mails investigation. but there is also, according to fuentes and others, a clinton investigation that never stopped. >> and that brings up big questions if hillary clinton wins on election day on november 8th and now you have the new investigation with the mails that were recently found that is the october surprise but i doubt the fbi is going to come forward this week and say this is what we found about the clinton foundation. so if she wins on november 8th there is another investigation about her foundation and it also brings up questions about whether or not the clintons will shut the foundation down. they've been very unclear about whether they would sever ties should she assume office next week. >> and a lot of investigations don't go anywhere. certainly that is one of the reasons why -- we often hear the
1:48 am
fbi they don't comment on ongoing investigations and this is going on for a very long time, according to all of the reporting that is out there. so it is not until we clear whether or not they will ever find anything that will -- that would actually be problematic. that said, it is just added to the list of things hanging over the clinton campaign. this is another instance where the clintons have opened themselves up to this sort of scrutiny and that is a political problem for her, even if it is not a legal one. >> you hear in senator reid's letter that this russia -- they are not investigating the russian connection and the wikileaks do shed light in connection with the clintons and do tell us a few things, including that detailed doug band memo -- >> we've learned a lot about just how much this company has served as essentially the connective tissue between bill clinton's for-profit activities and the foundation itself. and while there may not be
1:49 am
evidence for lawyers or evidence of classic quid pro quo, there is certainly a lot of access going on and there is certainly these companies, including dow chemical and coca-cola having successfully lobbied the state department on things that were important to them. that said, there is nothing in the e-mails themselves that says if you do x, i do y. it is hard to kind of prove that thing. but to prove things like that. but it does show there was a lot of kind of -- interactions between the foundation donors and -- and bill clinton's for-profit activities. >> tucker, how do people digest this? >> i could see the polls tightening but is it a result of this and do people digest all of this, are they able to. >> they move dramatically. they moved many points in the last seven days an i don't think it is because of this, but because of the wikileaks revelations but because of obama care. people's premiums are rising and it is not working and that hurts hillary. she was the architect of obama
1:50 am
care. but my heart goes out to democratic primary voters who had a choice. they had o'malley and they had bernie. in the "wall street journal," i didn't know this, there are multiple investigations. four different field offices have been looking into the clinton foundation for some time. i didn't know that. you have the candidates closest. you have her best friend and long-time fundraiser and you have personally family foundation and e-mails. shouldn't primary voters have known more about this? where was the press in that? >> so we are nine days and now you have a map of where the candidates are that usually tells us a lot about what they are focussing on. donald trump today. nevada, colorado, new mexico. mike pence new hampshire, indiana. hillary clinton in florida, two events. tim kaine in michigan which is interesting defending michigan.
1:51 am
tomorrow trump is in michigan. pence is in florida for three events. hillary clinton is in ohio for two events and tim kaine is in north carolina. what do you gather from that? >> the polling is tightening as we have seen. it seems like donald trump isn't going to be able at least in some states like pennsylvania to close that gap. it is interesting that tim kaine is in michigan thinking that we have to defend the blue collar vote that we thought we were going to get. they have to make sure that they don't blow it at the end just because they have had a lead. hillary clinton has lost 12 points over the past two weeks as a result of many different things. there are still a lot of undecided voters in swing states. donald trump has a long way to go. i think the colorado numbers are interesting considering donald trump hasn't led there but he is catching up. we are seeing that he is ahead in florida. he is still holding on to ohio. so there is still a chance for
1:52 am
him to lock this down. it is going to be difficult if he can't close the gap in pennsylvania. >> tonight he is in new mexico. that is a traditional blue state. >> as much as he may be closing the top line number the national number we hold elections based on electoral votes and the battle ground map. he not only has to win all the swing states and that includes florida and ohio. he has to take something away. he has to take a blue state. >> could be nevada. >> that is why you are seeing him start to go on the offense more in some blue states. they don't know what the fallout is going to be in the polling. we might not know until election day. they have to take something away from her. it is not enough to win a swing state. >> she is going to arizona but that was announced before all of this broke. i am wondering your sense of where the clinton campaign is with their head about the fallout from all of this. >> in their minds they are -- the numbers are nationally.
1:53 am
their entire strategy has been about early vote. that is part of the reason why she is in florida. this is about not giving up and trying to make sure the outcome of election day, the votes cast on election day will be mitigated by the ones banked already so far in the early vote. going to arizona is an easy early vote to pick up. puts donald trump on a bit of defense. once that was announced they couldn't roll that back. it is all about confidence. if it looks like she is on the defensive, so much is about the messaging. if she has to cancel the trip to spend more time in virginia time matters less in organization. she has the luxury of having the organization. donald trump needs to go to states to get people to register to vote. hillary clinton has people to do that for her. she can go to arizona. they can play. donald trump may need to go to blue states in order to do the heavy lifting. >> i want to play this because there is all this talk about how
1:54 am
they get involved in something before an election. this is bill clinton in 1992 three days before the election against george h.w. bush when the independent prosecutor had decided to reindict. >> the base disclosure that president bush knew and approved of the arms for hostages deal with iran not only directly contradicts the president's claims but diminishes the credibility of the presidency. the far more important thing is whether for five years he has been telling the american people something about the conduct which was simply not true. >> obviously bill clinton went on to win. that indictment was later thrown out. >> i remember that well. >> and republicans were -- a lot
1:55 am
of republicans are still mad about the maneuvering. it was one of the factors that helped him win. the state of the polls i think most, probably 90% are lies so you can discount them. here is what we know. trump has never been more popular. his approval rating is higher today than anytime in the campaign. his numbers have moved dramatically in the last week. one other point, the clinton people are worried about pennsylvania. how do you know that? because they are going there. as of friday night they were sending volunteers to pennsylvania to go door to door. that is not something you do in a state you are totally confident of. they wouldn't do that if they weren't concerned. that is a thing you look at. >> very quickly, if you are hillary clinton's camp, what is the upside tonight? is there a silver lining? >> i think a lot of people are predisposed to kind of have this
1:56 am
news not change their basic impressions just because a lot of people have already decided if you are a democrat and you think this is just a last minute dirty trick and that nothing is going to come out of these e-mails ask if you are a republican you think these are deleted e-mails you are looking for all along, in terms of people in the middle i don't know that there is enough. >> you look at this and say there is a chance. >> absolutely there is a chance. hillary clinton's akillies heal is her secrecy. 71% of people according to polling over the weekend don't this can that james comey decision to reopen the investigation will effect their vote. >> we will h
1:57 am
1:58 am
it's been our pleasure to be with you both nights this weekend for special primetime editions. tomorrow at 6:00 eastern the latest breaking news and our issues that matter series tackle number six, health care. that's it for this special report, fair balanced and >> it is monday, october 31st. this is a fox news alert. the fbi under fire democratses taking aim at james comey even accusing them of breaking the law as the clinton campaign
1:59 am
desperately tries to dodge new allegations. >> ulf that letter is an invi innuen innuendo. >> may not be about her at all. >> donald trump surging in the polls. >> giving ago shout out to anthony weiner. >> never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> they are evacuating overnight. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> it is hard to tell the costume people from the normal people. happy halloween. i am clayton morris. >> tomorrow morning we will seatons of costumes on the streets on the way to work. >> still overnight. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day and week with us. we start with a fox news alert for you. the fbi under fire. senate democratic leader accusing james comey of breaking the law. hillary clinton's e-mail investigation ramps up overnight. >> they are getting a warrant to search for lap top owner huma abedin. >> good morning kristin. >> good morning heather and clayton. we are learning more about what was on the lap top and how it got there. two sources of twith direct knowledge say that lap top was used to back up


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