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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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it makes a powerful case no matter. the risk you take, if a president elect has been dragged into something that could drag on as long as an investigation like this could. that will do it here. "the five" is now. hello, everyone. i'm eric boling. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." happy halloween. seven hours left in october. a month filled with surprises during election season. this october was something for the history books. democrats are now in an all-out panic after the fbi's 11th hour announcement friday, hillary and her allies are singing from the same play book, keeping blame on director jim comey for the mess she's responsible for.
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>> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> we're asking the fbi director, okay, you violated these two protocols. if you put out a letter and a second letter to backtrack, you oat public full information. >> that was a terrible lapse in judgment. >> ten days out, he is putting this letter out there. >> i agree, i think director comey made a mistake. we all make mistakes. this is a grave mistake. >> however, there is one democrat defending the director,
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the president. >> the president believes that director comey is a man of integrity. he's a man of principle. he's a man of good character. the president doesn't believe that director comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election. the president doesn't believe that he is secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party. he is in a tough spot. he is the one who will be in a position to defend his actions in the face of significant critici criticism. >> in one comment, the president takes the legs out of the last 72 hours of hillary clinton's campaign -- i don't know -- bashing of james comey. >> it's getting awkward. that validates that comey went forward to make the statement. you have the president of the united states saying i'm standing by my guy. he's a man of character and integrity. to me, that's a blow to the
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clinton campaign. if i was running her campaign, i would not be happy to hear that. that's the lead today coming out of that press conference. that's the line that everybody has been talking about. >> how does this play forward? she literately said everything is out there. >> the thing is that, that's what everybody has been saying for two years. release everything. her team slow walked it for so long. the timing it's unfortunate for the democrats. i feel like they have no one to blame but themselves. i thought what josh earnest did today was the presidential thing to do if you are the president of the united states. also it shows a big difference between how hillary clinton's instincts lead her to attack somebody. where barack obama says don't attack. don't worry about it. the election is fine. let him do the investigation and not be panicked about it. how does it play going forward? obviously, the polls were tightening in the last week.
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we saw that with our own poll, the fox news poll where it was plus seven down to plus three. just before we came to air, they changed back three states. they had been tossup. then he moved to them to lean democrat. and now they are back to tossup just within three days. those states are very important. florida, arizona and iowa. >> right. >> that might help them. >> juan, on the left there's a collective freakout going on. if you are watching the news, you will see pundit after pundit saying this is unbelievable. comey is in the tank. carville almost started crying on msnbc that comey is in the tank with the republicans in congress. i haven't seen that guy -- >> i'm sorry i missed that. that would have been entertaining. i don't think it's a freakout. this is what the clinton campaign is saying. they feel like it has energized their base. their base now feels like,
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something wrong here is happening, that the establishment is rigging it against hillary clinton. so they are saying, what we saw on saturday was record volunteers turning out and record fund-raising. those are hard numbers. it sounds like grievance plays well in a populous election. the democrats feel aggrieved. josh earnest said -- he played the presidential card. he was above the fray. forget the static. what he said was, he didn't defend and he didn't oppose what jim comey did. he said jim comey is a good man. >> opposite to what hillary clinton has been saying for 72 hours. >> it's not. jim comey will have to defend -- >> hillary clinton said that he brought this, the reopened or re-examined her e-mail scandal based on nothing, no new evidence. >> that's true. everybody agrees they didn't have a warrant -- what jim -- let's go over the record. >> 650,000 e-mails.
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>> what jim comey did was he did not have a warrant. his agents had not reviewed these docdocuments. he knew the agents investigating what was going on with anthony wiener said, there's some e-mails here that may be relevant to the clinton investigation. on that basis, without knowing if it's substantive or not he said, we'll just -- >> come on. are you saying jim comey will reopen an investigation based on not finding any substantive evidence? >> that's what they are reporting. >> thank you. >> let dana say it. if i say it everybody will go, juan. let dana say it. >> i like your tie. >> thank you. >> as do. >> i don't know what hillary isn't arguing what juan is arguing. she got up there in the speech and she said, this is very suspicious that it's coming out now. obama gave the correct answer. what do you think the reason is? did her advisors say, we have to attack? i don't think it's going to
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cause -- it's going to help turnout. the people who believe that comey is working with republicans, they were going to turn out anyway. >> i think hillary's response is -- it's one of two things. it's a calculated regrettably necessary step to assure victory or they don't know how to do anything else. >> or both. >> my guess is it's b. >> or both. >> they had to do something. i think if the shoe were on the other foot and it were a republican -- imagine it's 2004 and something like this happens 11 days before the election against george w. bush. i put myself in those shoes. what would we have said? what would we have done? if the election were stacking up the same way, he might have said, let's just move on and try to win this election based on the merits. what obama is trying to tell hillary to do. >> this is not a good idea. if i'm a heavyweight champ of the world and i'm in the ring with a fighter, i have to keep my eye on him. not try and box the ref and the guy. now she's started a fight not
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only with donald trump, who she is trying to knock out, but now with jim comey who just moments before that you were saying was the best guy ever. it just showed the hypocrisy. it highlights what we have been seeing in wikileaks, which is her bad judgement that her staff bemo bemoaned. none is looking good. her judgment to have huma abedin with this anthony wiener character that they had information he had this propensity to be a pedophile. you can't stand by and be reckless and have classified material and multiple devices around when america's national security is in play. that's not good judgment. >> let's do this. hillary's defenders are upset about tomorrowy. >> he had no duty to send a letter. >> he promised them he would. >> he promised there was a development. if it leaked -- we hear you are looking at these e-mails. yeah. they are. they have some. if anything comes out of them, i will tell you.
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that's the way the fbi usually works. if you get anything out of them at all. there's no question he is playing politics with this. we will see how it turns out. >> this is worse than withatewa. that was an incredibly pervasive scandal. this is obviously a murky situation. not a clear-cut scandal. >> donald trump said yesterday that this is bigger than watergate. do you know something that we don't know? how could he know that when the fbi is saying, we don't know what's in the e-mails yet? >> what do you say, dana? >> we don't get an answer? >> what happened to our answer. >> i don't think she answered that one. she doesn't have to. she really doesn't have to. james comey has been on both sides. on the republican side, he was kind of a goat for a while when he didn't recommend an indictment. now he is the hero. on other side, he was the hero up until 11 days prior to the election. chris cuomo suggesting james comey is playing politics. >> they don't know that.
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this is -- >> that's a stretch. >> the way that comey handled this on friday at 2:00 in the afternoon with this letter did leave the rest of the weekend open to complete and utter speculation. none of us had details. we're getting some information from leaked sources within the fbi. you don't know if those are accurate. basically, we don't have anything to go on. at the same time, he said to comey, either she's a crook or you are corrupt. which means basically, he is doing the same thing of attacking comey and warning him at the same time. no matter what happens next tuesday, he can blame him if he wants to. >> i will say this. we have been getting excellent reports from our fox news team. from the information that they have been able to get. their information has historically checked out. that's persuasive. the new york field office has been getting information and reviewing these files as well. i think he was in a dilemma,
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because it wasn't just his own access. it was from other offices. that being the case, the letter did say he believed the information was consistent with the e-mail investigation. once they saw it wasn't just involving sexting, there was overlap and then when you do the search you see it actually goes back to the or private e-mail. it becomes relevant. then you have an obligation. >> i just -- look, the top republican on house judiciary, he said he spoke with comey over the weekend. comey told him he doesn't know if there's classified information among the e-mails. >> is classified. that's not the only type of evidence they may have. >> that's the key point. was there classified information? let me finish. >> no. no. if there's pay to play and corruption on the e-mails. >> that's not -- >> katherine reported that. >> that's total speculation. the question from the previous investigation was about classified information.
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the second thing to say here is that it's unusual when you see "the wall street journal" and "the new york times" and "the washington post" agree on anything. all of them this weekend said, jim comey should provide more information. when he entered into a charge like this at the last minute. finally, you have i think it's -- how many? former justice department officials, republican and democrats saying, what jim comey did is not in keeping with policy from the justice department. we know that loretta lynch told him, this is not the way to do business. >> let me throw -- >> finally, richard painter, a top bush administration official for ethics -- >> who was never going to vote for donald trump anyway. >> he's not a political person. >> gonzalez was -- >> i'm not positive for that. >> here is one thought. juan points out comey didn't
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have the information at his disposal. the agents certainly did. there were fbi agents say we have a lot here. you may want to open this investigation. i believe that great agents should be heard. >> exactly. ag lynch, i thought she was washed her hands of it. >> recused herself. >> we're going to let the fbi take this. she said, i have nothing to do with this. she was caught on the runway that time. now she's back in. she shouldn't be commenting at all. >> we have to go. kg was eating candy before we went to break. >> i was opening it to get it ready. >> election day is one week from tomorrow. there's only one channel to get fair and balanced information on november 8. tune in to fox news next tuesday. ahead right here, new details on the fbi's investigation from our chief intelligence correspondent. did classified information end up on an nothony wiener's lapto?
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stay tuned.
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this weekend the feds got a warrant to sift through 650,000 e-mails on anthony wiener's laptop. an intelligence source tells fox news it's a certainty that new clinton records are on that computer and likely contain classified information. more now with our chief intelligent correspondent live in washington. can you bring us up to speed? >> reporter: sure. at this hour, the fbi has begun the process of sifting through these e-mails. they have had forensic specialists develop a program specifically for this task. it has specific parameters.
2:19 pm
an example, names or e-mail addresses that allows them to take this huge universe of data and create a small pool of data. it was emphasized to me that if they find any records that are new or even partials of e-mails that were previously provided to the state department, there will be a second step. that's the time con assus consul step. that's when they physically review the record. if they think there's intelligence that may be classified. they send it out to the agency that generated the information. they will have final stay on classification at the time it was sent or received by the server and then held on anthony wiener's laptop computer. >> we will start with kimberly. >> excellent job with the reporting. i really enjoyed getting your e-mail. tell us about the back story on this. it's interesting. in terms of the amount of time that has passed since they first determined this information was
2:20 pm
out there and then the world heard about it friday. >> reporter: thanks for that question. to take people back to september, there was a subpoena issued in the anthony wiener sexting case. it required him to provide electronic devices to anticipate fbi team in new york. they started going through that device in late september. they started getting some hits for huma abedin e-mails. they didn't think that much about it at the time, because it was a device in the family home. then they started to search further. they started to see records associated with the clinton server address. they had to get an additional authority -- you know how that works. it wasn't the original tasking -- to dig deeper. that's when they found multiple hits for r0records.
2:21 pm
our contacts say senior leadership at fbi in washington was alerted to the existence of the laptop and also the records that may be relevant to the clinton case. it's not clear to me at this point whether the three weeks that lapsed from early october, when the fbi director and his deputy were notified, to the letter friday to congress, whether there was any unnecessary delay or that simply reflects the bureaucracy and the process to get all the evidence together and to get it in a clean fashion, if you will. >> juan? >> as i understand it, these e-mails go back three years. is that correct? >> reporter: what we know from the reporting of my colleague of bret baier, he has a contact close to anthony wiener's legal team, they think the records got on the computer when they backed up huma abedin's smartphone contact list, it backed up the entire device. there appears to be a gap.
2:22 pm
it stopped about three or four years ago. but it would cover the period when huma abedin was at the state department and working directly for then secretary hillary clinton. >> the follow-up to that is then, does that suggest that it would be redundant with documents reviewed by the fbi? >> reporter: that really goes to the heart of this whole thing. how many records on this computer were already provided in the state department and fbi searches? how many of them are new? how many of them are what they call partial? i'm sure you have looked at some of the records online. you will see an e-mail and a new release and you think that looks familiar. a little different. that's because there is another response or another forward on that e-mail chain that was not provided initially. it's complicated. but that's the heart of it. are they new? are they duplicates? are they partials of what was provided? >> eric? >> real quick, three quick ones. answer them quickly.
2:23 pm
is there any indication that the 33,000 missing e-mails may be part of this 650,000 they found? >> reporter: i don't know that at this point. >> was this file really found -- it's been reported it's been found in a file named by someone, huma or anthony as quote unquote insurance? >> reporter: i wish i knew the answer to that. >> is there any indication anthony wiener has turned over any information or is cooperating as part of a deal with the fbi? >> reporter: our understanding is that he is working with the fbi. but he has not been interviewed by the fbi. i wouldn't characterize it as cooperating in the sense that he has cut a deal with them at this point. >> last question to tom. >> this is anthony wiener. any indication as to how many e maims contain the phrase, what are you wearing? i have a real question. a real question. >> must be that seat. >> i have a serious question. who do they go -- when they have to expand the probe, they find a
2:24 pm
judge? how do you -- go you go judge shopping? >> reporter: no. you can't go judge shopping. you have an expert at the table with you. you have to go through the courts typically to get the authorization to get what aamount a aamounts to a new warrant. they had permission to search for a narrow set of child pornography and sexting. when they fine tound the e-mailh the clintons, they had to get new warrants. the defense can make the argument it was not obtained legally. >> there's your legal expert for you. >> that's the word of the hour, legally. thank you so much. we appreciate you being here. is attorney general loretta lynch protecting clinton. reports that the doj tried to stop an investigation into the
2:25 pm
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attorney general loretta lynch didn't want to make it public they were investigating hillary clinton again. the justice department didn't only try to suppress that announcea announcement. apparently, agents spent last year looking into claims the clintons were trading access for donations to their charity. the doj reportedly ordered them to stand down due to a, quote, lack of evidence. this is significant. if you recall prior reporting, they had spoken about there was this ongoing clinton foundation investigation. that was never put to bed or to
2:30 pm
rest. when jim comey made his announcement saying insufficient evidence to move forward with the prosecution of secretary clinton, the second question was left open. now we're seeing this order was given. >> it would be -- i hope some day the public gets the full story on all of this. i worked at doj for a year. i know how reluctant the lawyers and investigators are to speak publically about these matters until they are either -- there's an indictment or there's something more to be said. like closing a case. or there's a development in court. they just don't talk about these things. the turf wars inside the justice department and the fbi are sort of legendary. you haven't heard about that in the last 15 years or so. that's been pretty much tamped down. i think that culture still exists. i don't know what's going on here. you can imagine there's a delicate dance that is happening between doj and the fbi. whether the department, civil
2:31 pm
servants or political appointees are trying to put pressure on the fbi and stop short of doing something that they thought might become a bigger public problem for them. >> eric, you are hearing stories of the unrest amongst the rank and file. agents that worked so hard on the case were disappointed with the outcome and announcements of the last investigation. then continuing forward with this. it seems like this information was going to come out one way or the other. from the new york office even and then comey making this announcement. kind of bucking the system, i guess, with loretta, getting the stand down order. >> with the e-mail investigation. the ongoing or the alleged ongoing clinton foundation investigation as well. let's not forget -- doj overseas the fbi. loretta lynch oversees the fbi. when bill clinton, whose wife is the subject of the investigation -- he is a subject of other potential investigations -- waits on the tarmac for 45 minutes for
2:32 pm
attorney general lynch's airplane to land so he can board and talk to -- he reports as we talked about our grandkids and golf. really? do you really believe that? all of a sudden -- >> no one else present. >> judicial watch is trying to get information around that. they may at some point. hopefully sooner rather than later. this is happening at the same time. you have an ongoing investigation, maybe a third, anthony wiener as well. the ag is meeting with the president of the suggebject. this is what's wrong with politics and with the clintons. they can't help themselves. they believe they're above the law. if nothing else, i would think that would raise red flags. >> reputation and career destroyers for sure. loretta lynch was widely respected before she took this position in this investigation. jim comey and huma abedin as well. >> i have been listening. i'm surprised. i thought you guys were so down on jim comey a couple weeks ago.
2:33 pm
now you are all up on jim comey. i think what's telling here is jim comey is the same guy. he is unpredictable. you see people on the right complain about the pressure he put on the bushe ed ahe bush ad with regard to surveillance. they think he was guilty of overreach. now jim comey does this. you have people in justice department saying, you know what, this is not standard. we're not supposed to get involved in politics. we're not supposed to politicize the fbi. 11 days before an election, that's obviously politics. >> he said if he found evidence, he would bring it forward. >> this is an intervention of a major sort that has definitely disrupted this political cycle. >> what's his reasoning to do it? >> that's what the president is saying. you sound like president obama. the fact is that he did it. that's not standard operating procedure. by the way, kimberly said that loretta lynch, the attorney general ordered him. she didn't order anybody.
2:34 pm
people think she didn't order because she feared he might resign. if he re have been a bigger bombshell. >> he's always threatening to resign. >> republicans shouldn't have complained about comey back in july. democrats shouldn't be complaining about him now. even just politically, it doesn't make sense. republicans had enough. comey -- he explained so many things that hillary clinton did wrong. republicans should have not attacked comey. they should have said, let's look at what he said. then listed the 400 things he said that are an indictment of clinton. basically saying -- >> they did that, too. >> they should have spent all the time. all the time they spent attacking comey was a waste. >> that's his error. instead of saying we made a decision, he explained it and said, here is where i found her involved. >> new evidence, juan. >> 11 days -- >> he has not found any. >> compelling new evidence in
2:35 pm
your world -- >> he has zero. >> he should take this new evidence that he just -- >> he has no evidence. where is the evidence? by list ohis own admission he h evidence. >> in the middle of an investigation you can't turn over what you have as partial evidence, look at this, they're still working at it. >> but they don't have anything. >> by the way -- >> suspect one candidate. that's unfair. >> i would never defend somebody who is -- >> she was caught with stuff. >> i would say -- she got zip. >> all right, all right. >> comey took a chance on his career and his life and legacy if he has nothing. >> the republicans went like crazed dogs after comey in july. >> i got two here. going to put the hose on them. in light of these development, should democrats reconsider their support of hillary clinton? some are. one in particular. longtime backer has her, him next. that is so wrong.
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welcome back. most democrats who backed secretary clinton from the start have not waivered, despite the numerous scandals that have plagued her candidacy. >> we're here today with someone who gets up every single day and fights for us. someone who has spent her life fighting for children, spent her life fighting for women, spent her life fighting for families. hillary clinton fights for us. hillary doesn't play. she has more experience and exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime. >> hillary is maybe the most prepared person to run to be president of the united states of america. she knows what we need to do. >> you've got somebody who is as
2:41 pm
qualified as has ever run for the presidency, hillary rodham clinton. >> doug shown was among them. the former pollster for president clinton says he's not sure he can vote for hillary now. >> the secretary of state wins, we will have a president under criminal investigation with huma abedin under investigation, the secretary of state, the presiden president-elect should she win. under these circumstances, i am actively reassessing my support. i'm deeply concerned that we will have a constitutional crisis if she's elected. i want to learn more this week. see what we see. >> tom, you see what doug schoen said. i read a piece that said democrats should have tim kaine as the candidate.
2:42 pm
>> we forget how divided they were with the bernie folks. a lot of democrats don't like hillary. they don't want to spend four years with questions hanging over. i don't think it's a serious thing. no one thinks she would do that anyway. i think we talk a lot about the fracture in the republican party now. obviously, that's out front. everyone knows what's going on in the republican party. but there's a fracture in the democratic party that is coming. the bernie bros and the kind of socialists -- the socialist wing of the party isn't happy. they don't like the clintons. they don't like the way the democratic party has gone. there's a coming rift in that party as well. >> i think that's exactly the target. >> bernie got robbed. that was rigged. >> i don't think so. >> it's in an e-mail. make sure debby wasserman schultz and lock it in.
2:43 pm
>> okay. dana, over the weekend, despite what we heard from doug, it did not appear in the polls there had been any loss of democratic support for clinton. >> hard to tell. there's been three national polls since the news came out. those haven't shown any movement. there was a washington post-abc poll that says there was. a third said, i'm not comfortable with thchlt this. remember, 20% of the vote has taken place. that's why there's early voting in a lot of states. nevada is one of them. that's where she seems to be doing well. he is doing well in florida. north carolina seems to be where she's up a little bit. there's no early voting in new hampshire, pennsylvania or the northeastern states. we will wait and see. i do wonder about something that was said earlier at the table. does this decrease turnout for democrats or make sure that they turn out because they're worried that she could actually lose because they were getting too cocky a couple weeks ago talking
2:44 pm
about transition? now they thought they didn't have to come out to vote. are they motivated to come out? >> that's what robby mook was saying. now eric, when you look at these numbers, you see not only is it the case that i don't think the polls show much movement, but you still have president obama, michelle obama, elizabeth war rent warren and jay-z is giving -- sg >> you know what they say? once you lose down schoen -- >> i think that was significant. he is very widely respected. >> i think if you look over the last couple -- the momentum -- i said from the beginning, the polls -- i don't like them. you can play around with the plus nine, plus -- you can play those games. they are -- if you look at the battleground states, they have tightened. if you are a bernie sanders voter and a bernie sanders person, you gotta be mad at what
2:45 pm
we found out about donna brazile today who she sent questions before the debate. now it's questions from a debate. cnn fired her today, which is great. however, if you are a bernie sanders voter, you go, i can't vote for her. she took my candidate out of the game. worst case, if you can't vote for trump, you don't vote for her. >> you have any ulterior motive in saying this? >> someone who -- >> stop. clinton addressed an fbi investigation of her e-mails today and so did mr. donald trump. hear his take next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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earlier, you heard hillary going after the fbi director again about her e-mail investigation. here is what trump had to say on the trail today. >> hillary is the one who broke the law over and over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. and i think we're going to find out, by the way. thank you, huma. thank you, huma. good job, huma. thank you, anthony wiener. hillary is not the victim.
2:50 pm
the american people are the victims of this corrupt system. in every way. and this is your one chance, right now, november 8, to change it. >> kimberly, hillary is not the victim. that's a good line? >> it's true. she's the perpetrator. that's the master of this web, pun intended with the set dynamic decoration. he has to hit that theme about the corruption, about not trusting the government, look what's happening here. and then putting that -- the power in the voters, the american people, to make a difference. the language that he was using was very popular at his rallies. drain the swamp. get rid of the corruption. turn washington on its head. let's show them that this is government for the people, by the people. it's not about being rigged. it's not about business as usual and corrupt. the c in clinton stands for corruption. >> he is mentioning watergate.
2:51 pm
what do you think? >> he says he has evidence or he knows there's evidence in the letter and he says it's the ee kwifsh lea equivalent of watergate. >> he said, believe me. >> when he wasn't throwing the black guy out of the con fenfer. >> kellyanne conway said they weren't going to focus on the e-mails. >> the best part of this is that he is off the rig thing. that was never winning. i didn't like anything about it. the rigged voting booths. i like where the mainstream media is bias. you can say bias without saying it's a rig. my problem was if you are a trump voter and you are on the vote, am i going to vote on tuesday -- next tuesday, i may stay home because it's rigged. get off that message and get on this. drain the swamp. >> it's not rigged anymore. right? >> wait until tomorrow. six more hours left in the day. i look at where they're going.
2:52 pm
she's in ohio. that tells me that it's probably closer there than she thought. she's probably not as comfortable as she was before. she's got to go to ohio, try to shore that up. i look at him going to michigan. it's unlikely he could win in michigan. he's down 26 points. second lar in the state. michigan could be a head fake by the trump campaign to make hillary clinton think she has to spend money somewhere else. >> okay. one more thing is up next. i have asthma...
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time for one more thing. >> it's halloween. it's time for this. dana's corny joke of the day. are you ready? why aren't ghosts so bad at lying? >> they're transparent. >> you can see right through them. >> i expected more out of you. what did the skeleton say before dinner? buon appetite. >> that's a good one. >> i'm expecting kimberly to get this. >> is that -- >> which ghost is the best dancer? >> he has dancing in it? >> which ghost -- >> ghost buster? >> the boogie man. >> oh, man. >> bust a move. >> wildly corny.
2:57 pm
>> it was written in 1977. >> it's what you have been waiting for. kimberly's food court. >> there we go. >> we're like one out of 100 in getting that. everyone is happy halloween today. we love t. triit. my favorites are twix, snickers. write me what's your favorite. >> is there one you don't like? >> i got in trouble for making wrapper noises. what else? >> do you like almond joy? >> i don't like almond joy. i pick them out and gave them to day dana's bucket. >> this is what i won't eat. >> as long as it's not a bucket of deplorables. >> do this. a lot of people were wondering
2:58 pm
what would it take for an impeachment. if hillary clinton is elected president -- president-elect becomes indicted and then convicted of a felony. you have to prove on the grounds. they could be treason, bribery or this one, high crimes and misdemeanors. it's the one that encompasses quite a few things. it would go to the house. it's the majority in the house. once the house agrees, they would send it to the senate. you would have to have a hearing. articles of impeachment go to the senate. they have a hearing. two-thirds would have to agree to impeach the president-elect. then, hillary clinton could pardon hillary clinton if she really wanted to. there have been two presidents who have been impeached, andrew johnson and william jefferson clinton in 1998. >> we have to get those pictures in "playboy" so you have better fantasies.
2:59 pm
>> this doesn't happen on "special report." >> my pal, who lost her husband jake in a charity bike ride accident last year, she decided to run the marine corps this year in honor of her husband. mary katherine raised $37,000 for the foundation, which supports veterans and their families. the foundation was named after her husband's former naval academy classmate who died while serving in iraq. mary katherine is the mother of two beautiful little girls. she cheered mom on. i want to say from all of us here, mary katherine, congratulations. we are so proud of you. you are a fighter and an inspiration. >> god bless her. >> speaking of beautiful, agne agnes and louise. >> very cute. >> too close, i think, for me. look at their candy. they separate them on the floor. look how much faith they have in
3:00 pm
dad. that's what they left out last night on the floor. that's louise's stash. that's agnes'. i don't take any. >> "special report" coming up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. right now, donald trump's resurge entresur resur resurgent appears to be getting an infusion of cash. a major infusion at that. for hillary clinton, past expectations of a home stretch on cruise control have been detoured. on this halloween night, a campaign that democrats once described as a dream come true for hillary clinton is now dealing with a nightmare narrative. we have fox team coverage tonight. carl cameron is with the trump campaign in michigan. the republican looks for votes and money for the stretch run in several traditionally blue


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